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Hey welcome to another episode of the table. Podcast loved. Hear your thoughts on Luke's episode. Last week we had Luke Zakian and we talked about what it takes the train so we obviously are all interested. Not Get listen. You haven't already and from scribes so you get these podcasts. Coming to you ever seen wake Gaza we also come into at Sei. Must've you kitchen coming to you. From D Voire based on the basis of Sydney. Now the guest today someone I've known for very long time. I'm talking e seven hostile Kendrick Louis and I both attended. The signee appeared hostile on the northern basis. Sydney can you someone on their fortunes perspective but also mafia fine every single year? I come back to Sydney. I always try out the cage and see what's going on and this is really excited to come back his just to change all these set out to do for number of years Kendrick. Just one in new debate on making him the newspaper. I'm NCAA's Shopian and nice something. I I've got all the bases in strategy January or up to these athletes but the injured chase something more importantly that dude for ten plus years and somebody that I'd mile you know. He went through his ups and downs. Like we all do. Every single used to start of the season goal according to become the new champion of behind me. Learn to Josse. Koya make changes needed to ultimately did not lose sight of what that goal was something. Really take away from today's Dudley. We saw what you still want to shave just adjust. I'm not talking six months to a year. We're talking ten years Russell balanced life. So how now is it gets into the early thirties? Justice Daddy how we can talk about you. Know as an athlete would slicer eventually got what? And how bounces into cloudy? Not Concerned musical from athlete. Respect too so guys before we get into it just want sci-fi do today's episode. I would love to hear what really took the life today. She tag was often. Instagram gives a review as well and mentioned tied. Catered diseased bat. Guessing bobble. Sasha's well so you can get all socials and shines as well without saying anything further legends. Take you to a Louis. He'd sands wattage Ustralian on man champion and found of the Media Kendrick. Louis welcome to the PODCAST. Thank you very much. This is awesome because you don't actually go back a long way. I went to school. So this is a bit serendipitous. The saw here they. What h seven. You Can. Just give you context. We can hear some sales the ocean. We had the FEMME couple of weeks ago. Now go to the beach because this is this is this is like inside smarter. Mine is more definitely Koenders. Demand-side my Wesley lost us being pretty exceptional. But nobody is this just about las year. It's kind of like development of experiences. You so let's let's go back to school neighbor like when I went to the same hospital and I'm GonNa put Al Colder that you would do on that only because you're gonnet swimming running. You picked up anything. He just did so. Might what got you into this family family's pretty into it when you just naturally gifted but what is it yeah. I think it's as goes back as a kid I Play the Lord of teams Motive software swam competitively. I am ran competitively or did awarded nipples And that's kind of what Serb Wachovia's young kid on the beaches It was on that and Just go to a point to where as older especially in teams up with so much effort in and not tried so odd. I guess I couldn't control what others put in And you know I found myself stranded that will be more evident in one of my teammates. And the Judah that result we were winning some of that site that they're really frustrated. Got to a point where I said I can't do that and just went purely individual sport so at the end of that I always the only one who data to be accountable and yeah I guess possible. Would I guess a quick quick two years but I'll just progressed through the ranks and That I guess what modestly because I I did a lot of competing by junior strain on man titles and and strategy titles and then Never really found myself I guess looking to be a professional in a sport Do Carpentry tried finished school and that was just so had something to fall back onto onto finished that. I chose the awful time and Continental back in. I guess I am twelve seriously. I'm going to be a champion right. So you know we we we. We play down like art. Always never at your training sessions by odd spits school when say how well you'd be athletically and then you know. I'd come back from Your pet shop so I knew the dedication saint for an athlete perspective when I worked with athletes. What you guys go through The wind is like ran around. Sixteen or seventeen. You actually started to look at you like seriously about so takes back to that moment when you start to like progress from say nipples and into that air getting this crack. Despite the fact he knew little studio carpentry apprenticeship yes so when I started my carpentry appreciate went on Seventeen Yep That was just off the hospital so annoyed when identified that I guess it was probably six months fraud identified that I wanNA really give us on. May One to To Juniors Ryan on Mantle's prides I just one point. I knew bucks tight I'm an open on mantle. So that's when all Szott look only give this crack fulltime model when he got professional A rice in the ditch grind on man series against the best of the best And not just madge bird and in my parents said to me look high. If you want to try that sports very you know I guess. Risk Business When it comes to trying to make money as well it falls to sustain an injury It could what that ingredient brought said. I said look before you choices fulltime. We want you to have something on you And I chose Carpentry. Purely PISMO DUBS Buddha. And he's a book title on as an apprentice and Kanda just went from there. Really and I've got four years behind me and said great a worked another year as a As a void copied them and then I hunted Padma bags and move to the Sankei. Optimal Oba and Chysler mental on for the next year the goal was for the next three years or some Yellow that way I guess sustain a couple of injuries but also I on a got results that I wanted to get A didn't win an immense here. But what's the point where I'll go on very competitive in this space and Really enjoyed it. Yeah However just missing justice is so. I I lived up there for threes Moved back to Sydney to try and again And I absolutely love moved away from Miami. Along term girlfriend was well. Does she support me throughout the whole fruits? I've also IFA three train. Half Years Away from her on fly back every second way of walking up every month or however we could make it work we were and then I moved back to senior was gonNA lock icon assault a lot and again. It's really strange. I was happy was backing Batna of training really halls including environment And yet others. I guess when when you Serandon things ought that yet. That's when you doing the hard work you happy. Yeah you're we didn't call chiming Gosden. Manley on some of them are my best. Night's say every day You know so when you're integrating bar and you're in a culture that actually cares about you not just a result that's when united year resulting in flourish matt at Sei trained Shat. Holly if you say. She's a she's a weapon Let's let's the system. Context is critically so what is an essentially those who don't know what what are you going through just as a you know a usual day training but as an actual event. Yeah so I guess there's a there is a little bit of confusion. Sometimes around in a safe on man does what I do. And then on Metro side. We don't I guess Rohbock We Swim Redo. Huddle Boards We re PUDDLE CISCO'S WHICH IS GONNA look a notion clack on Internet through the surf side. I guess the best why and easiest increase wider explain. It would be if you're on a near laptop boy found on Google each grind on them and It will pop up straight away and you would say some of the fittest strongest. Yes this ocean waterman athletes in the world And yet a race can consist of does consist of a swim out aboard and a and a transition between each of those and a rice can vary from ten minutes to four hours. Well so you have to really be from yes. We ought really ANAEROBIC aerobically more than the aerobics saw. But then the skills you have to be out with swimming like using as the ability to you know must of the wives out there in the ocean not exactly a fun thing personally but all those different competitive aspects that you have to endure but most important you use your mental capacity totally as well just taking ACA stiff again is f sport derog from offsetting brought say against the whole foundation of sport. Saving lives. So you know you have these paddleboard obsessed gays in and swim it where I guess we are. We are the best of the best of essentially saving lives. So essentially a loft God but we do it professionally as a sport the way we would essentially leave Selma streaming out of the back. Rude to get the fosters And probably the scientist to resolve that and on rising is officials of sort of that. That's really cool actually really something. That's the integrate unmanned series. I remember I used to tell tunnel Italian when I was younger. And you'd say like the hearst and all these boys I remember when you when I remember Hearing reading the Papers Eagle in I was always saw rat always obsolete blowing. Why because these go is that we would see on tae ending up in lots. And then you'd you'd managed to get into it and be competitive in it so I had caught her podcast this year and it was just talking about what a tight engine perspective and you know people like you die what you're doing now because it's just getting better and better in bed on pushing the bucket and as you said it's it was derived from Surplus Ivy and still is overseeing folks not with all the different level parameters. You have to pay me but you definitely say a world of inspiration coming ever. Do you ever like take note of that. You realize that you know. See you in a way. That's I guess To be honest a- probably died in that pipes enough attention on that I watched someone not about to hear him. Say That is is huge Because you know when I came on on the same Dopp COD And I guess what's funny? Risk roomed with him. The first couple of so you know always learning from the best And then human became really close robles. You know I'll I had my first race up in surfers. Paradise and human and humanoid client Oregon neck and neck with a loss leg and it was more I ever rice meals poetry. That causes hundreds. You know and Since then we've become really tonight's and in a he's he's achieved pretty much everything he can support and then Rarely I two Grand. Total was actually possible and law. All wasn't yes. My coach was away. you know coaching. I really denied so Auspicious out the heavy air and then I'll just come into a few different options and then I just added the blue. It's really funny. Things worth why that is. I'm going to GONNA come over and watch on the weekend. Put on show you know what the hand and ball handling is like through the transition. You have your own yourself. Scale Night Peking Opera. Put Him back from the war on so you just wired at Rice. Crop is in the area. Nate survey and give you drinks whatever and jails whenever you need it and boss'll ESPN. Yes I gave him. Oposite might do an adult woman finished rise of his own absolutely loves white. Animal pulled aside inexperienced too. I'm pretty sure you yeah and Yes Oh Spiteful few others aspect to my fiancee holly and she was like. Oh my God that is the best idea So I had my coaches. I did one hundred percent and then Yes so it was just so cool. I got down there to warm up day. Caller said he had my gear all sorted the level of experience. And I guess calmness. He's got If you go back and listen to the cost medium. It's just the guys optic calm cool collected and on rice that he just kept me calm. You know he said. Look we've to the Bay Nerine Donna. I'm GonNa tell you how to Rice Because when you get to me And you've finished rising. You put all I. This is what you're GonNa Miss Really Guy there and give it some and that's what it was. It was just a good guy with a good night. It was the experience was only more for now and I guess at the end of the house may lose ought so And obviously we got the job done and just saying the look on his face. When did it got to the bay? Just saw him and he's like do this. All one also saw a lot. You're not hearing a good guy that you've looked up to Rice against bloody roomed with him. United to come this hallway and heavy there to go. You know this this That air is super special. I saw amazing. I can't like you're wanting to see the finish line bay or you is. I'm boy TIKI wallpaper. You want to say those kind of moments obviously families of the people you look up to their base supporting you in that time. That's pretty incredible. I think as well won't really hit me is that he. They narrowed down that he knew exactly. Al's feeling from the day before their eyes to the morning of the rise to the nerves on star on to you know in stuff and go your way rice like he knows. Hey feeling so. It's not like he's they're trying to tell you what to do from all. Yeah I think on what you gallantry. But he knew what I was going through side emotion at the end. He knew exactly how that felt to solve. Just like men. It just couldn't be better so I got off mccraw off team up. Based on feelings I wholly sprint bomb. Came and kind of pushed me. Vegas stop going so yeah it was just the off man. I'm all about now from an audience. Who are really good my and yet now. It's just something I guess. We'll get side before he brought this painting teacher. You go into that Rice. What did you say digitally debate someone? Or how did that? Yes so I guess there's a few different format to now sport And to not confuse any wants this rounds you take your best. Four is always going into the fifth round. Having rest fought rises having youth rise so the guy that always racing against like we'll first and second he'd done three Rice's he was punitive along with his loss rights being win so we that get too technical. He was above. Maybe two points on points go So I had to essentially beat him a three Yet to get the win and the format was an elimination format. So we do three. Essentially three ten minute rises each rise. The backboard people get eliminated get lifted lost tall by Dutcher And I guess. I'm lucky for him fortunate for me. Eagle delayed the fiscal second rice. So then it was about to build. A couple of guys would probably fall six points on me yet. Essentially to win that loss rights to I guess come away and That didn't happen so once on you. That tannin knocked at Info. Second Rice always pretty up. I guess cold but I knew that you wanted to do when I was hanging. That's incredible we'RE WE'RE GONNA GET BRIBE. We come back. We're GONNA talk about him. 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You've been doing this for thirty now yet. So you sue feed young but like even doing it for ten years twelve years so twelve years of commitment. Now what is your dial up early. What is it auto And a lot more experience in the east China Law you know when I was younger. Also entre quash to it training program where that consisted of five mornings a week. I'll be up at four. Thirty and we assume squally from four to seven boys away. H OFF TO DO Consisted all my sis. Gay on a Monday Wednesday Friday. Then choose day those day in two hours and then h pretty much as often as a running session afterwards so I guess and then on Saturday we put it all together doing man session. So Lucas seeks dies awake Close to three sessions die and anyway for just forty. Fifty hours worth of training And then you go to try and feeding so mom recovery man food and eighty being that was and that was when always purely just doing an fulltime job. I guess Twenty two twenty three to twenty Twenty seven ten twenty Saudi Arabia and started trying to do things smarter and a loss. I'd done so much over those years. That Assam smarter and I started thinking a little bit more about law off to school to sauce. Fortunate enough to Made a few gripe paypal and I you know I sorta shorter started mine. Visas marketing space and yes a neil. I'm juggling training in the morning around so get up in the morning at four. Thirty one of forty five minutes got a training and swim in the pool. Thirty seven thirty. I'll go home and wagon the Twain. They're all GonNa have Brady and fuel up and then I'll pretty much do that is awake. And then I'll I'll try and get H H off lewd starting back you first couple of years in your like. I remember that I it was like the the Manley Wolf. Baugh that kind of savings going out and you didn't have like how how to make sacrifices. How much did you have to sacrifice for even just a social perspective to be competitive in the sport? Those are really would sacrifice. And it's not because it's I guess it's not a Saka Faucet. Choice for me was choice on and as a young kid. I had a dream in the best of what I did. Whatever up onto and we've got drain. Counselor make some choices and for me all of these sacrifices in something you want to do that you don't want to do you have to go out with me. It was like Hey. This is my goal bang all. We'll do whatever I candidate distract me from brought. Say you know peaked and choose the taunts of went out and went to all far. When had this stuff like that? I was just so driven to his goal and H H year. The start of the F season goes from goes through SOMMA. That's we started. Tober essentially a season and in that ends in I pro- may sit down and write out my goals and I guess just chatting about ten years. Not just a shape. What I wanted to achieve ten is lighter site always riding essentially the same be goal to each on answers for the last ten years. I've been tweeting. I guess the short term goals to achieve that and I'd be falling short. Told me three four meditation but what he got it in a few nights side of me. Heidi met. It's heard a lot of athletes really well charted a couple of times. I tried sitting on the beach. Try seeing someone sitting over in laying on the bed. Whatever it was and to be honest on the just on. Brian has gone crazy. Odds ended up just getting up and doing something else. I'll just contact for that long ago. Switch off went on training off. You know we we. We do a lot of special crises during this is middle lauded walk easy you long-running easy long will swim until something like that and find out. Why one more thought highly wanders get into a spice to our guys like absolutely second show and that's where he's at in the water out of the ocean exercising whatever they come in and I'll feel unbelievable office who so. I think. There's no wait a minute. I don't think it runs on forms however funny story before one of my Rice's down. Enrolling Holly on. Holly Fiance Down at all when we go out and we had eight and we we'd probably go there a little bit too early and so the rice was three o'clock who they're at about ten and had just bought a house to kill and so I went and we went up to the cafe and had something to eight Do a coffee because pure has one of the on edge. What else anyway. After that to me all right. Let's go back to the car and go back to the cops. Say Down. No while sleeping on Rice. Meditation do anything. That's a youtube or whatever's on meditation. Stop and anyway. I dislike that and put Talev off ice and yet Gordon one so it was. It was all just listening to breathing. It would say is going to wonder off at once stopped wondering how a catch it and bring it back team breath and also I. You know that was actually kind of cool when aside advising in Addis slave mental job and then I guess forty minutes forty five minutes later and I was like totally charged. Y always on the hell in slave. Think while I'm just sorry relaxing forty minutes and now alls going off Cuba now GonNa Stop Grady. Rice a rice on believable. All's calm always that was my formative for every otherwise we would Meditational whether on native audits content awesome. And it allows you to have that bit of on. Tom And I guess that's why am I experienced. Send you do it now? Faces a troy trying to sleep well always in bed by ran auto club on Petty But in the mornings one thing really try hard to do is get up on all the morning bought. The biggest thing is when I get home from trying I will We'll find down. Grab a book shop. Antoine Rate as I said later thirty minutes Chapter Tixx me and always being kind of educating as well And Yeah locked. Just don't get distracted on that. Stafan actually haven't been a time where emails on going off in a text messages. Fine Kohl's just like give me thirty minutes or nail. Whatever suits you would ever want to get to goal. I'm don going and get into it. His your sport is very that you talked about him knowing that you should go you support network but you haven't really got a diet. I coach really. Do you like so you selfish coach. You. You'll data simplysafe's everything that you learned and do action through on a very interesting person. I think that's what we all grasping your personality you're asking questions. You want to know more than anything else. Just athlete welded spy business as well in life due to that you know understanding your practices. Yeah I guess from us for probably three forty urges. Yeah I see them mostly every day to the most every day at the end of the day. I it's as you said it's an individual sport or have to be one hundred fifty percent account new resolve say from a young is. That's what I've told myself knew that he had to be Lockheed hero day but that's not a decline a loss Yes that that's a massive one today. I'm getting to that point in mockery. Now I'm going to be seeing. Yes being part of a team I know what it takes to the hardware to help others understand how you do the work And that's how you get resolved yet enough. Yeah realistically you can only control what what you do. You have to put. The blink is on. This is what they don't shave said. Hey can reap the GONNA be successful automatic being sack stepping stones. The Dan to be successful at the next probably three years. Rhonda so say you had maybe two. We'd be number one in Straueli. Highly Symbolic Shave. I'll be out of strike and finally do that. Where on that point now where honoring today to Man? Rizal put myself in the best position to newer. Now I'm really starting to Toronto transition and when those steps in business expected Yup where I've got some good mentors ended up working in a is where they're trying to help educate me is to went processes to be a successful business in the next. It's really it's really smart then and we say I say all athletes. The Athletic World starts the age of sixteen goes if they're successful through to the age of say thirty to thirty four. We touched on this and then have to start off again. You career you've modulating and inquisitive wise and who you all interested in beings entries back bowl. Just generally knowledge did not. And now you've got the media which I really wanNA touch on In the final segment. Four where we go into that only he really about your Your Rights Day. Aiding Patents in the not. Before do you have any Retains other than meditation. What's what's the what's your athletic before. And how do you go into a rice? Do a solid two hours before you were raised hospital before has a were really good question. Don't have an exact routine background purely. Because there's times where I guess what I'm S- relaxed arise the best and over thinking. I'll wall rice really. Well it is times where you know the north before all how chance. Nitsa was hostile veggies or whatever on some cards and then there's other times where really feel walking being paid off. You know what I mean so on paid soft I think at the end of the day mighty be haven't done the work consistently across the boy. You can eat whatever you want so you could be putting the fuel anybody but I. Anything is automated. So you know it's actually really funny because Middle East meets who either podcast or Vdi and and it was a run mocking Phelps and Ryan lofty at the time as to how they calories on them onset was neither a massive session in the pool and whatever their deficit out Guy Housing Calorie whether that's a a double quarter Pounder Hanbo or whatever it is and that's four hundred dollars four hundred calories back in so we're on even and then I'll pull back in now so it's more just nothing in that deficit But Rice style join get off always pretty nervous right state so I really like a bowl porridge or something. That's quantum easy to go down with an honor. That's early morning. We'll be going down the wrong get my body moving and then all Holi Yay I guess a chore and get a Little Bit whether it's ties still something like that At the moment really interested in Trou- drinking water filter the water. Yes I've heard of just on a favorite research on it Listen to a mortar stuff. Kelly slide off around off and I guess he had a really funny interview and it was a Susan will story. They're like no put his longevity in the sport. You know what if that doesn't get inside your head stopped by not just my body's getting hold on. I wanted to keep farming for as long as I can show up. So I'm I'm really trying needs all all four hundred you get laced too. Late is a die of that Canyon water and I really audrey die of Rizal fraud and the rice and I guess the one hour out from racy I'll tight. One night is taboo. Which is just caffeine. Have Coffee and I stay the foreign pay and then I'll let crash a little bit so I'll I'll stay right now before rice or whatever I'll take another is taboo and I normally loss for Sawyer probably tightened few minutes whereas say Las Prevent Aruna tight one of them and then I'll have one jail that formulas before the lawn and then only gets. That's it and then when you when you finish your is down celebrations. You hugged holly giving todd off off what do you. What do you have a street beast right? It wasn't pretty sway part. I watched you. We leave Nutri grain and cost jazz. Just saying you look at it like Simba I want. I guess at the end of the Diet is. There's no wrong way to celebrate. Mom You know when you when you put that much on in and it's not just the turmoil in Tibet. The support I've had I've had my family. Fiance SPONSORS STINK BALMY for ten years. These amazing news is sometimes thought all GonNa move me on or whatnot. And Um and just said hopefully Steve Bobby and they out through thick and thin and you and you get to that point. Where fondly do it? I'm just so you know this is a on stocked with that high lock on decide rightfully awesome battling this January stock bomb. Because actually be able to do it without their support And not just made some nice to me. I guess as you said an individual spoilers someone celebrating celebrating when you're important and I love. What do you see Dan? Look at the try feeding cool you know and and you know a Lotta people are happy for you to see you achieve that. Stop and think that that helps me understand. Really what kind of a true champion is to where at the end of the daily one. Galkin win one person can win. And and if you get your head around at the happy for that person that's model lucky coin and makes it in a Ma- makes you the true champion. You know until you understand. That will be nice. That's a pretty strong way to leave the second segment man but just just an might not everyone can drinks obviously really great for Everything he's had in his life and to have the support like athletes all very happy to tonight. That would not be there without that local support. And that's obviously offensive. Meister no say coaches and whatnot on that. We're going to head to a break. We'll come back. We thought hearing about what's next category so legends. As you might know this devastation. Going on right now with the thoughts I will say that. It's quite humbling as an Australian that we all once recognized as the first thing people do is your family okay and then the second question is how can I help thank you to. Everyone is reached out to myself and anyone. Who's an OSCE? Everyone is getting signed support in Siamese. Yes there is waking old. I just want to let you guys know this number of leaks in my show where you'd be out to help support whether it be Wildlife Laws Fire brigade between one as well a number of Asians running funding for the resources that we need. So yes. Everything's just one dog can help say something. There's so many things to do. The all you need to do is just hedge. One of those links. They'll take you directly to the source instead tonight on my social what we're doing myself at Charles Street and you'll see and also online's number of get involved with so once again guys just want to say thank you showing you support. It's really close. Say how the world's going behind hysteria thank you once again and if you do want to be involved typically heads of sharks on my podcast page and you have over leaks. Thanks again right. So you've won one. You're a champion and you're going into another year now for ten years it was. It was all wanted to Beta champion. So you talked about how you grow your goals starve race as and everything we what is. Kendrick. GonNa say it started this year. Can question has some very influential people speak to me. I guess lost since August and I said look amazing what you just achieve by being one thing is now what what should be committees your future because at the end of the day where the in another one that should be on Or another ten. It doesn't matter you've run so that's got me thinking Do going to affect more time on my business Or do I just juggle juggle them by Walkman now and they've done really well side for me. It'll be definitely talk. I guess hotter bought in saying that speaking to call. I said my the hostile and the weeds trying so hard. And you're almost forcing it to happen. Rather than just happening all definitely gone title. I guess in the main town. I'm busy business and I started this. If you know it's called Bluey media that's my Louis I guess we touch on everything from social media to contain creation Google ads unless Oh it's essentially it's digital advertising Which want help small medium brands I on on and they generally? It's actually not from coffee loss. Wake and like dude. I had no idea about this and I've known anyone like would anyone anyone attack joining that is but hyun you space we saw. Which is you talked about it because you simply just applaud you so to learning something that you were. You're in some way glides. Pretty interesting wife or anything anyone know Kendra will be doing all side and just read some research and I'm glad you spoke to it so my like I'm sue became a year when you talk to you what you told you'll diets everyone's noise you. Essentially Company look at their ads the ads in college and regenerating the run. Yes it'll start creating content. Yeah let's We'd have brands rates yachts and social media users that it was all about creating web sites these bigger clients. Vdi's some of them. I guess points companies and we mazing haunting pushing on their website pushing on their on his social challenge. This probably fought easy. Maybe and just getting the rage and you know you you can have these amazing spending some rising a lot of money on amazing potential social channels. But if you know put it in front of the raw able. It's essentially useless. Yeah so you know unless it's purely just brand field building side. I guess familiar was. Let's create this content. Let's ankle and put it in front of the Rock people and actually measure where it's going and let's try and get a return and I guess so so before from clients payback companies to forty five gyms to get my fiance's business holy and hard bitches. I'll let sandals to clinics to a bunch of different events like ocean swimming events generate more registrations for brand awareness and I guess converting those people who have maybe about the rise but didn't really know what it entails and so for us. It's about awareness brand awareness education namely we. So I mean that's all well and good. How did you kind of just realize that was it like you said you this? I had the speaker and just saying that. Okay we'll always don't getting underway needs to. What did you do to learn that? Yes so it was. Tom Odd started sakes and popping up Leinster Amphay Ama- facebook fade and these warming targeted by. This is one and it was just pop in you. Fade occupation is but these are not of interest to you haven't clicked on something along. Those lines brought save right now more all the ads. Unwanted SPAM fade are all about Piedad's had a clear channels only sorta stuff rods. Because that's what I'm interested in but also you know you could click on neutron shop. Andy pair of losses right and then. All of a sudden threes to invade comes out play sunglasses and they start ragging you through that so. I guess I just thought maybe he won't be talking about this and started to get a rough idea as to how it's done a plot we played around with some you know. Some really facie guides my fiance's sandals business and in most chatting to who introduced me to it to another guy who was absolutely gone a digital marketing Across I guess Social Media Giggle the whole SEO space. And that's where I'll just went. Uncle said well. Let's let's try this. Let's see how it goes. And then so we created the content built out campaigns and then executed it getting some solar. So you've done for a lot I just I think the the BBC. I won't listen to hear from this is Kunal curiosity towards that was a catalyst fetal learn more and I think sometimes we often are so blinded by what we do every day. We don't think about the things from US opportunities in front of us. So you've always been like what is this? I don't know it's always. We go through so many things. How many times we want to grandma and don't even realize I have to have the thought process to look into that and that's just the instagram. It's every day every pot about day law so I'm just I'm hats off to you on that second is are you the first choosing testing your client. And she's obviously passionate right. Yeah and the fascinating thing about it was so we we. We did a really Bisi campaigned. Very low adspend We had some amazing content. And what we I. Guess established alien was. There's no wrong answer depth. So this isn't looking to you commissioner. Roger where you can go and don't say push on Wednesday. Spend one hundred thousand dollars And it stuck in three months. Yeah that's an absolute say these contents crab you're going to say. Within the first week I can adjust it as you need to chill so you can put down shooting content pushing can split test the site we that we have and We just started saying oh one for her brand west routes her brand is holly is not as a female. Olivia Sandals Business She essentially dissolves sandals and get some idol show that seldom and yes. I wholly started with a business degree in loaded. Rod says she practised as a lawyer for two years and just found that lie. Just again organically. We went to Bali. She got a pair of speeches on a pair of sandals over there came hyme and different low when she gets on many Bali over on the night shift. Knicks Tony Guy. Can you get us a bit? And and as you can imagine that that just snowballed roses. Ten Twenty says this is going to twenty different plenty of different styles in her rage dishes. Starting doing buell's which walk in a closed toe Sandal Hill on. I need is the ones coming out from Santa. And but you know want fashion and the attention to detail the customer service and just even the tournament. She applause as well as Kobe business. Too She's absolutely killing outside as a lot of people probably understand and can respect thought. The fashion industry squats water. And it's a long slow There is no such thing as success. That I've been on. Success is like easing years. Chipping away at a consistent hard work absolutely donald pure reason that. I love the fact that you're not helping a little bit. She's been opening the whole talk exactly. How couple Millennia would have it is. It's such a tasty in any out there. I guess what will argument? But there's a lot of success will guard men and women out there and that's exists doesn't come without solar absolute solid support network one amid a whole ease ethnic. That's awesome man savvy. Let's let's go into a couple of creek fly around all by the way if you apply what do we do? We made you. Where do we find at Louis Media? Graham you through some stuff too is awesome so you control everything from the campaign. The content Etang control from the campaign content wrought through to the reporting everything locked to find his peeling on relation to the show. The client's happy being a why if I want to get in touch through milestones creek for Iran. So this every beside I know we had a really good answer if one of them might actually tossed on these philosophy early up now on be going controlling the control over so as you said you can only control what you can control. I use that every single die. Easy my being so for you. What is something you do that helps you? Control the trump. I I use the example of if I if I go overseas I'd bring me my running shoes. I mean Iran with Oj. I'm what you do to control control. What vide ought to get off next us off on basically mentally I say mornings where I'm nicely view talked about old all sleeping mistrial. You don't need the rest to be sad training sessions and all the dice. I like to get myself musically Likud's vice and mentally ill awesome. What's Your Con- tossing morning retain? But so let me let me try. I always ask them wanting to tell you but before we're forty-five minutes go train session and training session with vary depending on the day and then come back out a raid at a coffee shop with Louis Media and then trying I guess in the afternoon again. Yes so I guess you pretty much about forty five minutes to try any Tallinn's it's a good thing because there may be some things. I want to say that Tom Trading halt on stay in saying that went on in that space and trying to farm and I do think of wise to guess Situation Thraw Labor. That's where their terms where you may be having you know tough situation with family and you get out in Darfur Ron Guy. I just exercise whatever you will actually start thinking of wise to accommodate and not just well and just eat styling that day. Anything on stocking all just get bang get out of the house around government or whatever. I don't want to achieve it might. This is my favorite. Sorry if you were food and ingredient a meal what would you be? And why he's pressure food or ever noise on Spaghetti Bowl Nice. I just lost going to die. You're Lonzo family. Always pretty crazy my hands all of his and I guess we all love so much but is no food that Carolina so I love Mexican. I Love Almond Croissants. Our concerns are actually and I grew guy so what would represent. Us interest on is a little details in the inside and it goes a lot goes into it to make it perfect on the outside. It's just yeah that's one. I'll pay to this complex to it. I'm Christina thank you very soon outside. So maybe something like that in my head being very data thinking up yet. There's times where it's just millions now. It's all my head absolutely over West economic wise to make myself better Max situations better help others this. Yeah probably something. That's gone a lot on the inside and the Outside. It's just off no straight honest. Having traveled so much more young. I love that man. I'm going I'm going to sell out the raising one as he said if you walk down the straight anger. That's pretty cool. That unbeknown there was so much going on inside that to happen night so we talked about golf next year. You really wanted to fend off like other than other than other than anything else obviously denied letting shit congratulations. That'd be just be guessing. What is going on the doing expertise like transitioning doing on an series teams international? Wash your book. But you think actually ob he'd be potentially bad. I guess what GOES ON IN MY WORLD? Not just as a man in power so you what dealt with you know becoming adversity perseverance. Gave and I use my experiences and how it got to where I am I'm a very reliable guy knocking. Put things out there that will go to people very supermac so that could be one thing. Say someone I guess as commanding today what. El- what man is law saving sport there. It's not a very hot pangs for however the opportunities that come out of it for long term. The does their invaluable. And I think you've got to be. I guess the Roy quant mentally and be patient opportunities to everyone they comes at is I guess. Either widen is it is 'cause now he's rising in the America's Cup Suv Yaw Yours. Roy Moore copy out scenarios inside. J There is this an unbelievable spoiled as God so loved it even just a joy to get air and try something like that. I'm I'm open to as I said anything. Anything Related Individual Sport. After I guess Tennessee State Dasa textile his little bit so I need a little bit more to get off all these days. And that's where Rice for my club manly just love it because it's important for the and that's what what fascinates me to that businesses. In a hacker. Bring boy. I guess my individual experience into a team and shit. What out and build a solid team and executed. That is a bit of a transition for me. Too is learning to to work more. That's interesting when you start to as you said you'd be so you should doing things not always on your own for yourself. Now you can doing stuff and not as I said to you as well. Dan is to have cafe you know and speaking to the other diets. Sasha it's not as easy as a coffee shop with my money talk. It's influenza that you know and bought insane. I would love to create a place where people come and meet friends. Whether it's bar cafe that France. It's gone you made gilfriend's you may you feed your partners and just just helping people that that's essentially how we made. Here's how can I help? These people have health content be seen by the wrong people and actually make a difference own rather than just having this flashy facade we actually there's nothing else draw yup so just keep giving helping people and family and all the now. I understand so much guys. And he's on his head ramble on all day. You know I meant shedding so you inspire people would just be throughout your content on. Instagram itself is helping people in many ways. A lot of police say you do with the Gaza nipples need allows you really cold so my like you. You already doing it. And there's people around this country that you don't have to know there have just been with. Ti gainsay that so if you WANNA fall in morning. Kendrick obviously instagram. Which is what is it. Kendrick Dot Louis L. O. U. S. NAS Louis Media Seven again Louis Louis Mania Lewis spelled with L. A. U. S. Media made is being a pleasure hanging out of the day. Y H I want to say the doing the country tragic loss although seven what area Brad Mate. Some some awesome people. Come through funny you look back now and you know what you would have never thought like inside colder just to save ran into a couple of boys down at Dan a Stein. Dan Manley on Saturday and just saying just catching off. I think we're all so busy with that laws. When when you get to catch up with someone just ask him about the law and they opt to go off six years you know and then you just go on talk for you. It's just a shine that we haven't been out as siege more often. But you know that's that's often and everyone does it being in you run into someone and and I guess more wanting to leave us with right now is what you want to leave while every days you are in a way you are right now. I'm not saying you know thank you Tom. Rela Boys and pleasure always catch.

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