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This week on what the fuck crime, just because you're dead doesn't mean you won't get lucky sex, and mirth, Carolina sucks. An internal shakes and puppy dog stakes are just an appetizer for this rookie killer. Buckle up everyone as we jump into what the fuck crime. Welcome everyone to what the fuck crime episode five, I, maybe jeez, so Keith any what the FOX's week. Oh, yeah. On those fucking and today was the best day of all okay. So driving to work again because apparently all bad should happen when you're driving to work too, because they're soap looking good, guys. They both. All right. So the first one this is really nice dodge charger black next in the lane. Next me now, this is the cars, I like cars you like. Okay, beautiful pray twenty eighteen twenty nineteen gloss. Black is really nice, but it has this really weird gold Elmo on the side. So it pulls a head of me chance for my thing I didn't know what it wasn't time. But it pulls a head of me and all of a sudden, on the back of the bumper is a three foot long, probably six inch high transam sticker. This is transam. We why. That's the best part. So, yeah, the dodge says, transient with the back, so I pull forward on the side of the car is the transam logo. And then they pulled past the car on the hood of the car is like the smoking demanded transam bird. Transient high school. Wasn't that? So this not even the same car manufacturer. Is it Pontiac dog? Even close. Yeah. Like I was like this. Fucking looks like shit. But hey, we own, even if you're an idiot. Okay. So what was your other even better than that? Three cars ahead of this. Moron. Call it as it is three cars ahead of this guy is a Mercedes and for sale. Okay deal you say on the back says for sale that has a phone number above the four sale. Sign is an eight by ten picture of the car on the car. That's on the cards for fucking say. Sure, what the car looked like the picture of the car on the car. You can't make that shit up. Even better on the back of the car and the picture was the front of the car. So I guess you're fucking lazy, walk around the front, you can see. You can see. This is genius. You seeing the back and you're seeing the front all at the same time. No, no. Fucking morons. Okay, tag, your. What are you got? All right. So your memory setup our Instagram while back. Right. And you remember how I followed all of the Kardashian accounts, I could find right? Oh, yeah. Because that's all I can see other Instagram now. And Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret shit some of that's pretty nice. But I recently followed parasol, ten I saw that too. And that's pretty nice as well. So that I was gonna start watching the credits. Every moment when you're not home watching the credits. I am actually hooked as your brain star shrink may bring his chink. It's a really interesting family. It's fine. I. Not. I must be doing more. I've lost all respect for you. You promise. You had respect for me a little bit not much. So that's my what the part for this week. Is that I'm actually hooked onto keeping up with the Kardashians. I'm like season. Four binge-watching it when I'm not around. I'm binge-watching it. You know, it's funny, I know you're binge-watching, and you have the opportunity to watch this week. Once again, you didn't go to fuck it work this week. But this week it wasn't completely my fault. I just couldn't handle it. First world problems. Life is hard fucking coming to work anymore. I probably start like being Monday to you Tuesday. Well, whenever you decide to go back, my, my Bank would like it, if my boss would probably like it, too. But again dysfunctional environment, so it's not not fucking dysfunctional. Try mine. Let's move onto something more than the fact that we're actually drinking bourbon bourbons good. So every time we fuck up, you gotta take a drink. I mean that's important shit. I'm already end of this will be fucking toasted. Okay. So let's explain what the fuck crime is all about. Well each week. Keith is going to research, something usually a crime that he thinks is backed up then just ten minutes before the show. He hands me the show nuts. That means I know nothing about the case in what's worse. I've agreed to do my best to read, whatever he's written for me. Word for word no matter what his goal is to freak me out, and get me to say what the fuck is many times as possible. What you can expect from what the fuck crime won't. People will go missing murders will be committed and general mayhem will be discussed Keith has some weird fascination with what he called the worst crime of all cartoon on cartoon violence at this point. I'm pretty sure you're just teasing us cartoon on cartoon violence out there. Stories on it, but there's so much really good shit up there. I mean today, for example, cannot wait for your e today shit year, input up shed at mode. You have to give me some cartoon on cartoon violence. All right. All right. Some fucking Bossi's back to it. Don't be surprised if that shit shows up sometime from time to time to we're waiting for it. Now. What I do know is all this shit besides cartoons. Which we haven't had yet are real stories. What follows is your one only warning we're here to entertain. If you're looking for us to be serious or get ended by dark comedy. This is not the podcast for you. Basically, we will be inappropriate moist in sassy and says, yes, I hate those words, and you'll either love it or hate it. We do our best not to make fun of the victims or their families. That would just be completely fucked up. But if you the criminal, we hope you very thick skin. All right. Keith enough of the public service announcement where we going this week. Drink fucking. Finding hair. Didn't you miss thinking everybody to? Well, that's what I'm thinking drank fucked up to. All right. So, yes, I do want to go ahead and thank you everybody for the apple ipod reviews. We really appreciate those. So if you haven't already pleased him over to apple ipod, or wherever you listen to us, and give us a five star of you. It really does help us out. But with all that. So this week is going to be our first spree killer really excited. It's really fucked up reading about this whole story was just completely fucking twisted. It was. I can't believe never heard this idiot. Which is even better because I was excited when I was reading it. But before we went to that lets some stupid stories new stories so mine for the week was, of course, just because you're dead doesn't mean you won't get lucky. Yeah. I know. So this is an older story that I found that, again, I can't believe I didn't know this, so back in nineteen seventy six and between them in nineteen ninety two a man in the Hamilton seventy six to ninety six to ninety two and the Hamilton county morgue said that he had sex up to one hundred bodies while he was working there. Oh. No. Apparently he was always higher drunk, while you'd fuck and have to be too. That he would just go top of them, pull his pants down and do business. So every time I joke about you waking can make. Here. Fucking really gross. Now, here's the funniest part the key piece of evidence against him was his wife through report that her husband was coming home from Smith from work spilling like sex alcohol. So she was told whatever the county tiller whatever happens on county property in county time is the county business can do. Well, no, they knew they could be she called them. But. They weren't going to mitt that. Twenty twelve the families of the victims and I love to know how you find out that one finally sued Douglas and the county. And Douglas reportedly having sex with victims their bodies were will advisor waiting autopsy, basically, so on the bright side, they weren't could open yet. Put. Yeah. I'm really? So they settled out at court, but fucking gross and. Yet you have to speak, eventually know how God. How do you find these stories? Start with some really weird searching for shit. And. No, no. Yes. So mine is taking a step back from that. I think that I have found my niche, I am looking at legislation that is fucked up, so I've done Texas in their aspirations. So this time I have realized that it's extra have sex in North Carolina. So says nobody who lives in North Carolina. Apparently actually, this was kind of a fairly serious issue. There is a legal loophole in the line lurks, Carolina, that basically says, once you started a sex act, you cannot stop. You cannot withdraw approval of a sex act. So basically you pulled on your set your pants. I start having sex with you. And then, like you have really bad Jala toes or whatever, and I decide to stop having sex with you. You get to keep on, and I don't get to claim rate. And it's backed up to the worst part of this. Okay. Is the fact that this has been on the books for the last five years since two thousand fifteen they've been trying to get this loophole closed. So quite a penis because you don't worry about those things. No 'cause I don't ever say no. Okay, let's just pretend that there is a center area where you would see. No wouldn't you like the ability to say no at anytime. You lost me scenario, say. Play devil's advocate. Absolutely knows. No time. No is no back that cons only state in every state who is not close as loophole. And it's not on the top of their list of things to do. But you know what I hear when you say you cannot withdraw consent? Okay. All I hear is men are fucked and noth- of the reason you think that's because when they're done, they're done in the woman can now say, no fucker keep on going. So, yes, I want my cake and eat it too, because just because you're done doesn't mean you're done. Exactly. And if I say you're done, you're fucking done. This is fucking bullshit. Standard. Not a double standard just because you finish early. Does it mean your time North Carolina? North Carolina realization is that there's still a state in the United States, that said, does not have it in their books that a woman can say no or man can say, no at anytime, and that's fucked up. So if you're if you're partying North Carolina for one I stand at least had across the border to south. Yes, definitely I think that if you're female and your parting North Carolina, you should go south so you can still change your mind. That's the only time I've ever said I should go. But hey whatever. All right. So yes, serious. But something that I wanted to draw attention to song. So glad you decide to be serious touring her podcast. All right. Very important. Hey, search for fucked up shit. And what comes up is booked up shit political up, but not. No, not politics. No, you. All right. All right. All right. So let's move on. So let's go into our main story. So we're going to raise look into a spree killer. Sure it's good. It's really good and scared. All right. Let's cross across the Calvin this that's pretty good. Oh man. All right. So let's cross the California where you can worship at the house mouse, anytime you want the house, and now does fucking Star Wars move in. In. Definitely so we're going turn back time. Call it to January nineteen seventy eight. So I'm not even born yet. No, you were. But you weren't itching daddy's pants for her because you were born in seventy nine and he was getting busy. I hope my mom doesn't listen to this, if she does data listen to it, too. Phone call. Back in news in January nineteen seventy eight all right. So since I was three and you weren't even barely an edge of news, editor, Donald woods arrives in London after scaping, South Africa. Okay. Okay. The Sex Pistols, break-up, I should know who the Sex Pistols, or by don't interesting enough. I've heard why do I think of prints? I don't know. I think prince. Purple rain. I wonder if that's right. Coming the first postage stamps. Copyrighted. But. Harvey milk becomes the first openly gay person elected to public office in California, California. Good for them NASA selects its first women, astronauts, go, NASA. Ted Bundy kills floors day. You coeds Lisa Levy, and Margaret Bowman. He's kind of a dick and not. Important news. Really, good news interest. The last Volkswagen beetle maiden Germany leaves the VW plant now. That's sad. Yeah. Until they started making it again, what two thousand seven are they still made in Germany now? No not. That's. That was a stupid question, I guess pretty much. So what's been moon cycle, which was really interesting so spree color, killer, we had multiple people killed so we have three sets of killings for spree killer. Yes, the first killing happens four days after a foment, the second killing happens on a full moon and the last killing four people haven't for days after foam forties, after foam, four days after yet, I'm still in my gods. So far, we've only like one story that hasn't been on a full moon, but she was a crazy brides little bit. So she doesn't count, right? Okay. He was looking psycho. I drink drink. All right. So movies for January nineteen seventy eight which was fucking horrible to look up an unmarried woman by with Jill clayborn, or cleaning cleaver, look at these little tiny numbers. Tweeting more million dollars. No. Castles, which I've actually seen the remake Lynn Holly Johnson for eighteen mill house calls, Walter Matthau, which would be I know who is the. Wasn't even show. The old guys Nobis shows. Oh, yes. Okay. I mill coming home by Jane Fonda for three two point six mil and beyond and backed by Brad Crandall for twenty three point eight million dollars, which, you know, if you make movie nowadays, if it doesn't make nothing make twenty million dollars. You get shot. No, Joe fund you and kills him. Okay. All right. So you're up next for the New York Times Booker work this I'm similar really by JR token. Yes. Middle Earth in hobbit days, just willing to talk with one of the ain't gonna lose people because they probably didn't pronounce that right cow. Talking was writing books and seventy eight. Getting fucking hate mail. That's so cool. The thornbirds by calling McCullough saw TV show, straying family saga allusions by Richard buck, missile brainstorms, barnstorm messiah barnstorm, middle America. Good descriptions of back in the seventies, honorable schoolboy espionage. In Hong Kong, I can handle espionage, Hong Kong Daniel Martin by John. Oh, sorry, honorable schoolboy by John Lee car espionage, in heart, Hong Kong. Daniel Marin by John Fowles English screenwriter reviews, his life, fiction or book, reviews a book of Merlin by Terence, h white missing book of once in future. King. Beggar man thief by Erwin Shah. The next generation of Jordan ashes takes over. Lack marble by Joseph window cops in dog Napper's dog Napper's in southern California. So apparently back in the seventies kidnapping was not a thing. It was a dog that was really fucked up thing. Yeah. All right. Dynasty, a saga Eurasian family in Hong Kong over three generations, wasn't that a TV show here, dinosaur TV show, this completely separate things. Okay. That was set in Hong Kong, the immigrants by Howard, fast ambition in love in the Ternate, century, San Francisco. God, I'm so glad I didn't read books, you know, what's amazing was that these books, the most expensive one cost twelve dollars. Wow. Not J are tokens book. I wonder how much of that book cost now per se. Amount of money. Ten dollars and ninety five cents per token book. It's been in reprint for thirty years. I'm pretty sure you can get cheap. Well, when I buy, you know, football read it. That's right. So we got using videos for nineteen seventy eight. So remind everybody, we watched three seconds of the music video before we go on live or whatever's available. And this was the most painful thing that ever had the fucking do music from the seventies. So I might void the seventies at all costs from now on. Aw, the crime in the seventies was probably good. So crime always is good. But if the music is that bad that I can't really even watch it get over. But they ask do drink for. The cat ignore him because. So top ten charts for nineteen for January nineteen seventy eight. Grohl school by wings, and they think songs nowadays are provocative. I want to get through my notes because I have like a whole paragraph two notes on the these songs. So it started with I'm not sure what this is about, then what the fuck. And they call the music. I listen to explicit amend what the fuck again. This was that. This one sex in school by teachers, nurses watching porn in school. And they say what I listen to his explicit. Yeah. This is bad. All right. Number two, floral dance by brick house and the restaurants brass band, which was basically British where dancing, what I could tell my don't say. Okay. No. Yeah. How deep is your love by the BG's. They with a music video for this. And you sing along to I plead the fifth. No, it's not my fault that was brought up in the early eighties. So in my household, listen to shit and stuck in my head to not hold me responsible for that Eason's to hate your parents know ship. What's new one? All right, number four. Love's unkind by Donna summer's which was the same melody as the song from adventures in babysitting. I'll maintenance as whereas my alcohol, so I like the Miltie. But now adventures babysitting which was really cool moving, again, whereas alcohol. All right, I will number five I will by route was ruby winters. Yeah. Yeah. I'd made notes night, those memorable at mine is say, oh got depressing. It's a heartache by Bonnie Tyler, I realized she was young. It was kinda cool say, we're only halfway through this list. Number seven is daddy's cool by the darts of for love of fucking God, thank can't start drinking this early. Number eight. Don't it make my Brown eyes? Blue by crystal. Gayle case is okay. I this I know my only thought was to mainly enough. The first one was fuck she's hot and my second thought was, I wonder if she playboy. He was pretty hot. Number nine dance dance dance by Schick, a killing out disco might say Passi illicit drugs, please God. Number ten what the fuck was number ten by the way it just fucking. I'm drinking. Ferryman by Janice? Markelle Pulis Publicis. I came fucking pronounce that say fuck it. I'm drinking. I'm John fucking terrible. So yes music in the seventies unless you were high, apparently or you wanted to listen to wings and have sex in school sought Ari. Right. So nineteen seventy TV shows that started Dallas ran for thirteen years now. W k r p Cincinnati ever seen it ran for four years. I think I have. Taxi ran for five years have seen it a rising. If you haven't seen taxi you're like weird indicate different strokes. Eight years. Okay. Here we go battle star. Galactica. One year. Four because it was in syndication flake, you know, twenty five years and every made it and in my opinion, the remake who's good, but not as good as original. I'm sorry. I'm speechless again in being speeches on the podcast. No, no. It was moving on working Mindy for years. Blake seven yes. Bruce Sifi at its finest. I have no clue what this is. So Blake seven is about. I think it's five or six criminals who escape they steal spaceships. I think a firefly on hand five or six criminals in its Blake's seven Blake zone. Yes. Five or six criminals who escaped they steal spaceship. Spaceship, has a on board computer called oral shouldn't it be seven criminals. Now's Blake's fuck. It may was seven fuck. I don't know. Right now. And from looking to somebody found out the are remaking the show, which is really fucking cool. Right. So you show be that they're remaking the show with some people in my first note, says someone shoot me. My second says, okay. Some of these people are good looking. There are some look people, okay? So nineteen seventy eight TV show ranking are you frigging kidding me number one living in surely, which I am proud to say, I have never fucking same. I've seen it. Number two three's company also Protestant. The senate. You are your European is showing because there were reruns for times. This was only shit, you could see. So you know what the fact that you are not American is showing through right now. Number three Morgan Mindy. Okay. Good. Never four. Happy days. Of course, there's all that number five Angie. No fucking clue. What that is number six sixty minutes, that's going on still going on think, isn't right? Timber seven mash who hasn't see met which we've watched it. But if we all use a false lead to sometimes yes, number eight the Roper no fucking clue that for some reason that sounds familiar, number nine on the family that resent number ten is taxi. It was a good show and that was the first year it was on to the top ten actually was a good show. Very good, actually. It was fun. All right. So all right. So here we go. Let's talk a spree killer, Richard Trenton chase the vampire of Sacramento. I did a search for vampire, do we get to opt out of any of these stories. You gotta read it if I wrote it. All right. Everybody buckle. We're to start with this guy over one month over a one month period, starting in late December nineteen seventy seven and ending in late January nineteen seventy eight. One year to one one one year was over a month when month December to January one be one month. I've gone through my jank one person in one month. Like two fingers right now at your should be good. I see for. All right. Chase murdered six people. He was caught in early February nineteen seventy eight in only then did the real picture of who Richard Trenton. Chase was was started to take shape only men did he finally get dubbed the vampire of Sacramento. There's really only one place to start this story. And that is at the beginning. Richard was born may twenty third nineteen fifty. He was raised in a strict household with his sister, mother and father now surprise, surprise. His home life was filled with turmoil. His father and mother constantly fought when his father was not fighting with his mother. He seemed to enjoy repeating Richard healthy. Yeah. As we all know child raising this type. Environment is already at risk for behavior modeling and is guaranteed to have mental and emotional issues that will surface once in have to be resolved later in life. This is not to say that all people who grew up in this type of environment will turn into spree killers or continue the cycle, and abuser children, quite the opposite is true. The majority people persevere through this and become great parents and members of society. But unfortunately, there's a small percentage. It's like completely in the wrong direction. This is certainly the case where Richard Trenton chase is concerned. You're being so politically correct not nice. It's like polite and hopeful in the will long Pesident of. All right. So by nineteen sixty when Richard was ten his predilections were starting to take shape. By ten. He had started to catch kill or mutilate animals. He would find her his neighborhood, this behavior never stopped in his teen years, richer, began to drink and became an alcoholic and extended his behavior by adding fire starting to as ever growing list of murder. Qualifications hoyt. So isn't there like a trifecta thing it was like holy fucking trinity of gift guarantees? You're gonna be really fucked up in adulthood versus wedding, your bed, getting beaten the shit out by father, usually does that the second has mutilating animals, right? And then the third one lucky me or this guy is fire starter. So yet he gets the trifecta. Does he really to add insult to injury in high school? Richard was now dating and attempting to become sexually active numerous girlfriends reported that they hit attempted has sex with Richard, but Richard was unable to maintain erection. How do you get into that interview? Man. Do you know this man? Yes. Vide- couldn't maintain. Indirection really. I doubt it went he would couldn't maintain correction in pro interaction, it was probably kind of droopy us to feet and get it up. All right. So the realization that he couldn't maintain interaction disturbed, Richard and his parent. So how the fuck you have a conversation with your parents? Hey mom, I can't get it up. And his parents as it somewhere that this bothered him and his parents. Yes. I don't want my parents involved in my sex life. No. But if you can't get it up suppose the first person run to his your mother, no, definitely no. I don't go to my mom about sex, so Winstone high school. Richard went to see a psychiatrist of told the root of problems was either repressed, rage or mental illness. Chase did not seek any further treatment after this diagnosis match later. It'd be determined that chase had in version two conventional sex and could only achieve arousal orgasm through violent or disturbed acts such as killing animals and Necker. Billy. I look at it this way, he really could only get a witty from woodland creatures. You and necrophilia. This is your second necrophilia story goes normal, woodland creatures. It's woodland creatures of the dead persuasion. Yes. Apparently like a more to tell us like hijras to be like. Yeah. And I like having sex with dead woodland creatures. This is not new. That I might be the first question. I'm going to ask is what kind of Quakers? I mean, we're talking rabbits here or squirrelled is in matter. We'll all not head Chuck's. Porcupines skunks. Doing imagining agai behind skunk lifting tail. It's not a good image. All right. So in nineteen sixty eight graduated high school were most of his grades were that seized dis NS, definitely not in this house yet. So he was totally underachiever copy of it so fast forward to nineteen seventy one Richard admitting community college for almost two years in was consistently over changing for him at least by maintaining a solid C winning student in February nineteen seventy one Richard Renton apartment with some friends. Okay wine. I got an entire book here usually have a few pages. This is like book, this was really interesting. And now we're on his friends part, who the fuck wants to be friends with him because he can only get it up with woodland creatures who were dead or he was good, providing meals, the why what, what me like dead within creatures when you're gonna stake on state going on. Are you jumping ahead? The I it is a party he boarded up all the closets room doors. He was also heavily into recreationally use of married of the Mary, Jane marijuana for those hip to the lingo, such a geek your all maybe read. As to be expected. It didn't take long for his roommates to realize this was a few crayons short of a full bucks yet. So I mean think about at what point when you wake up that next morning, you find your bedroom doors or board up with carport you go. Hey do get the fuck out. He boarded up the doors while his yes, all the windows in his house and smoke pot. All time wireless, friends were in the room. Those are not friends. I assume the doors you're sleeping now. She's all right. So may seventy one his roommates asked him to move at shit. When he refused. They said fuck the shit him ran for their lives. Leaving Richard alone in an apartment he could not afford. So he does what I'm sure it was bound to improve his mental health. And he moved back in with his bare shit goes bad move back. People would be crap out of you. I and wouldn't, you know, it may have nineteen seventy seventy-two his parents have paraded, no doubt this was due to a combination of crappy marriage mixed with a fucked in the head son. Living. Now. Richard is the child of a broken home. Oh, it's heartbreaking case now, spending his time between his mother's. Father's house. How old is he? So you figure he was probably about nineteen point, maybe twenty. And he's bouncing between houses because nobody can stand him fulltime Dr. At home. She's twenty the judge, and I sent her Astor grandparents houses weekend. In November of seventy two likely baked out of his fucking mine. Richard decides to find himself and goes on a solitary trip to Utah. Go, you go find yourself Utah's obviously the place to go. I got to Los Angeles find yourself. Yes. Fucking New York. Now, I wanna find myself shopping. Credit card before you go. Okay so returning from his vision quest Richard attends a party at a friend's apartment. How does this guy friends using the word friends, again, all articles kept seeing friends, and all I kept doing reading the ship was going fuck is friend. All right. So at that party Richard tries to fill up random, girl, as you do seize asked to leave any does leave, come on. There's a party happening any wants to play. So even though he was asked to leave. He comes back and his friends do the first thing I consider fucking rational and call the cops the cops arrived at scored in from the party, oops a twenty two caliber gun falls out of his pocket. And he's arrested for possession puts a gun in their pocket more than the gun. Unfortunately, it's more than shoot himself in the process, so I don't understand why this happened. But this further his father bailed him at a jail and charges are dropped. We're so close to keep his fucker in jail and his. Ahead. Bales about so close yet. In may nineteen seventy three he moves to LA the mecca sanity and normal to live with his grandmother. This is only lasted a few months as she was apparently the only rational, one in his family. So after a few months of nonstop complaining of how non-existent head injuries. She kicks his ass to the curb, now, Richard was so convincing these head injuries were real that he went to a number of doctors until he finally was referred to neurologist who diagnosed Richard with psychiatric disturbance of major version. I think that's neurologist speak for bat shit crazy in December nineteen seventy three he went to the hospital in Sacramento until the doctors, nurses, someone had stolen his pulmonary artery. And his blood flow is stopped. Way, he went he went to the doctors and said his party stop year. I mean, obviously, don't heart debris or talk or do anything. But he's standing in front of doctors going my pulmonary artery. No longer works. Yeah. What the fuck is he on it wants them? Hey, so rightfully they admitted deci can't trick word but his mom comes in checks him out, yet, most understanding fucking parents or they're insane mush. Sure. Which, but either way what the fuck. All right. So in nineteen seventy five just three years before he murdered Richard was, involuntarily, committed to a mental mental institution after being taken to a hospital for blood poisoning. A how did he contract blood poisoning? You might ask, well, he got blood poisoning from injecting rabbit lead into his veins. So I answered that question, apparently he is favourite animals rabbit. Furry would creek woodland creatures as right, you can get it up for woodland creatures too. So you like Bambi porn for him. Live. Obama's mother dad might have been. All right. So this is when we learn why he needs blood during his institutional. Stay Richard escapes in the hospital and tried to return to his mother's house. Thankfully use apprehended instead to institution for the criminally insane where he often shared with the staff fantasies about killing rabbits, back the rabbits during tree when it comes out the blood of others was the only way to prevent in. During his blood into powder via poison the hip planted beneath his soapdish. You're gonna get it from somewhere. Well beneath your soapdish, which means he probably wasn't sharing either. Also during this day he was found with blood smeared around his mouth hospital staff discovered the captured two birds the bars of his bedroom windows snap their necks and sucked bled out is earned the nickname of Dracula among the staff at the facility. No, no. After undergoing a battery of treatments involving Heike trope drugs. Now signed me up for that shit, and I'm kissing shocker to a lot of that chases deemed no longer a danger to society. What? So give me some acid shock me a few times, and you're good to go out here in nineteen seventy six he was released under the supervision of his. 'cause they're the best guardians in the world. Daddy to the rescue, again. Because we all know the blessed place to improve and get wells, but returning to the same shish so you came from mental health in the seventies seriously at the fuck, and suck said to me is Yasser. All right. Richard moves back in with his mother during this time. He this bullet points here. I wanna keep going states eve is reincarnated as one of the younger brothers Bank, robbers that associated with Jesse James hospitalized at Beverly manner committed schizophrenic suffering from semantic delusions. What is semitic? Well, it's disorders relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind, basically body issues that are causing mental issues as opposed to the other way around. So he really did have problems with his health. But that's what you're saying. Okay. Yeah. So he gets into an argument. His mother slaps in knocks her to the floor argument centered around him accusing mother of attempting to murder him with poison. So now she's the Nazi. Most mothers are. We're gonna leave that there and respond his father does every rational loving father would do he buys his Senate apartment so he can live by himself. Oh and not only does bother by an apartment, they pay his bills. And by him food. One, I wish I had his parents and two. I'm kind of curious what kind of food that they buy him? I mean he has particular tastes. So we today, get him some fresh animals pets how they got in fucking groceries stakes. ABC. Hopefully they fucking groceries hope. All right. So at is permanent. He learns the finer of home cuisine because they got him groceries apartment, you go. Do something started killing animals. Dogs cats rabbits, birds h-, you know, the stables of pantry I would just like to repeat that I read with the fuck. He starts out small blending the entrails into smooth. Gonorrhea smoothies before he graduates puppy stakes in king of I like animals like puppies, we like kittens. Yeah, it's kinda gross. You can love your pets, just don't let your Pat. I don't think he loved pets. He liked the pace of pets. I still got pages to go so him living by himself as between nineteen seventy five and nineteen seventy seven. Thank god. I'm still not born in January seventy seven Richard decides he needs a vacation as mother helps him plan a trip to Washington. Oh. And she gives him one thousand four hundred fifty dollars for his holiday, those parents. Do I don't know? 'cause he so he still has not held a job though. No job, and no perils, currently are really good will off, while they're under standing August seventy seven he's arrested in Nevada in Felici his Ford wagon on the side of the road when they investigate it. They find a twenty two caliber gun again, a thirty thirty rifled and I repeat the next thirty three rival. Okay. And final containing what looked like blood in organs. He's found not far away from the car, sitting naked on a hilltop, his body smeared with blood, which turns out to be cow blood. Even though he was arrested US, turning did not want to prosecute. He's released so how many fucking times this guy gotten off with not getting arrested? He's been arrested twice now and in San Anton sound twice right? Yes, they don't. They don't want this guy. Nobody wants. No shifts I over seventy seven Richards having a hard time catching his food. So he starts the by dogs for the local shelter to grocery store. You can't groceries. He also deals dogs from people's yards, and even calls the owner to tell them what he's done to the animals as a special kind of fucking evil. Oh, one day paid his mother, who he paid his mother. Visit. She heard a loud, noise and open the door to see your son holding a dead cat. He threw the animal to the granted toward open smearing. The blood all orig- face and neck. His mother. His mother calmly closed the door in his face, and never reported the incident. Well, wait. She never reported the incident. You know anybody comes to your door dead cat us. Look at them and go fish shit close to walk back in may. She made it in the middle of watching more committee, seem never reported the. Well, these parents yet winners. This brings us up to date, and we're entering into December seventy seven on December twenty ninth seventy seven he dips, his toes into the world of human murder, and does drive by shooting. He shoots and kills Ambrose Griffin fifty one in drives off the cat. Two weeks later. He's attempted to enter home of woman. But because her doors were locked he walked away. He later tells detectives that he took locked doors as a sign that he was not welcome, but unlock doors were invitation to come inside. So I know when people start locking their doors in the US. Statement was made. He was once cuts and chased off by a couple returning home as he pilfered their belongings. He also urinated in defecated in their infant child bed folding. But I mentioned the few Creole short of a whole box. Great January twenty third nineteen seventy eight chase broke into a house and shot Teresa Wallin. Oh, three months pregnant the time three times then he has said. Gold speeches featureless. Okay. Hang on. Then he had sexual intercourse intercourse with her corpse will stabbing her with a butcher knife. The neighbour moved multiple organs cut off, one of nipples, drank our blood. He stuff dog feces from Wallin's yard, Danner broke before leaving few crayon short. I need a drink. Hang on. This story is making these over. Can't have that, especially the Charleston here tonight you definitely give me a rebel. What he does next even makes my stomach your civics. Just now turning in this part of the story. I've been reading these stories for months, and months and months. So it's taking a little bit. My tolerance has gone up quite a bit. So, but this one got me close died on January twenty seventh Richard commits his final murders tank cod. I don't mean thank God. He heard somebody. I mean, thank God we're almost done, which qualifies is a mass murder. He enters the home of thirty eight year old Evelyn Marathe, who is babysitting or twenty two month old nephew. David also in the HAMAs. Evelyn six-year-old son, Dan, j Jason and Dan Meredith. A neighbor who came over to check on Evelyn Evelyn's in the bath, while Dan watch the children. Can I get a neighbor like that? But comes while you're in a bathtub comes in and watches the child, while I'm in the bathtub, you'll let anybody in the house while you're doing anything. Well abor in the house while you're taking a bath. Now, I don't know. All right. So Richard finding the front door unlocked own new. Welcome. Thanks, right. And hearing, Dan hearing. Goes in the front. Hallway is shot in the head point blank, rigid searches Dan's body for a wallet and car keys. Jason random his mother's bedroom where Richard finally shoots him twice in the head point blank range, on the way to killing Jason Richard also shoots David in the head pros. Good shot. Okay. So Richard enters the bathroom in fatally shoots Evelyn once in the head, this all seems really normal for a guy who's done all these horrible things, so killing four people's normal your thing. Now, I'd like to take all of. Normal, this killing people generally off of those of that we have to admit that we do these kind of podcast because these kind of things are like something that we're into. So like when you're thinking of into killing anybody into reading of people killing people, the k we know that Manson. We know about zodiac like just walking into a house and shooting for people. I would've expected him to like buying and strangle and all of that. And he's just shooting people. He likes them dead. Keep reading about. All right. So. Shoots David and the head you eat through the bathroom. Fatally shoots. Aveline wants the head drags her corpse into the bed. Oh, no. Where he simultaneously sodomized it and drink blood from a series of slices to the back of the neck. What is this guy saying, Donal, okay? Take it. Okay. So when he's finished sodomized, Ari stabs, or at least a half a dozen times who counts that the coroner usually I don't want their job account. The stab wounds to. Richard, then went to retrieve David's corpse. He took it to the bathrooms blitz skull open in the bathtub and consumed some of the brain matter like the bed. Outside. No, no outside of six year old girl who Jason Mirra had played date knocked on the door startling Richard. Okay. He flees the home, stealing Dan Merida's car. This little girl alerts neighbor. The neighbor breaks into the mirror home where he discovers the bodies poor neighbor in context, the thirties upon entering the home police discovered that Richard left perfect ham, prince and perfect imprinted the soles of his shoes in Evelyn's, blood, will they finally put this guy away for beckon. Good, please. Not as parents get involved. Timmy, might need to put them away to virtually meanwhile, to David's corpse home with him and meet wait, he escaped with a corpse the took somebody with him to twenty two month old baby. Oh, no. And mutilates eats part of the body before finally disposing the corpse in a nearby church. Okay. Angels on a podcast, by the way is not the best I understand. But you can't find stories. Okay. So after the wall in murder FBI agents rest for pickle and Robert Ressler, we're called into investigate. They compiled a profile of the killer. They determined that killer would be tall. Mount everest. He's eaten fine. Say on sake. He's a loner. No, he has friends. Physically unclean. We'll he scared of. So most importantly, he would continue to kill five days after the mass murder after hearing FBI profile, Nancy Holden in old high school friend of Richard's, contacted the police saying she believed Richard, chase could be the killer, again friend. I mean someone in high school knew he was shit crazy. The police ran a background check on chase where they came across his registration of a twenty two caliber semi. Attic that automated pistol. Detectives in a team of police went to chase his apartment where they asked to speak with him chase refused. The detectives in police hid debt, a hallway waited for chase delete arresting him when he left the apartment carrying a blood stained box his parka in shoes were likewise, bloodstain. So he's basically clever in blood and carrying pretty much. All right inside, where pieces of shredded blood-soaked wallpaper. And the bloodstain twenty two with which he committed the murders. Chase claims that the buddy wallpaper in bloody gun were resulted killing several dogs, 'cause that's okay who much better. I wasn't killing people always, clubbing baby seals. I mean, that's okay. So much better to win. The police performed a search chases person. They found that he was carrying din. Meredith's wallet. Okay. Oops. Detectors, along with brezler invo political, which the FBI profiler 's performed a search chases apartment. They found the walls floor ceiling refrigerator in all chases eating, and drinking utensils soaked, in blood on the counter was the blender chase used to make his smoothies. It was caked in coagulated blood. And the rotting at her oven hang on. You thought. And the rotting matter of internal organs. Cannot throw up on a podcast either. Oh, no insight. The refrigerator placement. Several animal body parts raft in aluminum foil, div. It's brains in Tupperware container in pieces of his body wrapped in Saran wrap. He couldn't decide which storage method. Use them foil Saran wrap Tupperware deep run out optimist so several Evelyn Marathe and Theresa Wallin's internal organs on another counter where several pet collars, a whole safari, people's brains and Oregon's pet colored collars, you go. Oh, no. I like animals. I don't like people. I'm just gonna admit that with fine. If somebody's killing your pets. I really care but I don't like people. Kitchen table. He's spread on numerous diagrams depicting various aspects of human biology. In nineteen seventy nine the year was born chased a trial on six counts of murder in order to avoid the death penalty. His defence try head tried to have chase found guilty of second degree murder. Are you freaking kidding me which result result in the life sentence? Their case hinged on Chase's history of mental illness, and a lack of planning in his crimes evidence that they were not premeditated a mate, eight the jury found chase guilty of six counts of first degree murder, the defense asked for clemency hearing, which the judge determined. Chase was not legally saints, no shit Sherlock. Basically saying he's not insane. Not the knees in saying, oh, I didn't even read that right determined that. He's not ending yet. So what proof you fucking need? Someone's insane versus not insane. If the judge went now he's fine. He knows exactly doing. This is in California, right? This is California. In California, I am completely saying. All right. So chases sentenced to die again. She was the point. Oh because they said he wasn't insane. The best. Big asked people in California they used to. Oh, that's why I thought they just did that in Texas. No, California used to be progressive. So, wanting to die chase became beat waiting today. Chase became feared presence in prison. Yes, think other inmates, including several gang members, and we know the gangs of California ain't nothing to play around with aware of his graphic is our nature of his crimes. Feared him in a Cording to prison officials. They often tried to convince chase to commit suicide to fearful to get close enough to him to kill them in so. Chase. Also granted a series of interviews with Robert Ressler. Okay. During which he spoke of his fears Nazis in UFO's claiming that although he killed it was not his fault. He had been given he had been forced to kill himself alive, which he believed any person would do. He asked Ressler to give him access to a radar gun with which he could apprehend the Nazi UFO's that the Nazis could stand trial for the murders he committed and he's not in saying he's normal. He also handed wrestler, a large amount of Magara bean. No hungry. We been hoarding and his pants pockets believe him. The prison prison officials were in league within the huskies attempt. Of macaroni and cheese. If it was bad macaroni and cheese, unless dog makes us not gonna kill you. So on December twenty six nineteen eighty a guard doing cell checks found chase lying awkwardly on his bed, not breathing. In terms autopsy determined that chase committed suicide with an overdose of prison doctor prescribed anti-depressants in the he'd been saving up for the last few weeks, hollow Lou yet. What these debtor stories over. Oh my God. Spree killer it was fun for you. I just about Hugh. So this guy like the entire time. Everybody says he's perfectly saying everything's fine with him and really. All right. So that wraps up everything we have for what the fuck today. I wanna thank everyone for listening in winning courage to share with your family, and friends. Please tell someone you like tech tell someone. You don't like just don't tell my mother. We would also appreciate it. 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