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Everything, you need to know it can be found right here. It's now trending with Regan's on the as Tj show. You might see Kit Kat trending this morning. Because a woman tweeted a picture of an old kit Kat and said Kit Kat was better with the foil wrapper. Brain about popped out of the top of my head. I completely forgot Yeah Kit. Kat used to come in that foil wrapper, and then it was inside like a paper sleeve almost. Completely forgot about it. I did, too. And now got that picture appeared. There's we have a TV in the studio Regan's through the picture seconds before he started talking and as you say that I had the same. I forgot there was a foil wrapper on the. Didn't a Hershey Bar. Come in the same way. As well. I know about Hershey Bars I. Didn't I'm not so familiar with kit? Kat because a kit? Kat is a lady Candy Bar. Stop a Kit, Kat is not a. what do you mean Cat Lady Candy Bar Tj. There's nothing women love Kit Cats I love Kit Kat. Yeah, but that doesn't mean that you can't look the same thing with mint chocolate. The whole conversation about what's lady food and what's not? Those kit cats are mainly for the ladies, and if you enjoy one fine, but you just realize you're eating a lady candy bar. Kit, Kat or not a lady candy pro. PAYDAY! I don't know if you've got to pick a gender on payday who's eaten paydays. Ladies Eaten payday. Okay has a man candy bar. I'm already. Do you ever see? Snacking down on a payday, no because I love us, one of my favorite things to do is watch women candy bar. And I've never seen one eight watch women bars, DOT, com Do as TJ ECOMMERCE. Copyright I can't imagine a woman eating a candy bar. That doesn't have chocolate on yeah. But now I'm curious when they change from the foyer rapper because I grew up eating kit, Kat wrapped in tin foil and it was. It feels like it was just better than you pop it in the freezer if you're really on another level inverse. What teach something who? Amount you would save the cat and put it in the freezer yeah. Kit Kat in the store. Yeah, and then I get at the at the gas station. Yeah, and then save it until you got home to put in the freezer. that. Argue if I want ice cream, elite ice cream well on a freeze, a chocolate bar. I won't chocolate ice cream. That's what I'll get. But if I buy a kit Kat or any candy, it's to be eaten now. I know about at a gas station I'm eating the ice soon as I get back in the car. If you buy a candy bar at the grocery store. Store they'll you know the cashier will handle that? You want to hold onto that? They always do that because they assume you'll eat it if I buy whatever by by. What at the grocery store? I'm buying it to take home if I buy it at a gas station I'm eating buying it to be at that moment. I always respond by saying the US hold onto this. Almond joy and mounds as well lady candy bars. Yeah I mean. It's an. It's an annoying argument because you don't have got no feelings exactly well. It's not a fact like you don't have any grounds for it. Other than my keen skills of observation. Okay I mean said and knowing the ladies paying attention to the lady. Okay all right, so you just got to recognize that it is for women. You can still enjoy it, but just recognize it. It's for women. Yeah, I mean I do that, so you know to make sure that I know. You know what the ladies like so I can tell guys what to use for Bait. Speak to how to put it in the water and several women have had the point out that this lady Cindy says payday as my favourite Tj so there, oh my God. Take it easy fellow. Down Brother. Excuse me Sir! Today I think is a special day for as because it is national corn on the COB Day which I know, you love love. Cornucopia, J., not a fan of corn on the COB. I don't believe I love it. I think I'd love rate. Record holders the stick in the end I. Don't I don't have any, but I have before. Yeah I I I'd like using them because it cuts down on the mess, yeah. I. It just feels very feminine because. You really when you really get down to Cormick when you really decide to hell with being healthy I'm eating corn lacob. I want my corncob soaked in butter. Yeah, and covered in Salt, and then you the and so it gets messy so if I can use those little. Corn things on the in. Little stabs yeah. That's. What are those things called? Corner. Corn Close Ch. Maybe that's what they're called. Corn stabber. Yeah which the one thing I do like about corn on the COB. Though is when people refer to. Whole kernel corn as corn off the COB that makes me laugh. Hey, you know. We had corn corn on the COB. No corn off the call. You mean her whole kernel corn. On the COP. Okay got it. And COACHELLA has been officially cancelled. It was announced yesterday they had originally planned for April moved it to October, but now along with stagecoach, the country festival both have been canceled for twenty twenty. What am I supposed to do with those two? Nights now that I'm not going to be using. Yeah. I know you're excited to see Travis. Scott Atlanta Delray, but it's not happening in two thousand twenty. I, don't know which one I would dislike more. Or the? Oh, the dope! Smoking stagecoach seems awful awful. Burbank. Cash like welcome. Georgia. Georgia. Oh my God police, not interested. Role Mound Window. So all those things are now. Inside is twenty twenty. Can you now look back and realize? Oh, that's the moment when I scared him off. And wait until you hear the story that started Max. DIRTY TIMBERS DOT COM is wood products cut fresh daily. Their products include custom boards cut for announcements holidays, kids sports in anything you can design with wood products cut fresh daily there at dirty timbers dot com, dirty timbers dot com live on the nines as a curated collection handpicked by Jordan. Finish believes that you should only own and where pieces that you absolutely love quality pieces that you will want to wear every single day. Go to live on the nine's dot com. That's live on the ninth dot Com. Live from the Radio Button Network Studios. This is the as in Tj show. Hindsight is twenty twenty x as you hear all the time. And I gotta be honest with you I. Don't remember which one it was I think it was. The real housewives of New York the other night one of them. Reference was a week ago. Oh scaring a guy off one time. How independent she is kind of scared guy off. And I WANNA say it was Ramon after dating, but I could be wrong. Yeah. It's a lot. It's a lot to be a lot for me. It's like you know things. But but nine times out of ten. Being independent is not what scares guys off exactly in just telling yourself that. You don't WanNa face. What could have actually been the problem? But Down Ladies Let's talk. Let's say you have reached a point in life now where you can look back, hindsight is twenty twenty and you look back and real. Oh, yeah! Yeah, that's that. Did it scare them off? That was on me in that case. Maybe. It's time you thought. One what is his problem? Then back and realized it was. It was me I was I was the fault in that one? So we? Mentioned this earlier and our friend lexuses here and you have a pretty unbelievable example of scaring a guy off. Yeah, how long these people been dating! You know so. They had probably been dating or maybe three or four months I would say it's still a relatively new relationship. Yeah, okay. and they got into an argument and one of my my friend. That's was dating. The Guy got so mad. It was like so dramatic that she started scratching. Like just scratching blood coming out skin under nails. was like what the heck. Just lost it. Big of a meltdown like she like almost like possessed a little bit right. Yeah, so if you're a guy and you're standing there and first after three months your first real argument with someone your disagreement, and she begins to claw, not scratch claw her neck until blood comes out. Yeah. That's frightening. And he's I don't need disk because anything like this going forward. It's going to be bad. I have a friend that got so upset in an argument that he started hitting himself in the head, and his ring cut is made him start bleeding right there in the middle of the argument. Or is he puts his ring opened up his head. Cycle Yeah. But I mean he was married so. who wasn't Harry scared somebody off in the beginning of relationship and shockingly he's not married now, but somebody else wants to marry him. COULD BE A. We'll let you figure it out, get. So, think about it this way. It could be something you said it could be something you did, but now that it's over, you can look back and say. That's when I scared him off. Everything was good. Until. You scared him off in some fashion. Say. It could be something as simple as. Bringing up having kids together over your first dinner. He was a good guy. You were into him. You talked for a couple of weeks. Everything was happening I. Date. You mentioned? Other guy had a weird dream about having kids together, and you're thinking about it as a reference to a weird dream and he's like Oh my God. I'm I. will never see this person again. One triple eight, four, one to twenty, three, thousand five. It's one triple, eight, forty, one as TJ or facebook and twitter. You can be completely anonymous, but you realize now looking back on it. That's when I scared him off. Now you can. TJ Show by texting at J.. Your message nine, six, eight, nine, three more at Tj. If you are apparent of an infant, and you want something to help with the teething, that's really really cool and super-safe. Then you need to go to tasty tie DOT COM. 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I understand him being scared, but his reaction is ridiculous and I can't believe she would have gotten out of the car animus. Please met a guy on tender. First Date told him that I had not only googled him, but also checked his driving record, because I worked at the DMV at the time. Long Story Short, he made her then get out of a car. They were an hour from her place. And she she never heard from him again. So she worked at the DMV and checked his driving record, and then you know naturally googled him and she told him all this stuff. And he made her get out of the car and I pull pull over here to get out, not taking young. Then that's not cool. I don't think by any stretch of the imagination or was it when he went to pick her up. and. She said I work at the DMV. Have a seat I'll be with you in a couple of hours. That's why he fled. Is that too much to admit I assume the Google, but is it too much which she says that she used her job to check up on you yeah, like that's an invasion of your privacy. Is it completely? She said I just. You know I'm not supposed to, but I worked at the bank and I looked up your account. You're doing good. That's what I. I was saying I would be. There's no way I would go out with that person again and if you did do that, don't tell them that you did that. Just keep that information to yourself. This girl said about eight years ago. I started talking to this guy on facebook. We were talking for a few weeks and sending funny memes to each other and I sent this one. And he just stopped talking to me. I didn't understand why, but when I. was talking to one of my friends in show to the message. She said I. Bet he thinks that, was you. I didn't think it looked anything like me at all. So out of send him a message and ask him if he thought that the picture in the name. Was Me and he said yes I, thought that, was you? It doesn't look anything like me at all, but that was the moment that he stopped talking to me. And it to me and the woman's wearing a bra An- The meme. The picture of the woman's wearing a bra over her face, covering her eyes. And it says I'm a fruit. Fly! Now I would get that and think it's Kinda funny. I that's kind of funny. We are, but he looked at it like yeah, she's a Weirdo. It scared me off it. It's a little too much for me. one, lady just said scared him off by wanting a relationship. Here's another another one of those baby ones. One time seeing a guy, and during our first week of dating I mentioned that already had baby names picked out. I'd had the I had the names for several years, but I guess he thought I was trying to send him a message that I was ready for kids with him, and he ghosted me. Oh. Yeah I mean unless unless her one of her. The name she had picked out was his name junior. Think. There was a little bit of an overreaction there. I had already got my baby names. A firstborn is gonNA be Riggins Junior. Check please. I had been dating a guy for a couple of months, and after he went out with his friends and I went out with my friends I tried to text and he never responded. I texted a few more times in parentheses five. And then in my drunken state decided, he was obviously cheating on me so uber to his apartment to start banging on the door. He was passed out inside alone from having party with his friends. But he did not appreciate my drunken rant at three. You Yeah. Come on. We'll him is a Fu. was scared off, or did he just assess the situation? Realize? Yeah, this is gonNA, be bad. Hassle, because there is a difference like maybe if you start mentioning baby names in the first week. That's that's scaring a guy off. But, if you do something ridiculous, that shows your lunatic. I guess it could be the Khlong your net girl. Yeah, that would scare me off, but if you just show up banging on his door acting like a crazy person at three o'clock in the morning is he scared? Does he realize understandably? This person's a lunatic. Yeah probably not scared just not going to deal with that. But somebody said in the beginning of a relationship or something like that. There is an amount of hot that will trump being scared. That's true I agree with that. I'm not saying that none of these ladies was hot. Because I didn't even say that. Yeah, somebody said that in a in a dim the DM. I didn't say. How dare that person. It's not accurate at all. definitely yeah, it's definitely accurate. The ACE and TJ show. Okay Rigas just gotten himself worked up at the thought of doing something. Nobody's asked him to do it. He just knows that this exists and just the thought of doing. It has upset Him. Let Him. Go off. 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That's what it is. It's walking out into the kitchen shirt, and we'll see my underwear and go right for that. Baggers Ready Cheese and Claw over my face and just poured in keeping the fridge fridge. Sprinkler like the Salt Bay just. What kind like whatever whatever cut? Party, party. Cheese! Is A little bit everything some shredded Cheddar ever minus of trail mix. Yeah, I mean. The kind that has eminem and raisins and peanuts in it. makes it olive or better than that? Some Cajun trail mix, which is spicy. Like a cub heroin addict with it, yeah! Kitchen. Glass of water some trail via. The Look So. We'll do that in thirty minutes on the Jeff. Shaw Okay Regan's. What is it that got you funk just from hearing about an event this the thought of it. There's a nightclub in the Netherlands that is trying to respect the the rules that they have in the country about social distancing stuff, so they've reopened. They're going to have DJ's come in and do twenty minute sets, but everybody comes in and attends. The concerts have to dance, but while sitting in chairs six feet apart, we have to sit and have to sit. But dance exactly like you can dance, but you have to be seated. That's the way they're getting around the rules and I mean. I would rather jump into an active volcano. Then go to the Netherlands to sit in a dance club with a bunch of other. Nether whatever you call them near the region Nether regions sitting in a chair, armed dancing like a fool a fool. Yeah, I wouldn't want to attend that either, but I will say I'm a much better. seated dancer than Standing Harvey. Yeah. I mean Gimme a break. You can go to Amsterdam and get absolutely roasted in coffee shops, and you're going to go to a twelve dollar concert for a Norwegian. Dj while dancing in your chair. Shoot me, I mean really please shoot I would rather do that than to do. The actual thought of that has gotten you upset. Yepes of of you having to do it or the. Are Dumb enough to do it. No like I. Get. People have different interests and stuff. I'm just saying for me like I. would rather you know be attacked by a police, canine or something like crazy? Would you rather go to Destination Wedding of your girlfriend's friend. Now you're now. This is a real good question. I would rather. Know I'd rather go to the nightclub. Really. That's going to a destination wedding for girlfriend's friend who I don't even really like in the first place. Is, way worse. Absolutely. Absolutely even though the destination probably put you in some really cool place with a nice resort. Stuff I'm with people I. Don't really like and stuck there. Wounds stuck there. Probably, like having joined like the pre wedding dodgeball team. Broke you out into the blue team in the red team, I was at a wedding like that. They're like you're on the blue. Team I bet not. By show up on the blue team. Play your kickball tournament. Thirty. Get A job. Like you guys have a lot of time to kill. It seems like. That was their wedding. That's what they want you to. Come to the wedding whatever. Thought. Exactly Psych. kickball shot up. Like. It's really irritate I gotTA. Chill out because like my blood. Pressure is high when I talk about that. So you didn't didn't eventually. You did not even go attend the kickball game. No, I went to the wedding. I did not go to the pre wedding. Bobbing for apples and group kickball tournament. Shot Up. Everybody apples bobbing for apples. Yeah, stop! All right I'm GONNA take a wild guess here. Why be white. Coming up on now trending with brigands. Some drama broke out and revolves around Takashi six nine and Nicki Menaj yesterday, and it was wonderful drama details, and now trending in less than ten minutes. This is. TJ Show more. 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Eleventh is national German chocolate cake day. That's my mom's favorite dessert. A good cake. Lot of chocolate was delicious, and that's like the coconut in. It maybe coconut something whatever they call that still though it's very good I like it, but I think about Tj because he'd like those too much chocolate. And I don't like any coconut, and you don't really like coconut. I, like coconut flavor I don't like the actual cocoa nut the the strings. I've got a problem with the nut itself. So it is today. Ladies Enjoy yesterday. You might have seen Nicki Menaj as the top trending topic in the afternoon. That's because she's got a new song with a very controversial figure Takashi six nine, who is known as a snitch in the hip hop community as well as across the country. People look at him as an informant rather than a rapper at this point, but mostly just an Internet troll, but they've got a new song coming out I. Think it's supposed to be released at midnight. It's called trolls, which is kinda young cheek, so people are ripping her for you know. Working with somebody WHO'S A. Snatching you think it will have any profanity. I, don't think it'll be. Profanity laced hope. They keep it clean on this one. I'm sure they will I'm sure they will new. Yorkers are feeling a lot of survivor's guilt because a lot of people that live in the boroughs and in the city. left New, York in March one. The pandemic happened they all went to their second homes, or they came to the south to avoid it and now they're feeling a lot of guilt about that because they left their city so another. You don't think so. They just say that, so people won't come after them, but why? That makes sense. If you have the opportunity to leave a place hotspot, why would you not leave? Of course it's just like. In a Bill Gates runs around talking about how. it's a shame I don't pay more taxes. Right you know just so people will stay off of him. You're free to pay as much taxes you want. No, if you want to pay more taxes, pay them. Go, but you know it keeps the wolves at bay. Things we feel terrible about that. Sure and ladies. I got some great advice for you. If you want your boyfriend to be lock and key for the foreseeable future, make plans to buy the PS. Five set to be announced today. expected price five, ninety, nine little expensive It's coming out around the same time. The new xbox that's called the xbox series X. that's a mouthful. They're thinking. That's going to be about four ninety nine, so about one hundred dollars more. But it's going to be best gaming system you probably. When are they do APP? Holiday season I? Don't know if they'd give an exact. I saw it was trending yesterday, and asked my son, and he said Christmas that seems like a long way to wait. Yeah, it is but ladies I mean. The ultimate present to get your boyfriend. All the. Hey! Yeah TJ always points out when a guy gets his girlfriend or wife a very nice gift, it usually buys him. How much time? Of Being Nice Jam. I'd say. Two three days maybe two three days. How much will the woman get out of the guy if she buys them? The new PS five I'm thinking much longer than that well, you count the lack of communication because he'll be playing the PS five all the time as being a positive There's a lot of time. You may not speak you for three months. But maybe you want that? That's I think that's why they would get that for the guy, so he leave him alone. Go do something here you go. I'm going to go do Meiping and while five ninety nine sounds like a lot of money. That's what I mean. If you were to get her a nice I. Don't know bag or something. That's going to be probably around that now if you are a lady. Complains because your guy spends too much time playing video games, and you get him this then you're what we call an enabler. Yes. I mean you know if he were an alcoholic? You wouldn't go get him a bottle of wine. Right you know no. Add to the problem. Rob's going. Shut up home a girlfriend Balmy then. Virtual, reality or rob may already have. It probably already has the fast track to that stuff the inside track. His house just buzzing with all the electricity like running through the game systems in there. It's real hot. Steamy. What is the Go-to midnight snack for you? Simple question? We'll get to it in less than ten minutes. And always in Tj show graphics and Web Design are done by Alpha. Lab designs looking for spectacular email design at Ace TJ dot, com web design menus, marketing materials, brochures, flyers, social media, ads, and more design at a TJ dot com somewhere out there there's a man on a park bench eating his five hundredth PB and J. He has no idea papa. John's has. Has New Papa D.? Is that are way better than a boring sandwich with Papa? John's best meats, cheeses and veggies hand folded into crispy flat bread crust tone better tell that man get a new party. One of four flavors for just six bucks better ingredients better pizza better than a Sandwich Papa John's not valid with this country's and taxes at your prices may vary. Time to get to know the TJ show riggins. Do take a couple of GB reps watch from Spongebob. On Dvd I've got season three through seven. If you WANNA shell and hang out. This is the TJ show. As really simple question because I was thinking about the other night I hate already eaten dinner last. Saturday night. Hate eating dinner and it was around one o'clock in the morning and I was like. I got a little. A little. I could have a little taste of something i. don't know what so I went to the refrigerator and I didn't have a lot which has gone. The story of my life didn't have a lot of food in the refrigerator, but I did have some I think they call it Mexican blend cheese. Little? Bit of Monterey Jack a little bit of chatter little. Another Jeez I'm. What the third cheeses in the three cheese Mexican blend, but I stood there in my underwear, and not shirt, and I opened the bag of a Mexican cheese and. Held over my head and sprinkled it right into my mouth. And I was good. I was satisfied a little midnight snack. So, what is your ultimate Goto midnight snack I? Don't crave sweets like that's just never been my thing. I like candy and stuff, but when I when I want a snack. Yeah, I don't think. Cereal chocolate. You know. I want along the same triggers, chips and salsa chips and saw a trail mix some sorted like One of the grocery stores here in our area puts out this Cajun spice mix and. That's phenomenal. I love crunchy. Not Yes, yes, yes. Yeah that kind of stuff? Maybe half a sandwich still in the fridge. Yeah, listen. Maybe he opened up some leftovers, and that bad boy like well. Who Left Spaghetti and meatball? Heat that up one people yeah, that's exactly the midnight staff. So what is your ultimate Goto midnight snack? This is kind of embarrassing. Mine is duck all wrong. Duck Allah wrong. I know. Gluttony. You just whip that up in the wee hours. What is that? Duck with an ARIN SAUCE labranche, yeah! A little twitter said cereal. Yeah okay. That wouldn't be mine but I. Hold true for a lot of people. Alexis de everyone actually have a drawer next to my bed. That has snacks and. Role, it's a whole drawer. Dedicated to snacks have right now currently salt and vinegar chips and there I have honey barbecue in have a kit Kat bar. If. One didn't no one would think that you partake in the marijuana gone. Emergency Snack Georgia and Rob Do you have one on weekends? If I'm up past eleven o'clock I'll Cook Up Tinos Party pizza. Cheese. Extra judges than ever have enough on on those pieces. That's excellent. That's excellent. Pizza yeah screw. There's no party going on. That's what starts the party. The party started. If I'm a past eleven. So it's easy simple. What is your ultimate Goto midnight? Snack mb specific like? Good, but tell us what kind of cereal and milk whole milk, whatever, yeah, because if you're after midnight near deciding to have you know the cheerios are some healthy cereal like bran, flakes or something special k. Getting you're having if you're having you know cocoa puffs. I mean at. Our frontiers frozen whip cream relayed like cool whip. Out of the TUB or something. Good for you, I love it. I like the way when we hit something that everybody likes. The volume level comes down show yeah! Spoon and just goes in I. Love that anything. You can also take back to the bed. Laid, the bed, like with a big Tub of it is I'm going to finish this off, right? Oh, so be specific. It can be anything your ultimate goto midnight snack at the stj shelves. Get your answers in less than ten minutes. TJ Off Hey, it's going and I wanNA. Make sure you know about the Hampton Inn and suites South Park in the completely renovated lobby, fitness and breakfast areas just call seven, zero, four, three, one, nine, fifty, seven, hundred to book your reservation or newly designed conference room that seven Oh four, three, one, nine, fifty, seven, hundred. When you look at your current bathroom. Do you know that it needs an immediate update? We want you to know about one day bath and shower remodeling with prices as low as one hundred ninety nine dollars per month, call, eight, hundred, nine, four, eight, five, seven, four, nine, eight, hundred, nine, four, eight, five, seven, four nine. TJ. You guys are really going for we asked. What is your ultimate? Go to. MIDNIGHT SNACK! And there are some usual suspects. Double stuffed oreos. peanut, butter and Jelly. But I think by far. The standout comes from. A person named Holland. Essay Vanilla bean ice cream with a toasted chocolate fudge pop tart for scooping up the ice cream. Do they use that? As the spoon pop tart the spoon dumb. That, they heat up. I'm hosted. I never thought about using pop tart in that way dipping it in the ice cream. That's great chocolate pop tart, getting a little little heat on it, then using that as the spoon for the ice cream. Snack! Yeah, that's exactly right. Yep. Cinnamon Toast crunch with whole milk, obviously I mean! Lot of Vienna sausages comments, which never had, but they never seen that happen is A. Few never had a Vienna sausage. Just imagine it's a an authentic taste of Italy. Mambo Tahiliani. A lot of Doritos seems to show up a lot. Yeah, there's a guy here, that says. I love cool ranch Doritos, but they make too much of a crunching sound, and if my wife wakes up to find me eating a midnight snack, it's not good. So I stick to things like cream and. Meat from dinner. Yeah, Tillamook Cookies and ice cream amok, cookies and ice cream ice cream. He says he also loves beer in the CAN, but it's too loud to keep, so he keeps them too loud, so he keeps a few twist off camera. You know what else make a loud crunching sound when she really squeezes them. So. He can't have the the the delicious doritos that he loves. Who Does the very best? And he can't have beer in the can like. Prefers because both of which would make too much noise when he opened it, and if she wakes up and finds him eating, she'll be upset. A beaten man! Let him live. Yeah, you know what else makes a crunching sound, the sound of the marriage certificate as crumpled up with trachsel. Golly that poor guy. Here's go into. His own good. Is there a picture of him? Maybe he's unhealthy and she's trying to. Know. She is trying to let him live Regan's. Yet past tomorrow it's a picture of his face, but it's. It looks like he's fun. There's lady here that says her midnight snack. Either a peanut butter sandwich glass of chocolate milk, but she points out. It's chocolate made with Hershey's chocolate syrup. Where you yeah, you put that right note, no quick or anything like that. No powder just straight into the things up or A really big bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. They sell. It already made us chocolate milk. You can get a Pre med. Is that what you're saying? You can't get it premade because it's already made. Made in. Why did you go? Her she's. Making their own. I mean that's like they do with the shelter is. Yeah I guess. Against That is the best type of chocolate milk ever to. You put the substrate, and they're like that and use a spoon. Startup ought so good use a hand mixer for. No. That's good. was that just a mix up the chocolate syrup and milk Makes it frostier and gets it more blended Oh then just. When a spoon and You don't have a quick wrist. I mean just settle back down on the bottom. It's right. Yeah get a hand mixer and do it. I mean. A lot of trouble at midnight I'm GONNA get into. Trouble. It's a hand mixer as I mean somebody comes right behind you to clean it up. Oh, yeah, sorry for somebody. Come right behind me up. You BOOB. If you're looking for high quality, hair and skin products shop monnet products at our friend site Rhonda Thurmond Dot my mind at dot. Com Experience Your Y. Rhonda Thurman Dot. Dot Com you'll love clothing from our friends. At two two tulips dot com collections include dresses, accessories, Mommy, and me and more get ten percent off right now at two tulips dot com again. That's two tulips dot com. Now. This is my favorite story of the day. Kami crazy. Kooky go nuts. But it is. A politician in Taiwan. and. He made one of those good natured political bets with somebody else. You know how the mayors of each super bowl team will bet each other, and whoever wins the game. The other one has to do something you know like you got to. Seattle wins. You gotta come here and eat our seafood, or whatever, and if Houston wins, you gotta come eat barbecue here. That kind of thing is along those lines, so he bet this He bet that a mayor candidate wouldn't get more than four hundred thousand votes. many lost the bat. So! This so silly and Goofy! All he had to do was break fifty-three chopsticks and put them in his book. We get out of. The world last. Kiss their politics. You know it's different there. So the the losing loser of the Bat broke fifty three chopsticks with his book. We broke broken when they put a burden in the bud and broken. Oh Yeah. Yeah. Yeah? I guess I said that right? You didn't actually feed them to his yeah. How do you even do that? I don't know yeah that's I don't ever done it. Here's a here's a healthy portion of a Texas barbecue. Because new, England beat Houston in the Super Bowl, or whatever you wearing our Jersey Yeah I. Know they're both in the AFC searching for teams at the moment. For somebody they can't do, are both in the AFC got it. They need to follow this model, but no. We're going to up the ante. fifty-three chopsticks in your, but break him. Well I mean Regan's picture. It looks like he's just squeezing him to break them right that no pants on I mean. How does the? Cameras I don't remember who. Kansas City play the super bowl last year. I'm drawn a blank. who wasn't Kansas City who the Patriots are? No, no! Kansas City in Kansas City, but I can't remember. Anyway. Can you imagine? The mayor of Kansas City on television, and they're talking about at the game forty niners San. Francisco Okay can you imagine at the game or having a serious conversation and don't forget big bat between the mayor's? They have Kansas City. Bet The mayor of San Francisco that. The loser has to break fifty two chopsticks and there. Okay video. But then again they fight a lot in their like their parliament. They fight their congress. They fight all the time. They throw desks and chairs and shoes, and all that kind of stuff. It's pretty routine I think over this. Is he squeezing it until it breaks? He's like he's. He's squatting down and then breaking them on the way up. It looks like so. and they've got cameras I. Mean This guy is an. was running to be the mayor. Is the maze of City Council Calvin. Think! Yeah like a Cornhole, tournament or something I. Don't know. Maybe that's what they call it. Didn't get enough for more. Give the Act J. APP. It's connected funny. All Material Copyright Two Thousand Twenty Eight Hundred Incorporate WanNa save up to seventy five percent on domestic or international airline tickets then call low cost airlines for prices so low. We can't publish or call eight, hundred, two, eight, seven, forty, seven, sixteen, eight, hundred, two, eight, seven, forty, seven, sixteen.

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