How Are You Doing, Really? + 10 Things Currently In Your Circle of Influence


P corner kids. How are you doing now. I mean how are you really doing or are you being right now because you're a human being not a human doing. So how are you being. How are you feeling this is a lot. It is a traumatic experience. That is occurring even. Seems like it's quelled down it's still the effects of what we have seen what we're maybe afraid of might come on what's already been a very traumatic pandemic traumatic past four years of tyranny and dictatorship under donald j trump and his enablers and stay his full name. Because i just watched all of the harry potter movies during the winter break. And i'm not afraid to say his name so he should be afraid of us we the people and he has because only fearful people act and the way that him and his brainwashed followers act so you might not even honestly know how you are feeling or being in this moment because it is so a lot. It's a lot you know because if you weren't there on wednesday at the capitol for what was supposed to be just a routine certifying of the election results really boring chat. But we already knew going into this. This is gonna be shenanigans by some republicans and there are many enablers to essentially play coup tata to disenfranchise the will of the people with the election results and then playtime became reality as we watched in horror insurgent domestic terrorists white supremacists and their friends go full steam ahead with a coup so it might be hard to really process how you're feeling because you're like wow. I wasn't physically there. But we watched in horror and this was a coup it took to visit to watch a coup from your own country. That's i don't have the words to process it. Because i am so processing and like i said this. This was a coup because coups don't actually have to be successful in order to be deemed that in words do matter. We need to make sure that we're calling things what they actually are these terrorists. These were insurgents and it showed how fragile our democracy is. And so we have to use truth as disinfectant to the bullshit that it is. That's how we got here by not calling truth truth allowing reality to get distorted and allowing people to get to such a manic state of reality and then in some ways this was successful. It was a success. It wasn't accessible acute coup. Because so far there's been little consequences for for what has happened. Many of these folks have have walked away at tacking our nation's capital and went back to their holiday inn forever. They came from or nearby applebees or were apples and bees. As meryl streep's character from the problem would call it swapping their war stories and they're traders comrades who sat at home who couldn't get their wishing they had been there and all we could do is watch in horror it. It felt like nine eleven all over again which was a moment to meant to induce fear and take a blow to our society. This was a terrorist attack. And it is a lot. And it's hard to process because it is so convoluted with so many different things and and feelings and were expected us to kind of keep sauntering on keep going on but this was a blow and you are experiencing a lot for one lifetime one moment one span of a few years at least thinking about civil rights had a lot going on but you know at least they didn't also have a pandemic and a dictator and global warming. I mean yes. We got netflix. But you know it's it's we got a lot of aunts happening so i want to let you know and give remind you that you are processing and experiencing dealing with a lot and you're also strong and capable and it's also okay to not be okay. All of your feelings are valid. All of them permission granted. So i wasn't planning on doing an episode this week. We were actually going to take a break for two weeks but this happened. And i had to check in and i needed to know how are you doing. I know the. I am a flurry shocked. But not surprised. Saddened heartbroken angry terrified and yet slightly optimistic yet. Also armed with the realities of the work that lies ahead have seeing these images you know one of the things. That really broke me. It was the guns on the senate floor. The images of of of secret service. Barricading the door with guns with a look of fear year but knowing what they needed to do and i realized how much i value these very imperfect institutions of this very imperfect union. We have a democracy to talk out our differences so we aren't killing each other for power. That was that's the whole point. You know my cousin is former secret service for mike pence. That's well so what i thought about. Glad he is over at the pentagon now and then you know seeing all of those mostly white bodies calling spade a spade when we already know that if those were black people they wouldn't even never have gotten to the door. Nary a fucking step not that we would even behave that way. Because because that's the capacity of the entire experience it was such a gross representation and display of white privilege and white supremacy. What they can do and get away with and we have seen black people harmed killed for so much less seven months ago. I saw my black brothers and sisters and allies peacefully expressing their first amendment rights against actual injustice. Losing elections fairly isn't injustice. Once he this is what happens. This is what happens when you play kate bad babies. They get used to getting their way so they're not used to it. They're not used to being told no. Actually this time. We're this is not how it's going to go. They got their way when the election was stolen. Two thousand two thousand sixteen for decades because we continue to agree to the social contract and the laws that we have all agreed to and then you know we did the work. We thought it was bullshit in two thousand. It was bullshit in two thousand sixteen. Lots of shenanigans. Especially in two thousand. That was a stolen election but you know it went to work and she doesn't eighteen. We one doesn't wanna against multiple odds because for us to win. We have to work twice as hard to get half as much. You're a democrat. Welcome to be in a minority. Even though we're the majority like what the fuck but you get the experience of it to work after work twice as hard to get half as much with the work that much harder because the rules are stacked so much against us. With the with the disenfranchised voter disenfranchisement all kinds of things confederate flag. The flag of truce losers made it to the capital for the first time in history the flag that oppressed and enslaved my and fought for the enslavement of my ancestors. Four generations removed. And i don't know. I don't want i don't want violence against anyone i don i didn't. I didn't want you know violence against the protesters necessarily but we'd now do get to see but you just see how back in june it was so easily dispersed at the ready and so we now know that police can exercise restraint. They have shown us that they can. They do know how to. So it is is. It was never excusable that and we have proof that the way that they treat us the next time we're out in the streets having to fight for justice because you know we will have to that. We better be shown that same treatment of just being gently escorted out thirteen. People were arrested. That was it there. Were more after curfew but just thirteen. Meanwhile over four hundred peaceful protesters. Back in june in dc only thirteen violent insurgents looking to topple over the american government. I get it america. We have to america's you keep reminding me. I haven't forgotten the last time you reminded me back in june. Still remember definitely remember this when say it was it was surreal. There was a confederate flag in the people's house the pillar democracy. They stormed the gates. A woman was killed. Three other people have been found out that they've died a police officer. Now it turns out that he died. As well democracy it's it's so it's fragile and our institutions that uphold eight. Even their physical nature are fragile. We already knew from the shenanigans in the past four years that our institutions were fragile. Even the physical fitness that they could be breached no longer impressed by you know national tragedy and then still in that map jokes aside. You know this was not an organized. Militia this time This wasn't a smart. Wanna be authoritarian dictator. This time you felt like the people in the movies you know the people in the movies when they're watching the world almost and all they can do just watch on. Tv aghast hoping that the hero saved the day that was close terrorism socks. And you know we're still holding our breath for what's going to come inauguration day seat of the union what happens next. It is a lot. So i want to validate. That is a lot. I had to excuse myself from work in. Just cry scream into a pillow because the fabric of our foundation of a reality which is being destroyed. It's being spat on this country. It's not perfect but my ancestors built this. Four free died for this country for rights that they did not even fully have. And i just had this feeling all day lake. You know when someone breaks into your car or your home when you're not there you're not you're not physically harmed but there's a violation that happen. That's what i feel like. I feel like. I've been violated because our our foundation. Our social contract are agreed upon way of was violated jocelyn brown and a could have been a lot worse. I'm definitely grateful for that. But i i feel. There's an keenness. That has just been lingering so i had to put my own oxygen mask on first as it was happening i had to just pause and everything and everyone else in jess. I had to pause. It was watching the news. I just had to put positive everything. And if there's anything but twenty twenty has shown me it's that i know how to take care of myself how to nurture myself and i know that you do too so that way we take care of our own individual selves than we can get back to being help and healing service to those who who need us right. That's how i was like. I need to do this for myself. And he'll myself to care for self nurturing myself not run away from it not numb myself not bury my head in the sand but get the oxygen flowing. Get what i need to live. So i can be of service because this is a call to action for everybody so what i did is i looked at my circle of concerns which are all of a warriors in my fears and then i looked at my circle of influence. What do i actually have control over in this moment. There's such power in that and sometimes it's a lot of the simplest things but the simple things are the biggest things is. You're gonna see. I'm going to reveal my lists of ten things that i had in my circle of influence. You have this in your circle of influence to your list. Might be different but here of mine. Write them down. This is my circle of influence for myself others my community of what i do right now. So number one drink water number to eat something healthy number three meditate number four get some exercise take a walk number five reach out to family and friends outside a social media get out of that call or tax facetime but the more intimate the better. Because it's trying to get that human connection just really getting some love flowing through the veins number six. Write down ten things that you are grateful for number seven. Remember to breathe number eight. Take a break from news and social media take a break you can come back to it but just give yourself a break because after a while they're just kinda report on the same thing. Take a break number nine c. Where you might be moved to save restorative creating a place. Maybe it might be you know creating a safe place at work for people to talk and decompress a lot. That's happening rate. And so maybe Facilitate a conversation. I know maybe some of us are working online in the virtual space But seeing if maybe you can create that space maybe it's space amongst your friends A virtual space for people to be able to come together but see if maybe maybe that's an example. I don't know this is number nine as a bride general. See where you might be moved to safe restorative action and this is an example of maybe creating a safe place for people to talk. Maybe doing some sort of group. Meditation leading an exercise class leading a yoga class leading prayer. Baking treats Being a instagram live. Or you're teaching people how to cook something delivering care packages to people donating if you know people who are actively engaged in activism. Make sure that they're eating because this is a lot for them to take you know. See if you can just do little things to support them and their work. Just see if you might be moved to some save restorative rejuvenating action number. Ten wrote down practice. Mantras that give you strength security peace and love. Write them down what they are for yourself. Repeat them repeat them. Repeat them so. This was my list to put on my own oxygen masks. I and that's what you have to do because you don't do that. You're not going to be of service or help or any good to anybody. And there's a difference between these things finding those your circles of influence. Those things that are also rejuvenating for not only wants to rejuvenate yourself overflow with and you can then start rejuvenating other people and then you can start being of service to those around you so self care than community care. And focusing on things that are really replenishing and rejuvenating. You know there's no. I don't have this. Eat something healthy rate. Probably sleep should probably be on there but not too much sleep because then that could be you know depressive and i want i understand that depression hits in but you know how can we rejuvenate you. That's been just a a theme that i had during my holiday break rejuvenation so focus on replenishing replenishing in rejuvenating and then proceed to help others in helpful replenishing rejuvenating ways. Because we need you at your best. I need you at your best. The people around you need you at your best so whatever. This list is right baby. You're like mine. maybe it's not. What are the ten things. That are your circle of influence that are rejuvenating. Empowering gotta help you help others write those down. Keep it handy because you know. I wish. i wish i could tell you that this was that you will not have to experience something like this again. I wish i could tell you that this was the last dying gas of a desperate and fearful group of people. But we know that this didn't start with donald trump and it's not going to end so we need to be prepared. Be prepared to to to get really good at quickly. Efficiently taking care and nurturing and rejuvenating south we can get back into it because there is this we already knew. There was a long road ahead but this showed us on different levels to what it was that it's one thing to sort of imagine it in our heads and maybe think but does witnesses nc it. It's a whole other thing so we're being called to action. But we can't do that unless our gas tank is full and nobody said that stamping out. Tyranny in white supremacy was going to be easy. but we're up for the task because the future generations are depending on us to do the work. So what are your circles of of influence spend spend spend as much time in your area as your circle of influence as you can especially if you start to zion. Come up cut right over to your circle of influence. Get out of that circle of concern. That doesn't serve you. So let us know on instagram. Facebook corner kids holler as twitter. You can even email us Minority corner and jiabao dot com or minority corner on all the socials. Because we can't let the terrorists win. Y'all can't let us harris. When i started to feel that when i just was not wanting to move or do anything. And he said no i felt like i was so debilitated. Two part two two thousand twenty and i just felt refreshed renewed rejuvenated coming into two thousand twenty one and i said no take care of myself and get back into it also recommend i just purchased this. I got the audio book of it and the And i bought a kindle version but timothy snyder his book on tyranny. Rachel maddow's been talking about this for a long time knowledge up. It's a tiny little read less than two hour audio book. I think it's just a couple a hundred pages. That's a little pocket book essentially reach a madison talking about it ourselves with knowledge I think we'll be talking about it very soon here on minority corner possibly next week and i do honestly at the end of the day. I hope that this is a time. When we realize when i say we you know i mean the other side and probably has been trying to be you know humble and come by but i hope that we realize that we've gone too far and i hope that republicans have that. This is their come to. Jesus moment that they see the light and i don't need all of them we just need some of them. Some of the steer them off the cliff because that's where they're heading and they're trying to take us all down with them see the light and realize that they have stood by two long fan the flames of their for their own personal gain and i hope that they help to dismantle these destructive systems of tyranny that we have fallen into at their hands and their encouragement. I really do at least some of them and some of them are and yes. It feels like it's a little too late okay. Whatever we can do that once we you know. Take care of this. Let's at a time we can. We can get there after you know after we we. We've we finished this. I hope that we can get back to reality because right now it's really challenging because with the other side you can't even find common ground right now because we're on different planets and what i call a planet you're calling a milk dud so we're even i we are not even using the same terminology and word so we're really fucked right now so i'm hoping that this has to be our moment of reckonings. I dunno the opportunity this has to be more than just donald trump. It is a looking at the sickness and the plague that has been infecting this nation for centuries and it's just gotten worse over the last few decades and we might not get another opportunity to do this so this is a moment of accountability. All those perpetrators have to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Luckily donald trump just recently passed an executive order back in june that he thought he was trying to do towards the black lives matter. Protesters that anybody who you know destroyed public Property would be perpetrated against the the full extent of the law. Great good all of them. We got their faces. Please help continue to help. Identify these people so we can get them off the streets because these are domestic terrorist dangerous. We hold each every politician who helped incite this Coup this insurgency. They all need to be held accountable and removed from office. If need be stripped of their power we need to hold them. The media needs to be held accountable for the language that they're using and hold their feet to their fire of You they allowed this to continue to get to where it is businesses that continue to profit off of this. Whether it's they're selling catheters on fox news. They they need to you know. Cut all that shit out. Stop given this. You know their money. It's now or never. It's a moment of reckoning. This is for everyone all of our institutions olive everybody now or never. This is our moment. I don't know that we'll get another one so surprise. Work ahead what you thought that we were rolling in two thousand and twenty one. Call a day. I know this is the moment. Seize the day car radium. But luckily we're coming out of that holiday. Hopefully i hope that you are feeling rejuvenated and rested so you can roll up your sleeves and get to work if you did it. Take the some time for yourself so that you can take care of you. Take care of those around you but before we go a huge congratulations to georgia. Y'all we do now have control of the senate and the house in the executive branch got us willing. We have a democracy but we will. We're going to make sure that we do. And we will have full controls. Let's go congratulations to everybody. Who volunteer taxpaying phone bank. You all did this. The jon ossoff team wore knocked team. Obviously stacey abrams give her the keys to the democratic party. Please can she in charge of all the states. Can we focus on the south now. Plenty of diversity down. There people who have been disenfranchised. We need to get down to the south. It's not so much. as red. as it is unorganized uninvested so loud. Scouser hope for the future. Congratulations lads cow. And they'll be a full episode next week with a neck as so more to come more to unpack all of this. But i just wanted to check in with all of you all and provide you with some love. We will get through this because we have to. We have no other option but to you the only way out is through. I love you all. Take care of and thank you so much for listening to minority corner when i say i love you. I met so much. Appreciate you all so much. These take care of and remember together where the majority maximum fund dot org. Comedy and culture are too stoned audience supported.

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