Episode 6 | Ashley Casey


Welcome to tiptop podcast. My name is tiffany. Marie davis formerly known as tiffany. Marie boyd and a lot of you may know me or have seen me for my competing as a top is bb bikini pro since then turned from a top ten bikini olympian celebrity master trainer and corporate dropout to a serial lifestyle entrepreneur. Let me tell you friends. This has been a walk in the park. There's five key areas. I will be discussing in. Wellness mindset mentorship business and faith. My mission has always been and serving others through real life experiences with no flood tip. Cops is about real rock juicy conversations to show you how to discover the champion. You have within get ready. Everyone here is where. I show you how to take over your life. Welcome back. Everyone talks five cast. I am here with. Not only mike seriousy. But one of my dearest friends ashley casey. I'm so excited to have. You is really get to know who this beautiful woman is. Actually casey is an instagram expert. And social media influencer who has worked remotely from her phone for the last seven years starting now of her career in network marketing. Which is where. I actually met ashley. She grew a massive organization of over twenty three thousand people key top leader in an industry millionaire and she has no longer in the network marketing space. It became the catalyst to where she stands today. Ashley have her own online. Social media business into a thriving seven figure income. She also is a special special woman from out who is learning ends out of what it takes to succeed online and combined it with her boundless energy and her commitment to educate advise her many clients. Ashley co-founded is little marketing and recently watched her first online course. Social savvy basically all wrapped in. How master your instagram. For business empowering other women to follow hurley. And you guys get the honor of bringing her to all of you today and ashley. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much stuff on my goodness talk about an introduction. Sleep on my gosh. I'm so excited to be here. And so you guys what. We all know what to talk about. We're going to get real. Ron juicy. With ashley i really want you guys to know ashley how i know ashley ashley came into my life like a wreck ball the first thing. She said she literally came up to me. She said you like yours. Oh my gosh everybody. It's so true. But you know what i feel like. A lot of girls don't do that. They don't give a compliment like a lot of us are kind of like just we hold ourself back. And i'm all about like empowering that other women and i feel like when you do that you break that break that shell guess you could say but yeah like ever since then we've been like this because you have a great well first and foremost thinking so bladder. You came up to me. Because i was in the back. I was super shy. And i'm very like. I observe every situation before i go and say hi which is crazy because from network marketing standpoint and being very successful you guys. That's how i met. Ashley was at a executive. It was a retreat. We were invited to bid for By our company. And that's actually how. I met her so in network marketing. Definitely not a treat to have but it was really apparent that when she came up no wonder why she's been so successful in that area but i'm glad no outside of business how we met Right when she came up to you to insects connection. And i feel like that's how you are day in and day out through social media platforms as well and i feel like everyone feels like there. S t their girlfriend or their. You know whatever it is. You provide that warm seas for everyone so i wanna ask you what was like your number one back in story how you got into all of this like i want to hear about the ashley afford network before the years i wanna i wanna go back fair okay. It's definitely long. But i'll try to make a long story short so i get s a lot. Actually it's my husband. And i actually started dating when we were fifteen. I was gosh. What a junior in high school we met at a football game Neither one of us really like or involved with football bits on how we both ended up at the game and then days later. He asked me to be his girlfriend. Have you been together ever since. So gosh yeah. Twenty years we've been together married for fifteen. Thanks so with that being said you know. Chris and i've always worked hard for everything that we have at my first job. I was working at winn-dixie as a cashier when i was fifteen. You know And then. Chris started working at Circuit city back in the day when they were still open. The youngest manager there. I was working at A circle scorer which is amazing and then we got married. Then we had ethan. And at this point i was a stay at home mom for seven years. We decided that this would be the best move for family but at the same time my husband sacrificed he worked two jobs for seven years during the day it worked at night. Constant all the time So to really make the short. I remember chris coming home day. He said honey is like really think. Think you need to get a job. Now that time and i could sit here and tell you that i cried myself. A bath right. I could fill up my bathtub with my tears in the only reason. Why is because. I wasn't confident in myself. I didn't believe in myself. Neither one of us had a college education. You know we just started so young. We had a mortgage peanut butter first house. We were nineteen like it was. Just what do i do. All i really know is raising my son. I know i know toddler talk. You know what. What am i supposed to do at this point in my life. So that being said. I did a lot of a lot of soul-searching myself. I did a lot of praying asking god to give me like just the strength to feel my heart of who he created me to be and for him to align with that perfect job in so i ended up working at a private school which my son a going when i was the office manager there for two years but funny how that whole thing happened because there was like one hundred and fifty applicants at this time right and i came in there and they told me to go online and fill out the application. That's like the new thing you don't you don't show up anymore. It's like a resume. You have to apply online list so that was already new for me. But then as i was leaving they opened up the door. And they said ashley come back tomorrow. And let's have an interview with you so i went back the next day in one hundred and fifty applicants. I sold myself. I remember going to pay us now. Bought myself a pair of fifteen dollar wedges attitude little dress but my hair up in a bind and i sold myself. I walked in there and i still stood tall and my pay last wedges and said you know i don't have the experience that you're looking for but i'm easily trainable and i can do this. I know i can do this. I will be the best asset that you've ever had for your tire. Company was over two years. I loved it. I loved the staff Kiddos and then from there network marketing fell in my lap. So my first among this company that i was with was actually brought to me by my mother. She was my point is she told me all about this market now. Music it is chairman. Try the product little. Did i realize that. I build an organization of over. What twenty two twenty. Three thousand people and that is really the catalyst as to where i am today right. It was the start for everything. Created this vision board but under retire. My husband from both of his jobs which i did you know. He got his life back really truly was it was more than personal development for me like i really truly found myself. I became confident myself. I knew what i could bring to the table. And god provided all that for me through really not just my first job at the as an office manager but also all the things that i never realized that i could do but i could master was from network marketing and so that being said jeff brings us to where we are now. Which is you know having own social media agency and it's utilizing all of the past experiences with being a network marketing millionaire in all the things that i did to get to that point now able to with everybody in every industry and really show them how to utilize instagram. Was that platform. That will take them to. I mean holy levels in their business. That's amazing and i know that you know you definitely helped me along the way as well to a lot of our amazing success in first and foremost as a friend not just who you are and i'm so so so grateful but you did say something that stuck out to me in just going back into your story you said you. You have zero experience in literally anything that point and you just knew how to other in said that you sold yourself. What's interesting is i mentioned a lot of men and women and they have struggles or you know if they're in a company or whether it's within wellness but really when they're starting their own ran and they're starting their business owner in a marketing space. What i always tell them in what you just confirmed is people want to be with you. Whatever you come with does matter so when you say you soldiers alfred you showed up you. Hey i have a really. I have a great work ethic. I you know i am. I can learn anything each day. And now it's kinda catapulted into your your now career so going back like what would you say would be the number one advice when it comes to quote unquote like selling yourself on social media to help amplify sales or whatever it is that you put your mind to injure graham one hundred percent authenticity. That's going to sell all the things. Of course you have to sell yourself. I readings all anything rate. An authenticity is where you're gonna find that so showing up on your instagram stories. And showcasing i say this all the time to my clients at showcasing but three loads of laundry. That's relatable to the mama that soon the same thing right. It's showing up where sure people go to my page and ashley so pretty and all these pictures. And she's done or makeup censure. It's my grid cool going over to my stories because that's where you're gonna see the behind the scenes. It's gonna be be like after a workout. And i'm sweating and i have no makeup on right. It's really just showing up as yourself. It's bringing value to your followers at the same time. Still showcasing really truly who you are and what you're bringing to the table and that right there is going to bring a tremendous amount of people into your business and you guys. She has a martini. As we're speaking it doesn't get any more offense people. Listen it's four o'clock. I'm right now. I normally wait till like five thirty one wind thirty. But i've been on back to back scenes all day today so service. Yes end out there. Let's just talk about raw side of actually gezi. So i love that you guys and you know with being on intake about your tip talks is you know we don't have to say real talk or let's keep it real right so we wanna talk about authenticity so i'm gonna dig deep with you is and i'm really really wanna know so going back into your authentic roots right so let's talk about your day to day and i speak with women as while i coach a lot of women as well. Let's keep it real as a mother. Hey how are you able to create that much success with a sweet baby boy on your head. Because i know a lot of people will say. Oh my gosh couldn't do this. Had a toddler crawling on me. Or oh my gosh. I couldn't do this. I couldn't do ness life. Got on hold to be able to overcome those like excuses instead. Easy using him as you're white now he's tell everybody you know. Use your children into wide. Use them as your excuse yesterday. A challenge but what were some things that you had to overcome be not extremely successful seven-figure earner while having week maybe one on your hip. Yeah so at that point. Lethem wasn't elementary school so when he was at school that when i was really able to get to work really put it in the grind right because i knew that the end of the day as soon as i picked him up it was going to be more about ethan as they got older it sorted easier and easier of course becomes more self sufficient which i mean he's fourteen now and he's doing virtual school so he's totally fine now but at the time more than anything is gonna come back down to sacrifice it all is. Where do you wanna be at the end of the day. Where do you see yourself where you yourself. What's your future. Look like so if that means that you have to sacrifice some things to grow your business and that's what you need to do. That means you need to hire a babysitter for two hours. So you can go in your office and you can really get in the grind to grow your business in. That's what you need to do i'm not gonna lie. You know it is real right on tip talks here. So there's any evening stu though where i probably didn't eat dinner with my family which is awful There's a lot of things as we get older. We looked back on her like man. Was i really that good of a mom. Did i do all the things that i should have done. But at the same time. I can sit here and tell you that the knights of the blood sweat and tears that i put into the hustle and creating the future that we have now. It was totally worth it. Now spent you though seven years being with ethan all the time volunteering in his classroom till going to like working full topping literally working fulltime. But i mean. I also had the support of spouse at the same time as well. You know he's always been there to cheer me on into level up Yeah it's it's just been amazing but anyway my whole point to saying that you have to sacrifice some things to get to the goals in the vision that you are running you know. How are you going to manifest that. It's not going to happen if if you're not putting anything into practice to get there and what allah and you guys a big big nugget right. There was having to support a spouse if you have your south in the picture that's really really goes down to your circle and and really understanding those people are in your Are they bringing you up. Are they bringing down holding forward. You know and which makes me really want to ask you. Because i personally know that during my growth you were with me through a lot of it and thank god for you because there was many times where i'm like you know you've just given me your heart. You've given me your advice but you always were that supportive friends looking at your life right now. Where can you say that you've really had to really hone in on. Who that cert- liz. And i know that there is a lot of downstream growth. And me being your friend. We related on so many. We don't have to go very deep there. If you don't want to. But i want you to share with everyone. You know what you had to do. In order to elevate because i know that does require maybe letting go of people that you thought were the closest you. Yeah now. it's really good. It's a good question so What i call my circle. I say it's my board of directors because there is a time where my board of directors right were not leveling me up at all in fact they were actually bringing me down in. Its because they always stayed at that same level in lights whether they were raised that way. I don't know most the time ends up being on how they were raised right what their parents went through in so for me. I always have had the entrepreneur Wanted more in my life and so yes. Have i struggle enough gone through the motions of losing friendships. In all that. Of course and i actually appreciate. I appreciate all the things that have happened when it comes to my board of directors because it's really built up to 'em now you know being a little bit more thick skin but also knowing at the end of the day that the border that i have now are always gonna be people. They're going to be my biggest cheerleaders. Mm-hmm you know it's it's not about a competition it's not. It's about each other during each other on support each other but then also at the same time these were directors that are now in your in your your your appreciate so much. So that if they say well tiffany. Let me tell you. I actually don't think you should do that. And let me actually tell you why you you take. You understand what they're saying right because they only they only want the best for you as we're before it was always just so negative it was always so negative i when i was up leveling myself at creates jealousy as much as they want it. They might want it. But they're not saying congratulations and not doing anything because they just don't understand they just don't understand how the mindset so that's within them you know i don't i don't hold that i don't hold that anymore because they just don't understand but i just wanted more from my life and i wanted more for my family so now when i have my board of directors my board of directors or tight and. I love that. I love that i mean the community that i have ever since we moved here to sarasota florida like has been like it gives me goosebumps. It gives me chills because these women are phenomenal. They are successful their industry as well. Therefore i relate with them because i want that we can go back and forth at each other and help each other out and it's it's just been a huge blessing. Your love know because i think that's one of the toughest things that we do. Is you know realizing when you're in a toxic relationship and it doesn't have to be with a partner or spouse is a friend and really identifying him in sometimes people can get caught in a cycle and being cycle. You really don't know when to jump off because you really thought this person's your friend or they're getting incorrect. Correct fit like feedback or credit criticism but intern like i think he said some some very powerful things like h actually jealousy or it's their mindset in just don't understand and Brought this up a long time ago about having a monkey. We share a funny story. When i went to my mom. Mookie when i was like three or four. Because i would like run all over the place and she's like come back but now i use it as an analogy. You know it's think about being on that child leaves when your parents lecturing for you back. This is like an eighties guys so bear with me but it's really like a gravitational cool. It's like you're you're thinking. Wow this person i thought was in my corner but they wanna pull me back in the upper level or they'll say something in the lines of changing or why did you do this or you know. You're not the same person i knew and in a sense you're like well good. I don't wanna be seen gruesome Jane so what are like the top three things that you can really defi when you need to cut that leash off in religious they. Are you know why either we're going to grow together and we're going to grow apart. So what are your top three things that you can give. Everyone openness I would say if they're not cheering you on at the end of the at the end of the day. That's a huge like red flag right. We'll talk about the red flags here so they're not cheering. You ought to red flag. If they are not changing their circumstances if they're not trying to up level themselves white our are they up level. You right second. And then i would say the third red flag would be goodness. I mean communication for one. Like i think communication is big so if i know if somebody is in my circle like they're always going to be that that cheerleader right spirit to do that. Don't know but i said for number one. You might be the same thing but either way you just know you just know you. No and if they're not up leveling you anders doing the same thing. They're living for every friday night and saturday night. They're going out to bars and they're drinking and they're doing all the things and they're not they don't have any goals for their own life. You know like you just know so an. It's unfortunate. I've lost a lot of really close friends in my life that i still care for it. I still love great for them every day. But i also know at the end of the day that they're just not for me and that's okay. I love you guys. You're now on that. Because i know a lot of the times we can have those naysayers or people in our life that will continue to create dow in. Especially when you're excited in a dream and you know maybe you joined that network marketing or he started. That is nasa. You did that little makeup saying or whatever it is and then you have someone back saying what are you doing. What is this or you know. And it's just go do. That's kind of where i'm out. It's like just go do you go up get messy. Who cares what anybody says. As long as you're happy doing it i'm you. You do have to have that circle of friends and you know now going into circle of friends like really wanna talk about you. Know a lot of what you do on a day in and day out so i look at yawning. So proud of you ashley. Really get out so much just in a hero like you. You've worn many hats just in this last year now. I do know that we've had some breakdowns together as well or have we have for sure. I want to talk about that. How are you able to manage. You know now that you've gotten towards that freedom aspect of your life yet you're still creating new brands. New ideas new everything ever evolving especially during break now where everything is online. Where would you say that you get to work on balance chips with us shore. So what's great about being your own boss as you can to make your own schedule right so my literally starts from twelve to five is when i do my zooms. Active axioms coaching whatever So for my personal development development and for my own time. I wake up at six thirty seven o'clock every morning and i go for my ryan. I try to do like a five mile. Run monday through friday because for me. That's my release. that's where i don't think. Yeah that's where. I don't think about hero and don't and don't take this wrong way listeners. But like so. I don't think about family. I don't think about business. I don't think about literally anything. I just put my airpods. Listen to my country music. And i just go and on my way back home then i put on my audible books right so i can't ryan to a book. It doesn't work after run. A music like either classic rock or country or something. That's i have to do that so my way back. Listen my audible books whether it's the secret. The pirate awareness or a podcast talks podcasts or genetic pitcher the gold diggers like whatever i can be. My brain is what i do on my way home. So that's a very important. It's my time and then in the evenings too. I might even just take a bath to go to thirty minute bath. My husband brings me a glass of wine because he knows that i worked hard all day. You know but. I want to say that it is so important at the end of the day that you are taking time out for yourself. And you're putting in that time for personal development because when you don't your cup is gonna run empty right and you are not able to give. You're not able to fill up anybody else's cup your day so you are number one at the end of the day. I love that our number one at the end of the day. I love that and you know if you guys are listening. Really listening in taking nuggets away from the personal development is everything i know when we say we don't have time where we take it from someone who has a son and husband and entire organization that she's running currently with rebrand that she still makes time for herself. There's always that five minute window. Whatever it is that serves you. It's very very important. They love that. You know if you guys watch ashley key on social media Chris brings you almost or you bring all the he has been of the year award Mary since they were gosh. How old announced sorry. That's my facebook messenger in the background if you can turn off but yeah so we've been together for twenty years buried for fifteen but it's funny because when i first started dating like our twenty s like we never got into that scene never never had any didn't even know about liquor like really like what was all involved. We just weren't big drinkers. And then it's like not big drinkers. Now is sound like nepal. But i'm not gonna like in her thirties right. We hit her thirty s and we started going on cruises in christmas. So intrigued by these arbiters. And what they were doing and how they were mixing it so he would ask all the questions so we bought this house. There's an actual bar. And so. Chris is thorn all the time but he's so great at it like we go out to have a drink now and mike. My husband makes these drinks so much. Better you're pass lifetime. You were a bartender like. Let's talk about his work together now. I love the teamwork that you guys do it. An i personally attest to your guys is teamwork like like. The success of the to view are really shoot. Estimate of what happens behind closed doors. I feel like what you guys for trade on social media. It's exactly the same way behind closed doors. Which is really such because because it is authentic relationships and love. Like when i'm around you guys. I just feel it. So what is your number. One tip with working with your spouse because how do you not fight like we we fight we are human yes by every argue and there are things that we don't agree with but we can agree to disagree at the end of the day. It'll tell you most of the time. We are totally fine. So i have my office. Core curses in the guest. Bedroom is got his office in there so we do work together but we don't right so it's funny. I'll be on my phone. And i need a question either. Column right text in how we do it. But i don't know i feel like i. We work great together. Because i'm the inspiration. And he's the information that's kind of been our thing so i'm right. I was key inspiration and information. Yeah chris just very intelligent when it comes to a lot of things He's just so great as i can show up right. I'm always the one that is in front of the camera. He signed the camera. I can bring all the people. I can inspire people i can educate people comes the information. I'm like no thanks. I'm not interested. Let employees into my husband and so then he takes it from there and it's just it's always worked since i love that i love back. I'm not personally that you know. I work with a lot of people david and day out there. Like how do i do. This may Bashes head against the wall bashar soap. Yeah and you're trying to give advice on that. You never know exactly like how to in our someone in that space because it is a sticky thing that you don't want to offend or like. Hey i just saved uses yeah. Yeah it's it's that city situations like that you you definitely have that's bluegrass. Nate webb watching you guys but i want to know what is your biggest. We're gonna switch gears a little bit. I want people to get to really know ashley. So what's your number. One biggest pet peeve like for me personally or like what. a pet peeve of. Chris says that he does that. Your biggest pet peeve outlet outsider. You're talking about business. Anything in general. Oh my biggest pet peeve. I would definitely say when people know not showing up on time but it's okay. I love you guys. That wasn't your fault. The computer fault causes this it. No actually the last of the day so it really doesn't matter it's totally fine but when you do those clients that are working with you right and you have time schedules. And then they show up. Like i give a grace feared of five minutes on my zoom on after five minutes. It tells me that they weren't respectful of my time. And so i just stopped. And then i put that time in a like messaging doing things i should be doing. They have to reschedule with me. But i've always been that person that's been prompted to everything if not super early so if i have an appointment five. I'm going to show up at four forty five. Yeah you know. So don is definitely a huge pet peeve of mine is time in my thing. That's my thing too i like. There's been a lot of zooms. I've been on these last couple of months and like i'm right there. I'm a couple minutes early. Just so that i'm there because i know sometimes i'm waiting like five ten minutes. I'm like what are you doing even views even for any kind of like event any kind. I despise being late. It just doesn't look at that. And i mean i'm always been one to save time money. If you're not going to take time seriously why would i take your time seriously. Yes today was totally. Like for the record guy's my internet crush figure this fast income to find out my outlet was broken of had nothing to do with that. We're going we're five. I never miss anything with us last week. We actually had a scheduled passenger. I thought she was dead. Because she wasn't ashley freaking out and like she okay. And you're like oh my gosh. I totally forgot Her character so i can see where now i didn't forget. I just thought it was scheduled for friday and not thursday so on my calendar was always shown for friday by all wrote down the wrong thing so prompt that i literally thought something was wrong with her. I was like fierce. She okay and she led. She's like this isn't like she's always on time. If anything she's early on my gosh well i said messenger. I guess and she's like oh. My gosh i totally forgot. I was like oh she forgot. I was like so the following day. You guys work with. Actually casey like you just tell you she is the most proms on present and again going back to leslie. She was dead. Like that's how amazing. How she shows that. So i totally agree in your. But here's the cool part. I want people to also know what is your biggest fear like. What is your biggest business. What is your biggest fear. My biggest fear. I would say the biggest fear is losing my soul to the world And what is like for someone that may not understand like losing your susie my soul to the world. Yeah because my faith means everything to me. jesus is truly our number one. He's he's our foundation for everything in so as this world continues to evolve in all the things that are happening you know. I just want to make sure that my faith is so strong in the lord. But i don't lose my soul to you with us world and the environment that we are living in and that you know during the time length right now and i truly feel we're at a scourge for oh for sure for sure between good and era and this is the time especially for leaders to really lean inch their faith because you now with faith If you guys don't understand really that she mean they say is leaving in when you can't see when you can't see it you can't feel it. You just know that you have a higher power. We get not so. I'm glad that you spoke on that. So again beans faith-based Will bust out. Our bibles will definitely go back and forth with feedback. I love that about emmy custody battle when that's okay in. Nfl paid a little bronze of wrapped up in deal. But and then you know various comes in the background and does a couple of works. So that's just me. Hey hey could you my secret. Just a wall no. I'm not doing it now today before we close it out here. Pretty soon is You guys are sitting here talking about so many great things whether it's mindset whether it's personal development social media and all the tips and everything that has talked about If you could get one piece of advice to somebody that is up leveling and they have. I like to call them haters hating that. Are you know. Tiffany kind of touched a little bit was. Oh you guys kind of set it about friends your circle how do you. How have you dealt with the haters. In what advice would you give somebody. It'd be like okay. I'm up leveling of doing all these things. I'm starting businesses. I you know whatever that looks like for any woman or man. How did you deal with the haters. What's one thing you can say. Hey this is what you can do and keep going forward. Yeah i would definitely say as the years have gone on now. I am at a place where i don't even let it affect me. I don't let it bother me anymore. So i have a hater. I'm not gonna come back in like field. The fire right. I literally responding because when you don't respond it just drives me crazy right. So just be silent and don't allow them to steal your peace in your joy and your happiness. It's not even worth it. It literally is not worth it at the end of the day. And if you change the situation and you think well you know what. This really isn't about me at the end of the day. It really isn't a hater is going through things right. Might have had a hard life. I talked about that. They might have had a hard life. they don't understand. They are not educated. And that's okay. They're just not your people. And so i just don't even allow it anymore. So now what. I always tell my clients. Those on working with is to make sure that you have some type of less that you carry with you at all times. It could be a post it. It could be a notebook paper but this is where you want to write down the people's whose opinions matter the most you is that your parents is that your brothers at your best friend. I people is at seven people. And when you have something like this happen where you have a hater come out of the woodworks right especially in social media we get it all the time right you pull it out paper and if their name is not on that paper and their opinions. Don't matter to you anyway. So why are you letting them destroy the joy in the piece that you're creating within your life especially during that day because what happens is when you do do that and you will allow that to affect you in your breathing and then you bring in that negative you know negative energy into your space which is going to slow you down. It's going to bring you back. It's just not welcomed anymore in my life. It's not did you guys hear the mic drop. That's exactly what i was looking for. And only because you know tiffany is. She's her brand is launched. And i told her in the very beginning of this. The start of tiktok podcast. We talked about it years ago. Now and you know tiffany of curry out there a little bit. Sorry but she said she's a little nervous she goes. I'm a little nervous about certain things resurfacing or she goes. I'm nervous because people are really gonna see me. And i said so. What so. what what. Is it what it doesn't matter because what you have to offer is so much grander Then the small he says and of someone saying this or someone doing this. And i love that. You said that list. I'm seriously going to make a list now. I think tiffany has one to be honest. I think she has this little book. Yes she has like. She always writes steph down all the time so i really really love that and i really appreciate you sharing that and you're such a pleasure thank you. Oh you're so welcome. Thank you for having you guys. Not obsolete in email will definitely wrap up and i love that you use that as an example because yes actually actually is a huge part of microbes. And i'm very honored to have her in my life. And i'm very honored by love. You let me do you know. It's it's something that gosh. I feel like i've known you my entire life and you have literally been a cheerleader for me. Even up until this point where we started this fear and stash. i'm not like the biggest extroverted person and just not going back to the conversation in at like i'm very quiet. And he can take us like resting bitch face. You know right shore. Yeah i want you to know me. I'm like super nice. It's your love bug. Yeah i super. I love art and that's where it's like do we. Miss has really helped me elderly. Having new macer also. It really means a lot to have you as my you know. Quote unquote board of directors. Stole that from you. I think you know a few weeks back told stairs. Gorman were actors. I told her about our conversation. Yeah y'all really understanding new guys like ought to talks is all about light. Episode wind ashley. You'll you'll even be able to hear it. I really shirts and stuff in it was. I scared a lot of things to come out of the woodworks zone. I'm like oh. I should have said that outlook not do this. Know what we said. Screw it we're gonna take one little thing out and then the rest redesigned it and that's exactly it's just taking it day by day and at the same time like you said because you already know these things. That's the power of our words and things that were speaking. And what we're attracting right. So this podcast is going to be flipping amazing. It's gonna bring abbas. You're going to go viral like i am going to be your biggest cheerleader. I'm going to be first person on stage or not sage but watching you on the floor you know what's gonna get there already know that because of the day that's who you are. I see that as i envisioned that like this is just the start free like an so many other levels. You know what i mean. I got chills. An it's like crazy. Because i know that i can call ashley. And her but would be on a plane verse laying. You know making sure that she was there to support. That's what i love so much about you guys in for those of you. Who don't know who she is or you know. She treats everyone to sing in her life already. Her client or her good friend. Obviously we get a little bit more quick scheme friends. Because i get to more jews from you and just really soak up your lab and your energy but i will say she treats her clients the same. Anybody that works with her with would be able to get that not only authenticity without love and shoot springs. You and she wants you to win. She'll do whatever it takes her goal. Become your role nor life and your aspirations becomes her life aspiration so actually working. Everybody finds you the best place for everybody to find would be on instagram. And you can just literally do Instagram handle ashley. Casey and populate but that is really where. I'm at all day long. Whether you send me a message or a comment on a picture that's gonna be the best place for you to find them well. This is definitely not the only time you guys will be seen ashley knowing her. She knew something other than the works. I mean her company already is incredible. But i'm sure there's going to revamp the. I'm sure there's gonna be a ten more editions inhibitions. Everything just know her. Her driver's is so special. So i just so honored to have you on. I love you so much. Thank you thank you. thank you. Thank you so much for having me. And i'm so proud of you a seriously like this is going to be the bomb podcast for sure. I love you. And we'll see him.

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