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Then ham trying to block all lanes used to the outside to the inside to the checkered flag. Denny hamlin. If one day Tono five hundred a one two three sweep for Joe Gibbs racing. This is the greatest victory. I've ever had. Area in my life outta than Super Bowl super is better than championships and racing. This was the most emotional the best win for me, Adnan because JD in his life and the kind of hype he lived. Oh, welcome to NASCAR. America's steel tar here at the NBC Charlotte studios with Jeff Burton three time. They told a five hundred winner Dale Jarrett, guys. It's a great American race. We knew it was gonna change someone's career. But DJ I can't remember race with this much emotion at the end, obviously coach talking about a loss Sunjay just a few weeks ago. Such a key member of that organization. You drove there what your thoughts? I think as I sat and watched it yesterday afternoon and those final laps, and it kept showing coach Gibbs, and knowing the story there and being a part of that organization as it started seeing JD come in to be a huge part of making all of this happened. He knew nothing about running a race Dame. But he was able to jump in there and do so many good things and JD gives was one of the finest young man that I ever knew in my entire life. And he just a good person had so many good things. And it was good to see good things happen. You talk about that. Coach Gibbs has done a lot for a lot of people and. You could just tell this one meant more to him than anything that's ever happened. They were hard to share JD's life with other people into you know, you hear so many things great about JD. Well, this gave them another opportunity to do that remind everyone what a great person JD was you saw it from Denny always from his father and all the motion all his children were there. I mean as just a great day for those guys a terrible time time that just breaks your heart to know, what all of those guys are going through. But to be out to celebrate on this day and do it with JD on the post. That's that's a really really special moment or you guys talk about what type of person he was. And we could fill the show with his accolades, but I think on the professional side it's worth noting rumor he found any Hammond, then ham would not be Joe Gibbs racing. I think that's very safe to say without JD's influence. They created that eleven car. His fingerprints are completely over that race car to see that specific Joe Gibbs car has to make a difference. Yeah. He was competing against him somewhat. And driving some late model races and things like that. And you know, saw this young man and Denny Hamlin and Danny was running. He was about out of money at that point time JD's went back and told his dad he said, this is somebody we need to put in something soon. We need to have him in our organization and don't forget that that that program was in trouble. It's easy to forget. How much trouble that eleven car was having and how bad they were running. They were missing races. They were having all kinds of issues. Any Hamlin came in and clean that up. He had made a major influence in and getting that car where it was running. Well, that was a major sponsor that was missing races was having a bad time things were going well at all. And they you know, they they put a lot of trust and a very young very young then Hamlin and didn't ham answered the call. I think answers the emotion of the moment. But it's still the Super Bowl of auto racing. In DJ shocked me, I think the turning point of this whole race was to that. Last restarted shocked me that we saw teammates worked together on that final restart five. In the Daytona five hundred. So before we break it down. I think the best thing we can do is. Let's listen into the conversation between the eighteen and the eleven. Danny have the top let down we keep the twenty two behind both and push for the twenty two all we have the option obviously to take the top. And the we get a push from the thirty four those him pick top me let that the option. So that's yes, I'm assuming yes. At suggesting that we do the teammate restart. Choose top. He'll let us down over that. He's just going to be true. We're resuming. The Daytona five hundred Dinnie Hamlin gets a huge shock for Michael McDowell pamphlet will cross over he'll get in front of Kyle Busch. And now he's going to try to block both lanes. We made a deal with the eleven let them down. So, you know in doing that, it was strengthened numbers trying to keep us all together. And nothing there's not enough cars or anything materialize six cars out there. So I probably knew better, but that chance to make sure at least one of us one. We did exactly what we said we were going to work together the entire race until ten laps to go. And then let's go out there and try to get a win. So we. I know that he wants it bad. I understand you know, the fire that he has to win the Daytona five hundred trust me if I could switch resumes with them. I would case ever had right one. But he's just he's a great talent his times coming. There's no question about it. He's usually getting wrecked out early and never even had an opportunity, you know, to be in the position that he was at the end of tonight. I think the one advantage that I had had been in that situation. So many times of the last ten years that I knew where I wanted to be and I'm sure mental notes have been made. And obviously, you know, if if it turns around the other way next year, I'll congratulate him same way. Well, I have been in this position. Try to explain to my driver. What options there I thought? Adam Stevens, did a very nice job of laying out what Kabul had for options start up top with the help you had behind them and try to win the race or star down bottom, perhaps more importantly, pinning the twenty two behind him and letting his teammate gin. So we know what Kabushiki DJ. What would you do? There's no way that I'm going to let somebody in. I I would be a bad teammate. I guess that's why I never had more than one. I think any time that was the reason. But that I I might Kabushiki so many ways of one of the most talented if not the most talented rice drive of ever seen in my sixty two years. But I think this was a terrible decision. You're in the position to win. The one thing that you don't have right now and to rely on someone else because the only way that he is going to pass the eleven by this scenario is to get help from someone else. If you lie up beside him and going to race. Denny was probably going to take the top. Anyway, because he said that's where he wanted to be. But in that scenario, if you let him go ahead and choose the top don't give him any options of getting down in front of then you can Sidrack you can raise him hope that you get the pushback there. There's so many options that you have. But you put yourself in a box right here, depending on someone else pushing you and helping you and trying to make that happen. So I think it's unfortunate. I'm sure he'll look back on this many time you just don't get many chances to win. This race comes around once every year and to get yourself in a position enough times to to try to win it. So I hate that boy about things wrong decision. I think we gotta go back to the restart before. I think we need we need to go back to the restart before. When when Kyle had an option like they didn't tell him. What to do what I've heard so far from everybody was that we tend to go the deals off right race each other. They Kyle took the bottom the resort before. So see this restart before before takes the bottom. Well, let's stop it right here. So look at see who's behind him. So you he picked the bottom with thirty four in the fourteen behind him that gave the lead with the twenty two and the twenty four in the top twenty four was fast all day long. So it's easy armchair quarterback on Monday. But this really is where the Daytona five hundred was one in loss is picking the bottom on this restarting gave the eleven car what he wanted. And then as this develops own you look at this rig. This is wind cliff Maurier moves up in the thirty four to quickly right there. Didn't he Hamlin? Boom caution comes out didn't he got the lead? So now we go to the last race start. And that's when we started talking that. Okay. We're gonna work together again. So it was a combination of things, and I personally think that Kabua's headed all over to do again today, which you don't have that luxury. You have to make a decision which you think is best at the time. But if he had to do it all over again today on that restore where he had the option I think he would have taken the top. If he had a chance to redo it. And when you heard any ham. And talk about the experience of these had in losing the Daytona five hundred and restarting at the front of the race with only a few laughs left to go. And he he put that away. And he wanted that outside. I have a feeling the car would have wanted that outside if you had a chance to do it again, but you mentioned experience so you know, the crew chief I like numbers starting in two thousand twelve Denny Hamlin fourth in the Daytona five hundred fourteenth. Second fourth I seventeenth and third lot of single digits. Lot of top five you mentioned the opportunity to win that race Dale jR. I didn't quite understand speedway racing. I was blessed enough to have Jeff Gordon he handled most of it when I got deal juniors driver and a lot of guys riding around the back. I had that conversation. Why don't we do that? He said listen to me every one of these races different the flow. How the past has happened. I have to be up front every time to know. What move I need to win. The biggest rates you talking about the experience at any handling. He's been in the front two or three rows on the final restart. Six seven eight times in the last ten years. Here's that is a huge advantage. When we talk about rookie drivers and experience we use all these buzzwords. Here's a clear, case example of another reason why I happen to agree with both of you. You cannot give Denny him on the lead with five miles left in the great American race. When his numbers were that good. Yeah. I think that if I say did he was gonna take that outside if they would have just left it alone, not make any deals whatsoever. And just race with that. Then I think you can live with yourself and that they're gonna just have to go on. But I think that he was gonna take that they gave him an option that was just like a gift we're gonna we're gonna be. He's really going to do it. Right. Like the front, and then we're gonna make people patchy he's proven. He's one of the best at this. I don't know that he gets enough credit for really how good he is at the speedway racist doesn't outstanding job of maneuvering through traffic. And then he knows what to do when he gets in front. So I just would never have put him in that position. Again. Let him make his decision then he didn't even have to ask for this to happen. They handed it to him. And he's not the guy you what a raise a great race. A lot of speed Joa Ghana was in the picture and emotional finish. But listen coming up. We're going to discuss why Joel Logano was upset with Mike. Mcdonagh had to watch the finish a few times. But it came clear to me, then you had a good argument. I had a dream of winning the Daytona five hundred it was as a driver, but I can tell you. I'm more than thrilled to be with these guys one of those crew chief, I'm just really happy to be here. Patients. Patients patients, then chaos just it just kept getting crazy and crazy. You know, it's going to happen. You look at the history. The last couple of races frustrating that you know, we we have to put ourselves in that position to racist way. Had a big wrong with the twelve Bhushan, and and just barely Nick the ninety five and he started getting sideways, and I try back often. Doc. Yeah. It wasn't anything intentional there. I talked to Paul just just racing dealy kind of tried to get to my right rear, and it just sort of hooked me a little bit. We just lost the pressure came to pit road came back. We didn't change anything fight it up and went back and got back on the lead lap. Got caught up in Iraq had a pretty significant amount of damage, and we were just trying to get fixed enough to make minimum speed and as more race happening more and more people rack, we find ourselves up front everybody talks about you know, let's all work together Ford's work together. And you know, I'm up front and all of a sudden four John work together. So it is what it is. You know? I mean, you soon as he could he put me three wide, and then you try to clear himself, and he wasn't clear, and I hate it for him. I know that he wasn't. You wouldn't intentionally trying to do that? He was just trying to get every inch you could. But there's really nothing I could do there at the end. I was surprised by the situation. What happened? Yeah. Yeah. I thought that was going to be the plan I would've thought, but it's part of I mean, he's he's racing to I guess and. We can't win these things alone. We moving that quite often. But we did what we can do. So I'm an explanation of why hung you out. I get my chance to talk. Didn't give him a chance to talk. I think Lagaan affirmative Michael McDowell right there. Joe Lagawe had to be one of the favorites. Coming into the race won the won fifty with a power move from. I think third or fourth look good all day long. But it was surprising. He couldn't get things to go right on that last restart, but he seemed to be upset with McDowell because of it. Yeah. You just want a little bit of hill from Dow, but you could hear from now he was upset because he didn't think all people are doing what they were supposed to do earlier. So we see here they take off and McDowell's kind of by himself at this point. But things changed drastically as an attorney three. Yeah. Joel gotta has a huge run. Are here detainees underneath the eighteen. It looks like a thirty four right afford pusher. What could be better? But as it spins forth. It doesn't work out that way. No. I don't care. It's a Ford or whatever it is that this is a situation. You've got the eighteen hung out. You've got nobody right behind you. You get on the bumper on the bottom with the twenty two right there. I like my McDonald's does a really good job of getting himself in position with a acquit. That's not quite as good as some of the others there, but he didn't outstanding job there. But as a dry. For just have to know the situation and put you're getting ready to encounter. I don't care. What happened the rest of the day? You put all of that aside. You can't be thinking about that. Right there his move. I don't care that would have been a Toyota or Chevrolet. His move is to get on the bumper that car in front that gives both of them an opportunity to make a run at the eleven car. That's the key. It wasn't about him helping Joey it would have been that. That was probably in his best interest to try to push because the eighteen he was hung out by himself. He had help from behind. They may both go to cleared him would've give Michael a little bit better chance to win and Joey sport. Right. You always get mad when the guy the high you push play raised laughed and you're mad and everybody's mad at somebody. So this only time that somebody got mad at somebody because they didn't push them crew chief speedway raises very frustrating. Because once you make your last fit stop, you truly are just a passenger. But we talked in the first segment about Denny Hamlin's experience in those last two three four rows. You mentioned he does a great job and a car that perhaps we know isn't as front runners. But guys do we have to think just not having the experience in those speedway raises. I know he runs well two speedways, but not Bennet put in this position enough to know. Or you think it was just a simple mistake. So I think it's even more complicated in that. If you're if you're Joel Logano you going to Daytona five hundred to win a race period in the story. But if you're Mike McDowell you gotta be having a little bit different pitcher. You got to be thinking a little bit big picture. This is a day where you can earn points for team that you probably don't have as good of an advantage. When you go to Lanta Vegas other races that are coming up. So the mentality going into the race for team that doesn't have the funding. That's a mother it's a little different. Like, if he if Michael McDowell drives his car away, join Gano Droutsas car, he's probably not gonna finish in the front because you've probably doesn't have the same speed, the joy Lagaan. Oh has. So you gotta keep gotta kinda wrap. It all up. Michael mcdowell. I know he wants to win a Daytona five hundred don't get me wrong. But driving for team doesn't have the fund. You're what you consider successful is different than you. Then it is when you drive for Penske. Yeah. Let's say this to these decisions are split second decisions easy there and watch TV and see everything develop he's focused on what I need to do. Right now. I've got one opportunity one moved to make sometimes you make the right one. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this was the Romeu, but he still had a great day. Well, we're picking on Mike McDonald this point that lot went down in that final restart. We just showed you the short version. Let's go through this last two laps guys right here. It all starts. We've talked about it already the team orders the eleven down in front of the eighteen lines up. The Joe Gibbs racing cars. But I don't think it's over. I mean, I changed a bunch of times who had thought a win the race. And it starts right here with this show that the eighteen gets off turned to. Well, I thought right here. The team was in great shape. You see the twenty twos. Got a big push on the eighteen eighteen clears the thirty four. Now, I think that they're in great shape. And now the twenty two is getting close to clear him. I thought the eighteen would have a great push right here. Llegado? I think the damage he had on the right rear was hindering him or left rear was hindering. Again. Somebody got a great push nothing. How Bush maybe thought right? There was his chance then he was ready for everything that they were going to do. Well, now it goes from Kyle Busch to Joa Ghana was exit turn four right here. When joy llegado hangs a left and gets that quarter panel Bush in my mind, this is going to be game over joy Lagaan was gonna win the Daytona five hundred look at this run right here. The Joey gets they teen tries to block in college high to block him. There was so much momento from the twenty two. He couldn't slowing down watch eighteen he goes trying to go to me jumps one at the racetrack. Now, the forty sevens cleared. I'm the twenty two is gonna win the race. But he just never got the push. She was hoping to get at this point. I was really surprised that the thirty four got the run to even get into position that we were just talking about to go down there and push the twenty two and get himself in a position for at least top three finisher. We highlighted right here. Michael McDowell's choice why Joel Gano doesn't like it is the same reason why Denny Hamlin? Loved it. Because look Denny Hamlin. He now has to car links onto car side by side. It's easy to see where the momentum is coming from a locking down and five miles. But then him a perfect, right? He picked up every run got a little fortunate. I'm not gonna call it lucky fortunate because you don't get lucky to run for four hours at Daytona all those wrecks or so many different ways to win and lose that race. The other thing is you're not in this situation. You on the pit box your heart rate is a little different than it is with four. I mean, it is crazy how pumped up I mean as you cannot describe 'cause on top of winning the Daytona five hundred having that opportunity. Pretty sure you'll get wrecked to it's like, it's just how it is. So that so if you ever looked at a heart rate, monitor it's nuts and last two or three laugh, so the decision making that has to happen. You said it a minute ago. It's easy to sit here and watch a replay and say well oughta done this. We'll get yourself in. They're going to hundred when you gotta make it Assyrian like that with everything on the line. Fine. That's why so difficult. That's why watching those last two laps. We can talk about how Dinnie ham and coasted to a win anything. But it ever he had to do everything. Exactly. Right. Yeah. I said that first segment that they literally handed it to. But that's that. Because I know how good he is out front. That was literally giving him the range to the whole thing about Eric Jones to the job that torn up race car and everything that they'd been through to come up through there in the moves that he made amazing. We talk about breaking down on Monday. I want a lot of races as a Monday coochie gave me a chance to go do. But that was the last three star. But I'm gonna tell you coming up. We're gonna talk about Denny Hamlin's day the entire day and the turning point which led him to a second Daytona five hundred victory. First of all your threaten the Bill move for the car wreck in the clash practice. Side story. Nobody. Well that is Hurley Jarrell trophy number two for any Hamlin. Can you believe it number? You get a gonna find a spot in the garage. But be US Joe for the car, you have no maroon in your garage at home to put a car. What are you talking about him? I can build room I could make room, and this is the only thing. Walter, Pat on me was having too. So. So nice. It's great to be in the same class with those guys. It's just amazing to to have a one-two-three finish for jobs writing his amazing we worked so well together they're really the entire race. And even on a green white checkered so thanks for my teammates. And things for my entire FedEx team for give me a car that scape. We'll doing this. I want to get into the to the little parts of the race in a moment. But I wanna know the emotion of the night. How much did you spend? He spent the last month or so thinking about JD, but how much in this race in the car where you thinking about him a lot. I mean, it's just thinking about his family. I mean Melissa saw her here before the race. Started us all of his kids here. You can see them right there. It's just it's cool for them to be a part of it. I mean the last time we were in victory lane here. Two thousand sixteen JD was here with us. And now he's not so but his legacy lives long long beyond him being here in. Luckily with Linson laughs there, we're going to donate a lot of money to that JD Gibbs legacy fund. So in really encourage everyone to go out there, look JD. What his legacy is. Let's talk about the tactics of the race. So the deal was on all evening long between you and Kyle. Then it was off it. Also, we need to raise from now on then was back on for the final restart Y. Yeah. I gave it really are virginal deal. Was we're going to race inside ten laps to go. After that. It's just Ray said, and I thought that you know, it could be possibly be our final restart with the second to last restart when and so when cultures to bottom Ohs secretly, really happy. Like, I mean, my playbook always says you gotta have the top. I've been on the bottom on the final restart many many times in. It's just not worked out really only one one of these before tonight of the four times been on the front row in the phone restart. So I knew that no matter what it says, no matter what behi- and when he gave me that opportunity to go high. It was a a new game changer for us. Got some bad news. You're gonna have changed crew chiefs every year because Mike wheel. Newkirk in two thousand sixteen you win. This Chris gay part new crew chief and twenty nineteen win the trophy. There's something with that. Well in the super through thing just hop on just how on the back, we'll take victory lane. But he said you said put me out in your background. Just come on, KOMO me. But I'm gonna lead on him for the next thirty five races. So good to be I guess we're locked in the play offs. Locked. There's a lot of good things. Come with winning this race today after last year when you didn't win. I mean, you know, how that was through the months of July and August by asking you gonna make the playoffs or you're going to be in. You're gonna you know, that's a tough time. Now be locked in. It's a different world it is. And I mean we were going to race with caution to the wind anyway. But now this just this lets us really throw caution the wind go out there and try to get as many victories became I said five before the beginning of the year. I don't know that was this account miss one. So maybe we moved to five and a half told me Wednesday. So now are five and a half. He would be five wins this year. They're already three bottles of champagne have been popped. I told everyone we're going to hate tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of our lives have filling they'll be more. Champagne Denny Hamlin in this whole fed ex team I suggest celebration should in order. But they bring up something. I know we talk it's the Daytona five hundred the biggest race. But it is the first race of the season. What's it mean for some Denny Hamlin? Who went winless last year to get that monkey off his back and more importantly playoff berth this early. Are they shoes I think confidence is huge new crew chief Chris gay part? That's his first Daytona five hundred win. Now, they're off and running. Now, they, hey, this got this crew chief I wanted and it worked so you give me my guy it'll work and now that matters confidence matters. And I don't care who you are. When you go through year where you don't win, and you go through utera, you don't compete at a level that you expect it it wears on you. I mean to to be anything, but concern would just be again. And you know to get off the Daytona five hundred and have a win. I think it's huge topic of the discussion. So I'm not gonna let you answer because after the race then he was asked. Very interestingly timed DJ. So he was asked about his place alongside our resident hall of Famer. Now, you've tied dill jerk. Now, the twenty point excuse me, twenty four all time on the winds list. Is that something you take a look at it? Just kind of coming up with that means. Wow. He's so much better than him. Yeah. I don't know. That's amazing. Never really thought of it that way those guys. I mean, I I lies growing up. I mean, I should be mentioned in the same breath jeered. So it's crazy that we have the stats that we do. I've never would've thought, you know, in the fourteen year career that I'd have one Daytona five hundred chamber, and I wouldn't have dreamed. I'd have ten wins wouldn't have dreamed anything that's been accomplished. But certainly won't take it for granted. Well, that's very nice. And appreciate the words. But this I don't think sometimes we either don't give him enough credit or forget just how good Dini Hamlin really is. And I'm not saying this because of what he just said about me prescient that. But let's think of all the big races different types of racetracks. That Dinnie ham has one that. That's a true. Yeah. Doesn't have that that Cup championship trophy yet. He'll he'll get that. I believe but he's one you talk about Darlington Pocono to Daytona five hundred's all of these race at road courses short tracks that he's dominated. He's just one at every type he just so very talented. But he's really really good at these places. And he talked about studying and understanding what he needs to do if he's going to do that on I thought he'd just studied this golf swing. I realize studying the restarts of these races to we'll say from my time. Top of the pit box. Danny goes into that list of drivers. You don't want to battle against. I mean, it's a lengthy list. But you have your Kevin harvick's. Kabua's Jimmy Johnson damn those four really come to mind. They're not the drivers you wanna line up against because you rarely see a mistake. There's a lot of very talented drivers. But in my opinion, that's where it separates them. Right. Who can close out the deal? It's a lot like golfers. You mentioned golfers, right? A lot of guys can lead the first three rounds who can lead on Sunday when it matters then hand, he's that big moment guy. Whether it's darling. I mean, you mentioned the big races. I mean, his resume very impressive. I in my mind. There's no doubt that this is the maybe not that he needed one more step. But with two Harley j Earl two time they five hundred champ. I think there's no way he doesn't get a name in the hall of fame at some point. I think when he when he had his best chance of winning championships. You know, it didn't go well for him. And in a lot of people you said, well, he folded or whatever, you know. Listen, you know, I think that's not fair. I think when you put yourself in position things happen and don't or they don't happen. But if you put if didn't hamlet gets himself in that position. Now as maturity is he's going. To be hard to guard, and you'll keep this in mind, and you were talking about how good he's been. Well, they'll Jared twenty four years to win that many racists know, Mark Martin he's forty races. That was thirty years. Right. Fifteen years this fifteenth year, and he has that many win. So he's done it quickly. And he's done. He's he's a premium driver. Exactly. Right. He flies under the cover a little bit. We don't we don't put him in that category. But his numbers say otherwise. Yeah. Yeah. I think people have taken that that one year that things didn't go good for him at Phoenix. And then at home said it didn't go as what lot of people that would love to be in that position that never get in that position to be able to say that that happened and did that and too many times. Then people want to label you as that this man is proven twice that he'd knows exactly what it takes to win. The Daytona five hundred of the hardest race for any race driver to win on the NASCAR circuit. And and he's done that. But he's done so many other things. And the let's get absolutely. He's going to be in the hall of fame. Whenever that time. He's got a lot more race into. I mean, this is still a young man that not forty years old yet that can win races and championships and keep this in mind. How many times you heard the whispers? Hey, better be watching out for Christopher bell coming. Yeah. And they times we've heard those the most pressure was on him of anyone in the field. So there you have it. And that's what happens Richard children's told me one time he said, you know, how to prevent rumors win if you winning there's no rumors. And and that's what happens when you don't win. You all of a sudden, you're gonna lose your ride. You'll lose your sponsor. This guy's gonna replace you, especially when you get to a certain age feel always oldie can't drive anymore. Right. That's what they always say. So if you'll always you're winning those all those rumors what the rumors then are already signed a new country. This guy rather than you lose your rod. And then he Hamlin first race of the year kind of went. Yeah. You all might wanna gonna hold your cell phone that I still have win and left. To me. Well, he did win the biggest race of the year. But he didn't do it alone. And we talk about Chris gave heart new creature on top of the pit blocks. Well, I look at the race. The Denny Hamlin closed out. It was perfectly called from top of the pit box in my mind is the turning point to the Daytona five hundred. I know it's two hundred laps. But I wanna go all the way back DJ lamb one away not into the interstates to gave our calls heroin. He doesn't care about stage points cares about four fresh tires on slick Daytona track. Steve so many times we talked about these crew chiefs at road courses running the race from the end backwards. That's exactly what happened here. He started planning for the end of this race with no tires. Yeah. Why that paid off Jeff here? This is the end of stage to gas only as a driver you have to love this driving on. Those cars to less still in their pit box. And I'm telling you, this is why you wanted to what it's like to run the Daytona five hundred look at this. It'll make your head spin pretty decent start all the way down to twenty second. When he got those tires, then you see at the end of states to still twenty-first, but look at eight why do I say that one sixty three he got six seconds again. That's it. No tires gave him track was issued in front of all of those accidents. But turning point to this rates before stage to ever end. That's that's every race every race that you watch. If you go back, and you study, and there's always attorney point always a point that guy won the race. We look at the chicken flag. Oh, that's when he went. No, no, no, no, no. It happened way before that. But then credited any Hamlin he did everything he needed to do to keep that trag position. He didn't make a mistake. He did everything he Sidra that was on that on that restart where he was only outside Kabul took the inside. We could fall Kabua's say chose a wrong thing. But dinnie. Made it so that he chose the wrong line because he's side at eighteen huge. And didn't let the eighteen get away got some help. Come. And and that's what cleared him of the eighteen. Did I always say when you start thinking you get track -sition, it's probably too late because somebody else's thought about it. Right. They're gave heart was in front of everyone. Got his driver up next. We're going to tell you the big name that will be on. Tomorrow's Dale, jR, down them. Here we go get your in Texas. The lots. Two. Dag on sweet. I mean that was Stoorikhel. The engines have fire the off-season is over green two thousand nineteen Daytona. Going scientism. He's here is the checker. Three fit comes out. But the Chevy in victory lane for these guys always believed in me. It's it's amazing. Hasn't sunk in yet. Can't wait for it to you. Because this awesome. Routes you ain't gonna come out of the booth across race. But then so here's what happened this week NASCAR American Dale junior. Download tomorrow. He won the expanding rates. Jeff. We really we get to talk to Tony Stewart tomorrow, then splashing go. I'll get the interview Ryan pre guy. I love talking to talk rates for Ryan tomorrow. Splash splashing go. Well, then the fans are gonna be totally confused because I'm on motormouth with Kyle petty and people can ever keep separate anyway going, so please call in because I have some questions for. Voice recognition is everybody's that. Then Thursday with the motorsports. Our get all kinds of motor sports, but the interview with the Indy five hundred champion willpower. That'd be pretty cool. So my question is what in the world is Dale junior. And Tony Stewart gonna talk about that we could show on TV. No, they got some stories. This talk. Really convince everything that they talk about to be able to get it into our show here. I know that much. Oh, I can't wait. You know, surprisingly enough that when I was looking through the Daytona five hundred stuff. Tony Stewart is led the most laps in the Daytona five hundred without winning it. I would have lost that that. I mean, I think that just reminds us how important that races at somebody like Tony Stewart. I mean, a true icon. He's going to be a first ballot hall of Famer I'm assuming never was able to win the great American race. So I think every career no matter how many races you want or loss. There's always something that you didn't accomplish some others. But there's always something for Tony. It had to be the Daytona five hundred for me. I have a long list, there's a lot of things. But for you. What was the one thing southern five hundred never won the southern wanted Darlington. But never this other and five hundred. So there's always something always wanting more everything that we don't have, you know. But but yeah, craziest. Good. Tony stewart. Was there at Daytona that it just never lined up? For him to win the five hundred well, you mentioned warning more. Well after the break, we're gonna talk about the winners and losers from Sunday's Daytona five hundred they can only be one beaker lane. How did everybody else fair? This week on Wednesday night hockey. It's a star studded double header at seven thirty eastern on NBC, Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks face Dylan Larkin and the Red Wings, then at ten trees Birger on leaves the Bruins out to our favorite town DJ out the bagels where they're gonna take on the Golden Knights. Well, we talked about the winner of the Daytona five hundred. But there was a lot of good stories down in Daytona. I don't think you can look very far that looking at Ross Chastain the winner, he's gone through Fahd. He had a fulltime Expedia ride. It got taken away from them with some sponsor situations getting closed down. I mean, I'm not sure he did anything wrong the entire time. He was a Daytona. Just had a solid speak. Yeah. He really did an outstanding job in the extremity race on Saturday. Did a good job running up front and then Sunday come out here and get his best finish a distant really good job of keeping things there and in the hut in a truck races. Well front of the truck race. I'm man went from not having many rods having morning. That alone is winning. No doubt. No doubt. No see Ross run up front. But it wasn't just rough. There's some other organizations that needed. Good runs and some handsome. Yeah. Hendrick motorsports. Yeah. I think that we all probably beat him up pretty bad last year. And they'll be the first admit they had an off year for them. But I think they came back this year. Head fast race cars at Daytona drivers do them outstanding. They didn't have the best of luck when it came to the Daytona five hundred, but they perform it in very high level think that that's going to lead to good things, and they need it. They need they need. They need something. Good to happen. William buying. I think he needs something. Good. And he was a lot of the show on Sunday. He was always fourth tempo. Did not look like a rookie out. There had a very fast race car. Not the day. They wanted as far as the end of it. But I think there's a tremendous amount to build on from William barn. And right. They're huge thing. Nothing to do. Anything got stuck behind the twenty with his problems, and that was a huge role in. Yeah. It was kind of what set him up to four failure towards the end with putting because they pitted. After that they lost so many spots and then ended up in a couple of wrecks. Yeah. That's I think why they're listed as the losers Daytona just because they got caught up in the Rex not their performance. One driver, though, I'm not sure if it was a positive or negative Jimmy Johnson had an up and down week down in Daytona. I mean, it started with winning the clash controversial. Then had an accident in the fifties. And how about his DJ on parent road in pit road speed. This is definitely not your type of weekend. When you get run over here. Just doing your job. You know, you've got down to pit road speed. And all you're doing is looking ahead. And all of a sudden you get run over from behind. But these are the crazy things that happened in the sport. And he was a lot of the talk. Why are they keeping people, you know? Then on Sunday as luck would have it you get run into. That's just the way things. Go off say one thing though, I was down there Saturday walking through the Cup garage last year with the pressure the lack of performance, I didn't see a lot of smiles out of Hendrick motorsports camp in general, Saturday, Iran and Alex Bowman pretty chirpy are Anna check annouce working on the race car big smile on his face. So I think that's a lot of positives and optimism we'll see the pays off and they get the Vegas. But there's definitely excuse me, Atlanta. But there's often this issue said that because I thought the entire Dhiraj had kind of a little I don't know what it was, you know, normally it's very tense like, oh, so they don't have one hundred but the entire Dhiraj seemed to be a little more upbeat. I'm not sure what was going on. But it was it was more relaxed. I can remember. But you know, some other guys that I thought were winners. I think we have to talk about Ryan freeze. I mean Ryan pres sawing there late in the race. He did a great job of missing that. Rick his first full time year of driving a Cup car to come with a new situation to leave here. Bilton positive momentum. That's going to get more difficult. There's no question as he moved to Atlanta, Ken this team perform what they did it Atlanta. Like, they did a Daytona can they perform it Atlanta the pressure's going to get higher from him? But but it really good start with with this new team. Yeah. You so very talented. But you could just see they're a little inexperience at the end. He wasn't exactly sure what to do where he wanted to be. But gosh, experienced drivers have been in that situation too. But really really pleased to see that and really happy for him because this young man this worked hard to get himself in this position and Matt debated like man hate when he called the pack. Text me when he called the pack when he was trying to lap those guys. Excuse them. But he was digging man, you could see like when you take a guy that's not used to leading lattes, and you give him less and you put that guy the front. He's gonna force the tempo. And that's what we saw from. He got those cars, and he was like he was to get a job. And I think this said, hey, man. Just that we don't need to be involved in this. But he was really fun to watch. Yeah. Something's going to happen. Every week with this driver and team probably not. But I think that they have the opportunity to do some really good things. This is a driver in Matt that has always performed at a higher level. Then the equipment that he has been and now they had these Toyotas. They're moving in the right direction. And he's going to show. I think he's going to open some more is with some really good runs. But what a great job of driving. He did yesterday in every respect is unfortunate. What happened because I really wanted to see I thought that he would be somebody to watch at the end to see what moves were they willing to make was he willing to make to try to win the Daytona five hundred while unfortunately guys, it wasn't just racing from the news additonal the NASCAR community lost one of its own on Saturday with the artists. Sam bass probably best known for his colorful art, and his wonderful paint. Schemes always dedicating his times depict some of the best moments in the sport and DJ. Just not a great artists could just. A great human being. Yeah. Think say we talk about the talented people around there for this is one of those in his profession that what he did. And always had a grey smile to greet you with Sam bass will surely be missed in the NASCAR garage. Assigned to showcase pit crew. All stars on Sunday tire changers. Brianna Daniels and Brannagh O'Leary both pitted for the number fifty two car driven by Cody wear in doing. So they became the first female graduates of the NASCAR drive for diversity program to go over the wall in Daytona five hundred congratulations to both of them big moment big moment for sure for the sport. That's pretty cool. But guys we somehow made it through an entire another Monday show without doing anything to silly. But that yet, I know I a little nervous, but hey, last segment shouts. That's what we do in our last segment. DJ you have the floor. I what your shoutout from Daytona. Hey, how about Joe gins going back to where it all in nineteen Ninety-three? Joe didn't know what to do one the day on five hundred. None of us did because we've never done that before. But Jovan and nor Meller in Tommy Miller from interstate batteries. They went to stay in shape now with Dini winning again. What did they do? They take the Daytona five hundred winning trophy and go to steak and shake, and I think the. Driver showed up to. So they know how to celebrate. And where to do it. Right burgers. They're saying right now, I don't need to excuse to go to stick and shakes. A little steak and shake for sure with a little Daytona five hundred trophy. I love I just love to react to being a fan that went two hundred. And I mean, I wonder if they, you know, every time it's a drag outside five, they're not quite sure. But I think the tip. Hip gave it away. Then. Yes. Just in case by wondered pay outs going to go to the drivers and teams because you know, all week long. We heard all the Daytona five hundred can be single file. It's not going to be exciting wrong. We had a great Daytona five hundred drivers got up on the stick from the time. They dropped the green flag. And man, they went after it. And we as fans we're the winners for that. Because that's what we wanna see. We wanna see drivers getting after it in and the rules package. It was so criticized for a week all the rules. It was just the situations were different. And when when the situation got right? These drivers got up on it. And it was so much fun to watch. And listen a lot of people complain about the single file one fifties. And that's fine. They were very single father, Phil mine raises. I know a lot of guys disappointed with the accents. But you can't have one without the other good racing is going to happen. And you're gonna have big accents much rather? See forty cars finished, they talk five hundred. Absolutely. But in my. Mind thoroughly entertained for two hundred laps. It was some crazy racing. Good racing and the stages. I thought broke it up. Well, I know that's a conversation. People have about stages, but I like how broke it up kind of changed, and we haven't even dug into the old Toyota working with Chevrolet's. There was a lot going on Sunday. There was a lot going on. But the drivers outstanding job. And you talk about that. When you put half the field out there for the Dole's and things like that. It just things are going to happen. The way that you won't. And then the duals you're trying to make sure that you've got that car for Sunday too. So you're not going to be as amped up as Jeff was talking about while ago when it gets down to win the Daytona five hundred we said it the first lap. We saw the bottom lane work, and Jeff text goes it's going to be a good day. Good day. He was all excited like three, Lance. They were still like the bottomless roller. Yes. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Hey, guys, I have to get one more shout out today. February eighteenth is my parents made Martha cherry their sixty third wedding anniversary relations that absolutely absolutely happy anniversary to the Jarrett's. Well, that's gonna do it for us. But I think this is only appropriate as we say good night here from asker America. We're gonna give retiring race director, David who's the last word. Good to have you back out on the field to have years deal. Everything's done. To work with. Turn to turn to turn three. Great job today. Great job. Voyager work. Nice job. Thank you. David.

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