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What year do you think this jerseys from. Nineteen nine hundred nineteen nine hundred nineteen. Yeah bob ferry. Nineteen that's actually really close ninety nine hundred nineteenth nineteen seventeen ninety seventeen. That's what i said. Yeah you said in one thousand nine hundred. And i can't wait for you and your family your family's town. Oh the joy of it. And i was driving. The joint of is pleasant is a pleasant pleasure. Is it pleasant. Have my parents here. For how long have they been here for over a week. Well we drove to northern california went to carmel through all to see the one country now. My wife family look look at how deliciousness cabernet tastes sent of nutmeg and fig yeah yeah i watched the big game at four and then make 'em make babo wake up from the jet lag. Oh yeah oh you to wake up and do stuff designed a job. The euro off john. You're a five zero. When i was working at a show like twenty years left you should be waking up early enjoying days. When i old faulk let this be a lesson to you when you have a job. You're not in the mood. She's jewish when your job and it starts at four usually right and you. They switch it around on. Youtube will be little upset because it isn't yet but that's not what the topic is let. Her job is jobs change. What times chain. This is a different job. This is the same job we do this job at a certain time right and no matter what happens a game or the family needs to go up north and the wine country. We don't switched around like we don't switch it around when you go hungry for nine weeks job. Your you're four. I'd be like fuck you do it. Then you go to work. Time wherever. Get a mini van. I am going to work a job to carry babai team because it's chicago. Yeah they play. Yeah boston for la. You don't hear anything i say. Is it's boston chicago. Cubs versus dodgers. The boston cubs at the boston cubs. We have good news here. I hear it is not going to bring up the photo chris. Distefano had his baby but look what he brought his child into the world wearing a rudy bad friend sweater. How awesome is that. How many babies have that's his second biological child. He has he. Here's how many kids have house. Well three because the his he's got a boy from his is not that big of a deal is three kids has them. If it was his. I would have been like per pop up. You know this. This is huge. It is wise is a big deal. Why because the baby. While i said i shouldn't have said girl the baby hasn't chosen gender and we're going to let the baby side so right now. He's got a genderless beautifully. No i should. I should've texted. The baby has revealed party texting. Because i haven't come up. The baby gets to do jenner reveal party. That's funny funny to calm call. I'll be honest with you. Yeah i for some reason. I don't care. I'm gonna call him. You don't care that one of our one. Closest friends just had a child and brought a child his friend. gummy call. But you're right. You're right actually. I would you know what you want to see active handsome. This guy is great. I love them. You want to see acting. Yeah i'm gonna see you care. You want to see acting. i want to go. Here's some acting cited. Hey i just wanna say man. God man i. It brings tears to my eyes that the baby is the baby healthy babies healthy and actually when she was born she looked like a like a small asian band so i asked jazz a couple of questions about interactions with you and she say she's pretty certain you're not the father nia. Yeah you. Because i haven't been in the east coast and a while you know I don't think it's mind but my point being is that you having a baby is like having a baby. It's like andrew having a family baby and we really appreciate it. And i'm congratulations. I mean it's a life changing experience. It is yeah. No it is have two little girls now Really just like reconfirms to me. That i've case firm. And i i i think it would be athletic. Sperm not gay sperms well at the very least transfer. Yeah yeah. I guess so. Is the baby genderless right while they actually asked for you know. It wasn't like this delilah six years ago by the asked on the birth certificate said male female god by so we asked her and she kinda just vomited a little bit so we took that us. Okay well good. Congratulations so we kinda over pretty clear about what it is that we love you chris all right because regulations a big deal. And it's great. So congratulations for me and This is bob. By the way i love you and i'll see them on the back side of things right okay. Okay okay. trump twenty twenty four is a by the way the jerseys. Nine hundred seventeen corrected. I was the It's a really big. I just wanted to celebrate. I wanted to celebrate chris evans baby. More importantly is britney. Spears is what we really want to talk about today. Big deal going on with britney spears. Do you know. I mean it's like asking me if i know is asking me about meghan markle in the prince harry. I know i know what all you do. Why i'm vaguely familiar with it. I'm not follow brit on instagram. I follow her. I like her dance. Yeah i like her dances. I just like her vibe here. She's trying to get out of her conservatorship and and What's the guy's name downstairs. What's the guy's name downstairs from. Where here what's his name. Dr andreas the other guy. Pete pete yeah you see here. He is here. Yeah and here here. P compiled some audio for us Of spears give it to us pete. Let's hear three days later. After i said not vegas. My therapist sat me down in a room and said he had million phone calls about how. I was not cooperating under houses and i haven't been dick my medication. All of this was a false. He ought he immediately the next day. Put me on lithium out of nowhere. He took me off my normal magic been on for five years. Pause them very very text messages and all that stuff is that whoever recorded yeah ever. It's part of the audio show. Her therapist gave her lithium. Didn't they're trying to this. Poor girl has been under medication. This is like slave shit though. This is scary dude. Yeah that's scary. They enslave their own kid yet. I don't know what's going on. Her mind will how could she doesn't know she's been under the influence site so i don't know the specific situations that she's involved. I don't know what happened for her father to go. All right. that's enough. I mean she shaved her head with at one time rumored longtime ago and she hit the car with little crazy. You know what i mean. Why don't you get the car with the umbrella. I don't know so it's like she and i don't know what the specifics are. Yeah that's what i'm saying. I don't know the details. I don't know the details. So it's like but i believe that one should be free in america freebritney and she has her own money that she's earned. She should have full app but she doesn't have access to it. She should have access of course but she does it. That's what's creepy yet. Get her the access to money. And if she is crazy and can't take i guess she's going to die But just let her be free. Let her be free. This free brittany. Let me hear some more of this stuff that she's saying once you see someone whoever it is in the conservatorship making money making them money and myself money and working that whole that whole statement. The conservative ship should end. There should be no. I shouldn't be unconservative. Should if i can work provide money and where it was myself and pay other totally true. You know what. I'm hearing that that's really strange. You know how they say when they like When somebody like makes it young or they like manipulate you when you're young and the business and you kind of like remain a child forever. Kind of like michael jackson said yeah attack like this is like she kind of has that baby boy's thing and it's weird. It's she's got that like it's like they trapped her into like bring her bring up the photo of her from him. He one more time when they when they made her like the It was like a schoolgirl outfit member. This hit me baby one more time. Do you remember this. Yeah the music video yet. But i've looking at just say this. I know few women in la toss like that. Because something's wrong. No that's just the way they talk now sums wrong. Do you think she's hot there. Bob i never. I was never into her sixteen. That sixteen made her a sex symbol at sixteen and they trapped her and stole all her money. Do you think she'd be stable now. In her thirties. The impossible they may either made her a sex symbol for grown men and she was sixteen and then they trapped her and then stole over money. Of course she was going to turn out wonky. How could you fix that. They put pigtails on a sixteen year old. Made her out to be like I dunno mid like someone in her mid twenties like they've made a sex icon. Ya i feel bad for you. That's crazy it's not as if she's like her dad was like you're gonna do this no matter what i wanna deal at. She wanted to be famous young people. I know she rudy is here. She wants to be famous. But that's really you don't wanna be famous yesterday. She was like get the bummy. Take acting glasgow one. It's a method. I think less method robert deniro. You say hey look at her. You're acting like that. That's actually very good. That you're like i want the most expensive one window young. Hollywood go really. She goes and she says. I've been working on monologue. Oh you have been working on monologues. Working on yeah get get her a monologue. You can working on. Yes yeah. Bobby's forcing me to do it. You think that this is the concern. Ownership tail do the move. Do the move dance. You're gonna do it and you're taking methods and you're taking him bro and you're gonna make you're going to be the next thing so get her a monologue. What do you mean what's method acting. It's it's A lot of times peop- actors will live the life of the character. They're gonna play. Yeah so they pretend to be twenty four hours a day twenty four hours a day like daniel day lewis played lincoln and he lived as lincoln like he lived as if he was in the time. Leg robert deniro when he attacks over actually became a cab. Taxi driver for a month took his took the license license. And you can you believe that. That's when you really get involved. Oh yeah training day king kong. Let's see you read this. This is this is probably one of the greatest the a Monologues just right. There all right so listen. Let's give you the setup right. you're alonzo harris. Yeah all right. You're alonzo harass. You're in south central los angeles. You've just realized that everybody has turned against you. But you're actually the bad guy. In in truth right you've really pitted everyone against themselves. So what you're what you're now yelling is. You're trying to regain control and power. So i want you to read this like you're angry and you want power back again and there's also some you have to read the whole thing 'cause it's like you're playing a character and i know some of the words. You're not gonna want to say but we'll bleep it. You do it. I know we're not doing you to do you. Come here off. Mother mother okay. Okay okay. don't stop doing great. Okay all right. I'm putting you bitches you you do this shit day you get through this macrey chesler. Hit your chest. Playing basketball in pelican bay when i get finished with you. Show bro. grab three hour lockdown abdomen in the speed limit open space. You ever seen a who the fuck you think you're fucking with your shit around no sitting out there. Yeah that's right. You better walk away walk away. 'cause i'm going to get a burger. Despite fokker down the biggest part he'll go geico. god god. That's great right. You and acting coach. I really i think so washington. Did you know that i knew that you. That's one of the but we didn't know before you kind of i kind of knew you never seen training day this movie. Wow what a great move. I should play that in your house for her so she can see it. Yeah what a great move ethan. Hawke when who you do you ever go to the dining car the dining card. Yeah what does that so on. Six street if you go. Way past koreatown. Into downtown restaurant called the dining card. It's twenty four hours a day and it's Tuxedos like the servers have tuxedos lake house. Bring it up but you can go there at two three in the morning and get a prime rib baked potato. Oh the pacific dining. Oh i know this if you've been there no but i know it when you said dining cars. I didn't know what that was. But yeah yeah but i know what i know what this civic dining car and but training day there was a scene with the detectives during the day was that was inside that restaurant right so i was like sitting that section. Oh you do. I love being. That's actually is that your favorite little spot downtown. It's my favorite. Because it's twenty four hours you can get like high end steak house food do you. Have you ever been phillipe's. I love lease. But that's like more. No that's asset coffee. Yeah yeah. I love felipe. Slowly dip sandwich omani macaroni. Gimme a break. I i like also just waiting in that line and the sawdust on the ground. I love it i love it you know. That's an old elementary school. You know that right. Yeah yeah mental institution for kids. It was yeah it was still let me show electric shot so back in the my length. That's not funny. That's not funny. That's not funny. Kids usually get alerted there. Yeah yeah so so back in the day in the fifties police officer named officer dual mcdougal d you. They used to come. Delete delete up. Some do duly and there was a lot of like kids that were like all over. La right and he he had a mandate capture room. That was actually a can capture. Little bastard captured a little bastard after a little bit anyway. He's they stick. This yellow bus like an old school bus like an old school yellow bus and they should go around. They should take like what the they capture. Dogs were like the old Like the old It's like a it's like a belt belt with a poll on it and they grab it and and get you and these kids were like five or six years old and they would like from behind their necks slap back and they would rag him you make a because they get dragged anemic hated it right because he was electrocuted. And have you ever seen. Have you ever seen in los angeles where there's tennis shoes over telephone poles. That's the kids would get in. Their shoes would come off their feet. But that's where it comes from. Yeah that p kids. That's wrong tennis shoes together. Throat over polls telephone wires. Ed all to what they did offer to duly did duly days. Yeah so then. They would take him to the restaurant. Phillipe's right here. And that's why they call the phillipe's because the first kid was named felipe. Yeah philippe philippe go now. It's now what's so funny. Why are you laughing. it's it like why would how would we make something like that up. Okay then surjit we. We just said felipe children church. The children two children search children kidnapped. Children kidnapped gay. Go ahead go come watch boom. There's one of the. That's felipe that was fully images immigration philip. There is no down down down. That's how that's the leap there. There's philippe right there so sad that so anyway. These put all the kids in this building in la right and they used to electroshock them all day. Long hundreds of kit that and let me tell you something and the end the electric charge. They would send through them. Yeah they would. It would push back out it powered the city. The entire downtown los angeles would powered by the electric the current charge that powered all the building. So the big bang oiling. Every time kids lecture it would light up really bright. And here's a little tidbit right. They put a tube attached to their spinal. And when they electrocute it they would get a juice like liquid out of it. spine And that's the liquid they make to use ranch dressing. I don't know if you don't know nobody knows what's kit that's it. That's it just a little bit of that liquid and they still have some of the liquid from this kids spines and they make run addressing all over the world honestly. I can't believe you don't believe that it's a little annoying that you don't believe that at all let me watch. I'll call philipps. And i'll ask i'm telling you we'll call. Felipe is the restaurant. I hate calls like this. The original starting. Monday june fourteenth hours will be six. Am to ten pm. We look forward to serving you. Thank you bye-bye you don't get to call anybody you don't get to call anybody know will that bit than work. Yeah golly jordache would not survive without door dash. When i was in hawaii i found that jordache was the best deliver food delivery service that could could use their. I don't. 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If you're not satisfied with any product for any reason del refund or exchange it. No caveats no questions. The most comfortable underwear the both and i bob to get fifty percents off your first order and free shipping go to meet undies dot com slash bad friends. That's me on these dot com slash. Bad friends this. Speaking of los angeles history. I saw you post the other day about About koreans for life. You're going out to dinner with korean. What is this what. what are you trying to say. Well i'm gonna. I'm doing thing you're working really hard on trying to get into this. Stop asian hate stuff. You know people you know we have been talking about it. And i brought it up a bunch of times to people about trying to get on the api. Because i was talking about my podcast talking about your people were like kind of joking around. Like they're never gonna let you in this. And that and i made that a challenge so i've been calling the most high profile asian actors. I can shorts extremely disingenuous. Not real no no. I know but you don't want it because you know you wanna complete something. I don't know. I've been you think we were having dinner. I'm showcasing my abilities. Yeah i know i know. It's not enough telling them. I'm showing them that. Are you telling them you're doing this only for yourself or because you actually care about i care about. That's what i think that my boys counts. I think my voice is going to help. So i been hitting up. I got fucking lines out to all kinds of fucking people dog. Why don't you just do it. Why don't you just post something about about. No no i need to be included. Because i like montage of it. No because yeah you want the you want the female. You don't wanna do it. You know you're being really pissing me off right now. You don't want making my neck hurt right now. You're not to altruistic. Doing to begin with the word means. I know you don't. You're not doing it because you wanna receive positive vibes internally because you want other people to recognize that you're a part of it. Is that true or not no. it's not and friendship. Because here's the thing you take offense to that. I do because i have a mother. What what does that even mean. A shit no shit and she happens to be asian and i have thought towns have thoughts. I tell my mother go. You gotta be careful out there. There's asian hey she got tabby. I'm okay. I'm okay i'll be okay. Your mom's getting in scottsdale. I'm just saying that. Like now when i see like an old asian person get attacked. I couldn't envision what if that was my mom right which makes me very angry and it makes wanna like say something so. Let's just say something on instagram. No i have to be a part of to everyone else's george the kyw sandro. And all these bucket people. Why does kim jong randall park. And all these guys wanna get asked to fucking. I will say it and i will do you know how would you watching. You're watching one of those things and then it's like all these names and there's always a guy in there that you're like who the fuck is that. There was some guys. I don't even know who they are. You look up. You'll be another one of those times you'll be another guy where people who is that guy. They'll go to work you. You're you're really gonna park. Oh my god. It's kim jong. Oh my god it's another asian actor and then you'll go up there and some people will go. Who is that guy funny because that feeds into why they're asking me why because nobody puppy. Thank you for the victims. Thank you for beating the old tape in my head right. That's what you're a piece of shit friend is not a problem is bullshit. There are things that you know that. I'm sensitive about and you bring it up. There are things that i know. Just listen don't complain about not being famous now. You're getting nothing. You're you're you're eating all right. Well then let's how can we do it. Can we get a campaign going to ask me community. Just you know how fucking funny it would be if rudy got in the in the in the longer push live asked me i know so i look. You deserve it jokes aside. But i think you need to make your own you need to do your own thing and then like i so i called dave show steven yeun gone. We went to dinner. Did you do his show. What david show doesn't have a show. I did to show the. Fm ago no fx doesn't even show enough the footage that he has his from years ago and he now releasing it. Yeah what do you do on it. I just go to his house. He paints on my body. What is the point of the show. He paints people know she's an artist. I know who the fuck is. But what's the show is the show about his artistic creation invites people paints them. It's weird okay. So anyway i got. I bring these. I'm trying to reach for the stars. And i go you one. I have some weight here. Baby i'm gonna dave and steve we go out and were dinner and i go. Hey guys You just do the pca's like what the fuck you're talking about. Psa's is it wrong. That's why they don't know what you're talking about. You're talking about a dish. that's why they're like. What are you talking about. I never mind because they weren't what does it. Psa public service announcement. How public service announcement. Yeah we did this last week last week. What i'm gonna do is the next round of meetings that i have. I have a budget lines out. Yeah i'm gonna get streisand. Rose these some of these types. She's huge. Yeah and i'm gonna ask he. S a ps as will do you know what a pin as american auto pacific insurance right and sign up for api right now. Use the code bad friends. Ten bad friends tenure at ten payments for free with american auto pacific insurance. Api insurance. what is it. you don't know what you're what the psa that you're talking about is api stuff. Even american and pacific islander. Oh shit. I should write that down to. How fucked up. That is that the white guy knows what that say. You know what that was yet this why you don't get the saying this is. This is what they are giving you permission to help me. Oh so you're using the white man again and then you're oh you're using car while you been prior to your bbc asian people street. I've never had an old asian woman. Tell your friends though. It's not right. So they david show and stephen. That's not. Why call these young because you corrected yourself. Visit it yin yang yang. Yeah why u n so you know they may or may not be on my three hundred tiger belly episode. That's right yeah. That's why you did this. Korean post it was like koreans for life. I didn't know what to say. Because we're in koreatown first of all that is so funny that restaurant Park have you been there. We went for your birthday. No that's parse finest no. There's two parks so there's a filipino. Partial many parks as ability as a filipino parks filipino food that was an echo park that where parks finest. That's what we're talking about. Yeah on sunset the old one yet but the one that the real korean barbecue park is downtown is on vermont. So you've never been there now. I don't go there. The best korean food probably in in terms of korean restaurants chosen and parks is probably one of the top chose son. I've been to charleston's great but parks. Is it new so when you walk into parks right on the side of the wall. There's the lady that owns parks and so with celebrities over the years bro. I second when you said she's on the wall. I thought you meant. She's like hong hanging on the wall like she is a part of the menu. They start like stuff the old owner. And she's just standing there like euro oath that you like one of those euro things because the you would you like to take some parks foot. Yes so There it is right there. Yeah so on the side of the wall it says it has all these it has her with clown posse and i see all these celebrities are like what the fuck and then none of me right at all and i go there all the time so i had a fan do right. I know i had a fan go up there. Frame a photo of me and actually put one up. You're still there. You're so dumb right. But it's not with mrs park. It's not so. When i walked in there gave it goes he she goes. I know that. And that's why i have not removed. But he knows picture with you so then she's like let's do a real one now because that's what that one so now you have a photo up there. Oh that's kinda fun. I to bring the one of the biggest artists and one of the best actors in there to get one. You had in fucking korean ammunition. Yeah didn't even know who he was stephen. Yo when it was in our house stevens he's analogy because i don't know he is. And you gotta take acting classes. You got take acting classes. We'll get you we'll get you. Fitted with the biz bro. What's wrong with you today. jewels yet. Something wrong nothing. Yeah there is. I can feel it now. I'm just tired men. This house this house people just i think what i think. She has a lot because she has a lot going on. What do you mean she's done with school. That's right you have nothing going on exactly. Are you going to summer camp. We should send her way to camp. You know parents send their gills has such a good life if you think about one hundred percent. Yeah she right she's like. I am going to get a three hundred dollar haircut. She gets one right. Is it not your life is kinda smooth and easy. Yeah what else is going on now that you're done with school. Are you doing anything What's the summer entail. We have a foster dogs again. Okay that's not a thing that's hap. That's just an hour. It is a thing and it's why it's like bro. I told these girls before. I go to hungary. I looked at him. I know more foster. We have four dogs now. It's a lot of three cats. It's a lot of cash and they promise me you know we're not gonna do for a year now right. But so when i was in hungary they try to sneak. One in Right they they try to sneak one in so by the time i got back into town the dogwood we already out the door right. It's actually kind of smart but guess what happened it stayed. It's still here 'cause they couldn't get anyone to get it. What kind of dog is it. Dogo argentino Pit bull what you know the ones that they're always makes us pitt but the dogo argentino the ones that they they use for fighting dog. Yeah ooh let's call michael vick. He might still want that. Look at that dog. Oh you're one of those with a pit in the middle picture. She so sweet this one though they train these dogs to fight. These are the ones that fight. Yeah but this one right. Our dog looks just like that right. Mom twice she yes. She's why and she is one of the sweetest dogs for head. Caccia sweet do sandra bullock on alan korean foreskin rotated on tiktok today. I saw it like this morning or yesterday. She talks about doing micro needling. Bob i mean when i make love to women. That's what they play the video if you can find it. She basically admits right there. She got a penis facial. Yeah this is a couple years ago but it like kind of went on talked about for awhile. But essentially you get a micro needling which is little tiny nails and then it brings your blood to the surface which is like really healthy for your skin and then they can inject all sorts of stuff into your face yet. But what are they putting in their listen. She'll tell you. A couple months ago that santa bullock new york this way in. Which will it's this this way. In which one horses through micro needling. I was like a little roller with some of you. Think many of you know it pushes through the skin and russia's a collagen and then boosted you look like a burn victim day but then it's but then it pushes us. What are you pushing into. the skin. Serve sandra sarah. What are you pushing into the skin. Well you push whatever the facialists would like to insert into your portal. What is it. It is extraction from a a piece of skin came from a young person far far away and they somehow figured out how to extract foreskin from korean baby. Pause that that's real. She's putting korean baby penises in her face and there crying babies thousands of them going my penis. Where's the rest of ss here. It's my cheek. How do you say. Pete peanuts and korean. Yeah how do you say. I don't go to court. You worry spy. Go to write a tell you this right now. If i was one those cream babies. Yeah when i get older I'm coming to la. I'm knocking on the door. Yeah what back is grabher fade out taking. I want it back you about this. We can start your a. Ps i'm new campaign. No more asians being violent and against that stuff. That's the real crime. Because korean specific no more korean foreskin facials. Yeah no more korean fortunes. No more korean force game facial no more korean foreskin. Faith do you want to participate in in south asian. You don't wanna be here. Get the fuck outta here tools. No more korean foreskin. More korean foreskin facials. No more korea foreskin spatial. I mean it's like minimal. You don't have to go to the protest okay. Isn't that insane. It's insane put baby penis skin and world laughing about it on. Yeah that's crazy allen. Yeah no that is fucking crazy or how about this. Can we do this. King could the koreans get. America baby's foreskin only exchange. Was not there doesn't happen. You're not getting the white white peanuts. Yeah you're not getting the white. There's not much but you want the yell asia one because it's good. It's good because it's maybe that's what it is because it's one the white baby foreskin Garbage they make you look older when you put it in your you achieve age twenty years by the way when they are you circumcised yarbrough when they when they still have mine when they start. You sell it to sandy. Could you could pretty old. So what you. It'll still be good. He'll still be good or are they circumcised. When they circumcise me. They saw what was left in the asked my mom if they should put it back they asked if they can put back because it was so tiny that they were like. It's going to be tough for him. Should we put right right. They were going to put it back. I you know. I haven't did you make a decision. They don't ask the put it back. And i was like that is so weird. They cut boys penises. Yeah isn't that gross. First of all can i just say. Let me ask another question about this about this. I don't know what all i know. Is this clip. I'll give them the major. That's to go all right. So imagine you're crew korea i. I'm a career a surgeon. Yo you deliver babies your doctor got it right babies born you clip the fucking force again. whose idea is it. At first ago maybe this could go while you know. What's so funny what happens. He clipped the forest and he put it on his cheeks. One of the one of the surgeons and joe has a job and the nurses go skin. Look a little baby force. Joe right or look at me. Look i look at. What is it buffalo. Bill who is it that you put it. He's doing a little look. Look at me everybody and then and then everyone kind of wonder if you look young. Who's wearing skin was at buffalo bill. Who wasn't that where people bill look at buffalo bills. So he's buffalo bill. I'm a buffalo bill. Yeah and they were like this. sounds good. sign going because lot but those funny. So we found out how sandra bullock got it. That's how again look at me look surgeons automobile. The tuck beal just blue. 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I don't use guys get honey for free. Join honey dot com slash bad friends. That's join honey dot com slash fat friends. Good job sandra. I guess when you have all the money in the world you can do whatever you want but does that creep you out to think of when you get to that level they do. We keep lynch did it right. Oh she does. The beginning of the show with kate blanchet. Does that what they said. The beginning video. Kate just because of the very beginning right there. That's cate blanchett. Right that santa bullock and her went and got a certain kind of facial in new york. Cate blanchet and her. You could've asked her at launch. Let's just look at it. Look at it all like during lunch. Right she's got just kind of talking about she kind of looks to matter lee. You're kinda poke at it. That's my fucking you one hand you feel your penis on one hand in her face with the other one. I could ask her though you know what you should read. That's how uncomfortable. Mail her right now. I don't anything about not. I don't have a number of okay. Just checking in. Did you get my cousins penis on your face insane. I would have done it. That's why they look so good. Yeah that's why i'm telling you joke. Used they drink baby blood. No they took baby penises and put him on their face. Yeah how many kids did she adopt by the way she adopted like six brown. Kids cate blanchett. Sandra bullock pete skills are deteriorating. They're sub sub par par. Yeah we like them but he would crowd mom through people. She adopted daughter so she has. How many kids did she have the cheese stolen from another country. Not doing a good service. Now it's a good deed to good date. It doesn't matter if he's not gonna find. It was insane. How many celebrities of that time were adopting little brown babies. It was like a trend. I think it's still a trend. Who's doing it now. People still do sandra boats. Kids are like eighteen. That i know with them are still she did it. And brad pitt angelina. Jolie j. renovate. They adopted all of them already. They just they're just trying to have new ones born called africa and there were like sandham. I mean it's it's it is cool to see though brad back when and brad and angelina together and you see shots at them at the airport and there's like fifty years. Yeah just walking down like a horde like an army we don't know is what they're employing those good. They're making them build stomach shoes. They're making little kicks. It'll nike's no. They're not what if what if you open a pair of nikes. You opened the the tongue. And said made in brad and angelina is basically. So there's only right there. There's two asian kids yup A young black girl and then three. Whitey's i think those are biological through three whites. Look at them yet. Their biological their paler than i am. Yeah and the two asian kids. I didn't know she had asian boys. Yeah wow what are their names. I think levi. Now what's i don't know why on the other one's true religion you name your kid one of them's called ginko. And the other. One is levi. Levi leaving gingko know the names are maddox pax zaha. That's why shiloh Vivienne and knox chelsea organic one vivienne a knox organic or no pax. Pax has got to be asian the asian and then sahara's obviously young blacker. I imagine. But how do i know packs angelina. Jolie alpacas eating boy. Yeah the older asian gentleman. I don't know how old this guy's just imagine worst packs from the also mentioned that maybe she got him as a baby to get his foreskin dude. If he's korean gonna lose shit hot. You can tell just by looking at him. He's not. He's vietnamese is vietnamese. You accidentally morality vietnam son. Yeah but did. They have good forced into who i would say. Maybe not as good as good as korean. That's going to be as good. You think vietnam. Korean league goodstuff. Who's the best who has the best foreskin. I think that we're all equal. You're your to the camera and talk about who is the best asian foreskin The best asian foreskin in my opinion is all asian foreskin. Good at it. i can do it. did you ever see reboot. Amanda imagine though the odds you're up your abandoned your abandoned vietnamese baby At an orphanage right and this probably what hundreds of thousands maybe right one kid goes to like a fisherman Right in canada in canada's omar goes to plummer in ohio and while one goes to florida. Yeah and then you go to brad pitt an angelina jolie it must just a baby no like when they go you know gotta know no you must know. He's gotta know. Yeah the other be so jealous. Baby fly first class. Yeah oh yeah. Probably the same vibe of adopting the same day but they take the same flight but one of the babies is in first-class ono. The other babies walked by baby. Of course a little babies up there like this first class like this and the other babies glasses other people are walking by marseille as he does a peace sign like back of the plane. Yeah that's a hot baby baby. Lucky lucky yeah. I mean but you know what yeah. Packs deserves it. Why because you don't know his story all you think how about this Because you don't visit the fucking orphanage they take them back and they walk around brad pitt angelina jolie and they look all the kids. There's no way they're just going to send me whatever. Now they go. So you have to showcase showcase as a kid and if you're not good you're not gonna get the good one no you have to show off your skill. Yeah yeah so is probably tap dancing as you're driving yeah. He's painting oil as playing on a piano concert. And they're like oh we'll take that we'll take that one and the that now get rid of that one. Throw that one in the well no problem. Yeah wow so sad that. We're learning a lot of history learning a lot. A lot about the whole thing to say something about the the googling and the skills of pete because i wanna make a little mental note. A fan sent us something. Yeah let's just last week. The guy cut the episode so bad so bad that pete was on camera four minutes. I didn't even know what that was. This is looking at this. You sat on her couch and you guys chatted about kuhlman. Was it deepened philosophically. He was you know mary to one of the. I'm asking you a real question about your trip. Hungary we're getting into something right now and the episode. Meanwhile we cut to these two goons grown. Now look at this now. Pay attention to pete's face the whole time. Go well respected this. She's talented own right. I'm not discrediting holding on the. She also happens to be married to one of the most talented writer director producers in the history of comedy. What am i saying and it was. It was the cool thing he had a show on. Hbo called family tree. I an episode kitties face. We got we were. We were veterans. What is going through his life. I'm not sure wanna be. Is today the day stick. The shock cleaned it. Everything reloaded at four or five times. I should just do now realizes that it could have children. Yeah but you know. I'll leave him a couple of hundred bucks watch us little smirk areas thinking about a deeply goes. It's enough money for them to by isn't yeah yeah yeah. Let me do the math in two hundred six years from dead for. Yeah we this was. What's on youtube and waco back a little bit yaeko back a little bit. He realizes right here that it'll that he could kill himself and get away with it. Watch us you know a little bit of killing myself. I could kill my family. Be jesus held on these guys for like three minutes. It's so crazy that's so funny though. Oh yeah i could kill my family. That was going. I'm gonna go eat at fat burger late. He's thinking about his meal. Yeah this is what psychotic people do they think about murdering than immediately go to. Maybe we'll go to felipe slater. Who made that decision. It was secretive decision. No let me say it. It was andres andres did it look at me i. I am dead serious when i say this. There's other people that can do the job. i'd like to make him either. Get fired or take a leave of absence. I'm putting my vote right now to fire them right now but guys no you don't get to vote. It was very successful. The i don't care. If i think i think you need to take a time out from the show and i'd like you to leave for a while after all i've done for you guys to vote. Please yeah let's just do a vote. Okay who votes and andrei should be fired today. Right now and lose almost everything. He's our joel's jules. I want him to stay. You want him. Fired sets one for five day one for fired. I myself need him fired. Because i want him gone bat. 'cause i don't wanna work with him anymore. Day okay so to fired one day. Yeah and then pete is. The deciding factor did better. Pete watch us hold on this shot for an hour and a half. I vote yeah. That's three fired while you it's been fun. Andres take a hike. Take a hike of i quit. Oh you're going to quit and you really fired you do. You can't quit this morning. you're fired. Okay i'm you know. What is he crying as you crying. Hey come her. Hey don't slam the door to do that. I wanted him gone but she said i said fire said fire him. She said stay. I said stay. No she said fire. I said fire. You said stay pizza. Fire pete you lug head i just i just want to get ahead here. See that's how do it he moved up. That's how they up. I'm gonna miss the guy at all. Yeah wasn't good at his job and it do. Have you seen sweet tooth yet. Pretty shell sweet tooth. Yeah who's who's in it. It's that guy from snl in it Bring up sweet tooth. Police he's really good at what guy from snl. I forgot to that right there. Dude bob is that the image right there will forte. I love will for forces. What's it's a netflix show. Yeah we saw all eight episodes. Really good we look at the trailer so sweet tooth in what you'd like it because it's a little fantasy for you know. You're more like grit. I do like chris this is kind of. There's there's kind of light it's gets dark but there's like waco down. It's it's a concept. That's i don't think you're see the trailer but it starring foretaste name isn't even in it it says no so is on a christian co very welcome. His name is not even on their josh. Brolin james brolin he. His name is on there. If i look at the cast on my thing is third up. That's weird yeah will forte. Way down there. Yeah he was great. He is great. I think he's did you ever see. Did you ever watch him Last man I love last man on earth. Yeah he's great but I feel like if you were born a hybrid. You'd be half hyena antelope tom. Yeah yeah yeah that yeah yeah. What about me Whatever they weren't gremlins. That's so cute. Omagh while you mean mug weiss i'd be half mcguire bring up fucking mcguire. That's not you tell me a mug. Why isn't bobby lee. A hyena for sure and gremlins all. They're so cute. This tell me. This is not bobby lee. Totally as me. There's dismal isn't that bobby lee Yeah that's bobby lee short to the ground so cute cute cuddly yes stinky there so smelly stinky. And they don't wash the water they I'm manga if you're a mcguire for sure yeah What would you be. Jews would be marsupials marsupial some sort of marsupial. I agree with that. I agree with that. Or what about those ones in papua new guinea or whatever the ones with the big is that likely to the tree. Your and they had the big ears. What are those things. What are those called big big. I guess what you are the big guide by the name of our band. The big eyed monkeys. Yeah those guys those guys do you. Yeah what is that. What is that thing harsh year. Oh unlimited yeah cute. Okay so listen. This is the magwar speaking to the magi ban. I want to show you to somebody sent this to me. Do you know. There's a band called the bobby lease jadu. You've seen this up based on me. How can chew these people. But it's not based they're not. They didn't create the ban. Because i know in my name do these people no i. Won't i like the fact that they're called the bobby lease but you would if their music. You don't like i listen to it. They're pretty good. Well then. Should we go see bobby life. I i want to know why. They're called the bobby lease that we need to find out somehow. All right so listen. If anybody has contact with bobby leaves. We want to find out why they have his name. Is there anybody asian in the band limit. Look course not of okay. There were no maybe they were from click on the band. No nobody looks asian. Yeah but they look. Looks like pete's family. Yeah for sure. But they look like people i would hang out with. They look like they're not. What were they from the garage. Punk is named after vocalist. Sam formed after vocalist. Sam moved to woodstock. New york took guess from friend of recruiter. new bandmates. Cool all right well. Let's see if anybody can connect to the bobby lease link up with them. Yeah we could get them to play the opening music for the show. That'd be great. That'd be awesome. Anybody knows the bobby lease. Please let us know. Please contact us because we want to do. We want to Up with bob as we could just reach out to them. All right we gotta get your campaign going get your campaign you front get your campaign going ended with your campaign. You want to do your psa. Okay asian americans in this country being attacked harassed and beaten up frankly in the streets of america and we american just like any other american and this needs to stop. That's it so so. Please put away your billy clubs golf clubs in all the other clubs that could hurt other human beings to penetrate their skin and stop shoving them on concrete right because they they they run our laundry mats fact right. They lawn run our liquor stores restaurants. They run our sciences. Not all your do. Mostly mostly chinese They run our nasa some. There's an esa couple. Nasa not even space. Now they run. They run their their teachers. Professors lawyers professor doctors doctors for sure doctors for sure doctors for sure right and don't beat up. Willie club doctor. Don't that's not right right. And then say and then they massage world. Where else are you going to get your massage. Your feet are gonna be stinky. Yeah and and rank if you don't if you get rid of us. So i i i'm bobby bobby lee wanna stop asian stop asian. Hey and. I'm supporting i'm support. Aarp aarp thank you for being a bad friend my mood. You're here baby mode. Why put on your headphones. So we can talk. 'cause you had to get up to come here at one o'clock in the pm. Gabe still jet-lagged post meridian. It a week ago. You've been back. It doesn't last that long. I don't think four. I know we do. But it's one o'clock you know it's not the end of the. How long does jet lag last. A week says jetlag relax few days typically one day times crossed so nine days. It's been just that good to see you bobby. Okay i've Well we've got some great new start out the show while you're.

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