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Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guy and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to marketing school with your instructors, Neil Patel, and Eric SU. Welcome to another episode of marketing school. I'm Eric SU and I'm Neil Patel at today. We're gonna talk about how we grew marketing school to over seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a month. How do we do it? Well, technically we're on track for eight hundred and fifty thousand. Let's not go over numbers that yes, hopefully we do hit that. Put the cart before the horse. That's right. I never understood expression, but that's the expression. Yeah, you don't get thanks rushing. No. If you put the cart before the horse happens, it drives it self. No one's that you're uphill doesn't drive go backwards or your own land. Nothing happened was fine. Horses run away anyway. All right. So the first thing that Eric and I ended up doing is when we launched marketing school, we realize that, hey, just because you create a podcast and we've been marking for bit, it doesn't mean that you're going to automate get listeners. So the first thing that we did was promote the podcast through a few Email blast. We love our list. Eric has a list. I have a list. The other interesting thing that we did was we got other people out there and begged them to promote our podcast if they won't promote it through their list, you can always pay him to do so, but that's a quick way to get instant subscribers and traction from day one. Yeah, I'll call what we do right now with marking squall. Let's just call it a product. Okay. So when you think about a product, like, why do you use a certain product? Like why do you use an iphone for example? And it's because you know you you like how it is for me. It's like it's nice designs during my iphone right now fast. You know, it's just call. Okay. And it's, it's, it's like a super. Computer in your pocket. Right? That goes without saying so point is this we had a content tilt in our cotton tilt was that you got two guys that really love marketing that really love implementing marketing on different businesses that they run, and they just keep doing anything over. It's funded them, it's a game, right? So you get to listen to our stories and you get to listen to actual numbers and you get to listen to kind of independence kind of stuff. So it felt like we're talking theory, right? It's short, it's to the point. It's every single day. We have not missed one single episode in two years. Think about you got two people here that have missed it for over two and a half years like that to me is kind of crazy. It's neurotic, but if you can do something like that, if you have a spin on it where it's every day and it's could be short, just thinking about what you're spin is you're going to be able to set yourself apart from other people have we been doing it for two years? Yeah, it's over two and a half years, you? Sure. Yeah, a guarantee. I'll bet you believe you only take him vets unless answer the other thing that Eric and I do. We are very picky with the titles. Think of podcast titles like log titles. If you don't think it'll do well on Twitter or Facebook or not somewhat click Beatty I know many of you guys hate that word. I'm not saying you should get people to click just for the sake of and do people. But if you're title is not appealing, you're not gonna do well by creating appealing titles. Even though we have the same of subscribers. It doesn't change drastically from day to day. If one day we ever really appealing title, sometimes we can get double the amount of listens. It really comes down to the headliner the title if people wanna listen. So take time to credit and things that Eric and I do is we pull from, you know, buzz Suma we typing keywords. We see what other titles repealing appealing won't copy him, but it gives us ideas. We do the same with YouTube will go on YouTube type in keyword. See what videos are popular. That'll give inspiration as well. We also go to a lot of the old blog content that Weaver in see what's popular. And again, we use that as inspiration as well. But you wanna right, amazing headlines if you're not sure where to start. Start with bus sumo typing keywords. Give you ideas of what works in your space and what doesn't. Neil makes a really good point. David Ogilvy one of the greatest advertisers in the world said that when you write the headline eighty cents on the dollar has been spent already. So what literally happens, I those of you that they're looking at us on video right now is sometimes before we even start recording, we might spend even fifteen minutes. We're, we're spending spending time just sitting there figuring out the titles because sometimes it just doesn't click immediately and it is hard coming up with these titles and it does take a lot of time and effort is like, we're not gonna get the traffic that we want. If you don't write a good headline at the end of the day. So sometimes Neil might write something right something we might need a just two or three times. It's not going to be there immediately. So that does matter. And the other thing I'll say is this. We did some some point. We did partner up with some people in terms of, you know, we did like a read of their show deeded reverse entrepreneur, magazine entrepreneur magazine. Yeah, we did see a bump. It wasn't like a sustainable, but I'm just giving you that as an idea if you do want to utilize it that you can do these kind of. Mutual reeds for each other. And on the side, I should've taken the bet you are right over two years. You're wrong about two and a half years. What hell? Hell along has roughly two years and three months, whatever recording this, we gotta get two million listens of before two and a half years now. All right. If you guys can help us with that, that'd be great. We'll talk about that at the end. Yes. Another shaggy that Eric and I use to is we look at our Lipson stats so Lipson which most of us will use. If you have a podcast, it'll show you the episodes which ones do well and which ones don't we go in there before we record any session. So typically a recording session will record fifteen to twenty episodes, but we're looking at Lipson stats, see what's hot, what's not what didn't work. Sadly, it doesn't give you like amazing feedback on it worked or why didn't work, but at least give you a directional advice. So if you can see the numbers are up, you can be like, all right, directionally, people like this kind of topic. If it's down. Than directionally people don't like this kind of topic. Yeah, and to build them that to the podcast analytic. So it's still in beta right now, but apple has its analysts, and you can see kind of the retention rate over time of your episodes. I do look at the retention rate every now, and then what we find is that whenever we talk about SEO in content tends to do better than the other topics we talk about common that's also with our blogs as well. Same kind of deal. So I mean, we don't other kind of stuff that we're working on right now which has helped accelerate growth. And this was Neal's idea was us doing that live event as a trade. Like if you write reviews of scribe, we are going to dislike event. That's having a really good offer to put in front of people. We have tried different offers in the past, and we've innovated on it right. So you're, I offer might suck your second off might suck, but the keys iterating on different offers eventually might settle on a good one. And that's what's going to get people to to kind of reviews of scribe and that you're gonna pop hired, another people. That's it for my end. The podcast of isn't too, oh, one. Other hack. The air figured out was with your. Tunes listing. I think most people showed their last hundred associates, Eric changed it to the last three hundred. We wish we can show all our episodes. I not allow that, but once we change it to three hundred, we had a huge spike and listen, actually, that's a good point. So, hey, if you guys are interested in having us curate all our episodes, make them into quizzes and then do it for like employees or corporate training where you can kind of track the result of everyone because we have the continental ready and it's not going to, you know, it's there and it's helpful if it's health for you. Go ahead and tweet at me. It's at Erico, sue. That's there's only in the middle at Erico sue. It's sl you by the way I dunno everyone's supposed SEO. I is Erico SU if you're interested in that because there have been people reaching out to us and we might be keen on moving forward with it. But anyway, on the note of the live event. So here's the deal. We are gonna throw a live event in downtown Los Angeles. Once we get to a million dollars right now, we're, we're about on track for eight hundred fifty thousand dollars a month, and we needed to rate reviews of scribes. Podcast, go to marketing school. The I o slash stats with an s. you could track our progress. Once we get there due to live event, you could have food. You could be hanging hanging out with meal, and I, it's going to be recorded. If you can't make it there, it'll be great. People have been offering us thousands of dollars to attend event like this. We're going to do it free if we can get to the million, just go to markets, stats review subscribe, and we'll see you tomorrow. This session of marketing school has come to a close p sure to subscribe for more daily marketing strategies and tactics to help you find the success you've always dreamed of and don't forget to rate and review, so we can continue to bring you the best daily content possible. We'll see you in class tomorrow right here on marketing school.

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