Daily - Alfredo Goes Cup Racing


The final lap with kerry murphy is is on anthony. Alfredo is moving after the cup series. It was announced recently that he will drive for front row motorsports in their number. Thirty eight ford mustang. Toby our co host for our podcast. The final half weekly anti christie dot com while he chatted with anthony recently and he had this to say about this massive opportunity to be so great compete every single week at a fulltime schedule at this level The jets very typer now to it's going to more rode horses and things like that so i'm looking forward to building chemistry with the rate team as well because it's something that i hope to be long term. You know i feel like. I'm i wouldn't call it a longer to get here pretty fast. But now the public armless. I'm just starting now. Like i hope the start of a long term future and i am looking forward to getting these and started pay. Check out the full interview on this week's edition of the final ap weekly subscribe for free. Wherever you get your podcast just remember the final lap. Weekly hey kerala has inked a multi-race cup series contract with racing and will attempt this year's daytona five hundred which by the way is just a month away from today. Man can't wait. He is slated to run the number sixteen chevrolet and said quote. I have grown up dreaming of reaching the nascar cup series. I have already worked with many of the team members before. So hopefully that will help us. Hit the ground running next month bring on the daytona. Five hundred dot com.

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