Ep. 147: Robe Warrior Ric Flair w/ Adam Pranica


Combines and. Pau. No perfect wrestling. Dad. This is. Ties. Ties. Drifts RIC flair. Drip, is this how the song goes it's called RIC flair dripping? Now welcome to the show that discusses wrestling with sincerity and liberty deserves. I'm auto Topi Ryden, Disney wheel and deal in Minnie mouse. Kish stealing John. How Levin and I'm joined today by my fellow members of the nation of conversation, the flirty player in the game Daniel Radford street and our special guests from the podcasts, the greatest generation the greatest discovery and friendly fire. It's Adam to be the man, you gotta beat the pram Mikka, welcome to tights, and fights. This week. We're going to take a break from the comings and goings appro wrestling, 'cause WWE sucks right now, isn't it? That's fine. We will on breaks. There's more to talk about Dick's week pick it up. Don't worry. We know calm down. We're going to devote our time today, the one of the most important figures in pro wrestling history, sixteen time world champion RIC flair before we really get into specifics for we dive in. For me when I was a kid in sick, that was when I would watch wrestling on TBS, because it was on earlier than w w programming, or, or just different time, Pavlov's thing, where every time, you see Rick flair you feel like you're gonna throw out a break out and do a fever. No. But that was like, my get a really strong, your pursue p- be at the time, crackers, lex Luger versus the four horsemen, but that was my exposure to RIC flair. And I think back to that sort of eighties version of him Adam, what, what comes to mind for you. When you think of RIC flair same story except I wasn't sick. It's weird how like in my memory. The Turner broadcast networks were showing wrestling, twenty four hours a day in, sir, in my childhood memory, and it was always on, and I was always watching. Yeah. Exactly. And the Braves games were just commercials. Yeah. Right. This crappy Braves. Game on. I need to see what happens with wrestling. When did you start watching around what year? Boy, I'm like my earliest memories. I feel like of, of consuming television, involve wrestling, like as soon as I was old enough to watch. It was one of those, it was like a treat. The my grandparents would give me because my grandparents were super permissive about television away. My parents weren't. And so when I would go and visit them wrestling would be on the tube. And I would watch with my Granddad and my Granddad looked when he was alive a lot like RIC flair really. And I think he's been dead for a long time. He looks like Rick flair now. I say that with love, I love RIC flair and your grandpa. Yeah. Yeah. Love them both. This is gonna age really well when flair sick again in two months. Daniel, you're you are we all know yes, way, more familiar with latter-day flare than early flare. What comes to mind for you? When, when I say, Rick flair I love you. I'm sorry is a big one. I mean that all the stuff with volition or things that I'm really familiar with. I said I've talked about this. I'm not we moved around a lot. We got some of the southern stuff. But at that point, I wasn't interesting. And so there's this whole, like gap from me words like I'm very familiar with the things that have happened in that era. And I can go back and watch it. And appreciate it. But it's kind of like going back and watching Carlin now and being like underwhelmed. And it's only because so much of it influenced. What came after that? You're so used to it without being like this is the first time that this happened or that happened. So while I appreciate it. I don't have the same emotional connection to it as I do he know the stuff that I watched when it was my time to watch it. And so with RIC flair obviously, I appreciate his career. He's fantastic. I've gone back and watch those old promos and I love them, but it's not this deep. Well of love for back when he was at his best. Unfortunately, right. Yeah. You got the latter day where you still doing good work, but not, not the, the. Really inshapenetwork. Yeah. Kind of like most of his matches were him getting his ass kicked for the majority of it. And he, he even jokes now that he won sixteen times, and that's it. He's like a marginal number of wins would lose more than he would win. But that was sort of what made him great character with a stories that he told and continued to tell you know, that, that certainly held true even throughout his final match, which is maybe one of the best stories that has ever been told in the ring who knows who who's to say us were podcast host. Let's go. Let's take a walk down flare avenue. Early years. We're spending eight. Yeah, it's line with drugs. And ropes here's a bit of one of his earliest promos is from back in nineteen seventy four. Got a man, Mr. charisma metrics, RIC flair. Got the board Conway with the phony look at hairdo Conway, you been trading jive with but looking each other. Done the serious. Bendon buddy. I got you leave. You leave you with an accent headache? Maybe bleed Missy crying begging for your mammy baby. You have just picked gonna find out what it's all about that with the new mid Atlantic Tate team champion the world Monday night, at the Greenville, Morial auditory. I like the guy at the end. Mother died. The great rail auditorium yelling in your face and willing in your ear, and you're just like all right. Here's the information. I have a preference, professional regard, I go home and MC love to tumbler of scotch the Greenville auditorium, or at least what's left of me. I still love you, Wendy as as performers and comedians and improvisers. I'm sure that you can appreciate what he's doing here on a different level than me feels like the words just tumble out of him at a rate and at a at a rate of comedy, especially the it seems unreal to me, and I don't think has even been matched since I don't know who's as good as him now or has ever been, like, do you look it up promo, like this from him and see a professional comic in the way that, like does he think, do you think that he thinks about these things like that? Or is, is he scripted at all back, then it was not scripted? It was just like you. Knew what you had to sell you had to go yet to sell your character. You had to sell the match you had to sell at the other person was threat and you go from there. And so that's why those innate talents were just a talent. And that is something we've talked about this a lot that we do miss from this latest era, because people who probably could cut a great promo. If you just let them go our hamstring by having to be on the script, and they're not actors, some of them are fantastic. When they are, you know, the rocks gone on to be a great actor, Jon CENA's gone onto the next rock. He's going to be in the next fast and furious and probably replace the rock in that series. So, you know, they are they've been able to build some talents on that. But for the most part, they would you know, I don't wanna see a scripted version of a RIC flair it wouldn't as well. Listen to this. He definitely just from the word play. He had to have thought about it before him if you can't write it himself, and he's had it planned out. But that's why these guys work so well because. They had that passion to be like, you know, I know again, I know what I need to sell. I need to sell me. I need to sell the any sell it the matches a big deal to sell the that the person is a big deal I need to sell that there's a real rivalry between us and that's what they had to do. And that's where the art of it comes in, because you do on your way, there, you at least think, like, okay, I know I want to talk about this, this, this, and this. Oh, this might be a funny thing to say are funny thing to say, but for the rest of it, it's just him like improvising. And yes, Anding and without knowing its, yes. Ending back, then, like they were doing it the good ones without knowing they were doing it. And that's what's great. And I know that they make them take improv classes now. And I'm like really for a while. They were I don't know if they still are here's the thing that strikes me about that promo, and he's recused said this many times that early in his career. He was trying to be dusty Rhodes. Yeah, that promos. So dusty Rhodes even like down to the speech pattern. Yeah. It's like it's very. It's you can tell obviously, it's very early on an testy, roads, Ian accent. Yes. He's the accent. But there is a little bit of Rick flair. He's one of the rare guys who can yell an entire everything. He did was yelling. He had basically one volume but still made it believable because a lot of I mean everybody yelled. Yeah seventies eighties. There are a lot of yellows, and that's where that stereotype of the promo was gonna meet you at the garden. I'm gonna stop a mud hole in your ass. Boy. And like that's where that, you know, that stereotype of promos come from. Yeah. One of the funnest things to do during his promos is look at the react from everyone, and it's a miracle to me how like how stone face, they can be as a tornado is happening in front of them. Yeah. Because he's like clearing space for himself. It's so much fun. You really uses environment wells and actor explores the space. Yeah. And this. Screen television opposition, either. It's tight. Come on. Let's all be an animal. I got kicked out of college because I couldn't be a tortoise, anyway, continue. That is true. They didn't deserve you. Yeah. Why me they're the only ones do and shit now? So it's sort of, like Juilliard the people who drop out and leave and are kicked out are the ones that do the best. See the Hanes were my motivators. Anyway. They're yell. Is that from Rick flair? Drip, is that a line from it? No. But it can't be okay. We're just gonna actually we're gonna find RIC flair because you have to actually listen to it. We will do I have to know you actually do. I bet I'm sure he goes, whoa. What else would you have him do Bubis? I'm sure he does. I wouldn't have him do anything else. I don't do nothing else, so flare. How did he become the nature? Boy when buddy Rogers the nature boy. Well, I'll tell you. He just took it right. Yeah. He started a feud with buddy Rogers, Ella adopting the name for himself. They didn't do it name match where the winner of the match gets the name knowing name on a pole, they know name case above a ladder. I like abstract concepts grabs in a match. This case just has a Hello. My name is label on it. Get up there with a marker. Their name is the nature. Boy, oh, come on. We can't keep giving these ideas away for free. It'll be WWE next week resell. We'll take it and use it for something. Ever, let him near a ring again from nineteen eighty one to nineteen eighty six Rick flair would win and lose the NWEA world championship eight separate times and his career hit a big resurgence when he partnered up with Tully Blanchard and only in our Anderson, to form the four horsemen, the most iconic stable in wrestling history whose lineup changed so many times, but really was never the horsemen without flare needed, at least have flair to really be considered legitimate or Smith. I was looking at that force symbol again recently. No. Let me just look at it again to make sure it's the one that this one where they're holding the four fingers up. Yeah. No, no, no. That didn't they have a symbol symbol. Did. They was it for horses. Yes. Yes. Let me double check. And make sure this is what I'm thinking. It's problematic. Giant dogs. Yeah. Do they are there? Big horse stones. No. Let me see because I did I saw this. So are you talking about the horses? Like kinda look like a swastika. I'm talking to. Oh, no. Look like a fucking sticking to be fair, though. I did a Google search of four horsemen logo, and that it was the least populous one. Yeah, yeah, it's two horses facing one to four horses based on the other way. And it's great. And this is just and I'm this is one of those ones where it's like I'm sure no one noticed. But also, if you just had one Jewish, dude, or person of color in that room, but they could have been like. Oh, no. Yeah. I think they did it at some point. One of them was like, oh, I see it now. And then they completely had to change it immediately. How many people have ever been in the four horsemen? Is that a really long list, you guys were? That's all. I mean, I'm glad they're left. At least. Yeah. Yeah. That one means peace peace and love peace and love cheese, who were you had the original four yet. Lex Luger was in there. Oh my gosh. JJ Dylan was. I mean they did. They ever have a black member is, is sort of, like one of the reasons for asking was. I feel like one of the members of Harlem, he was in our for. I thought. I thought I thought Booker T had a week, four horsemen's billion. I cannot find I think it might have been one of those things where, you know how they brought somebody in for like one match right? It was probably something like that. But the people that are here include Lugar. Mary Wyndham sting said vicious Paul Roma, Brian pill Mun while whoops, Steve McMichael Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Haning. And dean Malingco as like Phil stable members and Onis. Yeah the pony. Yes. They were ponies, then associated members included war-machine hero Matsuda KENDALL Windham. Who I, I don't know any of these people are Butch Reed. A window natural, Michael Hayes, actually joined the four horsemen that seems so sacrilegious because of the free birds and David flair. Of course, his son. Yeah. Yeah. And then they had a bunch of managers valleys, of course, which would take I can't let a mention of sting go by without saying, stink sucks. That's hot take. I think he's so boring really just everything in ring. Yeah, I saw a like in preparing for the show. I saw a promo with flair and sting. And I was like, wow, he is still like the worst. What do you mean dull I'm to a certain point? It's better now. But I couldn't ever understand his popularity. He his loved even crow ARIS thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Out in the raptor, for him before he revealed himself was so great. They, they stretch that like taffy for like two months. Yeah. And then the payoff ways and just incredibly boring. I thought for some reason, like, I remember very early sting. I remember like not quite debuting sting, but, but around there when he was newer. And so, at the brush cut it was like, oh, he's real muscular that must be why people like him. And then I don't think I've ever seen. Imagine his whereas like oh, he's really, really good. Yeah. Yeah. That's tough to remember even that was his that was the last official WCW match with sting in RIC flair layer versus sting going for sixty minutes for the world title, I think, was the best that's the one where they wrestle to draw. It very good. That was fine me if somebody like that is very lukewarm on those old school matches. I will I will say that was a very good match. I don't think he's I don't think he's bad on anybody's saying he's necessarily bad. But he's just there's nothing for any the for anybody here. That would be like, oh he's very good. Well, let's rip back to four horsemen than four horsemen, I think, motor, my favorite musical intros. It is so classically dopey rock and roll solo. Yeah. And they kept it forever. I don't think they ever changed it right here. It is. Oh, that is just so Lassus. Just imagine of coming out of smooth. Yeah. It's like softcore porn music. Thank you for protecting me. Literally anything at the end of an eighties. Movie, the woman who has been endanger and the man who's been protecting her. They finally get that moment to look each other in the eyes and recognize what they both gone through freeze frame, kiss roll credits. Yep. Or just riding a motorcycle off into the sunset. Or the the opening credits for the hitchhiker, aka handsome well hunt. Drifter. The seminal series on Cinemax. He's coming into town. We don't know much about him. He's coming into town, and then he's coming again. Yeah. The Nilo rain. Starring anyone who's ever been in twenty one jump street. Richard Greko is the hitchhiker. Of. Diamond Phillips at a lot of softcore porn, my friends, who, hey, he paid the bills, right? Ric flair would go onto WWF in late nineteen Ninety-one actually teased a program with him at HOGAN, which at the time would have been the dream match the two biggest stars from both promotions did not happen. However, he did enter the nineteen ninety two Royal rumble at number two and lasted sixty one minutes. Oh, no. Number three. He went at number three. I think he lasted sixty one minutes, sixty two minutes to win the then vacant WWF title making him was he the first person in the in the eighties era to hold both world titles. You might be right. Think of anybody else who would have done it. Like like they were still there, most separate once you get the, the major talent from each company, shifting you. Get Hogan's elbow savage held both. I wanna say he was the first. Yeah. Tell us tell us we're wrong at tights, and fights. Tell us we're wrong else were wrong. Is that a challenge or you inviting people to well, actually, if you can you can long as you're nice about it. I mean learning things be cool about it be cool. If you can avoid using the word actually, you'll get plenty of points flair was uniquely suited to a rumble. I think because that shop is so great for getting people over that rope. Yes, he didn't have to work too hard to do it. He could just chop fifteen people out. That's right. That's that, that I think that's the reason for the stamina to go sixty minutes. You're not gonna pick someone up and throw them over the rope, every two minutes you gotta chop over exactly to get a couple of shops in their plus that front flop. He does works. Really? Well when you're long match you get tired because he did that after I think the second. I'm sure we're gonna talk about the two out of three falls matchy, Ricky the with Ricky steamboat that'll series breathtaking. I think after the second fall, he does his front flop, because he's so worn out from all the wrestling, it's sort of like a wrestling version of clenching in boxing lake. He could take a breather by doing the follow ver oh wrestling is really hard, not even like it's very tire. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. Definitely. Not making fun of him for that. You wanna take a front that front fall, a great just. I just I just need thirty seconds, thirty seconds debris. And then he's got the begging spot to which out of bunch of into the ball Shah. Right. Exactly. The perfect combo. But here is his promo the famous promo that he cut after winning that title at this time to present the title belt to the new champion our president, that thing we checked, cutting -gratulations RIC flair. I'm becoming the undisputed champion of. The world. Wrestling federation. What would you say after distorting, the belt, proclaiming the real world champion, I'm gonna tell you? We're that tier there. It is. This is the greatest moment in my life. And you walk around this world, and you tell anybody your number one, the only way you get to stay number one, one. And this the only title and world that makes you number one when you are that gang. You know about that. The purpose guy. Guy. Congratulations. Mr. flirts may Jack Tunney this weekend. The Greenville arena ought to be there making balloon animals. There's no event. I just need a friend is that you Sam feet. Yeah. This is a conic matches career followed by Connick, promo was part of the Heenan stable. Do you remember what you felt that, that switch you over? Did you watch everything? You watch mostly NWEA as a kid, and if and, and if that is true that this sort of convert you over the WWF for awhile now, I, I mean, I kind of followed him as the stables changed hands like I would just go where the wrestler were the wrestlers that I loved, and I was not like I didn't really choose between WWE and anything else like an WCW. I just like I was never that type of person were you, did you have an allegiance to a to a brand like the stuff that I like. And. Yeah. Speaks to me or it doesn't, but it was never like I don't know the weird NFL ING or the weird like right thing where it's like I'm team WWE will I'm team WCW. Whatever. It's like not watch something because it didn't really appeal to me, but I was never I've always been open to. Hey, if the stories are good in the wrestling is good. I'll watch whatever. Yeah. It's like any other sport if a favorite player gets traded to another team. I mean I'm still gonna like the player. Sure sure surfer. Yeah, I think for me being in the northeast which was WWE country. That was mostly what I was exposed to. So watch that a lot more. I didn't dislike NWEA to me. There was a big difference in the WWE always felt like it was an large building. And w a at least before before the days of WC until it became WCW, it felt like it was in bike a very small auditorium with only like five rows of people that was that was the feeling. I got off of it. So there was something about it that to me felt minor league. And I didn't have as much of a connection to it. I agree with you. There is something when I was coming up watching it in the mid eighties. It felt like there was some ratio of the NWEA Steph that I think wrestling has gotten better at appreciating history or more interested in its own history right now to the degree that I like I never watched any of the super old stuff. Right. And now they're like, clip showing it for four people's retirement ceremonies. And that's. That seems like a new technology, a newer technology. Anyway. Yeah, it's definitely a new way. I it's, it's funny because sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't with some things and impact, though, acknowledge it, yeah, basically, if they feel like they have already defeated you or your too, small for them to care about then that stuff counts. Yeah. If you start getting bigger than that stuff doesn't county more. Sometimes they'll acknowledge new Japan, but when new Japan starts doing more Steph in the US, and they start having, like a title, then all of a sudden they don't they don't recognize new Japan so very weird. Eventually w w will try to purchase everything, and then we'll see all video libraries in one place, which is not good. I don't I, I think right now it'll be if the bubble bursts, then they can start purchasing stuff, but I think right now everyone's like ice still got a shot. So it might be five years. Ten years from now. I hope it's longer than that. I, I hope companies are. Yeah. It is very good. I like having different. It's like being. Like if only ABC was like the only channel you got to watch Ray. And I mean that, that comparison of when WCW was great it made WWF at the time better. Yeah. Absolutely. Now they try to compete with themselves. But it's manufacturer. Yeah. Doesn't make it better. It's good to get a little push. Exactly, exactly. Well, Rick flair did have one wrestlemainia match in his initial run. It was a defending the title in a non main event against Randy savage, then he was gone from the company few week later savage wins title from that was the missiles, abyss. She was mind before she was yours, which I think he was like a centerfold WWF magazine. Is that right? Jillian and it was just them by, like a pool and had his Rick flair either towel or robe, and they were toasting that could have been non-sexual. I need absorbent t of that row. Poolside just want to say that. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I don't think sequence. We're going to are going to tell you of. No, no, not at all. That thing he probably had the throat probably stank after a week. It doesn't dry out properly at drowning danger to wander into the pool wearing that big spending, like ten thousand like those decade money on that. Can you imagine? Yeah. It's too much money. Stop it. Stop it Rick before we take a break. Rick, also at some classic matches in the late eighties with NWEA and the nineties, WCW clues. The forty five minute draw, not a sixty minute drug sting, a great rivalry with dusty. Rhodes is maybe greatest nemesis of his career, and others were there any that stand out to you from this time. I mean, you think of dusty you think of steamboat, which I the podcast that he did was steamboat where they were just like reminiscing on doing Broadway's together and hanging out in buds, even though they were both so different. That was really pleasant. Yeah. Like that. I I always pop for friendship. Of course you do. So that's good dusty Rhodes great. That's a great one the throughout their steamboat as well. What about you Adam, I think, less specifically and more generally, like, what I really appreciated about flare at the time was he was never the body in any match like he always looked average or more average than who he was facing. Right. And so that was one of the reasons that I really liked him. Is that he sold really well, like he made the other guy looked great. He was never going to be the high flier or the action guy. Yeah, he was like, more of tactician than anyone else. And yet, he had so much, charisma that he was able to equal whoever it was that, that he was fighting and like that, that savage match is a great example of that, like, who is more physical, than Randy savage, who flies higher than Randy savage. And there's this little old guy with white hair fighting. And it just doesn't seem possible and flair made that possible to be believed. Yeah, he he needed it for decades. He could work with anybody. Yeah. Which is a one of the reasons why he's one of the greatest of all times ability to adjust to any style, working with sting verses were savage versus working with steamboat. They're very different from one another and even later on Shawn Michaels dusty Rhodes very different Harley race all of these guys, he put on different matches. I always think of him industy. That's, that's the person who in my mind he's tied to the most. Yeah, they're the opposite number of each other. Yeah. And it was like that was his, his not mentor. But, like his idol, right? Well, and then at one point did become like a mentor and then a mere are we talking about dusty yet? Yeah. So, yeah, what was so great about that specific pairing? And this is all of their stuff like this. This is the rivalry that I. Have the most connection to in that in that era on any era has, you know, they thought a whole bunch, but, yeah, that was just from comic books and video games and everything. I am such a sucker for the opposite number pairing. You know where they're like, but they're different, you know, they've both got that shock of blond hair, but you've got you know, plane ride in limo Ryden. Like you've got that dude with, with his very real life, expensive, robes, and, and flaunting all of his wealth versus, you know, the son of a plumber, who doesn't doesn't have a lot, but he tries really hard and he's doing it for the working man and it's not about his own personal Laurie. But it's about all of us being able to celebrate at once and it's, you know, and yeah, you said, flair was never the body, but compared to a dusty he might have been seen by one by Venice actually back then because there, weren't there were big dudes. But to have such a big dude have such a big part in the show and his story, not being he acknowledges, he's a big dude. But his story was. Never, you know, oh, this fat ass, and this, and that, and that, and that's just such the perfect pairing. They worked so well together. See, I'm just always a big sucker for that. You know, that's the has the professor x and magneto that's the you know. You know, I just it's a classic. Yeah. So here's something I think, I mentioned it to how last week that I'm never gonna be able to unseat that I always think is really funny. So I love the Cody is doing so many Omar ges to his father, and I think that it's really great the blonde hair when he has it all of those things that he's doing. I think it's, it's great, but he's also still sticking out his own thing. I will never stop thinking it's hilarious that when dusty came to WWE he had he had that black manager suffer sapphire. Sweets, far, and then, and then Cody made a black lady. Look father licks. Yeah. Once I saw it. And of course, that's not why it happened. But once I saw it. I could never see it. That's amazing disrespect to sapphire or chief, brandy officer. No, not at all. If you have any thoughts on everything we've discussed so far. 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The dragon steamboat brought back the horsemen feud with the W O and even teamed with and wrestled his son David flair. I mean that steamboat. I know like I did not during the Monday night wars. I was not watching WCW at all. And I've only gone back since to watch the steamboat stuff. And I've, I've seen like the highlight a lot of the highlights of the interview of stuff, but we were on up aside to that on the I watched WCW lucidly I was watching crappy WWF at the time, not good. Everyone had a job. Yeah. That's the dentist who likes body slam. It's te'o Hoffer the wrestling Plummer in Duke, the dumpster, Droese, he'll take out the trash and then will take up the track. What are you excited when the merger happened were you like I know the sucks? I don't like that stable at all. You know, the, the invasion was done so poorly, so poorly JR bless his heart could try awards. He goes, it's jed Drachen Palumbo. Nobody's excited. Nobody's excited. Nobody nobody. I mean. It just spent very little really the biggest play. They got WCW was the tape library. And that was like the big and I think there were negotiations at the time to only by the library and not take on the talent. Wow. So, you know, there are a lot of different versions of that deal, but they also say they won. And they have been writing that high for fuck in ever, remember when we won the Monday night wars. Remember when we wanted it's like I don't know if I would call it winning and so much as the other guys gave up. It's like, yeah, the US won the revolutionary War, I suppose because England was like, oh, you're not fucking worth it. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. But, but in this era, prior to the invasion, I think the that his feud with Ricky the dragon steamboat, who was a guy that was a rising star in WWF, had had in my opinion, the greatest wrestlemainia match of all time against Randy savage, wrestlemainia, three then requests, time off for the birth of his child has to drop his title, and winds up leaving only to go to W W become a world champion and have one of the greatest. I mean, they're two to three falls match is such a great story. Belda bell. I mean, it's incredible theory regressive child rearing policy. Yeah. That's really. That's too bad. Yeah. No paternity leave at a drop the belt. Yeah. Exactly. Like there's no I mean, the silver lining of that was that he dropped it to the honky tonk man who held it for thirteen months. Wow. But. Rain, give me a long reign. Yeah. That was that was pretty amazing. But who knows what would have happened. I think he probably would have been in line for a world title at some point, and should have been. I think that was one of their, I would hope that somebody WWE looks back and goes, oh, yeah. That was a mistake we made we should've put the title on him. He could have he could have been one of those guys to lead them that company. That is graded admitting mistakes. Good. It's owning it. We were wrong. That's thankfully, they're very, you know. That's what they're known for taking responsibility for Ford accordingly. I love that WWE network series are bad episode is three hours long where they dissect a terrible choice. The Katie Vick episode is breathtaking and it just ends with them looking in the camera going are bad. Yeah. So, so fast forward through all that crap to flare showing up again. And his I think is first match back. It was against Vince. I think they had a no holds barred match at Royal rumble or something like that. And then and then he gets a feud with the undertaker who, who goes into fighting by going down to Lovie w and beating up David flair. Anybody remember this? No. Yes, me, you're asking me for a lot of Deepak. That's like the final David flair cut in wrestling, because he never he never made it up Julian, do you remember this? I actually did not. But I feel like that would have been incredible. I have a ton of memories of watching David flair wrestle in WCW. Why aren't you in here and I'll go produce? No, we all nobody on the door locks from the outside. Queuing. I've learned at a hot box talking about David player. Happy wednesday. I think the, the one just the most like the one that I just have, like was burned in my memory. I remember it was Rick and David and two other people who I cannot remember for the life of me were a lot of draws simultaneous figure fours inside of the ring. It was forced figure for is that were happening, and it made a square and I remember they actually shot it like from, like a Rafter camera. Okay. Was actually really really cool visual. And I'm surprised they haven't ever attempted to do it since, but it was like I just remember David was always just, I really liked that idea of undertaker being David. That's incredible. The troubling thing is you get four people in the middle of a ring doing simultaneous figure fours shot from above, and it looks a little too much like a swat xactly, they are banning and pain. Horsemen just have such a swastika profit. Yeah. Their fault. They didn't need it. It's just again, if you would literally get anyone of color or anyone in that room. That would make a good episode of salary by WWE. That's right. That's going to be. We're they look into the camera and say, we're sorry I love you. And then kick the cameraman the new four horsemen is just RIC flair and three German guys from Brazil. These poor dude. They're trying to this design stuff and everything's a swastika now. No, I was a doctor. In two thousand two business picks up. Jim ross. Whenever Lucien is formed by triple h RIC flair Randy Orton and Batista. Here's a clip everything falls, and what you see in this ring before you is the greatest example of evolution, you will ever see. It was a Mr.. Sixteen times heavyweight champion in the world that they chip the greatest wrestler, old time lifting led to when I like I believe. Standing. Done it. All at has beaten them all and done it with a class and a style, like no one else. Take it from me. There is no one better than Flynn agree with that. I forgot how much of this episode where they formed had Scott Steiner involved. Yeah, it really put a stink on it. That I and he pops he was over. He's, I like I like Steiner I'd, I know he's, he's Scott Steiner, but man, sometimes you just need someone who's unpredictable. It was a bad match though. No, he's not good. It was like, right after a pay per view. He's not good anymore, and he hasn't been good for like a minute nothing against him. -gratulations make your money. I'm not trying to take money out of your wallet or anything. Why are you trying to take this chains of Stein, 'cause I don't have that Scott Steiner drip, remember that song, Scott Steiner drip, okay? No doing lots of. We're doing this. I'm actually gonna make you listen to know please don't. Ric flair. A RIC flair tip robes and chains and RIC flair trip, a walk like a robot of saying fallen over front way, Kazaam RIC flair season. Offense. To spare a lot of southern reps. We have to listen to the RIC flair. Do not kiss me. Go on. But the four. Players in this the who is this. Some guys from the listening because you know. Cuevas. Thank you. You wouldn't know them. Wraps. Nigga. I'm aggressively dancing at how right now. I'm dancing with you. We're doing together. Does Rick flair not come in at any point? He's mostly in the video. The video is like them hanging out out remix in there somewhere. You did say, well, he said he went woo. On a lady also there all of these teams do we have any of that, because that might be something good to like cement is like a see. So many teams now they'll do like they'll do like Rick flair. Woo. Or they'll do like, you know style and profile and all that stuff as a way to pump themselves up before football game, especially the fell house. He's a big falcons fan of. Yeah. And so the out sometimes because like a see, and these are like young kids, so I'm doing it wrong because these are like twenty five year olds who are super into old school. Ric flair at I'm like. Teach me about RIC flair. These are young kids who are super into it. I will agree with you on this era of Scott Steiner as being like unexplainable enjoyable. Like he is ridiculous. Yeah. It's so good. The lake the aero where he was wearing a tight with his face on the crotch. I don't think it's ever been done better than the sites. This chainmail except for except for what's his name recruited? Yeah. But it's spray other people's face on his crotch Jake Roberts wife. Bert Jake, Bert, you're burnt. Here's a Volusia visa do we have to play this song? Go ahead plast in peace. Lemme lemme RIP. Yeah. Yeah. Air pollution trip. Ford, different people law. How were all the belts. A young guy above look, I and the guy who is going to run the company, something trim. Number that song. Yes. Do you think aren't Anderson, felt bad seeing evolution like there's flare with three absolute units like? Like dad. But where's room for aren't? Yeah. Yeah. Like he just kept pitching ideas. Hey, boss. What if I what if I ran down to the ring can you run? And he's like, we'll win fast walk. How about a start? Ronin halfway. How about if I'm over skateboard a one of the boys pose me on. And that's ages look Reading's hard. Yeah. And he has no, he has no desire. They use them on the eighties anywhere. They'll bump for me, and then it's you and me. We're the chew horsemen. Come back. Wait, why he didn't? Let me finish nobody's here. Well, I'll be I'll be at the Greensboro. Get along. I still love you to Wendy. I never forgot that night. We had. Rick flair continues wrestling, he wins the tag titles along with Batista. He wins the icy title by himself, the end of his run came against Shawn Michaels. But before that he was, like you think I'm gonna retire listen to this clip, but tonight right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. And in front of the world. My view. I will retire. We're not that this ring. I've got to flip. That's how Garrick speech should have. Oh, that'd be great. Nowhere. This is like before wolf of Wall Street made it a mean to. Like that love when never retire WB audience, and you're a pretty good piece of property, or as I'm concerned, your career will continue on as long as you continue to win because the first match, you lose wreck. Your career is over. Good story line. First challenger Randy Orton falls. But then tell you doesn't fall heartbreak kid. On Michael joins us career wrestlemainia twenty four twenty four. During one of the best runs of his career. Yes, he Michaels for sure. Fantastic match. What, what do either of you remember of this match? I mean obviously, like the, the super kick that ends a career is, is going to be the enduring memory. But I think when you watch like the catalog of RIC flair matches you see the stamina that he's always had through his entire career. And for this late in the game for flared. I mean, and I think flare is talked about this match retrospectively and been like Michael's carried me, not sure I agree, but he really went the distance with him and it was one of the great matches and as far as I'm sorry. I love you goes. I mean, I there is no equivalent to that. In the sport is there. I mean that is that's a that's an affection that you just don't see. Would I it's it seems like a miracle that it was ever allowed to happen. Yeah. That is one of those things where I this match, I very much mostly connected to because of that because it is a friend, essentially old yellowing his, his other friend hurled yeller. Sorry old yellowing. I used to call yellow when this kid old yellowing his old friend matches from your always made better when they're some kind of connection or there's some kind of emotional something. And so this was one of those ones where you can watch that in tear up. Sure, I agree with both of you and I will add that as a piece of storytelling, and I'm sure I've talked about this multiple times here before, but this is a great opportunity to talk about it again that, that the matches in internal logic was almost flawless. Us going into that. Obviously RIC flair is older. Shawn Michaels is is in one of his primes. So there's no way you could conceivably believe that any that any outcome, but RIC flair losing is going to happen until Shawn Michaels, MRs elbow, onto one of the announce tables, and injures himself so that he's hobbled for the rest of the match. And then you have you have your, your suspension of disbelief in place that, oh, maybe he maybe he will lose because he, he tried this high risk moved too early, maybe flare can actually pull this one out. This gives him a chance f just a really great piece of storytelling that, that is actually the first thing I think of in that match, which is odds, because it has it has that Connick moment at the end. But I just love that piece of storytelling. I remember watching it at the time ago. Oh my God. That's genius. It's absolute genius. But of course that wasn't the end of his career. I mean he came back. To have some matches in TNA did who didn't everyone did. And even though he says he regrets doing less he did give us this wonderful gem of a promo with Jay lethal seating guests who. That seems to drum. Same. Right now. Okay. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't that bad idea. Maybe this was a good idea that dueling elbow drops on jackets. Visit Halliday to this is that's as funny, as, as the dueling lose lots flare, so mad that he just starts running the ropes x one shoe and throws it at him. Like he was a statue of Saddam Hussein. Look guy is a right to make money how every wants to against too, but as, as a fan, do Adam, do you wish that, that the wrestlemania match have been his last that he'd sort of kept that promise in written off into the sunset or does it not bother you as much? Honestly, like I don't wanna bring the mood down, too much with this. But I I'm happy that he lived, you know, like like that. He didn't die at forty or something. And so that he's at this age doing what he wants to do and wrestling, if he wants to or being getting to enjoy being a legend, which so many people did. Now you don't get to make it that far in this business. And he's in wrestle years. He's one hundred and fifty. Yeah. Yeah. And I think that makes it very hard for me to look at anything he could do at this point in his career and go like oh, that's not a good look like I'm looking at him and going like good for you man like enjoy your daughters career like beyond camera, if you want, like. Hobble around if you have to. But like you're here. Yeah. He's become like a doting dad. Like that's what he is now. It's pretty sweet. There's a great. And watching him put over the women's division amazing. Yeah. And putting himself there, I get a sense that, that isn't just because I mean, obviously yes Charlotte being a part of it is huge but it's not just because he's trying to get limelight. He's really trying to shine a light on the women's division. Yeah. There's a great, it's called photo shoot the WWE series. That's that's him. And Charlotte was to promote the two K. I think nineteen the woo addition hit, and there's footage of them in the performance center in the conference room, where they all sit to get speeches college classroom, and it's it's downtime. They're only few other people in the room and he's trying to take her picture with his phone, and she does not want her picture taken, and it is the most father, daughter moment. And they're neither of them are, in character like you can tell neither of them are so good as. Actors that you would believe like that putting it on. And in fact, there's a point where they look over to the camera and the camera quickly looks down at somebody writing on a piece of favor because they caught the moment, but it's very like keys the doting dad now. That's that's who he is. And it's nice that he gets to have that season of his career and be there, you know, be a part of have his legacy live on impart through Charlotte. She as she blazes her own trail through professional wrestling very special. But they go there any concluding thoughts, either you have on the nature. But before we close out the. Cepa sewed. Did we do it? All I feel pretty good about it at all. He's had a long career lights. Doing all. I mean, there's like God you could like I feel like that, that was one of the reasons why figured it would be fun to do this as almost too much RIC flair too much. There's no way to we'd be here for hours and hours and hours. If we wanted to be here for hours. Julian deadlines before we wrap this up, how many RIC flair's, do you think you could bench at once if you piled up like how many does are in? Woo. There you go, there canning. Jeez. So yoked right now. So you'll swear he got broader leaping two weeks. Unbelievable. It's only fair to end a RIC flair episode with this music, and I will talk underneath it, right. That does it for tights, and fights. We are a podcast on the maximum fun network, this week, your hosts were Adam Plaka, and Daniel Radford, along with me, how Lublin Adam, thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for having us zone. I mean obviously should listen to friendly fire. Please. Do greatest generation. Yes. What else anything else you'd like to promote greatest discovery is a show that we also do the new Star Trek show on CBS Alexis. How many questions ask you when we get out of here by some about some recent announcements as well? L we're going to have you on the show if you wanna come on it. Let's, let's talk let's, let's get into that. We have some we have some thoughts to. Yeah. Let's mash, I desperately want to. Crimson tide with you guys. Sometime. I really even outside of it doesn't even have to be on. Mike. It can be. We have to monetize, every conversation podcasters. We can just wait. We can be friends, and if we're going to be in the same room together anyway, they're yes, but please listen to all of those podcasts out of a fine human being and a superior podcast host Danielle patriotic yet. I've got my patriot. I'm gonna start revamping it because I've got some ideas for some stuff I can do as per usual, please, please. Please watch the honest trailers. We just put up the trailer for captain marvel. I'm really happy about it. Some of my lines got in that always makes me feel really good about writing. 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