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Live from NPR news I'm Shay Stevens. Supreme Court delivered a mix decision on president trump's verge to get his financial records private in one ruling, the court cleared the way for the documents to re release to a New York grand jury, but as NPR's Nina Totenberg reports, the justices decided that congressional Democrats will have to wait chief justice. John Roberts wrote the courts to opinions declaring that in our system the public has a right to everyman's evidence, and since the founding of the republic that has included the president of. Of. The United States Roberts was joined in both cases by the courts for liberals and the two men appointed to the court by President, trump neal gorsuch, and Brad Kavanagh because the court sent the congressional subpoena case back to the lower courts for extensive further findings, the public will almost certainly not see any of the subpoenaed material until after the November election and enraged president trump tweeted his displeasure, declaring not fair, and the courts in the past have given broad deference, but. But not me Nina Totenberg NPR news Washington, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expressing confidence. That congress will reach a bipartisan agreement on a new round of corona virus relief as NPR's Windsor Johnston reports the three trillion dollar measure passed by House Democrats and may is still stalled in the US Senate Speaker Pelosi says the new relief package includes some two trillion dollars in pandemic for state and local governments and another round of direct payments to eligible Americans in the meantime Senate. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is expected to move his own bill through the Republican controlled Senate by the end of the month Congress returns from its holiday recess on July twentieth, NPR's Windsor Johnston. Reporting residents of northwest series inlet province are being urged to take precautions after the region's first corona virus case was confirmed by an American group operating clinics hospitals in areas outside of government control. NPR's Deborah Amos reports that the announcement comes as the UN security. Council remains deadlocked over. To extent humanitarian aid, the first confirmed case, a doctor who works on the Syrian border and a hospital run by Sam's the Syrian American medical society another doctor. They're also confirmed the case to NPR and said the hospital staff was an isolation international aid agencies have been preparing for an outbreak as well as warning of disaster amid fears that more than a million Syrians living in crowded tent. Camps are vulnerable. Social distancing is impossible. Soap and water is in short supply on Friday at midnight. A UN backed aid. Program is set to end. If the UN Security Council fails to find a compromise cutting off food and medical deliveries, just as the pandemic emerges, Deborah Amos NPR news. This is NPR. Police in Tucson Arizona have cleared officers involved in the arrest of a hit and run suspect who died in custody. Police say Damian Alvarado hit two vehicles before jumping out of his car and fleeing to a parking lot where a struggle ensued, a medical examiner ruled Alvarado's death. was due to intoxication, cardiac arrest, and being physically restrained investigators say excessive force was not used during the arrest body cam footage of the march. Twenty second incident is posted online. Joy Reid has become the host of MSNBC's seven PM weeknight show, as NPR's Folkenflik reports, read is the only black female host of a major even cable news program in the US. Read is host of popular left of center weekend morning. Show called am joy. It often focuses on questions of race and class, justice and equity. It fits in well with MSNBC's overall liberal approach. Her show replaces the political show hardball which ran I on CNBC and then MSNBC for more than two decades. It was hosted by Chris Matthews. He was buoyant Democrat. Democrat, who loves the game of politics rather than the implications of policy? He was also considered old school in terms of casually dismissive and sexist remarks to women, one of which he cited in abruptly apologizing, resigning on the air in March reads past writing sparked criticism when it was revealed, she had made homophobic posts on a blog years ago, she initially blamed hackers and then apologized read show will make its debut on July. Twentieth David Folkenflik NPR News in pre market trading us. Futures are lower I'm Shay Stevens. This is NPR news.

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