Happy Holidays!


From vanderpump rules to vegas and everywhere in between it's time to party scene shake this is sending again and now here's your host sheena copy holidays from all of us here shenanigans and by all of us and me she know jamie win holidays yes so at first i was debating taking a week off from podcasting because of mike. Is anyone going to listen to a podcast. the week. we're all celebrating christmas and whatnot and then jamie had the idea to have a listener. Become a part of the show. So it's like well. Then how are we going to skip this week. We're not so that will be coming up later in this episode but for now we wanted to address one big thing that happened last week that i've gone ton of messages about and go through our favorite products. Tv shows podcasts. And all of that of twenty twenty s since we're wrapping this year up a nice little rundown. Yeah but first let's talk about winnie gates. Oh my gosh. Hashtag winnie gate. So for those of you who listened last week you would have heard brock do a little name. When he said he's excited to watch like disney movies and whatnot with winnie. And i've had numerous people message me as jamie me about our daughter's name and they're like i don't know if you want this public but just so you know brock slept in a mike. I appreciate all of you. Who reached out. Thank you so much i do. Listen to this show. And trust me. I would have bleeped it or edited it out. That is his daughter's name who already has she's seven. Her name was winter and her nickname is winnie. So he did slip and say the wrong daughter's name right but that's not what we're naming our daughter. But i do love that name. And especially because i love winnie the pooh and that has so much meaning to me. I just think it's so adorable. That here he has a winnie. Yeah and his life. And then you always think of like winnie cooper. Yes oh my god. Totally murdy crashes girl out of her literally so that is where winnie came from. But i mean who knows if he didn't already have a daughter named that could have been in the running. Because i do love windy and winters so pretty yeah totally but i think that is also because i mean i just know because my mom does it all the time with my sister and i. I think it's a common thing that parents do. When you just call one kid the wrong name you only i. I wouldn't have one. Yeah i'm trying to think. Like sometimes. I might call my dog. I could see how that could happen for sure. I don't do that with the cats. I i don't know i guess maybe it's different when you have kids 'cause by my sister. I think she used to feel like my mom. Did it more to her tuesday. Go scissors your favorite. You always call me sheena. She goes me courtney to. I don't know i don't know if it's when you have two daughters. I dunno if moms do that if they have two sons or if you call your son your daughter's name or vice versa. But i just think that that is something common that parents do so at least a cute name so if he calls our daughter winnie you know what it is. That's another daughter so not gonna be upset with it but that is not our name we we have decided on a name but then we changed our mind and then we decided on the middle name and then we changed our mind. And then we're just like you know. I was going to announce it. We're like what if we change our mind deanne and then people wanted to send us personalized things. We've gotten a couple. Were like but what if we changed the name. I know i wanna say thing. And i'm like well psychic jamie said they're not actually gonna be naming her that it's going to be a last minute change but i love your idea like you just said like you're going to wait until you see her. That fits her or not. yeah. I'm so excited to find out. Yeah and i think those are a lot of parents do to you know you wanna make sure she looks like the name that you already have in your head like recently the girl michelle who did our facials the other day she had asked she's like do you have a name picked out yet. And i'm like yeah. We're just not really like telling people you inches. Okay i understand. I wanted to personalize something for you. And i was like. That's so sweet. I was like thank you. It's like you are already like with facials like you don't need to get me or my daughter. Anything and she still dead. She got us adorable present but it was a personalized ornament and it just says rainbow baby. Mcdonald's perfect anyone who wants to personalized anything for me. We'll just do rainbow baby. Because until i hold my rainbow baby. I don't know that her name will be the one that were calling her So we'll say and then what's so funny. I'm not gonna say this name because of what if we change our mind or what. We have another girl but my friend abby. Did you ever meet her. I don't think so. I think she was already out of. La by the time you and i became friends so she was like my rider. Die before you like early. Twenties club ho days. We tell you every promoter at every club every day of the week and we were there at least five of those days. My abbey was called slutty. Nina and i call to that because she hooked up with my brother but all my god tell. Abby is now married to my cousin add in front of gad. they have three kids. They're now expecting their fourth. And when i was talking to her when she told me that they're finally getting a boy they have three girls and he has an older daughter so he's a girl dad four girls aloud and now finally getting a boy and so when she called to tell me she was like. I'm having a boy. And i was like i'm having a girl and she's like oh you still naming her and i was like. Oh my god i forgot. I loved that name. I called that name years ago. And she's like sheena. How did you forget like you told all of your friends to. I know what it is. I don't think so. I'll tell you after but i was like i completely forgot how much i love that name. Then i'm like well we now that you've reminded me of this. I can't even believe. I forgot. But i'm like you know what i do. I have a feeling that we might just naturally have another girl and then you know. Use a frozen egg to guarantee a boy. I dunno so we'll just save that one on the back burner. Because i already feel attached to this name but she might look more like the other one so i just thought that was funny that my old bff remembered this name curious so anyway that is winnie gate. We appreciate you all thinking that you were looking out and telling us like. Hey i want to take that down idea. I appreciate that so much but and it is an adorable name so thank you also to all the nice comment saying that. You loved the name. Because i didn't get one negative on the il your name. Your daughter winnie. That's embarrassed moving on on to our twenty twenty list of favorite yes. So let's do some favorite podcasts. That you've found or that you've been listening to you obviously other than shenanigans. We want you all to listen to this. But if you're looking for another one would you recommend so. This was the first year that i actually started listening to podcasts. That are like vanderpump rules over really. Yeah arianna always has. And i just i never do. I don't know if google alerts on myself. Like i don't read the reviews about the show or things like that. I just i do my job. I watch it and that's it. Yeah i could feel like that could be like anxiety triggering. Well yeah. And i'm like well. What if they hate me. I don't wanna listen to someone just talking shit about me. And so there were a few. I was just curious. I'm like you know with the new kind of what do we call it formula. I mean it was just with bringing in so many new people last season right. I was curious why people thought about it. So asked arianna what podcast she listens to and one of the ones who told me was watch what happens but they do this. Sheena voice that i just. I couldn't stand tar and she's like it's funny mike. It's not that. I'm offended by it. But i i don't like listening to that like it was just so over the top that i know offense. Great podcast but. I just didn't find it funny. I was like arianna. This is ena chief not something else. What else have you got everything. Iconic with danny pellegrino. Which i will listen to even when it's not about i haven't gotten into that yet but i do you see instagram posts. So some of you guys have been on his podcast did have you done it. Yeah so. I've done his show a couple times and i just absolutely adore him. He's done my show as well actually been talking to him about getting him back on soon so he is so good. He does a lot of like solo recaps. Where if you're a fan of the shows that he's a fan of like he's just he's very opinionated but he's just so spot on now didn't he. Co author arianna okay interesting. So did they know him before. Like how did they find him. I feel like honestly. We all met him from like doing podcasts. Okay so he's had it for a while. Uh-huh i'll get into that. Yeah so everything. Iconic with janney pellegrino's definitely one of my faves. Also listen to vanderpump rules. Party with therapy and hollywood has and then i started listening to that recommendation. Yeah and when when their team sheena podcast for me. Personally i it just it makes it fun to listen to and also the sexy unique podcast. Which is the one that i did when we were at the roxie. It was like the week that everything was so uncertain. It was the beginning of march. I think it was right before. I flew to toronto. Yeah because right. When i got back that was when like apocalypse happened and there is no toilet paper at the grocery store. Yes so that we like. We had just been crossed music festival. Down here no one was taking covert seriously. We didn't know enough about it yet. It's like while everything's still open. So what's the big deal. And i made some like now very ignorant ono. Dahl run a virus not age well but no idea we had no idea and then a week later. I'm like locked up in my house in palm springs and like i didn't see my parents for six weeks but I love that podcast. So what are they talking about. If vanderpump on air do they talk about other bravo shows. Yes talk about other bravo. Shows some of them. Like i know like vanderpump rules party will after i announce they'll do an episode kind of talking about the pregnancy and then do like predictions and they'll have like fans like right in who either predict things or say they know things about us and they're like a family friend. It's kind of like they'll do like conspiracy theories which i love to hear what people think is happening in our lives like knowing what's actually happening and all here like stories that people will right end the cast and they'll try and like like i don't have to say it came from you but like can you confirm or deny and i'm like how did this come from. Yeah i love hearing okay so the stories that like you actually know in real life is going on. Yeah here people try to like give their take on it or or how they think about it and it's like it's so funny because it's like you know the truth and you can't really say it totally. It's funny it's just gone. And i'm like l. I wonder when they said. Oh there's like a fourth cast member pregnant and non pregnant and i haven't announced yet and not too rumor going around but then i'm like is it someone else like. Is it me do. They know it's me is one of my friends. I was like freaking out for a second. I'm like they're just guessing they're just guessing because they know other people are actively trying that one of us is but then when i announce see we told you like but i don't even think it was about me i don't think it was about. There's no way anyone would have known that you were no like. I mean if you watch my dog. I said i'm not telling anyone and then proceeded to tell fifteen people by any of who's was going to go message. Podcast by other than those vanderpump roles ones. Obviously i love how they're mcdonald. She's great she's the best. She's so good at her job. And it's very entertaining. I love how she has her podcasts on youtube so you can actually watch it and yeah so you and i were talking about. We don't want to do it for youtube but we need to figure it out for this podcast. Where when you guys are listening on apple. There's actually instead of seeing the photo for the podcast. You actually see video from that would be cool. What was funny. As i was driving down here in my car today. Listening to a podcast. And i'm like oh. I wish it was video but then i'm like a weight but so many people will listen to podcasts. When they're driving. I don't want them to be distracted. So please like if we do this guys. Like obviously don't look at the video watching drive garoppolo put on movies when he's driving and i mean he's paying attention to the road but then it's like he put one on when we switched the other day and i'm driving and you put on lion king and it was like a scene that was like really good and then i'm like it's hard to not look like i'm seeing it in my head is. I'm looking at the road. But i'm like does don't watch things and drive commonsense totally. Yeah so what about any podcast through action park media which shenanigans on yeah. I love flashbacks with jessica hall and had the ray young. There's no fun. yeah especially because like. We're all like same age group so a lot of their flashbacks and memories are things that i've also done and i've known jessica for fifteen years so a lot of stories you'll tol like i remember stacey telling me that and downs really good. It's just like very fun and lighthearted but oh this was the first time ever. I've listened to a true crime. Podcast and the dossier. I have to listen to that. It's really good. It's about biggie. Smalls like the murder and the cover up the lapd. I was driving to orange county. Actually to pick up justice and then we went to catalina and when he got in. The car was like drive to stop this. I was like. I'm on the third episode. And i'm like midway through. And he was like what is this. It's so good i really. I recommend that one too. Especially even if you guys don't like true crime podcast. It's really interesting. Because like i i just i remember all that stuff happening when we were young. Yeah i mean. I love true crime. Podcast but also biggie. Yeah same done with you. I only have one you recommend. It's the school of greatness by lewis house. And i know. I've been trying to get utilised. Told me about then i also want to get him on the podcast. Yes oh someone else over at action park media had him on a gas. And i saw that so i was speaking to some people over there. I'm like hey can we get him. So lewis we want you are. I want you sheena will what you once. She hears your podcast because it's amazing but the best thing about the school of greatness is that he has wonderful guests super high achievers in whatever field that they're in and like no matter. What every time i listened to one of his episodes i learned something and i think. That's that's like a big part of podcasts for me it's not just being entertained. It's like where do i want to direct my time because we all our time is limited. I mean maybe not as much now that we're in quarantine and we do have a little more time on her hands. But like i wanna get some value out of something not just be entertained. And so every time i listen to that i learned something that i can implement into my life so i love that highly recommend. Yeah i love having when we like. Go out of the norm with our guests. When we have dave meltzer on. I think it just adds and it's like a good balance totally totally down to have someone like that on. That'd be fun. Yes okay so let's go into books. Have you been reading. I don't read often. But whenever i have a guest on my podcast. Who recently book. I will read those books. So that is will not the tomonori on his cocktail book reading but it has like an excerpt of each drink as like a bunch of little back stories that came out last december that i read. Because they're my best friends and then kristen's book came out in june. Read that in less than a week. And i mean you could. If you're an avid reader you could read that book and less than two days like my mom finished it immediately. Yeah so fun and then recently. We had press hilton on. So i read his book. And that was just so juicy. You kept sending me screenshots majors. And i'm like oh my god. That's me that another book. I got my aunt. Got me right after. I had the miscarriage that i had paused on. When i started reading. Press hilton and you need to pick back up on it. It's by roma downey junior. And it's called box of butterflies. She was on touched by an angel back in the day. Yes okay and i. I love that book. I need to finish it. 'cause it's really good. I started chew bucks. I finished one. I'm still working on the other. So the one that i finished is becoming supernatural by dr joe dispenser and it's all about like the power of the mind and how we can heal ourselves and it's just so fascinating. I definitely recommend that one and then the other one that i'm currently reading is called. Think like a monk and it's by j shetty who was actually a guest on lewis house podcast which just discovered him long story short he was like i guess super in the corporate world and was being offered all of these great positions and he decided to just move and become a monk for three years and then he came back and he yeah he put everything he learned into this book. So it's fascinating actually posted something from the book the other day about monks. Have this idea of like how people can be happy and how people can be sad or anxious or stressed and what what leads to both. So i won't go into naming things but it's very interesting. Bronze me to start reading the subtle art of not giving a fuck. That's a good one. When we go for our walks he'll give me an earbud and will listen to your airpods. Whatever their homes and we have the audio book of it. Oh there's another audio book that. I have gabrielle. Bernstein what is it called. Gotta look that one up. Because that's one that i listen to you and i'm like driving to palm springs all put that one on and it's really good super attractor talked about this one. I like the theme of that one. I might read that. When i'm done with think like a monk i had talked about it on my podcast. One of the ones. I did with brock where there was a chopper that really resonated with me just about comparing yourself to others which especially in like my group of friends. It's very easy for all of us to do. You know who gets better brand deal. Who has more followers who gets more likes. Who has more this. And and i noticed that i have done that. I mean we've all done it with each other and it was just saying like when you compare yourself. It means that like you feel like you're not good enough and that they're better and like you have to be better and they just about switching your mindset and literally since i started like i didn't even go any further than that chapter's done i got it down but i do want to finish listening to that so i need to remember to do that next drive. I've just been whenever i drive. I put on my classic rock. Because i know that she can hear and i want her to have a good musical background of like real music. Play a lot of music. You look at me as opposed to the music. That i say i just want her to like have that you know not. Just listen to like early two thousands email. I love early team. Oh don't get me wrong. But i've just been on a classic rock music cake when i've been on my long drives and i need to get back to my audio book because alan so good yes. There's a really good quote. And i unfortunately don't remember who it's from but it's comparison is the thief of joy true But okay so. Let's move on from books choose. Tv shows are not flicks. i mean i feel like. I've watched everything on netflix. Were some of your favorites. I was gonna say maybe a net flex we did ozark. We managed all three seasons of that. Which was that. Incredible obsessed with jason bateman. Yeah like major crash like he's so witty and jeez dry humor. I love yeah. So that was incredible. Obviously impractical jokers. We watched so much this year. I mean the last ten years but my new obsession. And i'm so bombed that i finished it so quickly is on. Hbo accidents the flight attendant. I haven't watched it yet. But you and your sister. Courtney have both highly recommended it so it's on my list. It's so good kaley. Cuoco is such an incredible actress. You're on the edge of your seat. It is so good every episode and then it ended. And i'm like now. What do we watch. it's a thriller. Yeah it's like a thriller. She's a flight attendant. Who has a. She's an alcoholic and she gets caught in the first episode in a crime that she then tries to figure out who committed at first. She doesn't know if she committed it and the whole season it's just like there's so many twists and turns and crazy things that and it's just incredible. I'm going to check that out for. Yeah so i found a few that like the ones that like all still think about because like i said. There's been so many that. I just like basically i finished net flicks. That's finished net flex now moving on to hulu and disney plus a couple from net flicks that stick out my mind and i wish i could still continue watching them or want to watch over is halt and catch fire. Which is like it's an older i think. Tv show that just recently went on to net flicks. but it's super nerdy and it's like about like the whole thousand nine eighties like ibm and the race to make like the best fastest smallest computer and it sounds super dorky. But like it's so good. I love silicon valley. So i love ct tacky stuff so it was amazing. I watched every single season of that and then queen's gambit another one. You were telling me about this as you. All the preview when i was searching net flix. Yeah and the description doesn't sound captivating world's best chess player prodigy and like if you don't if you're not into chess you might think like i'm not into watching that but especially if you're a female it's like the mean is a female female eat and it's like about her becoming the youngest and the best chess player in the world. I'm okay and she was like in the foster care system and it's like her going up against all these men who like make it like she can't get to the level that she actually got to just because she's female so i just love the whole theme of all of that so that was really good reviews of that and then taylor swift has a documentary. I saw like. I scrolled pasta too. And i haven't watched it yet taylor swift fan but the more i watch her the more. The more brett discusses her to me and the more like brett stories of i see him crying over the new taylor swift music. I'm like right. What is it about mantra. But so anyway. I ended up watching the documentary and it. It's so fascinating because it's the story behind every song she explains where it came from what it means and like. She's there with john does that. I love it and jack from bleachers is in the whole thing. Jack antonoff is in bleachers. Yes i love bleachers. I never knew her so he was in fun. That's the fun guy was bleachers. So i wake up to roller coaster like often fun fact. My very good friend is will noon. Who plays drums did play drums fun so he was with jack who was also in fun and one day he calls me up. He's like hey with this new band called fine and we're filming or music video close to where you live in l. a. You wanna come by and hang out and make sure. I was on the set for their meat for the music video. We are young. I got no idea how huge that song would become. They wanna grammy crazy. So it's nice to watch jock. And he was in this whole documentary too so okay i love that. Nice okay so we did. We did our tv right So it's move onto products. See i don't have like a ton of products that i like swear by i'm not like oh i use this every morning this every night but one thing. It's actually something that you got me is the palmers lotion for stretch marks. Yeah i they actually. After i posted that i was like this hashtag. This is not an addict is genuinely what i use. They sent me a care package of all of their products. And they have some really good products so what else send you tummy like butter. Now we've been using soon. We'll do the lotion the butter and different oils and stuff. So i've been using that. I try to every day. I have this weird thing. Where i hate putting lotion on myself. Really i hate doing it. I like nails on. Chalkboard is skin on skin rubbing to me. Have you ever tried like i know. There's like those spray lotions. I've never tried to rub it in okay. Same as like when. You have the aerosol like sunscreen like you still gotta rub it in so i make brock do that and then i get a little mini massage. Yeah so i've been using that but aleutian sitting in front of us. So i wouldn't forget which it was so this one i ordered from amazon and the reason i ordered it in the way it was because i was getting sprayed hands allot and the girl was like you know. You can't use a lotion that has mineral oil. In it or else it's going to degrade the retail. So i was like looking and searching for all the ingredients of every lotion. I could possibly find that did not have mineral oil. And i finally found this one and it's by. Og x some sort of organic lotion and argon. Oil of morocco. And i'll post a picture. Oh radiant glow is rock uses like that kind of shampoo and condition. Yes yay bottle looks like that. Yeah so i found it on amazon for under three dollars. And i ordered like how it's so good. It smells really good. So yes i would recommend that lucien especially if you got spray tans. Nice an-and as far as like makeup. By feeling i don't really wear much these days. You guys can actually see on my blog. I only have one makeup tutorials because they do my makeup. The exact same that has all of my products and but other than like bare minerals tended moisturizer. Which was it you who told me or was it. My sister someone was like. Oh you shouldn't use tinted moisturizer because the colors soak into your skin. And then i was like. I didn't tell you that i had no idea. She think okay. My sister said something about that. And i was like well us foundation or whatever you know same thing so i don't know i need to look into that. But regardless i- tinted moisturizers like my go-to especially like bare minerals. It's like the compunction rescue arianna introduced me to it and i'm obsessed era. Er a airbrush foundation light full coverage and Do actually introduced me to her. Charlotte tilbury lipstick that. I really love her lipsticks. 'cause there's there with their long lasting. Yeah limit up so good and it's like the perfect pink. It's not cheap inc. It's not you have yes it yes rising but it. it'll stay. yeah hard to find what about lashes. You always have linked the cutest false lashes. They always look so good while lali. If i do lashes. I've been extra lazy. I used to always do the individual ones. But now i use magnetic lashes so the most recent ones i've used are from scandal lie and it has the eyeliner that attach the lashes so you put the liquid eyeliner on and then the lashes just automatically attract to it. It doesn't feel weird though. No you don't feel them. They're really lightweight and they don't damage your lashes whatsoever because you're not putting glue you're not touching your lashes. They attract right to the liner which is amazing so it is it faster than actually doing like glue and the just the false last strip for sure and it doesn't feel any heavier now not at all. I want to try it. What about lip liner. I actually only own. One lib liner. It's by a sore. May okay and i think the colors dusk. It's like twenty seven. I think it's like a new kind of goes with any lipstick or lip gloss. That i have orson rooms i just use the liner. But that's the only one i have. I only have one to you. What's it was referred to me years. And years ago by carly bible believe it or not i mean. She has so many makeup recommend. This is the one that stuck okay so now that you say that actually i do have another lip liner and lipstick. And it's the one that she sent me from her line. Oh really yeah. And it's like a really soft like a good lip liner. that is the only other lab liner. I have this was probably before she even came out with her line. So and it's super inexpensive. It's on amazon. The brand has jordana and the color is tawny. And it's like the perfect color because it almost matches your lip color but it's it's slightly darker can over line a little bit if you want. Yeah and it's it's a neutral but it's not a nude so it almost has like a berry ish color but i don't know i don't know how to explain it but like you can wear it with any color red nude pink. It matches everything in amazon. So i'll buy like the ten pack was onto. Yeah yeah that's so funny and then okay. Here's one other one it goes in. Like your waterline. It's by brand called awake and it's called eye opener and instead of like putting black eyeliner which makes your eyes look smaller. Yeah this is almost like a peach like a really light. Peach color like to do that. And you put it in the waterline. At makes is a bigger either. Do a peach one on the inside or like a bronze and they can't even think of what my bronze one's called if you watch my blog It's in there. Yeah how about perfume. We'll end on that. I only have two that i wear. It's either. I haven't tried. That one yet is really gotta have it upstairs. I between flour bomb Which is like a classic and like any time. I wear flour bomb. Men and women will both be like. Oh my god you smell so good. And then when i want to switch it up because that's a very distinct sent and when i get sick of dat i'll go to one called wunderlist i think by michael kors and it's kind of like but it's not chew flowery like that. It's really like a sexy rats. So i love those too. Yeah back in the day. Had every britney spears pairs zeldin actually. That's all have the oji. Paris hilton little travel one in my makeup case. In case like i forget to grab one of my bottles. I always have little pairs one with me. I don't remember what it's called but it's like the o. G. one where you can find it at like tj maxx or like ross. Like when you're waiting in line and all the little ones it's still there. I never tried any of those. Yeah i had all of them. Are they like super sweet. I would imagine it to be late. Yeah yeah. I can't even think of the other ones like pink sugar. I used to wear like all of these sweet ones. And now i'm like give me my chanel number soggy. It's like one of the things that have designer. Okay so for this next segment. Jamie had a fun idea as jamie. I feel like you're the one who brings all of the good ideas to shenanigans so we'll also if they fail. You can blame me okay. That works still perfect. You guys heard us mention it last week on our show just to try and get some more positively spread at the end of two thousand twenty but also for us to give back to the listeners. So you guys aren't just listeners. You can now become guests. So i'm not sure how often we're gonna do this. I think it'll kind of just depend on our schedule. And how many guests we have but we thought it would be fun to give a listener an opportunity to come on be a guest. Ask some questions and tell an interesting story so this week. So winner is allie up for. She is from ohio. She has a crazy story. She left an awesome five star review on shenanigans. Thank you for that and telling me. How did you. Because i let you pick this winter. So basically like of all the people who wanted to call in and hopefully that we can still use them in the future she. Dm's me with a story as well. And i don't want to give that away just yet but there's definitely a tv show about this situation happening to raise two women. And i just have a ton of questions. So what do i. What better way to get our questions answered then to ask someone that this has happened to. Okay we are going to bring her in and if you hear that howling the background that is that is my niece piper closes become to an aunt. Probably high allie. Hi how are you. Okay thank you. Thank you for calling in. This is something new. We're doing so. You're our first excited. You look all fresh as a daisy. Being that it's like eleven. pm your time. Where are you ohio. Ohio and you just worked a full day so thank you so much for doing this. Of course thanks for having me. Yeah fun before we get into your story which we just thoroughly read and so crazy with so many questions. We just wanted to see if there was any questions that you had that you wanted to get out of the way so you don't forget as you get into your crazy amazing story question for you sheena since. Obviously i didn't know i was pregnant. I want to know what was your first symptom or sign that you were pregnant so now you know what the story is for me so it was. It was twice this year so each time was different. How to miscarriage. The first time. I had a psychic reading and she had told me that she saw me having natural children. And if i wanted one today i could have one and i was like well. I did freeze my eggs. So yeah i guess technically if i wanted a baby today i could have one but then i realized that i was three days late and i just had a feeling i was like. I don't know i'm never late. I'm very regular like on that friday. Like all the time. That's when i get my period. So i just had a feeling when to the store took tests and boom the second time i knew i was really fertile and we were kind of trying but not trying again and i just had a feeling from the time we had sex that i was pregnant so i waited until it was five days before my miss period and i was able to take a test and then that said positive but i also my boobs hurt. I was really really tired. I had all of the signs that clearly. You didn't which is insane. I'm so happy for you. Thank you see your journey into motherhood. And i'm just so excited for you guys. Thanks okay so tell us. How did you not know you're pregnant so I didn't have any symptoms whatsoever and basically we my head at irregular periods so it wasn't like uncommon for a long time without having ram and i'd like taken pregnancy test and they're always negative. So why would. I think. I would bring me you more than one test. And they said negative yes. That's so crazy. We're not going to throw that company under the bus. But that's not an clearly we use different. Okay sorry this is crazy. Yeah it is so it was like the summer. I had him on december twenty third so in the summer twenty. I woke up. And i had a slight cramping so it was like okay. It's just period. That's fine Menstrual cramps and over the course of that jane. They started to get a little worse. And i was like okay. Whatever had appeared in a while. So it's going to be bad this time. I guess so overnight. I couldn't sleep because it hurts so bad in my mom human my room when she was rubbing my back and i was like. Oh that can help. She's like this. Looks like beckley contract ended. She ended up having me take another pregnancy test then they came back negative and i was like i knew it was going to be negative like why i don't look pregnant like i don't feel like i'm not real quick so you just said he didn't look pregnant so there were there not not one physical change over the course of nine months your boobs in an hurt really extra tired nothing. There's nothing that's so crazy. Did you think like maybe a gained a couple pounds or literally did not grow at all. No i think. I used to be a really highly competitive cheerleaders so it was like my first year so awesome cheerleading. Says like okay well. I'm not working out as much so people like again a little bit of weight like it wasn't anything to be like. Oh my gosh. Why am i gaining weight. Much at all so okay so to get back to like the whole story because we just read through it so your labor was what forty two hours long because you have no idea. You're even in labor so you said you were doing like you went to cheerleading practice to to coach you weren't doing the trillion yourself but you said you moved a couch up a flight of stairs with your dad. That's so crazy actually. The morning before. I went to the hospital. We were getting ready for christmas. So we're moving couch from the basement up to the living room and while i was like having contractions not knowing that those were contraction so it was fun. Oh my god so okay eventually decided okay. Let's go to the hospital so we got to the hospital and the doctor was like okay. Yeah this looks like in these stones and he took my blood and my white blood cell. Count was elevated. It was like okay. yes definitely. that's that means. you have an infection. So it's looking like it's kidney stones. As like okay hike. Great we have something new work with diagnose and i'm going to tell me anything but senior bowl baby and she's like she's pregnant she's like have you ever been pregnant before and it was like no and i'm not. I'm not pregnant old region at the time. If you don't mind me asking twenty two okay young. Yes yeah so. She's doing ultrasound in her face. You could tell like something was really wrong. And i'm like okay. Like i don't know what's happening and now i'm like really scary. And they took me back to my room and like the whole yard errands room with the doctor and the doctor was like well. We need to get up to labor and delivery. Oh my gosh grey's anatomy episodes. Everyone's i need on this. I need and how exactly yeah everyone wanted to see. I guess my reaction. Which i just. I started crying and i was like i. How am i going to do this. And that must have been scary beans so unprepared like oh my god. I can't even imagine. I'm about to give birth and like i. I was like terrified. You just found out you're pregnant and giving birth. Yeah wow. I still have four months to go and i'm like i'm not ready. Imagine like a few minutes. Oh my god oh my gosh. I can't yeah yeah. They ended up taking me up to lebron delivery and he was breech and my blood pressure was super high so i pre-clampsia emergency c section. Oh my goodness and also in the in your story it said. If you didn't get to the er er when you did you could have died. Yes my blood pressure was so high from the creek lamps that and they couldn't get me in the Own fast enough to give. It was crazy like they made me sign the papers real quick and i was in the. Or they're like we have to. We have to get the baby out like now. They said if i would've if it would've been like a few minutes later that i could have died so home. I got lucky. You got there one you did. I almost didn't go because i was so exhausted. I was like i'll be fine. I'll go in the morning. Yeah so you were like cheerleading and tumbling days before yes sein- which so. When i ended up telling my boss where they come work for a while he was like you were just tumbling fine. Yeah what was everyone's reactions. I mean i imagine. They're all shocked but lake. How did family members take it when you. Hey guess what. We've new family member so my mom was with me at the hospital so she was awesome. She was able to calm me down and like she was just super amazing and supportive and then my dad came no hospital right away after she called him and i i still don't like how am i got. I can't imagine not sure if i want to know. He gave birth. He got there. He was supportive to you. And i guess slow. My mom and i were in the. Or my dad called like all my family members and it was three thirty in the morning. When i give burnt so i was getting about. You're so lucky though that you had so much support and family around you to like i mean. I didn't even know that this was like a common thing. What is it called like a cryptic pregnancy. Or something courtney was saying. Yeah my sister was just looking up. And she's like it's actually more common than you would think is a mike as someone who's currently pregnant and feeling pregnant every day. Mike how do you not know. But if you don't have those signs than i guess you don't know. I mean i can imagine that this has happened to so many other women who don't have that family and support so you're so lucky that you had your parents there and sisters and all of that absolutely yes. I am beyond lucky for all my family and friends. Wow i've gotten through all that without them. Not so tell about the baby boy or girl game. I mean we know but tell the listeners. His name's oliver and he was born on december. Twenty third two thousand sixteen so he turns four next week. And i don't know like yesterday. Still completely healthy. He was seven pounds. Eight ounces twenty inches long how the average size bb that would my first concern as laying there on the operating table back on my god. What did i drink. What did i do the past nine months like because there's no prenatal care right. So was your mind racing. Yeah and it hit me until we were like in the elevator. Going up to lebron delivery that oh my gosh is that be okay. And they're like. Oh yeah he's perfectly perfectly healthy and i was like wow like. We were so lucky. Not i'm i'm i'm so in shock right now by all of this like just trying to put myself in your position. I can't even do it now. I can't imagine. I know my sister just asked me today. She's like what if you go into early labor before you move back to l. a. And i was like okay. We'll don't say we're moving back to la like february and let's pray on. I'm do end of april. I don't go into labor that early. But like i would have something figured out by then but like right now. I have no idea and i still have a months to prepare. I can't imagine like just minutes. I mean just being like hi. You're having a baby right now. Car seat to take him home in either. Yeah yeah we didn't have a car seat and it was actually christmas eve. We had to go shopping for car seat in two thousand sixteen. What a crazy day to go shopping when those doors are normal world. What are your plans for christmas. This year. you and oliver. We're just staying at home with my parents. And then my sister and my other sister brother in law and niece coming over so by siblings and my nieces to deliver in my knees play and they're like best friends love that. Yeah wow well. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know jamie and i. We had talked about this last week. On the podcast. You're saying you know. We're trying to spread more positively this year and we wanted to get the positive reviews up. We're like also like instead of you guys just listening like we thought it would be fun to have you be a part of the show so thank you as our guests. Yes thank you and then we're like we're like what if what if they don't want to talk like we don't know but then she's like you got to hear this story. I was like oh my god. Let's do thank you for listening. How long have you been a shenanigans listener for the past. I would say actually like four months now. Love it super long but yeah for marketing purposes. How did you find that my sister actually introduce me to it. And i listened to it all the time trying to catch up and everything so i love it. Thank you thank you so much. I'll tell your sister. We said how send your family are love and stay safe and these crazy crazy times. Thank you guys too. Thanks for having me. Yeah of course. Oh have to do this again. All right well also stay in touch with us. Because now i'm like invested in your story absolutely right have a very merry christmas and happy new year. Thank you you guys. I ali by. Wow that was crazy. I'm still a little in shock. How do you not know. But she makes total sense when she explains it but nuts. Yeah that's that's just crazy. Shall we do some reviews. Let's do it okay. i'll g the bad one. You could get the good one okay. All right upgrade from the one star this chew star. Ooh it's titled we got it and it's by e. snook forty four. You're pregnant okay we know. Can we get back to your older shows. Are maybe one without mentioning. Pregnanc- can't listen anymore. My older shows when i was a magic. Mike chippendales how i don't think this one was very pregnancy centered nope just the the palmer's situation and that's the product. Yeah i mean i just. There's something huge happening in your life. How could you not talk about about it. But sorry we'll try and keep the pregnant vegan talk to a minimum. Okay five star. Keep doing you sheena by. Ag nine zero nine nine all right. Updating my veto hopefully combat some of the negative reviews. i started listening to this podcast. Because she knew story was one of the few left on vanderpump that i was still interested in and so much of her life. Aside from who she was dating was being left out from the show. I listen to hear you talk about yourself. Sheena don't listen to the negative feedback about you talking so much about yourself. You're a kindhearted well-traveled interesting and successful person. I really enjoy hearing your stories. And i look forward to your new episodes every week on things. Ag see mixed reviews. Talk about july for do you. Not we can everyone all the time we can't but i hope you guys enjoyed listening to this episode and for you know getting a listener on the episode. That was such a good idea of yours. Oh thank you but yes. If it does backfire. I'll i'll take the blame for that. We just got so many. Dm's and comments. We'll do it again. We should definitely do it again. Yeah so what. I'm going to take everybody who wanted to be on it this month. I'm just going to add them to a list. Okay and then when we do it again. They'll they'll also be in the running with whoever all decides that they want to comment about it. Yeah and give us more than just saying like. Oh my god i love your show and i wanna be on it as much as we so appreciate that but obviously you know who. He chose to crazy story. So it's not that you need to have a crazy story but if you wanna just give us a little more backstory about who you are that i know definitely helped jamie. It did help me pick and it was still hard to pick. I mean there was. there was another one. That's the show saved her life. And i'm like wow. Shenanigans is saving lives over here and not to make a joke out of that but one it's shocking but chew it's so touching really is you know i mean i put my life out there and i talk about the good the bad the ugly all of it because i know people can relate. You never think on that big of a scale so hearing that just confirms what i do works and i'm going to keep doing it so i don't see why anyone would hate having a fan listener call into the show you know so we're going to do it again. And he's got a great list of people to choose from for the next one. So but you know keep writing and keep denies sending your reviews in follow schnitt against bala jamie lynn twenty four and will definitely have one of you guys on a future episode. Soon yay okay. Merry christmas happy holidays. Happy new year. Happy hanukkah and happy everything. Happy everything things listening guys by. Thanks for listening to shenanigans is sheena shea down. Though new episodes every week on apple podcasts spotify. Or wherever you get your podcast with me. Say we'll get into make me get over here. Boy you wanna and fan in the club little blocks.

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