GOP plays defense in Kentucky, Mississippi and Virginia


Welcome to the live from meet the press. I`Ma Carry Dan. It is a Tuesday in early November which means voters. Here's our voting among other places. Check your local newspapers folks. The big elections today are in Kentucky Mississippi and Virginia. And here's a a good way to think about this. Republicans are playing defense but they could have a good night. We'll see why defense I mean Kentucky and Mississippi Exactly Brooklyn but the Republicans in those states are facing conservative in well known Democrats who have mostly kept up with them on the air waves in Kentucky. It could be a tossup incumbent Governor Matt Bevin has struggled with low job approval ratings. But he's hoping that a high profile visit from the president last last night could put him over the edge. In Mississippi Republican Tate Reeves is also hoping to ride that nationalized politics wave to victory and that is estate by the way that trump won by eighteen points the toughest contest of the night for Republicans are going to be in Virginia. If you recall that's where Republicans have the barest areas of majorities in both the State House of delegates in the Senate. It's also a state where the president hasn't been all that popular at least in the states most populous suburban regions. The president notably hasn't campaigned. They're like he has in the redder states with elections today but he did tweet this yesterday. Quote Virginia has the best unemployment. I'm an economic numbers in the history of the seat. If the Democrats get in those numbers will grow rapidly in the other direction on Tuesday vote Republican Unquote Democrats. Were quick to point out that one could argue. Those great economic numbers have something to do with their. Party's control of the governor's mansion in fact no. Republican has won statewide office in Virginia. Since two thousand thousand nine. So what's a good night for. The Republicans look like probably if they limit their losses in Virginia to only one chamber in the legislature in if they win. Both of those governor's races I talked about. So what's a good night for. Democrats a sweep in Virginia and perhaps picking off Bevan the more likely of of those two republican gubernatorial candidates to falter Andrew member the next first Tuesday in early November. We all experienced together. We'll be a year from now. It'll be here before you know it and the stakes will be exponentially higher. That's a live

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