Week 14 Waivers + Full Stream Ahead, HUGE Decisions!


Hi this is Kyle Rudolph and you're listening to the fantasy footballers podcast Welcome to the fantasy footballers podcast coming to you from Pristina. Auction Dot Com studios with your hose. Andy Holloway. Hey Jason Moore and Mike Right. Welcome in IT's playoff. Hit them with the play on. What's going on like that? Kyle Rudolph Intro. He was so measured in his excitement. Me Just wait for tomorrow. We've got DECAF METCALF. And you're listening to the footballers. Oh my goodness I tweeted. Oh yeah and that one wasn't even bigger. I mean that was just one time booker was silent during the entire Monday night game. They they kind of role that 'cause that's something I would do. No no I'm saying no I'm saying I mess up players names all the time and then it becomes a great rate moment for the show. We're GONNA nickname. We could've had DECAF metcalf. We've got it if we want it. Well it's not ours tour. You're right we did never. We never never set out to like nickname players. That always happened because Jerry geared Vianna on it well thought out I am good. I'm good for for ten to thirty tweets about booger every Monday night. Because I never go into Monday night remembering what I'm going to experience like. I think I'm GonNa Watch Monday night. Football football but then I always get punched in the face with the bigger mobile. We had a listener league Member that was saying he was over a friends House watch the game and was just thoroughly enjoying it and then realized halfway through because he was at a friend's house this friend had the game kind of muted and so he's like. Oh this is why it's going. I've I've turned the corner. I wonder the radio. No I just the booger. `ISMs are just so wild. You're much not not the way. He would probably want me to be enjoying his commentary. Kurt Warner tweets. Yeah some people said for those of you that Hey booger so you can turn on Kurt. Kurt is great with Kevin Harlan. And then he just posted he goes. Yeah this I mean the truth. Is those two guys are amazed when I'm driving around and they're very good. It doesn't get much better other than this the NBC Sunday night crew. That's my next. All right congrats to those of you now. Officially in your fantasy playoff in d.. Had A really you know we're in a ton of leagues too. Many probably the up and and I had a couple of weeks where I missed by like one by five points. One by six points and Jason You had a one league that was super closed in the rivers. Yes asa one man not the man who played them but the man himself throw that interception. I'm in the play I know I know but I was really excited because because my son my eight year old who just started loving fantasy football I got home yesterday. And he had thought he'd missed the plants and I get home and he had done all the math breath himself on the total points on the season and realized that if Dalvin Cook scored point one points which seemed pretty good and Josh Gordon and had to catch a pass for ten yards and I knew in my heart right then at that was not locked loaded I knew and he just thought he you could do it and he watched with such excitement. And Josh Gordon gone one catch for ten yards on his only target of the day and he won and he made the playoffs chameleon dude he was so excited the photo you shared him. I mean that kid was about to pop. Yeah and then I you know. He woke up this morning and realized that our joint team had missed the listener league playoffs by five points because of Chris Carson and he was sad again so he knows the true spirit weird fantasy which yes look at your failure. It's the negative negative things that happened. They just way so much heavier but congrats everybody your who did make the playoffs. We've got some very exciting weeks ahead couple of things at the top here. We're doing a giving Tuesday livestream extreme today to support stomp out bullying. This'll be on facebook. Live at five thirty eastern to thirty Pacific. That's FACEBOOK DOT com slash. The fantasy footballers This is a charity that we partnered with. I think two years ago on the giving Tuesday livestream So we're we're looking forward to doing that again. Bring your questions. Whatever you've got will be live again? FACEBOOK DOT com slash fantasy football today on behalf of stomp out bullying Also congratulations to the S- nudes. Nagla don winner many of you tweeted your Completion of the Mega Don episode. Chris Martin is the winner of a hundred dollar gift card to Kate. A Bug Jeddah. I it is underscored yet. I think. You Shari Sorry Bug Janai hundred dollars to shop dot com the bug. Jeddah Chris Martin winning that you can find us on twitter at the bars if you wanted to see my very excited. Happy playoff a off bound eight year old. I posted the picture at Andy. Holloway Jason's Jason Fulfil. Mike is that F. F. Hitman And let's Kinda. We've our way back into the Monday. Night Football recaps so to speak. It was very exciting game. There was a lot of fantasy production. You were happy. I I think with what you got out of Russell. It wasn't you know top in numbers but two touchdowns hundred forty yards. Both Wilson and cousin save their fantasy days. At the basically. The end of the game. You had a combined What is that thirty eight carries between Chris Carson Rishaad Penny Carson with twenty three for one to one fantastic or shod Penny fifteen for seventy four and one on the ground one in Through the air. Oh it's DECAF metcalf. Went six for seventy five. He was full calf but the real heartbreak came at the expense. You know anybody with Tyler. Lockett there were tons of people that went into Monday night needing a catch just anything. I mean you were better off. Josh Gordon's zero catches retired. Either lock it. After the game it was brought up by Pete Carroll. He was very sick. Eight members of the team were sick with the flu. which I think is hit New England as well but that don't that don't get you know points knowledge that he was sick? You know Michael Jordan but it it does while he was he was out therre. Mike take the game off. It does provide at least a little bit of confidence and playing him next week. Knowing that I mean those those those illnesses that have been going around. They're they're legit and I'm glad you brought up New England because we talked about how you know I talked about Brady looked old in. The team just looked out of sorts but they literally flew in two separate planes. I mean that's how you separating the healthy from the sick it's true and then Really not a lot of fancy production on the in Minnesota side. It's fun digs had. Some jobs didn't really give you a great game. Cousins to seventy six and two is good but then Delvin Cook. Was the story. Nine for nine and a touchdown down but basically he got hurt. There was some concern. He might have fractured the collarbone. Something to that extent ended up coming back out there and he says he will definitely be ready for your fancy playoffs in week fourteen. We'll see the player says that I think you'll be out there. I don't no I can't imagine I mean eight and four him back on the bench not getting treatment. May Morgan game. That's that's where my money's at right now. It's Monday. I mean sure you know oh the it's hard because it's not Monday though. They were also Tuesday but on Monday they were also in a very important Jordan game against the Seattle seahawks. And it's true. I think he was talking about well. You know it's precautionary Vit- they. We needed to win. That game against Seattle to be in the division race with the Green Bay packers so I I don't know you had a pro football doc. Talking about it like that Donald Cook has already. He had injured the shoulder. This is college our own Matthew Betz talked about his concern that this is a usually. Yeah Multi Week injury. We'd we need more information but Alexander. Madison skyrockets up the priority list. Especially especially if you have Davin Cook and you're listening to our show and you have devil cook and don't have Madison already. Shame on you. Well it might be one of those situations where since the majority of our listeners do have Madison yes cook being active could really you know he could be limited. He could be somebody that it shares the load he could injure the shoulder. So there's something to be said about you know just a clarity of WHO to start that we're going to need to get over the week with seeing whether he practices actresses or not. I doubt he practised very much. It's probably GONNA come down to the weekend so anything else from the game that you guys wanted to get into not really I. Ah Kyle. Rudolph keeps getting the done when Adam feelings out Colorado gets done but I do think the expectation was that feeling. We'll be back you so close to be you you know. He was a surprise inactive here. I think he'll be back next week and cow. Rudolph's run probably over. Do you think Rudolfo ever consider using two hands to catch the football. Why why cooler when you just ask? News and notes from around. The League presented vice sleeper. I will fly through these before we get into the waivers. Uh Adam Gays Sam. darnold is being evaluated for Bruce Ribs. We'll find out whether he's you know he's a pretty good streaming candidate this week so you hope he's healthy and ready to go. He didn't didn't play like a good streaming candidate last week. Good Chance Daryl. Williams doesn't play in week. Fourteen running back for the Kansas City chiefs. This from Andy Reid. They play the Patriots. You know when you look at the season season and what's happened in Kansas City and obviously Darwin thompsons. Names GonNa get brought up today. The re the only real happy fantasy owners through the duration of the season with the backfield have been. I think there've been a couple of Damien Williams Games. Maybe up one Lucia McCoy game. You really haven't had you can't bank on right. This is not the situation in Indianapolis. Where if only one or two guys are there us? No they're going to put up a great game. You are taking some risk and then you you throw throwing the Patriots and you got a real issue there so I don't think you ignore Darwin Thompson on the waiver wire but right now. I'm just hesitant to believe that one of those guys is going to give you a playoff winning week Julio Jones trending upward to play for Week Fourteen Austin Hooper returning to practice. That's great news. this was not so great news. Frank Reich quote hopeful T. Y.. Hilton will return this season. You you know is it. Fantasy owner is going to be confident. Blame at all arrested this year. No I mean if you're worried about getting back this season that means you're not back this week and then you're going to be in a playoff matchup where he comes back and he has really struggled to get healthy when he's come back he's been limited so no I. I think T. Y. Hilton. There's someone I would you know. I would assume I do not have this season and then chester rogers fellow colts wide receiver. He's missing the rest of the season some with a fractured knee. Zack Paschal will be brought up once again on the waiver show Pascal and Doyle Yep blast last one and I don't you know we also have TGI Hodgkinson's on the I. R.. If you hadn't heard that yeah yeah that's true he's on I r don't play it just saying okay garments. She is going to start this week. The stashes bath. I'm really sad off a button. I can push over here Mike. That has the beginning of a savage garden song on you or just the chicken Gerry. Cole was the beginning of that song. And that's what we really need with Gardner back out there but He's GonNa Start. This could be I mean you. Dj Chart was great with Gardner. He was so Didi not as not as Great Dini had a few games teams are once they started getting the connection later on news notes as always brought to you by the sleeper APP. Get it now. Get the latest news get ready for career playoffs. It's getting to the waivers but me in coach all right. Let's talk waivers. What do we have at the top here Brooks? We got a mailbag question to start. Waivers what is this. It's a it's for for those people who were fortunate enough to get by week going into the playoffs any any special tips from you guys on Bi Week Strategy. If you're one of those lucky people out there I mean we are in our league one match up. We know we're going to be faced with Adam rank in the week fifteen playoffs And and so we have done everything we can to. I mean you. Just don't care about matchups this week. You care about matchups in week. Fifteen and sixteen. It just allows you to pick up the defense that the quarterback and the quarterback dreaming exactly and and and just make moves based on those weeks pretty pretty straightforward really gives you a a little bit of freedom with your roster terms of like holding players. You know if you're in a three week span you might have to hold a quarterback you know to bounce back and forth now you know you only have two games worry about. Maybe that frees up a roster spot for some of these cursory you know of Madison was out there Darwin Thompson or somebody of that nature you can always take a shot and see what you got for for the championship weeks leaks and be also be planning for the championship week you want. Don't just be grabbing your defense for week. Fifteen grab your defense for week. Sixteen at the same time and you might as well get ahead on your matchups as well look at who you know the odds on favourite to that. You'RE GONNA play in weeks fifteen and then say oh. He has no tight end for that. We are no quarterback or not. You know he he's GonNa pick up this defense exactly so you know you can play. Keep away a week early all right wide. Receiver Waiver Warrior Chatter. Let's do it the probably owned players but worth looking at two guys You know if they're out there they need to be on your roster Robbie be interesting coming off a seven for one on one week has Miami this week. I mean he's probably a one week play. Yes years with Baltimore Baltimore and Pittsburgh Berg after that. I'm not very excited to play Robbie but this week against Miami I'll take it. Yeah I mean this is the playoffs. You're you're you need to win now as opposed to just grabbing a guy who who will be better for three I would rather grab a guy who's going to be awesome this week then a guy who's GonNa be pretty good for the next three week and every week just because you're you're facing great competition you need. Get a win worry about the week after if you have to at that point so move on. So you can move on Sterling Shepherd. It has philly Miami Washington over the next three weeks. He was three for forty with a touchdown on seven targets this past week if he's out there if he's been dropped because because of the concussion problems you gotta look his way. Yeah I mean Philadelphia. They they've gotten a lot healthier The matchup this week but we just saw Miami torch them still sterling shepard good wide receiver. Both those guys Anderson Shepherd would be the top of my list. But let's talk about guys are very widely available that you can plug in and play in the scary playoffs. I would say that at the top of that list for me to players Anthony Miller and James James Washington. Those would be the two that I'm the biggest fans of Arizona is the matchup for James Washington so that by default inflates is value tremendously coming offer. Four for one eleven with one touchdown duck. Hodges and James Washington have a connection. He's got the majority of the work when duck has found somebody to target. So do you like Washington Mardi like Anthony Miller. He's got the Thursday game Anthony Miller his target. Sure is insane right now he. He's been gritty something percent this past week after a couple of weeks at over twenty percent. Yeah no he. He's been a phenomenal. Don't play the last several weeks. My worry I brought this up. I believe yesterday is the splits for Trubisky. When he's playing a bottom? Ten passing versus top. Ten in passing defense are night and day. They are ten points to twenty six points. The last couple of weeks. We've I was str- trubisky grossly was is my stream of the week and you know it worked out because he was facing one of those match ups now against Dallas. They are a top ten passing defense. I let me ask you a question. Then based on that because that's obviously that's trubisky to trubisky makes the whole thing work. Yup But when you look at that are you benching thing L. Allen Robinson. I'm not been to Robson. Because in those tough match-up you tend to see him lead the way with targets And I totally get an in part of this does come down to Taylor. Gabriel right. Because it's not just the last few games that there's been good matchups Taylor. Gabriel hasn't been there so Anthony Miller comes into into the wide receiver two and three role that you know when when Allen Robinson is an open. You're looking Anthony Miller's wait now as of right now. Gabriel is in the Kokoshin Protocol You know when you're comparing Anthony Miller versus James Washington Juju Smith. Schuster come back. I'm not sure how much matters I definitely prefer the matchup against Arizona to me though there are two other guys that I have a head of these two guys so when you said you have two guys at top of your list at wide receiver I thought. Oh maybe they're the same but they're different. I ll is fair. I like. Aj Brown at Oakland. We've seen some monstrous big games from from AJ Brown And this is a match up that I think will be good for him. And The aforementioned Zach Pascal. I you know look. He's this chance to Rogers Hilton Eric. Hebron Wehr all gone. This is a great match up at Tampa Bay. You know he has. He can disappear but I think he has the potential to have a monstrous game. All Right Mike. Who's your favorite this week? My favorite from the waiver wire from. I'm picking up to play this week. I'm also thinking about next week. It would be Brown. He's got Oakland like Jason said but then he also Houston the following week championship championship week. He's got the saints. I don't really like that but you got to match ups here. That are very interesting for for him and then I wanted to bring up the name. If you're talking about one week player Auden Tate. Has We've seen him be a target machine very frequently throughout the season. He has his starting quarterback back back and Andy Dalton Four for sixty six seven targets. He gets to play the Cleveland Browns. You on tape is worth a look. I like these other guys. We're talking about more but is on tate. Were the look as a wide receiver three or you concern with John. Ross potentially come back. Yeah I was going to bring up the John Ross activation deviation. They're expecting him to be active in the lineup. This week activate I know Cleveland's defense was much worse the first half the year they've gotten healthier and a little bit better so I'm not thrill I like audited as a player. I like the fact that Andy Dalton is there so there are reasons to say on take could have a good week but with John. Ross Ross coming back you know how. How many ways do you want to split Andy Dalton and then get the leftovers and that's kind of how it feels like you just insinuated that we should quarter Andy Dalton but then there's not enough there's not I I wanNA half? I want the at least a half chicken. The HAT history. If I'm going to Andy don't misses this is getting really weird yet is. Here's reward. Seraing Andy Dalton Cole Beasley. You probably expected his name to be brought up at the truth is it it trusting Cole. Beasley is difficult. You'RE GONNA be banking on. Probably low yardage totals in a if he can get a touchdown against Baltimore this week. That's a tough matchup. He has been very very good. He has let Baltimore Pittsburgh New England. It's going to be tough sledding for passing the passing game in General Josh Allen Cole Oh Beasley John Brown. I'm not expecting a lot from those three players over the remainder of the season. So Kobe's Lee is not at the top of my list. I'm chasing some of the targets. That's why like Anthony Miller thirty three over the last three weeks. I like what you brought up about Zach Pascal. Because they don't have a lot of options right now. He's necessary. Very ten. Ten targets has passed and I brought up yesterday. Like if when you look at what what Tampa Bay's doing right. They're winning over the past couple of weeks and they had been a juicy matchup for a combination of a quarterback wide receiver. Or if you look over the last two weeks I brought it up Matt Ryan stunk right. And then last week. Tampa Bay managed to once again shutdown shutdown the quarterback but the wide receivers for both of those teams so Atlanta. When Matt Ryan was behind center? You know you still had production. They still gave up top ten weeks of fantasy point production at the wide receiver position. The biggest fears for me around Indianapolis just that they get into that. You know running game. But that's what Tampa takes away so. I don't think it's a bad play when you look at tin targets from Zach. Pascal last week looks like an opportunity there he would he would be my number one overage. Abrams brought the two. But I think Zack Pascal. I'm looking for a play this week. Over James Washington over Anthony Miller over. Aj Brown. I th I think if if I've got a roster and I've got terrier maclaurin on it and I'm in the playoffs you're pivoting. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA play scall- over Terry McLaren and that it's going to feel weird but I I just care about getting the guy that scores more points this week and I think it's Pascal. Okay yeah I mean it makes sense you gotta you gotTa Win Now And then if you need to know whether you can drop these guys have been get rid of Sammy Watkins. Yes gave her brandin cooks if you need a start. Yeah T. Y.. Hilton let them go. Drop Him Terry maclaurin chlorinate. Jason brought him out it stinks. He's a great player. Don't matter and then what about tyrel Williams. After last week I would be willing to drop him. I'm still holding Tiro against Tennessee. Yeah I mean I think that I mean we'll talk about this a little bit later but Ryan Tannehill. Looks like he's a great play and Tennessee is good but Tara Williams. I'm not going to drop him. That's that's how I view it all right before we get to running backs WanNa Wanna think Pepsi sponsor the show because Pepsi takes all NFL celebrations to the next level. And that's what this show is about. We are celebrating are victories. Because that's what we get here. Whether it's a Hail Mary Touchdown Defensive Stop the goal line or a super bowl win. When it's time to celebrate astound crack open the Pepsi Slush Could Zach Pascal? You pick them up off of waivers. He goes hamburglar on your opponent. The crack open that Pepsi Iran. Jason Okay if you got Pascal and he goes hamburglar against the tip the Tampa Bay buccaneers. You you I think one Pepsi's govern that job. Oh No no no better be double fist. But so this is a school. Take a bath and look you gotTA. We'll be watching for the his celebration because what what what. Pascal when he scores the touchdown was he gonNa do this week. Probably Probably Pepsi. Do you think he hit one in the goalpost. No you're COLETTA flag okay. Smart too smart. Listen if we're wrong. Pascal does not have a great game and you need to You know you need to handle the loss I recommend a Pepsi Pepsi. The official sponsor of the NFL reminds you always always be celebrating and clan introducing the capital one Walmart rewards card earned five percent back at Walmart online games for the kids headphones for Dad Laptop. Talk for MOM. It doesn't matter you get five percent back at Walmart online. You'll also earn two percent at Walmart in store restaurants and travel in one percent everywhere else when you want all that you need the capital one Walmart rewards card. What's in your wallet? Terms and exclusions apply capital one. All right let's talk about about some running back. Pickups we've got. The situation in Kansas City does a wild. This week I think running back or do you mean specifically with Kansas City at running back back of the big of Alexander. Madison Rashad Penny Darwin Thompson. How do you possibly prioritize these three guys why I mean I'd I'd I prioritize it with the team that ran the ball thirty eight times in a in a victory? You know thirty seven points and Penny Penny is fifty five percent owned so I mean it is not the best is less own you can get them but Fifteen Kerry seventy four yards touchdown. Four for thirty three in one on through the air. And what was interesting about the rotation. Because I'm not I'm not like terrified are worried for Chris Carson. But what was interesting about the rotation I. It just seemed like these were players that were very complimentary for the offense in to one another I mean Carson took himself off the field at the end of the twenty five yard run. GimMe a play here. The same thing for penny and they were willing to put both guys in around the goal line yet. A goal line carries for each player in it going touchdown for each player and you saw penny involved. AWW passing game so you know confidence wise. You know I'd rather be flexing reshad penny than I would tyler Lockett moving forward. Yeah and speaking of Playoffs Reshad Penny. Plays the rams this week not it's medium but then Carolina and Arizona or fifteen and sixteen deaths That's about as good as it gets for a running back. Yeah I mean. Carolina has just has been terrible against running backs and of course Arizona is Amazon card. Yes so he I mean he's at the top of the list. Or maybe you have a lot of interesting names like you said I mean you have to bring up. Brahim moster remo. sturt had the largest percentage of carries of any running back in the San Francisco the backfield of the entire season in terms of you know this has been a committee situation. Some weeks has been breeding comments on weeks. It's been three of these guys but most I went out for nineteen for one forty six and one was a beast but now they play the saints. They play the saints and they might get Brita back but yeah that but what if they don't let let. Let's say you make the decision today to pick up where he most feared is available in a lot of leagues the majority of Leagues and breed is not back for another week. I mean how. How do you not? It's hard to find any acts in that case then he is a flex option because he's still splitting. The load and the saints are great against running backs. I'm I'm not thrilled to play most or even if breeders out obviously pre comes back and now you've got Coleman Brita Moster in a tough match up. That's that's where I would rather focus on getting the player this week in an Alexander Madison or Rashad Penny. And you know we need to throw Darius guys out there to only ten carries but he looked healthy he looked right and and yeah. I'm concerned about guys where it's just. They're not giving him the touches. I mean he was explosive. He's the best running back on the team in my opinion but he's splitting talking about splitting three ways with Peterson. Who is on the field? More Chris Thompson Thompson in his first game back from injury on the field more I. I'm I'm a dairy guys truth. You already have everything you need to know about dairy guys. In his three games played first week caught. That reception went down the sideline on his one limited and got the touchdown ended up at sixteen the next week against Detroit. The number one matchup for running backs didn't get enough work. Mark ended up thirty eighth on the wing. He last week ten carries but scored twice can hit the home run. That's what you have. That upside of dearest guys the matchup with Green Bay a their. They've kind of been all over the place when it comes to Defense against a running back but I think we need to have a back here of of back to Darwin Thompson and Alexander Madison. Are we all agreeing. That penny is our our number one pickup of the week. If he's there yeah yeah I think penny would be my number one because he's a flex option right now even as a hand okay. So Alexander. Madison Darwin Thompson. How how are you prioritizing? Those two guys. Well I just me personally. I'd pick up mustard over both of those pullout. Really Penny no no guard On the basis of potentially needing a smash play this week for my playoffs this week Madison. I'm expecting cook back out there now. If you don't Madison's the best play of all these guys right if you think cooks gonNA miss a game. Madison should be far and away. The number one pick up for anybody. But that's part of the the the the risk of of Alexander Madison. Like he's he's either the top play and it would be a top five running back this week against Detroit or he's the backup backup. Yeah that's the question. Are you going to flex Alexander Madison this week. Even if cook is out there because if you there's two situations here right you're you're basically weekly saying you can go after Madison but you have to. If you need a guy this week you have to be willing to flex him even with Cook. 'cause you're sacrificing a thomson or a penny or Moster. I am willing to flex Alexander Madison this week. You brought up Detroit is actually you know you have a bunch of ways. Madison could be evolved fault. Yes say they just split okay. Great Madison could have a great game. Let's say the Minnesota's up by a bunch you think they're going to run down and cook into the ground with a shoulder issue you know. Let's say Delvin Cook re-aggravating there are. There are a lot of ways where Madison if he gets ten touches. He's going to have a good game and I think he does. Also I flex Alexander Madison this week and I'm fine. You know I see him and penny. I would rather have Madison Than Than Darwin Thompson against the Patriots. Yeah I think that the chiefs like I said at the top of the show. I think they're a bit of a trap this week on the waiver. Wire personally okay. And I'm Dr Thompson Fan like I think he's a very talented player player. But you know you got shady. Who could be a pickup? If he's out there in your league probably owned and then you've got. Darwin only got the Patriots in New England. Just they're not going to do a lot McCoy's so bizarre because you have the two weeks ago The which against the game against the charges. That's that's where Damien Williams got hurt and McCoy came out seven carries. He did have six targets. which Brunei's than this week? It's only him even in Daryl Williams and Darwin's there of course but five carries in a game that Daryl Williams went out pretty early three targets for Shady McCoy. He's just lost a step man. I think that read knows that I mean obviously i. I don't think they're looking to get him. The ball involved a ton. Now now he's been okay. Because he's scored a touchdown But you want more work than that. That's what I'm saying like. Are you willing to play some of these waiver. Where you're right Mike? Running back his the mess here. Are you willing to play a Penny Madison. Geyser moster over over McCoy McCoy. He's got the starting job wink wink. Not that good New England so Kansas City the super offense New England. Then that's the key you know. Do you let go McCoy to get those guys I. I wouldn't pay. Let go and let him go. I I mean if if he was the last option and penny was out there. Sure but I think usually you've got another wide receiver. Someone a little lower you can drop. I you know again N.. Brought him up we. We went back but I I just WANNA say again. I am a Geiss believer for this week. You know and you said we've seen all we need to know about guys in in the sense that I just met range of outcomes assured branch of Al Rain has the range of outcome against Green Bay. WHO's susceptible on the ground to to a t to being gashed of having a big game? I mean you look at three weeks back and in those three weeks. He's the running back six. That's that's is pretty good. I mean thirty eight being his his bad week. Obviously two weeks ago was was not great but I think guys is a guy that should be picked up and be fine playing him against Green Bay. Yeah in the three games that he's back just to give context to it he had What is it? Seven carries ten carries in ten carries. So he hasn't passed that you know all the team wants to run the ball a lot I think those are the main options here running back when you look down at the bottom. You're you know you're you're looking at Benny smelling. I think Ben. Benny Snell is still an option to me. They put he plays Arizona in but this is of course on the basis of Connor. James counters out than Benny still isn't a great situation. Asian he sixteen carries for sixty three yards and a touchdown versus Cleveland. Eat He's he's the primary running back now with James Connor out now if Congress healthy that all goes out the window but it's so similar to Madison looking at one week last three weeks Arizona's giving up the number two number four you're in number ten In terms of face points given up to running backs so they are Yeah I think Snell deserves to be mentioned in that breath as as well. Yeah and and he's great the only reason he's not in the same classes Alexander Madison. There's two one. He's not nearly as good Alexander Madison but to if Cook plays you can play Madison still. But if connor plays you would never put snow on your lineup. He's only valuable if if connors gone. That's one hundred percent right. That's hundred percent right all right. Will you drop Tevin Coleman. Oh my gosh no I would no I would not drop technical. Would you drop Sony Michelle Michelle Michelle Probably Kansas City. Cincinnati Buffalo problem. I don't think so. He's he's always the option of a multi touchdown game name and with some of those match ups like Cincinnati. I'm GONNA hold onto. Would you hold onto Ronald Jones. The did you hear the quote. Yes so this is I had missed this quote when we were when I was furiously. Tilting about how to paint and barber take. The glory of my Ronald Jones started the week. And it was Bruce Arians and a press press conference said he missed Ronald Jones missed a blitz pickup. And you don't get the point anymore. We back that's at the beginning of the year. Why I was not in Ronald Jones was Bruce Airy says there's you have to be able to catch the ball you have to be able to pick up the blitz? If you can't do those things for Bruce Arians. I think you're not going to be on the field that this is going back to when When Bruce Arians was in Arizona and David Johnson was clearly the best running back on the team as a rookie? David David Johnson couldn't get on the field because of those issues of blitz pickup. It's so tough to to Israel where you can possibly trust Ronald Joe now none at all I mean I'm in the scheduled two weeks from now. You'VE GOT DETROIT FALL BY HOUSTON. That's not a good match ups but I feel like you can cut Ronald Jones. Even though he's GonNa start this week and be fantastic he he how do you. How do you start like I feel like you could cut painting barber? He just had a monster game. But are you playing painting Barbara. Is he the starter like like. This is a guy I want no part of Tampa Bay. That's just. This is a user choice. I'm making the choice as fantasy owner. I don't WanNa take the gamble because I feel like no matter which which decision I make is going to be wrong Tampa Bay. I would rather play all these other waiver guys over you know. Whoever the starter is for Tampa Bay might have a higher ceiling feeling a lot of these guys but I have no idea who the starter when you have? No idea they have Ronald Jones has no idea. When you're player can make one mistake and and then be benched for the rest of the game and he's already a lower tier option? There's no way no way rolling forward with that in the playoffs. Here's a difficult question. If you are in a playoff matchup and you need to start a running back. And you have Damian Williams on your team are you willing to let Damian go for these free agents because he he plays New England and he's got Denver in Chicago's not ideal matchups. Seems like if he does come back. He's going to be part of a committee. Saw Is it time to move on from Damien Williams just acknowledging. You need a win this week. Yeah I I would be willing to cut Damian Williams and grab if there's any of these good options out there on the waivers yes I would be willing to pivot it to them now all right. Let's look at tight ends. What's the latest on Austin Hooper? Our fantasy owner is going to be able to get him back in the lineup. He did resume practicing on on Monday and the news on him. While it came out it was extremely bleak back when he had the injury of no. He's going to miss possibly four weeks. It did trend in a much more positive direction since that moment practicing on Monday it is limited. There's no guarantee that he's GonNa play. I guess the the biggest question of Rawson Hooper is if he plays. Do you put him right back in your lineup. Because he is yes the number one tight end in points per game. I think you have to. I don't think you have a choice. I don't think you can count. There's one there's one thing to identify a streaming Titan candidates. Another thing to you know have have any confidence that they're going to be the right one that week in Austin Hooper has been the best most consistent tight end when he's been out there. I imagined that they didn't throw them out there on Thursday because there was like it was possible. Obviously you got ruled out pretty quick but you get another ten days after that for Thanksgiving Day game. If he's playing I trust that he's healthy and someone put them back into line. I agree completely. There's there's very few options that you could have pivoted to where you feel. Oh good enough about that player by very few. I mean basically none the only question mark that I can think of that. Maybe you picked up in the absence that we would have a question of have. He's he should be a good option. Kazuki who's actually pretty good. He's the titans six over the last five weeks in six over the last three weeks. Scott good matchup. This week is being targeted more Obviously that that coincides with losing Preston Williams Gaseke to me looks like a real deal so that would be like man. Do I play us. Hooper Week Week one or I don't know yet but outside of that you know I would I would be roll hoop all right last week. Dallas Goddard six for sixty eighty six probably owned Jacob. Holler led the team in targets yesterday in Seattle six hundred forty four so not a lot of production but he was targeted frequently. Unlike tyler lock it and do everybody but decay that the came. How dare you? That's phenomenal production for a tight end. Six forty thanks for four trillion right. Yea a year Kyle Rudolph four consecutive games with a touchdown. He's another player. That was streamed this past week. If you moved on from feeling to him. You were happy what are you guys doing with. The Vance McDonald situation gets to play Arizona. Which is normally meant very good things but we know what this recipe is GonNa A.? B. Duck is not going to be a flinging around the field he should probably but he probably you know this is a team that plays defense and and runs the football and then takes their shots here and there I mean even with the James Washington discussion the hard part. There's you know. Three or four targets is the Max that James Washington get it adds mcdonagh. What are you doing because he hasn't he hasn't had a game this here? Really you ever top forty yards never. There's all year I am fine. Playing Vance McDonald this week. Now he's not my number one. Pick up my number one. Pick by Miles Jack Doyle I think he's a phenomenal pickup. And they're both shockingly own about the same amount of leagues So you know if you're staring down those two options I'm certainly going the Jack Doyle route the matchup is phenomenal. Donald targets are there. He's my number one waiver. Pick up at tight end but they ends McDonald. I know it's insane but it's real at this point. You can't ignore anymore how badly it's not a joke. It's not just like Oh carnal socket. Every single week every team is beating the cardinals. The tight end and tight ends that that don't drowsing. Swahli dominated them tyler egg when we went over the yardage of Tyler Higby in his career uh of never ever being pass catcher and then puts up a Hondo and a touchdown rat. Ellison I mean it. It doesn't matter they're you know you can beat them. So I think Vance McDonald is someone that you can play but again not the best play. Yeah and it. Yeah it's tough. I rather play Tyler higby again this week where Gerald L. De out then I would Vance McDonald and that that is a good option. Seattle is low key also terrible against tight end they have been. There's there's a couple of teams that I really look for. As as to who is what their match ups are against tight end and Arizona. Tampa Bay the Bengals Seattle those are the teams that come to mind right off the top of my dome. All Right Mike Thoughts on other tight end options. That you're interested. Sit in I mean are we have we exhausted. We've exhausted like the main options. But then for those out there. The deeps the super deep league with the Greg Olsen concussion. I think thank you can consider in Thomas he gets to play the Atlanta Falcons and Thomas in that matchup where where Olsen went out. He did have four receptions. Four targets in Thomas was drafted to be. That's on the basis of Ulsan missing. Yes yeah if Greg Olson then no I have no no plans to play Thomas but I guess it's there's people out there in sixteen team leagues who are scrambling to get a tight end. And I think in Thomas's is okay. Bull Stream ahead are I. Who are you're very very very important? Streaming quarterback quarterback options heading into playoff week. One what do you guys think I think I like yours the best but I will leave. I like both of yours better than mine. So I'll let you go first I all. We'll save Andy for last Because that's who I wanted to put in but you Adam I I'm going with the magic. It's playoff time. It's scary to do but but maybe you know maybe you're the six senior playing against the one seed or some situation where you need a big You know you need a magical performance and I think it's magic is is the guy that could get it done. He has been pretty darn good. He's had a lot of. I mean we talked about okay. The Eagles secondary is getting so much better. and Are you going to be happy with him this week. He was the number three quarterback against the eagles. He was the number five quarterback against Cleveland. Now he plays the jets and the jets are already. They're bad and now they're down. Jamal Adams I looked at the weather. Because you know you're you're you're in New York you worry about that and for Glenn if you pick up Fitzpatrick look at that. Come close to the weekend as of right now. It's about forty degrees. He's cloudy No rain. It's fine no no high winds. So I like this matchup for fits magic right. Which is Ryan Fitzpatrick? I think Jamal Adams looking like he will be out. That's a huge deal. I think for for Fitzpatrick. He's one of their star players on defense. I believe I'm supposed to go last last Mike. No no no no. No that is what was told. Oh I acquiesced I said I like your guys is both more than mine so I want you to go first Ok Ryan Tannahill at Oakland. Ten L. is playing great football. The team is playing well. I love it when something's on the line for these rosters and and Tennessee. She is competing for that final playoff spot in the AFC. Oakland is giving up the fifth. Most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks and this past week while it was not a good one for Ryan Tannehill in Indianapolis he had one glaring omission from his stat. Line had been there for the preceding four weeks when he finished second eleventh fifth and eleventh at the quarterback position and that was rushing yardage. I think he had like five or six yards rushing. He had been at the thirty to forty yards every game. They just you know. They didn't need it. They had the the blocked blocked. Kick situation scoring a touchdown. Tannahill had the late touchdown. Pass but you guys brought up. Aj Brown MHM Oakland I believe they lost thirty one points two straight weeks. Something like that. So Tennessee needs the win. Oakland enjoys giving up wins lately. They do and Tannehill. I trust him to Compete in this one and give you a nice solid streaming baseline with some with like top five top ten upside this week. He has massive upside the the guy who's my streamer Sam Darnold. I think you can go back to him despite the the brutal performance He he had this past week now. The News of the bruised ribs the potential bruised ribs does give me pause. Which is why I I like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Tannehill more. Your but if you're waiver wire is it's already been mined and there's nothing there and you have Sam Darnold and you're thinking I can actually just keep playing him I think you can. You can play against Miami defense versus offense presented by head and shoulders and Walmart are I. Defensive Streamers very important hopefully. We're planning ahead a little. But you've got some defenses on your or that you really like for the week if you're a little later to the party. We tried to pick out three defenses. That were lower owned. Might be out there for you that you can pick up and start this week. I'll kick it off. And that is the Minnesota Vikings defense against the Detroit. Lions and and me David Blau. Yes I think Minnesota has every opportunity to just take advantage of the. Ah The same things that you saw for. Mason Rudolph Ryan Finley. Dwayne Haskins. David Blau is not going to be able to do even if he turns turns out a good performance due to going to make some mistakes. It's hard to do so it really is you. I still don't really understand why he's a vampire. Don't have any idea just a you. Don't either I know but I'm GONNA I'M NOT GONNA lie. I do enjoy Elliot. I'm not saying that does is not a distract. I'm here for the people. It makes no sense but very mike it is. It's Very Minnesota Soda. All Right Mike. You've got a defense that I like a little bit more. Go ahead and hopefully you picked him up this past week. They were my stream last week in those Green Bay because they were taking on Daniel Jones the the the fumblitis king himself but now the Green Bay packers get to play Washington so I am very interested in that yes Washington I get it. They put up a decent performance against the Carolina Panthers. But I'M GONNA welcome to Lambeau Dwayne ear. Look you Dwayne Haskins stinks. I did I stand by this. Yeah texted me that earlier. Yeah I was GonNa say I think the world stands by that statement for the most part. I mean the to know over the last undefeated veto last year. Said I stand by my statement. Yeah I'm going with the colts at Tampa Bay. I want by Oh you oh you don't like if I had a panic alarm button I'd push it you because you you're seeing the surging buccaneers is the real deal. Tremendous risk for your fantasy. See team when you go to Tampa Bay and you end up in a situation with James Winston guaranteed three hundred yards. Probably let me ask you this JAS. Okay I'm fine with this Jameis. Winston generally speaking turnover machine a defense can perform against them perfectly. Fine and Jamison. Good Fancy Day these things can can exist in the same world but Dallas gives the play Chicago and Dallas is available and sixty percent of leagues. Would you play the cowboys voice against Mitchell trubisky or would you go with the colts I mean if if the cowboys were there I would go with cowboys over the Culkin but my point and picking picking the colts here is this is Andy. Brought it up earlier. You want a team. That really has something to play for. The colts are they need. Need this wind bad. And they're going up against a pick six machine and so you know you want a defense it could score Winston five thousand. Yeah exactly you want to score four touchdowns and Yeah Winston could put up a ton of yards. I don't think that you know Peyton Barbara Ronald Jones who've been getting it done on the ground you're GonNa have an easy time against his great colts rush defense. The weather right now looks good which being taped Janus Aaron out throw deep and let's get some picks here let's get some Saxon turnovers. Some almost almost I think the colts can have a really I you know. They're a swing for the fences. High upside plays is the way that I see it. Yeah I think it's fine. I got a little shaky. Just watching James Throw it around but he he throws it to both teams. That's one of his his greatest attributes. Or maybe worst this segment brought to you by head and shoulders and Walmart head head and shoulders offense for great hair. Defense against flakes is head and shoulders WALMART'S SWEEPS DOT COM. And you get a chance to win tickets to super bowl fifty fifty four o next year. Are you kidding me Osu. Are you kidding Super Bowl. That's really well that we were peaking next year like next year is the peak of the show and then from then on. It's got to go down. Go down but we hope it's a slow slow down hill if yeah if we can get Sammy Hagar at the half time of the Super Bowl next forming can't I can't drive fifty five the NFL. I don't know what to do with. He doesn't have to be the main. We've set it up for just one performance Bringham in them out front of the stadium or something something for our fans on the corner with the guitar but so sad. We could get that to happen. Says No oh permit. But you're not doing anything are you man. It's going to be fun all right again. Congratulations to those of you in the playoffs is going to be a fun job weeks. Let's go get some titles. WanNa thank our studios sponsored Pristine Auction in Austin eco-design Jersey. Yesterday sixty one dollars and forty two cents at Pristine Auction Dot Com use the Promo Code ballers say five dollars a sultry five dollar savings savings. All right. That is it. We'll talk to you tomorrow. Foot clan good luck on the waivers. Yes Oh let's go talk me your fortunes Vaber your team on the waiver wire this week. Goodbye Thank you for listening to the fantasy. Footballers podcast ast join our fantasy football community on join the foot DOT COM and follow us on twitter at the F. Ballers and don't forget that Pepsi takes all NFL celebrations to the next level. You're in the playoffs this week Pepsi Pepsi. You got celebrate your victories. You win this week Pepsi Pepsi. You celebrate these victories every single time just like the guys in the NFL do Pepsi. 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