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Is Bob Completely Insane?


The the weekend Fridays most people probably just a day before the end of the week when a rapid to the rhythm of a kiss Friday variety already Friday Friday bob and Sheri Studios on this Friday Bob and Sheri movie critic coming up in an hour and the half with uncut gems. Because it's Friday and that's why do I am not sad to see this weekend. Although my weekend is going to be a health scape so so this this past week I had one kid down with food poisoning. Your kid home from school sick with something else. I had a bunch of projects that I started over for the winter break that I was trying to finish including emptying out an entire closet and then getting rid of stuff organizing and putting it back together other always a closet in your house where people open the door throw things in and then just close the door really fast. Oh I've got two or three in my house and you're never honor percents. Sure what all is in that closet because you don't enjoy opening the door and having things fall on you. I went after that closet. I took everything now and the things that these people have thrown into that closet. I don't even example. I don't have an explanation for why I found some of the things a single rain boot. They all have two feet. I'm not sure where where's the other boot right. I found an orange that had become petrified. It was rock orange that have become rock hard like a baseball. Hello what under. What circumstances do you walk by closet opening putting up and shocking orange in because you're too lazy to go all the way over to where the trashes a half a half used roll of paper towels again? No idea why hi that was in there and then all sorts of random other things. I think I don't even remember owning this wisest in this closet so I took the only way to do it is the empty it all out and then build it back up And so I'm on the floor sorting through stuff and here comes my daughter and she's he's laureate I'm cleaning out this closet. That the people who claim to love me just throw crap in and then closed the door. Don't care and she's like well. I know. Oh you like that kind of thing. It's fun for you know it's not it's why do they believe that spread that vicious lie is not fun for me. It's not fun at all. Let me tell you why house scape. That was my week like anytime anytime I would hear. I knew what I was up for a right got through the week Friday. My daughter my younger daughter is on the school debate team and the rule is every parent has to volunteer at for at least one tournament as judge right. This is my weekend. Is it really. Yeah I know nothing about judging debate. Nothing yeah you're so smart. Though and you're so verbal vocabulary is incredible. You're not gonNA have any problem. They gave me the rules. I'm reading the rules. I'm I've got the rules down So here's my thinking. Oh okay I'm going to judge the debate tournament what's couple hours in the afternoon Arrival time seven thirty a m I said to me when when do you think we might wrap up. And she's like Usually right around eight or nine. Am No PM. Okay go my God twelve thirteen hours good. Do they tell you what the subjects are. I'm there's all these different kinds of debate. My school didn't have a debate team. There's all these different kinds of debate Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum and Congress and speech. I have no idea what the subjects will be who the students will be they give you the subjects prior to no. Yeah you're not you're not you're not there to agree or disagree with these kids. You're there to judge them based on no but I would like to know you know kind of the arena that I'm playing in but I've got all the rules and I read through all the rules a couple of times and I've discussed it with how many judges hear me. I don't know yet I don't know but it's not you alone. No I'm doing. Oh you know what I'm doing my parental duty and you know. Luckily it's not like she's in competition. Dance where I spend every other weekend on the somewhere so this is a novelty for me. Are you going to be judging When she is debating? Oh no no. You're not allowed to judge your own students in fact tournaments being held at her school school so her team isn't even neuro working. Volunteers that are not even debating. That's my birthday by the way now. I don't like make a big deal. I'm not one of these people people who thinks that her birthday should be a month long celebration complete with fireworks and parades but I do like on my birthday to you. You know sleep in and maybe have some cake. It's your birthday and that is not how this is going down. No doesn't sound that way at all day. Hey Yeah so all that sickness and then the debate stage for fourteen. Yes but you know what as my daughter pointed out I got to have my fun cleaning out that closet is it. Why do they always? I don't know why don't they think. Oh what's Bob Doing. Always changing the cat box. Well let's leave him alone. You know how much choice that how do we get out. We get these reputation. Issue hadn't said cat box. You will not believe what happened to me yesterday. Stupid thing I. I said some balance. It's your hobby. You enjoy it so much. Yeah even though. It's my favorite thing to do Mike calling in. I'm going to tell you about it next year. The affair odd cast a Bob and Sheri Odd. Download the free Bob and Sheri website. Or wherever you get your podcast Bob and Jerry. Why don't you bring up the words Kitty litter box doc setbacks. Because that's what they think they think when they see us doing a heinous chore. Oh don't bother Bob. You know how much he enjoys taking care here of kiddies box does his thing thing like that's what my kids thing like. Leave Mama and she's having some me time claiming the closet. There is not my thing. I'm I'm not. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you what happened to me yesterday. I'm still I'm still upset about this. First of all her cat are. It is for ten years for ten years I have been changing the litterbox and making sure. The cat has water and the cat has food. I don't know why I do it. I could it be a mainly because I don't think anybody else was going to do as good a job because I'm a very sanitary man so the litterbox is in the garage and she has a little very A A small cat door that she goes through which by the way if I'm downstairs. It's in it. She she passes by me silently and all of a sudden I'm watching. TV in the cat door. Org Start swinging. I think somebody's coming through the back door. You know freaks me out but anyway I want over to the supermarket and I got some Cat Kitty Litter and and the one that was on sale in. It's ridiculously expensive for what it is. The one that was on sale. It gave me three extra pounds. So it's it's a like a suitcase sort of situation and has a handle and it has a giant head of a cat. That's you know the one. That's that's like purring or something something well. The cat looks pleased because look sparks is just went at it. It's it's always speaking as a man. It's fantastic to walk out of a supermarket with many people around holding a suitcase with a giant Cat's head that says kitty litter and it's like orange so you can't miss it you have. I walk out every three time. Honest to God I do this. I say Leonardo di Caprio has never had to do this or would he and the regulars at the store go on their years old. Clump unseal right. That's exactly right and in the other in the other hand. I have a `wonderbox. I've talked about the `wonderbox. It's like a cardboard board thing for the Kitty litter box and You could dispose of it after a couple of uses. I just like it a you know. It's two dollars and I by them so I I was away for a few days and no one was changing as it would happen. They don't and I don't even want to describe what that kitty deliver `wonderbox looked like it was disgusting. It was absolutely discussed. no-one cleaned it because they know how much you choi that. That's your earth thing. Don't you know so. Mary is upstairs. Right and She's with Madison. They're talking about clothes or something like that and I look over and I go. I got to change this thing so I've got a big plastic bag. I'M GONNA dump it into and then take the by the way the suitcase of Kitty Litter weighs approximately five hundred pounds. It's ever see like in a gangster movie where they're carrying a dead body to put it in the trunk. That's what it's like. Yeah and it could separate my shoulder on the way to the car so I'm getting ready to dump it in and But I I have to empty out the other one. I don't know what happened. But my foot hit the `wonderbox and Kitty Litter went flying up in the air. And you're my yeah. I was open. Aw I can put no good spin on this. I got nothing. I said words that were worse than what I threw away and so there was. There was no married. Mary could hear me. She said she said nothing. She won't be a part of it so slowly slowly went upstairs and the two the two of them are looking over at me and Mary said well what happened and I told her that I said I got kitty glitter right in my mouth. My mouth was open. I stepped up. Started laughing right. They started laughing at so I went. I'm not I'm not putting up with this. I I came toward her. I said Humira Baby Kiss me give daddy kiss come on. She wouldn't run. which chasing her around the house? Honest to God Gossiping Things. I've ever cheated silverline. There's no I'll I'll tell you what the lions For people with Heart Disease Asthma and cancer. The flu can hit hard. If you're not feeling feeling well take your temperature frequently with the Exegen. Temporal scanner is Bob and Sheri every once in a while I step back and I say I can't believe how things have changed like growing up when I was a kid. If you got a phone call from one of your friends you have to be in your house right because that's where your friend. That's where the phone was in final. And when I was growing up the only time that you would see like a half hour infomercial on TV would be on one of the TV channels. That wasn't a major network Labor Day weekend Labor Day weekend exactly so you know you'd you'd have A. CBS and they've got their programming ABC NBC. You see they own it all day long all night long. Maybe local news comes in. That's about it but these days because television is not watched as much much as it used to be watched. You'll find like a major network will have a thirty minute infomercial. And usually it's on the weekends or maybe in in the afternoon. Sometimes it's shocking to me. I saw a CBS affiliate the other day with a full-on INFOMERCIAL for for some sort of a cooking device it was never. I don't know I forget the name of it was never one that I heard of before. And there's a dude and a woman on there and it's always the the same thing. The Dude is hyper excited about this. The woman she's she's kind of the backup and she's being told she's being main splaine about how the cooking cooking device works and he's like Alice. You won't believe this. I've got some raw meat. Here what do I do. I opened up this cooking device. I the thing together. I put the raw meat in put. Put it down and you know what it's doing she goes. I think it's cooking like it's an outdoor grill. It's going to be so coked hoped to be one of those infomercial dude. That guy says you know what I'm GonNa do to this Burger Alice. No what are you GONNA do Roger. This burger is good but it could be better if you put inside the burger some Mac and cheese and I stopped and I said to myself is. Is this where we're at. This is where we're at that a burger itself. I love Burgers but it's cow meat and it's kind of on the greasy site. It's supposed post to be that way. Okay it does have it has rich flavor are made. He put a piece of cheese on the top US. We have to infuse it back of all things. It's not like you're putting in Broccoli. And then did he. Did he put it on a Bun. Oh Yeah Yeah you can watch the bug right on top of the grill. It's amazing but it's it's on where we CBS CBS station. Because they have to make money and there's not that many people people during certain parts of the day that are watching these. TV shows early on Saturday or Sunday morning. If you have the luxury of laying on the couch at rose up and channels else it is one after another stuff for your hair stuff for your skin. Cooking machines exercise clothing clothing. It's just what Roy after another. I I know it and it's it's like the home shopping network. Okay I I was always when when it first came on. I was very confused. I was thinking who in the hell is going to watch this. And a lot of people do including eating my wife. But it's like there are twenty five home shopping Networks on TV cable system. The the ones that that always trick me up is Cindy Crawford has an infomercial. I think it's ninety minutes. And it Cindy and her girlfriends and some skin care products right right. They're drinking wine and eating Hamas and talking about their amazing skin It has got to be very hard to be Cindy Crawford's book club. Yeah because because on your best day yeah that's in. I know exactly the one that freaks me out is Larry King King. They have the old Larry King C. N. off so it looks like a real show it looks like an old Larry King. I don't know why he has to do this. You know he works for Russian. TV We also. He has an interview show on Russian TV of all play. Why would you do that? And why do we allow Russian TV but anyway He's got this thing. Where so let me ask you about this? You take this pill what does it do for you and you know. There's someone some sort of crap that is supposed to keep your heart going. I have to admit when the Ninja Ninja I came out the Ninja blender. They have one of those infomercial shows and Kevin I were Outta town. We were with you Outta town somewhere. I think we were in Weste Virginia and we flip that on and I stared at that slack jawed. Oh look have this. BLENDER is so powerful he just put a handful of nuts and bolts in there and make a smoothie out of them. I want one of those. Well I Catholic surprise me and got me a Ninja. As a surprise they work. Well they they do accept. My kids could break anything right You can make a smoothie out of nuts and bolts. But don't you dare throw too much frozen food. None of liquid in there. The the thing was smoking. Oh is that right we have one. Hampton uses it every day for some sort of power shake and every time I cleaned it. Of course I take a part of my fingers off. It's the sharpest thing under the face we have two Ninjas. We have a broiler Ninja too and I use it and it's it's good. It's tried using it to make the MAC and cheese stuff burger. I'm going to and I'll tell you exactly how it works Sherry because you of course would have the like what a burger was until you explain. How could you Mac and cheese inside of me? It's just wrong what's wrong isn't it. It sounds so right. I mean you're GONNA put well here's the thing you don't eat cheese on your burger. Yeah I do okay Sir. uh-huh okay so some sometimes but so it's just having cheese on your burger put. They're put in the Burger. Macaroni to be a burger. MEISTER MEISTER Burger here. Who wants to dictate what everybody else does? See more at the news and then the people would be good it gets. We've we've got him boron with Bob and Sheri. He's a moron. It's morons in the news. We're starting out with a wild lady. She's twenty years old. She is in English and she was arrested the other day on her flight back from the United Arab Emirates after she got too drunk and would not stop asking guys to join her in the Mile High Club on the airplane she also attacked the flight attendants that told her to sit down and she was not allowed to do that sort of thing how. Yes yes she one guy that guy to guy and finally they said sit down they were attacked. Tension was arrested. Wow today's the day is fifty one year old Paul Nixon out of Houston. He forged the divorce papers including his wife's signature and notary signature without his wife knowing knowing that he had divorced her and how it all went down was he filed the fraudulent paperwork and they discovered it after his wife called. He did this this last February fifth and his wife called deputies in the spring after she learned that her judge a judge in the county had finalized her divorce it but she had no idea that she was divorced so imagine her surprise getting the paperwork in the mail. She's better off. Why be married to a man who is so stupid that he the this idea why? Mr Nixon filed for divorce the day after Valentine's Day last year a judge in Texas signed the order. Granting the divorce in April and then it took about another month for the wife to realize that they were divorced so they They killed all of that and reinstated the couple's marriage but now Paul Dickson is facing about a decade in prison. If he's convicted for fraud or fraud and He's he's on. The land is one for arrest Today's more out of the day. Text the word Moron. Two eight eight two six to seven four three seven. We'll senator guy in red at just posted a story about how he handle the situation when he found out a woman had been dating him just for free meals after a few dates one of their mutual friends sent this guy a screen shot of some of the a text from the woman where she said she was just using this guy for free food expensive food and he said she was not in bad financial straights because she would wear pricey clothes. She had to chanel bags. So here's what he did. He took her to an expensive restaurant they both ate and they drank a lot plot and then he said I've got to go to the men's room but he left. Oh by the way he was Herreid also. He said he started getting quote furious. Text just in the next forty five minutes saying she had to call her mom to come to the restaurant to pay the bill and to take her home. After his story started going viral he said quote. Obviously what I did was not morally good and I should have been more direct with her but this wasn't about doing the right thing or about learning and this is about getting this was getting even or revenge all right. Here's a really fun story and I believe Todd we'll be able to get the video for you. A couple of in British Columbia. Got A ring video doorbell couple of months ago because they knew they're going to be getting packages for the holidays and there had been a Lotta package pirates pirates in their neighborhood so they installed the ring video doorbell vow and then they got one night so many overnight alerts it was like what who is delivering this many Amazon boxes in the middle of the night. They checked the footage the next day and it turns out. There was a cow on the front and standing standing behind the cow was. It's friend another cow and the cows are looking directly into the camera. So you see that video turns out and it was a little bit foggy that night James Bailey the homeowner said it was so eerie it was like creatures creatures coming out of the mist and their cows and they're just standing there like leading us. In like SCI FI turns out. The cows had escaped from a neighbors enclosure. Sure a bear bear knocked down part of the fence and all the cows just flowed out and they just were attracted to the house. Police came rounded up the cows. nope brought them back home. I mean everything ended back that one cow went right up the steps on the front door. I just love that is more onto the news coming up on the show no in about thirty five minutes forty minutes right. Here is the People's movie critic and today he is reviewing I'm cut jams starring Adam Sandler and and believe it. It's not a dream. There's Oscar Buzz for Adam Sandler movie. Hey it's Sherry from the Bob and Sheri Show I thank you so much for listening to our podcast. We really appreciate you. You're the reason that we do it. And the reason that we're able to keep doing it and I just want to mention mentioned that if you hear political advertising of any kind any campaign any race any party adjacent to any bob and Sheri show podcast. Please please know that we did not approve that advertising. We did not accept that advertising we are not compensated for it in fact we have asked every streaming platform platform. There is to exclude our programs from all political messaging. Why because political messaging makes people furious? And we're trying really hard to have the Bob and Sheri Show Be Politics Free Island so please know if you hear it you're hearing it at our protests. We don't want it. They're trying to have it removed. Thank you so much for your patience. Let's get back to the show for people over sixty five. Flu converting serious complications Bieber can mean the flu so watch watch for symptoms with the exegen temporal scanner. It's quick and easy to use. Here's Bob and Sheri so. I found this article online everyday scams that we're all paying for like idiots. I'm just GONNA run right through them number one men's and women's marketing. BS IT Shampoo. Do you do do you remember when bic made bic for her and it was just the pink pen yes I do. It wasn't all that long ago it. It's it's terrible. I don't know if this still exists but razors for women were always way more than raises for is it still true. What's up with that They sharper now they just they're pink and purple and unlinked green and they just charge us more. Don't discuss your paycheck with other employees. Now that's been floating around forever but you know what if you're wondering whether or not they're paying you a your value. You WANNA get a couple of employees. Do this similar. Sort of thing and say what Jamaican what do you think. I think that you have a right to no but I think that that causes so much grief for the people who just robber. Yeah that they are like I know A woman who discovered by mistake AAC that she was getting paid about Just under half of what her male counterparts can go. What does she do about it She went to management and they said well. Sorry yes be like that. Sometimes you could sue for that while they had but they had cover they relate to get around. You haven't been here long enough blah blah blah. He didn't ask for it. Yeah yeah I mean that kind of thing superfoods you think there really so you something to superfoods the the more. I'm I'm reading about it in hearing things you're telling me you have to eat like a large truckload of whatever the not sorry to get the benefits. I think there are foods that are super duper healthy but eating like washing down a double pepperoni pizza with a fist full of Kale. That's right bottled water. It's water bottle. I forgot it today. Yeah Yeah I was charging it last night and I forgot it but I haven't given up on it. That's what everybody in the room is thinking. There's always a one off you that well you're here come in there. Well I love when he save us the effort and just choose himself. have to ask the question. Did you actually forget the bottle or did you forget to charge. No I was charging it but I was charging get in place in the morning that I don't go by which was stupid. I should charge it and then put it in my bag. Charge it where you put your keys. Yeah exactly Another rip-off listing prices as whatever. The price is point ninety nine if it's twelve ninety nine it's thirteen dollars right. No word it and that's been going on forever so I guess it does work. It works on me. Yeah with gas prices. You see it everywhere. I am the biggest soccer You Travel Fair amount having to pay for parking at a hotel you're paying to stay at. That is a philly thing that is an. It's across lost the country. I hate that when I go to Philly. And they're like any. It'll be thirty five dollars a day to park with seriously. Got A great deal on hot wire is in this big big city and I was gone and it was like thirty bucks a day. The Pie. Yeah and then with certain in certain places and certain Nice areas there's the resort fee. So I forget what I was doing. I was not there to be at the resort but it was a hotel that was near beach. Right I was I forget what I was doing for business business and I said and Let's see what do I owe you hear. Well it's one hundred twenty nine dollars a night. Thirty five for parking and Forty five dollars per day for the resort resort fee. I said what's the resort fee. Well that's You know we have a part of the beach over there and We have a cart. That can take you there. I'm not going to the beach. I'm I'm sorry you still have to pay for the resort. This will happen to me in a month when I take care of me. Dance Convention is held at a place. Where the here's a resort fee? And I I said to the woman at the front desk. I'm here for Dance Convention. The word resort is like an offense. Yeah there's no resorting right. I may resort drinking but I won't the resort resort. And she said gotTa Pay Pay Pay Another AB- chip bags bags of potato chips. It's mostly sleet air. But it has to be. Why does it have to be it? They puff the bags up because it protects the chips from getting broken. I don't believe that okay. Okay I just don't believe tattoos don't hurt. I've never had one. They do. I heard a lot depends paying five dollars plus for a draft there. I don't drink it so I don't know. Is that what it costs in some places to be the same product costs more. Depending on where the Bart's let's see online processing fees at always feels like just straight up scam. I agree. It's just an add-on right. That's what it feels but we're not getting rid of any of it. So they're the what's if you've If you're about to buy your first house wait till you get a loaded. The list of fees that they'll tell you about documentary loan origination fee and then you want to stop them and I did and alone origination fee. Are you not making enough money off of this loan because I saw that truth in lending statement. Why are you charging I? I totally agree with the free bobbins Sheri and instantly get the podcast. The I'm cast and Bob and Sheri Funds is sometimes you come upon a real true life. Love love story that moves your heart and makes you rethink how you feel about other human beings and I've got one of those here out of Kentucky. Oh bring it on a guy named name. Raymond peso his girlfriend was in jail and he missed her and he wanted to show his support so he called the cops and he reported his laptop laptop stolen and when the cops came to take the a burglary report. Mr Pace was real drunk and demanding to be jailed for multiple months. Wants to support his girlfriend who was serving five months in jail and he said I need to be in jail with her so she won't be so stressed out and the COP said this not BNB. It doesn't work that way so in an attempt to be arrested Mr Pace then shoved the officer. Oh boy the officers still was like because he was intoxicated. He was like I'm sorry. Man I can't take you to jail. And that's when Raymond pace whipped out a large Bundle of Drug Paraphernalia Rimon. And then they charged him with offenses including possession of meth heroin and the drug paraphernalia and they took him to jail. I see why the girlfriends Oh friends in jail. Now here's the thing I don't think he knew that it's not college. You don't get to pick a roommate as what I'm thinking. They're probably not even in the same like wing that's what drugs will do or stupidity but but in another way they're six something really romantic about this romantic or really kind of pathetic. Nick you see a baby. This is what I did this for you. Man I went to jail for you I went to jail so you you wouldn't be far away from me and I be there for you. Love me for the rest. The life the motor would a loser. I am went to jail for you. I was married to a guy that wouldn't do anything much less. Go to jail for me for five months so I think this is kinda romantic. Now now she because she's very stressed out 'cause she's locked up which you know I would be too. It's why he wanted to be there. This is like the private Benjamin going to jail thing. It's like hello. Hello I'm here at the jail and I'd like to have you know the same room with my girlfriend. I I'M GONNA be with big tiny. That's not the jail I signed up for you know what I wonder. I wonder film these to have one of those like really wild a tempestuous romances where they can't live with each other and they can't live without each other shirt shared their on half a dozen drugs so I I'm going to say yes to at least part of that but can we not find some like some thread of human goodness in this where his woman was behind bars and scared and stressed out and he was determined joyner there. Can we not. Can we not see any goodness in that. No I don't think so. Can you see any like fragment of goodness in that person. I mean. He's a hot mess. Sometimes stupidity has to be called for what it is. If you thought that you were going to go down there because you you were arrested for whatever and you're gonNA sleep with your girlfriend in the jail for five weeks bears so I don't think you've ever watched TV like you've never seen. The top brain is so messed up on Meth. What's the expression? It's a French expression and it means like two people who were fine on their own but then they meet and they fall in love and they're crazy together. You know what I'm talking about. That's what I think we're dealing with here. Think we're dealing with a beautiful crazy wacked. Love story sorry okay. I'll give it to you. I think we're just dealing with Some people that are out of their mind on drugs. It's something yeah something food. There's some kind of crazy love I mean. This sounds like the subplot of Nicholas Cage movie though. Does these the people that they were. They were fine on their own got together and became. Chris launched into craze Bonnie. And Clyde. Yeah they were real real bad. Though People's movie critic is coming up next I'm kite jams Lamar's review sent right to your phone text. Eight Bob Sherrington. People's movie critic joins US right now to review Adam sandlers. There's new movie which is drama thriller getting OSCO BUYS ON JAMS. Hey Lemar Hey. y'All know that Adam Sandler Dan learn I have this long history of dislike. You know. I don't like him and he has no idea who I am. Now right the only thing saying that he has ever done that. I absolutely love is to Hanukkah Song. I love that I think is comedic genius. I just think it's awesome piece of work. I also liked Kim in waterboy. Okay now I do get that. He is a talented guy and millions of people absolutely love him. Just not me I just I just don't care for him. Don't care for his movies movies now. This movie has two major things going on number one. This may be Adam sandlers finest acting job he has ever done and I do think he should probably get some kind of nomination for some kind of award for what he did and and be. This was the second worst experience in a movie that I've sat through in my entire life. So tell me why because I saw Ah James and I agree with you about Adam Sandler and I loved loved loved Kevin Garnett. What made this the worst experience you've ever had in a movie for me? This is a dark depressing and extremely annoying two hours and fifteen minutes and forfeited that amount amount of my life. That I'm never going to get back. Sandra plays Howard rattener. He's a non stop talking wheeling-dealing unfaithful degenerate gambler. That owes rose more people more money than he can possibly pay. He's got this continuous line of BS. That never stops while he's juggling other people's does money and jewellery to make these huge bets that he hopes to win over and over. He does this until he finds GonNa get this big score. They'll pay him him out of debt and he's being chased by different groups of men that are willing to hurt him to get their money. He's got a family that he cares absolutely lutely nothing about he's got the mistress that he's divorcing his wife for and he can't really be sure he can trust her because he's so jealous about her and he doesn't have not one person in his life that he has screwed over and I don't know about you but when I watch movie I have to have one person on the screen that I can care about and I want the best for this is my touchstone okay. No matter how horrible the rest did the people are in the movie. No matter what's going on I have to have that one person that's actually got some quality that I like and then I can identify with twelve minutes into this movie. I knew there's no touchstone anywhere to be found in this movie. Oh Komo News. Good Ball player that he was trying to rip off for the gemstone. You didn't you didn't have well. No I didn't root for him because by that by the time he shows up by the time he shows up. I'm really and I just. And he was in it for his own deal. I guess he was the only innocent person in the whole thing. That's probably true. I I really. I really had to say he probably was but I didn't care about him. I just didn't and the story runs at such a frantic pace. It is so exhausting. I mean you emotionally are just Dr Phil like you've run a marathon but for the actual movie for me. Time stood still. I felt like had been there for days watching this jerk. Destroy his life along with anybody that had the misfortune misfortunate knowing the guy now that being said he played the part absolutely perfectly the movies one hundred thirty five minutes but it feels like days and it was it's rated R. and it has the seventh most F words in film history which seems appropriate as it is the perfect word to describe my entire experience in this movie movie. Okay Lamar I agree with you. About how the pace was breakneck. Don't go to the bathroom during this movie. Like you can't link don't close your eyes. Don't sneeze knees during this one but I agree with you. It did feel very long and I was exhausted at the end of it for all the reasons that you described. I think you've described this for everybody perfectly. I think we've all seen movies. Where yes this actress or this actor of a magnificent job? But I'm so depressed walking out but I want to say something about Adam sandlers performance if hugh agree with this Lamar that character as you described is has no redeeming qualities. He's a bad husband. He's an indifferent father. He's a liar. A cheat McCook crook. He betrays everyone and anyone in the service of himself. He's at completely right. A complete degenerate gambling addict. Adam Adam Sandler played that for zero sympathy and he's an actor who wants the audience to come along and like him. He wants you to like him in every part he plays. There's a little bit of a wink to the audience like. Yeah I'm Kinda played goofball but you know you love me. He didn't he didn't bring any of though he eight. It went into anything. He this is what this. He has an acting ability that I never gave him credit for honestly. This was unbelievable. Unbelievable acting now and not. You're saying my experience is not GONNA be everybody's experienced if you can move this more filmed award dark plot and you don't mind the overall feeling of depression. You might enjoy this movie. And if you're a fan of Adam Sandler and you want to watch him play a very serious non comedic meaty role while wearing false teeth combing you need to go see a guy your life is a shambles. You have no will to live and you're trying to come. What would one thing in? This world is worse than what you're facing on a daily basis. Pay Give this a shot. That's for me this. This is all I can say. Boy Wait to slip my glorious. took out this Lamar score on this is one monster ball. I I want you to go visit your relatives and Bama and pull that enrolled video because what is their reaction we've got more with the people's critic straight straight ahead it's Bob and Sheri Lamar's review sent right to your phone text. Luby's you eight eight eight five shares are. We're back with the People's movie a critic who really admired Adam. Sandler Uncut Gems really hated movie. Yes yes without a doubt. And you're like hey did too. Yes yes but now there was two other people watching it and we asked him on the way out and one of them goes says. Okay now the guy goes horrible. I mean yeah so it's the movie itself but here's his performance is unbelievable. There are some movies that are just made for people who are film Aficionados and seen that yet. They don't go to feel good they don't go to feel bad it's just they study the film. This may be one of those. It's one of them and I agree with you that I I have trouble going to a movie or watching television series where there's no one to pull for and I've mentioned this before the TV show succession I've been trying to get into do that. But every single character from the patriarch to the sons to the daughters. They're all horrible people. And you're just left bummed bummed out at the end of the At the end of the episode I I watch sons of anarchy all the way through to the last season and because they killed my touchstone I got so dark. I didn't finish the last. These couldn't do it. It was just like what's happened. So what else what. What else is going on with you well? Why was traveling? I was traveling over the holidays. I'm traveling around Alabama by myself cars already down there and I'm having to switch cars whatever so I'm in our car and I'm driving down the road and the light comes on and it says your battery is low in your Kief up and I'm like okay. Well I need to get that fixed. And he kept telling me that Eh so I get about forty five minutes from from the destination and there's a walmart so walmart and I'm going to go ahead and get the get the thing so I opened up the key to get the battery to see what kind of battery it is. And it's got the one key that comes out that will open your door. You know what I'm talking about. Yeah Yeah and so. I've never used that metal key so I pulled it out and I thought well you know what. Let me say how this works and so I get out of the car and I closed the door and I put the key in and turn it and it locks the doors. Well that works while I turn it back to unlock it and it wasn't unlocked the car Ono and at that point I realize realize I'm outside experimenting with this and I can see the key battery my cellphone everything everything thank you. Everything is locked in that car and get in this car. No what did you do so I do this for about ten minutes and I. I'm not doing any good so I go inside and go up to this kid and I see the manager because see anything I hit you with well. I need to borrow his cell phone. I gotTa make a phone call. And he's well. You can use my cell cell phone so I use this cellphone. I call my wife and I said look I'm stuck here Nothing I can do. You can't get to me. I can't get the McCall AAA OCCULT AAA. This is the best excuse ever for not going to the in laws by so I I call AAA and go back outside. I have to keep coming back and seeing this kid to see if triple A.'s. Calling me back you know this kind of thing so I go out there and while awaiting AAA I get the key out and I think okay let me try it again so I tried three or four more times than and I lifted up on it and that doesn't work but when I push down in a turned it. It unlocked the car man. This is great this is great so are reaching their and I grabbed the stuff and I go to put the key thing back together and it triggers the alarm so now the car l'armee is going off in the middle of the park and all these people people I'm trying to get it to shut off. Get everything back apart. So finally I walked back into the place and the cars just going. Oh I go back into place I use your phone again so I called AAA call them. I'll tell them do not come I coined by the battery and I put everything back together and I finally get out there. Get their lawn because it was the most unbelievable forty-five minutes I hate. I hate to tell you. But you're that that guy we see at the Walmart yes thank you Lamar. What nightmare that Muslim? The you might be ready for cold and flu season kids. Infants and young children have a good chance of is getting the flu check for fevers with the exegen temporal scanner. Here's Bob and Sheri. If you have our APP which is free and Google play in the lap store. I Apologize For people would've had some problems. It's been a little bit Wonky so we contacted the developer and we were like the APP is misbehaving and the developer said. We're going to push out an update. They push something out but it wasn't enough to continue to have some problems with whatever it was they pushed out. I want to thank all of you. Who have persevered revered and sending US talkback messages? Always draw at least try microphone bomber screaming tap it and talk. When you're done talking your voice flies through the air and lands on the show? Go Yeah tell us something interesting. That's going on in your life or comment on something that you heard on the show. Probably something that I was pointing out here we go. Hello Bob and Sheri Very I just wanted to tell you that you guys are amazing. I'm only fifteen years old and I am absolutely enthralled all with you guys So I just wanted to tell you that Bob drug completely insane vein and share is only seen one and I would also like to tell you that morons in the news is my favorite part of your show and I like this I just have a crappy microphone actually have a gorgeous voice. I got to a bunch of different special choirs with and I wanNA tell you that I get up every morning and type to see you. Listen to the news. I don't see that creepy. ooh Little British a little bit of an accent. Yeah I wonder where she was from is trying to place it. That is voice. That could to be a character actress on TV Sitcom. I wish we could find her because she's a singer. Travels around. Yeah I would love to hear her saying that's maybe if she's here I'm hoping and she's hearing this maybe she'll call us back. I'm completely out of my mind. I think she meant that in a fun way though. Yeah like I'm the Wild Guy at a party that is me yes that is. I'm the crazy guy. She did say you were completely completely. Say there's no room for kind of insane L.. Little Wild you know you can see the party guy that gets in the middle of the floor and takes his coat and whips it around like a helicopter you can say. Hey that guy's completely insane. That's not me so that gives. My insanity is another sort of flavor. Well by doesn't mean it's a bad flavor. No but it's working in that direction I think sanity is overrated. Bob I do too. I do think over in what is sparring. We've known some people that were saying very vanilla. They're very even Keel. He'll make all good choices but super fire. Not Fun to be with right whereas your fun anything could happen really really just anything. I'm that Guy I'm not that guy you're not you don't instigate the anything could happen but as you go through life anything could happen. I think if you take a I'm going to let me see L.. Pick one person that you may know. let's see Eh okay So he's he's very very calm. He's totally saying he's totally Nice. He's totally successful right MHM totally born yet. Would you on a car ride. You won't be with him you want to be with. I WanNa be with you right. Here's why I think Anything can happen and does to you. And it's IT'S A it's a compliment to you. I think you come at everything was so much sincerity. That you get yourself into predicaments. So the classic example for me of your sincerity and getting yourself into a predicament Bob's on vacation. He gets up early in the morning and gets a starbucks goes for a walk in the beautiful town of Booth Bay Harbor Maine a person who is clearly not well begins yelling a bomb trump about Hezbollah and Bob because of his sincerity doesn't look over there and go wow. This person is really struggling. Bobbing Gauges is this woman and defense his inaction on Hezbollah and that is because of your sincerity. That is why you have a hard time with being asked what your plans for the weekend. Candar let me let me address the Hezbollah 'cause that was only certain listeners. With no that it was seven thirty in the morning. Beautiful beautiful morning. I'm on vacation. Got The coffee and walking walking looking at these beautiful little shops and Booth Bay harbor and she just comes out of the fog. 'cause it's very foggy and she goes what are you doing about Hezbollah now. I Hate Hezbollah Blah okay I am anti Hezbollah death to Hezbollah Blah Blah Blah but in a charming new England town where the only thing I can think gove. 'cause I've waited all year to get a lobster goal in this town. I waited all year. I might Fighting Hezbollah possibilities are extremely limited limited. And she so ticked off at me that I will not give her my has my anti Hezbollah planned. And she's just totally my day Ed of regular person would have just kept moving boy that that woman is really having a struggle. But you because of your sincere just said there's there's nothing I can do ma'am right now about his ally people most York sports. What should I have done and you should have offered up a little silent prayer that she would get some help and then go on about your? She's following me me through the streets of Booth Bay harbor by the way she's saying she's from New York by the way. And how do I know that she's saying you know. What did you eat a lobster? You get the cool air here. What what do you do? I wish I was back in Brooklyn and I'm saying to myself Suai Still Bob. Bob Tells her that he has no who plan to fight Hezbollah off even go on vacation. Now she's really off to the races. Who are you do not have a plan seven days as I get right this because this was years ago seven days waiting for it all year long and I gotta do? It is your sincerity. That makes you Mr Anything can happen. Not you putting a lamp shade on your head in so many other areas. I'm so insincere weird. Well that's the problem with transfers singer. You can't Lamar's review sent right to your phone text. Eight eight five sharing and what the People's movie critic had had to say about uncut gems is not to be missed. Not only will we send that review your phone when you text movie. Two eight eight two six to seven three seven. You're automatically enter to win a FANDANGO GIFT card. See You can go see that movie for free there you go okay I have this new story about a famous NBA player. His name is Andrea Egality. Dial IGA DALA DALA and He has won three NBA titles with the Golden State Warriors. Fantastic team and he is now making being seventeen point one million dollars a season but he wants to share a piece of wisdom. And here's what it is. Money is not what it's cracked up to be. He tweeted quote. Life would be simpler in a one bedroom apartment with a Prius in some golf clubs. Money is overrated. Seventeen point one million dollars a year. Well don't we have that study. That showed that after eighty six thousand dollars. You are not one iota happier ear. Yes but I just have to say I'm given seventeen point one million dollars a year for doing something and let's say that I'm putting being in the bank after I had my expenses and taxes. Five or six million dollars. You can't tell me that I wouldn't be calmer you you would have an I and I wouldn't be You might have. I think I would feel differently. You would have fewer worries about your future. Yes and so would people around me because I would be very generous. I think it would be fantastic. I can get would be fantastic to I. Five million in the. I think it would be better than having that one bedroom apartment deportment with a Prius and I love Prius but But you can imagine how that much money complicates your life. Because now he has. This guy probably has an agent eh manager Shirk Blah Blah Blah people with their hand out all the time. He doesn't have to buy a ten thousand square foot house. That's worth twenty million dollars. He also doesn't have to stay in the one bedroom. There is something in between look at Warren Buffett one of the richest men in the world he lives in Omaha Nebraska in the same house. He had for you know since the seventies there's a way to not be crazy and be happy with all of that I am I not right because we don't have five million dollars in the bank. Of course I. We both agree that five million every year in the bank by the way that that would be. Now I'll take just five million right now and then you have to give me anymore. I'll be really cautious. Careful with it Of course we think that because you and I are worriers what would you. How would you change your life? Well I wouldn't have a mortgage for start road and I would not be there's starship dancer. What would you be driving something? That smell better and I would hire someone to clean my house because I do that. And they do is work driving clean. There's some women who would say that I would get a new husband. Something that smells better. That would be the biggest change in my life will be. I'm not worried about the mortgage. I'm not worried about the car. I think that's what else cleans my house i. I think that's what it would do would just free you time-wise wouldn't that's what I would like to do with by. Yeah Yeah I don't know when I see these guys I say to myself you know. It's easy to talk like this because you have the money but if you know all of a sudden you know you go into a time machine and you don't have the money is going to be saying the same words. Maybe maybe. He's really talking about satisfaction. He's talking about I guess satisfactory. It's not that much more satisfied. Well because that study shows that after eighty six thousand dollars yeah you don't get happier. You get more comfortable. Yeah don't get happy happy. Yeah you don't very visible in incredible luxury effort. Oh without a doubt without a doubt you see it all the time very wealthy people who are miserable just everyone feels that they different. I would handle it differently. I do I read it once and then you read it again. I can't believe this is Bob and cherries believe so. You know how drummers are often like the butt of jokes like the punch line What do you call a guy who hangs up with musicians a drummer okay? Like John Lewis. Don't necessarily get a lot of respect in the music world in some cases they do. It's just everybody thinks they can play the drums. Ask and to really play them. Well that is not the case. Tell you something. I've learned about drummers. That's GONNA blow your mind. Drummers have different braids and other human beings I believe that changes the brain and it's a really interesting in very specific to bring change so your brain has two hemispheres right brain brain left brain and there is this thing called the purpose close in that connects them together. Drummers have fewer connections but the ones they have our way thicker and that's enabling drummers to access both sides of their brains were rapidly which is y drummers can play two different rhythms with their hand can play one rhythm with the right hand one rhythm with her left hand with her foot with two feet. That is so difficult for the average person. Do but drummers can do it and being a drummer the act of drumming actually changes the physical the structure of well and in the case of the whom your ears to probably. I always felt because I've known a lot of musicians and I was in a band. I've always felt that drummers were born a bit you were you were drawn to that one instrument above all other instruments. And you just could not say no to the drums. I mean there's a lot of choices that you could have had guitarist pianist. I'M GONNA DO Violin Leonard Whatever but there is something about the drums that I think certain people are drawn to and when you watch a guy who or woman who is a fantastic drummer like there's some old tape bout of a guy named a buddy rich. He was a big band drummer yet his own band. That's how great a drummer he was to watch him. Play with such speed speed and perfection is is. It's all inspiring even if you don't like big band music I I didn't know anything about the guy but I pulled him up up on Youtube once and I found out he was not a really nice person. He was a miserable. Sob as a matter of fact He was always fighting with people but it it was just amazing to see that one gift that he had well here is. This is a pretty strong statement. This is from the team of neuro-scientists and bio physiologists physiologists. Who studied drummers? Are you ready. Drummers can do things that are impossible dream. People was this buddy. Rich drummers drummers can do things you can't and we'll ever be able to do I believe that totally you know what the hardest thing I think for me to wrap my mind around playing the drums that you're doing all of what we're hearing here but with the foot the bass drum is also being pumped you know yeah there. There's so much going on and if you're done Hanley you're singing and you're singing right at the same time right so the drummer's brains are so different there that at the by the time you become a drummer and you've practiced and played played for all those years. Your brain is more efficiently organized. The other people's brains do less. I mean it can do more with less effort than regular brains. It turns out. Drummers are superpower's ness look great. Nobody's ever known that about drummers before no one had ever studying drummers and looked at their brains you wanna see something thing. That's really cool. I don't think you've ever seen this. You can pull it up on Youtube right right now or when you go home You know woodstock original woodstock right. So Santana played woodstock and most people were kind of aware of Santana. But they hadn't broken that big Carlos not broken that big and so. He had a drummer summer. who was nineteen years old and playing in front of a half a million people and the movie makers that did the film Woodstock which is really the fun movie to say? They put two cameras on the drummer. He's nineteen years old and he solos and it is breathtaking to watch this kid do that especially now that you know what you know. You're listening to nineteen years old. The high net is going with one foot based he sprayed is completely different from yours or my old boss. Tom A drummer Jackson. By the way Max you're fully those drinks cringe blue that fast that takes a special. I think your brain is different. Arl Bus Tub was the drum awesome. So if you're a drummer or you have a kid. WHO's just drummer? Butch your head up high. This is something to think about. There's no no one else that has a brain like dumber. I think one of the sexiest things that I can see is a female drummer. Which one of the go-goes was a drummer? Oh I I can't remember. Belinda is really the only one it's always that way lead singer isn't it because she's blonde to make it's all you can remember. Yeah that's I'm going to post all this on facebook so you can see for yourself I think this is one of the shock Gina. SCHOCK thank you. I think this is one of the coolest things I've come across so interesting I have a friend and WHO's a drummer up the toneless. What's cool about it is? It's not just Oh. The electrical activity is different. Their physical brain like if we took their brain out of their head and put put it on a table next to yours. Their physical brain is that while we you send it to meet. Its Bob and Sheri. Listen they knew Bob and Sheri Twenty the Bob and Sheri Dot Com. This is from US News and World Report. These are worked things that you need to know how to do by the the age of thirty if you're over if you're over thirty and you're not sure how to handle these situations you're You're going to find yourself in a tricky situation. Now in that know how to run a meeting this means not letting it run too long not letting it go on with too. Many tangents have an agenda be clear about goals and redirect conversations to stay on topic. That's a tough thing to do. Especially if there are older people let's say you're twenty eight and somebody has said you're gonNA run the sales meeting or whatever you're a sales person and There are guys. They're women there that are fifty years old. That's tough thing to do to keep it going. Make sure it's not too long mixture. Somebody doesn't go off on a tangent. Talking about God knows what. It's only tough to do. If the other people in the room are determined to help you fail. Think about it. No you can be somebody that takes his hand off the wheel and it just somebody is going on and on and on and all of a sudden you know you've wasted people's time I've been in so many meetings in an I don't know if it's just our business that felt more like the person leading it was. We're having therapy. We were having right time. I think everybody's spend in one of those. Yeah also I think there's some people that just love to hear themselves talk. They'll come up with with a point that really doesn't need to be addressed at that moment but they want to hear themselves talk and and let everybody know a brilliant they are. Don't let them go too long things that you need to know by thirty with business how to have a tough conversation like somebody screws up or needs needs some direction. It's possible to be blunt and Nice at the same time but it takes practice because if you go in there this is why be terrible boss. 'cause because I I don't like confrontation. Somebody's done something. That is really not very good for the broadcast house. And I'm the one that has to go in there and tell them what they he did wrong. It's so icky to me but if you go in with this sort of soft ball approach. They're not getting message. It's not effective but you have two modes One mode is too soft and the others Yosemite Sam. It's true that's that's exactly right. That's why I be a terrible boss. You're exactly that it's just I wanna be I wanNA throw rose softball pitch because I want people to feel badly but then if you take advantage of me or take advantage of my company soon joking Baabda district. You haven't been doing your job for a couple of years now and I get added. You're busy I'm going to do it for you or that's it. Those are the two that is those are the two These are things you need to know by the age of thirty hottest. Stand up for yourself but do it professionally. Meaning your assertive without being too defensive. The the earlier you learn how to do this the better otherwise you can be taken advantage of. Women have been taken advantage of because of this situation since the dawn of time and I think those days are slowly over. I can't do this with dogs much less flint. All stand up for yourself but do it professionally. It's true and I think the easiest thing to do is to say to yourself. What is the honest truth that I'm dealing with here? What's honesty I'm going to take honesty and present it to the person that I'm having a hard time with as long as you do that you can't be touched but that's why it sounds so simple but it's very diffe it is it's more difficult but it is important to learn early? You'RE GONNA spend a lot of time. Throw away a lot of time and finally finally how to become A person who bounces back from a mistake. We're all going to make mistakes so don't beat yourself up that you've made a mistake at work. I mean if you burn down the warehouse because you flicked a cigarette in their golden beach itself up but you know we all make mistakes. You know you didn't remember the client's name or whatever you just you can't I can't take that to the grave you have to let I just think it's so good that you recognize and you will be unhappy as boss so much like there's no escape uh-huh I would hate it. Bob would have please. That would be like listen. Don't worry if you screw up. He bought me a bike. Hey it's it's all good. Hey it's Sherry from Bob and Sheri Show I thank you so much for listening to our podcast. We really appreciate you. You're the reason that we do it. And the reason that we're able to keep doing it and I just want to mention that if you hear political advertising of any kind any campaign any race any party adjacent to any bob and Sheri Show podcast. Please know that we did not approve that advertising we did not accept that advertising we are not compensated compensated for it in fact we have asked every streaming platform there is to exclude our programs from all political messaging. Why why because political messing makes people furious? And we're trying really hard to have the Bob and Sheri show via Politics Free Island so please know if view here it. You're hearing it at our protest. We don't want it there. We're trying to have it removed. Thank you so much for your patience. Let's get back to the show for people over sixty keeping the clerk and bring serious complications. Ebert can mean the flu so watch for symptoms with the temporal scanner. Kids quick and easy to use. Here's Bob and Sheri you know when I was growing up my parents and my grandparents friends stayed probably within family for the most part stayed within fifty miles miles of Where they lived people just did not go that far you know? They might go from Connecticut to New York State Hudson Valley or they might go to Maine or they might go to New York or New Jersey but usually most of them stayed within fifty miles of where we grew up and I them find that today. That is so not the case. I mean I've got kids living in Chicago. I've got one living in Georgia. I have friends who live in Connecticut and California -Fornia in Amsterdam just like scattered all over the place where such a mobile society so as we go into twenty twenty. What are the states that people are moving to more than any other states? and which states are they leaving. And there's a couple of surprises. You could say to yourself. Well I bet I know which ones they're leaving but there's a couple of surprises in here. Were okay so which one. Which one are you going to start with where people are moving to it? And Mrs According to the last year statistics from last year the top states with the highest percentage of inbound moves are Oregon Arizona South Carolina Washington State Washington. DC Florida South Dakota North Carolina and New Mexico all very attractive places very attractive. Place it's Washington. DC was always losing population for a long period of time. Is that right. They must-have upgrade. Yeah he's yeah and here are the states that saw the highest percentage of people leaving New Jersey Illinois New York Connecticut Connecticut is rich the but it is a highly tax state Kansas Ohio California That surprised me. Michigan North Dakota and Iowa so there they are. It's funny. How North Dakota would be losing some some people and South Dakota gaining you know? I wonder if some at just off the oil business. There's so many people that are military in the in North Dakota not only did your great grandparents in your grandparents not move as much. They didn't move houses my no they didn't. You're exactly right right. You're right I mean think about like when you were a kid. Didn't you have friends whose grandparents and parents had lived in the same house in my grandparents from when they got married my grandparents. That was the situation you've lived in. What did we just twenty three twenty three different ally by the way or an exaggeration? And that's including as a child. Because you know we. We didn't have much for awhile and we were renting and then You know had a few a few things happened in my life and ended up losing a house here. They're you know rented and I added them all up and who was twenty three. I always wanted to be one of those people where people would drive by and say oh that's the Lacey's house you know even even if we didn't live there anymore. We lived there for so long that we would we be identified. That house would be identified with us. I'm in my seventh house in this city. Are you but a lot of them. Don't count when I first moved here. I lived in a tiny any one room apartment And then I moved to a duplex that Iran it then I moved to a house then I sold. That house moved to another house sold. That house moved to another house. Sold that house rented house and then built the House that we're in that's right. Most of your moves were in the last ten years. Yeah but the only and the only reason I even thought about it was my mom said to me well Sherry. I just don't know anyone that moves as much as you do and I said sure you do his name is Bob. Yeah that's true. Bob Moves as much or more. I've got I've got one friend who is living in the same house that he was brought up and I kind of you know there's a part of me that would love that has not worked Out and I didn't stay put in houses for all kinds of reasons like you move a lottery since I moved because I had kids then I moved because there were no kids in the neighborhood where where I lived in not realizing that even if you lived in a neighborhood with kids none of these kids are coming outside ever accept a trick. So you know like I didn't understand that it didn't matter sadder there were kids in the neighborhood or not. I used to do this thing where I would go home and to North Haven Connecticut. And and I would. If I was alone I was visiting relatives of France and and I would just do a little drive because it had been years and I'd go to the houses that I used to live in there just to see how they look right so then I started taking kids back and I'd I'd say you like to see where dad lived and they would go. Yeah that'd be good so I've got alley and Landon there about. I don't know six and eight and Ah Dad used to live there. Oh you look. We're going to go to the next one now. This Shays House when we had nothing live with Chez all live there too. Okay what are we gonNA do now. We're GONNA go to the next house now. I got about six. Their heads are spinning. Can we go in any of the houses that can't do that would just drive by them. Daddy's GonNa look in there and remember sad things and then the whole family sang. It's a hard knock life. Hey I can get you can do that maybe once right maybe once the affair podcast of Bob and Sheri Odd Casquette. Let's go download the free Bob and Sheri website or wherever you get your podcast Islam and Jerry. Here's a great little story. That just absolutely like hit me all the fields I. I don't know how many people have seen this come across their news. Feed what with the world being on fire you may have missed it A woman named the tiny young who was working as an is working as an uber driver picked up a passenger named Kevin ash and they got to chatting not everybody talks to their driver but The Kevin did so Kevin and Latonya talking and in the course of their conversation. I guess he was asking. You're like is this what you do full-time and all she said well you know I'm a college student. But I'm having to take a break because I o seven hundred dollars to Georgia state and until I pay it. I can't register for my next semester's worth of classes. And so they kinda commiserated about how expensive of colleges and Latonya dropped Kevin off shortly after that. She's got a notification that her bill had been paid allowing her to register and complete her associate's degree isn't got out of the Uber and went online to Georgia state and paid her seven hundred dollars. Tuition bill at all he needed was her name. I guess he had her name. Yeah Latonya said quote literally. I was blown away. A stranger has never done that or anything. Like that for me Kevin. The passenger said just resonated with me. We developed an incredible friendship now and I'm incredibly proud of what she's done. I could have bought. New Clothes could have helped someone out. And what's come back to me has come back back hundredfold. I would do a thousand times over. So what happened next. He paid her tuition. She finished out the semester she. She graduated in December and he was in the audience at her graduation. Oh isn't that fantastic. And doesn't that make you feel a little tiny bit better about about you. I I got a little teeny weeny taste of that. It's never happened to me before I was on the road alone over the holidays and I'm I'm driving home and I got behind a big Red Ford pickup truck at a toll and so I pulled up behind it and this was a lesson to me to to calm the heck down. So I'm behind the pickup truck and it's taken a little bit of time. It's not like I saw the hand go out and then there was some talk it and I'm saying to myself come on man. What do you do? Do you know where you're going. Go ahead use your use your iphone. Don't let's go let's go. Let's go and then finally the guy drives off and I pull up and got the buck and a quarter and she said he paid for your toll and and then you felt like a awful big tool. Yeah I think a big old shine giant just a I'm not a giant tool one of those Small tools that A pocket tool like a pocket tool. You're a bigger man than that. You are no man's pocket tool master craftsman tool. I'm not saying snap on. Please don't repeat any of these as a drop of the book. What does he paid he? I've never had anybody pay it forward. I it was so nice. What is more fun than go into starbucks in paying for the car behind you and driving off and just wondering like I hope? They're so excited to pay. And you do have to drive off off. You can't can't just pull up and go. What do you think your me? You know you have to drive. That would make you. Let's say together giant tool. Yeah uh-huh and what you want to be at best as a pocket tool but You didn't know and now you know and you know what did it change you. Are you going to be different. I am better now. There's a shot that's all we says. That's yeah that's right a little more peace right. That's right very nice person to do the out there or she's out. There was a man or woman. Actually I thank you very much. That was very sweet and now you can go pay. Yeah for for somebody. That's right of course when Bob pays it forward someone follows him down the road pulls him over and says what do you think. I don't got money Mike. Catt Lamar's review sent right to your own text. Eight five sharing body remember earlier this week when you said I don't know why but wheel of fortune it's been coming up on the show. We were talking about Vannes dresses. Yeah something along those lines what we were also recently talking about the fact that we were surprised she had a private plane. Yeah like you're right. There's been a weird so I don't watch the show so oh you said that and I was like yeah. That's a good point it has come up a bunch. I don't watch wheel of fortune. Nobody I don't know anybody that watches wheel of fortune there. So I have that today in history up First thing today a wake up take shower. Look at my phone on this day in. I think it was nineteen seventy five. We'll fortune premiered. Oh but this day is also infamous. Jean what else happened on this day. No and invited by the way Patsy Jack was not the host. Then I who who was shot woolery. Three I guess that was before he had that restless leg problem. No he does for these bills. You always keeps it right by his Australian blue nonsense like that. Any who today is an infamous day in history. You and it's been it's it's never going to be forgotten because it's been memorialized in movies and Blah Blah Blah. Today's the day that Nancy the ice skating champion. Nancy Kerrigan again was attacked. Oh is that right. Tanya Hart her rival Tonya harding's husband. Jeff Gillooly isn't that his name and his band of Thugs Jeff Stone now now he changed his name. Yeah did you see the movie they did. I Tanya I loved that movie. Are you thought it was one of the best movies I've seen in the last five years Margot Robby has become. She played Tanya and she was also in once upon a time. And highly. Wha- Hollywood she's Harley Quinn in those movies she has become. She's in the. A new movie bombshell become one of my all time favorite actress to rubber. And what's her name. Who Played Her mother on Janney O.? J. She he's such a good actor. If you've never watched Tanya go ahead and get it on demand it is so worth like durant. I think it's on Netflix. Snow yet have you might want to check it out. There's a scene. I just read about this the other day because of what you're talking about. Do you remember the scene. Where Janney as Tanya's on US mothers sitting in a booth in like a coffee shop and Tanya comes in with her first boyfriend and She's a teenager right. Yeah yeah mother is rough stuff and her mother. Smoking a cigarette drinking a cup of coffee and a tiny sits down with a new boyfriend and they'd been dating. They're probably about fifteen. I guess as my memory serves me so the movies giving you an idea of how she came up. Maybe she's sixteen so they're talking. The two of them were talking. I can't say what what Tania's mother says but there's a pause and she says so Are you too and you can imagine that was ad libbed. She Genesis through that in there to see if it would work and the director said. Ah We're going to stay with that. Alice it's rough Allison Janney as Tonya. Harding's mother it's one of the best performances I've seen by actress and longtime makes you root for for Tanya even more could've ever rooted for because you say to yourself you know if I was raised by that thing because mother was just horrendous I might have gone down a dark alley here and there but you know what the thing was it so it depends on whether or not it depends on what you believe like Tonya. Tonya harding did admit that she learned of Jeff Gillooly role in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan after it happened but she didn't inform authorities. She she said she didn't know he was planning it or was going to do it and then he did it. We'll never know found out afterward that he had been involved. We'll we'll never never really know what's your gut feeling. Yes or no. Did she know that that was going to go down. My gut feeling is she kind of knew and she looked the other way. Okay here's my gut feeling gut feeling is. She heard some big talk and didn't take it as seriously as mill which is close to what I just said maybe it could have. I shut it down. I rooted for her. She was such an underdog I know. Oh making her own costumes. That's of and she didn't have the Nancy Kerrigan Air Championship figure. Skating at any level much less the Olympic level is a sport of such such wealth and privilege. And here she is she. She didn't look like an ice princess. She didn't have the costumes she didn't have any of you. Don't have any of that. What she had was talent and determination and strength and strengthen so yeah you know? I'm rooting for her. She's been elastic. Underdog totally rooting for her. So I guess what I want to believe is that Koska Luli was a punk and all of his friend he was he was writing on. I heard he made himself into like the big man right. You know if that happens to a lot of women in show business this is not really show business. She's an athlete but women who are very very famous. All of a sudden. Get a husband slash manager. Who's he wants? The one that says without me you're nothing which is not the case so you know. Is it possible. He said I know people. I could take her out of competition Shannon's on us like yeah whatever and then then Tanya would owe him forever and then he is it so i. I'm still on the coming down on the side that Tanya got a bad deal no one will ever believe all of it. No but I I think there is something floating in the air. She probably knew that this guy might do something. Something the only choice you would really have to shut it down. And she didn't fight called the police every sometimes some domus boyfriend I had in the past said something stupid. The police have arrested misuse nine one. One I'm not defending her serum. Just saying I don't think we're ever going to know that's what I said at the top. I don't think we will and the public in history dig never gave her a fair shake right agree. It's Bob and Sheri a case of this show the fun size. PODCAST drops every Thursday on the body shape. But is Bob and Sheri and you find nine. The most bizarre things on the Internet I came across a post inherit is fifteen anti Matt tweets for anyone who's ever crossed crossed paths with a guy named Matt. Why fifteen anti anti met tweets for anybody who's ever crossed paths with a guy they met? I have to say we we have four. We have four in the radio stations. Right now we have. I can think of. There's there's four there's four matt formats that's right. They seem like Nice guys but these women who were posting hate Matt. Sorry let's hear me to read them all right and we go in twenty twenty. We are not talking to any guide named Matt my friend so the new person you're the dating is another white guy named Matt whose parents pay his rent me. Yeah but like. There's something different about this one. My friend there is in fact not anything different about this one. Wow Boys will definitely ruin your life. One boy named Kyle to all Matt's three chats or any variation of Zachary and five any guy whose name starts with j Woo this that that person has had it rough Dating APPs I've noticed Matt Thirty. Financial analyst enjoys craft. Beer and hiking Matt thirty-three thirty-three holding a dead fish saying let's eat pizza and watch the Office Matt Twenty eight if you don't work out. We won't workout cout go birds six one because apparently that matters Here's another one. Have you or a family member. Her ever dated a guy named Matt. You may be entitled to compensation my decade in dating two two thousand ten serial killer two thousand eleven human dial tone two thousand twelve human dial tone two thousand thirteen best friend two thousand fourteen best friend two thousand fifteen slut two thousand sixteen slut two thousand seventeen slut two thousand eighteen guy who compared me to a mailbox and two thousand in Nineteen fifteen guys. Nee Matt Okay got to be careful with this one fun fact your body count. It doesn't increase if you already have previously been with someone with that name so for example my body count this year was one even though why was with seventeen guys they were all named Matt I have never. I'm senior thing I've never dated never dated a minute. I've never dated a matt or a Kyle but I've every woman that has dated a kyle has had her heartbroken by. Is that right. That other woman talking about that Here's another woman. I have slept with enough guys named Matt to populate a small town in Ohio and and and it goes on and on. There's there's like fifty. There's too many guys name mad at this whole foods food. So what do you think this is is this thing I've ever heard of this before. And I mean there are every one of these posts is getting re tweeted like hundreds of times You know because I've missed dating a Mat- I've only worked with mats and I have worked with now that we're having this conversation so many matt serve you. Yeah so you're looking in restaurants ONS. TV What you've never dated one. That's that's what these women dated Matt. Well you relate now and I don't want to sit sir say that I was anti dating because I don't want to hurt the feelings of any of the mats that I know what you would be anti Kyle if you're out there kyle. Kyle is very very appealing. But I've learned from other women Kyle is a dangerous concept. Anything could happen with Kyle. Yeah it's an exciting exciting name. It's an exciting relationship until he breaks your heart. Thank you so much for listening to the Bob and Sheri repoed cast. And the Bob and Sheri odd cast. We would love if you would subscribe rate and review and share it with a friend on facebook twitter instagram. Wherever you go and thank you again for listening?

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