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Episode 27 - East of the Sun and West of the Moon


Eight. Hello there. Everybody. I'm Logan Lindsay and welcome to folklore on the rocks. We are. Joining us one more time, we got another great story, install we do. And we're actually doing a super deeper special episode. We're only doing one story because it's so dang long. Yes. That's also just one of my favorite since I was a little kid. And it's a super duper story with a lot of elements to it so rolling with it been clamoring for this story for quite a while. And we've actually also we've had requests from multiple people to do it. So we just kind of figured pay. Why not we're in that region for our next creature? We're also going to be doing another episode next week of skinny tails as well. This is also gonna navy until so you kinda get to for which is always nice. We were maybe a little bit premature with springtime here here in Utah. The snow has returned. Rain miserable for a couple of weeks at the rain. I like the rain I can absolutely deal with. Yeah. But it's not so much. It's fun to wander back up to the colder. Areas of the world and see just kind of again, just take another visit up there and find some more storms for sore tonight. We're doing the tail east of the sun and west of the moon. There's multiple different versions at the story. The main one is it's by. Peter Christian abjured sin and Jorgen inbred sin mo- terrible with these Dame's. That's all right for a very long time. I just thought they were to do named as Bjornson and MO. Better their first names, it's your ancestry. It must be is the let's see us Bjornson. So as being the prefixing of the gods Bjorn, meaning meaning bear and son, meaning son. No. But they're Norwegian folklore, and they collected this in book of tales in like eighteen forty five ish. And then it was later collected by Andrew laying of the ferry book fame. He's got many fairy books. This is from the blue fairy book specifically from eighteen eighty nine. So not too many years later, we're going to be doing the Android version tonight. Just because it's a little easier to understand, and I think makes four story flows. A little bit better. Yeah. It's it's just a little easier on the modern ear. Yeah. If anyone out there is, you know, looking for a treat maybe to read to somebody younger or a really great picture book, Mercer Mayer who did the little critter books has a beautifully illustrated rendition of the story, that's kind of my favorite. It's clearly the Scandinavian fairy tale with a lot of other elements added in and some really rich illustrations that once you see him. You're gonna have hard time picturing anything else. Yeah. The really pretty and the alliteration that are gorgeous. They've seen some of them. And I also the elevations in the ABS Jordan's say it again, I don't know Bjornson Bjornson. There we go, but it has rations by Kane Nelson, and they are also gorgeous. So if you want some really cool art, we'll put some in our show notes from both of those versions of the story. We did it. We did a couple of episodes of just me recording detailed descriptions of the pictures. But we found that didn't really translate to. To an audio format. Let's see not visual medium. Yeah. We're still working out. What podcasting even is? What are we doing? Right. Well, I do know that it's much easier to figure out what we're doing. If got a drink in our hand, isn't that? Right lins. That is very true. We have a fun tonight that will make a little bit more sense. Once we get into the story, but it is called the polar bear, and you could make this a couple of different ways, you can make it as a shot or you can make it as a drink. But it's super duper easy. You stick it in a cocktail shaker. So and it's just three ingredients. So you need an ounce of an ounce of clear chronic ARCO at a number. That the chocolate the clear chocolate, you know, the floor that thing and then announce clear creme Dement, so you can usually get those in like, I think around version of the criminal cow and a green version of credit, but it's not gonna look great. When you make this drink if you make it with with the colored ones so pick the clear ones out, they should be really pretty easy to find at your local liquor store, but you put all three of those in shake it in a cocktail shaker with a bunch of ice and just strain into a chilled MARTINI glass than serve in. It's crystal clear, and I see and just like the polar north, you know, and it should good. Good one should tastes like a like a York. Peppermint, patty. Yeah. This guy. That's kinda what reminds me of the vodka though. Just makes it feel a little more class rinky. Yeah. So if you wanna make it like the drink version at the Baka, if you just want the shot than just the criminal cow in the crime Dement should slanty is a solid York. Peppermint, Patty shot. So that's our polar bear drink for tonight. It's pretty fun. Some fun news. We've recently hit ten thousand downloads. What? Insane. And we are so grateful to you guys. Like for some reason listening to us really to why we really appreciate it. We're hoping that you if you find all kinds of things to do. But thank you for including us in your day. We hope that we make it a little more entertaining at the very. But yeah, we're really grateful. I mean, we never expected to get ten thousand out load. So that's that's pretty cool. In. And that's I mean that's ten ten thousand in like a little bit over six months. So you guys have been chugging along. And we really appreciate it. I've stood in front of a crowd of ten thousand people before. And it is a sea of people a lot of people so many I've I've been lucky enough to see that many people in one place at one time. No, people just go on for for in this particular case it was in a field. But it's it's a lot of people. So. I think the coolest part about it is like I I posted a map of like how all across the world. You guys are. And it's everywhere. And we honestly be coolest part about this. I think is the we're being heard in places. We've never been and it's really exciting as ING. Yeah. That's something. That's really cool about this medium and the time that we're living in and yes, we are podcast that celebrates all different time, periods and all kinds of cultures. But really that's something. That's so unique to now that you can tell a story into a microphone, and it goes around the entire world to anybody who wants to hear it. And that's something. Really cool. Yeah. It's bananas. It's so great. We're very excited, and we're very appreciative. So moving on from that and our excitement. We I quickly had a promo for you guys and the mohawk right into or story are promo is for the show grave girls. And these ladies they can find some really fun things they they review horror films, and then they link those films too few different things. They talk about a creepy pasta. They talk about a real-life like true crime story. And then they also include a story of survival. And all of it is linked in some weight, the film that they reviewed says it's a combination of a lot of fun things. So I think he might like them, and we're gonna we're gonna just play the promo for you right here. Hi, we're the great girls from great Brill's podcast. I'm your host Hawthorne in dime. Amaryllis every week. We watch a different horror film. And I find a scary stories that goes with it that will definitely leave you shake in inyo boots. And if you aren't wearing boots might true crime case and mood will scare the pants off you and the new be naked. And that's just that's just the fun time. So listen to us on soundcloud night tunes and follow us on Instagram Twitter and Facebook, don't forget to check out our website at grave hyphen, girls dot com. We love. All right. So have you guys have a chance to check them out? They appreciate movies and digging deep into what goes into them. And what's behind them is your thing? Go for it. So it sounds like a really cast. Yeah. So we are going to hop into our tail now once again, this is east of the sun and west of the moon. We are doing the Angela version and Logan is going to narrate this beautiful yet very long tail for us. Now just rep and this is a long one. But it is worth it. It's a long journey of autumn excited that you get to join us for it. So let's go. East of the sun west of the moon once upon a time there was a poor husband who had many children and little to give them in the way of either food or clothing, they were all pretty, but the prettiest of all was the youngest daughter who is so beautiful that there were no bounds to her beauty. So once it was late on Thursday evening in autumn, and wild weather outside terribly dark and raining so heavily and blowing so hard that the walls of the cottage shook again, they were all sitting together by the fireside each of them busy with something or other when suddenly someone wrapped three times against the window pane. The man went out to see what could be the matter when he got out there. There stood a great big white bear. Good evening to said, the white bear good evening said the man will you give me your youngest daughter said the white bear. If you will you shall be as rich as you are now, poor truly the man would have no objection to be rich. But he thought to himself. I must I ask my daughter about this. So he went in and told them all that. There was a great white bear outside who had faithfully promised to make them all rich if he might but have the youngest daughter, she said, no and would not hear of it. So the man went out again and settled with the white bear that he should come again next Thursday evening and get her answer. Then the man persuaded her and talked so much to her about the wealth that they would all have. And what a good thing, it would be for herself that at last she made up her mind to go and washed and mended all Herat. Eggs made herself as smart as she could. And held herself readiness to set out little enough had she to take away with her next Thursday evening. The white bear came to fetch her she seated herself on his back with her bundle. And thus they departed when they had gone. A great part of the way, the white bear said, are you afraid? No, I am not said she keep tight hold of my for than there is no danger said he and us she wrote far far away until they came to a great mountain there, the white bear knocked on it and a door opened and they went into a castle where there were many brilliantly lighted rooms which shown with gold and silver. Likewise, a large hall in which there was a well spread table. And it was so magnificent that it would be hard to make anyone understand how splendid it was the white bear gave her a silver bell and. Told her that when she needed anything she had but to ring this bell, and what she wanted would appear. So after she had eaten and the night was drawing near she grew sleepy after her journey and thought she would like to go to bed. She rang the bell and scarcely had she touched it before she found herself in a chamber where bed stood ready made for her which was as pretty as anyone could wish to sleep in. It had pillows of silk and curtains of silk fringed with gold and everything that was in the room was of gold or silver. But when she had lain down and put out the light a man came lay down beside her, and behold, it was the white bear who cast out the form of a beast during the night. She never saw him. However for he always came after she had put out her light and went away before daylight appeared. So all went well and happily for a time, then she began to be very sad and sour ful for all day long. She had to go about alone. And she did so wish to go home to her father and mother and brothers and sisters. Then the white bear asked what it was she wanted. And she told him that it was so dull there in the mountain and that she had to go about all alone. And that in her parents house at home there were all her brothers and sisters, and it was because she could not go to them that she was so sorrowful there might be a cure for that said the white bear if you would but promise me never to talk with your mother alone. But only when the other is are there too for she will take hold of your hand, he said and will need you into a room to talk to you alone. But that you must by no means do or you will bring great misery on both of us. So one Sunday, the white bear came and said that they could now set out to see her father and mother, and they journeyed hither she sitting on his back, and they went a long long way. And it took a long long time. But at last they came to a large white farmhouse and her brothers and sisters were running about outside at plane, and it was so pretty that. It was a pleasure to look at it. Your parents dwell here. No said the white bear. But do not forget what I said to you. Or you will do much home both to yourself and me. No, indeed said she I shall never forget. And as soon as she was at home, the white bear turned around and went back again there were such rejoicing when she went into her parents that it seemed as if they would never come to an end everyone thought that he could never be sufficiently grateful to her for all that she had done for them. All now, they had everything they wanted. And everything was as good as it could be. They all asked her how she was getting on where she was all was well with her too. She said, and she had everything she could want what other answers she gave. I cannot say. But I am pretty sure that it did not learn much from her. But in the afternoon after they had dined at midday all happened, just as the white bear had said her mother had wanted to talk to her alone in her own chamber. But she remembered what the white Baird said and would on no account go what we have to say can be set at anytime. She answered but somehow or other. Her mother at last persuaded her and she was forced to tell the whole story. So she told about how every night a man came and lay down beside her when all the lights were put out and how she never saw him because he always went away before it grew light in the morning, and how she continually went about in sadness thinking about how happy she could be if she could just see him and how all day long. She had to go about alone. And it was so dull and solitary, oh, cried the mother in horror. You are very likely sleeping with a troll. But I will teach you away to see him you shall have a bit of one of my candles, which you shall take away from you hidden in your breast look at him with that when he is asleep. But take care not to let any tallow drop upon him. She took the candle and hit it in her breast and when evening drew near the white bear came to fetch her away. When they had gone some distance on their way, the white bear asked her if everything had not happened just as she had foretold, and she could not but own that it had been if you have done what you'll mother wished said he you have brought great misery on both of us. No. I have not done anything at all. So when she reached home and had gone to bed. It was just the same as it had been before. And a man came and lay down beside her and late at night when she could hear that he was sleeping. She got up and kindled a light lit her candle and let her light shine on him and saw him, and he was the handsomeness prince that is had ever beheld and she loved him so much, and it seemed to her that she must die. If she did not kiss him at that very moment. So. Oh, she did kiss him. But while she was doing it. She let three drops of hot tallow fall upon his shirt, and he awoke what have you done? Now said he brought great misery on both of us. If you had but held out for the space of one year, I should have been free. I have a step mother who has been which to me that I am a white bear by day and a man by night. But now all is at an end between you and me, and I must leave you and go to her. She lives in a castle which lies east of the sun and west of the moon and their two is a Princess with a nose, which is three ELLs long. And she now is the one whom I must marry she wept, and lamented, but all in vain forgo he must then she asked him if she could not go with him. But no that could not be. Can you tell me the way then and I will seek you that I may surely be allowed to do. Yes. You may do that said he, but there is no way. Did it lies east of the sun and west of the moon, and never would you find your way there when she awoke in the morning, both the prince and castle were gone, and she was lying on a small green patch in the midst of a dark thick would by her side lay the self-same bundle of rags, which she had brought with her from her own home. And when she had rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and wept till she was weary. She said out on her way. And thus she walked for many many a long day until she gave it last to a great mountain outside. It an aged woman was sitting playing with a golden apple the girl asked her if she knew the way to the prince who lived with his stepmother in the castle, which lay east of the sun and west of the moon, and who was to marry a Princess or the nose, which was three ELLs long. How do you happen to know about him inquired the old woman? Maybe who was she who ought to have had him. Yes. Indeed IM. She said so ages, you then said the old woman, I know nothing about him. But that he dwells in a castle which is east of the sun and west of the moon. You would be a long time in getting to it if ever you get to it at all. But you shall have the loan of my hose, and then you can ride on it to an old woman who is a neighbor of mine, but she can tell you about him when you have got there you must just strike the host beneath the left ear and bid it go home again. But you may take the golden apple with you. So the girl seated herself on the horse and rode for a long long way. And at last she came to the mountain where an aged woman was sitting outside with a gold carding comb the girl asked her if she knew away to the castle which lie east of the sun and west of the moon. But she said what the first old woman had said, I know nothing about it. But that it is east of the sun and west of them own and that your have long time getting to it if ever you'll get there at all. But you shall have the loan of my horse to an old woman who lives the nearest to me that she may know where the castle is. And when you have got her you must strike the hosts beneath the left ear and bid to go home again, then she gave her the gold carding comb for it might perhaps be of use to her. She said so the girl seated herself on the horse and rode a wearisome long way. A onward again. And after a very long time, she came to a great mountain where an aged woman was sitting spinning in a golden spinning wheel of this woman to she inquired, if she knew the way to the prince and where to find the castle which lie east of the sun and west of the moon, but it was only the same thing. Once again Myra was you who should have had the prince said the old woman. Yes, indeed. I should have been the one said the girl, but this old crow new the way no better than the others. It was east of the sun and west of the moon. She knew that. I do we'll be low tone to it. If you get too. She said, but you may have a loan of holes. An Arctic you at bit around to the east wind and ask him. Knows where the castaways we'll. Oh, you to that. New him. You master the host, but Nathan lift to you, and he will come home arcane, and then she gave her the golden spinning wheel saying barracks. You have a phone use for it. The girl had to ride for a great many days and for a long and wearisome time before she got there. But at last she did arrive, and then she asked the eastwind if he could tell her the way to the prince who dwelt east of the sun and west of the moon will said the eastwind. I have heard tell of the prince his castle. But do not know the way too far, I have never blown zovut hall. But if you like I will go with you to my Barada the rest wind he may know that for he is much stronger than I am you who may sit on my back, and then I can carry you there. So she seated herself on his back, and they did go swiftly when they got there. The eastwind went in and said that the girl whom he had brought was the one who of ought to head the prince up at the castle which lay east of the sun and west of the moon and that now was traveling about to find him again. So he had come there with her. Her and would like to hear the west wind knew the whereabouts of the castle. Nope, said the west wind Safar is that have never blown. But if you would lack we'll go with you to the south wind for he is much stronger nother of us, and he is roamed far and wide, and perhaps he can tell you what you want to know, you may seat yourself on my back, and then I will carry you to him. So she did this and journey to the south wind. Neither was she very long on the way when they got there the west wind asked him if he could tell her the way to the castle that lay east of the sun and west of the moon for she was the girl who ought to marry the prince who lived there. Oh, indeed said the south wind is that she will said he I have a one great deal. Well, in my time in all kinds of places, but I have never blown so far as dot if you like, However, I will go with you to my brother did north wind. He is the oldest and strongest of all of us. And if he does not know where it is. No, one in the whole world will be able to tell you. You may see on my buck a dead. I will carry you there. So she seated herself on his back and off he went from his house in great haste. And they were not long on the way when they came to the north winds dwelling he was so wild and frantic that they felt cold gusts a long while before they got there. Do you want? He roared out from afar, and they froze as they heard said, the Southwind it is I am this is she who should have had that prince who leaves into custody which lies east and west of the moon. A no she wishes to us you if you ever been dare and content hood away for she would gladly find him again said the north wind new verities, even blue and us believe there. But I was so tired for many days afterward today was not able to blow. Oh, however, if you really anxious to go there and are not afraid to go with me. I take you on my buck try if I can blow you the get there. I must said she, and if there is any way of going, I will, and I have no fear. No matter. How fast you go? Oh, very very did said the north wind, but you must sleep here tonight for if you're ever to get their V must have before us the north wind woke her times the next morning and puffed himself up and made himself so big, and so strong that it was frightful to see him and away. They went high up through the air as if they would not stop until they had reached the very end of the world down below. There was such a storm it blew down woods and houses. And when they were above the sea ships were wrecked by the hundreds, and thus they tore on and on and a long time went by. And then yet more time passed and still they were above the sea. And the north wind grew tired and more tired and at last so utterly weary that he was scarcely able to blow any longer and he sank and sank lower. And lower until at last. He went so low that the waves dashed against the heels of the poor girl. He was carrying. Though of freed said the north wind. I have no fear said she and it was true, but they were not very very far from land. And there was just enough strength left in the north wind to enable him to throw her onto the shore immediately under the windows of a castle which lie east of the sun and west of the moon. But then he was so weary and worn out that he was forced to wrist for several days before we could go back to his own home again next morning. She sat down beneath the walls of the castle to play with the golden apple and the first person she saw was the maiden with the long nose who has to have the prince how much do you want for that gold? Apple of yours, go. She said opening the window. It can't be bought either for gold or money answered the girl, if it cannot be bought Ida Godo, Manny, a what will buy it. You may say what you please said the Princess. Well, if I may go to the prince who is here and be with him tonight. You shall have. It said the girl who had come up with north wind. You may do that said the Princess for she had made up her mind what she would do. So the Princess got the golden apple. But when the girl went up to the prince's apartment that night, he was asleep for the Princess had so contrived it the poor girl called to him and shook him and between wiles she wept, but she could not wake him in the morning as soon as day dawned in came the Princess with the long nose and drove her out again in the daytime she sat down once more beneath the windows of the castle and began to card with her golden carding comb, and then all happened as it had happened before the Princess asked her what she wanted for it. And she replied that it was not for sale either for gold or money. But that if she could get leave to go to the prince and be with him during the night, she would have it. But when she went up to the prince's room, he was again asleep. And let her call him or shake him or weep as she would he still slept on. And she could not put any life into him. When daylight came in the morning, the Princess with the long nose came to and once more drove her away when day had quite come the girl seated herself under the castle windows to spin with her golden spinning wheel and the Princess with the long nose wanted to have that also. So she opened the window and asked what she would take for it. The girl said what she had said on each of the former occasions that it was not for sale either for gold or for money. But if she could get leave to go to the prince who lived there and be with him during the night. She should have it. Yes, said the Princess I went gladly consent to that. But in that place, there were some Christian folk who had been carried off, and they had been sitting in the chamber which was next to that of the prince and heard how a woman had been in there who had wept and. Called on him two nights running. They told the prince of this. So that evening when the Princess came down once more with her sleeping, drink he pretended to drink but threw it away behind him for he's expected that it was a sleeping drink. So when the girl went into the prince's room this time he was awake. And she had to tell him how she had come there. You have come just in time said the prince for I should be married tomorrow. But I will not have the long nosed Princess, and you alone. Conceive me, I will say that. I want to see what my bride can do and bid her wash the shirt, which has the three drops of tallow on it this. She will consent to do. But she does not know that it is from you who let them fall on it. But no one can wash them out. But one born of Christian folk, it cannot be done by one of the pack of trolls. And then I will say that no one shall. Ever be my bride, but the woman who can do this. And I know that you can there was great joy and gladness between them all that night. But the next day when the wedding was to take place. The prince said, I must see what my bride can do that you made. Said the stepmother I have a fine shirt, which I want to wear as my wedding shirt. But three drops of tallow have got upon it, which I want to have washed off, and I have Oude to marry no one. But the woman who is able to do it if she cannot do that she is not worth having. Well, that was a very small matter. They thought and agreed to do it the Princess with the long nose began to wash as well as she could. But the more she washed and rubbed the larger the spot. Screw. You can't wash. It all said the old troll hag who was her mother gave it to me. But she too had not the shirt very long in her hands before it looked worse. Still and the more. She washed and rubbed it. The larger and blacker grew the spots. So the other trolls had to come and wash. But the more they did the blacker and uglier grew the shirt until at length. It was as black as if it had been up the chimney. Oh crud. The prince not one of you is good for anything at all. There is a beggar girl sitting outside the window and all be bound that she can wash better than any of you. Come in you go there, he cried. So she came in can you wash this shirt clean? He cried. Oh, I don't know. She said, but I will try and no sooner had. She taken the shirt and dipped it in the water than it was as white as driven snow and even wider than that. I will marry you said the prince then the old troll hag flew into such a rage that she burst and the Princess with the long nose, and all the little trolls must have burst to for. They have never been heard of since the prince and his bride set free all of the Christian folk who were imprisoned there and took away with them all the gold and silver. They could carry and mood far away from the castle which lay east of the sun and west of the moon. Logan. Oh that was. Long to be sure. But interesting in fun. I it definitely. Is full live fairytale tropes. But it's it's it really is kind of unusual for a fairytale to me, it it feels like a just a jump back to our last week's episode that had kind of some Shrek elements one of the stories this one kind of fits in the same category with me with Shrek in that it is a fairytale made of other fairy tales, and it has a ton of other elements all mashed together into one, and it's neat to see that come from a story already so old too. And I think what am I favor. Parts of the story was the fact that the protagonist of this tale is the super strong woman who is his quest to find her man, which is like it's a trope, but it's a trope turned on its head. You know, can we can we please applaud a fairy tale that doesn't have a Princess stuck in and a tale from the mid eighteen hundreds at the very late. Yeah. It's crazy. It's a cranny. This tale goes back a much longer time than that really hearkens back to beauty and the beast hearkens way way back to detail of cupid and psyche has a lot of parallels to keep it in psyche. So if you liked this jail, I mean, I recommend looking like both inches mythology tale of keep it in psyche or even just googling it or something. But there's a lot of parallels between the two anyway, it's so it's a tale. Oldest time. Really is. And for me. I I didn't learn about keeping psyche until way later, but I definitely upon first reading when I when I encountered the story as a kid definitely saw beating the beast in there. There's so much of the traditional she's going after, you know, just the obvious ones. He's he's a bear. But sometimes the prince and she can't get to know him on her terms. But if she had waited then everything would have worked out really frustrated during this tale, though with the whole pike. It underlines how important communication is. Because he had told her why she couldn't see him at night. It's a way less chance of it being a problem like if he have to be up in his business. She just if even like e can't look at me for a year. And if you do that, I won't be a bare anymore and every we find and she would have been like, oh, I understand why I can't. And she maybe be. I would have done it. But like there's a lot less chance that she would have done it. You know, I always liked to buy into the idea in in most curses and in our d game that a side note to any good curse is that you can't tell anyone the nature of the carbs fair. That's because you're cheating. Remember stipulating that though? I mean, and I will understand more about what you mean as our sessions progress as as yes, yes, we are still continuing to campaign. My devil Lee. T- fling is still he's he's not a prisoner anymore. Underlined Lindsay's warden watchful agreement. And kill we're dead. It was great adventuring through the things. But yes, so back to the story. My character is not quite as monstrous as this as this bear creature. But really for being a bear never really was a monster really was a beast. He was just a scary idea. Yeah. I mean, even as a bear he was like this civilized talking bear that goes up to people in requests, their daughters hand and offers the money like he's he's definitely like a person that's a bear like an anthropomorphized giant polar bear, right? And in the in the Mercer may aversion. He grabbed elements of the frog prince, and when you first encountered the prince character, he's a frog. Oh, really? Yeah. And kind of the the only to the only thing to have in common in my mind is that they're both undesirable. They both are not what one would consider a dream husband animals that is a big turnoff for a lot of people. Yeah. So now, then then he gets taken off away to the troll Princess. That's also the same in the in the Mercer, Mercer Mayer version, and the image of all of these trolls and goblins coming from every shadow in the room and grabbing the prince and dragging him away. I actually had the chance years ago to direct like a kind of a theater summer camp. And for the the finish on these summer camp we had to do a little recital. So for my students, I wrote the script of east of the sun west of them. And when that when we had the chance to choreograph that scene. It was really exciting with crazy lights, and all of a sudden all of the performers would leap out of the different shadows and grab onto the prince character and haul them away gibbering and cackling. It was it was very much something out of labyrinth love it. I love it. I think it's fun in the story. They don't really talk about her like the long nosed maiden Beena troll into like the very end. Yeah. For me because I was introduced to this story with her being different having an illustration in my mind. She's she's a troll right from the start. But if you really listen to the text, and for some of you that this is the first time you've heard the story. Maybe you didn't quite think. She was a troll Princess from the beginning. Just a really very long nosed people. How rude is them. Yeah. Granted as someone who often has to turn their head sideways to drink out of a soda Cam. I I take a little bit of offense. Turn those people need love too little for her until she was such a dick to main character with with this whole lake deceiving. Her you know at the end in like, not letting her. Drugging prince haven't be asleep making deals with to get all these golden bottles and stuff. And then it was like, you know, I don't feel bad. I don't think it's her nose. That is the problem. I think she's just a horrible person. She has some other toxic. The she needs to work on and. Troll. So that might control. And this is also always has always stood out to me in. This story is the bursting at the yet green vegetables such a great fate for any good villain. Totally to get. So thoroughly thwarted and frustrated shot at you just burst like a pimple. To do that. That's a good. Improper sound fate for a villain, socially and fairytale. There won't be a secret sewer. I mean, there there were elements to the story that we're kind of repetitive like she met. What felt like the same old woman three times, you know, getting different different thing each time. But then she had to meet each of the four wins to finally get to north wind who take her somewhere. And you know, there were a lot of elements where I think that the the purpose was to kind of just a straight how long and arduous journey was I think so I this is a journey that is supposed to be just an all of creation. Travel east of the sun west of the moon. And when you get to the palace, you will not find a welcome there. It's supposed to be hard. I mean, your your journey through multiple problems to get to something that's worth the reward. Like you. You're not gonna deserve. What you get. If you don't figure out a way to lake get through all of these tough battles or these tough issues or whatever. Yeah. Now in the game of relationships. You can never really ask yourself. The question of what if but do you think it would have been as magical and wonderful a relationship if she had just followed the rules and waited out the curse, and he wasn't a prince anymore. Matz. I think maybe because honestly like he picked her because she was beautiful and she decided does she decided suddenly after seeing this one glimpse of him in like the light of a candle that he was beautiful too. So of course, they were meant to be together. Like, she didn't even have much time to really decide that they were meant to be. But somehow they are because it's a fairytale. I don't think that it would have been as strong like there was clearly something pushing her to go make this long journey. It's hard to say to me just the only thing I take away from it is that usually with. When considering the concept of love and relationships and everything like that so much of it is being in the right place on your own before you can love somebody else. And sometimes it takes a journey to get there. Some people never do get there. And it it is hard. But sorry, if you're not sure if the Mike speaking it up, but we have got a serious storm outside here. All storm out here. It a little. Eons guys who left what is safe and warm where they are. It's we've got a very aggressive weather system moving through anyway. So let's see talking about how repetitive. It was. And it'd be. One thing that's kind of funny the Mercer Mayer version again, I hate to keep on harkening back to it. Because because it's kind of a newer one. It's not in the public domain, and I don't know Mercer Mayer's Email. So we couldn't get a hold of him to read his version of the story in his. Yeah. It is modern interpretation of it. He doesn't send a character to all four the winds and to the same same old woman. He sends her to verse she goes and meets the great fish who is kind of the spirit of the ocean in the water and lives in the places of the world. Then she travels to the top of the great mountain and meets the salamander, which is this great fire dragon creature. That is the he he's in the heart of the world and knows all the secrets, and he sends her censor along to finally meet the north wind elemental having those kind of elemental nature to it at another level to the story for me. But it's something that was it was it was added on as a revision later on that's understandable. When you're making a kids book, and you need beautiful stations. And you need to condense the tail because it's a long tail so it makes a lot of sense that that there were some creative choices made in retelling. But I know that there was also. Also, there is a Don blue film in the works for this tale for a super long time. Like it may. Through most production in than it lost funding for some reason just never released which is a huge bummer. So I mean, maybe dick starter. Somebody will pick this back up again. I hope that they do come on Netflix. This is why you exist. We should eat projects and finish funding those. I mean, it's Tom blue. We all loved our thumb Bellina time. And yet now I mean, everything do everything out of that studio is like a huge part of my childhood, probably or two I yeah. It was it was really the one of the first viable disney'll it for sure. For for for kids who like animation. I mean. Yeah, there's lots of other things to do in the world. But sometimes it's Disney or not Disney and on Blu offered a very good. Alternate perspective on story today to fern gully to a hair member. I think feels like increasing style I often AM, but on this one say, I'm thinking back to lake unbelieva all dogs than feels like the same type of animation. So it possibly is. That was a great show. Little nemo was well, I think. Oh, I think that was seems like something one Google search. We'd rather just let's conjecture. Little little nemo's adventures. In slumber land was one of my absolute favorite movies as a kid like I watched it all of the time as much as you like this Mercer Mayer book that was me with little MS messages land like I still remember that film vividly. It's so good. And it's based she find a way to work very till movies in she should. Well, we have anything on anything else on east of the sun. West Dave on talk about the fact that this girl, she's very brave, and this story, this Oshii totally sheltered young girl who's going through all of these trials like even just leaving. It was like I'm not scared. And then two wins goes on on principle as she goes through all of these things because she knows that to be true to herself she has to right. Exactly. Nobody's saying. No, it's making her do any of this. She could go home totally. And and she's she's very brave. However, she is not very smart. In some instances, not not every great adventure is all the time. She with her talking to the troll Princess multiple times, and like giving like she never picks up on the fact that the prince is like suddenly asleep. And she can't wake him up for three nights in a row. Do nights cheat. She doesn't figure it prince figures it out for Narran lake. She's like, oh, well, I'll just make the deal again. And I'll make it again. And then I'll make it again. You know, like bright us. She's brave. Just maybe not smart, but in she's good at what she's in any relationship. Some people are better at things than others. So that is what it is. Right. I don't know. It just got me. I was like girl you need to just figure it out. Come on. Yeah. You know? That's that's kind of the way with the with good storytelling. You can't you can't have characters that are smarter than the audience. That's then the audience up, you should know this for American films. You have to explain. Had help and figuring out that he was giving being given asleep ocean. Like, the neighboring random Christians that are in the troll castle for some reason captured today are the ones that that told him that there might be an issue. So. I don't know. It's a very till anything can get skewed any which ways. So it is what it is. But but it was a good one. I hope everyone out there liked it. It's it's one of my joy able tail are very it evoked a lot of olds reminders of fairy tales that I listen to growing up. It is one that you listen to growing up like it's a good tale. I mean, if you want to read this to your kids will post a link to the Mercer Mayer book in our show notes, we'll post links to the both of the original. Tails, these from their essentially the same tax the other one is just a little more archaic his they use the word allot rather than there. Could get a little rain on. But we'll post links slows as well. As along with our polar bear drink for the night. And then we will be back next week with some more Scandinavian folktales than than the week after that with one a Logan's, very favorite creatures. I do such candidate Bula Saux. Short. Awesome. So excited you have no idea it's going to be coming through that microphone into your ears. From located a couple of weeks, I'm going to need to move some furniture. So I've got room to weave around. The hooks onto your shirts. Leak Bello raise your arms. It'll it'll be one wonder remember for sure for sure, but yeah, that's it for tonight. So just as a reminder, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook at folklore on their oaks, he can fight us on Twitter folklore. We've got pictures notes sources on our website at folklore and their dot com. We do have patriot as well as pay pal button on our site. Same one that you've heard patriot. I think is just patriot dot com slash book. Learn the rocks pretty easy. We are still doing free stickers. If you write us a review and send a screen shot in even if you don't want stickers, please feel free to just rate us and leave a review on I two thirsted jer Facebook, they are all very helpful. And help us want keep making them. They help our our self confidence. And, you know, our drives a really nice way to communicate directly with us. You'll enjoy what we're doing. And you appreciate it toward it, actually. And then as an added bonus that we once we hit those hundred reviews were pretty we're slowly getting there. But we're getting there. We will do a bonus episode with a listener selected creature for you guys. Yup. It's no rules. Lister if it's something that you guys want. Well, and if you wanna get in early and sending suggestions and for that feel free to Twitter's great way of getting hold of us. We've also got our Email. You can just Email admit folklore, the rocks dot com. A wreck spray. A wreck sprea. But in addition to that just tell you friends word of mouth is the best possible thing that you can do marketing wise for us, send us to anybody that you know, of that would like kind of content that we've got please feel free to. But yeah, thanks again for listening, and we hope you tune into us next Sunday. Thanks. Everybody have great week.

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