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Iran must answer questions about Ukraine Airlines plane crash; PLUS Harry & Meghan are disrupters


Released at four. PM Every Weekday lead it brings you the best of the Evening Standard's news commentary and analysis subscribed to make sure you don't miss an episode from the Evening Standard in in London. This is silly aged. Hi I'm David Malls. Linda international pressure is bearing down on Iran accused of shooting down a passenger plane with one one hundred and seventy six lives lost already appears to be signs of a possible cover up with debris from the plane having already been bulldozed away from the crash crash site. Our deputy political editor Nicholas sessile on the questions tonight refuses to answer also the Sussex's see themselves as young and challenges. Jonathan Prince speaks to the leader as details. Begin to emerge of Harry and Megan's future plans. They want to be disruptors. The taken from the Evening Standard's editorial column. This is the leader for the whole thing. Pick up the newspaper or head to stand a CODA. UK slash comment went in a moment. Why Iran must tell the truth about the plane crash? That looks like a tragic mistake. So Iran ten thirty at night on Wednesday an explosion was heard over theron. Aw Out of breath. Rescuers raced to the site where the passenger plane had come down but the only found flames. None of the one hundred and seventy six on board survived. We have intelligence allegiance from multiple sources including our allies and our own intelligence. The evidence indicates that the plane was shot down down by an Iranian surface to air missile. Canadian President Justin Trudeau addressing a country. That lost sixty three of its citizens. Lay the blame at Iran the that night at attack to US bases in Iraq. I have my suspicions but somebody could have made a mistake on the other side towns. Denying it editorial column doesn't believe them so far. The response of the Iranian regime has been lamentable with one official claiming bizarrely that scientifically. It's impossible for a missile to have down the plane. To begin. It should on Sakib questions including whether any anti aircraft missiles were fired. Hi It by its forces at the time of the crash to Ron must also allow independent analysis of the plane's black box and ensure the crash site is preserved served not purged of evidence as seems to be happening full access with safe passage must also be given to international investigators to let them them access the evidence independently. Even if what's happened was an error caused by an overly jumpy response to the risk of another. US strike than Iran will still. It'll be guilty of reckless killing. The families will never get that loved ones back. Iran must tell the truth now the Evening Standard's deputy happy belittle editor Nicholas. SASSA was the first John Lewis to report a link between the crash on the Iranian military. He's in our Westminster Office and Nick. What evidence is there that Iran Iran intentionally or note is behind this? Well there is a growing body of evidence pushing towards Ukraine International Ellen flight. PS seventy five to having been hit by missile at around eight thousand feet. Having taken off from Tehran International Airport firstly they are images on social media reportedly of a part of a Russian-made Anti-aircraft tour missile. which is said to be found near the crash? Seen secondly the reports from the US that intelligence satellites detected infrared blips of two missile launches followed followed by another blip of a mid-air explosion. The pilots or two did not have time to make a mayday call which suggests what hit. The plane was sudden and catastrophic. Why do people like Canadian present Justin Trudeau and US president? Donald Trump wider leaving open to possibly being a mistake. What do we think happened will certainly Boris? Johnson says well he said this may well have been unintentional and it does seem to. It has been an accident because there's no obvious motive for tear onto down a plane with dozens of his own nationals on board one theory which is gaining traction region is that the Iranian military were on edge very nervous expecting reprisals after launching a series of missile strikes at Iraqi basis housing. US troops now security expert. Professor Antinuclear Buckingham University told the standard. My feeling is that this was an accident because it rains were so nervous of A. US attack the must be concerns that so many days after the accident now evidence this is not going to be there. Yes that is the case in. That's growing today. Iran is strongly denied. A MESABA down the plane they're dismissing the claims as psychological warfare and that it was scientifically impossible appears to be signs of a possible coverup with debris from the plane. Having already been bulldozed away from the crash site according to some reports the authorities also to say that some of the memory from the black boxes on the plane has has been lost and that further aroused suspicions are there any signs around is going to cooperate with international investigators at the moment mixed signals coming out to about whether they the rains will allow allow a proper investigation into the crash. State TV is reporting that US. Canadian and French representatives will be flying to the Iranian capital for for meetings about an Iranian leading quarry. But it's far from clear whether this would meet the demands of Britain and other country for a independent independent full and transparent inquiry. It's also important to remember that the Iranian regime is fragmented with different powerbases our basis. So you've got hard liners in the Revolutionary Guard more moderate senior figures in the foreign ministry. So there's no guarantee that they'll be unified a unified uniformed response nor drape kits. WHO's an expert in this field as former UK national security advisor visor and former top manager at the Foreign Office? He's explained. The Iran faces a difficult and swift choice. Either to allow a proper cooperative air safety investigation which is likely to be treated different from other areas of confrontation with the West or to go for cover up and tried right to hide evidence and at the moment the world is really watching next. Whatever you feel about the way Harry and Meghan made the declaration declaration? It has now provoked debates and boy out into the open. Some issues about the future of the royal family that were going to have to be addressed. Sooner or later Jonathan Prince Harry Megan's plans to innovate the royal family. As the Evening Standard revealed building a global exclusive Harry and Meghan quitting the royal family without a plan but the to have an idea from page says they see themselves as disrupters forging urging a new model for what it means to be a royal in the twenty first century. Well Jonathon friends one of the journalists working on the story. Jonathan disruptor. What does that mean well? I suppose it's an analogy to what's been going on in in the corporate world away you've had Huge established companies and corporations have found themselves challenged by upstart tech companies. And I think this is what we understand how the Sussex's succes see themselves as young and a millennial challenges to a very long established institution That maybe hasn't adapted full the twenty first century. So I wonder how that's GonNa go down at Buckingham Palace and we know that Meghan has has jetted off to Canada to be without she and she's left kind of Harry to kind of take the flat Greeley from the rest of the family. Hasn't she. I wonder what those conversations are going to be like. Oh it's I mean it's going to be so it would be so fascinating to be an air on on the conference calls are going on between Sandringham from cottage Highgrove Buckingham Palace at the Monet's great sort of four way Royal Conference calls if only we could get a line into those but these are very very high stakes high level discussions Russians about the future of the royal family. I think whatever you feel about the way Harry and Meghan made their declaration. It has now provoked to the debates and blow out into the open some issues about the future of the royal family that's Were going to have to be addressed sooner or later because we know that Prince Charles wants a more streamlined royal family based on the pure line of succession. But where does that leave the broader all family And their future role unhurried Meghan of not brought up very much focus and were told that the Queen has oded royal staff to get this figured I within the next few days it. It must be frantic inside there right. Yes I mean. The Queen obviously appreciates the the damage that the the headlines of the last couple of days in the next few days of doing it needs a quick fix. There's all sorts of incredibly complicated issues assault not least on on the funding side of it And how Harry and Meghan might be able to support themselves financially and what that means for commercializing the royal brand or voiding commercializing analyzing the role brandon and allow really really tricky issues the royal protection on both sides of Atlantic Sort of thing but it's got to be addressed and I think the queen pain had similar and I talking about trying to find solutions in days rather than weeks. Well it's GonNa be really interesting is when we've got a few days with no public appearances as I understand it from premature anyone in the royal family and I think it's next week. Harry has to or is scheduled to come back and face the public after all this. That's GonNa be an interesting so interesting. The the big one in his story next week is the literal for the rugby league. While Cup competitions men's women's ends and wheelchair which is due to take place at Buckingham Palace on Thursday and we'll be live streamed on the royal family social media last last kind of be one of the more interesting sporting draws of Recent Times in the Queen isn't at the palace because she stays insanity until early February abry but He will be there in a very public role of performing his a very typical royal juicy. And it'll be his first first public appearance since all this kicked off you can read more on that story in the evening. Standard or online at standard dot coded UK. And that's SALITA. We'll be back on Monday at four PM with more news analysis and country from the Evening Standard Wild beating newsroom. Join US again.

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