Fridays Houston Matters: Officers Fired Over Nicholas Chavez Shooting, And Back To School At UH (Sep. 11, 2020)


This programming is brought to you by the near northwest management distract more information on the near Northwest Management District at n n m d dot Org live near grow near. Houston police chief are DASA Vado Thursday released body camera footage of a police shooting death from April and fired four police officers over their involvement. He says they could have shown better restraint the Houston Police Union disagrees as well here on today's Houston Matters, I'm Craig Cohen will recap reaction to the footage and the announcement of the officers being fired and then talk with officer Douglas Griffith from the Houston Police Officers Union also, this hour we check in on how classes are going so. Far. The University of Houston with provost Dr Paul Short then a history lover's guide to Houston. We remember September eleventh two, thousand one and I marked six months of hosting the show from home floss Luby's liquidates, and you have the chance to vote on the next inductees into the national toy hall of fame. Our non expert panel weighs in on those and other intriguing developments on this week's the good the bad and the ugly. We'll start with a news update from NPR stay with us. This is Houston matters I'm Craig Cohen. Good, morning. For Houston police officers have been fired over the deadly shooting of Nicholas Chavez Union leaders called the decision to fire the four, hundred, four officers unjust and deplorable will hear more from the police officers. Union had also how the fall semesters going so far at the University of Houston amid covid nineteen and later the good the bad and the ugly of the week I up though let's check in with news seven. Eddie, Robinson with some of what matters to Houston today covid nineteen related and otherwise Good Morning Eddie. Good Morning Craig heads filling little snuffle up August over here as have to stay watching the last night's T- Texans game but happy Friday to you. I couldn't quite understand Craig weather boos at the beginning of the game when both teams linked arms and what seemed to be a moment of unity in protest of the racism and social injustice. But at any rate, it was very odd but we begin our update with reaction from local officials to the release of body Cam footage from the police shooting of Nicholas Chavez. That you mentioned earlier, he was the twenty seven year old who was killed back in April when police shot him twenty one times four police officers have been fired from the department following investigation Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, has concluded that he supports the actions of the officers attempts to subdue Chavez leading up to the shooting, but doesn't quite understand why there needed to be lethal. Force. Chavez was suffering from an apparent mental health crisis when officers were called will hear reaction from the Houston Police Officers Union coming up in just a moment. The investigation is now in the hands of the Harris County District Attorney's office as far as developments related to covert nineteen here locally. Craig fewer Texans are testing positive for the disease hospital capacity has been improving. Daily case growth and new hospitalizations declining but health experts continue to warn this virus is still very unpredictable. The threat of its spread is not over and the public should remain diligent with safety measures like distancing and wearing a facemask. They're also worried that an inconsistent number of people getting tested for covid nineteen and the current backlogs from testing labs have raised concerns over the. Reliability of state data on the virus, and then finally Craig. Longtime Houston Restaurant Tore Tony Vallone has died. He was seventy five and reportedly passed away from natural causes in his sleep vallone operated his Italian restaurant here in Houston for more than half a century vallone family will continue to run the restaurant which is closed until next Tuesday in his memory Greg. Eddie it's not just my lack of sleep. You did reference snuffle up earlier right? I did on from. That's kind of what makes her it's not me very, very descriptive, right? It is it's strange actually made perfect sense to me I. still don't entirely understand how or why. But that works Eddie Robinson. Thanks so much you gotTa have you weaken. If that's how little you value life. I don't need you in this department. That's the quote. That's what Houston police chief. Artas. Vado said Thursday about the four officers he fired who were linked to the deadly April police shooting. Of Nicholas Chavez the officers fired our Patrick Rubio Omar, Tapia? Luis Alvarado and Benjamin Leblanc Sergeant Leblanc had eleven years experience on the force the others two years or less they were. Let go after chief associated found the twenty one shots they fired at the twenty-seven-year-old Chavez at the end of a fourteen minute altercation back in April were not quote objectively. reasonable. Data says the officers should have backed off and de escalated the situation he said they had plenty of opportunity to back up to continue doing what they were doing. He said for them to stay the line and shoot a man twenty one times I cannot defend that oscillate comments came during a press conference. Thursday in which HP released body camera footage from the scene. His reaction was echoed by Houston mayor. Sylvester Turner is difficult to watch without questioning why the shooting happened in the end. Did Miss. The Shah. Says pose an immediate threat to any police officer. Are, to the General Public Mayor Turner says he concluded there was no deadly threat to any police officer. The incident started as a call of a suicidal armed man running through traffic, and it's clear from the body. Camera Video Chavez told officers multiple times to kill him. Houston City Council member Gerry Davis Tilt Houston public media he didn't think Chavez should have lost his life for quote grabbing a Taser Gun. Council member Robert Geigo said the shooting underscored the need for better mental health services in Houston, and that quote we should be sending more mental health professionals to a psychiatric crisis not just armed law enforcement officers joke. All the president of the Houston. Police Officers Union came to a different conclusion after seeing the police body camera footage noting that it was quote clear when viewing the video that these officers did not want to shoot Mr Chevette and did everything in their power not to commodity noted the city's independent police. Oversight Board unanimously agreed the shooting was justified Gamal. He called the decision to fire the officers quote unjust and deplorable. Senior police officer Douglas Griffith is the first vice president of the Houston Police Officers Union and joins us now officer Griffith. Thank you for talking with me. Officer. Griffith. Are you with us? Ok looks like we're having a little trouble getting. The officer on the line. I am being told that he just dropped off the line. Let's see if we can try and get him back. Once. Again, we are talking here. About this. Decision to fire four officers. Thursday the officers Patrick, Rubio Omar, Tapia, Luis, Alvarado, and Benjamin Leblanc. As I said Sergeant Block had eleven years experience on the force, the other two years or less. One of the officers with two years experience the others about a year's experience they were let go after chief Osservato found the the twenty one shots they fired at the twenty-seven-year-old Chavez at the end of a fourteen minute altercation were not quote objectively reasonable. That was the conclusion that Houston police chief Artas veto came to again. This is all related to the decision also yesterday by the Houston police. Department to release body, Cam footage and. Chief Osservato open fact looks like we now have. Our guest back on the line. So let's see officer. Griffeth or you with us. Yes sir. Yes. Sir, can you hear me? I can thank you for joining us Good Morning. What's your reaction to the body Cam footage that was released Thursday? Obviously anytime, we use force. It's not pretty it's just not and these officers out there. If you watched the entire video, you'll see they did everything within their power and training to. Try to get this to comply. He just wasn't GonNa have that. It does seem that there is sort of almost universal agreement that for. Many many minutes of this altercation for that long stretch of time fourteen almost fourteen minutes. It seems very clear that it just what you described if you watch the video. Of many many many attempts were made to try and get this gentleman to comply. I take it. You agree with your union president that in you review. Despite the fact that ultimately officers did shoot and kill him that they these four officers should not have been dismissed. And this is based on several different things. number one. This is the way the department trained them. If you watch the video, you'll see they lined up just as they were trained for an active shooter incident. Obviously this is not an active shooter incident. But you train for these high tense situations like this. It reverts back to the best ratings you have at this point. That's all they had three of these ulcers of only been on for a year. So they have not been involved in a bunch of high stress situations. So you're out there with a guy that's threatening you threatening himself. It's obviously structure drillings up everybody's yelling orders and telling you what to do, and then all the sudden you see that threat. You react to that threat. And then your second guess for the next. Six months to a year? Do, you think per council member, Geigo SES statement that if there had been someone on the scene psychologist or a mental health specialist someone who maybe is trained to communicate with Mr Chev other than officers with weapons drawn that do you think then it would have made a difference? Honestly in this situation. This guy had it in his mind what he's GonNa do and as much as he was in middle crisis he was also highly intoxicated under the influence of narcotic. People do not think rationally on that. Therefore someone going out there trying to. Talk to them in a different matter is still not gonNA help. It probably would have ended up with that person injured. What do you say to? HOUSTON. Vado Mayor Turner they agree that. The officers on the scene made many many many efforts to try and deescalate the situation try to get. Mr. Chev to comply, but they disagree that. that. Deadly force was necessary in the moment. What do you say in response to that? I'll put it like this. I've never been at chief so I don't know. What he has to deal with? In that same manner, he's never been a real police officer so he shouldn't be judging our guys going out there doing this job last time he set a patrol corn did the job was in California thirty plus years ago? Are. We asking too much of police officers under such circumstances to interpret when and how their lives may or may not be at risk and with weapons drawn to show restraint even as a suspect may demonstrate, aggression may have or reach for a weapon of some kind. It just depends on the situation. If officer shot every person they could. It would be all the time. Justified by law does not always mean is appropriate and our officers understand that Revi- human life above all. There's also the comes this job Oh. Let's go shoot somebody. Just doesn't happen. Nobody wants to hurt anyone that's not our job. But police work by its nature is ugly. That's why you pay us to go out there and make these tough decisions. Just all we're asking is that you support us. We Act in the way we are trained and allowed by law. Does that suggest then that may be part of the issue is just the way that officers are trained that maybe something there needs to change. Well again, just like I said, yesterday the press conference. We had no problem with this chief purchasing PR twenty, four BETIM. METAL BATON And spinning the might to train every officer to users BETIM. When in reality, you see somebody on the news beating someone with a stick. That's just it doesn't look good. It's not appropriate. You have other methods less work on those methods. He keeps talking about Tom, distance numbers, all this good stuff that we would love to be trained on but we have not. We have a caller on the line. Larry has a question or comment Larry go ahead. Okay I'll do all right. Thanks. Hey I would like to know. I keep hearing you say a retraining. You think it's the office. Lewis. Retrained not. Not The suit, the Keel, and if the taste of don't work, shoot him in the leg I keep hearing. You say that's the way they train house train the people seem to if the phasing on work. Would you like to? Joking I would like somebody kill your would you like that? Thank you. Thank you Larry for the comment your thoughts officer. Number One, my son would put himself in a position to get shot by law enforcement, but on top of that. That the issue is we do not shoot to kill. We. Are Not, trained to shoot to kill. We are shut trained to shoot center mass the largest object we can hit. If you've ever been in any kind of gun battle, any kind of situation. You can't target a certain area of the body you shoot for the biggest area and you go on. So. In the movies what what is the answer in circumstances like this and let me let me be specific about what I mean by circumstances like this, you have a suspect who you have officers around they have weapons drawn. The suspect is not complying repeatedly not complying it's it may be clear. It may not be clear that there could be some mental health issue at play here some sort of crisis taking place. What what is the intermediate? What are the steps in between? The tasers that we saw and then firing twenty one shots in a matter of seconds. Will they use the beanbag shotgun that we met on a bailable? Hit with somewhere around twelve rounds of that that also did not incapacitate him. The I'm telling you. The best thing we can do is train away which we can get these suspects in custody. We backed up so far that there was no other option. The only thing we could do is go past our patrol cars which. If they get in one of those then you've got another type of issues. A lot of times we shotguns in the bag they are fifteen We have all kinds of weapons that are really available. Should they be able to get into those cars? So we can't allow that either some point you have to draw a line and say, okay, we have the whole disliked. This in this particular incident, they can paint him in small area. The sergeant run around People Watch for crossfire do this do that? It's an unfortunate situation. But we didn't have I another example. They have these things called Bola wraps. It's a new technology supposed to shoot out something that wraps them up. And takes them now. We have forty those on his department. The only people have been trained with him so far those are the academy that we know. Have we had those that night they may help. There's other things out there that are being researched that that would help also to deal with this kind of situation, but we don't have that right now. So also rely strictly on their training and what they've been trained to that point. Let's go to Jimmy from west Houston Jimmy. What are your thoughts? Fog. Police chief officer Vado for firing. Those officers is totally wrong to shoot a man twenty with twenty one bullets. That's crazy. The police should know better than doing that and Have a bad habit of if he's doing exactly what they say they want to beat you up or shoot share they get rid of that attitude and. Help these people that are in distress. They could go over there and throw a net on the man or whatever are two or three up go there and handling with their bare hands or their gloves they don't need to shoot the man. And I. We want need all this shooting people in the back to stop all these chokehold stuff all these. warrantless. Break into people's homes to style read total reform of the police all over the country. All right. Thanks for the call in for the comment. Officer Griffiths any reaction to that. Yeah. First of all, the twenty one rounds understand that come walsers. The oldest ulcer, there was the sergeant. WHO fired two rounds? In that in that final incident in K. because he has been trained over the years he was attacked foster. They train bar two rounds, reassess reassess. These young guys haven't been through that. The only thing they've been through there's a academy training which you you shoot. Shoot shoot shoot shoot. It takes your brain one point two, five seconds to realize there is no longer a threat and stop what you're doing. In that amount of time, an officer can fire six rounds. The two officers that fired the most worst six rounds apiece. As says, they realize that that was done they stop and you can hear them on tape yellen ceasefire stop stop stop ceasefire. Carmen is in Houston Carmen. What's your question or comment? Yeah something really bothering me when you said officer Griffin that your son would never be in that position. with the law enforcement. But you gotta think. About All the black lives that are taking because Elise Brianna Taylor where her killers either been arrested. They she got. At her own apartment and then this is why we need to define the lease. Because empirical data showed that all that money should go to. Community services that actually Kansas sculling mental breakdowns rather than police twenty one fired shots. You know that makes no sense to. Other countries have great police them all of systems because they actually benefit and serve Protech, and there is no trust them police anymore. I don't trust. I'm going to be completely honest and our I'm I'm white passing. And I still fear for my life now and that was African American. I fear for my black brothers and sisters. All right. Thanks for the call in for the comments officer Griffith any response to that. Yes well, first of all the bagger there her belief that we're killing african-americans more than any other races just an accurate. There's a very well done study by Harvard University showing there is no disparity between the races when it comes to ostrumov shootings. There is no were out hunting people to kill. Them is just an accurate. It's. It's people that don't have a clue about what our job really is both. Had they go it had they went out and actually. Road with a police officer what they'd be on a day to day basis, they may have a different attitude. But they rather sit in their basement and just hot away from the world and say, everything every police officers back. It's just not accurate. We had over two million contexts Houston last year two, million contacts with citizens just. Only two hundred and seventy citizen complaints, and we only had fifteen shootings. have made seventeen but still. It's real. It's so minuscule. And out of those shootings, every single one of them had a weapon and they were all caught on video camera. And just to clarify since you mentioned this Harvard. Study I believe I'm looking at the correct paper from two thousand seventeen. It's noting that on nonlethal uses of force blacks and Hispanics are more than fifty percent more likely to experience some form of force in interactions with police. But adding controls that account for important context and civilian behavior. Reduces but cannot explain these disparities and then it goes on to say on the most extreme use of force officer involved shootings. That they find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account. So with lethal uses force, you're correct on nonlethal they do see a disparity there. There is much more about this case including link to the body camera footage released. Thursday said Houston Public Media Dot Org. Douglas Griffith is First Vice President of the Houston. Police Officers Union officer Griffith. Thank you very much. Thank you sir have a great day you too. Up Next, how has the return to classes gone so far for the University of Houston, we ask you h provost Paul. A short is Houston matters continues. This is Houston matters I'm Craig Cohen while Houston public schools began classes virtually this week some other school district started sooner some of them with students back in classrooms according to Houston community newspapers, reporter, Christie Knicks Twenty, four Lamar, consolidated ISD, students, and staff have tested positive for cove nineteen cents, employees, and students their return to school. There have been other isolated cases and other districts to, and we'll all hold. Our breath is more schools returned to classrooms in the coming weeks, but it's not just k through twelve education that's trying. To navigate a new school year amid pandemic universities are working to educate students and a safe and effective way some virtually some in person classroom instruction resumed at the University of Houston on August twenty fourth though that instructions being offered in various formats some online some face to face some live lecturing some work on students time to tell us more about that and other efforts to ensure a safe and effective academic environment at the university. Of Houston, we're joined now by Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Uh Provost Dr Paul Short. Dr. Short. Walk into Houston Matters. Thank you so much. Glad to have you with us, how has the resumption of classroom instruction and the start of the semester so far? Actually it's gone very well we're very pleased with the the a way that people have join forces and planned well, and she didn't seem to be doing well in the classroom. So we're failing very good about the false start and it's been very smooth I. It's been a couple of weeks have you had any reports of student staff teachers or others testing positive for Covid nineteen since the? No, we have not I, think all of our efforts at safety and our efforts at creating in our classrooms, honoring social distancing, and all of the things we've done across campus to create a safe environment has really paid off for us. We've done a number of things to to to make it a safe place for students and I think that is proving to be powerful reason that we're not seeing any outbreak of Kobe. on campus do you have a sense of how much instructions online and how much has been in person? Well, we have the hot flex format on campus in which there's face to face, but there's also the online aspect of it. So about I'd say about a twenty percent of course work that's being delivered is being delivered face to face and the high flex format and then we also have synchronous online and a secretive online. So we have a combination of Moto modalities to deliver and I think that. Giving our students choice in the matter in which they wanted to participate in their coursework pitfall adults of. This past spring and going into fall has been very very. Successful for us to nineteen also affected the admissions process. Andrew Sandwiches adopted test optional admission through the summer of two thousand and twenty two. What does that mean? Exactly Well, we know that the ability saleability ability of certain scores that are required for admission. The Act Sat is limited and order to be able to not jeopardize students opportunity to to enroll in the university we've opted to use other methods. To us options such as a holistic review of their portfolio that they've submitted their high school. GPA, those kinds of things at rather than relying strictly on an sat act score and that also is working really well so far this fall we're very pleased with. How. That's benefited students. We actually adopted that this past spring for for this fall and also will be using it through. Spring of Twenty twenty two. Dr. Paul Short is the Senior Vice Chancellor for academic affairs and the provost at the University of Houston Doctor Short. Thanks for talking with us. Sure. Thank you. We often hear that Houston loves to bulldoze its history in exchange for a new strip mall. Why one historian says that's not entirely the case is Houston matters continues. This is Houston matters. I'm Craig. Cohen, we often hear that Houston loves to bulldoze its history in exchange for a new strip mall but Tristan Smith. Says, that's not always the case, his book, a history lover's guide to Houston Chronicle's a number of historic buildings in and around downtown that have been preserved and re purposed back in April he told us that. You. See Our city's approach to preservation depends on where you're from. He grew up in Kansas College town that he says saved everything moving here in two thousand eleven I had heard horror stories of what had been torn down at had been lost in Houston when I actually got here and started exploring a little bit. I realized that there aren't lots of historic structures and some of the fabric of Houston's identity still remain. Yes. Has Been a lot that has been lost and we could have done a better job over the years but. We don't bulldoze everything. There's still some great history out there. Can you give some examples? Sure definitely. I think probably one of the easiest in most obvious examples is union station at minute maid park wild much of a rail railyard of course, as dawn the union station building alone having been integrated into the ball field is I think perfect example of how you can save. A building, repurpose it for another US and continue to hold onto some of your history the been post building downtown becoming the Magnolia hotel the building becoming Saint Germain Loft I mean you can move throughout downtown and the whole sector is is peppered with historic buildings that have been re purposed a lot of them into lock than hotel. Let's talk about another example, the former Jefferson Davis. which we know about that. Yes, Well, it's located just outside of downtown and it was the first centralized municipal hospital to treat indigent patients in Houston located in the first reward It's now today actually an elder street artists lost when they built bad they actually on top of former municipal cemetery and burial grounds for the city of Houston. So there were confederate soldiers or slaves to officials were buried there but by eighteen ninety, it had fallen into disrepair and they turned it into a city hospital by the nineteen twenties and today of course, our loft. How about the former merchants and manufacturers building? Sure that actually is one of the largest buildings in Houston, especially at the time that it was built. So when it opened in nineteen thirty, it was the largest building in the city and while it was spoke on commerce, it didn't last very long a great depression really did it in. within four years, the owners of that building my bankrupt and it was supposed to handle rail traffic had a six three threes way to cool. It had car parking garage though its size actually helped keep it maintained we're able to take it and repurpose it, and the University of Houston downtown has actually taken it over, and now is a hub within the university system. In downtown we've been talking about buildings and structures in the downtown area what about outside of downtown Houston Sure. There's a lot within the neighborhoods within the ward, the former awards. Houston, personally I feel that some of the highlights outside of downtown you'll find project row houses on Holman Street Those shotgun homes have been reported into community enrichment growth for the for the area. The astrodome of course is the highlight of Houston founders memorial cemetery on West Dollars the Houston Fire Museum buildings station number seven in mid town is a great I liked. Museum and then Glenwood cemetery also Washington. Is there anything the the buildings and structures that do endure here have in common that that have of helped them to be preserved and re purposed I'm. A lot of what the city of Houston does which historic preservation and that they look at pockets and neighborhoods. Though you'll see a lot of neighborhoods have been given the historic preservation, the horse historic district designation, and that helps it. When you have pockets of buildings that have been preserved, you can create that district and that helps the surrounding buildings and. Main Street Market Square in downtown has many many historic buildings in it in surrounding, which probably does help a little bit with preserving and also promoting the future preservation of historic buildings that may not currently be under those auspices. We've talked about a lot a lot of these. Buildings and structures that you mentioned your book we have examined previously on this show. There are many others we haven't gotten to, yet you know the freemen town bricks other come to mind I. And I imagine there's lots more in in your book of examples of history that still does in one form or another exist here in Houston. Yes. Definitely and there's so much more that we can do. There are many buildings neighborhoods full city blocks that can be preserved and. What it takes is education and there are great groups out there preservation Houston, the American, Institute of Architects there are so many groups that you can get involved with that you and promotes that you can support and that is going to help preserve individual buildings that will preserve neighborhoods and it will not only preserve them but it will promote them and once more people know about what you can do and how you can preserve buildings and repurpose those buildings the more you can save. Tristan Smith is the author of a history lover's guide to Houston. We spoke with him back in April. It has now been six months since I began hosting this program from home. If I told you, I, wasn't feeling the isolation brought on by the pandemic and how we've all had to respond to it well, I'd be lying. While I can be antisocial anyone from time to time I do miss being more engaged socially with the world, and while I'm encouraged that we're beginning to slowly and carefully resume some public events at limited capacity, I'll be even still very cautious mostly stay home and still always wear masks and keeps socially distant I've been reminding myself these six months that being socially distant doesn't mean being emotionally distant it's important. We continue to be present for one another even as we navigate the pandemic and social and racial strife political entrenchment that is more extreme than really anything I've seen in my lifetime we can still. Be Kind to one another one of the ways we express that kindness and connect is through music over these six months from time to time, we asked you to share some music you enjoy listening to and why and we took your comments and the music and compiled a Houston matters mix tape, three volumes of it. In fact, as I marked six months broadcasting from home I thought maybe we could take a few minutes out and listened to just a couple of those song choices and stories again here are just some of the responses we've received over the last six months for our Houston matters mixed tape. Hello this is Kathleen Malcolm from Portman County I'm responding to your request for song that has meant a lot to me during my lifetime, and that song is Chris Whitley's Big Sky. country. I I heard it from on KRCC, in Colorado Springs. It meant so much I bought the album called dirt floor and have listened to it. Hundreds of times gets you through tough times. The. Music the song in particular Big Sky Country. Remind you. There's another enter the tunnel. When I moved to Houston Texas I, read in the chronicle that Chris. Whitley. Had passed the young age of Lung Cancer And that Houston was his hometown. Chris wet lease big sky country. Song. This is over. Over All in changes. man. In a big. country. Just. Wrong. Black. Just An Again and B.. Kissing. Is. Bad. Live. This is Bradley Gary from Houston Texas Song that I'd really like to recommend which is highly appropriate during this current situation is ride the weight. By Jim Cada. It's got a great message something that I'd like to communicate to my kids personally even if I'm not around so much love and respect to you all get through this. Say. Now. Aware there's. into. Place. Say. Again. You. Know. took. Hi, my name's Ashley on from the Montrose area and I work for Big National Grocery store chain. So I heard that y'all were asking for mix tape. It's suggestions. My story is the song take it easy by the eagles. My brother was a truck driver and he called me one day from the road and said, guess, we're the bleep I am and I said where he goes I'm standing on a corner in winslow. Arizona. In wins. Subject. Bed. Down to. Get, the. Just. Some of the contributions this year to the Houston matters mixed tape. There are others couple hours, worth including songs identified by Houston Public Media Reporters Producers and staff, and you can find them on a spotify playlist called simply Houston matters mix tape. Hope you'll check it out and enjoy the music. Still Ahead Luby's liquidates and your vote is needed for the next inductees to the national toy hall of fame. Our not expert panels way panel weighs in on these intriguing developments in the news on the good the bad and the ugly as Houston matters continues. Today marks, nineteen years since the terrorist attacks of September eleventh two, thousand one, this month also marks ten years since market square. Park reopened downtown Houston's historic district featuring Lawrence Garden. An art installation honoring the life of Lauren cousy grand call us. She grew up in Houston and was among those who died aboard United Airlines. Flight Ninety three which crashed into a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania that day in two thousand fourteen we caught up with a Houston veteran as he visited Lawrence Garden. Jewish Governor Thompson. In the navy from Nike. Seventy. Tonight gave five. ABC Be Heavy Construction Change. Which is also combat outfit. Beirut your time all of our world. Seventeen foreign countries and not a lot of my country. Nine eleven alario. Ninety three they went gang. Shanksville, Pennsylvania. reruch tiger. Pitcher. The garesh. Towers. Pentagon. Shame. Crash. Got Forty stones. Represent the people that died on flight ninety three, the actually took over. Took it down brother crash were going To stay was going. Two thousand seven hundred fifty three stones represents the people that died in the twin towers, the two hundred and seventy something stones over here. They representing the people that died in the Pentagon missed comes out of the back of the center represents rebellious are willing to fight for what we have, but you got to brass mcmansion their represent the bristlecone pine they represent what we will do. We'll be here. Name is Julius. Thompson and you're listening to USA. A lot can happen in a week. Some of it. Good. Some of it bad. Some of it's downright ugly when faced with intriguing developments in the weeks news, we turn to a rotating panel of experts to Parse, the good, the bad and the ugly of it all on today's panel Amber Ambrose Co founder and CEO of Ambrose McDowell communications and happiness our menu dot Com David Brandon professor of political science and Sheriff Social Sciences at the University of Houston downtown and Wayne, Ashley Editor of Texas leftist, DOT, com and host of the aggressive voices podcast amber dwayne welcome to Houston. Matters Hey crank. Thanks for having me. Thank. You, Craig how did Craig panel is we learned this week Luby's Inc the company that owns the decades-old Texas cafeteria dining staple as well as fud rutgers restaurants has decided to liquidate its businesses and distribute proceeds to investors chairman Gerald Body says the company still hopes to find a buyer that would keep some of its restaurants open and that there are no immediate plans to close any that are but locations that have not reopened since the pandemic began are not likely to the Luby's chain has been struggling for years as Texans restaurant tastes have changed and moved away from cafeteria style dining. Now it appears it's days are numbered. Is this good bad or ugly amber embrose start us off I. Think this is bad. It's definitely not good. So many of us have these extremely fond memories usually around family and for me it was on Sundays going to Luby's after church we would go to mass then we would meet my grandparents. We'd meet my cousins, my aunts and my uncles, and we'd all get a giant table and it was just how he spent almost every Sunday when I was a kid and I'm GonNa Miss It I. Miss that part of my life I'm being a kid. So it's not one hundred percent, the restaurant itself as it's mainly. The memories and I think that's what people are feeling I'm it's not ugly because I. Think you know it was time to move on. I will never ever forget square fish in the tartar sauce at his slathered on top. It is absolutely an engineering marvel. So delicious but I'm going to have to figure out another way to either replicated at home or move on it was time for Luby's to go. All right. Good better ugly David Brenham. I'll would break this ugly people were going to lose their jobs and we can't afford for them lose jobs but we're also GONNA lose a good healthy eating option in this city. Where else can you go and walk in the door and have freshly cooked vegetables ready for you as soon as you walk in and you can get a nutritious meal I'm GonNa Miss Luby's I. Remember when my wife was pregnant that we would go to Luby's because we knew we could get a nutritious meal and not have to cook or clean and I think it's particularly Lee said that are eating options are getting healthy instead of more healthy. When it comes to free, we become a community where we drive through and eat in the car and I hope we can turn this around somehow and pay more attention to what we eat and how we if we can do that I. Think we'll live longer and live happier and be more productive and I hope we can make that turnaround soon but Razz for now we just haven't done it yet. Okay good better ugly. Wayne Ashley what a Texas tragedy to lose such an iconic restaurant that people all across the state. No, it's just yet another thing to be sort of bummed out about with twenty twenty. You know it's just been such a difficult year with so many changes and so many things happening. But even though this this I would certainly qualify as bad. I hope that there is hope for the restaurant in the future and that. They can either reform and we'll have a new place to go and gather when we can finally do that again even if it's not the iconic Luby's panel wouldn't be able to rest easy until you knew what architectural paint brand deluxe would announce as it's twenty, twenty, one color of the year. Well, the company revealed it's color they call brave ground, and well, it's a sort of cross between grey and Beige officially, it's. An earthy Brown tone sort of reminiscent of what was painted on every wall of every home put up for sale starting about fifteen years ago the response has been mixed as the London. Mirror wrote this week some call the color warm lovely, and calming while others are less fond one calling graves another describing it as snore SOM and surprised that the company didn't go with quote the unrelenting blackness of the abyss were all screaming into. A paint company calls a cross between grey and Beige brave ground and proclaims the next color of the year. Is this good bad or ugly David Brenham I give brave ground as color year a of good. I think a lot of times when we think of colors that we think our favorite colors or something that gives us an emotional reaction you know we think a peak or yellow or blue or some some colors that really are different from what we're normally looking at. But brave ground gives us a calming feeling I think. It gives us an a feeling that the atmosphere around us. His is tranquil. I think a lot of people really value that and so in. Looking at Bray ground is the color of the year I have no problem. I think it's good idea and so I, give it my full endorsement. All right. Good better ugly nationally well, Craig. I hate to say it this way but to me this brave ground color puts the A in ugly how much more concrete slash bay slash office tour don't look at me wall. Can we get for twenty twenty one? It's just not it's not my favorite color and it's not being spiced up by any sort of other situations you know this is this is one that I just would hate. For this whole time period to be remembered for it's not it's not something that moves me. So I have to go with ugly and I hope that maybe we'll start considering other colors or other patterns maybe for twenty twenty two, we can go for a leopard print or zebra print as a standard you know whatever color you, WanNa, you WanNa throw in there but yeah, this this one's not moving me. All right good better ugly Emperor Ambrose. Okay. So I think brave ground is good. I have no problems with it I think it's a safe choice and I think that's okay for twenty twenty we all want to feel a little safer don't we? I also think it's very soothing on a wall. and. I am usually when who gravitates towards vibrant bright kind of allowing colors, fuchsia and teal and bright yellow and I like combinations of this kinds of colors together. But yeah, for a wall color. I do think they kind of miss an opportunity to do something a little wild this year if there's nothing to lose which I kind of feel like twenty twenty should be renamed the year where we felt like we literally had nothing to lose. They could have been a little more braver with the brave ground, but you know what? They're trying to sell paint I get it I would paint it on my walls panel voting is underway and continuing through. September. Sixteenth for the next inductees into the national toy hall of fame it's based at the strong National Museum of play in Rochester New York, and among the dozen nominees this year are some that I've heard of a few I played with as a kid while I'm sentimentally rooting for Bingo light bright and the all purpose sidewalk chalk to join staples. Ranging, from the Rubik's cube to the Frisbee and Hula Hoop I suspect America's brownies will run up the score and the players choice public ballot at Toy, Hall of Fame Dot Org for my little pony. If one of this year's other nominees is selected, you can also count on its fans nationwide dl Yahtzee do credit also to the toy hall of fame for previous inductees that spoke more to kids imagination less to commercialism like the cardboard box, a blanket and a stick. The vote is on for the next inductees into the national toy hall of fame is this. Good, bad or ugly Wayne Ashley at long last a fun topic and hopefully something that we can all agree on all look forward to well I think that the toy hall of fame is not only good but it's amazing something that just has to be giving us a form to be able to compare and contrast different toys have captured each and every generation. You know I'm a big kid at heart and you know that I love to reminisce about some of my favorite toys from the past like Teddy Ruck spin, for example, but you know this is. This is a great thing and I'm I'm gonNA visit the strong National Museum when I get a chance and you can't hate on the brownies. Why do people talk so badly about my little pony at all the brownies they organized themselves, they become a multi million dollar convention and they do everything they really get it done. So I'm team Brownie and you should be too. All right amber. Craig I. Love This question and the answer is good. I love this just going through the list of toys like really lifted my soul this week by the way Speaking of toys in kids solidarity to all of the H. I. S. t parents and students, and staff and teachers, and. Village that takes care of all the kids and caretakers and everyone going virtual school this week it has not been easy but you know what we're GonNa do this back to toys I just really thought this list was fun. It brought me back a lot by the way light bright is like totally back with old is new again, which is not surprising. My kids have one masters of the universe toys is on this list to I'm a big sheriff fan again, there's a reboot on Netflix I'm actually really enjoying it. This was just so much fun. They all deserve a spot on there I don't know why we have to vote because all of these toys R. Classic and Worthy Love this question okay, David Toy Hall of fame is a great idea hall of fame's are about recognizing those things that gave us great experiences in the past, and I believe that toys were clearly a big part of most of our childhood giving us memories of great experiences. That said I believe the list of twelve finalists that have here is listed very few people with will agree with for instance, light bright is on the list library came out when I was five years old. I don't remember asking for light bright or wanting one. I don't remember anybody in the neighborhood having one I do remember a whole lot of people wanting hot wheels. But light bright wasn't one of those toys that I think should be here. So while I love the idea of a toy hall of fame I, think the list needs a little bit of adjustment. David Brandon is a professor of political science and Sheriff Social Sciences at the University of Houston Downtown Ambrose is the CO founder and CEO of Ambrose McDowell communications and happiness our menu dot com and Wayne. Ashley is the editor of Texas leftist DOT COM and host of the aggressive voices podcast. David Amber Wayne. Thanks very much as. It as always Craig. That'll do it for today's show. The Houston matters. Team includes, Michael. Hegarty. Joshua's in Brenda Ruis Brenda. Devia. David Pittman is our technical director. Today at three on town square with earning news topics include lessons learned about the corona virus from Major League Baseball on Mondays Houston matters get your gripes ready. It's time for another round of stony pet peeves. You know you've got some small annoyances building up. We're here to help you sweat the small stuff. So you can face the larger challenges of life and goodness knows we got those you WanNa have a clear head when you face them email your peeves to talk at Houston Matters Dot Org or you can call in when we talked through them with professional drivers, Lisa Gray from Houston Chronicle, and Craig Levarty from the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We'll also connect up again with Jeff Baulky to discuss the weekend in Houston. Sports. Cohen had gray weekend join US Monday for those and other Houston matters.

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