The Steelers Preview, Part 2: The Steelers offseason soap opera continues


Aright pittsburgh steelers fans welcome back to the second part of the steelers preview. I'm jeff hartman co editor of behind the curtain. Dot com joining me as always brian. Anthony davis and dave scofield guys. We just spent a lotta time talking about ben roethlisberger but one thing that really struck me with kevin colbert. Comments was conroy. Comments he made about mason rudolph Some might say that he was just kind of towing the company line but he really spoke glowingly of his Hey ease growing as a quarterback. He was very pleased. What he saw against cleveland guys. Is this just blowing smoke. Or we legitimately unavowed. Kevin colbert suggesting that. Dvd have something in mason rudolph. And i'm i'm sure as i say this. The the live chats can literally explode because those people do not think that mason rudolph has it that he is literally just another backup quarterback brian. How do you view mason rudolph after twenty twenty this is nothing but mick jagger it's lip service you've got to protect your plan e mason off his probably plan b at quarterback right now because they know something kevin colbert said before. I think he's pushing ben out the door. He's trying to nudge them. Not because it's been because it's that contract and that's exactly what they're trying to do and if they do that they're probably going a year with mason rudolph in the probably reserved doing that. So if you think ben's gone and they're gonna go out and train for sam darnold or are they going to do something else. They're gonna bring another another guy in no they are going to. They already know. Mason rudolph's the guy. If ben's not here in so you've gotta start playing that guy up and saying hey. We've got something special waiting in the wings. Wink wink if ben's not here you know he's really made some strides. You've got one sample size. One game to really see what kind of strides he's made. You had zero preseason games with this guy now. They see a lot in practice. I'm sure but you've got to do that. You can't go out and say well. You mason kinda sucks. But we got him so i mean i guess we'll we'll be good within the bengals. No you you tell everybody that. Hey this is what's happening no matter what it is if my gosh if david schwimmer left the cast of friends years ago and they were bringing another friend like the cousin to ron cousin. Rhonda ring in on friends. They're gonna talk about how great coys advance. Sorry but do cousins from the juice of hazards great. I'm glad you did that. Yeah they talked about these guys. They're going to be awesome. And you're gonna love him and no one and they brought up brought back looking bo. You can't say well these guys art tom. Whoa pat and and the other guy john schneider. They're not this these guys but they kinda suck but it's only got if you saying that you lose so no you're gonna save mason's awesome you. You don't know what you've been missing. David your thoughts. I don't know. I'm just enjoying all the other culture references and everything. I think brian's right this is a would you. This is the first year in a long time. I mean ever pretty much ben rothlisberger. I'm last year. You weren't sure because the elbow and what happened a year ago. Kevin colbert comes on. Says he might be better with his elbow. They have always been ever since he took over the starter in his rookie year from that seat from that off season on the bench the guy the guy benz the guy knowing there's a chance to benz now going to be the guy you can't just go out and crush the soul guy you know you've got a you've got to make sure your your you know what does that make sense if you know what i mean. Absolutely okay just like that really you. You've gotta can't go out there and be like hey we're we're riding with bannon and you know and everything else and of course they wanna talk rough because they know there is a decent chance week one that that's their starter. That's their next alternative. I don't know. I do think if anyone's going to know about mesa drive is going to be done. Because he we know he got every wednesday practice wrath this past year except for leading into the playoffs. Because ross perot is at wednesday's often said amaze rudolph is the guy know they didn't have The preseason i don't know. I don't know i have another question for y'all and this is something that colbert. I wrote this article for the website. When's day thursday morning. I'm sorry it was basically about how kobe was asked directly about his contract and he kind of deflected they said you're going year to year so your contract goes up until after this draft after the nfl draft his when his contract is either up or it gets renewed and he was like well. Now's the time to talk about. My contract is teams. Aren't good enough only have won a playoff game since sixteen yadda yadda yadda and so what he does. Thoughts on. kevin colbert. Do you think he comes back and brian mentioned this earlier. If he does decide that i'm done i'm retiring. Is it a foregone conclusion that someone like. Oh marquan takes over or did they actually look outside the organization brian. Brian go ahead well if the coaching search for any assistant coaches is an indication that now they're gonna omar khan the reason. I say that they did bring a new coach in. Because you you brought in your quarterbacks coach to be your your offensive coordinator so you've got. You don't have assistant really an assistant. Quarterbacks coach that you can't promote 'cause that's what they do get rid of your line coach. Bring the assist in it. That's what they they've done a lot of lately so you know. I really think that they are. They're looking they already have omar khan's name re the stencil ready to put on the parking lot and for his parking space. They're they're ready to do that so does he come back. He's not here in two years. He might be here for one more season. But i think next year. We're talking about the promotion of omar. Okay dave thoughts on colbert's future and if l. marquan era parent. This is what these guys do tomlin. Deflects talk about his contract all the time. It's just something you don't want to talk about. What the media. You don't wanna do those things in that way. I'm not looking that much into it I think omar khan is likely replacement as long as he still there so it really depends on how much longer colbert goes you know. And i mean i the last. I don't want to get burned by this. Because when mike month check left i said that one thing. You don't want to lose deal lose both mike. Much check-in and sean cigarettes. Because you wanna make sure you can keep one of them because people are gonna start looking for sorrento for their offense of like and they didn't turn out too good so i don't want i don't wanna do save with marquan and just say that he's definitely someone said this dealer's nothing's better than we do. But i think he will have a legitimate shot position as long as he's still with the steelers and not pulled away by someone else. I all right. Do we attributed i dave i do i do. Let's do it. let's do. I knew it. So you can. I bring up one thing that we that we did the first half and i wanted to say something there and it was the whole notion just wanted to remind people of you had brought up the aisle. They might wanna do contracts differently. The more i thought about it. I'm like they just buy one planted out that they don't all end at the same time i mentioned. That's not only the steelers have nineteen free agents. Eight of their top eleven guys. What comes to their salary. Cap hit for this year though this is including patsy and mcdonald. We're coming into their last year. I mean eight out of the top eleven. So you're talking about all those guys going into their last year and all these free agents happening at the same time it just made perfect storm and you kind of need a time better than that in the future so just wanted to throw that out there. All right so trivia i i. I'm probably not going to be able to stop brian on this at all. But we'll see gentlemen. We lost we. We lost the legend with since the last show. You guys you guys know who we lost. We lost one of the captains in markey's pouncey that he'll be he'll he'll always be remembered as dealer he'll be a great steeler and everything else. I will still wear my number fifty three jersey with pride. The question is who was the last person to wear number fifty. Three marquees pouncey to. Oh i know. I think i know agit clark. Hagans that would be v necks. The last person out. I was gonna talk about it so i guess brian it would be bruce davis and that would be correct because i was going to say if you needed. Hit those like well. If you read by dra- two thousand eight draft class article today. I didn't say the number. I didn't so it number war but he was one of the people in their hand can change ariba yet linebacker. Ucla third round. Yeah out of ucla. One year with the steelers was only active for like five games. He he just. He was a defensive end in college and just didn't really transition while the being an outside linebacker three or four And of course the steelers had lots of good outside linebackers at the time but my other question was going to be. I started looking at all these players. I'm like wow. They're all linebackers. I was only able to find one other player for the steelers. That was just an offensive lineman and the reason i say that is because you know back in the forties you guys were played offensive line and linebacker just the way it work but the found someone that was just an offensive lineman that wore the number fifty three for the steelers. Do you have any idea who it is. And if you don't have a really good hint for you. I no idea the brian wright fifty three offensive linemen uh-huh. I'm struggling with it. I'll take the hint and almost hit. He was number fifty three as a rookie and then changed his number. And then how many seasons one then after five seasons of worrying his new number change yet. Another number hosea the number. And i can give you the numbers he was. He went from fifty three to seventy four and then from seventy four to sixty five and he started in a suitable. I'm going to say rape penny and that would be correct. I was gonna say say dick addiction would wear three numbers. He's kind of guy. Actually i really wanted to. I've really really wanted to to to frame it up to ask the question to get one of the other number fifty. Three's because what the answer that other one would have been dirt winston. Let's not dad. Yeah that's not a bad name. Either dick shiner. But we're number fifty three. Did you listen to my. Let's my other show. I did he. Actually he's writer divan he's a writer burner but very good very good brian. If i know. I know i've want together so i i'm sorry i could come up. Something really bizarre. Real quick with its. I'm just trying to get. I'm trying to get jeff. Let's dick shiner. More buzz nutter. Buzz nutter is good. The dixon like legendary name. He's in the so that's awesome. I think the guy. He follows me on twitter. He always puts a question the mail bag and stuff from his burner account. Dick shiners burner. I think he has a picture of him. Learned says he seventeen seventeen. Yep he's got a picture old dick shiner there on his avatar. Whatever you call it on twitter so they get for man. Hey every time that guy we're gonna have to say jeff you've just been shining shining. Well there's someone. I on youtube. That has frank webs Something like frank still alive. Oh goodness all right. Lives range ads. Yes is his name. Really frank frank. Sprite shirts frank. Yeah okay frank. Weber era wasn't he forty. Oh my gosh okay. When it get you guys take on something here. This is for the other show that i do that. I can't talk about on this. Show the modern. Yeah that's right. I finished with my heart to heart segment. And i talked about change guys. It is a realistic possibility that within the coming years. Maybe after this year the sealers could be without kevin colbert. Mike tomlin can janda's lights work if he wants to retire and stepped away if he just wants to play out his current contract maybe he pulls a bill cower and says i want to go to tv. Which i think he'd be graded by the way or in. Ben rothlisberger could be gone. Holy cow think about that for a second. Think about the massive amount of change. This organization can undergo in just the next few years I literally spent a few minutes talking about it. Just thinking they that's it's gonna it would completely different the way they do things i mean. Omar khan year. He's been with the steelers forever but he's gonna run things his way he might do things different. And it's like people expect Adrian klemm to do things. The way that sean threat did is clearly. You've never been in a position where you're sitting there saying. If i were in charge. I d doing it a whole other way. You know what i mean. So what do you think about. The potential change could be happening with the steelers. You know coming up in the next one to three years. Down the road brian. I say your role with it you. I if if you can get the Age in a position where it's not all just rip the band aid off completely and you know there's gonna be a lot of change this year but if you can get it to where it's gradual and it keeps on going then you're able to roll with it and you keep things going. The reason i'm saying that is because a lot of people. Were afraid. That as soon as ben goes. This is a situation in pittsburgh where it's going to be a complete rebuild. Does not have to be a complete rebuild if you approach the quarterback situation right whenever he does leave when everybody leaves if you approach it right and you just don't say Everybody leave now. There's there's there's a perception right now that because marquee spouse he's gone that david decastro is going to say i'm lebron and big was going to say i'm leaving. We think big house leaving anyways because his contract's up and then ben's going to leave big marquee slept. But here's the thing about it. Those guys aren't basing decisions on the fact that they're buddies leaving and so a lot of people think about that that all these guys are going to be a mass exodus because one guy goes. Because you've got to rebuild and change. You can do a rebuild the right way when it's not a rebuild it becomes a reload and i think that's what the steelers are trying to set themselves up to do try to reload this gun and keep it going and they've done a pretty good job in the past doing the point. Dave what are your thoughts. I don't you see tomlin taking off anytime soon. I you. I look at his family situation. Okay his son. Dino is in college playing for the university of maryland. He's got another son. That's getting ready to leave. He is a family man. You just have to wonder if maybe he's going to get to the point where he'd rather go and watch his sons play football or you wanna do and no one thought the kaur was gonna leave either in. He said he's just it's it's it's time i feel like with kaur was. It was the same old message. I've i've always said for years. Once he won the super bowl he didn't know what to say anymore because it would always been the same message and they finally won. It was kind of like you. Now what so. You finally catch that carrot. You don't know what to do. But i honestly could see. I'm not saying. I predicted but i could see it happening. I mean though you're thinking about cower left and what we all thought right away but then we found out more about why cower left yes and that made a lot of sense it really did. So i mean that's why i i don't know about tom i think he's going to be the one that's the longest out of every one. Although it's funny that you know people people are going to be up in arms. Because they're saying you know here's the problem you've got a buyer blah blah but that that's just kinda how it goes i mean it's going to be interesting to see how things would work out but i wanna i wanna ask you another question. Okay if you're if you're a coach or gm or something like kevin. Colbert is through the draft. Do you really want to go out on the twenty twenty season. I'll talk about how things worked out for the steelers. I'm just talking about how things were in general or do you think that alone would be. you know. i wanna come back in two thousand twenty one and see if we can play in fraud fans again. I want to be there in twenty twenty one. And you know even with ben rothlisberger. Does he want the though the strangeness of this last season to be his last one i mean. I'm kinda surprised. Pouncey decided that but his twin brother just kind of waiting for him. If you know what. I mean So do you think factors at all. I have is. I'm not gonna say this on the air. But i can tell you later i think pounds. He stepped away. It's not really football related. But with ben said this on the other show that i do that. I can't talk show which is one of says that take has more zim for me though. I think that that's that's gonna be why. Dan's gonna wanna come back. Do you really want your last game to be that wild card game. Yeah you through five hundred. Yeah you completed with however. Many bit has an empty stadium. You turned it over four times. You're teams should have. I mean my gosh. He only turned over to and they probably win. And they've they advance on. Do you really want that season to be your last. You rehab your butt off to come back and play that year no fans and then you're done. I think. Ben definitely wants to come back. And i don't think that's ever been. I don't think that's a question at all inside at the beginning of the show but we should have. I don't think that ben wanting to play is even be in question. I think he absolutely wants to play. But will they want him back at that price point or will. He sign an extension to help the team. All those different things You have to wonder you have to wonder how this season mike. You said. They've not with waited ended. But just to how crazy it was if that doesn't have some players saying i'm not going out like that brian. What's your take on. All that the only benz not going. I've been saying this for weeks. Fans not going on his own accord all right. And i'm not talking about a honda accord under saying ban is not leaving. He wants to stay. He definitely does not want to go anywhere. It's if the steelers want to keep him it. I even more after talking earlier in the show in the first half. I even more think the steelers are ready to part ways. They just don't know how to do do it. Benz the girlfriend that is going to make all the concessions that he can stay. He's going to do whatever he can to keep you here. You want taco tuesday even on wednesday going to make sure that you have tacos. He's gonna do whatever you lucky. Go play poker with the guys. He's going to do that. He is going to do whatever you can to stick around. Does he wanna leave it. No hey dan marino. He left after sixty three to seven or like tobacco in the playoffs. Really wasn't a his choice. At that point it could have been. I don't know the exactly everything that went on there and miami. But i'm saying when the team says it's time for you to go. It's time for you to go. They they already talking about their new girlfriend mason you. They're already talking about that. You know ben's doing everything he can to hold on. So i don't think it's really i feel for bending the situation guy wants to stay. I don't know if the steelers want him to stay anymore. See i see. Ben is being more of the wife wants a pre nup than i do the person. Let's go play poker with your buddies but that's just me. He was a prenuptial agreement. About what you do this. I'm gonna to get that Okay we need. We need michael beck we we we need to mean of the of of the guy walking with the girl but turner back look at a girl. That's what we need to describe. You know that that one. You know it's the whole thing of well. I'm mike crushes this person. But i'm with this person. Never heard calling ninety s tonight. Yeah i i have said this before. I'll say it again. I i have predicted. This is going to be an absolutely crazy off season and it already has been. I mean when you think about the retirement of vance mcdonald you. The retirement of marquees pouncey. You've got This stuff with rothlisberger to intensify dave at march fifteenth that he's do a signing bonus march twentieth march twenty. I've heard march nineteenth like that's the day three if you count the seventy day one. I'm pretty sure the twentieth now that they put in tampering period. I never know if these numbers start dan or if they start with a league year starts. I don't know i think. The tampering periods on the fifteenth and then the seventeenth is a new league year. Which is when all the deals become official. But it's really anti-climactic all the deals already done in announce and everything. It's just strange so all right. Let's finish this out of ryan dealing final thoughts. My final thought is this. You say it's going to be crazy. I think it's gonna be even crazier with stuff coming out of left field. Something happened this week for me. That came out of left field. That no one's really talking way too much about and it's juju trying to get. Jj watt to come join his brothers. So when i hear something like that. I'm thinking what he. What kind of posturing is he doing. you know. so there's not just the colbert and ben staff edmark. Leshan marquees retiring. I have thrown his real name. Because i love on the. There's so much stuff going on. But there's gonna be some real real crazy woodwork stuff coming out and that that might be a little taste of some of the craziness for next week. Who knows it seems like every week. There's been a bunch of. It's a bunch of news every week. Dave what's your final thoughts. My final thoughts. I'm gonna sit what it comes down to one. Btr benjamin taught benjamin todd rothlisberger. I don't think it's a lot of what you hear with the fans and everything is like. Oh beds done. he's you know. Look at what i'm like. This is still the same quarterback that we were praising on as the streak started although we knew that there were flaws yes. It ended badly and and things of that nature. I don't think ben season finished up and the steelers thinking that he's he can't play quarterback anymore is is nearly the factor of is ben willing to do with our new offensive system. I think that is more. You know. other factor. They need then to come in and buy into it and endorse it and and use it with others and it's got to be with with less of the salary kathy that he has so for. You know if you're if you're listening to the people out there screaming on social media about about that part of ben rothlisberger. That's not what it's about. What the steelers. I mean and my opinion i think it's more about. Its he the right guy to do the things that they are wanting to do with their new offensive coordinator and different things like that moving forward. I agree my final thoughts. Are i hope that the steelers are willing and ready to put an end to this. Ben talk one way or the other Get a deal done. Get a two year extension and one year extension. Whatever the case may be it done free after space that you know what you have available to you going into the free agency period I just think that having this linger on is not going to be good for anyone. In ultimately it can lead to can lead to a lot of bad several. Put it that way. In terms of the the salary cap things we talked about the first segment so all right very good Gentlemen thank you very much for good show. Great live chad in their of today tonight on facebook and on youtube. If you're on youtube please like the show. Subscribe were over seven thousand subscribers. Now we i think seven seven or six it seven. Isn't that guys it's okay. Yes so subscribe to the channel. If you're listening on audio and you didn't know he had a youtube channel youtube dot com surge. bts's steelers radio liking subscribe. We appreciate all that in wherever you get your podcast Macias get my. Let's ride podcast. Everyone who has a friday. Dave stat geek. Every thursday michael backs live mike on tuesday mornings as well as all these afternoon. Podcast and more search dealer buying steel curtain average podcasts. I follow and you miss a thing. Dave sent us out. That's way to finish it. We'll see you next week. Another steelers preview tickets.

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