Knockouts and 3 Counts Episode 110 BCWA Got Your Six and UFC 246 Preview with Mathew Priest


You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. WWW dot I'd past Detroit Dot Com. Before information everyone is the mandate. What Germany's worst day? Right here to do. Knockout the drink out remember everywhere. This is Don Western. I'm telling you knock out to three counters. The podcast bathing mixture. That's a winter tech out because nobody like me. They're the real dale a jake the snake Roberts that we know we need to listen to the Jenner's shoot up dance. This is a bring upon her world. Television champion Aka Shane teaboy the baddest champagne. Can you ever seen going. You're listening to knock outs with recap what up to everybody. This is Kyle and you are listening to knockouts and three counts as you can see. I'm not solo here tonight in the in the studio. Oh you've got a mathew priest from be. CWA How you doing brother man let them know where they can find you standing here. It's an honor to be back here with knockouts and three counts always a pleasure likewise my friend so as we've told you in our promo for the show there's a big show going down this weekend you've got. CWA got your six. This Saturday Wind Dot Michigan Copeland Center on Fourth Street. So as we go into this as we go into this show. What specifically are you looking forward to? Because there's been a lot of big changes ageism be CWA with some big stars lately. Well absolutely I mean the match. Of course I'm looking forward to them. Oh this is the main event. I mean Coming removed from cataclysm the biggest show of the a year Coming off a thirty minute. Main event match up there with just a main claiming his W.H. Championship defeating Orlando Christopher and me one of the best matches overseen matched. I'm so honored who've been a part of He defended that championship against former guests. Here of your guys this show and the number by by far the number one contender. The FRO gun derailed three thousand and that should be one hell of a match up there and you have to wonder. We're only three weeks when move from cataclysm in just in Maine and had that major back injury back in March had a hard time coming back from it. He's back. Christopher just took them thirty minutes to his limit how was that back in a hold up on a quick three week turnaround with fro gun. WHO's healthy and ready to go in his prime shape Looking to take that championship. That's the match most looking forward to so tell me about that so we saw a big change from just in Maine you know if you listen to the last time. He was here on the show with us you know he was. You know the clean uncut you know your your classic baby face all that kind of stuff and then he defiantly clearly. He's been listening to the show because what did he do. He kicked him in the Dick. He's been listening awesome so first of all. What are your thoughts on the attitude change? We've seen here from just in Maine and do you think that that's the thing that he needed to put him over the top to get him to the title. See I don't look at it as an attitude you change it all refereeing that match. I was right in there with both those guys. I got to see it first. Hand on what was happening and what took place is the B- Cwa Championship. It's the championship. That drives these these competitors it makes them Wanna be the top and the pinnacle of the organization. Justin main fought plot for eleven years to get that championship. He finally got it he never lost it. It was taken from him due to an injury. He had to forfeit that championship. So here he is in the middle all the match twenty five thirty minutes deep fighting his ass off giving everything he's got to Orlando. Christopher Christopher keeps kicking out because the championship means just as much Orlando Christopher. The pride that it takes to be the champion. ABC W way both these guys are putting it. On the line there exemplifying it Orlando Christopher. Just a main had nothing. Nothing left in in his arsenal out of Arrows if you will in the quiver and Finally you know the kick them in the Dick. I didn't see it didn't matter if I did lead. Cause I said I'm ten to twelve -CATION or three cow or cow autumn. Sorry but he kicked him in the Dick as you said hit him with another jam. Ko Oh and that was enough to put him away in reclaim the be CWA championship and as the guy who's the legacy of CWA. The caretaker. I I have nothing but respect for just the main for what he did. I don't see it as an attitude change. I see as more of an obsession. I can totally respect that. So would that be instead. Ed since you said this is the match you're looking forward to I'm GonNa put you on the spot who's going to win O on the spot see get a little bit deeper into into a here with justin main like I said three weeks removed coming off his back. Injury re reclaimed the championship. He's proven that he'll do whatever it takes to keep the championship Campione ship now if justin main gets into a desperate situation with frog on I think he's GonNa walk out the belt that doesn't mean he's going to due to win the match. I could see him kicking him in the Dick again getting himself. Squalls is technically frozen. Wins the match. Just in Maine keeps the belt. I could see a situation like that because that wouldn't surprise me. Seeing the desperation adjusted means going to do take the balance programs. No no pushover. No Easy Fro gun wanted championship just bad as anybody. The battle for champion November came down to these two men. They were the last two in the ring. Funding for that opportunity to face Orlando Christopher Cataclysm. So frozen wants it. Just as bad. He's had his is opportunity. He knows what it's like to be in that ring in a main event obesity w way in the cope with the people that noise environment in thrive so frog has been there once. He's back in the main event. He's coming for that belly. Wants to just as bad but I have to say the desperation that just amazing to go through to keep his belt. I think justice is is gonNA walk out of got your six still be severely champion. I'm not gonNA say when's the mashed though like I said I mean that matches definitely one that I'm looking forward to as as we've talked talked about multiple times on the show I mean fro become a good friend of the show and I definitely think that he's going to pose some different challenges justice in that it's to me. It's a completely different match than what we saw with Orlando Christopher at Orlando Christopher. You never know if you're going to get the crazy stuff you don't know if you're GONNA get technical wrestling side but with a guy like Fraga and you know you really don't know what you're going to get with him because he can really go either way good guy bad guy however you wanna play it whatever it takes to get the job done and on top of that. He's got the wealth of experience that comes with it absolutely so that matches definitely one that I'm looking forward to Another one that is going to be on the card We talked to elk at the last BE CWA show. And from what I see him as motives are going to run it back. What are your thoughts on that? What are your thoughts on how that match played out at cataclysm you? We got to try the time traveling. Caveman Alka a good personal close friend of Mine that I'm happy to see. NBC W Egan's opportunities returning there and then you have the Lord is Modi who bought a question mark surrounding this guy dark. He's mysterious. He's tough to talk to but Thing with US motives He's he's he's proved that he's bad attitude. He's going to go on the ring. He's going to do what he wants when he wants he. He's been nothing but disrespectful every time he's been from the crowd whether Beatles opponents whether it be to the ring announcer to the fans. East a bad egg and elk is the polar opposite is your classic good guy versus bad guy a A matchup and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be biased here and go with ALC- however You know as motives the guys in tremendous physical condition. He's got a few screws loose. He's very darken. And he's proven he'll go at all cost hurt or maim his opponent. But I'll have to go alka getting the three count here. Good good always always prevails over evil right not in the presidential race skidding head to but that being said man I hi this one is going to be interesting for me because I haven't seen as motives before really before we got be. CWA We. I've seen elk. I've seen since I was in in high school and then it happens to be related to a good friend of mine so I've seen elk for quite a long time With the way he was talking to the interview that we did with them here at a wall. All at BBC WM cataclysm I would say that L. seems primed and ready for another shot at his motives and if he's not on top of his game I think l. l. could be the person that we're GONNA see. Take that one so if I got to choose one I'm going to go with Elkin this one that being said tell me what your thoughts are on the the integration. Now of the House of Truth K.. So you've got movado. Who anybody that pays attention to his social media you know that? He's one of the trainer there and has a long standing relationship with truth Martini. And as you saw at CWA cataclysm truth kind of took things to another level knocked. The bubbas Bell Rang Bubbas Bell on that one and with the how the book of Truth and so tell me what your thoughts are on them coming into BC w what you see from them and gracefully chose got another match here at BC. W This month to don't have slurs kind of a will kill two birds stoned at once here with this this one So Kogo to them Avodados side of things so Machado being the bump and all these reunion in two of his students gracefully chosen they attack the bump and uglies after their big reunited a reunion match up there feel good moment for for the fans and then these two kids fresh out of trim of three or four months removed from from being one of their trainers but truth Martini. The ever the opportunist that he he is sees this as an opportunity for these two young guy. Don US and Oh my God Shaman These two kids and they see their opportunity opportunity in you. May I don't know how the back story goes there. I'm speculating here. Assuming they want the truth. Martini said how do we make an impact. How do we get our name out there as soon as possible? We don't want to go and pair twos like most of these other students do and truth. Martini said why don't you attack. MOVADO MOVADO and Bubba on a bump and that's how you make your name and they made the name for themselves. They made a statement that night and then they they pull off the victory against the bump and uglies leaves a cataclysm and Truth Martini's there he's guiding Gracefully chosen career. He's helping these kids out on the way because they are very inexperienced but we take truth Martini Martini. You take his knowledge his experience his I mean he was a hell of a wrestler when he did compete. But I mean this guy was voted ring of honor honor manager of the decade. He's no slouch when it comes to managing talent so he automatically elevate gracefully chosen to another level they assault Movado Movado. Nevado now is a chip. Because he doesn't know what I mean. These are his students and if anybody out there who's ever taught students or even mentor somebody in the workplace. Replace and you take that seriously. You get stabbed in the back by that person that person turns on you rat you out. Whatever that sucks that feeling is one of the worst feelings of your life so I a feel for a guy like Nevada who has given his time? His energy his efforts to helping these kids learn the craft of professional wrestling. Get out there and then just to get stabbed in the back act by them so they can make a name of Otto. I'm sure deep down. He respects it. Nick Cataclysm he kind of said. Hey that's what the bumblebees did. And he offered that. Respect only only to get attacked more than they have. Tanner Knicks from the House of truth. Come out and join in on the assault. And they're taking it to a whole `nother level where it was truly trying to disrespect. Respect Movado 'cause again truth. Martini knows if you disrespect a veteran and well respected man like motto. That's how you make your name for yourself. That's how graciously chosen. And and Hanner Knicks are gonNA make an infant cells are going to get themselves more. Bookings with more bookings comes more. Opportunities with more opportunity becomes more money with more money becomes more fame. That's the fastest way to the pay window. If you will for these three kids and I mean has every right to be pissed an hurt and you know kids turned on him so before I get to my next question and give maybe my thoughts on the turmoil within the house. The truth if you're looking for a house that's built on truth. You know you got the boys. From Stransky and company Realty Eighty Stransky and company realty the top producing real estate team that specializes in individual strategy over the top service can continued success for their clients. They're the real estate easy button. If you're looking to buy-sell invest call them at two four eight five six three nine four four nine or e mail them at Admin Stransky and company DOT COM. Follow them on instagram and facebook at Stransky and company DOT COM. Look look we plug these guys every week and it's not a joke. I'm telling you all you gotta do go. Look at their instagram. Go look at their facebook. Look houses that these guys are putting out in their quality people people man. They're not gonNA dickey around on prices and try to high ball yet and all that stuff. So if you're looking to build your own house a truth go see the guys at Stransky and companies shout out to the homie match. Stransky that being said My question to you is. Can you explain a little bit to those. Who maybe aren't familiar with truth? Martini are teeny. What what the allure is? And why gracefully chosen would want to turn on their on their coach like that as you mentioned a little bit you know. He's the manager of the year for ring. Bonner there's our manager of the decade bring our. There's a reason for that but I feel like a lot of today's younger fans because kind of been out of the indie scene Kinda sorta other than the House of the truth for a little while. Maybe they might not know as much about now when I first started. Going to the indies around around the area I saw truth everywhere I went. So I- full. Well know what truth. Well Truth Martini brings to the table. So for those who don't know let let them know you know what is the big lower when it comes to truth Martini. I think truth Martini's. He's one of the smartest men not just in the state of Michigan and locally but one of the smartest men ever lace a pair of boots ever walked through a curtain He's extremely cerebral. Extremely intelligent and he understands how how human in a motions work and how to play into people in as what made a manager of the decade is yeah. He's he's smart but he understands how to strategize opponent find their weakness in the manipulate that and direct his talent that he's guiding to get there but as a performer as a wrestler even before that he would do the exact same thing. He's a master. Strategist I mean if anybody's seen him wrestling and this is a guy who probably was a few years. There's ahead of his time in small guys his size in in the late nineties and early two thousand just it was so hard to make a name for yourself as a wrestle. This is the guy it was still the land of the giants absolutely this guy who wb had on their radar. They were giving him try outs. They were intrigued by him. He's wrestling Eddie. Guerrero meals smackdown. And he's getting these opportunities That small guys weren't getting In in that's just how good and how smart he was and then you know. He added career ending injury unfortunately for him and he turned to training and fortunately was able to turn it to managing and get get the opportunity to bring about that he got but but for him now to be grooming Ming these students when you look at ninety percent of every show Michigan. Those students are trained by truth Martini. Him The guy's outstanding He has wrestlers right now. Every major company going There's there's a reason for that. He's one of the best trainers in on the planet and Outside of his training ability a lot of that is understanding how to promote his talent and move them out and I believe he is. I don't know if he's the guy who told graciously chosen do it again. I'm speculating. I would assume bracelet. The children went to truth and said how do we do this and truth. Martini said Hey. You WanNa make an impact is what you do. Tanner Knicks a Kiddo. Same class friends with gracefully. Chosen sees. That says what the Hell am I doing. How do I fast track myself? I'll tack motto to. I'll stick up for my boys soon. You trained together. You know you've experienced training or your brothers and it was. It's a totally different aspect than you know. I mean it's a bond that you can't really explain you know when you when you put in that work with somebody whether it's Eh may box in wrestling I would assume wrestling's Aceh says I haven't done pro wrestling but I mean I know when you train with people there's a reason they call them teams you know even though it may be just you in a cage or just you and a ring. You'd nobody really gets their without you know having a team and speaking of May we'll get into that a little bit later you've got UFC to forty six this weekend. You got the a huge fight between cowboy SIRONI and Conor McGregor. We're both going to give our thoughts on who we think is going to win and give our picks that being said you know it's funny. We're talking about gracefully chosen. Because they're watching right now. Okay and so with that being said that leads me into my next question for you. So we saw studio eighty-six come out victorious at Cataclysm. Okay so where. Where do you see the tag team division? CWA going next. Do you think we've seen the last of Studio eighty-six versus h three R D and. Do you see gracefully. Chosen trying to take a crack. We've seen the last two eighty six and a strategy At all but ungracefully chosen got a championship match. This Saturday. I mean it's it's signed sealed sealed delivered and we were talking about that you've truth. Martini representing grisly chosen. Yeah they only have a handful of months of experiences. Two guys studio eighty six both over a decade it in a long time. They have my blackball in their corner. Is he able to combat truth. Martini will find out Sixers win the belts with. They're coming off a wild nine months highly emotional highly volatile feud and rivalry with h three. And that's all they've focused on and how to win. How how to be a certainty? It wasn't even so much a winning the championships beating a strategy. It was staying together in the United States. Do to eighty six and I have to wonder if that type of emotion all of that focus and energy into just defeating the keeping united takes their eyes off of up and coming team like gracefully chosen. They may take them for granted and a I know Maserati Rick and Bill Martel better than just about anybody on this planet and they're not gonNA take anybody lightly but I got my upset alert going for this one really. I really would not be shocked at all if if bracelet chosen with truth. Martini and the rest of the House of Truth Truth. And you have to take that into consideration. Catches Studio. Eighty six nap and catches Amana on an off week. It's a it's a definite. I mean for those football this this is your trap game. This is your your your total Cinderella story upset. And it's there it's all. The makings are for an upset. You know you mentioned the the upset alert with them and I definitely it definitely makes things interesting because when you add the fact as we've mentioned you know you got truth Martini on the outside. I mean that's another thing that you got to look forward to and that match to me is one of the ones that I'm most intrigued to see what happens. For the fact that Studio eighty-six has been so entrenched in their war with age. Three are you know. Are they going to be able to turn their attention. You know fully on gracefully chosen As it should be right now because as you said they're not only you know young and hungry you've got you know somebody who's wise ring savvy. He's got he's got at the mind I mean even if he's not the one in the ring he's like the one moving chess pieces as in Blackwell's a hell of a chess player himself though uh-huh and he's GonNa have studio eighty six going that you give gift to think of. You know big old shorty out there as well and the elemental surprise. Eighty six has but this this all started. I mean gracefully chosen at almost a grass roots online campaign to help get this title shot going they. They started barking. They ran their mouth and and they got their match so good for them on that that is the only thing that I think is in studio. Eighty six favor is now. They have a bulletin Alton Board material. They have motivation to go out there and show these kids some respect but they still could be caught napping in going back to your comment. ACIG's surety is not a team that just goes away right. You can never count out. Seeing appearance by them in May may have lost the award studio eighty six. But they're the kind of guys that they'll want to still get that last shot in. You saw how they won the championships. Tredinnick makes his debut out the nowhere unannounced total surprise. Could we see surprised. I don't know but I I think sums bill you give me money in Vegas and this is Zahn there and I might take the diamond throwing money on the dog on this one so that leads me into the exact question. I was GONNA ask do you. You know we shared a lot of it at our page aged knockouts and three counts podcast. If you're watching US live you already are following the page. If you're not you need to be we posted a lot of the promos that went back and forth between blackwell well and Gracefully chosen My question to you is knowing black. WHOA very well as well? Do you think that the banter and the bullshit. Oh Shit from gracefully chosen has gotten in studio eighty six head much less Mike Blackwell now. They got in their head. I think got their attention And that might that might be the detriment of graciously chosen but without that they don't get this match. This match doesn't happen of graceful chosen. Doesn't what they did. So it's a double alleged sorta catch twenty two if you will On how that that took place. They got through eighty six attention but hid this master's been announced without any of that banter. That's where I I would hundred percent throw all my money. UNGRACEFULLY chosen pulling off the upset here. Six would have they. Would they would take them lightly. I know those guys. Great wrestlers gay performers when the game when when the lights on. They're going to go but they're also susceptible to getting a little bit ahead of themselves But Blackwell's not going to let that happen Mar tells a AH traveled champion everywhere he's Gone Maserati Rick's a former champion everywhere. He has gone so these guys know what it takes to be champions in order to take the win the big match You know was now. I'm talking myself into leaning series. I and I know that it's there. No Blackwell's going to have them ready. A Ah when the bell rings I hate to say it I know Martel in the Union. Tell Martel and you can tell Rick you can tell both these guys a hundred times but when the bell rings are just going to see two young kids and they're gonNA go out there. They have found. They're going to get in their element and that's when they're going to be suffer. Suspect it to getting the The upset alert that. I'm predicting here so my next question for you is when it comes to to. This is completely for you. So you mentioned how you were in the ring for the Orlando Christopher Justin main match first of all. What was it like What was it like for you being back in the ring in the Zebra stripes? I know you've done it before. So what was it like for you being in a high pressure situation like that and you know what do you think you know. Do we see you ever again or do you think that was a one time. Just for the circumstances let me. It was the night before I found out I was refereeing. The match at the official press conference. Afri- I was getting text messages while we were during it and I don't know if it was the banter between Orlando Christian just in Maine and I kind of said. Hey I Aston so they want me to rough it so so yeah I'll do it It meant a lot to be asked to referee that matching into experience. The first hand they have the best you know seat in the House for it I just tried to do the match justice and call it right down the middle keep it clean and then declare a winner. And I did that. If I'm call the Pentagon I'll I'll I'll down the stripes again. It was if I have no problem doing that Yeah something something I would do do if asked for sure so with that being said is there what are is there anything else other than the things that we mentioned that sticks out to you is something that people are on on the fence on whether they should get tickets and come to be. CWA or not this weekend. Is there any other things on the card that stick out to you record like just stick out like hey this this is something you need to check out what there's three things that pop up in my head. The national ones talking about the sleeper match. That has I mean. We talk about ten nine ten months of rivalry between thirty in studio eighty six One of the major catalysts to that is Nick Braxton and UH Michael T DANIELS MD These guys were tag team partners. They won the championships their rivalry almost in a way. Even those nick. Braxton officially joins the stew eighty six until you are the Father Tony Thunder. You have joined us. What's up brother man? That's me so we were just getting into the match between Nick. Braxton and Daniels so let me know what your thoughts are at match brother. That mess has so much history man That goes back to the no more sorrow days when they were attacked team there. I don't want to be wrong. But maybe four or five time beast. Taking champions they were the best of friends they have history. You know they They came a long way together and to see them Kinda split apart and to see tiger. MD Tucker dangles whatever's going by now turn on the Braxton. That was was just you know it was kind of like a soccer to a lot of people. If you knew the backstory in how well connected in how much chemistry they had as a tag team so i. I think this may be the first time against each other. But it's definitely going to be interesting match. That being said I mean if you check out in the archives which you can check out at apple podcast. Google Voice spotify iheartradio YouTube. All those. We've had we had them on when they were still no more sorrow you know when we interviewed him. I'll be honest with you. I Yeah I didn't really see them. You know splitting they seem tight-knit. Everything seemed cool. They were still going for the tag titles and all that and then one day click. Here's the switch. Now now you've got where we're at currently that's a match that I definitely would agree with you. I think that one could be asleep or just for the history. That's involved in it. 'cause you always fight harder when you got a reason to absolutely. There's there's a lot of story back story. That's going to be fulfilled in that match especially with them. Finally getting their hands on each other for the first his time after the ball out one on one The first time and it's noticed qualification. And you've got guys like directing Paul. You Got Shorty. You Big Daddy again. How you know? Whatever whoever's calling him? Whatever these days but Braxton Daniels one on one not q the The rivalry. They're bad blood. I mean that's the match. No one's talking about but the match that that I'm most excited to see because Because it has it. It's the culmination of a year. Long long rivalry so tony. We broke down a lot of the big matches for you. What's the thing that you're most looking forward to this Saturday it'd be? CWA got your six and there's been a lot of A lot of matches Gaining traction leading up to this event you got a Movado and the house truth and what's been going on with them and saw the last show Gracefully Chosen Kinda got the upper hand on bumping uglies and a lot of grabbed the microphone. Told truth to get out of the ring and said that those were his students coming from the House of truth in that that story kind of Borland to a point where maybe one day we may see truth. Martini himself off back in action for the first time in a long time against my bottle you know I just like going The main event of course just a main finding minding his hands back on the title getting back into that main event spot pun intended and a frog on man. He's been really gained traction himself. Also man this is a lot to look forward to this. BEEN COMING UP. Hey Tony So. Can you just corroborate with me that Clearly Justin main listen to us when he came on the show. 'cause what did he do to be Justin in Maine Man. What adjusted main due to be? Just a may well. You know what I meant to say. When the title I misspoke just in Maine beat Orlando Christopher? He kicked him in the Dick. He he listened. Abra I mean has got to work somehow and it's a tried and tried and true method just ask Rick flair yeah. There was two other things I did want to bring up real quick. You said the look forward to So we plugged the Braxton and Daniels while one not q for some of the other thing thing. This Logan Open Challenge for the Alliance Championship. Th The dread king is the alliance champion. He just battled to death Red Army time even data and Atom Wick. Great match etched to pile driver off the top rope son of a bitch now. This is an open challenge and with the way the alliance championship works as you can have one you. You can have twenty even have a hundred guys challenging for all once because the belt is on the line of Logan's wrestling. That belt is on the line and that match and I think more details details may come come out here in the coming days possibly day of the show but that right there is worth the price of emissions. You could come out. You don't know what you're going to get. He doesn't always fighting. I don't know who's he's fighting. I just know that some guys are gonNA walk the curtain. They're going to get a crack of the alliance championship and odds are with the way that championships you're going to see a new champion Just based based off of The history of that championship. So you bring up something that Tony WanNA jump in there. Go I mean Tony. I mean we've been telling you we need to get you a belt Bro. What fuck man? You know Dr Sologub is definitely a fighting champion. You know he's he's definitive time and time out. He's he's definitely one of those guys that you want to keep your eye on May I don't really know how to explain him to to the people who hasn't seen him before. If you haven't check him out in the archives we've had a few times absolutely if you haven't seen him and what he can do in the range definitely. Don't miss this because as I now I didn't want to call you days but as long as you just said he's writing camping. You don't know who's GONNA come back. Ernie it could end up being league where he may defend the title somebody else come through the curtain and he may have to definitive game. I mean who knows that. That's kind of fighting champion. He is so there's already been a challenge. kind kind of quasi thrown out. You're talking about who you've got your eyes on it. Looks like chase. Burnett's got his eyes on trying to get his belt back. I don't know I'm just looking at the comments here. The Chase Burnett He you know. He had the injury eastbound the shelf. I'm not sure he's medically cleared yet. But Hey you could see a surprise return there. I don't know where he's at medically but I I know he's fighting to get back and he wants. He wants his championship back. And I know Believe Electric ilise already thrown his name and that is a guy come out right up and comer man I I believe I saw. I saw a promotional material from him where he was saying that he was gonNA accept the challenge we one of however many guys except so ilise thrown his his his name in the hat and so before we get off the alliance title. I'd be remiss if I didn't bring it up Ken Cash tells US first. First of all Ken cash. I'm going to get to you one second. He's telling us that we need to make sure that nobody's sleeping on his match with Adam. Wait oh absolutely. We're definitely going to get into that in two seconds before before I get off of the whole thing with Logan I'd be remiss if I didn't mention there's also after be CWA cataclysm the following week. There's a show wind I'm I'm not sure on all the details. I will post them off the knockouts and three counts podcast page. They're doing a show in Wyandotte Michigan. He's GonNa be you know it's going to be helping to benefit the dread Queen Holly You know is a good show good benefit show. It's got a Lotta great guys on it. Logan obviously is going to be on. It believes on it Ah I mean there's a lot of local big names that are going to be on it and it's for a good cause man and hopefully we're gonNA eventually get Logan and maybe the Queen on here to talk a little bit about that Absolutely absolutely I'll be there and attendance. myself I'll never is absolutely You know unfortunately for Halley she has been battling this So hopefully we can get get them some help and You know wish her speedy recovery In this process as they battle through it but take take no light away. You know it. It's almost like that helps fuel logan when he's in that ring lately agreeing in wixom morass. So we're definitely going to post all the information for that. So Oh well we're going to give you a little bit of a sneak. Peek Tony One on. Why don't we give these guys a little bit of a surprise so with that being said we just talked about Ken cash? Ken Cash has got his match about Adam Wick but before we talk about his match with Adam Wick. We need to let you know the Ken cash will be our guest next week. We're going to be talking about his match that's going to happen this weekend at BC. W We got your six. But he's also going to be competing at U. W. F. Next weekend so there's plenty of plenty to talk about with Ken cash. We've had him on for a little bit when him and Alex Guy came on at one of the B- CWA shows but we never really got to talk with them in depth This is an interview that I think is going to be one. That's going to be very interesting for the BC W fans. Because I don't think that they know as much about Ken caches. You know maybe Ken would like to have out there. So if you guys watch us which we hope you you do every week Tuesday. Nine o'clock make sure you're tuned in next week in. Check out our interview with Ken Cash. Tony tell me a little bit about your thoughts with would cash his match against Adam Wick This Saturday at got your six man. This is going to be nice. This two guys who are really hungry. You know Can't cash took a little time off when BC wwl closes doors. And this is the hungry as I've seen him even from back. Then you know. He teamed up a lot with Tony banks who you guys have seen here and there would be Cwa but this is a different can cash. You know he's he's in the best shape of his life he's he's he's traveling places getting get more experience doing everything he can to be at the best of his game and to see how far he's come along to see how far he's pushed himself to become he. Come better is is definitely something to watch out or in as you mentioned next week. We'll have him on a talk about his BWI and his upcoming matching united wrestling. Front front against a Louis. London and Jack Berghel and he got a chance to be a champ. There too so is definitely something that you WanNa Watch definitely a guy who went on about for absolute. So I'll chime in on this matches well Adam Wick and a lot of ways reminds me of a young can cash Ken Cash I met Neil Zero two thousand seven thousand eight. And he's been doing this a long time. I into your point Tony. This is the hungriest I've ever seen him as well. He is in great shape he is determined I'm and focused his ever And I think a lot of it has to do with these feels like he hasn't been getting the opportunities that that he deserves He's been working just as hard if not harder than everybody else. And he's kind of been overlooked. He's had a lot of problems with tag team. Partners analysis like all right get get 'em itself in the singles rates in the ranks and getting himself focused focused on his opponent. which in this case is Adam Wick? Now the reason I say Wickham well out of ways reminds you young. Ken Cash the old catch would come to the ring. He'd be dancing me. Having a good time time allowed them wick might not be dancing. Atom Wick is out there. He's always having fun he's you know he's gyrating around. He's trying to get his opponent's head somewhere can cash use dancing wicks trying to use it with with different tactics and he's very brash very brazen very Almost disrespectful in a way in his opponent and he uses that to his advantage. Both highly. Athletic guys Both a little unorthodox what they can do. So it's a very exciting matchup for me because it's is almost like a time machine match where you've got this new focused. Ken Cash taking on a version of himself that some people might say Adam wicker's the future in the kid welby the kids a hell of a lot of talent. That's what people said about can cash. You know ten eleven years ago is against the hell out of talent. One day. He's going to be you know that the top guy and unfortunately for Ken cash he just kind of had a string of bad luck In now this is an opportunity for cash to prove himself self that hey I can put all that behind me. I can beat this guy at Wick and thou focus on my singles career in look to move up the ranks and who knows maybe a cataclysm. You're going to can cash in the main event or you're looking at in the main event twelve months from now you know it's very possible that this match dictates the future for either one of these guys. It's a huge match so with that being said before we get into our picks for UFC to forty six. The last guy that I made him back for legacy quit because he made a great point with account cash going against the mirror of kind of his younger self. Because if you look at that even a little more further to piggyback off where he said the mild game that they both play to try to take each others opponent out of their psyche is GonNa see really who has the upper hand in that match things are gonNA come down to who can get into their opponents hit. I mean that's a very good point as we talk about all the time. The mental game is just as important as the physical here and if he is got has gotten his head like that I mean it could be a rough night at the office office. That being said if you guys checked the video out that we put out after be CWA cataclysm we had interviews from like we mentioned in the beginning of the show with Caveman Elk. But we I also had one with the seven mile destroyer. Isaiah Brunner I'd love to hear both your guy's thoughts on his Asia Browner and what you guys expect from him. This Saturday of Expect a quick match up. I believe Mitch Att his sign. The contract meant just tough as nails. Ease proven brothers performance. A bail for champion going one on wall frozen. This guy is tough. He's hard to put away. But I think Boehner and especially being motivated by Charlie Brown cane asked. He's what I like to call them. I mean actually GonNa be quick. I don't think you're going to get to see a lot of Isaiah bronner but what you see is is going to be impressive in other words. Don't Blink Tony What do you think are they. Lebron's got the power of requests for those of you who are familiar with requiste. Just just Google it. He's a freak of a man who is kind of like a created God amongst you'll see fighters and created God among just you see fighters quite the Combo there Sir Youtuber who does he is he's a villain streamer and created a character named queasy and he looks very similar to ours. They are Boehner and you've seen the way he knocks out his opponents like hell knocking out just demeo was was mind blowing. We'd never seen mango down that quick. We never seen him destroy like that. He's called the seven mile destroyer for a reason. This guy is Lapentti does apart. He's kicking ass and taking names. You know he's deathly force to be reckoned with. And you okay. Nasty kind of reminds me of a damn king behind his Mike Tyson. Good owner Oh S.. Bob was with Don King in in his quarter manny. He's definitely some look out for. This doesn't take away from Mitch. Himself because risk can get the crowd behind him. He's a very likable guy. He's really good at getting people behind. them is good feeding off their energy. I just don't think it's going to be enough to get passing a brummer. I feel like like my sediments are going both of what you guys said to me man. I think it's going to be one to walk in. Knock them down. I five leave and I think we're GONNA see another win for Isaiah Boehner because I'm just going to throw this out here now that we're not in the battle for a champion anymore. The the whole coming out from under the ring thing I don't think is going to work on a guy like Isaiah Boehner and especially when you've got Charlie Brown on the outside here. I mean I I feel like Mitch you at his bottom bit himself off quite a lot that you and we're gonNA exceed. Come this Saturday. If he can handle as Kiki's crazy tough but I mean I mean those those fans of Tyson back in the day. This is the match for you. Guys almost just start counting to see how long it goes but you if you're into knockouts senior into three counts. You'RE GONNA get both I think Seattle I like what you did there. That being said priest let them know where they can find their tickets and all that before are we get off this and talk a little bit about. UFC Two forty six so again. Saturday January the eighteenth. Two Thousand Twenty guys first show of the decade Go BBC Dot Com get your VIP tickets for five PM entry get yourself a bonus VIP match and they're always Good matches sometimes the feature some up and coming talents features veterans You never know who you're GONNA GET VIP match but you're going to get a quality quality match up there and that's exclusive for the fans by VIP he tickets and get your earlier entry. Get your front row. See Get some free swag definitely worth it right there for those other fans that maybe WanNa make their decision last minute. Get their five thirty. The doors will open. Get your concessions. Get your snacks. Get your seats. Because at six o'clock the show starts on one of those companies that starts at six o five six ten six fifteen six thirty we start at six PM on the noses Rosa's advertised on the ticket. And you're GONNA get there and you're going to get a nice two and a half to three hour Full ride of an experience so January Eighteenth Copeland Center Wyandotte Michigan. It's a beautiful beautiful place. Beautiful Center make sure there Saturday night six PM so priest before we get off the Cwa your talk to the powers that be here man. I need to see more. We're of the HOMIE. Tony Thunder on the card here. Man I'm GonNa say this four legacy so he don't have to bear me fucking uh-huh Damn here trying to help you out and you just appreciate that man but I love what I. I know that I haven't been at the best in the top of my game I've been doing. I've been working on that. I've been working on getting in better shape and getting at the top of my game But they they they are working with guys who are really out there killing it. I'm doing the best I can. And compared to a lot of talent. I'm just many not there yet. You know maybe some people will see me there yet but when I do get that opportunity. I'm sure he'd be happy mark. Hey Man I'm just trying to show some love to the go host but I respect the honesty. Ah Tony. He's a kid who I call him a kid. He's grown ass man now. But I've known Music Damn Kid monitoring our America Park. I think when I met him and he's a hard working guy he's driven. He has the passion there but to his point. He's his own worst enemy at this point that he gets his head on straight and he gets his gets focused and gets the shows on time and he puts it that little bit extra effort. That's all we got to see it. We know the effort there. You've got to put it in at the right time. The right moment season opportunity when it presents itself and then and then show the world that you can do only because I mean you're still here. You're still fighting in. You've got talent. Now you've gotTa showcase what you can you always maximize your minutes with that being said we've also got a huge fight this weekend. I don't know about you guys but this is I'll be honest. I've been an MA in boxing fan probably sows twelve thirteen years old and in the last few years I mean it's been hit or miss. I always love watching fights I I used to be able to go to a fight every weekend and go watch fights but now you know with so many fights and not quite the same caliber of talent that you always Azel see. Sometimes it's a little hard for me to get invested but if we're talking about getting invested in wanting to see a fight in something that I would actually pay my money to see this weekend to forty the FCC to forty-six that's it we've got. We got the return to the notorious Conor McGregor against cowboy. Donald Sironi This this got all the the fireworks in the world written all over it and for me I feel like this fight is truly the question of what Connor are. We going to see because connor has has been all over the news for his antics outside of the cage. You know he's going back up to one seventy which everybody knows his natural weight class and he's going against a guy who can make make one seventy cleanly and on top of that. He can fight anywhere. The fight goes so I feel like this presents. A hell of a problem problem for Conor McGregor coming off a layoff since his fight with Khabib I think this is a test of which cowboy. Are we going to see as well. Yeah Yeah Fair. Point Cowboy gets to the point where it's like. He's rolling. He's killing. It gets that big match any loses. You know we say that time and the time again and hopefully this is one that he can actually conquer in keep us team going and keep that ball rolling priests. What are your thoughts on his one third? Is this a fight where whatever the outcome isn't going to surprise me because it it's it's hype like it's going to be the stand up fight of the decade both guys known for Highlight reel knockouts. Both guys known for having exciting fights but we've seen this dozens of times. Where when you get these two premier a high level strikers in the ring they cancel each one of them somehow? It comes down to a wrestling match in the better. grappler usually ends up winning and I'm not sure. He's still training with Jackson Winkle John Or is he with Trevor Wittman. Who the hell? He's I mean he's not technically with Jackson's but a lot of those guys are coming over there to the ranch because he's still got you know he's still got Scott Gibson with him. He's he's still got some of the same coaches but I know he's not training to rally and they're going to strategize to win and I love cowboys thrown into his chin. You can only take shots man. McGregor's got the powered or if he hits him with a left hand it drops them. I'm not going to be surprised if it's the first round flash knockout McGregor's eggers walking around the cage. Vince McMahon like like the star that he is but I'm also going to be surprised if Surani implements wrestling game and tries to do more of what Habib beeped it and really slows a fight down and you know if there's a boring chanter in his fight. It wouldn't shock me because I could see what we've seen one hundred hundred times with two new elite strikers and people expect to stand up for it to turn into more of a grappling match and a to lean Surani's way but McGregor. You can't sleep on his wrestling wrestling either. Because he trained like a madman for even instincts kick in at some point and honestly McGregor's a better higher level athlete Then Surani Surani's a harder. Worker are probably more fundamentally sound Striker of the to Batman I I gotta go with McGregor even though is probably the first time in my life I've ever picked McGregor to win a fight. I always pick against them for him. But this is the time that I'm just trying to win some money. That's what you like. I just feel like it's it's it's a rone's the twilight of his career. Unfortunately and I think he's just one shot away from from going out in Gregor's the guy who could put them away. Tony what do you think. Think and I'm I WANNA see Cowboy win. I definitely want to see cowboy win this one But ah I think is going to go with McGregor. He's got the proof. He loves to fights in a row. People aren't gonNA take a mysteriously as that top celebrity at U. OF C. Guy. And you have seen needs him to win like I haven't watched any other. ESPN PLUS cards. Watch the countdown for this. But I'm sure like this is going to add. ESPN plus subscriptions. It's GonNa skyrocket because McGregor's a dry talk seats. He's he's a star and the stars are fading and they need McGregor to win. McGregor needs to win and ESPN needs McGregor to win that the Disney needs more money but they're not going to be upset if IF Macgregor wins. So here's here's how I look at this fight so the reason why. This fight is so intriguing to me. There's a couple reasons. One as you said. Connor got wiped out by Khabib deep down. Take all the antics out. Take people jumping out of the cage. Khabib whooped his ass. Oh yeah I caught that when BA flight right as soon as the bus incident happened that could be was is going to be. I think he was. That's the thing people don't understand. That's why like you know I've heard Joe Rogan. Say it so many times comes in fights to me wrestling and having a good ground game sometimes is the best foundation you can have for an enemy fighter because you can learn how to strike but if you know how to take take somebody down to the ground not everybody knows how to fight underground so for me. I Ca- Abi Man. I'll be honest with you. I really don't see anybody at one. Fifty five beating compete period. I think it could be going to hold the belt until could be decides. He wants to let go of it. Or if there's some new young up and coming young buck who can take off them as very reminiscent of like watching. GSP Not in his prime agreed where it's just like it's going to be a fluke. It'll take Matt Sarah ask right shot just should all that wake up right for for this man. I think I'm going to go against what both of you guys said. I'm going to go with cowboy in. Here's why as both you mentioned. And they're both great strikers but the thing that is being overlooked by a lot of people not only. Do you have the striker versus striker where somebody somebody might take it to the ground but a lot of people fail to remember. Donald Sarojini has a great ground game and has finished many high level. People mind you. He's fought past guests at a show. Myles jury I've never seen anybody. Take it two miles the way Donald Surani did miles could not get off miles. lyles could not do anything at. I've never seen anybody do that to him. So for me I think ceremony is GonNa win and I think what ends up happening is I think I I think there's no secret that connor is GonNa have some ring rust that he's going to have to get off because it's been a while since he's fought but another excuse like he did when he lost it could be if he if he if he loses their. I could definitely see an excuse coming and saying that. It's because he caught him when he wasn't in that Sironi fights right so nice before to fight. Well this This fight I wanted to get announced. Seemed like it. Just kind of came out of nowhere to me. He'd been it'd been rumored for a while they'd been talking about it for a minute but it just never got got put together because of all the stuff with the suspension right connor and all the stuff. It could be absorbed. I think that's probably what got in the way of it That being said Man L. as I said this is a fight that I'm looking forward to and it's looking like they're telling us it's time to go home so before we get out of here Tony throw out your social media. Let them know where they can find you. And hopefully we'll see your ass this Saturday at B.. CWA got your six. Tony Thunder on facebook instagram twitter. I'm Tony Thunder everywhere. I got highly home. Maurice Greene I got a pet is hopefully went in and Yeah there it is. Priests Mathew increased instagram and twitter. Just Matthew won t underscore pres and that last but not least man you can find me at Detroit. Knockout Detroit and okay Oh ut not twitter and instagram. Kyle Carlson on facebook and make sure you're following the show knockouts and three times podcast on facebook on Youtube you can find a knockouts and three counts. Stay tuned astronomic cons coming coming up you've got people like leader come and you've got Alexa Bliss. You've got all these people coming and as you guys know if you've been with us for a little while you know that's where we interviewed Booker T.. Bruce Prichard Eric Bischoff. You never know what we could be bringing you there and aws going to be in our neck of the woods real soon to what say so T- legacy Z.. which you yes? I mean if you WANNA go. Let's go bro. That being said man also like I said BC. W We got your six. This Saturday Copeland Center Wind Michigan and next weekend Buffalo Wild Wings downtown next at old Salele Detroit Michigan. We're doing a party. Where leaking with the boys from breaking down the ring we're going to be given away signed pictures and eight by tends from Alison Kay the NWEA champion we've got NWEA? Women's title pins to give away. We've we've got T. shirts we've got autographs we've got. DVD's we've got tickets. We've got all kinds of stuff so you need to be there. It's a family friendly event. We have the upstairs or not happy subway. Good Lord The upstairs at b-dubs all combed off for this. We've had good turnouts for our last few events. We always have good turnouts for the Big Five. So if you're you're in the area you're there check us out. Shot out the Stransky and company one more time in that being said peace our intro music is more more more by punch DHEC.

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