Summer Destinations Part 1: International


Hello travel nerds and welcome to the extra peanut travel. Podcast episode number. Four seventy two. There are three. Us states with an official state muffin. Any guesses what states have their own state muffins. Here's a hin their corn muffin and apple muffin and a blueberry muffin. Think about it and all that you know in just a little bit one of the things that has changed so much since we went to university have. How long ago was that. I don't think we need to reveal that information over fifteen under twenty there. You go over fifteen back then. You could study abroad. But that was kind of the extent to spreading your wings in college. That was a known thing. Okay you can study abroad. It was offered to a lot of people but now with amazing online learning programs like oregon state's e campus. You're able to earn your degree while doing things. You love like traveling. Was that even a consideration in your mind. Back between fifteen and twenty years ago i i knew i wanted to travel. That's for sure. But i didn't know how will be the most possible other than traveling as semester abroad right which which neither us decided to do for various reasons but we were not given that option like daniel roberson. Who played pro baseball in the majors hopping coast to coast. While the bachelor's degree along the way but oregon state e campus gives people that option there consistently ranked in the top ten in. Us news and world report. They've got over eighty programs to choose from which you can check out by heading to e campus dot org instate. Edu slash peanuts. So if you do check it out remember ahead there through a link so we get some love from those. Do you remember the mascot. ask you. why am i never preparing the beaver fever. You gotta get some love from the over at oregon state to remember. The link is e campus dot oregon state dot edu slash. Lions can an open playing. And we've forgotten this old cities name the of breath on window pane. Lets us tom phillips. Try sir i a okay. Maybe our most interesting intro fact we've ever had. I was legitimately laughing out loud as i found this back. I don't know how i found. It just popped up. And i thought this is awesome. Okay so we're talking about twelve states. Three stay oh sorry. I thought you said twelve three states. Who have their own muffin. Korn ferry and oh yes. I blue berry. I would guess maine. No but that is fantastic. As the reason actually found this was was because the state. I was looking up for fun. Intro had a blueberry muffin. it's not mean it is another ems state though okay michigan elbow. You're getting much closer much came. Minnesota has the official state muffins or blueberry muffin. I mean none of these. Speak to what i would guess. so for. example cord muffin. Maybe i'd be like oh south. Yes more with a lot of corn but it's massachusetts is houston and apple. Muffin is new york okay. i guess. Think of apple's york. I don't know this is a strange intro fact verschoor and i mean what is. This has to pertain to states in the us. And we're talking about we're talking summer travel destinations. Twenty twenty-five travel destinations for twenty twenty one. I was looking up minnesota for reasons that will get into. And i just saw this and i thought oh my gosh ever statement and that has to be the only stay state the and then i looked it up and sure enough. It's not the only state this team. So i though we'd have a little fun if you guys got any of them. Congratulations if you've got all three. We need to know on instagram. Because you might be the smartest person when it comes to geography geography facts in the world and king. Yeah baking geographer. You gotta go on jeopardy because if you got this man. See new york apple muffin massachusetts. Good muffin minnesota bloomberg marvin. I can't tell if you're nonplus to this. If you're a little annoyed with this or you think it was funny. Because i thought it was all i mean. It's funny just that you're the one who does the intro fact and then i have to guess so i never get to be the one with the answer. It just has me feeling a little bit perturbed right now. Richard up next. We'll switch it then. The next couple episodes we'll switch up. Heather doesn't like not getting the right answer or knowing the answer. So when i throw it to her she gives me i roll. And she's like. How am i supposed to get this. Of course i'd i mean usually pretty obscure unusual interfax which is fun but not when you're the one who's supposed to be able to answer them to be able to answer. I think you're just supposed to guess with it. So are you cool with you. Come up with interfax come back to travel and see. Have a better success me. I don't think so. We are talking summer travel wishlist today. Twenty twenty one. Summer travel wishlist. Have you've done a lot of research. You've you've been knee deep in this. So you're you're kinda running the show today. Well it's just obviously an interesting year because we're in twenty twenty one and we are recording this podcast in the middle of me so i know a lot of people are hoping to begin traveling again but with in the pandemic still affecting people everywhere. It's still an unusual and somewhat unsafe time to travel so. I wanted to make sure that we had the information about where people are allowed to go now in the. Us of course a lot of people are getting vaccine and the plan is that seventy percent of americans adult americans will be vaccinated by the middle of june. That's president biden's plan and therefore a lot of countries will be opening their borders to vaccinated. Us citizens so right now. Recording this podcast. Not that many places are open. So the way that i made my list is i have five destinations in the us. Because as americans we can explore our beautiful country it's very large with lots of cool place to go. And then i have five international destinations which the five that i have chosen. You can go to right now. As of may fourth their borders are open. i we will also link to articles. One article is from the new york times and it was published about a week or two ago that says basically the european commission. The president of the european commission has eluded or said essentially that europe will open. Its borders sometime this summer for a vaccine in american citizens so that means the whole of the e. You will be open at some point. But if you're not feeling comfortable in traveling or booking ticket until it's completely secure my five countries you can go to right now so you can listen to this day after listening but you can also you know. Take your chances and book. Something to anywhere in the eu. Maybe for later in the summer early fall on it should be ago but again i have five destinations in the us. That i would like to go to now. Your list my list of where i wanted to go and i didn't give that much thought because i just said i'm just going to figure out where i to go now. I went back and checked if you could go to these places. What's interesting to me is that there is conflicting information. The with even on the us embassy site for certain countries like some you can go to but it's highly discouraged. So what does that mean. I mean i yeah anyway so mine. Don't book your ticket just from listening to me. And then sam gonna book a ticket. Here do your research i. I do a little bit of that. But i kind of just went off the cuff of where would i wanna be right now. Kind of eternal optimism. There and then i also have five from the us. I originally had five total. You said now. I've got far from us. I've got five international so now we've got that. So what are we starting with. International i than us or vice versa with international. I because i just feel like dreaming of about going somewhere a little more exotic all right counting down your number five in the international section. My number five. And i did have some honorable mentions but it does get into Lori prevention that five and five. That's your well my honorable mentions they would be on my los except currently right now you cannot go to them as of may twelve recording this podcast and that is sir denia which is an island off the coast of italy in between like italy and france. And i've always wanted to go there. It's beautiful. I think it would be amazing. We went to corsica a couple of summers ago. And sardinia is right below there. And i just felt like oh we just popped down there and go to that island who so. That's my honorable mention and the other one is an island that we have been to in the mediterranean and that is new york and we have a friend there. It's actually traps friend from college and she lives there. She's like oh you guys should come over this summer. We love may work so much. I would love to go again right now. Not possible but maybe over the next couple of months. Those are my honorable mention. Okay i mean. I'm good with an all right. What's your number five number. Five is your favorite country or at least one of your favorite countries that you always talk about being l. this off the beaten path. George yes 'cause you can go there right now. It is on the list of approved countries. As americans to travel to right now and i just when i was thinking about where i wanted to go. I still don't want to be around places that are extremely crowded not really necessarily because of code. I just don't feel like being around a lot of people and dealing with overly crowded tourist destinations. So i think it's just been a nice break from all of that over the past year link one little highlight i guess of the pandemic but georgia to me just seems again so unique. Not as many people go there you can have a little bit more of an authentic experience. Plastics like one of those countries in europe. It's it's obviously a first world country but it's not as touristed so i feel like they could use a boost of tourism to help them. I mean all countries can use that right now. I know but we love georgia and so my number five everything on my list is about being in nature or being away from crowds extent Then that for international and the us ones. And i think that's just don't feeling like show out whether it be on the beach by a lake. You know hiking through the mountains. Whatever my number five. I debated putting georgia on spoiler alert but my number five is in the same vein as georgia. It's just somewhere we haven't been yet and that is if you asked me if i can go somewhere without kids basically and just like go on an epic trip. Here's would be my answer okay. You look like you're guessing i will. I mean it's definitely something in eastern europe. It's going to the stands. I was gonna say was stan would have been my first. Yeah so like some of this is where the research got a little funky somewhat you in some don't cure your stand is opened a us or let me let me just say stan would be the one go to my goal would be that i'd go to Kind of all of them and and shrek around but yes. That would be my answer if you said to me. Hey you can go to an off the beaten path thing you don't have the kids go and explore and not have any worries. That's where i would want to go right now. The reasons number five is also my list. I'm kind of like feeling a lazy traveler. So the places that i've picked to me maybe not to. Everyone seem easier than some of the other places that have been on my list in in past years where it was more all my gosh. I want to go so independent. And you know i want it to be challenging and this and that this would be the only one that i would tell my list or would be challenging. This is the most challenging try. It's five so. I would take this opportunity but it would a little minute. We stressed out about doing it too. So the stands specifically curious. Dan number five. Well i think a lot of people can relate to that especially parents or you know we've been in a whole entire year of a pandemic so everybody. He's been with their kids a lot. More have been more mentally fatigued so we're just easing back into travels. Easy is kind of the name of the game right now. Easy travel travel. Although i mean some people might disagree that some of these are easy but they seem easier for me and probably for us or you could tell maybe seem easier for you. Not your number four. This country had to be on the list because had to be had to be. Because it's my favorite. Yes and they have been allowing americans to come. And i i country kind of wish we had been when it was you know no one else to see like amazing places like dubrovnik without tourists tourists because croatia is becoming so incredibly popular. Because it's amazing and beautiful and there's all these wonderful things to see but that also comes with a lot of people so going now when there there'll be less tourists. I mean you can still find lots of places in croatia that there won't be a lot of tourists. but because there's i mean a lot of most of crushes on the coast so you can find lots of islands and maury replaces but dubrovnik is not that place. Oh it's very heavily crowded split as well sovereignty. A very big hub so anyway. It's it's my favorite country. I just think it's so incredible. The food the people the landscape the islands so and they have the digital. no matter. They're going to roll out with the digital nomad visa. So if you are able to work remotely and you wanna go here for an extended period of time. This country will make it a lot easier for you. Yeah we do have quite a few people in our circle of friends and colleagues that we know that have spent a good amount of time in croatia in this last. Let's say year because they opened up quicker and I was just an opportunity to go to europe when almost everywhere else was closed Getting the see there. I did get a bit of wander. Lost your mvp seeing a lot of their pictures especially people who are in dubrovnik like. There's no one else here thought. Oh my gosh now is the time. But it wasn't the right time for us and we didn't feel comfortable doing it but some people they did my number four staying right in that same age and i very much debated putting gershon listen. I swapped croatia out for this. So when i make my list and maybe you do this to have a mike experience and saying oh what's going to give me that experience and then there's a few contenders sometimes for example thought about georgia but then was like well. Let me go to curious stand sticks. I haven't been similar. Maybe type experience. You know where. You're getting off the beaten path and remote croatia. I thought okay well. And i flip flopping here because i just said oh it had to be easy. Well cratia would be easier in this country because it's more tourist infrastructure but. I really want to go to albania. And so just pick almost for the last one. Like when i was gonna guess what it was but yeah you talk about albanian wanting to visit. So we've got good friends there Jeremy and kelly right now who have been there. They've actually been popping around. They were in belgrade for a while. And then now. They're in albania so it's just been back on my radar bit because i've been talking to kelly a lot to designing our website at location indian. So she's been doing. It washes in albania so mike. Oh this is spar you know. It's it's back here in in in top of mind again. And yeah i just i wanna get there before it kind of blows up as a tourist hotspot were blows up. Let's say so. Yeah i just was like okay. This is easy enough while being unique enough in different enough. I'd go to albany. I hate you if you had to go to craciun well number three. My number three is a place we've never been to but a country that we've been to and it's really now it's close to the us. Okay somewhere in. Canada no exit nexico interesting puerto vallarta or so. We as you know if you listen to this podcast spent two and a half months in costa rica which country were allowed to go to. We were there in january february and march and we loved it. We loved it so much with the culture. We love the surf. Vibe trap served almost every single day that we were there and so. we're kind of. I'm tom successful. So we are looking for other places that are similar and so we've heard really cool things about alita. Mexico is one of our favourite countries. I know keep saying we have a lot of fever countries. We're travel podcast. Is when you say favorite country. We're not saying top ten. Yeah could mean fifty. that's true. okay. Yeah that's true. Mexico being really close to the us and easily accessible a couple hours on an airplane so you can go to mexican tragedy to get in and yes you to get around exactly so a lot of infrastructure there for people you know good accommodations easy for english. Speaking people to go there. So i really want to check it out at some point so i also debated pudding mexico on the list. The only reason. I didn't and i didn't do enough research to even check this out. Was i just assume sourly to would be hotter in summer than maybe springer fall like. Well maybe it would be too hot in the summer. I actually don't mind hot weather so that it would wouldn't perturb me for deter me from going to to there during the summer. Yeah aah maybe. It's too hot all right when you're cutting list down to five places where you go everyone else. Listening can probably relate to any reason to whether it's legitimate or not to knock it off the list. You kinda just take because you know in my head i start with a list of twenty places and say well now i gotta get this down. My number three is a place we haven't been to either but we're supposed to go to last summer and so i'm still chomping at the bit to go there. And that is the home country of one of our good friends and actually one of the people who just insult to. Who isn't sending me surf pictures. And saying you gotta get here on. That's mikko you might have heard him on our podcast before because he did a destination diary of the country of bulgaria and so ever since last year will even since we started talking about going with him. And that's one thing is always going with someone who who grew up there whose parents know it like a local we start talking about this shoot two a half years ago now and he's completely sold me and if you haven't been sold on going to bulgaria don't know much go listen to his destination diary to one of the best ones we've ever done because he he just knows everything about you he. He explained why bulgaria so knee and all the different regions very very well. and so. yeah. I just i. I was really excited to go there supposed to go last august. We didn't and so. I'm still really excited. Because it has the beach and you can go to varna and you can go to the black coast and you can go some of the small towns if you wanna get away from the city vibe and then it has amazing mountains and hiking an old like some of the oldest cities in europe so that to me is a perfect combination of somewhere that i'd want to travel while still being able to stay away from people like give me the mountains and the beach and you know. I probably wanna pop through sofia the capital two. But maybe not spend as much time there. So i'm actually talking to myself more into both where talk wait. Maybe this should be two or one but yeah great food great weather and it's supposed to be an awesome time to be just like when we were in georgia in august and it was great. You know similar type climates. Because they're right next to each other right. Yeah i'm sold. I mean i was actually just talking to mackenzie the girl the woman who helps us with our social media and she said that she was going to try to go to bulgaria with mccowan and his rare. Aker i mean but her name is mackenzie. Yes right yes yes she's like. Oh yeah maybe going. To bulgaria was like we. I go on this trip with all of you. Maybe we'd stop on your hip hop trip to bulgaria bulgaria. That sounds superfund number two. So i actually made a mistake and my number two is not a country that you are allowed to go to right now but i had it on my list as far as my number one. You can't originally. And because i want to go there so badly but i had it on there when i started this my notes weeks ago and so anyway. It's canada. it's vancouver island in canada. And the main reason i want to go. There is because some of our best friends live there and we haven't seen them at all throughout this pandemic obviously and we just really want to see them and we love going to vancouver island in the summer. We've done it about about an easy trail. I mean we're we're very used to that area. We again have really great friends there. So that is one of the easiest trips when you visit friends because you know you don't have to worry about so much and we have gone there every year for multiple years except for twenty twenty and so i just really want to go back there and we love in couvert island and talk about you know not being around a lot of people. It's you know. Victoria's a beautiful city and there's people there but the whole rest of the island is a lot more remote and we've been to tofino which is beautiful and there's good surfing there although i'm pre shirts kolding. You need a wetsuit yet. Still trying never come. So i just think it would be lovely to go back there but yeah as of right now in. May you cannot go to canada but if you're vaccinated maybe maybe maybe by the phone eighty who knows one of the weird things i'm gonna make myself sound. I'm here but that's okay. You're saying like doesn't she know in the us we've done the trip where we've gone. S we we basically lump in the pacific northwest. And we all again other than two thousand twenty. We've gone out there for five years in rome. Go into portland. We'll do a little bit of seattle here and there but it's usually portland and vancouver and vancouver island and so it. Yeah when you were saying them like okay. that's not international. Like oh yes yes. It is yes it is okay so anyway just there you guys go dump traveling. Oh yeah that doesn't happen very often so my number two is a place that i don't even know if you can go to right now or not. didn't even look it up. Okay don't care. If i mean here was the lemme. Here is the theme behind this. I wanna go to a caribbean island. Oh so much of the caribbean is open right now. Okay like a lot of another dumb traffic. I don't mean caribbean i'm to go to. Here's the thing. I looked up to caribbean. And i looked up some of the temperatures and that actually made me think i'll just go here in the fall. Yes the winner. So my that's why having to my notes. The original was. Let's go to the bahamas. The caribbean okay. Looked it up and was like oh. It's still doable in the summer. But i'd rather go. I'll save that for like the fault. The nation or winter destination podcasts. So then i thought. I want to go to an island where the next best place. That's close. Let's go to the mediterranean and so that was the theme and i. My orca was right there. And i was going to put on there. Some did but i decided to put into place. We haven't been before was malta. So just like one of these places. I'm always wanted to go. Listen if you subbed in corsica or if you subbed in sardinia or sicily or my worker number. One has a lot of island in the mediterranean. So we'll chat about okay so you could have been any of them. I'd be fine. But i did go onto an article of the twenty best mediterranean islands. And you know i was just scrolling through them like all these sound awesome but then they sold it again in the mike now. It said. Best for value malta. Best value always. We're over three hundred. And some of the mediterranean's clearest waters and the greatest density of historic sites have any nation. You think malta might be expensive. Not so i'm putting on. Yeah you know the the origin of the pop story travel. Hacking all comes back here full circle. How many years later the value while they said best for families and then best value malta. I was split between those two rams. Let's multan yeah and are really good. Friends went there on their honeymoon. Your twitter almost twelve years ago now but yet they really enjoyed it so i think that would definitely be place. I would love to visit all right. Your number one number national number my international number. One ease greece but not the islands that we've been through so greece has so many islands and it's really fun to take the ferries there. The ferries are beautiful. They're big they're comfortable So thirty kids love going on boats. So i think that has a family trip. It would be really amazing but the islands that i would choose would be the lesser known islands or when really big islands such as crete. Which is probably i. Don't know probably but a lot of bloggers and things online say creed is the best four families because there's a lot of things to do. There's a lot of infrastructure there. There's also so many amazing beaches including this one that i just read about this morning when i was looking up his speeches which is elephants which is a pink sand beach and it's shallow and perfect for kids and it looks amazing. Yeah greece yes please. I would like to go there then. There's some other islands. The ashes are cool and i love beaches but now thinking of food. We had a greek salads and calamari and just Such amazing food. So we i. I think we both really loved recyc- i had. I had picked this destination as my top place to go to one summer when traffic georgia and i picked greece. And i think that you were just like oh we'll go to seattle to be great and thought be cool but then we loved it yet so anyway. That's my number one. I need to go off the beaten. Greece come on. Everyone goes in. That went mike. Yeah well okay. Here's why is there so many islands so you can choose a lesser known island my number one and when we first started making this list suit just number one it was the first thing that came into my head and you cannot go there as a as a. Us citizen right now. It is in the eu. I very e you have actually all of mine other than kazahkstan are in the u I think that's speaker or or in europe. Excuse me i don't mean the eu and. i think that's just because we haven't been to europe for quite a while and going on the that easy travel drain europe. Isn't that far from for us from the east coast. I considered i consider thailand. I love them. If you drop me today. I'd be super happy but i just. I didn't really want to get on a plane to go that far with a mask with the kids with the kids in a mass going fourteen hours or more twenty thirty. No yeah so so. That's why some of these are a little more off the beaten path in europe. But this one isn't this is actually the closest that you can get to the. Us wall staying in europe for other than maybe ireland airport and that is portugal It just as top of my list. I just. I'm craving going back to portugal. We have a good amount of friends who have been to portugal. Actually the next episode you listen to the next one. That comes out right after this. My buddy mike incredible episode by the way. He has a place in portugal. So he's popping back and forth there because he has some e residency stuff so he's allowed in and just like man. Yeah like just. Give me back to portugal. It's a fun easy western european country. That has incredible beaches. You can go up till has been in porto if you want to see if you want to be in the city. There's awesome towns wine country. Just it to me was like yup. This is my number one international and someone. We were just talking to about portugal. I they said that. There's the most amazing island south of of like a portuguese island. And i can't remember who it was but anyway. I definitely think portugal vietnamese in place to visit the coast. Because we we were there. We didn't we were one day in the coast at the coast because it was february was really cold so we just did the city stuff but the coast of portugal is jest. Wow yeah the coast is awesome. The islands are awesome. We yeah there's a. I mean for such a tiny country. There is such a lot to explore. I don't know if it was madera that you're talking about the island. That's that's off the coach portugal but that is getting a ton of kind of publicity for digital nomad hotspots. It's actually you know it's actually off the coast of morocco. But it's a portuguese island. And i feel like the person was portuguese. Who was telling us this. So i mean if you know who i'm talking about please let me know you're listening and you're just telling about this in the past two months then please reminding me including the canary islands and stuff like that down there And all the portugal. Now the sudden i mean those are separate trips which is great even if you made me stay on mainland portugal. I'd be more more than happy. so yeah it just. It just stuck out from the very beginning then. That usually doesn't happen. Obama list with there's a number one and its definitive and i'm like no. I'm not moving office towers it. So we're going in to our u s destinations. Heather's asking me if we should split this into two parts so why not. Yeah i think maybe we should. Because i was thinking that maybe we should try to make sure that our podcast is not so long. I don't know maybe all of you liked win. Our podcast is an hour. Plus but i just do they not it. Yeah what we'll do. Our plan change on the fly was supposed to be adjusted international destinations. But why don't we just put a pause on this. If you like this one comeback for the next episode. We'll split it up. We'll make it so that this is thirty minutes a little over thirty minutes so a commute to work posse a or one round of doing the dishes. Maybe however you listen to your podcast and actually i'd love if you answer that question for us. We'll put it up. We'll get back to put this up on instagram. when like when are you listening to the epa. podcast things. Are you doing when you're listening to podcasts. Because i know for me and half the last you with this for me. The only time i'm listening to podcast because we don't have a commute anymore is when i'm doing the dishes. Which means. I don't mind doing the dishes because i get to listen to podcasts. Or when i'm just out on a bike ride getting some exercise or oral walk slash. I don't run so much but a walks run. Those are the only times. I'm listening to podcasts. Whereas before the what got me into loving podcasts was when we lived in japan way back when twenty ten and i had a forty five minute commute to work and i would always put him podcast on the way and on the way back. What about you. When are you getting the chanceless. No podcasts. yeah. I mean probably also when i'm working out i don't really listen to a lot of podcasts. Actually but we have started listening to a podcast of somebody reading children's books. Who is really loving. The bookmarked podcast. And we listen to it now. Every single day every it's great he is great but it's a lot so let us know how you this podcast we're going to end this one and we're gonna come back right away and do our top ten. Us nation well five each year average five each top ten or five each. Have you want to split that. Some of our wishlist for destinations in the us. So we hope you like this two questions to answer. Follow us on instagram. Extra packing peanuts. One will put up a sticker or whatever they're called about. How do you listen to podcasts. And to then we'll put up where you dreaming of going the summer because i want to see your wishlist as well. That's super fun for us to get to hear that. So thank you guys for listening. Thank you for the support as always it makes us one of the top rated travel. Podcast you can get the show notes at extra pack of peanuts dot com slash shows. And until next time everyone happy very travels be playing. And we've forgotten this. Oh cities name. Ceo breath on window pane. Lets us tom phillips. Try way on my way. Seen some thing. I gotta go get a snack now because i see a minute just as blueberry muffin very hungry.

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