The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 834 Baseball is Back!


Eight thirty four, the sleeper and the bus is Thursday twenty third I'm your host posts for joined by Justin? Mason injustice. It's semi opening day today. It's not the full opening day I usually. Don't call. The. The you know single game or two Game Day, but we're so desperate for baseball that I'm willing to let it go and call today opening day you it also is. It. It's an even year. Oh God oh, we're not doing that anymore. No we're not doing. I mean hey, if you wanNA delude yourself who? Love my giants, but they may have the toughest schedule in. Baseball on top of being not very good so. No Delusions I'm not going to be growing the playoff beard, even though I have a quarantine beard going on right now, Yeah, it's it's GonNa be a long sixty games. Yeah. It's GonNa. Be Tougher for both of our clubs. So you know what it happens those in the midst the rebuilds. Let's talk some baseball and we don't have. A ton of super impactful news. We got some bits and pieces here. Actually we got something that. Just happened. That I'm going to put the top of the list here, actually second, you can find it on our sheet. Let's talk first about the The Blue Jays man. Frequently GonNA. Play looks like Pittsburgh felt through now I. Guess They're Eyeing Baltimore. Just announced a few minutes ago. Bolt the orioles have given approval for them to play in Baltimore at Camden yards, and it is They believe that the Maryland government will sign off on that at some going here in the next day or two, so it sounds like they're going to be a camden. Okay. So. Boost for the hitters and. Down for the down for the pictures a little bit, but they're only playing in a tough park, so. To overreact I'm still going to be interested in the guys. I was interested in which is basically just real and Schumer ten giles. And shoemaker yeah, as far as starters, and then Pearson when he comes up so. I think I think that will i. think that will That will still work like I'm not going to run away from those guys. I feel like they can make it work. In any. To the degree that I was chasing them. It wasn't park related to begin with so. I. Think that's fine so okay. Baltimore locked and loaded there you go. Now, you're done with drafts right? No, I've been event tonight. Oh, that's right. Wait. What was yesterday? Yesterday was my online championship. Okay that that was your second main. If that was my main event team. we. We'd already be catching shack and when you know. Maybe put that together that that would have been too good for for fifteen teamer. Okay so you have your main tonight. Are you moving up any jays hitters? No, but I wasn't necessarily moving them down. After they you know after the talk that they weren't gonna be able to play in Toronto I wanNA see kind of where they were gonNA land. Mean, even if they played in PNC, they were also going to be having to play games. likely in in Buffalo as well and and I think they're also still probably going to have to play some games in Buffalo just because the schedule doesn't line up perfectly for them to have all their home games. In Camden 'cause the orioles are playing there i. mean if you want to call with the orioles play. Will be there. Yeah, so no, I wasn't I wasn't adjusting my hitters that much I mean just adjusted. Re You? A little bit moved him up. Just because he's not going to have to play on turf, which I think is going to be nice for him. but other than that really making major adjustments. Alias than me, neither not not making too many changes I am done with drafts, but even if I did have one today I wouldn't be going crazy Let's talk about some player. News Anthony Aska finding goes to the I l.. This is the big one. Got To be honest. This might ruin your game plan to at least one component of it. Molly can be the guy who gets called up and you were doing the Let me get these middle relief. Guys who can get multiple innings in this first week or so and I like it I was actually looking at myself for a head to head league. I'm in with the starts, cap. But I do wonder now if molly will fill, inform now. Molly could still pitch this weekend. I think to kind of you know. Make sure he's not. getting too cold or anything, and then take the spot on Tuesday. He could pitch tomorrow, and for two three innings still pitch Tuesday but I think you're hoping to get a couple outings of two plus innings against the Tigers over the weekend, but let's talk about this specifically before we get into molly How much does this hurt here? I mean it hurts me quite a bit because I have Dusko Fani on both my main event and my online championship team. So it is kind of a huge bummer I mean he wasn't supposed to pitch this weekend. anyways. Yeah, it doesn't hurt this weekend, but he was slated to go. For a double next we start week against the cubs and tigers. Yeah and it definitely hurts. My molly shares so yeah. I'm going to be you know I'm GonNa have to make a real quick decision, obviously in my own online championship by desk. AFANI becomes a cut. this week after After the weekend during Fab and for the main event he's likely going to be a cut a May. Hold off a little bit just because I didn't draft any guys that I was kind of really stashing so I kind of have the depth to to cover if it's GonNa, be short stint on the aisle. It's a Bummer A. Mild the right terraced major strain so. A. Mild strain to the terrace major, not confusing at all. Yeah, I don't know what that means I don't either. I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night, but Often Express What's it called a? Terrorists. The terrorists major. Has a mild strain. Senile it is a muscle of the upper limb detaches to the SCAPULA and Humerus and is one of the SCAPULA humorous muscles it is thick, but somewhat flattened muscles so in In Layman's terms, it is like the muscle under. Yeah, it's the muscle underneath your pack. That attaches to your shoulder. And and your and your armone. So. Yeah that that doesn't sound good again I'm not a doctor. I WanNa preference that you know I do not have an MD.. By my name on twitter but yeah, that doesn't sound good I'm probably probably drop from unless we get some sort of news out very quickly before Sunday. That he is that he is expected back sometime next week. Yeah, I would agree with that. It is retroactive to Monday. So maybe he could return lately. Or middle of next week and still pitch against the Tigers because that's the that's the second start. There is at Detroit on the weekend for Anthony. Those findings, so this is a bummer I. Really did like I. Actually having some leagues myself so I need to figure that out and it. Molly seems super obvious to take the role which means it could cut into any potential pitching that he would do this weekend. like I said maybe the first game they can still pitch. And it wouldn't affect Tuesday. But. I wouldn't be surprised if there was. If there was nothing as far as pitching, so that's a bummer, another one. That's a bummer. Not Quite as impactful, not quite as interested in this guy as the other. That's funny, but John Means with somebody else like you know what people are so out on him for understandable reasons because he's on Baltimore, but the talent was something that I was like you know he's a good pitcher. I'M NOT GONNA. Use them all the time, but as a reserve guy thought hey. I've got some interest now. Going to the I L I have to wait till he comes back so anywhere had them pretty much. An auto cut in any way I was looking at him. Obviously, that gets put on the backburner, so jon means with a Left arm fatigue, so that's a little one of those vague things that isn't necessarily. Damaging to a massive degree looks like it could be set for Let me see. They say he's. Capable the return. During the second regular season series against the Marlins so he could be back as early. Early next week. This is not the end of the world with means. Well see somebody. You were looking at it all. As a really really late play unfortunately, our buddy nick pollock over pitcher list. He's been kind of like hype 'em up a bit and he wasn't really going the late play before the dead arm kind of discussion, and and now the so I'm you know I wasn't able to get him I'm probably not going he. He's not GONNA be on my draft tonight, but he's definitely someone I'll just kind of be watching the news on especially if he is looking like he is in line for maybe to start week. versus you know with one of them being versus Miami coming into the week next week. Yeah Miami Tampa Bay obviously make can be tough, but again John Means town pitcher so if he does get cut and. Will be available next week could see maybe maybe pick him up. Obviously he's GonNa have difficult schedule in that beast This doesn't scare me as as much as like. The knuckle finding one left arm. Fatigue sounds like he just needs a few days off as opposed to something. That's going to be massive. On the positive and Charlie Blackmon who was one of the first. That? We heard about getting Kovin. Rocking and ready to go, so you move in him back up your board for tonight's main event. I know I mean. I assumed he was going to be ready to go I think where he's going is out probably somewhat fair. Maybe it's a little bit low. I think he's going around. Pick sixty five. So that feels pretty low. I felt like that was. Influenced by it definitely why the hell he what? He was a top fifty pick coming into lake draft before the Kovin so Yeah he's probably bit underrated. yeah I probably will move him up my board a little bit, and I think the thing that hurts him is people are looking for stolen bases? And I think there's obvious the obvious fear that he's just not gonNA. Run again, does he? He only ran. What are only stole two bases last night and he was caught five times or two seven last year. Year and that's not good for black men. Make you put that out of your mind as far as the stolen bases returning. If anything's a bonus, so yeah, and that's exactly what's GonNa spikes a handful great. If you go in looking for them, you're likely to be disappointed I went in my role are online championship I went triple Colorado Stack I went and story. Aeronautical Blackman better hope that. Cova doesn't hit them. Like, that's been one of things I've been. Avoiding is stacking players and I did a little bit in. The main event with Washington, but it's something I'm really trying to avoid not drafting a bunch of players off of one team. Just because we did have that situation in major league soccer where entire team had stopped playing and everybody else played, but they didn't play because too many players on their team tested positive. Surprised if he did that where they just the are team and they said they would. As did they said that an outbreak on an individual team would not prevent them from continuing the season. So stupid so just something I'm you know I'm keeping an eye on and being cognizant of that. Don't end up with six players from the same team. In case that one t because then I mean I mean obviously you know even if you have three players if they're good ones and you get hit, you know you're screwed, but I'm definitely being Kaga came out of the rockies. Like Almost win I almost went Turner Aeronautics last night in the championship. Story aired auto. I'm not quite awake yet apparently. yeah. I'm not deathly afraid of that, but Blackman is back should move i. think just looking at ADP sense, the twentieth you know, put a put a tight range on it in the main event, and he's at sixty pick. Sixty eight blackman is with a high of sixty and a low of eighty five, so pretty tight range. I'm moving back up. Let's see the outfielder. I mean Louis Robertson drafted. It's insane. He's at fifty five I would take black men, yeah. Let's see. Well then it goes up to springer, so that's probably the peak as I can get him up above Robert, and then I can bring them closer to the casinos Jimenez Grouping for Johnny Blackman some positive news if you had him his ready to go So get them in your lineup. Tom Murphy. This is weird. How do you acquire an injury? If you're fake player I, don't know it just seems it may be. It's fake injury. We've seen those before. It would have to be right. Okay, okay. That's what I thought. I wasn't sure we'd have to check in with the you know. WHO declared Tom Murphy a fake player many years ago. Because it doesn't seem it doesn't seem like a fake player should be able to get hurt and alas, here we are Tom. Murphy is indeed heard. And I? Never root injury. You know this. Will say though. Fractured left foot fracture. Injury. To expedite the catcher eligibility of my Guy Austin Noah. Now, there's A. It's not all peaches and cream. 'cause one of the reasons I like. NOLA is that he gets catcher eligibility, and then doesn't catch as much will now with Murphy out. He's the primary cause Joe. Hudson is the backup. Part just turn out fake players to catch which makes sense. No one's paying attention to the catcher back there. You just create a fake. NPC of a player and move on to. The cardboard cutouts out there with the glove. Exactly exactly I I do I do like no i. think he's equality. Hinder I thought he was going to qualify pretty early. As is, and obviously this will, this will simply expedite that now the one thing is, it's hard to be proactive on this because he doesn't qualify at catcher yet, so you do have to park him, so it is a deeper. Deeper League situation if you want Nola, but he should have catcher like next week now as opposed to maybe two weeks in which is what I thought, it might originally take and Murphy Murphy. Is GonNa be out for a while broken, fractured left foot. That's that's tough, so it's going to be what two three weeks I think he's not automatic. Cut I'm not holding a a fringe. It'll catch her. For a couple of weeks. I think you hold onto them. I don't think he's that special that. You're. GonNa have to miss a month of the season. And who's who knows I'm like? and. We just don't know how like you know. Everybody recovers differently from things like this and. I think he's an automatic cut. I think Nola is now a very very interesting guy. it was it was weird. Because the way their season lined up, they were going to be facing A bunch of righties which Tom Murphy hits well in so I know does Murphy doesn't righties. Yeah is needed reverse platoon guy. Murphy crushes left. Oh Murphy close to Slam, and they're both riders. That's why I was like. That's why I liked. Nola, those like what he does better against righties yeah, no last year Murphy six fifty three Bs against righties eleven on last year. For some reason I was thinking he was tune. Guys Okay I. Retract My statement. Go get Aaron Nola. Good see to really think AC- TO I don't want to overstate his value. You're going to have to wait until I mean because he's not gonna be. Well but in weekly leagues. You won't be able to use them next week except for an NFC, you can change him out on Friday your so, but we'll get I. mean get him Sunday though. But he won't have four games. But then he's going to cost a lot more the FO. Yeah, Oh, no, no, for sure for sure and if you don't want them this, Sunday and. You can't cut your other catchers. You have to keep you know you have to keep your other guys, and if you have, you are replacing Murphy with Nola then you have to buy another two, so it's a little bit of a process, but I think it'll be worth it. By one by guy for a fill in for one dollar by Nola for a couple of bucks. I just I think he's a quality hinder how much! How much would you spend on Austin? NOLA CACERES The thing. What is the budget Let's say out of a hundred just to make it easy because here's the thing, so if we think Tom, Murphy is GonNa Miss Two to three weeks. That means you're not gonNA. Be Able to use nola at Catcher for the first week and a weekly. That means you're only going to get to use them for one two weeks. I guess you could. Still he'll still. Yes right now. He's. Not done playing when Murphy guys. How much would you spend all your cabinet to catcher? Let's say fifteen leave. Three to five depending on, how bad my catchers our! Three to five said Oh out of Andrea. Yes, so all right so thirty to fifty one thousand dollar budget. I don't think that'll get him personally. We saw Isaiah Kinder Falesa go. He wrote eligible. Yeah. I still think people are going to I. Think you're GONNA need more aggressive if Everybody's on the NOLA. Tip. They will be now. I mean he all should have been earlier. I was already telling you I am Ben. Telling you I got him somewhere Maybe it's my friends. Fancy benefits made a qualifier them there. I, think Yeah I mean. I don't know like if you have to go to crazy again I don't want to overstate is value, but he popped ten homers in seventy nine games last year hit a healthy, sixty, nine, three, forty, two, four, fifty, four for Noah. That's a solid line, and like I said one of the reasons I liked him is that he's going to be playing elsewhere when he's not catching, he can bounce around the diamond, and that was my big appeal there now he's going to catch full time for a couple of weeks, but then when Murphy comes. Comes back. He's filling in in the outfield he can. He can play second base, or at least stand there. He can give Evan White a breather at first base. He can catch a D. H. Opportunity when they're facing. A lefty 'cause Vogel Bug can't hit lefties so I think they'll be opportunities to where he can end up being a sneaky play some Austin Noah. Your might be right. Maybe you do have to go a little bit higher. You're Kinda full up point, make sense except for the fact that he was already, he's already. That's why you by Nolan this week. You don't wait till he's catcher eligible because the price will go up because those kinds of prices are whole areas. I'm sorry. All come on I paid too much for him in Tj FBI. And and I brought it up like remember I. I was in on I love non catching catchers, but four hundred Oh. Oh! I didn't have much paid like eighty. People paying three hundreds. Yeah, that's out of a valid. Some people spent nine hundred and fifty bucks of their thousand before opening weekend. Pardon yeah I mean. It's something I mean we've we saw we saw at least one guy. Spend eight hundred and seventy dollars on two players. The Frick did again. He got Aaron, Hicks and Richhill I was going to say it better be Aaron. Hicks, and honestly. I would have said. said the other one should be rich, so those are the two guys to get, I guess, but my goodness. You better not have any more injuries in your team. Better for it is because you're not I mean no zero dollar bids is is it's brutal for that like I totally have no problem doing that. If you have zero dollar bids, but when you don't. You'RE GONNA have to be very very judicious with the rest of your picks and you've got you mentioned. You just picked up two guys with huge injury risk histories, exactly guy returning TJ and a guy with a massive. TJ Is Hicks by and then a guy with a massive injury profile. Yes, so. Yeah I don't know that I could have done I spent four hundred fifty bucks, but I got like five or six players, and really strengthened my team so I, I. I was torn because I. You know I. Don't like to give up a week in TJ FBI didn't really have anybody that I needed and so I I. I didn't even to be honest. Neither tonight and I still spend. And maybe I should. Maybe I should have just strengthened like the Josh van meter. Reserve put pick on my team or miles Straw could have done something there, but my starting team. I really do like so. I didn't feel like it was necessary. Like Nick Birdie somebody I would have gone for, but he went eighty one. And the second is was one so I think I'd have been somewhere in the middle of that. I probably would have put sixty nine. Because I'm an infant so. Spencer Howard went mine four, twenty, seven, next, highest, seventy seven. Spencer. Howard was not picked up in mind. Because I drafted him. Oh well there you go! That I was like. Wait a minute what? Are you guys not paying attention. No, that makes more sense. Okay, okay. All right so couple more bits of news there. Dustin may reassigned. As well as Brendan Rodgers. I'll get to the one that you added here the moment right after this. Put put it below Rogers. All right, so dustin may reassigned I think the stripling and Alex would breathe a little easier not that he was going to take their job, but maybe that he would cause them to maybe only go like four five innings, and then come in and throw three to four his own. I think now. That's less of a threat. Yes, you could still see Dennis Santana or Bruce. Dr Paul guys who? Look like they're making I actually don't know for sure. If roster resources been updated, I'm just going off what we have and we don't have to on the squad and we do have greater all and Santana. They're former starters. They are on it. I don't know if they're as big of threats to go. Three four innings I think they're more of like to any types I, think the bottom line for me, I'm no longer terrified that stripping arenas and would are going to be heavily curbed I. Think they're going to be able to pitch what they can what they can deliver. Yeah I think that Santana could end up being the Longman here. He's going to be i. just feel like. Maybe I'm overrating. Thought may was at a better chance to be like showcased not for trade or anything, but to be given a more prominent role, and I said take three or four innings at time. This is all about service time like I think they're sending may down. They're going to try to accumulate extra service time, and so I don't know that necessarily changes what they gonNA. Do and I'm not saying that I think they are going to cut a their starters short a largely because I don't know that they have the bullpen to do that. And that's part of it, but I thought with. May there if they? Did and what's up. Down to be I know, but I thought they were both going to be in. was starting to worry about those other guys on slim had shown up late to camp, so we assume some sort of issue, okay? and they sent him down a few days ago. So, I believe may down for a while man. He had thirty four innings. Yeah, they're probably going to have to leave him down till you know like second week of August. So I. Mean I think again this another guy you have to cut you're not gonNA keep. All them. but I don't know that like I said I. Don't know that it necessarily it may change their plan because like like I said they don't have I. don't think the arms to really. Do a whole lot of piggyback in at least in the majors I don't see I. don't see the in the three guys in question would be stripling oriented. bueller would be a little bit of question at least initially because he's not ramped up so even his first start Dennis Santana bruised. Still could take some meetings, but I thought. If may was there lurking. I could've seen him consistently. Cutting into one of stripling realism woods starts or two of them depending on how split. Split apart they were in the rotation to where he could have gone and limited them to five innings, instead of maybe the these six, plus that that they're capable for like stripling all the way built up. As far as his innings. Pitched. County can go seven Ingo six if they'll give it to them, I think now makes them more likely, but Dustin may automatic and everything but dynasty. Any, and SORTA redraft he gone. Meanwhile Brendan Rodgers. for Colorado I think that takes a little bit of heat off some things. Of course they did that. Because why would they keep up the the young prospect? But in this instance it doesn't bother me as much because I was starting to really worry about Hamson now I did see something. The other day that suggests that Daniel Murphy is going to play a lot of first base which. This. Organization is so stupid, Dude! I cannot fathom it. How is he not the primary de age with McMahon at first and second because David. Doll is banged up as he is, and so I think doll will get some time at D. H.. I guess that could put Hamson in the outfield exactly and so, and then I would assume that hamson would play Santer. Because I, don't think you'RE GONNA put. That's the case then. I'm less angry, but when I saw that the other day. I actually saw on on twitch. Streaming just raged. I just went on frigging. anti-iraqi diatribe about how frigging stupid they are but that makes a little bit more sense. If that's why, because then that would still play camps and what I thought. It was going to do I thought it was going to eliminate Hamson. Thought Murphy at first Hamson around McMahon second. Camp was going to get the D. age spots. That's what I was concerned about. Yeah I. I mean any time you draft. Iraqi not name Air Blackman or story. You have to be concerned. I. Mean That's just the the case so Yeah I, just I it's it's GonNa be rough. You know you hope that either injuries or just you know someone you know playing well. You know kind of solidifies what we know. at some point but. Ah, just it's just hard thing to trust in, so I think you as much as we love to bump up rockies. You've got a bump some rockies down. You, know kind of back to where they would naturally go if they weren't playing in Colorado Jill count for its Orion McMahon in Sam Billiard in. Garrett, Hamson Those guys that I get overrated though everyone wants to get in and I took one of them last night. And I'm. Still a little petrified? I don't blame you I. Took I took. The I ended up taking toppy. I kind of went against my instincts because it's like now. They're gonNA. Play Him. Three years ago when I was drafting him. Of course, they didn't plan, but now that's that's hilliard. Now he'll the. Awkward at the plate top. You aren't now. Have you seen to strike approach? He's still do the thing he doesn't do that, but late he really saw that before. Okay Yeah Yeah, it ridiculous, but he's still I mean I saw him takes them. Some BP and even just BP. He looked. His swing is just so awkward, sometimes such as A. Ton of natural talent in there, but I I took him based on their idiocy more than. Really Liking them at this point needed some speed so that that's that's why I went with with top there, but I'm not super confident. He could be an easy cut. It's a twelve teamer so. Doesn't may Brendan Rodgers reassigned, Willie. Calhoun and this one's got me torn because I'm glad he's back. I love him I want a guy to not be hurt. But what is Ed or a boy? So I feel like that that dice Zim up quite a bit, and it's looking like count. Who could be back in time for opening day all of a sudden. Yeah, it's GonNa. Be a huge bomber because. I've got so lack in a number of different spots including them pretty sure my main event that already drafted. And I was really hoping one of the reasons I targeted where I did in that main event was Oh, he's GonNa play the first four games in the outfield get the outfield eligibility, and then win Calhoun comes back. He's just playing all around diamond now he's not only. Is he likely not. The everyday outfielder for them, because Calhoun is back now, they've already named kind of left us the everyday third baseman. So, I mean I assume as I got, I got something to hearten Through lefties in the first six games. Freely Garner Smiley. Though. They only have a five-game week next. Yeah, that's going to be brutal. So. Yeah, it's fine. We need him to get. We need to get all three of those left. He starts and then just steal one. Against the rainy and then we can use him the week of The Week of July twenty seven. Yeah A in. The Week of August third. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. I will say that they said that. They expect Willie. Calhoun to D. H., for the know for the first week or so and they have since you chew in that outfield and I don't think they want to play every game in the outfield for a week, so I think like there's and I mean are they gonNa is kind of actually going to be the everyday third Baseman, or was this what they were saying? Because this is the situation they were in so yeah. I think there's GonNa be ways for him to get in the lineup on not super worried about it. And there's there's Chew Calhoun and outdoor. any of whom could set against the lefty give. Gifts, a line like you said so. Extensively, he should start all three of those left games in the first six, and then steal one righty game now the problem is. If you D- ages in those. But if they keep Calhoun, AL D. H. to protect him. But then we're getting our guy on the field, but what if they totally merck us and it's to left field one second base, and that's the fear is that's what it's GonNa be, and so if you if you did what I did, which was draft Nelson? Cruz and then drive knicks elect. It may be a little while before he gets that eligibility, trouble, and for sure if I draft Nelson Cruz. Or Chris Davis. Tonight I will likely just avoid so lack so yeah. I think you should at this point because that really causing again. We're happy that count who has back not only just in general, because somebody who's hurt is healthy, but we also love Calhoun. It just one eight hundred so quickly that I think it kind of it kind of got punched me a little bit yeah. So all right? That's one last bit of news. This is an interesting one. He's not like an Uber Prospect, but he's A. He's a notable prospect. Andre Jimenez is making the team for the for the mets twenty one year old prospect. MIDDLE INFIELDER! Type Stole Twenty eight basis last year in AA. Now, he was repeating double a little bit. He only played thirty seven games there in eighteen, and then a full season there last year. Not a huge or anything really kind of utility type. It looks like He's going to fulfil, but I did think it was interesting and somewhat note as as a starting teams are coming out as the rosters are coming out to see some of these prospects that are gonNA make it. Nobody had really been talking about him. I know playing time is not going to be plentiful there barring something happening, because Canot and Rosario have the middle infield locked and loaded, but his Jimenez somebody care about in an l. only. Yeah I think he. He could be viable in NFL. Only I mean as much is. He doesn't really have a place to play right now. There's a lot of guys on this team with pretty significant injuries. Yeah, absolutely Oh, and and then they've got a lot of guys on this team that are like eighty years old so i. was GonNa say? Throwing also the age, and now you're really. You're really talking about some potential time opening up for a twenty one year old prospect who? Just just outside our top one, hundred one hundred ninth. That's still pretty good. Prospect their anytime. You're in that. Just in that top one twenty, or so, that puts you as a decent prospect there and like I said. Speed the burn, so I can see. NL only made me stashing him. Not sure fifteen makes league can really do it until he would have an avenue lying, but I am at least slightly intrigued by him and his yeah, he definitely could make some difference in terms I mean. He's like a speed and hit tool guy. He's not like a burner either though so like like I think the twenty eight stolen bases last year, and the thirty eight stolen bases the year before in in triple Aa, is a bit misleading but I think he is i. mean from what I understand. He's a pretty smart base runner and I think he can probably hit like two fifty. and if given fulltime playing time steel like and of six seven basis So we'll, we'll see I mean you can get hurt if a guy like jd Davis. gets her or guy like McNeil gets hurt like. Maybe we see him up. Yeah, I think we could definitely see him working into some some fulltime playing time there if things happen just because there are so many different potential avenues for him and his, and I think he has the glove to kind of play, definitely, both middle infield could I. Don't know about third, but. Would that be an an open avenue for him I think so yeah, okay, so yeah, that's under cement is deeply. Folks take a look. At Anneli Right now all right? Let's talk about this twelve team or you did the online championship I was just looking at the roster. Yesterday didn't even consider that it'd be way too good for fifteen team. I thought it was your second main, but yeah, that would have been pretty bananas. talked to us about where you pick from and what the goal was, and then get into the execution well. I was picking from a eleven and my hope was that. I could get trout so I could have one team that drafted post. Cove Ed with with my trout on it He went ten my backup plans. Were you know Turner Land landed there? Soto ended there if Linda landed there but I was pretty sure unless like to Graham. was there that I was gonNA even if even if Rama's arrows probably ceiling, go hit or hitter That's what it is. you know there till Lindemann? and. So yeah I took two guys who I think are probably top ten picks at pick eleven in pick fourteen in inland or in Aaron. And then I knew I. was I was going to likely target a pitcher in round three, depending on which one fell, there was a brief moment of my God. What is going on because? The pitcher on was like fifteen team League where we saw in St. six St Picks Clemenger. Bueller flaherty Bieber Strasbourg Kershaw holy smoke go at the back end of the second round beginning of the third. And I was like okay well, if this continues. There's going to be any pitchers less when it gets me and then I'm going to go all hitting. Hater, kind of in the back end of the third or the beginning of the fourth, but he went in the third round, so that ended that so. Definitely wanted to get to elite closers and then kind of play around with some others. wanted to load up on hitting and then kind of sprinkle in pitching as I went definitely did not necessarily go according not necessarily according to plan, but not my typical build, I got a lot of players that I don't have on other teams. In this draft, which is kind of fun, but I. Really do like the team I think I took advantage of some people doing different strategies. And some guys falling. That probably shouldn't have but it was. It was a fun room a tough room. Almost everybody think in the League was actually in my stream of it. That's nice. So that was fun. But they're a good group of Guys I. Don't know if there any woman that league, but if it were a good group of women to so but yeah, it was It was a fun draft. I and I like how it turned out. Yeah, I think I think put together a squad here that we're GONNA get into a little bit deeper. Just a moment I I thought trout might move up on the news the news now yet. Okay, okay? When did you do the draft? It was six, pm Eastern. Okay so in that came out. It came out like two hours later or something like. That makes them because I'm not moving back up to one because I. Still think that there's a chance that when I off, we don't know how things are going to go. Getting Code left and right? In the baby comes. He got on. But. It's not even so much that it could just be. Even. If it's not rampant, he could see you know. You could speak to this. You are fun. See your kid life changes, and you just don't know how A. Before and after you have the baby, and after and Zia baby, and say I do not want to risk this baby on the slightest thing I'm out. So. We don't know for sure, but I will say the fact that he is playing from Jump Street. Would make me push them back into single digits I would take him closer to that six seven range now at least on the fact that he's GonNa play until the baby's born, and then we'll see what happens from there so to get at ten and then have that news. Come out. Two hours later is pretty darn good. Yeah and I mean I I would have definitely. been stoked if that if it had fallen me The guy who picked tonight I, picked fourteen saw a imagine he's not going to happen. He's going to be there, so I'd be surprised I. Mean obviously you'd be jumping at immediately if trout is there fourteen I'm taking him, but he. He's not gonNA be there. So I'll have to I'll have to make a different decision, but it also means you know that there's going to be two guys I really like you know. They're at their for me at fourteen and then again at seventeen south yeah. Yeah. No, I don't have trout. I think travelling one league, but I can't remember which one so Let's. Let's get back into your squad here and talk a bit about it now. My reading this right that you have just five outfielders I, guess Hamson is a six. Yeah, Hamptons, the other one He's definitely GONNA play outfield. One of the things that I've done in the majority of my leagues and didn't do in this one was get a bunch of. Dual eligible or triple eligible players. They just went faster and being on the end. You know there was like a run of them. At one point where like Muncie went o.`Neil went an lemay. He went all Lael yeah. I was GONNA. Say McNeill Kat and they can come over place today, and so yeah, so they all went before. Add another shot at him and I was like Oh okay. that that's a bummer. I'll just piss off. See you so because I wasn't gonNA take him in the fifth or six and I wanted to get a closer so i. then they all go, and I'm like okay well. That ends that and so it's fine, you know I mean I feel like twelve team. League is deadly A more shall is a more shallow format so the injury. Stuff can be covered and I feel like I have good depth, but yeah I would've liked to get some more dual eligible players. Yeah, I. Definitely think is more important deep relief of course, but twelve team because you're going to have a more robust wire but I like I like the team that you put together here, even absent the the position flexibility which we both like to stock up on I mean you got real mood? thoat catchers? You gotTa Premium Catcher, and then the solid one and Danny Janssen I like the Carlos Santana at first base. You mentioned Lindor. Air Not oh. Brennan, wile can start second for you or Hamson, and then like enhancing compounds, the outfield your outfield, even though there are only five, they are very good Cassiano Solaire Machado you strapped in Nimmo are it's a good one to five in twelve teamer? There is trump's keys leading off real, isn't he? Yeah, and that was one of the things like. Yeah so as I got to that round right before I picked you strength ski, so that was the twenty third I, went I think my one real weakness. I mean other than strikeouts. Because you know I'm not. Prioritizing starting pitching is is much strike outs I thought you meant like you had a lot of strikeout guys. No, no hitters I was pitching. Wise pitching, wise up I felt like my weakness was run scored, and I think that's something that's largely. Largely overlooked by a lot of people is always looper on your whip in then runs scored, and so I made a decision kind of and I talked about it on the Stream. I made a decision kind of towards the end to prioritize guys that I thought would be hitting leadoff, and so that's why I took Stransky. That's why took brandon. NIMMO, and that's why I took Choi because they had announced that he was going to be leading off versus right handed pitching. And so like G. Man Troy is going to be a guy like I use for this weekend and likely I get. I sent him off my team. But he I definitely wanted the ability to kind of maybe add in a few extra scored this weekend. Yeah I I like that and if NIMMO's leading parody mentioned, that is. he's trump ski Nemo Choi if easily enough when he's playing Lindores at the top of the order. Yeah? I think you're GONNA get your own scored removed toby. The top of his order Santana will be in the middle of equality order so yeah, you got a good team here now. As far as pitching said you didn't super, prioritize it and you got a little nervous when you saw that big run, but you still got Giuliano as your ace with Montas and Hendrix. Backing them up and then you still got Keller Birds I. I don't know that you're necessarily that pinched for strikeouts. You Got Chapman's going on the aisle. The starpage back relatively quickly and you got Britain to cover him so I like that talk us through your pitching strategies, and how you were able to execute their so I mean this is a huge difference between a twelve team league in fifteen team league is and I. I play mostly fifteen links man. There's so much more talented. I got towards the end of my draft and I went I should start loading up on those relievers. and I was like really fit they they don't and. Only because I I took Dakota Hudson. Who has you know in opening? Start opening weekend versus Pittsburgh he could get. He's GonNa. Get trimmed off my rosters. You know and then I took Johnny Cueto because he has an opening day. Start today in NFL. has made a rule that. LINEUPS ARE NOT GONNA lock on Thursday. For Thursday's guys playing, so you can actually make the decision on Friday whether or not you want to use his start. Well. Freebie. It's a Freebie and so obviously people you know who were drafting tonight will already know like how Garrett Cole in Max Scherzer do in my in my draft tonight and will be into. You know almost two hours into Kershaw and Cueto start, and so that's GonNa dramatically affect where they go tonight, but I figured worst case. Scenario I have enough to cover me for this weekend. ANYWAYS, without Guido. Now off to double check that now is desk funny. Oh. No, he wasn't gonNA. Be Starting this weekend anyway, so I think you've got enough. I do have enough so I if he pitches really well, and like goes out and blanks the dodgers and gets a win then. He's in my lineup if he doesn't. He's on my reserve and I'm dropping him on Sunday so I'll harm no foul. You know it was kind of just a free floater. Pick in the twenty ninth round now so you know I'm going to jettison a lot of those guys including desktop Bonnie including, you know Cueto likely including Tacoma Hudson depending on his week, and then drafted five guys who were going to get saves. Now, the level of saves are going to get who knows, but I drafted Chapman and then I you know I. handcuffed him with Britain. I drafted Daniel Hudson because everybody knows love, Daniel Hudson, but then we were in like the twenty fourth round in Tyler Rogers was still on the board. Did you mentioned Liam Hendriks as your primary and Liam? Hendriks is my first closer off the board, so. I didn't want to take that many closures or guys. You're going to get saved, but like at some point you don't also want your competition getting those people and. Exactly and I like what you did. With the Chapman thing. You Got Britain. He's going to be the bridge. Then you go, you cut him. That's another freeman roster spot back. Because you're not going to keep Britain after that. I, really like this team. You put together here I. Think you know obviously with twelve team? It's going to be a little bit more stock, but even accounting for the fact that it's twelve i. don't see any glaring weaknesses here. You might be a little light on speed depending on Hamson. He's kind of the linchpin there if he does thing that we believe he can do then you've got Hamson. Andrews Linda. And then shipments from some Macondo. And you should be fine if they rocky him. then. You've got some questions to answer, but. You're not zeroed out either. It's not Hamson or bust because Linda Andrews and MOCATTA are still gonNA run. You got your power. Your. Do you have a competing team here? I HATE TO GAS YEP. I WANNA tear. Jarrell don't just getting We mentioned. You Got Jordan Alvarez here who? Is Out for a while, but he's not even a key part of your offense like he's almost kind of an add on. Because you can play, you know. Maybe you put Andrew into you till the start to get those extra steels and build up your speed a little bit, or is he your middle? Actually I might be your middle but then he can put Lau in i. mean you got a lot of ways to go? So I I think your team's going to be tough to handle here. Yeah, I mean the Alvarez Pick I. Accidentally I timed out in. The tenth round and was given Alvarez and you know I. contact me, Hey, guys! I meant steak, Mercado switched it out no big deal and then three rounds later. Alvarez is still on the board now the point that he still on the board in the what is it? The the thirteenth round in the end of the thirteenth Brown is Max. Pick in the Oh sees. Okay, like I understand him dropping, but that my gin I was you know I was very tentative on it just because. You know I already had a stash in Chapman. in the news had come out that he tested positive again yesterday, so it's going to be at least two more tests. Before, he is able to rejoin the team. But as like you know what I. There's just so much upside with ours. This is a guy who was going in like the top thirty picks. Bad we were bashing that by the way when I took him in the end of the second round in in Arizona. So to get him at like one fifty something. is absolutely not so You know I couldn't take anymore stashes. I didn't take anymore stashes but. If, and when he come back. I. Think that really really bumps up my team quite a bit, so you and I and I haven't missing for two three weeks. Yeah, I. Don't think that you're you're pending so many hopes on him that you can't survive again. Twelve teamer makes such a difference here that you can survive I. Mean we love Brandon? Allow if he's your util for that time. You might not miss a beat. He might. He might be Alvarez Alvarez. In the interim there and that way Choi. Could fill in there. If you see some half weeks where it's all righties, you put enjoy and he goes off for you, so yeah. I think you're set up and obviously you're in season. Management will play a big role, obviously going to be an attentive. In, season manager so I think you got yourself crew here and best of luck tonight in the final main. Yemi plans to watch Watch your ball club tonight. You're doing I mean obviously can't do anything special. Go anywhere, but you just hunker down your man Cave or you're GonNa Watch with with Danielle I'll watch the first few innings with Danielle and the kids, and then and then I'll move out to the office. Do My last. You know premium event in in start the. Start the Stream Times draft start. It starts at eight fifty five M. Eastern time. Okay. Oh, no, sorry! eighth fifty five Pacific Time, so it's super late. If you're a late night, person, you're up tonight I. Am and you want to catch it on youtube or might twitch or my? Or my twitter, my facebook, it'll be streaming out to all those places. Ryan. Bloomfield said he'll join me for a little bit. 'cause he's in that draft and trying to get a backflip crazy. Toby joining his. He's in that draft going to reach out to dusty because he's in that draft as well, does he wagner? It's A. Group. Yeah, it sounds like a disgusting group. Have Fun with that favorite pigmy when you start, because I'll be eating, but I'd like to pull it up. Because! We're going to put the radio broadcast I. Think we're going to switch between the two, because both teams have great radio broadcasts. Someone have that as the audio to my stream. I want to check in on your draft for sure so just ping me when you start on G. Chat so that I can remember to bring it up. Definitely, which stream our man will? You gotta hard out here in a few minutes on, get going good luck. Tonight and Hey, baseball is back baby. I'll talk to you later. It's baseball season.

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