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For your fifty percent, welcome bonus met online dot AG online sportsbook experts, an exclusive partner of the podcast one sports net. Podcast one dot com. Production from Hollywood gal by way of the broken skull ranch. This is the Steve Austin show. Gimme a hell. Yeah. Now, here's Steve Austin Harada Steve out and show. I occurred. I don't make Asian recharge batteries. But just because I am recharging the batteries. We still got business. Take care of. In the meantime, we'll be playing some of the most requested Steve outs and show classics and been locked away in the archives. I got a great one for you this week. And here's my producer shown to tell you all about it readings and welcome to classic episode of the Steve Austin show producer, Sean bringing you episode number one forty one with superstar Bill Dundee original air date. August twelfth two thousand fourteen Steve's got a lot of classic. Memphis wrestling personalities in his catalog, and I think it's definitely important to revisit that territory and bring those out here on the classic episodes because it's isn't really cool stuff that Steve hawks about with these guests. So you might be hearing some more of those as we go along. But for this week its superstar Bill Dundee wrestler that was very instrumental in Steve's development in the. Texas and Tennessee. Territories working under Jerry Jarrett and world class and US w way. Bill Dundee a big start his own right in that area. Having many epic battles with Jerry Lawler either across the ring or as a tag team, which will talk about just a second here. But you've got to catch up with Bill Dundee here on this episode. Get some of our presence in the late eighties in the territory as well as a manager in does w in one thousand nine hundred three for Lord William regal. He was known as Sir William back, then but Steve definitely talks about as epic feud with Jerry Lawler Bill Dundee was also in a scaffold match. Not found thing was the first Catholic match, but it was definitely one of the earliest scaffold matches that happened against none. Other than cocoa, beware. Or as he was known as KoKo ware. Also, see talks with Bill about the to below concession stand brawl as mentioned Bill and Jerry Lawler are often adversaries, but also tag team partners. And in this, particular instance, the duo took on the blonde bombers Larry late them and Wayne fair. Better known as Moondog spot and the honky tonk man in epic event known as he Tupelo concession stand brawl, and this was nine hundred seventy nine and if you could find footage of it on YouTube, which is out there. It's quite the event commentated on by the legendary Lance Russell, and a lot of people say that it was kind of one of those small events that set the course for EC w at hardcore wrestling, as we know it today just crazy brawling all throughout the concession stand. And there is tables and stools and mustard being thrown everywhere. So she check that out Bill Dundee awesome wrestler, and he is the guest today on a classic episode of the Steve Austin show today Steve Austin history today being April twenty third. We started off in one thousand nine hundred two and Bluefield West Virginia. Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes, feta WSB TV champion Stevenson. And Larry's Visco in a bunk house match in one thousand nine hundred three amount. Julia, Tennessee, w w NOAA tag team champions. Steve Austin and Brian Hillman defeated out because they Ricky steamboat and Shane Douglas. No, they defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell and too cold Scorpio. There you go nineteen ninety-five in Atlanta, Georgia at center stage. I believe could be wrong on this Steve Austin with Colonel Robert Parker in his corner defeated Jim Duggan in a first round match for the US title when Parker grabbed Duggan's foot as Doug and hit a back suplex into the ring into a bridge. And did the whole wrestler falls on top of nother wrestler and gets their shoulders pinned as they are trying to pin? Somebody else sort of finish. I think I mentioned before that Steve Austin lost his first round match to Duggan. But I was wrong. I think even really lost to Randy savage, but I don't I don't have my results in front of me. I just had this result from nineteen ninety-five. That's all I have. But that aired on the W w main event moving over to the WF in one thousand nine hundred nine in Toronto Ontario Canada in the SkyDome WF world champion. Yvonne, and the big show defeated the rock and triple h and finally in two thousand and one in Denver, Colorado. Check out this tag team match Ray here. A lot of huge attitude era talent WWF world champion, Steve Austin, WWF intercontinental champion triple h with Stephanie McMahon edge and Christian defeated Matt. And Jeff hardy the hardy boys as well as he don't have tag team champions, the brothers of destruction undertaker and Kane when triple h pinned Matt after Austin interfered behind the referee's back and hit the stone cold stunner. And this was at a Monday night raw taping in Denver, Colorado. That is your day Steve Austin history for April twenty third, of course, I got my information from the history of WBZ dot com. All right. Stick around coming right up. We got Bill Dundee superstar Bill Dundee on classic episode of the Steve Austin show. The spring season. Finally here right now most exciting time of the year in the NBA NHL the playoffs. Get in all the action. Sign up today for free account at bet online dot AG and use the code podcast one for your fifty percent. Welcome bonus over to NBA play-off scene. Can anyone take down Golden State? What about the rockets? How far will they go or the nuggets real deal and the postseason and don't forget about the books and Celtics don't sit on the sidelines anymore. Get in on the action. Don't forget to use the promo code podcast one or text bet. Now, two two three eight six six nine received. A fifty percent. Welcome bonus that the bet online dot AG online sportsbook experts in exclusive partners of podcast wants fortunate. Austin show. I'll on your end bring career last belt. He's over thirty years. Yes. Nine hundred sixty four enough time to still do it. Are you still getting and matches? Yeah. She still favorite. Thanks so much. Now, do I do the stupidity at some of the kids do today? I want to what some of them wrestling shows. And do you think I'd know I don't even attempt that man, you know, what I mean the last time I was going to do that bombs away off stump robe-like lined up onto the third buckle, and I looked at. I what am I doing? So I just going back down. I don't know what the people thought that I didn't have to off didn't stupid discipline back man who back up with a guy. Let's go. So, hey, but you know, what you've always rain your career like that? You you never really took any. I mean, you probably took a new ship bumps. It didn't feel so good. But you never went out of your way to to take a crazy bump that was gonna thrill or excite the crowd on a suicide mission. I mean seems to me and the times that I work with you back in the day when I came in to Memphis to Nashville and ninety and you already established veteran working on top Lawler and other people seven outhouses. Mid south Coliseum among other things. But you've always been a guy that tried to learn how to work until a story in the ring and rely on getting over and using sound psychology at a hell of a damn match. And also the business was perceived as being quote unquote, real back in, but you never took stupid bunks. No, I'm Bobby sharing group, man way back in Australia when you came over and Luke for Jim Barnett being Jewish bars. Just like all young Caja for that air was doing stupid stuff, and he comes to niece at video and have so many let me tell you about him a man he should slow down and putting the ever get somewhere where you're working on top. And they mean something then that's when you do your trying to door money. Just don't go out there and have fun yourself. They can still be bumps because he wanted to your land wrong. And it'll be all she wrote. So like that before I got here. Yeah. You can't. It's just it's real interesting. I don't know how much you keep in touch with today's current product. But you know, Daniel brand is kind of really really good worker, but someone cruiser style cruiserweight style worker, and let's high risk maneuvers, but puts his body in harm's way a lot. And now you finally worked his way up to the top of that WWE ladder and now sidelined with a neck injury at a underwent its first surgery and six to go into a second surgery Eunice next couple of months after that first one settles down, but you know, my point is, and I say this with all due respect your brand. But when you put your body online, I've said you get your prime making years sidelines. You know, as well as I do Bill when you ain't work, and you ain't getting paid. I don't know what the current system is. But back in our day, if you didn't work, you wouldn't make no money that you wouldn't make money at eight like nobody's gonna come over at hand, you some groceries know it was too. That's exactly what it was serving. And the guy I work with most viewers, you know, with Jerry Lawler either. However worth right. And he didn't want to do all that silly stuff. Either to me a fine. Head says in a drunk was pretty big for what we did. Or you may think the backdrop over the top rope. If you'll remain doing that in Atlanta on the full you back into the rope guy the top, and you'd think the bump thrown into the forward something like some of them today. They have landed on the full well look at old Bob eating. There's another God fire maneuver the way back when before anybody else who been heavy can hobby tourneys Nagy loudly walk. It's just catch it up when you get around fifty man. He's one of my favorites of all time your son in law, or is he still is he still your son laugh? Yeah. Basically, I don't think they agreed. But this still still can't get married yet. But you know, the the midnight express, and he'll specifically not one of my first TV Donald from him in Atlanta, Georgia WCW, but see pretty snow up right now. And I've heard he had few hard issues as well. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, the lifestyle, you know, would just do back, and they some people need more stuff. Another. Drinking with probably the worst thing that we all did whiskey will view, whatever and you have to slow that down. I mean, I'm seventy instill getting in the rain doing the Lindley stay would two hundred ninety pounds of solid stealing sex appeal Fassino fail. You bet. So I mean, but I enjoy what I do. But I will not work with an eighties. If I get the show, and I don't know anybody say, hey, brother, have you seen? My this is what we're going to do. And that's what we do. Nothing stupid. I don't so I heard him, and I'm the seven me. But mill with all the years that you've been around and you started what was sixty two sixty four sixty two your. Yeah. Well, kind of a sixty four was basically when you when you know, just getting going to do sixty from bottom it came to us. Right wing jobs for him. And then you got noticed in work in Gaza over on television. And in a very was noticing. Brought you over both of my question is Bill through everything you sane, and you know, back in a day when I came to US nebula, you know, drinking a little bit of beer, and that was par for the course, I mean pretty much in necessary to story in about every car, you know, the guys drinking beer on the way, the next town are unaware home. Actually, everything was one shot. I was based out of Nashville, but as the years went on things escalated and announce sudden, you know, you get introduced his appeal there. There's a drug here this that whatever you're seeing most of the saying a lot of guys pass by the wayside. So what can't you? You know, going solo. How were you able to resist temptation or were you always just hey, say, no to drugs guy, because I know you'd have your drinks because I had a few beers with you. But now seventy years of age, you say a lot of guys a lot of stupid things. Right. But I always enough to have an office job where they were noticing in the hangover or whatever they were doing I to be office. And then you go home and eat lunch. Get caught and you drive through the town Monday only Memphis with Monday night, really will be an asset. And when dad until Thursday once a month, thanks to interrupt arena or spot show will Friday Jones Lord of Saturday night and Memphis TVs anymore injection on the way, home something. So we have technically stopped when I say we Jenny gut and build undead because he didn't go to the town. I did. So we would have had to do what we did Lawler would only come Memphis Monday and Louisville in the Gulf. So I was the workhorse to this day referral long time twenty four seven and. Remodeling. So I didn't have time to do this stuff. Now, I like doing the and just like I thought I'm going home like everybody else. But I never read. I have unstable stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Not not own stupid stuff. Let's put it that way. I went to somebody said, hey, do this. I have done then the negatives known like that kind of feeling so the other stuff is white stuff with some things you stay awake. But anyway, right. Yeah. No. I never never never it. Never feel the need to do that every day. And I've seen guys do every day. Yeah. And I have to you know, and they'll get room I've been around horn, and I talked very openly when I was living loaded fast. But that was a short period of time, and I didn't see any long-term future in that. So you know, I was always more kind of in the drink in crowd. Hey, one of the things that I really wanted to talk to you about Bill because I was thinking about starting this conversation of the minimum ovens superstar Bill Dundee guy who had a tremendous influence in my career. And you know, I read your book, and I've got it right in front of me Monday and wrote a book. About two years ago in a sense. If you don't want the answer, no ask the question is built on these life story. Man through the career that you add, you know, back today born at Scotland and ended up over now straight. I always thought you are from Australia much. You've been a farmer. A cowboy you join the circus. You started training for basically, it was shoot fighting back in the day got the business appro wrestling back to the circus. And you've taught so many people had to work over the years. I remember that when I rolled into US wwl territory, I guess the name of just change in Jerry had just brought Fritz out in Dallas. And I come rolling in mid south Coliseum, and I was greener than grass had been working too much. And it wasn't very long after that. I started working with a superstar Bill Dundee himself. And I'll tell you what you know, the deal Bill because what are you? You're five seven you said two hundred nine pounds twisted steel, right sex appeal an idiot like me, and you've met a bunch like me. But I I think I think it was a pretty good dude back in the day. But I come in ignorance. Six one six two two hundred and fifty pounds former football player, I'm thinking. Okay. I'm not bigger than this guy. You know, I shouldn't sell this or or this out of whatever. And better knew how to work a high spot. Chris Adams told me how to bump me about to wrestling holes and arrest is, you know, his own job training, and you were always very very patient with men very giving in the rain, and you always got yours, and you always stay well as a testament to use day and over for over thirty years. But dude, what goes through your mind when you get in there with a young crowbar like myself and his like, okay here, we go again. I gotta show this kid. How it's done it mayors either the people you had the biggest Allegra you wanna say skid me, and it was skid me a deficit Vic dick vested falls on the. It'll just accidentally. I mean, you would solid muscle. What you do fifty? Yeah. Give it to Nick. Yeah. And I was to the best to tan on Aretha was a monster. So might hundred pounds. Raymond people say wow, restrooms wrestling debt, when you opponent ways, you buy seventy pounds, and he just tangles your ass. It's very shuttering. And when you we do the double Abba year was going down or me. I got the worst of it because I was on a brick wall. I mean be very gentle here in very careful. So you just careful, but we didn't do stupid stuff. Yeah. We Hugh a little meal and some things yet 'cause he was trying to, you know, used to getting going and things it invaded was awkward new was an awkward me after four years in the business. She can go to somebody and say, hey, this is releasing the one you start you think yourself, I'm never going to get this. And then they just hit you off you go and you become a star someplace and maybe worldwide star. Did we think that would happen when you come down the Texas? No, we were you know, with a while this kid doesn't feel somebody. It'll be a wonder, but anyway, you made it, and he we are not not not just kill somebody and rain but kill a damn territory. You know? That we was going to the same towns every single week. It was the same downs over and over again. And that's the thing that I loved about breaking into that territory. Was you were forced to learn to work as soon as possible because you couldn't work, you know, like Iraq right now, the WWE, and I'm not speaking to spiritually I'm just talking about today's system versus the other system. You're working that weekly territory WWE is a giant loop. And you might be thirty sixty ninety one hundred twenty days from getting back to that next town or in close proximity you had to change your match up every single night of the week. And if you're in a program, you Dave had to change it up every night of the week. So that really helped me get up to speed was all those downs after another right? And and they were the same lines. Memphis, Monday, believable, which hymns neat Evans. Danna was Wednesday Thursday once a month was elected in Rupp arena. Tupelo Friday Joan but a Saturday night and sometimes spot show. So we was going to the same half a dozen towns and everybody got rich Jarrett goats figuring that you built the seventeen thousand square foot house. I gotta I gotta ask you the question about the seventy thousand square foot house 'cause you're in your book. You talk about the big house on a hill they caused a lot of heat within the territory. What was the story behind the big house? Well, mother said he had an illusion from Bill ego. Everybody's number build a new house watch when you start making three dollars. I mean, you've done it you paid off your little one your head. Then you move still bigger one. As we go more successful with the house, but vigor is a natural progression. Everybody does that I start off a little bedroom. One with Jamie and his mother and his sister over hendersonville and the Buddhist part of hendersonville then worked up to a bigger house on the hill up there nothing Jarrett's, but just about a mile from him. So we kind of got to the bottom of the hill. So he said he was going to build a house and he designed to give the guy credit. He laid out the plan. She went through an architect. He do the whole thing from go to he designed. The whole thing. And it just seemed like it got bigger every time you went to do something to then it ended up a monstrous thing, I mean with the actual party has maybe lived in with seven thousand square feet, but he's offices in these bone room. And all the things that was around, you know, the house itself where three bedrooms, the kitchen bath and whatever else and that was about seven thousand square feet. So, you know, and as journey longest build you build one ring that and I built the Jack would get mad. That's in good old days. If you said that no he'll make jokes about as long Bill big else. So anyone can sell that they're dying. I think the guy went broke to pay for it. So you go his money back. He had everybody's happy, and we still talk, but it did cause a risk because at that time that Jerry Lawler was a partner would Jerry, Jerry. And obviously he felt like he was getting this nut the short end of the stick. But the short side of the payoff where I think we know was back in the day. They go the first bite of the apple swell. Fish where they've kinda screwed up you had a housewarming Barbie. And he had Bobby bare saying they've and he had the Nashville thinking simply come brave music country singer the singing for him. He's wife wanted the orchestra. He's invited land throw through Bill Dundee, very Lama standard. Steve the federalist ones on the believe over to the all the rest of the so when Lauren showed up he you could see the look on his face that he was pissed off of our day long for two five minutes half as much as Jay office part. You know what I mean? But so that was when he went back in a guest his noodle wheel work in. You haven't Jerry got together. The main another deal and become more big partners. That's all ended up with a seventeen thousand square food outs. But the one he hasn't Memphis now. But I think Vince both that one is pretty big nice played down here now. But it was a great story. Bug because it was a real I open it for Jenner. And a power play. Because Jerry Lawler was going to split off and less y'all could have a come to Jesus meeting in eleven level of the play in phila- little bit, right? And we were at the TV that they ain't nobody was saying. What happened lower had everybody on hold on hold. There were in Memphis. But the region we knew about it. My daughter is dating Bobby hip, and you know, Bobby he's one of the nicest country ours people, you'll never be around still a fault. And it was really felt that he did this because all of us don't talk to nobody till we get the meeting with Jared. Well, Bobby guilty. I guess fails Donna, Donna tells mother so Beverly caused Jared and says Jerry Lawler is going to take your territory. They don't have enough range to take my territory. Okay. That was the start of that. So he talks to me. He said you about anything going on? I know what happens. Well, Beverly just called and say they're going to still therapy from under. Well, I don't know. So he's thought galling people. Nobody's anyway on the voice showed up in Memphis Lanson, Jared, Jerry Lawler, all had the meeting the TV's. They get their stuff all soda that. Who was getting who yet what the shafter usual? I didn't get none of that though. On the part, there's still work. But anyway with all right. So they go together the kiss the mid up all the boys showed up, and it was longer. Jared promotions news do it right to get your backyard. Ready for entertaining. We do it right to with everything you need to create an invited space and save at the same time make mistakes, keep your guests coming back for more and save with fifty dollars off select grazing smokers. And so plans to come back every year pick up two and a half court Perennials now three for twelve dollars. Whatever you need to get back yard. You're proud of do it right for less. Start with Lowe's. 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But it was in a time when you were came remember the territory was, but you said red mass dean and Mark Lewin really helped you as far as the psychology of workin goes what were those guys able to teach you what day press upon you? Well, perfect. Perfect day. And you know of what they thought I was little red mass steamer small from fit and what Kim do Australia courtesy Kayla. Mark Lewin killer Kowalski, while the lawn Eric, you know, that was the type of heels, and and read was a little bitty one ready made on on little bitty for the rest of them. He was probably five stay in two hundred and fans to fifteen at the most he he would say they'll you can't do in their same thing. Just explain you, and let them big guys beach around draw Albert doing it. When even though they're working if they told on do 'em, so many bumps in if on slamma guy to fifty it's a little hard for me to do that lasts up and just really through the met. And you've seen it done. People follow slammed her, you know, say with that he'd pick for the inside the drive through the Matt I wear bombs all that swing a little. And that's what the says it don't take the semi bumps and don't let people do you? So they were very good at that. And Martin Luther and he was it was asleep. Home. So there's nothing real dangerous in that he shot, y'all. Right. And then behind you for sleeping with it. So, but they do bumps when to do but never did. So he stuff, but what was the secret to when you came over and started working with Jerry? You're putting the guys over nostrand. You come over end up, Tennessee. And you're good money. George Barnes comes in. You gotta start off as a tag team. Now, George end up getting homesick about three or four months in. And it goes back to Australia. Right. Right. Okay. And then leaves Bill Dundee by himself and you're not superstar yet. But explained to me what you're in Lauder had taken a hiatus. He was out of the territory when when you enjoy came at y'all got over and got over big 'cause y'all is a very physical tag team with a lot of a lot of intensity. But what was it? What is the key to you getting over that territory at five seven two hundred and fifteen pounds say at the time to get over like you did because I mean, I watch TV today. And I watch a lot of guys struggled to get over. So I'm asking. What's your secret wants to getting over back in the day being your size? Okay. We got here and George was probably six foot even two hundred twenty five two hundred seventy at at he's heaviest BV usually between twenty five minutes. So he he was six three tall. I was five seven in my wrestling Bleacher, probably five seven in the busy who knows? But then I thought it was six eight. The very first time Cristine Jarrett saw me we walked into office in nNcholas had just built a brand new office up on eight driving. Your did move from the Sam Davis hotel. And nobody told last week this week we got to the Sam Davis hotel went to see the wrestling office in federal office. Nick officers of nNcholas embroils unbelievable. Wow. This nobody the whole thing was cleaned out. So this old man what elevate student movies in have ever offer avail, man. What's elevate? They had one of them at the Sam Davis read up the fake would come back. And we waited wrestling goal when it was the restaurant, and this old message does all he he moved up on eight seven, you know, where we have no car. We've just arrived in national. Haven't you noticed about two miles up there get you just have to hear? So we walk up to the Knicks, Elaine. We get up there. And he's this nice beautiful office building that part of town. And you can do that like dogs ball show me he has a fence around it. Those are locked after we got to work for and weaning. Why all this? It wasn't it. Anyway. Why didn't general here? Everything's locked all the gates the doors. So when I went we're in gambling people in the siege. But nobody's they don't know who we oughta with. We're know over the Bill is so Mike Dunkin find comes to doors. I said. Yeah. Do you hear here? So anyway to bring us in. So when we walk into the room where the meeting room which team Jared says little one needs to be a good guy rat is still to be Hugh, whether they didn't know spec that Nick survey in cleaning, and she called Weeden bad, no heels and baby face. But anyway, so she seems to be a good guy. He's stooped you to be back. And I said, no, no, miss Christie Norma ban going. I didn't want to be maybe I should know when you start. It's more than being the he'll so anyway, you're saying no, you definitely need to be a good guy. So I read it and see for two weeks when we got here we to work for Nick. I know God was a speeding Jewish Moulis. Nick. That's my bullet. Nick, you know, Nick would say do you get it from you weren't him? You have to whom God's anyway. All right. He worked holiday race in Nashville. And they went over the before the minute thing DT was so goof still finished hardly had to go say Jones from the people because we wanted to beat up Jewish. They knew he couldn't be on their Asian holiday did a job before people even thought about it back in them days in Bradford restroom, and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, that we're not we're gonna experience. So they wanted me kind of Begbie phrase from day one. But I would you'll ever to seal. So the left me that then when George went home Jarrett comfy news is with. Itching you're asked whether you like it or not well, okay? You want me to do? So let's what we did the interest in can Remy beat up. Eddie, mom, and George me had worked a program where Eddie and told you. So when I hit the ring there not to do it. And he pushed me and I kneel and the jumped on me, and he came they say because I think he's done Tenessee. So that was starting to build on the just build on the good guy. Now was nineteen seventy six. We got big bed. Joan in here who had been a bad guy. Black outfits like leather coat still helmet. Every eight move remarked ruining Australia for fifteen years. So I knew he over this. So Jerry Jarrett this been nineteen seventy six it by entail. You of their you know, what you very smart. So he comes into the big bad Joan league on the switch. You maybe baby as I'm here. I know that but we're going to prepare little devil with you. And he's going to do all the seven and thank you. And you're gonna come in and kick ass, and we're gonna name you the buys into Neo baby. And you're going to wear that they don't have the red white and blue outfit and all so so so what do you think you're the boss so on just speed me the first week was down. There says there's all that you're here. He's not by jail baby yet. So join from Zach they don't talk like that back. Wait it lands rail. If I'm gonna be the budget deal, maybe rich gentlemen, right here. Build on the as now Bill superstar donkey from this day on and people start on the superstar then D because he said it Memphis TV, we are the years later. So he gives you the the nickname superstar and that that made us one. That's just a great day superstar Bill Dundee, and you know, obviously, I have tremendous respect voice. So you've got that going for you. You had a very solid work style inside the ring. And here's the thing. And I think you touched upon a few minutes ago you five seven, but you and your mind, you're six eight, and you didn't take any crap from nobody and one of the stuff one of the things that I really enjoyed about you work as a baby face. You had tremendous fire which you have to have you got to be able to sell gonna have fire. You gotta be a work as a heel. You had a mainstream Europe cocky arrogant, and that's many especially kind of coming out of a five seven dynamo. We have the mean streak Steve earned smaller move everybody. You know, how it is? No able when did you when did you did you always have that tremendous work in punch because I go back to watching all of you work. But I love the battles between you and talking about louder a little bit. Because you gotta go record say, hey, man, you if there's no there's no done day because half of your career was done D. Another half was Lawler and a pivotal part. You guys he's played in each other's careers and such a tremendous feud lifelong to thirty year feud, how did you get that work in punch? So damn Chris. Whether it was the left or right. You had that thing dialed in twenty four seven, and there's a lot of people you watch the show today. And you don't see a whole lot of textbook bad ass in bunches. No Alana had one thing. Yes. It was saying that we, cultivate them I think on each other. And we never really what would you say? If we spotted one another role Sobe, nobody big-screen nobody came back crying, and nobody made. May win the million. The thing you do the look on your face. You can tell when the guy he's been spotted. So you just I just did it. I was always prayed good when the right hand nuts hot with a laugh, but I'm a southpaw anyway. So like buff. She I have south fault style for them. All right. And I have no real last. I couldn't knock yet when the last hand by Mr Hager, paying their okay? I just have no MAC. It's all right. I think it was just that show ways working to. But how'd you put together you your style to work because I mean for a large part of your career was basically standing Brolin, but you prided yourself and your restaurant skills as evidenced by many of your your matches with Tony Charles you love to wrestle. But a lot of your part was was stand up Brel at you know, a lot of that was lower because that's the way he worked. So what what what was the true Bill Dundee style? Because you can do it. Oh, what did you prefer? I think Irene enjoy the national Billy Robinson Sony, Charles. And and and the last thorns and all the guys that could. Actually do that. That is a whole lot most need, Nick bumbling commission. This is how you can get the people I work for bottling gold in Lexington. Kentucky refereeing seventeen thousand dollar house back in to obey. That was a lot of people. We were not. So this is finished we wrestle for forty minutes. And we'd break, you know, he pushed the guy in the ropes you get back and break in each back and breaking we'd shake hands. And we did all the things that people in being half ass. He'll yes. So just wrestled and Kanter hold than we'll behind take another van covered up with LA everything. The finish was at the time to go back in back into ropes put my hands up and stand back, and he went whack then I went one two three, and we had a riot. Then we're still much into enjoying the wrestling part. So if you give it to them they will buy and that was the finish of you. Did that debate people laugh at you, this'll another work, but it will work if you have the people if you're over and they're buying what you said war you brought up the name of Billy Robinson. And I've been around with some questions for him because he was a guy that I was never around never met him. Didn't didn't even catch his body of work until literally Bill about six seven months ago? And I'm watching every single thing. I can't on YouTube on this guy. He was absolutely incredible. And one of the probably the best catch wrestlers of all time. And also heard he was a bad. Stick would if you know he got into ring, and he was extremely tough, but gut dang what a worker and a mad that I missed so much of his work. Tell me about your message with him. And also about him as a person where Billy was one of them guys. It was X Ray a lot bigger than Billy looked right done guys. Just eight he wasn't. But he was a big guy. It was six to three and through forty five to fifty and shaped he just never nuked until you within the ring with him, you know, he's hands and he's rich wish thicky big hand. And he could wrestle that. He could be anytime he felt like it. But I would have like a little bit MU I haven't I'm going behind. You obviously hit another seen him helping fun and the rain behind an. Here. I would come. I been there yet. You know? And that was kind of the joke with me and him. And that's how he was. That's how good he was. He could be working, and I could be shooting. The eleven binding it to down to did. None of that stuff. And and, you know, just yeah. He was unbelievable worker, and you never had no problems working. They say Brett Martin is the same way pretty tough on him. And they ended, but he does favorite for the guys in the rest of the business. And no problem real tough guys. Don't have a problem. There's the notes work. Right. You know what? I mean, you it really was reading for the title of Megyn for the Bill to do whatever. Okay. That's great. No problem. He had no problem do nothing. Anyway, the hell of a lurker and just the way he would put hold on your get. He would put holes and get you out of in the news and people that. Wow. That was great. But he did it all only Joe there was another one the thing about the, and you know, I remember when Steve regal I came to WCW, and I think he was influenced by a lot of Robinson's work. And that was happy stick, and you know, back in the day when when you worked with Steve regal as Lord William. I mean that was what Steve did for seventy percent mismatch is was put a lot of green gas. He was working with and hose reverse put himself back on it. Basically be Steve wrestling himself with the body of another person, and he'd make them look like a million bucks. Now back in the day. You guys could all work, but when you work with Billy Robinson and in probably to a large degree the the whole roster. There wasn't too much said and ring other than here. They're high spot because it was all work you fill in the gaps guy. Puts a hold on your versa. You start working at hold with a Billy Robinson. Was it the same thing? I mean, all of a sudden this guy just switching you in and out and hitting your grant. And it's kind of like, you stay loose wearing jerking year round of your whatever. Many in tech to handle off on your and he goes by drunker rose from the handle locks fins around in front of. Fronts take locked in like, he's joking. Yeah. You just go with him. That's the guy to like, you know that. Well, you know, what's anyway, that's that's basically looks. But most of the they don't know what the wrestling part is like you go him up before Daniel, Bryan. He he started down. They then Davis VW and the heat was something else. And it was his name Williams. Randy HALE taking over pro or whatever it was and he worked. Yeah. And and I'm like, the watch him means one of the few that I actually watch that they may be it's the size. But anyway, he's very good at it. And he can do it just doesn't seem right. But he can do it. Right. Hey. So what was the spark of our the the beginning of what would become, you know, the the Lawler Dundee feud, and it seemed like every time I found a lot of you a lot of your matches. And at the end of this interview, I'm going to give everybody these matches in some of the, you know, the loser leaves town match. I mean, just a an early match a much of stuff that you guys did. But what was it about you? Lawlor that was so intriguing. We weren't even in level one another they'd we have respect for one another professionalism. And what we did both get in the ring of what he did. He was always a hell of a talker. So he wanted to be the big technique was the big though, he was the king irises superstar canes have got to have a couple of smoothing superstar. Yeah. You know what I mean? So he kind of liberal that. And I just said, okay. He's the thought doggone the next of. So and we wasn't love one another and Jerry Jerry would go into anyway fire or something one another. He was very lawless if either, but your jacket or something then he would go along and say he done be thinking ground sups just silly little things like that. So you're going to the ring thinking that son of a bitch like my jacket today. Oh, they, you know, just he kept us a kinder. And there was a reason for that Jimmy Hart show me the law Jared lady, they should I have to keep logging. Dundee Parker the ever got together and to prepare rate. Rick take we have enough planes to do that. Even when he went over to Vancouver. The things he never came and talked to me he lost. Everybody sent me. So I asked him after why didn't you come and talk to me like you did everybody. Else and you say well new jokes. Boy, you had when you're talking about money and points in enough that can change right. But I didn't vote the chances. So he just got the crew and then me just figure. Well, he will stay with. What's your? I'm Jay would do this do that to say this to say that. But if it hadn't been for Jerry get it might be the last still be Australia of Shane, call them. They stopped the favorite work. We'll get it took a year. And then mean bond showed up here, and he gave it to six hundred down key back. And we was a forty minute was a fortune. I remember one involve. Yeah. When I roll into US W A and ninety man I was making either fifteen or twenty dollars a night, and you know, the drives and that was probably overpaying me. When you go there when you case, you check it Evansville at the liquor store, we used to cash them at and you should a sixty nine dollars check for the week as kind of living a little bit on the thin side. I used to call that place nutrisystem territory because all the new guys came lost weight because you couldn't afford eat. And you knew every buffet was in town. But let me demand that made you I know that we all say them store, you mean when I picked the circus right back, and we never Richler remain with the fed is whenever it much money. But it makes you what the dollar does for you. Oh, don't let me probably read something Tommy easy. Come easy go and was like, it's never going to end. But it doesn't oh I had hours go on record saying, and that's what I was making it. And I remember I went back to Texas to turn hill against Chris Adams and Wednesday. Brought me back. He gave me a hundred dollar night guarantee. And that lasted for a couple of months in the territory took a nose Davin. We went back to win. It was that he could form to pay me. But when I look back in those days riding up down the road with guys that I was ride with at worker with people that I was and you know, that's that's almost there's different periods of your career where you're just learning, and it's so fun because you always wanted to be a pro wrestler, and then you start to get kind of good at it. And then you really enjoy that part of it. And then you kind of start making money and that parts good too. So all phases. Whether you're starving learning making money or whatever was a blast for me. Just because I love the business, and I'm sure it'd probably has the same for you. Yeah. I used to go to repay back in the day that was all work to and the way the circuit turn on the phase. And I went to Charlotte boxing. I was always a little kid. I live like a garland long AM free face. But anyway, I go and say, oh, that's a lot big Bassett Irish stand in the crown, and they pick me I go in look the bully. And then when the people that was actually paying charming to could never be guy, but this working in Newark daily Roberson type guy. Originally who can live the big guys and say down, and they were leaving three bucks back then. So yeah, I did it never money. But it's good stuff to talk about today. It's a good education. And I was watching the imagines on YouTube, and I know you had several scaffold matches. Now way back in the day. I can't I think it was nineteen ninety water to the great American bash. I got bumped into my one and only scuffle match with Pia news and Terry Taylor. And turned. There was a good worker. Pia news at close to four hundred pounds had no business on a scaffold. Bobby? Eaton was also in his mashed the Greenwich workers of all the time at a super sweet guy. And in my myself. I got no business being on a scaffold. I'm not afraid of high. But I don't love heights either. And then what they had Bill. They sit the wrong scaffold. So here's the reason and Dave Meltzer called called this. The worst match of the year worst worked match of the year when when you got underneath a scaffold. They had set the the one where. The tubes. Were so big you couldn't wrap your hands around them. So that totally eliminated any kind of thing where you can hang from the scaffold and have a little jeopardy and some near catastrophes. We were relegated to stay on that platform. It sucked ass. We have more killed the territory, but you've been in some great ones in particular. I'm gonna give out the time code to the scaffold match. Clean Bill Dundee and sweet Brown sugar, which was actually Kobe where before it turned into cocoa was two out of three falls June twenty-first, eighty two minutes out Coliseum with a referee. Jerry, Cal Hoon. Well, my question is I I read when I got into a circus, you were working with the elephants. But then also I hear that you are trap peas artists watching the scuffle match way. You swing it from at damn scaffold, dude. There's a couple of highest spots where other methods about the dying. And then you start climbing thing like a monkey y'all do a dose, you know, almost fall off. I mean, it was a hell of a damn scaffold match to what I'm saying. So how'd you feel no saying well let? The rephrase that that's a p August. I did Helifrance then then wasn't guy. I said it's not hard to learn who say would you like run it this gills bullet one of the moon brothers. And I said, well, yeah, I'd like to get up there. So when you're up there on the ground moving up, it's like the travel. It doesn't look so high until you it up there looking down generally not little platform, and the show me the thing we bring in legs back, but want you get the answer go into catch catch. You did I did bet three days of that that would might so fees. I said, I don't think I want to be trapeze artist I almost salts and all the same things, you know, you can do some things, you know, you can't. So when the guy wrote in the program in Memphis, you say, well, what did you hear the circus here? Well, I looked after the elephants, and I tried that for the trapeze, and I say the woods try it out and he wrote to his office. So reading artist means you can do it. And what I did. We were just learning. Let's cover about the scandal. Was we Brown sugar? For a second. Do you? Remember that match. Yeah. And as a pretty stiff kicks in on that thing too. I mean, it was a it was a great work. It was a damn good match. Did you like do scaffold matches? Because again, I'm not a fan. And you remember the big the one that they didn't w w where road warriors and cornet took the loan, Bob and blew his knees out. Yeah. With gusting though, big bummer to commitment big faster roles in voted Rogers. Yeah. He told me he said well mobile catchy. Two hundred and seventy van of the log fall off a scaffold rummages on the way in Jimmy hit the grand you saw what happened MUI NIA or ankle or something where you've you know, you can't catch human being at that kind of office much less ten feet. I mean, you can kind of give the cushion. But that kind of distance you'd be crazy to try to catch the get I haven't and it will can't. So that was not far not she'd never been best. They wake on tonight this guy walks in he kinda, but he thinks it was his idea, which it wasn't. We'd done twenty ninety. You know, I got into the first one that one relieving Provo how very Janet Toby that him and Don green had blown off a program with a scaffold match. I say the scaffold match it. Yeah. Scaffold match. When did you do in that basically the same you do and knowing he had backdrops and kost Hinton talked kinds of thing. So. Know what you did. Story. Yeah. You said, yeah. Anyway, some I have a tape of somebody gave me a video of it. The we're on a six foot long ladder through six foot ladders and a plank across the top and two guys holding the ladders. They never stood up. They sat on it and funds that well another on green. The bumpy hung off streak down. He's with four inches off the ground that with an I played it on the bus you when we play it on the bus go into dollars. I read the book. I can't remember if I saw the Taber now, but I read it a bug that after you played that tape Jim Duckie for a couple of days. Yeah. So I tried to take him at the end of the scandal that Jerry say did hear somebody gave it to me. Oh my God. He was kind of manage superstar. But he got over it shooting the move but any lakes anyway, hey in Washington so much of the the matches that I watched. And of course, you know, go into TV they're backing date and not gonna that that loop was you know, Monday Memphis, Tuesday Lewisville when she unveiled Thursday spot show and then get on a bus drive, the Dallas, and we're exporting during Friday night, get back on a bus drive to Memphis, work TV sanity morning in Memphis, go get your car wherever you left it. Go back to hotel take a shower or go to the national fairgrounds work at Saturday night. Maybe Sunday we was off and and watch that was scheduled and then go to those. Memphis, TV tapings and watching all your matches back listening to Lance. Russell do the play by play that guy was such a big part in day Brown to a degree, but really Lance. Russell was the guy who was the blue and all of the chaos and the mayhem integrate stores. You guys are telling over there and angles doing the play by play stuff. How important was Lance Russell in your mind to me, this is to announce it. I liked the best Gordon. Silly was the best at common. Actual wrestling. Go behind taking down whatever take away the head. The buddy will follow and all that kind of stuff. He was very good at doing that. But Lance over the best that talking through guy relied. He thought the due to. She's right. But he strutted stemming like everybody else they do live in Memphis TV and Lance week pool. Interview enemy and everybody else couldn't ridden. Top lawler. It seemed like a good. But you know, so. Yeah. Last week the best doing that. And he and he came across his believe. Over. What did he say you believe and another thing, you know, when he got a guy there who completely couldn't talk? He would almost ask the guy questions in an ace room for him. It was a real art. And a goes absolutely incredible was one particular show that was dedicated to the loser leaves town match. I guess it was the one in eighty three you'll basically spend all show, and it was y'all at the announced desk euro beside Lance, and it was Lance and a Eddie, Marlin and Jerry Lawler lot attention. You guys going back and forth in a couple of parts. And there's another seated session where you guys are going through the paces and tell them the story you didn't give yourself credit in the beginning as maybe face promo. But as a heel promo, I really thought you were bad ass because you had that edge. You had chip on your shoulder. And you're talking a lot of shit, and you were backing it up and up saw. I think your he'll promos were outstanding don't know not fill as a heel. You talked a better problem in. Baby-faced has to when you're kind of going, but even heal ones at the beginning Barnes did most of the dolphin. I renew the thing and yeah. And and the he thing, and, you know, as well as I do think it's kinda like like a movie more making a movie, I would imagine that they've ever made one. But when I was a he'll I became this little fellow Bill Dundee, and I believed in talking little family build on being. That's what I wrote trade to the people who do your work. That was me. Right. I mean, you know, we'd fight it. If somebody say, you sound kick you as as you maybe you'll be in the fight. You'll know you be in fight when you wake up whenever the next day dying laying down. You know what I mean? So yes that not ho I won't with the kind of like I went around it'd be making right seventy world from like being face. But when I was you know, I like meeting the hero winter am I really feel? I can walk baller. You know? So I mean, I think this reliably like woman never had a cost with man never. Even pants look like coming through real fight. But I believed in my head I read, and I think he believes in anything probably walk may never have to find out. So I would talk just like that one thing. I wanted to ask you about mill. It was an interesting part while you're down there in Tennessee, Jerry decides to take the book from you or Jerry, but it gives the book to rubber fuller. Robert fuller starts bringing his into the guys into Nashville and territory takes about six month dive. So you guys need to take do something to revitalize the psych shoot a hunt shot angle, which ends up being the biggest concession stand brawl at Tupelo, Mississippi, how how down was a territory was it and that bad of a shape, and obviously the concession stand brawl worked tell me tell me through take me through this period of time. Okay. Right-footer with Jay Garrett spot that in and not with really well. She. Son, Robert and Ron fuller is buddies. So and so, but he said, I I'd like to take a little interest more in helping run the therapy of when they go to way from negative. Well, okay. So he's bringing these son into the movie where Robert he's he hit her low while night, easy had donor Tanaka against the Mongolian stumper in a main event in Memphis to monsters. Memphis had never seen that type of thing. And didn't really like it. I mean, they're all them too. Big moves who can up in order, and then they're well it would unexciting in Rama's head. It seemed like it was really was in real life. So he had a a month of that. Then it started going down and going down on rob, blah, blah. So very buddy had eaten in was dolphin. She saying well buddy, you want their Robert or do you want me to fail and they said, no he's I mean, he did it's not working and we're losing money and he's going back to Knoxville. So anyway, he went back. With his brother not slummy to Hof through with it. So now, we have lain Farris and Larry life. And as the Bronx bombers Jim saw any Davis is the matters. We're going to Mississippi, and we're were shot everyday in Memphis. So now, we're getting this idea we have learned food. I can do the talking because he's not working for previous gracing, the mornings working for promotion. So he can go anywhere and make EV. So we're going to we're going to do there. Thank the matching. They're going screws their belts when the screws that about so we're gonna get into fight living juice and all the things afternoon, blah, blah, blah. And we're gonna take that. That's great Mike hundred times before we've done big fight and did things to get going, blah, blah, blah, the he'll run to the back there. Bill on straighten him they jump over into the concession stand. Well, we jump over the concession stand. Who now is saying? Lawlor? And he said it, and I will now I don't know officially what? So he thinks the of fickle and he just throws him each Cussing Wayne fares. And I don't think he can't hit him enough because they won the Mobil one another. But anyway, he he dumps it hits the law bans. Now, it's own. They pick something up and throw it back in us. And if you watch you can see the people that under Hermann shoveled and his wife, and they're picking stuff up and running the damn concession stand with it and trying to save ten ball. And whatever else they get. We have a hell of a fight going go with flipping and slide in the floor that kinda with and would follow him down as much as we're standing up, but it's exciting through the mid by himself. But are you telling me, the concession stand Brolin Tupelo was it was it was a word suit? But it was not necessarily quote unquote, played shit happen. I want you got there and y'all just work on the fly, right, technically. Well, we've upon here. Yeah. If we'd gone over there. We're go into fight good. I didn't type. So when Lawler food the pickles, the people who and you can fin it when it's happening. Now were you in that you've been you feel it? Oh my God. This is going to be on real. And then land should shut the candidate. So you can hear him talking to Mike shields. He was with the with the camera very said, Mike, you initially go ahead of a fight going on downstairs, and they only had one Cameron. And so Mike has to get the camera and only show or whatever for the downstairs in this whole damn thing and Lance his commentators come on my bam. Get it to go ahead of a fight. And he's not strong words for Memphis. Yeah. All of you know, back in the day in day. So we have fallen down and fighting and doing all of the things that we need. So then he comes Jerry Garrick he'd come over. And inter me way. He's school you with fighting somebody no pavement. He takes him. Once we go going. Everybody just started working, right? I, you know, we're so the Gary off the TV shirt off if they just route me demolished, this guy suit, he had only just like real fight thing. Anyway, he he escaped with his life type thing when we find any modern guns as you come on here. And then gets me Lawler out the he'll still in the thing and Jerry line on the floor with a rich. Clones ripped off. So that was how we went off a a great show of the nets was Lancet said. Okay. Let you never. Thank you very much good night from the Tupelo arena. So your next week at a close the show. Then you hear his voice black on the television. Oh, Dan like we do. Well, an or just said he thought Saddam up again. Then the camera moves like it comes back on and all that stuff. He worth it. It laid out nothing. They all what happens if we know we go over there, vets with regard to paint nucle-. But if it works it works into didn't didn't, but it works. But let's let's bring back to today's current day wrestling because you said something you about Lance Russell of language that was a little bit strong for TV back in that day. And basically when you go back to the old television tapings air, and Memphis that whole show from men for years and years, and when I was passionate through there, certainly in regards to language that was the PG territory, nobody was Cussing carrying on. And no get wrong there. Lots of blood blade jobs, but take that out of the question, y'all had a bad ass show. So my point is I mean, this logic or this gal booking could still be, you know, a part of today's wrestling landscape because you don't want to do anything. Crazy. Did you just tell them stories, but you presented an a serious shoot. Style fashion. Now, many people knew the business was at work back. Then obviously everybody knows it's a work these days, but my point is man, if you just present wrestling from a serious standpoint, or that's your basis as everyone knows it's work, but you present a serious project a product and not everybody's laughing gig win and a bunch of BS storylines that that gets that's still works today. Right now, I would say harken, here's can I had done this just for my entertainment, confront even say, I'm lift their resin student at know bringing us, and we're sitting Donald's you're sitting there and talk a given. And you could do something stupid. You just snatch them up. Do you son of a big job feet and put him up by the shirt that look like anyone not to have everybody in the low my God because they think the truth and that can be done that way on TV. I mean, we like I said before when lot of crown on. He really thought he wasn't game. I that suit on I thought I was the second coming of Elvis show. We wasn't superstar snow, and and we we we believe we believed. So what we were saying we was convincing people to believe. But I watch him today. And some of the hang of us just that's exactly what they are. I don't know how to do this. Some people say that the Bugden the reading Visser that you've been you know, better than me. But if you're right, you'd be a self, you know, that's. Yeah. You know? That's that was one of the things you sit on when you know. Jared dumps was getting Doug chin superstar. I thought it was don't go by believed in about two percent. So again, I'm going to be critical today's product, and I just I feel for the guys because the guys are missing out, you know, when you can go out there and just add Liber promo in your you're learning how to work enough said you learn how to carry angle, and it's dependent upon you that somebody just telling you every little thing to do and say it takes you out of the zone because you can't freelance and be as spontaneous as as it would happen almost like shoot. And so I just I just feel that organic nature is missing from today's product. Which would I think make it a better product. But again, not to harp on today's system, but I still love the business, but I just harken back to those days when things were so much more civil because human psychology and basics. Good good and bad or not any different. Right. And that's what we we had enough as we had good versus evil and people knew who good wise in the news evil. Why? So. Switched roles. Leeann Bala, and they would think done divas the bad guy. Whatever you remember this Netzer if I could up when they'll give a month ago where we had the first match, and I go Jewish led all over you, the your member what why we did that? No, I can remember. Okay. That has the baby face cheating on the on the heel with that actually taking the heat off the he'll by getting him busted open. You busted, knee over and blade. Oh, a new von here back then. And I just rule that the ring cover them ahead up in jail. He's reading them hold the begging faces end up for that. Yeah. That was what was four. So that was the psychology that invalid people wherever it was at the building that wherever we was. And I actually outsmarted you you busted, open with a gimmick or whatever. And then I get you head and lead on you. And I just roll out and over my head up in the referee. She's he didn't the bump the rest. He's down. He gets up these juice all over you. And it has nothing to do. Right. Oh, you Jamie, a heart liver manage if he commands no he was arrested over we won. Reverse psychology. Those those were a lot of fun days back in the day. So, hey, when when you get known Rhode circus cranking up into weeks web at two weeks that will be the twenty seven to this month on the Reagan. My offspring we Hugh manager for a little while remember them day me doing this. Your new. I want to me on the day. He had a frigging polka-dot pseudo on outfit, a shooting a pair of pants black with big yellow dots on it, and you long long road. I thought. Wow. It was just still simple. He really I didn't know what I was doing. But we had a little bit of heat. I it's your was you know, the the training wheels run. And I was soaking it all in and again, I was lucky to ride up down the road work with you right up down the road. Where does in Chris champion? Then when I went down back down to Texas, you know, random down the road with Bronco Skandar gorgeous air, young never got a great break. But he was a very good guys far psychology in German. But but a really really good worker and could teach what goes on in square circle Dame. Sheer dropped lotta information to me so mad I go back to those days been some of the the most fun of my career thing. Stephen. I don't really know how good it connects. But somebody. Has to like the person Mark moving. And then there the jobs for him. An Australian Bobby Shane near like me and Barnes, we worked hard, whatever they wanted. But they it a shit. Well mart. Why did you? Why did you do that? What's the Mets watch you? And then you learn as you're going along. Now, I mean you along, and we do think we've paid Ponant thump you keep you from killing me. But no, you know, need so, but I liked chin. We along good when you get along medium opponent. It makes it a whole lot easier. Nobody was meeting damage in one another. We just did what we did on a lot of fun and Amen percents you to midday. And again, I thank you for all the stuff that you helped me with back today. It was when I wanna to look back some of those things, I I watch hill. I'm critical of the stuff that I did my last few years in business in WF. But when I watched some of the stuff, I watched with you there Memphis studio. I just cringed. I'm like Jesus Christ. That was brutal. So these days when I'm trying. To assess some talented his new business. I'm pretty easy on them. Because I know how great I was how bad I was how bad I rush things. But certainly, you know, I I live date read the business enough. So that I can pick it up, and, you know, resent a hell of God dang match and something that you couldn't see through right and bitcoin, you're some rooms apparently. Well, Steve, you don't give this because they're you do this because it makes a whole lot easier than finer that a year later dive. Nobody tells you. Hey, kid, right. Here's a heads up. Now. You've got smart. Yup. That's like, hey, let's plug your website right now. And the book is if you don't want the answer don't ask questions Bill Dundee last door. Let's talk about that website. Vero dash superstar dash done being Nash, Andrew pauses dot com. And that's the only way you can get by on say, you want an autograph it for you. Right. Yeah. So if you want it all just go about website and build ask superstar bash Dundee bash enterprise dot com, and you can get t shirts DVD's all kinds of bills drink. I'm on Twitter at build on Facebook. You can find that. So I have a radio show. I do every Friday eleven o'clock the one that's on. Yahoo. Sports seven five AM in Memphis, Tennessee, Friday morning. I appreciate it. Thank you, man. Appreciate you. On the proxy. Geico. Being lost sponsor of Steve I'll show go to Geico dot com. Fifteen minutes, you could be saving fifteen percent of mole car insurance. That's right. Save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Geico dot com extra money in your pocket may just be the most warning thing you do today. All right. I'll give it to you. On the go home cute little wrap it up this week. Make sure you check out podcast one dot com and subscribe to the Steve Austin show. So you don't miss any of these classic episodes while I ride off into the sunset. I do want to throw out a couple of plugs. I still got a beer, it's the bad ass. Broken skull at PA the finest opera, the United States of America. And that's the bottom line made by us Agung. No Bruin company you could find from school live here. Hopefully to total lines living Kelly. 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