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Hit home run and get pre-approved for your next refinance or home purchase at the home loan expert dot com enjoy the podcast this cardinals broadcaster and Chinooks Shopper. Dan McLaughlin Chinooks would like to thank everyone during this difficult time that includes those that are working in the stores as you can imagine. During this time Chinooks employees are putting in long hours around the clock to best serve our community so the next time you're in Chinooks tell them thanks and that you appreciate them. Let them know how much we appreciate their efforts because we will all get through this together. It's Wednesday and that means it's a chance to talk it over with Brian. Walton of the Cardinal Nation Dot Com and Brian runs at website covers the minor leagues when it's running n even when it's not running and also major league baseball with the Saint Louis Cardinals in. Bryant's another week another week in no baseball but still it. Looks like we've got some progress. At least you know. The negotiations going back and forth with the Players Association and Major League Baseball. What's been your initial take from what you've seen a what is transpired in the media. Well I think this last week orrock things are more encouraging and what reason I say that again. I was very disappointed that initially a now was the minute details of the money and the schedule all the words had been. Hey Health and safety and protocols are the first priority that got reversed and you know baseball released documents to the Players Association and there are a lot of questions about it. No doubt but the important thing is that the people who need to work through it the players now have it in their hands and the two of them can hopefully quietly negotiate the details so that there can be away for at least a majority of the major league baseball players to feel comfortable coming back there. There's no way that all we're going to feel that way. No matter how protocols are sick but I think that MLB I will say cocoon but they're taking some additional risk in this and the players are going to have side says something they wanna do but they gotta get past that so they can get to the discussion of money and they're that seems to be a little bit of a logger. Hit there in that year. The League wants to players to accept a revenue sharing proposal. The players said No. They don't do that because I said. Hey you know owners show me your books right. Let me look at your numbers. And you know if you're the union you know saying listening to the owner saying well trust me. I'll I'll pay you half the revenue not knowing how they're going to define revenue be skeptical and say Missouri. I'd say show me too so you know I could see where this is going and you just hope that the two sides you know work in earnest in the background because you know when they bring stuff out in the media we only see what they want us to see and so folks immediately get sympathetic to one side and they assess the way to the other side. This is extremely complicated. Complex negotiations that affect people's livelihoods are protesting arrives. And so I look at it as hey the the lessons in the news. Maybe the better these guys are working it out between ourselves because while the public has an opinion ultimately you know. We're not a full stakeholder in this other than how we get used by one side of the other to try to put pressure on the other side. The bottom line is though if testing is there and the players agreed to it And if they don't play and it becomes a situation over money I don't want to know what the the what it looks like when we get out of this Brian because if it comes down to money it that's just not gonna fly with the American public right now the attorney we didn't get a vote at the table. I can look at it from the owner's perspective. They're saying listen. We'RE GONNA lose money no matter what the only question is how much money we lose. Okay well if the owners are comfortable with losing their in a unique position in their industry that they can say we can take off a year. And we're going to be just fine. We're going to survive. You can do that but you know if push comes to shove and Major League Baseball Says Hey. The players are giving us if you're comfortable with. They can call the season just like the players can say. Listen we're not comfortable with the financial terms that you put on the table. It's not worth the risk to us for the money that we're getting paid and if we're GONNA players right to and they're not. I hope they're not going to make the decision based on what your fan thanks became. And that sounds insensitive. Maybe but the reality is the players you know in the owners are other stakeholders here not that. Far Away Major League baseball draft. And what will this draft look like in two twenty? Well we've talked in previous calls about the fact that the draft is going to be truncated both in terms of the length in terms of money. That's going to be spent and that has impact on High school players specifically. Who probably aren't going to get drafted at the kind of numbers. They haven't kind of percents as they have in the past. But in the case of college upperclassmen they get another year of duty so the fact that the draft is going to be five rounds this year rather than forty four zero rounds last year. You know isn't hurt. It's hurting me immediately. But you know ultimately pretty much. Everybody WHO's eligible? This year will be eligible next year as well. Now you will there be more competition next year of course but you know what I say you know. I'm disappointed in Major League baseball. If they decide only go five rounds they they. They came up with a proposal to go ten rounds but it was with reduced payments and the players association disagreed. So they said well we're GONNA go and five rounds At least the money that is allocated for those five rounds. Cardinals have seven picks in those five rats and they have close to eight million dollars to spend. So you know they're gonNA get some good talent number. Twenty one. Pick overall is their first pick in the slot. Die For that's over three million dollars so you know you can easily see you know another Zach Thompson type of player Get picked up by Carlson. Twenty first overall this year and they have to extra picks one is a competitive balance pick And another one is the compensation that they receive when Marcelo Zona a left as a free agent. So you know. The cardinals are going to pick up seven. You know young guys in this graph now. The question is would no minor league season likely ahead? You know these guys aren't going to get the play right away but you know they'll hopefully everybody'll be ready to roll again. When based Picks Twenty Minor League Baseball picks up and twenty twenty one? What's the strength of this draft? What are you hearing well as always the college pitching looks like what's will probably be left when the cardinals go and that's okay because they have in recent years as we know more focused on position players until two thousand nineteen and they sort of got out of balance as a system. So you know but everybody does. But I I've looked at probably twelve fifteen bucks and I don't think a single one has the cardinals picking the same player because but attorney get to the first pick. There's so many domino's that we'd have to fall in one false differently. The whole draft. Change it so. I don't know who the colonel's going to get in. I'm not gonNA invest a whole lot of time until I hear that name call But it will be called on on the tenth of June. We'll who the cardinals are going to have. What are the cardinals needs in the minor league system for a guy that covers this very closely? What do you think the needs are for the cardinals? Well as I said I. Think pitching Millennialism area that we haven't talked a lot about but in the cars are in good shape in the short term with Tommy Edmund backup. The starters are the team for a while and then admitted associate down in triple a but you know has been a disappointment young Benji Gil former major leaguer. His son Matteo is is down in short season ball shortstop he might have potential but the covers little bit thin in the Middle Infield. That's that you know. We definitely could see. The cardinals invest But allow depend on. You know who's available and how the cardinals board stacks up when that twenty-first comes around. How Are you hearing that teams are evaluating players? If they can't go out and watch him there's been no college season How Are you hearing? That teams are are looking at players to prepare for the for the upcoming draft. Well you know. The good news is that that seems don't start on next year's draft when last year's draft next know their scouting ahead of time All the players. The cardinals had a draft board for this year. I'm sure You know before the spring season but have begun. They knew if the graph was held that day the draft had been held on January first this year. They would have known who would wanted to take now. Did they lose out on being able to see more players Face to face in their final? You know this spring of course but every organization the same boat and they all have access to video And so I think the cardinals be just as prepared as any other organization for this draft with a better preparation. Sure with more picks you bet but I think You know I think everybody's pretty much on the stint level ground in terms of preparation for the draft I. I don't think it's going to hurt that much. The fifty man potential roster a major league baseball. I asked you last week. Who might be on that fifty men and well? Lo and behold Brian Walton. Comes up the next week. And he's got a mock fifty man roster. Who Do you have on there? Well then you know the reason I I saw him doing it was I was Kinda hung up on the ground rules. We don't know yet. Is there going to be a forty man roster still over the forty nine the expanded fifty while they just not paying attention to that this year? And you know if there's a this taffy squad rumor is at there'd be like thirty man roster and a text squad well can players move back and forth or not and how do they do service time and they pay. Well I put that aside and said okay. Let's just make some basic assumptions and come up with a roster and really the top thirty or were was really easy to do and the reason. Why was that before the the shutdown before the roster freeze it occurred back in March march twelfth in right thereafter. The cardinals had twenty nine players on the Saint. Louis Roster Twenty eight players plus Jordan Hicks. Who's on sixty injure list but Hicks is making great progress? Everybody can what we saw it in front of him on pens and Mike Show talked about him being right on track and so Hicks would be should be ready to come back. And he would be sixteenth pitcher. The twenty ninth player. The number thirty on the roster would be in your opinion the third catcher Andrew Kisner who had been optioned out. But you know would be brought back on and that gives a sixteen pitcher fourteen position players and You know a good balance. Three catchers backups at it all the all the necessary positions what gets really interesting is the twenty man. Xy Squad and one is. Your strategy is an organization to how you're GONNA use those twenty spots. Let's put aside to forty man roster for main soon. That's not an issue and you can pick your your best twenty guys. How do you define what's best? Well you need some guys who are close to the major leagues. Some guys who ready when injuries occur or something happens and you need guys to fill in so here. I'm talking about guys like Alex. Rae S in Tennessee. Junior Fernandez Wounded Sosa Austin Dean. Right the guys that are you know. A lot of them have actually experienced some don't but most of them have been there before and you know they will be ready to be plugged in at a moment's notice but the other part of the equation is with no minor league season. Chances are all these players are going to lose your helmet. And so it's something you've asked me about previous calls so in when I put together my Mark Roster I said okay who are that handful of top tier prospects that is the saint. Louis Cardinals would like to see them. Continue to be active all year in. Let's say Accu by meat accurate terms baseball activity baseball skills in a structured environment. I don't mean active on the roster because I don't think these players and I'm talking here about a guy like Noah Gordon for example or a that Thompson who you are Liberty Tour Catcher Yvonne Herrera. These guys that are you know the top prospects in the system. They're close but they're not close enough to the major leagues. But they're the kind of guys if you could afford to use roster spots. Gordy for forty five fifty guys that you just want to keep your heart your hand in and keep them active because they're gonNA contribute at twenty twenty one. You'll have a leg up if you can do that in terms of Dylan Carlson Let's just say for ARGUMENT'S SAKE. It's an eighty two game regular season. Is it worth starting his clock or in a general sense? Is it worth starting? The clock is some of the top prospects in baseball. I I can't get a read one way or another and I guess we'll find out hopefully sooner rather than later but it is an interesting dilemma for teams in. Maybe it's not a dilemma at all. D start them right away or do you wait and the question I ask is what's different between an eighty two game season in one hundred sixty two game season if the rules are still the same and that is you know. There's there has to be a period of time that play would have to be in the minor leagues to avoid having to becoming a free agent a year sooner there would still be the same motivation to keep their service time down. I think in the case the same as cardinals you know unfortunately because they only got halfway through spring training we get to the bottom of the question of whether Tyler O.`Neil orlean Thomas are going to be starting outfielders and you know a truncated spring training where there's not going to be the same kind of competition. Probably that question may not get answered right away so that could flow in the regular season and you know the positive is you got designated hitter position. But you've also got Tommy Edmund who you're trying to get at bats who is doesn't have an everyday position so you know. I still think if the rules are the same nick. There has to be some number of games that a player has sustained minor stroke weight that extra year of exposure that the cardinals might WanNa try to work with Dylan Carlson. A short while. Let's wrap it up with this. The car donation DOT COM Brian. What are you working on? Well are continuing minor league history series an excellent appleby the the cardinals initiative into the Caribbean Latin American academies that are today in Dominican Republic but also they had a team in Venezuela for five years. So I'll go back and look at the history of those players. Those teams in some of the players that came through like a 'cause Martinez and Oscar Taveras an history. As I mentioned the details of the fifteen man roster are there so folks go through it and they can either agree or disagree. Have detailed article as well about the such address subject. We discussed also looked back at a location that had cardinals baseball in the Nineteen Eighty Springfield Illinois and showed what what losing affiliated baseball meant to that community and some of the challenges that the the Forty forty cities are facing. That may lose their minor league teams affiliation next year. Brian Great Stuff. Thank you appreciate. We'll catch up again next Wednesday. The McLaughlin here to tell you about the hometown automotive family addressed the most the loop us automotive network and you know they are. Saint Louis loop us has been a part of Saint Louis for over seven decades. They're proud to support Saint Louis in the surrounding areas with cars youth. Sports and charitable efforts. Fourteen brands ten locations just visit views dot com to start shopping today wes.

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