The Conspiracy Farm Ep. 76 Journalist Eva Bartlett


Ah? All right, ladies and gentlemen. Here we go another installment for the archives of the conspiracy farm Jeffrey Wilson riding with you here. Shotgun that militants. My co host is flying in the sky off to I think, Orange County California for access TV fights Mark Cuban's network for ELA. So he's not going to be joining us today. Ladies and gentlemen, you're gonna have to deal with me once again deal with it folks, another jam-packed episode, and I'm so so glad she has returned. We had her earlier what was it last spring or summer had some had some internet difficulties. Yeah. She had just got back from Syria, one of her many trips to Syria, which were of course, going to talk about here, man. Like, I told her affairs. She worries me a bit, man. I I worry about her a little bit. But she's she does have some guardian. Angels watching her. She's awesome. Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett. How are you today? Thank you for your very kind words. Well, of course, you are. Well, deserved of them you. Wow. I obviously you on the face space. You just got back from Iceland amazing pictures there you got back from. Insane victors. And then obviously last spring or whenever you got back from Syria once again that was what your fifth or sixth run out there. Excuse me. But yeah, I mean, I I love the work. You do. I mean, it's so it's very often in your boots on the ground. Because obviously, we get such a different narrative with the mainstream media. Excuse me, not just in Syria, but Gaza is well where you were you lived for a while. If you don't mind set one up for you defeated knock out of the park here. What's going on over there? Obviously, we hear everybody hates Assad. He's gassing his own people. But I mean, again, they're beautiful work that you do your there your boots on the ground with your videos, your cab drivers, your interviews with families whose who've been freed and saved talk to us about what we're hearing as far as the mainstream narrative on on what's going on over there in which you've seen boots on the ground for the ninth time. I'll oppressed by saying to fight trips were with peace delegations in April twenty fourteen in February twenty fifteen the latter being with Ramsey Clark. I'm sure you're wear of was the former attorney general on an amazing man amazing antiwar activists so very honored to gone with him and Sara flounders at the national action committee or center and also Cynthia McKinney those phenomenal two or three day trip. But the other tons of gone Syria have been on my own, and I won't dwell on the organizing of these trips, but it will just note because he did make a reference to corporate media on on fairly certain that when corporate media do deign to go to Syria, most of the journalists that go, you know, everything's taken care of for them, all the uranium visa, the travel, etc. And people on invented journalists and other visitors activists that go to Syria dude on their own. And I think there's a lot of planning that goes into it. A lot of for people like myself, and my colleague Vanessa via the and other people. I know I know we always do it very. Shoestring budget? I mean with which also lends itself to your credibility because obviously for getting paid by network that tends to kinda skew the content or skew the narrative. You know, the nice thing about doing things shoestring is that for example to go to Damascus from they route I take share taxi so right away on meeting series is interacting series. And usually I I hear a ton of stories before I even reached a mascots, and I say in a hotel in the old city, which enables interact with people randomly people that I know and since I've been going to two thousand fourteen in saying the old city since two thousand fourteen and of course, traveling around the country, you you mentioned, you know, corporate media trying to convince the western public that doesn't Assad isn't popular amongst his people. And I realized there's a segment of ideologues that have their own Muslim Brotherhood or will hobby fanatical ideology that don't like President Assad, but they are a very small minority. And I swear if you go to Syria, you don't have to take my word for it. Go to cert-, you'll meet some these will make Christians you'll make. Series. It's all fates that support President Assad. Yes, they have legitimate grievances with the government, and they want change. But they're issue was never win business odd. And I can't reiterate that enough because listen Syrians, tell me this every single time, I go, and I know by now, it's like, yeah. I know, but they clean this because it's important to them that people understand this isn't about a solid in. Furthermore, people who might have been not crazy about President Assad at the beginning. Now, definitely rally behind him. They seem the unifier. They see him as be force that have sending up to these sectarian terrorists that had sledded their country in that have made it like living hell for the last seven years. And I think we since we're not there we really hard for us to really understand the kind of hell you're talking about. These cities are being leveled ancient cities are being leveled families separated hundreds hundreds kidnapped. I mean, the the what is it? What I write down the the torture the the kidnapping star. Asian. I mean, it's just it's it's absolutely insane. What's going on? And it just goes. Like what you had said. Like, you know, there's all these different sects and all these different ethnicities and languages living together, but over here, it's like, no, this is civil war. It's just absolute chaos in again. I don't think I don't think we really get how horrible it's been over there. I think the last time we spoke to eighteen thousand kids who have their organs harvested. I mean, just the level of death and destruction over there is just I don't think we get it in the thing that really just for lack of a better term pisses me off is almost the inversion of reality. And we've seen it w MD's Colin Powell with his little powder manufacturing shit to go in and killed scores and scores of people and then over here in the west, we're just, you know, Rah Rah, do it again glass parking lot, it just it. It's obsessive we greatly. I mean, obviously you too when you're boots on the ground seeing. It's just why we were so willing to just by into another war like that is. It's crazy. It's it's you know to trust my own experiences. I would encourage people I can send you the link a blog post they did from one of my trips which was actually two months in the summer of two thousand sixteen during that time I was travelling extensively around Syria went during that time. I went twice to Aleppo to still the centers were still occupied by al-qaeda and other terrorist. Noted inas inking known for heading children are the one child and in my travels aside from one to let go I went to coastal areas like Tartus and Latakia in Germany and in those areas, it's notable. I mean, you wanna you wanna talk about a civil war these areas comprise Syrians of all fates and from around the country, millions of Syrians who are internally displaced refugees that corporate media don't talk about these are internal refugees, and they've gone to government scared areas because they're getting away from the terrorists that are slaughtering them that are imposing sharia Lon them all the hellish thing. That these terrorist groups are doing to them. They don't want to be a part of it. So they fled to government areas and they rebuild their lifestyle. So this is another important point when corporate media lakes to disdain people a whether they're activists or journalists or simple observers that go to Syria. They they are disdained. Corporate media will say things like well, they only went to the government areas. But in the government areas, you can meet Syrians from data Zoellick from has to come from eastern Syria. You can be serious for all over, and they will seek most of them will speak honestly about why they fled. So again that that posts the updates from on the ground in Syria. I think I called it from summer twenty sixteen and I have for example, an entry from going to area in a village called town in China is just on less than Columbia away from another village called octa. Now Auckland now might have the date wrong. But I think it was December either twenty twelve or thirteen there were a massacre of civilians, there was an Oscar of civilians in over a hundred civilians killed so when I went to Taiwan that was able to meet some of the people that were able to flee up and this massacre again, I'd have to check my notes, I believe it was the free Syrian army that committed the massacre so going to tell knows able to. Both talk with survivors of the massacre, some of whom their loved ones were still missing. So they were free to use the real names. I don't know if that's the same one. I have your August two thousand thirteen I'm gonna Mascow these names Mottaki, I think you said in in Balata two hundred villagers massacred by ISIS two hundred villagers kidnapped. Yeah. No, this is a different area. This is in Hama province. So this is another one got us tons of massacres end at one point in October twenty fifteen I wrote an article called deconstructing, the NATO narrative on Syria, and basically I looked at various, misunderstandings and myths, including whether or not Assad is fucking Garrity. But also, including on the number of massacres. I wasn't even able to touch on all the massacres. I looked at some of the prominent ones like the one you mentioned in beluga and other massacres committed by these terrorists. But yet in octave or sorry Integra I met these villagers that had to in October when terrorists basically came into their village held them in a building for up to ten days. I think it was deprived them of food and water. I remember they they said something about sticking their handkerchief out the window to try to collect rain they'd be shot at by the terrorists. And anyway after that then after being kept for around ten days, then some of them were. Well hundred or more were massacred and others could not. So this is in a village that is in a government secured areas, but you could hear these bloodied perfect testimonies. This is what the people have been living with and fighting off. Also when I was in in messiah region. I want to another place called data mama, and there I met a man who had been in the Endre industrials on nuts just outside of Damascus. And now, I forget the date. I'm sorry. But let's say twenty twelve or twenty thirteen there was a horrific mask there where terrorists infiltrated the Audra industrials on which had residential areas for the workers and slaughter people. They there's an RT article with RT journalists Russian journalists that was on the ground. And I think the articles something like slaughtered links sheet, and they burned some of the people in in other words like it was horrific what they did. Anyway, this man was there whose working in Audra and families with them and he happened to be on a week. And unfortunately, whereas Syria has long stood against sectarianism as one of the things searing are very proud of this nature. Unfortunately, the thugs that the west has sent into to industry. Terrorized civilians, whatever faith, even including Sindhis, they do especially target out Elise. So this man whose family into neighbors were always from the region, and he announced forget all the details some years ago, but he basically fought as much as he couldn't fought the tourists for. I think it was up to one month. I'm sorry. I don't remember these see tales. He lost his entire family when he actually escaped everybody thought he was dead. And this is just one of so many massacres that serious than enduring when we can't overlook something you just said, and we speak about it often times on this show when I talk to people about it face to face they act like they look at me. Like, I'm crazy about these terrorists these ISIS forces. These are you know, they're funded by the west. I mean, this is another proxy army. Just like the mujahedeen. This has happened several times throughout history. But this is another western operation. Saudi allies Israel. I mean, and that's the manufactured nature of it. Again, this the Cy up of that inversion of reality aspect of it. And then you bring in these white helmets that go on to win an Oscar for for just like one of the biggest charades ever. And then we cut off funding. And then we were zoom funding. I mean, talk talk to me about what not does your thoughts on it. But the locals thought on the west funding and arming the terrorists to be able to wreak the havoc that they do. Well, hearing types met I've encountered so many Syrians just randomly like in homes in Latakia in Damascus who talked like a political analyst. They know about the project. They know that Syria was in the crosshairs as being targeted before twenty seven through the eighties in Hama with them to listen brother had committed massacres and after the Syrian president in army quashed that massacre that pocket of of terrorists. They were in fact terrorists, and they started the NASCAR I'm not an expert on the eighties or anything in general. But after that what they say we see what's happening now is a repeat of the eighties these sectarian folks that want to destroy us that want to put us under their their warped version there worked interpretation of Islam. This is what's happening again on the list is enabling it. But even aside from that. Now, it's it's a twenty eighteen and we have access to so many leaked documents showing that the west was funding the terrorists that before twenty. Seven and you have other leaked documents saying the west foresaw the rise of this lung state. I think that that one was in twenty twelve we've had onto Yana guy ton. I we spoke to you about this before. I mean, she pretty much blew that wide open as far as catching catching weapons that were left behind something. You just mentioned in. It's it's interesting because General Wesley Clark said it, you know, five hundred and seventy years or maybe it was the reverse. But obviously it's taking longer. They've knocked up several of them. Why is I mean, you have so much speculation? They want Syria as part of a pipeline China went to the part of a one belt one road. I mean, there's so many different reasons as to why that place is never going to leave the crosshairs. I don't think why is that the central Bank. They're not a part of central Bank like Iran, it's et cetera. What are your thoughts on? Why? It's so. Why they have such a hard on for Syria. Wall. Sorry crabs. But. All the points. You just mentioned also in Syria support to distance whether it's a Hezbollah or it's Palestinian resistance. It's refusal to own no series land is occupied by Israel series. Officially, you know, technically at war with Israel in Rowland heights area wanted slammed back and it hasn't related to any of the demands of the west of Zionist needle alliance. So that's another major factor and America wants another presence in the Middle East. They already have Israel. But you know, they the more the better, there's a number of factors. But certainly, I think the points you mentioned to about not letting IMF in not being think, it's they're not a part of international banking system. And they were they were completely self sufficient for twenty seven, and you know, the the western sanctions, I'm serious. This is a crime against the Syrian people that very few journalists talk about now, my colleagues and people ever stuck to talk about it. The corporate media won't talk about. It. They want address the reality in severity of the sanctions, they'll say, no, no. The sanctions were just are just on serious leadership. But I know for a fact the sanctions are affecting the people like they can't get the medical equipment needs to can't get the can't improve the medical equipment. They have or get the expertise to come in. The can't get in on cancer treatment medication all these things are sanctioned by the US by the western countries, but primarily by the US and just on my last visit this year, I met with the ministry of health, and I was asking specifically how are how's the health sector coping, and it is coping an end even the W H O prior to twenty seven rated series health system is topnotch one of the best in the area. But over the years, the combination of the war the sanctions terraced blowing apostles like the Kindi hospital, which was destroyed truck bomb destroyed in twenty twelve or thirteen minutes was like an amazing anti-cancer and on specialty hospital in in the lepto in its served the whole region. It's just destroyed and I actually just as a segue. But I I met the former director of that hospital, and he said to me, he implored western organizations international organizations when hospitals I occupied by terrorists to do something. And he he was not silence. And then he implored them for a reaction with hospitals destroyed and he was met by silence. Will you got these certain organizations? I was going to ask you about how the what role they play like a US aid, which is often heard as being a front for the CIA. So they're probably not going to be two two on too quick to help them out. Another you bring it. You're you're bringing up points that I was going to anyway, Zionism, you'd said like design est, you know, obviously, we've a lot of people have heard about Vina's them, and I had a guest on around nine eleven and we were talking about that. And I wanted to make sure he qualified that because the people have a very short cut to thinking they hear a certain term. And they just wanna think it means XYZ, you're you're anti semitic or anti Jewish cetera. Talked to me if you don't mind just kind of for lack of a better qualifying. What do you mean by when you say Zionism in the role Zionism plays? In geopolitics and has for a very long time. Political ideology to basically invade and genocide Palestine for state for the Jews. What essentially it was. But the regional sinus leaders weren't even religious Jews. And it was it's it's on me. I'm not I'm really not an expert on this. I speak more from on the ground experiences. But my I would say in general, it's a project. It's a colonial project that took over Palestine that serves clone interests it a Britain and America and also Canada. I won't I won't negate Canada's role in supporting this project, so to go back to the I think it's called the Balfour declaration of whatever it was that that gets into a lot of how the originated to basically hand over Palestine to design this juice that wanted to go off by Palestine when there's always that the grand chess game going on because you hear you know, supposedly designers are Israel created HAMAs as that kind of another kind of proxy force. Against other elements of the Piel. Oh, I think it was. But I mean, there's always these kind of internal shenanigans that again, inverse invert reality. And I guess I could ask you Palestine what's going on in Palestine what's been going on for a very very long time. But looking at your work and looking at your post and seeing other things on the internet people. I mean kids are being sniped. But we don't hear anything about this here in the west children are being sniped. And it sounds like. They're always looking for a rationalization. I'm doing some prep for my JFK episode next week and Colonel Fletcher Prouty was on and talking about back in the day when they first started clandestine ops, they had to go to the NFC in the NFC when I was comprised was more of a reactive force not saying, hey, here's what's going on in the world. Let's go start stuff over. There was more reactive but individuals like Allen Dulles would come in. And be like, hey, look what they look what they're doing over here not saying what they did to provoke them. And that's what we get over here with often news over what's going on the Golan Gaza, and everything you just hear about the reaction why they're behaving this way. They're not even close as far as arms, they got US tanks and all that other stuff and for the most part two area aren't near as armed. But no children are being sniped, and they somehow rationalize it in the news. It's a completely unequal playing ground unlevel? Playing unequal fight this rallies have state of the art technology. They have I'm not a military person. But I know I know fast sixteen because I lived under them. They have drones. They have a Paci helicopters. They have tanks. They have remotely controlled machine gun towers that fire on people in the border regions. And look spent three years in dozen, I work with farmers and fishers, and these are people that are media doesn't talk about if were to hear headline about a farmer being targeted. It wouldn't be something along the lines of these rally defense forces, which they are not retaliated against us suspicious terrorist or something like that. Look I worked with farmers, and these are elderly these are shebab like young men that are working paid laborers and their families including children, and they're literally in an area that's been bulldoze race. There's not many trees in the border regions. Whereas it used to be plentiful in trees fruit, not all of another trees. Now. It's it's it's been it's over the years. Israel has raised these trees. So with the blind eye looking towards the fence between the border region and so-called Israel. And I'm sorry that I do say so called you throw because it's. Eight is built on the genocide of Palestinians on Palestinian land. But in any case, you can see you can see clearly they can see clearly that they're shooting on unarmed Palestinians initiative that they have the technology. They're not just there either you think drones they're using surveillance balloons, and they're using whatever binoculars so they can see very well that they're targeting unarmed. Farmers and they do this stay leaf, and they shoot to kill. They shot around me as activists. We would stand there with the bullets flying around us the shot around feed in the end shot a young at the China seventeen year old deaf Palestinian farmer who was literally working to support his family and his cousin was shot in the neck and killed three weeks prior to that. The American journalist. I think maybe she was Canadian. I forget the she's got ran over by a bulldozer steamroller. I mean, that's what's fairly under reported here. But I mean, it just it just defies logic. Even that that that I don't we just don't get the depth of the darkness that's going on there. And if we always synthesize it through this other Muslim, you know, what I mean, like the cultural war that they've created the east versus west and the anti Muslim stuff that goes around here. It's absolutely insane. Because whatever, but it's how would so underreported and yet it's so the pictures used you posted the white phosphorus that's being used up so in so it was April this year that all the west and all the newspapers and all the civil humanitarian organizations in western leadership, and is rarely leadership blamed Syria blame the prisoners Syria blame the Syrian army offer having allegedly used to come go up in into now. I know that's not true and any independent journalists. That's goes, it's gone. There knows that's not true and Robert Fisk who has a hate on the Syrian government knows. That's not true. And he went there, and he talked with the Syrian medical staff there. He concluded himself. There was no attack and the OB CW went there the organization for the prohibited. From addition of weapons went there and did not find the alleged nurture nerve agent Seren that was alleged to have been used there. But in any case at that time, Israel is rarely leadership. I forget which leader it's probably Netanyahu was pointing their finger at Syria, and you know, on crocodile cheering about chemical weapons have been used when I lived in Gaza was living there during the war on Gaza in December two thousand eight January two thousand nine Israel used white phosphorus, and it wasn't used as a smokescreen. It was fired deliberately at civilian homes in residential areas. It's a school that was housing internally displaced Palestinians in in the main hospital shield Haas. Spital unmet family half the family. I later learned was killed by white phosphorous shell the other half were grotesquely mutilated by this. This this chemical that burns till bone. It's not even supposed to be used isn't like against the Geneva accord to youth that. Understanding is that it's permitted to use in non civilian areas as a smokescreen, but as you know, Gauzes a tiny place now to people living there, it's like forty kilometers watt long and at its wife's point a twelve plumbers lied, and there's hardly a place that you could imagine would be acceptable to use white Kloss for since it's so densely inhabited. And I mean in the destruction. I just I mean. What it does to people is? So there's really no words for it. Because the pictures you showed were about big drives and even seen some of those before about, you know, infants and and you just don't hear about it. I mean the last couple of in the last month. We've all it sucks. The Kosovo g the journalists who wouldn't happen to him. I mean, that's that's messed up, man. But I mean, the list I mean, what twenty there's so many different journalists who've been killed not just in Palestine, not just in Syria, but Turkey, and the list is absolutely insane. And we don't hear anything about it. All we get is the complete opposite of you know, it's crazy. The again, the version of reality just really freaks me out because the media there's so culpable in this in the power of the median controlling in controlling the narrative, which in turn controls people's perception of events is so powerful, I mean chair saying right now this is so opposite of what we hear complete opposite. They're creating the narrative, they're controlling an creating the inventing things. That never happened. I mean, another thing I've been doing on my recent trips to Syria is to really try to collect as many testimonies as I can about the early days in Syria. So in on my first trip to Syria with a peace delegation went to the Kita, and I spoke with this mother and her son Lilly and his son, Steven we're talking about April two dozen Levin in how the LA times issued a report saying all these things happen security forces cracking down, blah, blah, blah. And she said she was in every single place out doing errands, visiting friends she in every place that this Elliott times report named and she said, none of that was happening. And I can't tell you. How many times of heard the same words from serious Syrians here saying, oh, I saw an ear that something was happening in homes or in my home. So I called my family, and they're like, no, nothing's happening. But more when I was in Syria in may and then in September. I went to da, which is folks to be the so-called birthplace of the revolution. And a gain. I collected many testimony. These people saying, no, no, no, no, the protests were not unarmed. They were not peaceful. They were sick, Terry. There were people that had weapons they were shooting on security forces. And by now twenty eighteen is not just me Hussein this, and I certainly not the first this is a chorus of people not corporate media, not mainstream who have collected testimonies who done research Sherman, nor Wani wrote an excellent article called the hidden massacre looking at the early months of twenty seven and how scores like nearly ninety. I think it was Syrian soldiers were massacred and Oscar by OSU details. She details. The ambush is that this is a current at a time. When all the western world is saying NL Jazirah saying the protests, are peaceful their uprising against the tyrant. When in fact, actually, just recently, I interviewed two different Syrian doctors. And one of them was basic Saudi Arabia, and he was going to Damascus every two weeks, and this is in twenty seven and I asked him the same kind of questions. What did you see where they case full protests? Cetera. And again, everything that key witness was the same as what have hurt in Syria. No, they were not peaceful, they were sectarian in it out L just tell you one anecdote. I haven't gotten the interview published, but he said. Now, I forget if it was June twenty seven earlier, his family was going to area outside of Medina, which is west of Damascus. It's like a nice very pretty mountain area. Cheers used to go to for internal tourism to get away to picnic or go to restaurants. And he said his family was out in one of these villages and heading back to Damascus and as they approached Medina. It was a convoy of six cars like they're extended family. They had the windows up the music on. And suddenly they see an armored car in a Syrian soldier jump out the armored car run for them run at them waving his hands in the couldn't hear what he's saying. The unrolled the windows. He's like turn back to back. There's firing and it turned out. There had been this is like early twenty seven during the peaceful protests. There were militants in the hills of Medina firing on the Syrian army post, and it wasn't even a tank. It was just an armored vehicle at a checkpoint. And this soldier the soldier of the army that is allegedly killing people versus on like jumping up into the gunfire to waive civilians back and make them turn around. And he said that the doctor said he was he was doing surgery when his wife tax system saying we're going to die. And he didn't see it. And then, you know, twenty minutes later, whatever she texted him hunted a lot with survived and the rest of the story was that they rerouted their return to Damascus win on different road. And as they were driving back some cousin or something said, don't go to Madeira, the Syrian regime is firing on civilians, and they this person was seen on el-jazeera something, and they just come from there. This is just one example. Money. Not sure if I told you the other example, last time to spoke about the the doctor honor onto who was in the military hospital in DARA government, this hospital was around forty kilometers from Dada city, and this was early twenty eleven and he had his his hospital had been given commands from the military commander, treat civilians. I if the come to the hospital civilians before soldiers, and he said there were so many doctors there that he had nothing to do. So you sitting there drinking coffee watching undesirable and aljazeera was saying the military hospitals turning away civilians, the military hospital doesn't have enough doctors. He's like this is not true this obsolete. Not true. I mean, just complete fabrication is like you said, I mean, it reminds me of the Kuwaiti embassador daughter before the Persian Gulf war. They're turning over babe incubators with babies when the babies are rolling on the floor. I mean, just a complete what in this is the national defense authorization act two or one or two that Obama signed made it basically illegal they'd been doing it already. But basically codified the fact and legalize the fact. They can use propaganda against civilians. Crazy it clearly it works. The omitted own run own run. Doug Nisha that we talked about him last time that was a huge tool as well. Explain who that is a little bit. If you can. So he was a young boy, a really, you know, gorgeous cute young boy with a bowl haircut and in. I think it was August two thousand sixteen this is at a time. Those a lot for propaganda around Aleppo because eastern and some southern another pockets of Aleppo is in areas where occupied by al-qaeda and other terrorists. And Syrian army was there was a siege on these areas. The Syrian army was opening corridors to allow civilians to come out of this incident was before those quarters anyway, but the army was fighting terrorism these Al Qaeda terrorists that were essentially holding the population hostage in eastern Aleppo in around that time in in one of the districts in eastern Aleppo, there was a story that searing Russian governments had bombed a home, and this is the home of each and that he was rescued by the billion white helmets. And the photo that went around the world was taken by a man named Muhoza us land and the photos showed this gorgeous young boy sitting in an ambulance. Looking completely stunned with bits of Justin a little bit of blood on his face. And at the time. Many people theorized people who are skeptical theorized that the entire photo was staged an obvious among them that was very skeptical. Like, oh, come on is this for real. I mean because I worked with medics in Gaza. So I know you never a medic would never just sit a child down take photos and not minister for state, right? He's in shock. So you do something for the first date, but he wasn't being given treatment. He was being photographed in a member seeing a clip, and he was sat there for ten fifteen seconds being photographed. So clearly medics were not involved in treating what was appearance appearing to the young wounded void. But this photo was said to be the face of suffering in Syria now as it turned out. There was neither Russian nor Syrian air strike on his home. And I was in Aleppo in June two thousand seventeen and I'd heard that maybe the family was still there. So I asked around and to be honest. There was a person near that deals with reporters since is not here. I said, really, please. I heard he's here. I really want. Him. And as it turned out the same day. He gave an interview the father gave an interview to Syrian in on some other affiliated media. So the next day, I pushed and pushed knows finding able to get an interview with the family and the father, basically, his story invisibility later on interviewed him as well and found some other interesting details, but the father basically told me there was no air strike. I heard no airplane. I cannot I cannot testify to something. I did not hear or see. There was a blast. He gathered his family into one room during the darkness in in the darkness together. This family to one room some point undone his young boy went missing and later on he learned that had been taken to hospital, and he went there, and the story was on that he maintains a gun there. No earth strike and us very upset that his his boy had been taken from. He felt like he'd been his son had been used. They were trading in his blood as he said, and he said that he was pressured from terrorists and media on sympathetic to terrorists to tell their story. He said. They tried to offer bribes to get him to tell their story to to leave with them. He chose not to eat. And also at some point I asked him about the Syrian army and his he's a total support of the Syrian army. And I have that on video. Syria. So none of this narrative was followed up on by western media by that CNN. Blonde. Reporter the name is Dan or something like that who literally summer stammered on on on reading her script stammered saying how sad she was for. And there's a poor that weaved almonds photo. I think in Sergei Lavrov faced if I remember correctly saying, look, what you've done look what you've done none of those people have gone back to Aleppo, and they can, but they haven't gone back to you know. Editor correct. Their story. Exactly. It's extremely exploited at the same time just a a month earlier this group that I mentioned earlier the not missing key had the headed methodically in slowly beheaded a Palestinian boy after torturing him, and he was a apparently he said just shoot we just kill me. And they didn't they slowly beheaded him and the person that took runs photo is buddies with those exact terrorists ahead of the Lisa Mahmoud Abbas Munn who cries for Syrian children has grinning sell fees with not mincing. And this is the person and is another point. I just wanna make for move on. This is the person that western media put on a pedestal and gained accolades two I photograph and time, and again, if you look at the sources that need are relying on they almost inevitably always have a terrorist connection. You look at the Facebook page, they're praising Jason Islam. Tom the praising tourists. They have photos of themselves with terrorists. And these are always people to John McCain taking a picture with Baghdadi. I mean, that's yeah. But but then you have other people who go to Syria who take literally take the test. Money's what's your name? What happened to record you and those people are discredited because they're in government Aries. It's just absolute obscene. Wow. And like, you said, they just can't fabricate it I mean, it's it's so wickedly diabolical and just like, what's, you know? Yemen. Yemen is just an extension of all of this and just Yemen doing what they're doing with American weapons from it. Rabi doing it too. I mean, it's it's absolutely crazy. What's going on talk to me about Yemen? Another thing we hear barely anything about. You know, I have to say, I'm not that well versed on Yemen. I know the basics that it's been award upon and besieged by Saudi Arabia for believe it's for years. I really deferring the show. Some people now defer to people like there's a woman on Twitter Seraya, she goes by two claims burning I can send you her Twitter handle Marwa Osman political commentator who's on top of things Venezuela's. Well, but basically Canada is is quite guilty of selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, and then at pure odyssey foreign policy Canada on Twitter will tweet something about human rights violation. And they're the ones that are neighboring Sodhi Tomasa ker Yemenis, and and now the numbers I again, I'm sorry, not more well versed in, but I believe it's seventeen million Yemenis not are on the brink of as being said, they are starving. They're not on the brink of survey shin. They're they're being slowly Jenna cited and its Poors entirely. Preventable. But. To my understanding impossible to get aid into Yemen. It's impossible to get into Yemen period. I suppose the N can get in. But it's a really completely preventable. Utterly obscene a tragedy. Doesn't even suffice. It's it's utterly obscene genocide Ronan. It's again you so hard to describe it. Same splits going on, you know, in Palestine in Syria to just we were we we live pretty cushy lives over here. A lot of us. We just don't especially with the media, not even touching it. At somebody. I had on a couple of weeks ago. I've always I've kind of tried to pivot away from the politics of the geopolitics because it could be freaking exhausting. It's I've always been fascinated by ancient civilizations. You know, kind of ancient history ancient civilizations. And something that came up about the war in Iraq in and even what's going on in Syria, and the destruction of you know, things in none of that. It's an archaeological war that certain forces are going in and taking ancient relics or ancient history, tablets or things that lend itself to ancient history that might change the story on kind of the history of civilization. And why we're here and things like that have you as Ernie any conversation over there about things coming up missing. Remember when the Iraq war started like the the library of kind of antiquity was just kind of looted, and I've heard that kind of throughout history of going in and taking out different the library of Alexandria. Another example, just burning certain Brecher that are eliminating if you will. Any conversation about that going on over there? Yeah. I'm sure there is again, it's not my specialty. But I meet with the director of antiquities back in. Twenty kosh. I think it was twenty fourteen so few years now to talk about the theft of the the relics and the destruction of historical sites. And then there's the guy college an asset. I think his name was the man who basically is responsible for having protected the relics in Tadmor era, and he he paid dearly terrorists killed him. When they took over polling you're off. But it take a town lake Montana, which is an ancient Christian air makes taking town. And when I first went there, it was let's see it was June twenty fourteen in two months after Palmiero was liberated by Syrian army has fallen local defenders and the damage was incredible devastating. They did these terrorist home your own the name liberty Syrian bringing democracy. They really what they couldn't steal. They gouge. Out if it was fabric, for example, or they burned or they shot, you know, they specifically were destroying on heritage. They're all saluting looking for golden valuables. But they definitely distinctly needed an effort to destroy the heritage there. That's why when I went back to my Luna this year, I've been back once before that I think it was once this year when I went back it was September. And it was for the annual festival of the Holy Cross. Now, I'm not religious myself. But I definitely respect people who are and it was very moving to in Mahmuda for this tradition. Just set to be nearly seventeen hundred years old has to do with finding across sending a message to Constantinople today that crosses on top of mountaintops, and my Luda, and I was told by a resident from it's the only area that still does this ancient tradition. So this is like credibly historic moving. And the only time they didn't hold the festival across was in September twenty thirteen when it was occupied by elk. Made another terrorists. So that's just one example. And I think it's a very poignant example that once was restored to security and stability life went on in the ancient traditions carried on and that can be said throughout Syria. Maybe maybe not always ancient traditions, but aspects of life return as soon as eastern Gupta is cleared of Jewish slalom and Paiva as soon as was cleared on this past April. Roy away people were working to rehabilitate the towns to bring electricity to make the schools functional gun instead of the news headquarters for the chargers, the schools could be used at schools again net, you know, when we're talking about propaganda in child, and I think we might have already talked about on cheese, one of the the star icons of, you know, child propaganda in Syria, the poor Charleston exploited by her own family, and by vulture media, and and the UN itself, but one of savannah, I think people know that just to the store she is said to the Selecta when it was occupied. When it's being under seat for the military fighting against al-qaeda and Bono was said to be tweeting this these disturbing tweets about how bad life was and it turned out later that her mum thought admitted to pending typing. Most of these tweets down, there's a whole lot of nuances with the bonus story. I saw one interview where I mean, she clearly had tried, you know, plus or hard to memorize this. Krypton that the interviewer was like, what's your favorite food? And she's like free the kids in Syria. Please like, okay, save save the children of serious. What she said. Yeah. I was just like, dude. Let the food in his son. What's your favorite food? And then the mom translated what she should say. Right. Exactly that he asked her a follow up question. Like. How you doing now? And she said fish or something like. But anyway, so just in brief with Bonna on her own father of by all rights seems to be a member of the name. I forget the name of this this one brigade. So there's a terrorist brigade than they worked with ISIS, and he was working in sharia court I hospital complex that was occupied by terrorists and turned into a headquarters in into underground on prisons dungeons. So the father worked, you know, they're in and he was at her and whole family where they lived that their apartment was surrounded by terraced headquarters, and there's one point scene were now I refer to hearing journals, HUD, escaped who found this out. Once we're gonna looks looking doorbell talks about how sad she is. And so after it was liberated escaped went to this particular area. He's like all right. This issue standing now. Just turn your camera as they did not turn a camera in there, so named al-qaeda headquarters in northern Syria. Now, this raises two important points number one. She was very close to a very important Al Qaeda headquarters, but number two, they wouldn't have let her film there had she not been part of this whole propaganda sit ever searing civilian I've met that's come from areas that were occupied. Whether it's a Aleppo, Madonna or Gupta has said hell, no. We didn't go near them. If we did they would have emptied their guns into us. We were terrified of them. But the other thing is with the bona story done cheer family when lep was liberated went onto Turkey got Turkish citizenship. And then she went on, you know, eight or nine years old to write memoirs or she didn't write it and the United Nations modern term and even retweeted her her reverse speech of her English much better by now, I'm talking about how she went Syrian children to back to school on the supreme irony is that her own family were the reason one of the reasons that certain children were going to school this terrorist occupying schools every area every thirty occupy schools will you said, and I've seen I mean, it seems like Syria is winning Assad is winning in like you said things are sort of getting back to normal. But like I said the beginning. I don't see what do you know, look through help me out. Look look through EVA's crystal ball. I know you're going to be heading back. If you bet I mean for boots on the ground. You're very experienced in this area prognosticate for us if you will. But. Next six months to a year. Are we going to be seeing more of these false flag chemical attacks because I'm seeing I'm seeing reports to help me if I'm wrong that there are bombings taking US bombing certain areas in that area in in Syria in certain areas. What do you what's happening? What's going to happen to you, see, obviously, I don't think it's getting taken off the plate as far as you know, it's still going to be in the crosshairs. But what do you see going down? Yeah. So I'm gonna preface that with the caveat that I cannot predict what I saying that you're right about the factum scrolling down. I save something to mention you're right about the fact that the the gaming the US game is not often Syria, even that certain people have made it very clear that they want their president. And they don't want the US presence in Syria. The us presence in Sierra is illegal Sarah never invited the us led coalition to invade occupy eastern area or any of Syria on the continued to occupy the continue to aid ISIS, and this is the supreme irony. Now, a friend of mine he goes by lead seven nine. Seventy one on Twitter. He hadn't seen this. And I was a skit on scrolling Twitter today, I saw his tweet saying the Trump administration is still adamant on regime change by any means in Syria on Pao's special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey yesterday made that clear, and he linked to short excerpt of Jeffrey, basically talking about how the west must find a so a regime that was acceptable to them kind of thing in that the current government had to go. As redeemed change is just a foregone conclusion. You know what I mean? It's like we're not even going to discuss a government with Assad in it Ciprian arrogant, you know, they're still uncovering mass graves in Raka, which the US led coalition destroyed. The us is directly responsible for thousands. If not more dad's a Syrian civilians, let alone deaths a Syrian soldiers. Now, there's an incident in I think it was the third not to not make your own but that name in Denison O eastern Syria in September twenty sixteen when the us led coalition sustained prolonged attack on a Syrian Arab army position for at least if not more than one hour killing untold numbers. Now, the number of the Syrian officials put out is something in sixties. But Tim enersen went there and did an extensive report on this in the numbers much higher than that believe it was well over one hundred ten soldiers killed in a sustained attack. It wasn't a one off up. See it was a sustained attack. The us clearly new all the technology very well that they were tacking series. The army positions and after their talk finished than ISIS took over that position. And I'm sure people are aware that Dutta Sor was siege devices. And so this is a very important position. There was in the countryside still important position. And it isn't the only time that the US. It's certainly not the first not the last time the US has deliberately sabotaged Syrian army in order to let ISIS advance. Isis couldn't have taken over Palmera had the US not stepped on them. First hundreds of kilometers have opened hurt and more recently. The us is on multiple occasions. According to Syrian media has has been using both white phosphorus n cluster munitions both which are prohibited against certain civilians. And then they're doing this repeatedly. Meanwhile, in it live now, I have an article on forget the guy's name. But my article my last article for RT was about it live, and then assess ity for the to be liberated of al-qaeda because I cited OSHA member's name offhand. I can dig it up. But. I'm excited even US official himself who acknowledged that it live isn't al-qaeda hotbed al-qaeda safe haven. And yet the way western media's report portraying in the so it Louison like northern not quite western Syria. But north west of Aleppo corporate media is portraying it live as just filled with three million civilians are being, you know, potentially going to be genocide but the Syrian army, but if we look at past examples Aleppo, go tough wide homes, the old city of Homs 'Data in each case. There have been Reconsiliation deals. There have been Manchurian corridors there have been negotiated to transfer the terrorist groups out of the area in question, or if they're searing not foreign they can take Reconsiliation and they down the weapons and go back to the normal lives. And I interviewed the minister Reconsiliation back in June two thousand fourteen and at that time was already over by belief in it was eighty five thousand series who had taken reconsider. Nation says this this is hugely humane effective way to bring peace and stability to errors. And so with regard to hit the the same offers had been made that the terrorists inside refuse reconciliation, and they've they've come right out in threaten other terrorists other so-called rebels. If you take Reconsiliation we're gonna snoring. So they're holding civilian population on hostage and at the same time they're firing on areas outside of their areas of control. So they're not going anywhere anytime soon. You know, I can't predict how that's going to play out the Syrian does. This does this narrative of trying to rep it does this narrative of Trump. You know, when he was campaigning. He was like, you know, Hillary and Obama they make the terrorists that because he was kind of a basically looting to the west of the terrorists. And so now the supposed- defunding, which I don't think has happened is this narrative, supposedly Trump fighting the deep state at cetera et cetera. Or is he just going about things in a different manner? Since the cats kind of out of the bag about the west in NATO, funneling weapons, I really can't speculate onto that. I know some people would say, yes, he's fighting the state, and they would say for example in April of this year when France UK and the US attack Syria on the premise of attacking chemical weapons sites. You know, people that say Trump is fighting deep state would say, well, they chose sites that were effectively useless earth did not if they talk I disagree with that actually because one of the sites they talked like they fired over I think it was one hundred three missiles in one of the sites. They talked was inside of Damascus itself. So Damascus has millions of citizens in the area. They talk was better say, and it happened to be a facility that was one of the things they were producing this cancer treatment drugs, and they're they're producing other sorts of things to be used in medicines. And this is this facility is completely destroyed. So I don't necessarily agree with this notion. But I'm not a not an analyst. In russia. Russia's obviously, they're not question. What I will say is that there are going by all rights is going to be another stage chemical attack the Syrian and Russian not just media. Their intelligence have reported time and again seeing terrorists and the white helmets moving canisters or containers of chlorine. To from one area to another and Vanessa Bailey in September. It was was in an area of eastern the think it was that was. Where she was able to meet with civilians whose children in loved ones kidnapped and there's so many people have been kidnapped and they're most likely going to show up in one of these stage videos. So I and this is what the Russian ministry of. I think defense has been warning about a game in a game will be a chemical provocation, and they're going to blame it on the Syrian army or on the Russians. So I think that's something definitely to be wary of I think a lot of us expected. It would have happened by now I thought it would have happened in September October. Most humane thing to do if the west actually cared about human rights and stability must mean thing to do would be to allow a peaceful political resolution to it live and take these terrorists, especially the foreigners out of Syria, and the ones that wanna reconsult Ken, but to law the people in live to return to civilian because in every case where happened elsewhere people go back to the normal lives. And this is something the media went whenever they're crying about save Aleppo, save gouta said it live the follow up. Oh, you know, it wasn't that Aleppo fell actually lepto is now functioning and rebuilding and people are at peace. They never follow up with that. But that's always been the case. And I've been as I wrote in this Arklow refer to a tavern major place Aleppo Gupta. Dada. Madeira awhile homes old city all these places that were once occupied and that at one point or another the media was racing cries of alarm over the genocide. Of the horrors that we're going to happen due to the Syrian army siege or the military operations and each time. Yes, of course, civilian lives will be lost because it is a war, and they are fighting terrorists. Nobody could say civilians aren't being killed. But it is not a systematic and deliberate. Killing as Lear. And to the contrary if they this same crocodile tearing journalists would deign to go to these areas now and talk to people they would find out people are saying thank God we can afford to buy food. Now, we're not being held hostage. They're not public executions in our main square our neighbor to not being the headed or pointblank assassinated now, I mean, certain occupation gentle euphemism had been such a freaking nightmare. I mean, I it's like a horror movie it truly innocent. That's why to be honest to get his soft when people here comfortably in the west harp on about having read some report by Human Rights Watch. Who's directors the dictator human rights, Raj for two decades, and he can rock? He's tweeted photos and footage of areas that are not even in Syria and alleged damage done by Saad and his person. Armie it's Syrian Arab. It's comprised of series of all faiths from all around. It's a conscripted army. It's not an Alemi army. That includes a significant number of cities, and these people are fighting for Syria. I mean, like all these people that believe this rhetoric. Just ask yourself if the situation was reversed and the counter city lived in the suddenly infested by al-qaeda terrorist at one imposed sharia law, you that are going to exit for any frivolous reason. Would you not fight back? You don't what would fight back you'd have to be brainless if he did not play it back and use for your army needs support your political leadership in bringing peace after that. It's up the Syrians to decide their future to resolve their political issues is not up to some, you know, Harry hobbies stuffed in a suit to so-called represent Syria, and imposed a type of rule on on secular Syrians that no secular series went whether they're Cindy's or Christians or whatever their faith. They don't want any then one dictating to them. Mm how they practice their faith. No, I lived in Gaza, and I love Gaza. It is a more. Conservative society and HAMAs in charge. Okay. And look I initially supported Palestinians election of HAMAs because I thought it was their right to choose. I don't support moss. I do support resistance. I'll be clear about that. I think Palestinians, I know Palestinians have the right to resist the Israeli occupation of their land. Although end by any means possible, that's international law. But I don't support HAMAs movement. They are missing brother of it. But in the end, it's not for me to decide for Palestinians. But Syria, I've never seen what a secular society comprising all the face, look like and told the story kneeling times, but I was invited to this wild Easter party where people were drinking dancing, and the people that invited me to sending Muslims, you know, and they're not an anomaly, this is Syria. It's up to them to practice their faith as they see fit or not have faith amid so many agnostics eight days in Syria. But the bottom line is it's up to them. And nobody wants this. Hobby on crazy extras ideology posts on him. And that's what Canada America Britain. France, Germany are advocating. While this is that's why I feel your work is so invaluable because this kind of information late legit if you're listening, ladies and gentlemen, thinking. Wow. This is the complete antithesis of what I thought was going on or what I've ever heard. That's because it is. You know, this is the absolute truth. And man, I can't thank you. I mean, I tell you all the time online. But you're so so brave. They're like you said we're so comfortable here. People people don't put their skin in the game. Like you have. And I can't thank you enough for you Vanessa of the whole crew that really what's the boots on the ground hangs with the people. I didn't know you're so fluent in airbag listening to you talk with the cab drivers like annual black belt and taekwondo am I wrong at that. I see that online. I saw this. I saw I'm not sure what kind of kick. I was like chick her out. That's cool. That's obviously take care while you're over there. But any any plans to head back anytime coming up? I'm not saying the exact date, but definitely smart. And I do have some more interviews coming out, and I'll just say like on my YouTube. I've made play lists and one of them is Syria. And I would encourage people to scroll down back to twenty fourteen of what I really try to do is like I try not to. I know. I am innocent speaking for Syrians relating. What's turns told me, but I really try to record their voices in let you hear them new decide because I really think it's important here spectrum Assyrian voices. So I'm still working subtitling. I have. Interviews from Dada people I met in daughter that I both in may in September. It takes ages the subtitle. I have another interesting interview mufti has soon now I'll just say he's one of the most amazing people have ever met he's series grand mufti. Now, if you compare there is no comparison, the sounding to to move to how soon it's night and day, the Saudi move team wants to radically in destroy all churches and the Syria. Move teen is beloved by Christians. And he he loves, you know, loves all faiths, and he calls himself, the mufti of all Syrians, and he's extremely open minded person, very filled with love, and unfortunately, he has also been vilified in western media. His son Saadia was executed October second believe was twenty thirteen because when I met with him this time it happened to be the anniversary, and he said five years ago, my son sorry, I was executed, and but this is the extent to this. Just amazing compassion he publicly forgave the assassins. He understood they were doing a job, and he implored them come to Syria. And now I wrote about this some years ago, but the the day that he did that or the next day he received a text message saying, we don't accept your apology more coming for you next kind of thing. So early a hundred started off nut western media, misconstrued his words and. In the interview. I did Tim recently, which I'm also I've subtitled, but I'm having two different sets of people review my subtitling site want to be as accurate as possible despite takes me forever to on my own. But in that interview, I asked him to just that he said what he said, and what was deliberately mistranslated. He said, essentially, we are fighting terrorism in this terrorism has stopped or it's going to come to you. And the medium is construed as work to say with gas soon pledges to send suicide bombers to Europe or something like that. Anybody who's met? This man will be totally odd by his his compassion and his humility. So that I'm gonna get that out to two. And then I mentioned that you audio interviews have done recently with Syrian doctors which are just fascinating because you don't have to beginning. I think you did you mention SAM's are my making that up who's that? Okay. There's an association called the Syrian American Medical society. Sounds and they have you what you mentioned US age. I was thinking you a State Department that I liked luck to thinking about SAM's, anyway, SAM's is very entrenched with the US government and has received millions of dollars from them and predictably they tow the western propaganda on Syria. These two doctors have interviewed and I will be interviewing one more were at some point involved in SAM's, and they basically talked about how SAM's went from being an actual professional ethical medical association to being rack lies in. Pretty much Muslim Brotherhood front group. So it's it's very interesting. I'll try to get these interviews outs. What work shout out working do you ever one stop shop or do you like a little bit? I know you're on Twitter Facebook, where would you like to point people to to get a hold of you? All right. Well, can you give a shout out to my patron as him? This is what helps me exist in my very humble apartment, you consider the cutter. So yeah. My patron on. Yeah. On Twitter Facebook omitting, but any my continuing post there, and my YouTube, okay, how soundcloud, but I try to put everything for example. It's just empty it put on soundcloud, but I also try to put it in video format on YouTube. So can post your patron Lincoln check. Check your videos and stuff. By the way, is open content. I don't put anything behind firewall just put one or two. Thank you messages for patrons only. But I don't believe in hiding content Georgia. Gotcha, man. I can't thank you enough. Again, you're bold. Brave. Beautiful. And just let me tell you. What be please be safe on your next trip? Take care of yourself and just keep doing the work you're doing it. So again, most people who don't know they're being played. Don't exactly understand how invaluable this information. Is you have? But I'm telling you. I can't thank you enough. And then keep doing it. Keep doing it again today. I don't mean to jinx you. I just you know, it's like I said, we there's I can't I'm not going to massacre the names, but you know, them you've heard them the journalists who have disappeared who've been killed. I mean, it's a it's a very dangerous game that you're in and. All of us who go to Syria. I mean, first and foremost, of course, it's Syrians for the most exposed to danger. But like in going to Aleppo before it was liberated you had to go down a road that was prone to being sniped or shelled saying with going to the state hospital and daughter were Abbas told snipers for just one hundred meters away. So I'd say that the most dangerous parts are probably in my past. So don't worry too much about my safety. Good that that gives me a little bit of comfort. Even thank you again, so much very generous with your time pieces so much love. Stay tuned. Ladies and gentlemen. There will always be more.

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