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Full Episode: Tuesday, November 25, 2019


Good evening thanks for joining us for years. The waters in the town of Parkersburg West Virginia held a dangerous secret. One that slowly came to light after decades of persistent digging by one determined lawyer now his his quest for justice explored in new film. That's drawing renewed focus on the everyday chemicals. We may be exposed to nothing but against activist. Mark Ruffalo is waging a new battle on Capitol Hill. These chemicals don't respect political boundaries. He sounded the alarm about so-called so-called forever. Chemicals man made substances that. Don't break down the environment. They are found in every one of his new movie. Dark Mark Waters exposes how toxic they can be and how common is knowingly poisoning seventy thousand local residents in the last four years Who is paying for this failure to act? It's people like Funky Bailey's here today. I was originally born with just one nostril. Limited limited vision in my right eye Bucky Bailey's mother worked in the dupont chemical plant in one thousand nine hundred eighty in Parkersburg West Virginia making Teflon's the nonstick surface for pots and pans. What Buck Mother didn't know at the time was that she was exposed to a chemical known as PF OA? She was working directly with a chemical goal while she was pregnant with me which is now proven to be linked to cancer. The doctors they were just completely scared they said. Don't get your your hopes up. He won't make it through the night and I can't imagine what it must have been like for your mom at that and see that two of the seven women. Nearly thirty percent gave birth to babies. That had the exact facial deformities that your company already knew or done here. Dark waters tells the true story of Robert Balat. The underdog lawyer who took on the industrial giant Dupont chemical on behalf of people like Bucky. I am a corporate defense turn. ruffalo plays the real life lawyer who we started out defending chemical companies only to switch sides and filed lawsuits against Dupont. We were dealing with something that was not just affecting one family in one farmer in in in animals on one piece of property but when I saw that this was a chemical that was in the entire communities water supply in in the blood of the entire country but nobody knew that it was nineteen ninety eight when West Virginia. Wilbur tenant asked Robert Balat for help something it was killing. His cattle cow died about thirty minutes ago. He made these videos showing the runoff from a landfill. Owned by the Dupont chemical plant one of the largest employers in his town of Parkersburg. You saw these animals with with tumors with black teeth wasting away and they're standing in white the suddenly foaming water and you could see it coming out of the landfill. I mean it was to to me. At least it was pretty obvious. There was a problem here. How many did you lose? Honnor honor ninety a hundred and ninety cavs. You told me nothing wrong. Near Balat sued Dupont and in the process uncovered decades. It's worth of evidence that the chemical giant news as in Teflon's and other products was toxic. I kept reading it and reading it over again thinking that you. It's really can't be what I'm reading. What was the ultimate truth that he uncovered in those boxes? That Dupont had knowingly poisoned us. They knew and they went win. Ahead and did it anyway. According to Balat and EPA Dupont's internal documents revealed that the company failed to disclose it's dangerous effects in all all the years the company was Marketing Teflon. Let me ask you the old Watergate question. which is what did Dupont now? And when did they know it. They knew it was causing cancer in animals. Almost by the one thousand nine hundred eighty S. They knew it was in the drinking water of the community by the early nineteen eighties. And they've even set their own internal standards of what's safe even though the government regulators. I didn't know about it the lawsuit. On behalf of Wilbur Tenant alleges that Dupont was dumping toxic chemicals contaminating. His water supply killing hundreds of his cattle tenant ultimately settled with Dupont and the company admitted no wrongdoing in a statement. ABC News Dupont says. Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and the communities in which we operate. Unfortunately this movie misrepresents things that happened years ago including our history our values and science. In some cases the film depicts holy imagine events we should want the nail Dupont. All of should Tim Robbins. Who Plays Ruffalo boss understands understands the movies potential impact? It really is up to us to make films like this to spread information to hold people accountable that are polluting being our environment and making our people ill in that lovely knowing Dupont had polluted the groundwater Balat sued the chemical maker over and over to expose expose the Truth Balat launched a class action lawsuit after telling the EPA in two thousand one. The Dupont continues to release an essentially unregulated related confirmed animal carcinogen into the air land and water making many residents of Parkersburg West Virginia Sick as depicted in the movie. The lawsuit grew to seventy thousand. People who for years had been wondering what was causing the health problems all around them blots epic legal battles chronicled in his new book exposure helps focus worldwide attention to the wide variety of. PF OAS all around us. Well it coached the pots you cook with. So the food doesn't stick if protects the COP. Your baby crawls on you may also have it in your winter. Jacket your skin lotion. Even your makeup makeup. We're talking about Teflon without admitting wrongdoing. Dupont settled the class action lawsuit for seventy million dollars. Part of which funded ended a scientific study that eventually found a probable link between PF OAS and diseases like cancer kidney cancer and thyroid disease and you said your mom is now suffering illnesses herself she is. She has a thyroid disease which is linked to the chemical chemical. Oh special yes. Initially Bucky was part of the class action lawsuit but dropped out after his birth defect. Couldn't be linked. It hasn't stopped Tim from becoming a fierce advocate. I don't want money. I want peace of mind. I want other people to have hope and faith that they can take a shower. They can and take a drink of water for their water source. And it'd be clean water now. I know what products and what products don't have it and I'm still learning. You know I'm not I can put myself or my kids in in in waterproof clothing clothing that has pf Oya in a statement ABC News. DEPAN says they do not make the chemicals in question and agree that further action needs to be taken they add. They are eliminating the use of all P. F. A. S. based firefighting foams and support innovative. PF FASD remediation technologies taking on Dupont and exposing the dangers of forever. Chemicals has been Robert Ba- lots life work at the end of the movie. It says after twenty years that you're still fighting. What does that mean? Well we still have people in that community that are getting getting diagnosed with cancer and it's being found in drinking water all over the country. New Communities are waking up almost every day to learn this is in our water and may have been there for a long time. Dupont eventually settled over three thousand lawsuits related to Pfos's paying out over six hundred seventy million dollars. I once again without admitting wrongdoing Bucky Bailey who has a cameo in the film has endured over forty reconstructive surgeries on. His face aches now. Thirty eight is the father of two beautiful children. It's interesting to see just how it has shaped my life as a father of a three year old and a seven month old now just wanting the best for them and wanting them to have success. What's what's the overall message? That audiences would walk away from having seen the movie. Even one individual standing up could make a change and dark waters is in theaters now. Up Next Emily Roddick Hausky making a splash with her modeling and now with her sexy message with a feminist twist. I saw you just woke up. Your phone is lighting up with headlines and push notifications and a text text from your mom saying how do I click this okay. Maybe that's just me but if you WANNA get up to speed check out the new podcast from ABC News. Start here literally the ground and was shaking. I'm Brad Milkey and every morning we're going to take you to the stories that matter with fast. Fresh Insight Low Robert Muller Michael Cohen Calling all in twenty minutes. Start Start here. Listen for free on apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP. Yeah you know emily. Radic Hausky is a supermodel known for bearing at all now on a fast track to v the next fashion mogul speaking out tonight to. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis about her plans for the future and her take on feminism. She's a supermodel actress and businesswoman. Emily Radic Hausky. Today's biggest celebrities among the most influential women on social media and on this night. She's receiving an award for Fashion Entrepreneur. The year taking selfies and catching up with stars like Zendaya with her husband Sebastian by her side. It's just one of the many many highlights in what's been a whirlwind of career for twenty eight year old radic Hausky known to her fans as Amerada the celebrating it is commonly Radha Cow Ski. She's pretty Sassy I would say. uh-huh I think she's really represents confidence with almost twenty five million instagram followers. Emily Radic Hausky isn't just a social media star she's influencing the culture with her own distinct message of body positivity in feminism. What is your brand of feminism? It's just about the ability to choose to be whatever kind of woman you want to be to dress however you want whether it be in a burqa or bikini. She's turning the heads in raising eyebrows with her skin bearing posts. Why do you think of nudity as expressing yourself as a feminist there are definitely people who would say say that is not the case? I don't actually believe that. Nudity is expressing yourself. I think that choosing to to Represent your body however you cashews is a empowering thing but I don't think that every woman needs to be naked about choice. You came to Kim Kardashians defense when piers. Morgan was making derogatory. Worry comments about her posting and Newt Selfie. How important is it to you to really own the narrative? We shouldn't be taking women. For how what how they they represent themselves or their body or even sexual past and judging them for those things. Because that's just not something we'd do with men For me it's it's not even about taking the narrative it into my own hands. It's about Calling out moments where there is inequality and unfairness radic. Hausky burst onto the scene in twenty thirteen starring. Robin thicke blurred lines which sparked controversy for. Its hyper sexualizing music. Video and lyrics. What did you think? When the controversy controversy started around that video I wasn't surprised but The director and the DP were women. I felt very comfortable with the the sort of things that maybe some people deemed controversial. I understood what the idea was and I liked it. What did you like about it? I liked that these women in this video were depicted as not taking themselves too seriously. Not taking these men at all seriously and that there was a lot of humor behind it is about having fun and and women sort of embracing their bodies. Husky joins US now. Her career quickly catapulted from there. She started booking acting gigs. Six first major movie gone girl starring as Ben Affleck's character's girlfriend and as Amy Schumer's friend in I feel pretty uh-huh q.. So of course. I'm sorry I just assumed that he would like that. Because in my body all the wild gracing cover after magazine cover. Were you always comfortable in your own skin. I grew up with the idea of bodies not always being about sex. I think for me what happened was when I did hit puberty. There was this sort of moment where I was like. Oh now people are uncomfortable with me. Why are people now judging me because my body is different and makes them feel different way? So how did you internalize. It was hard. Yeah I think that You know I felt really judged judged and I don't think that I always liked myself. I thought that Oh no one's going to take me seriously even at the age of twelve but I had a really good mom who basically said to me. That's their problem not yours and took that message to heart. She's done just that in almost every aspect of her career and now running her own clothing company in Morada leveraging her massive following the brand does ninety six percent of its business via instagram. You Post things and they sell out within in minutes. Yeah it's wild. It's really crazy. What ended up leading you to create your own company? It was sort of a a long Road with many different elements definitely always been drawn to fashion. Also I think you know doing a couple licensing jobs deals and seeing sort sort of like wow they are able to really Use My name and my image in a way. That's super beneficial to their brand. Why should I do that myself off? Radic Hausky self funded the business and teamed up with her best friend Cat Mendenhall. Who has a background in fashion sales? We met in high school. It was a freshman house. A senior Bratkowski handles creative mendenhall. The business side. This is the start of and we're outta where it all begins. All the magic happens. It's her brand since no one else is telling US dictating how things should be done. Radic Hausky sketches ideas ideas they become reality followers. Get enough the business. How do you gauge it success? I mean it's crazy successful. It's really fun because it's a completely new world. Something's not selling. I find a way to wear it or share it on someone else and that item cells we were invited behind the scenes of Murata photo shoot for these two women team will curate. All the looks or the top rate Dory Jordan about paid no shoes no shirt and a service rat had a cow. Ski Serves as the primary model for the brand. This is really pretty. When you look at top models like Kendall and G G like it's not just because of how they look? It's also how they're branding themselves so I realize like Oh maybe not bad at this. I should do it myself even in her down time. She says she's still thinking about building her brand. We're on a walk. Yeah with Colombo. If I wasn't here would you be thinking about something related to the product or selling point and I think when you're building a brand and a company you do need to kind of always be thinking about how you're building that Brandon Company by the way I am genuinely like pretty obsessed good boy with branding and with my company so it isn't just like as much as I share him. It's the same thing as sharing. Murata like it feels very natural. Aw Come on Bob. In this instagram obsessed World Radic Hausky seems to have mastered the art of sharing her life while still finding quiet moments. Like like these just for herself for nightline. I'm Rebecca Jarvis in New Your and finally tonight Mariah Carey singing her way into history An early Christmas gift for Mariah Carey Guinness World Records declaring all. I want for Christmas. You the highest charting holiday song on the US US hot one hundred by a solo artist records. But that's not all it's the most streamed track on spotify in twenty four hours by a female male artist and it's twenty weeks on the UK singles top. Ten chart is also a record for a Christmas song. That's three for the record books Mariah. That's nightline thanks for staying up with us. Good Night America.

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