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JRPG Report Sunday Special Episode 13 - FFVII Remake Mini Soundtrack


Hello everyone and welcome to the Sunday special. This is the J. RPG report and as always every Sunday. We got a special episode for you this week. In honor of pharmacy seven remake. I have the mini soundtrack. It came included with my the lexa edition and I figure what better time to share this then now it is only twelve tracks long we have the prelude TVs theme Hsien Ras Theme Scorpions Sentinel on our way. The Turks Tame let the battles begin flowers blooming in the church. Hurry the main theme of Fancy Seven. Lay down some rubber and stand up twelve tracks to Fill your Sunday with so sit back and relax. We'll have a quick break and a word from anchor and then you can relax with these soundtrack. What actually the mini soundtrack. The full soundtrack is much much larger. Sit back with your favorite J. RPG on this Sunday special episode thirteen an machines Fisher as always thanks for tuning in to the J RPG report. You're listening to the best weightless in the podcast that is anchor and we are so appreciative of all the services that they offer giving us an amazing platform to push out this podcast to each and every week the most of all it's absolutely free the creation tools that allow you to coordinate your podcast right from your phone or computer. No software needed and anchor distributes your podcast everywhere for spotify podcast and every well where else. It's everything you need to make a podcast all in one place. Download the free anchor APP today or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started won't Owner do A The report report Abby we can make sweet honey bee in every mall yes this guy from.

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