Steelers Touchdown Under, Part 2: Steelers come to town by bringing the Browns down


Pittsburgh steelers fans welcome to the latest episode of steelers touch down on. On not peril and I'm joined by my co host as usual Mark Davison Mark, how's it going? Manny Manny Manny Manny, the Pittsburgh steelers full and. Can you believe that is certainly. I certainly don't believe that for this year is it has bain but the steelers seething top the AFC Knowlton, we're playing good football. Few things to check checks and balances we need to take off bought rope. As fans we we should be very happy for our team. That's it. Mark I mean foreign are. Lawsuit when when three. Four Games for wins. That's about as much as anyone can expect their. we'll talk about that game against the Philadelphia a eagles in a moment but. Wasn't pefect. Steel is the finding ways to win, and that's what you need to get through a sixteen game season in make it through the postseason. So yet Ford's talking about that more on our show but. Has Always we come to you for two hours ahead in the future recording this on on Friday night come July annual Saturday morning. Thank you for joining us. This is the second way we're going to be having a pot shows. So definitely stay with us for the first pot one stick with his pot two as well. lots to get through on today's show before we cracking the amok. said, it's better be wake in the NFL this way. Lady on bells probably the breaking news from ours fans the modern headlines not read so much about it. What are your thoughts about love bell on the jets release? Yes. So we had the news yesterday, the breaking news he was. Cut by the jets and they just didn't want any any bar them. At all even that that process will process of sending leading on bail to the jets was caught a funny one. That team needs a lot of help. The jets are in survival mode Why would you cut bill? We would we wanna lay on the couch we not But as we say today Bell, lanes with the the case Jason and improves their offense and they had team but. What we we haven't seen bell run the football really well, who as steelers fans for a long time. Play a big pot in that in that role is on your I think he's on a if me from wrong on on a one year contract. Yeah. When you contract. Of and So we with bill leaving, we had a few on the facebook facebook universe. One of the bill back me personally audit one bill back. He had a great time in. Pittsburgh. Some great runs we had that Xiaojie run when he Won The game. In lost plight but we need we've got. We got a benny snow is playing good role for us and doing doing really well, also applying in a different contact and we saw what right I can do. End Quite pull on the reverses. So we've got a good mix pious. Team Chemistry. Wise. We don't really need to bring bring bill back in monitoring like a I obey situations are. But it's big news like. Casey wants to improve chances and they. They might want to. Hoist to Lombardi's in. Iran. Say Well what you picked up on that Omar an around the fact that we've got people like Iran McLeod and you'd go people I Chase Klay Pool as well where where bring in doing some pretty you know sometimes in previous seasons we have code cutesy things, Alani but bringing the not candidates are in and what have you so If. I don't know why would bring in Mr Botany and enrolled auto I bring him back into the steelers you can have a destructive locker room. And she bring him back there he wants it wasn't as bad as a Beta still for raising you've also got a situation where he made a suit decision there I mean. It's easy for stole site in hindsight now, but you really look at it. We're coming really getting into position with him as well where he was looking at that lat long body was coming and he chose money over Kore-, and I an understandable to get paid understand the changes that the running backs experienced in their contracts but. Realistically I. Guess Good on him. United States day million his time at Pittsburgh may twenty eight million wallet while the jets even though he said a year miss fourteen million, which is an Aquatic Watch portion what sixteen twenty, eight, forty, two so fourteen, million, narrow forty two is near Quadri proportion these chosen to sit out with so. I think we now say is going to be a journeyman is he gonNA have to go through a lot of different teams I look at Casey Great. He's got a great quarterback that can pasta him he might become. particularly in that middle part of the field, become a real option for them like what sometime tomorrow McCaffrey does. For the panthers in Saints But. If. I look at Clyde would soleil. He's offering a lot said the moment even from their first game. where rush revere hundred yards in his NFL debut so Yuna I wonder I must admit I was joking with a colleague. When it came out there being released about whether it actually go to the bills on not and we were thinking back to when went to the bills and it was just a hole in a reality TV show on kind of thing. So you know. The look good on. Good luck in the AFC I, think it says a lot that he is peaked eight exquisitely pretty much steady was going I say tain. Peak. Detain the steelers could face in the pro season as well. If we can get there and if we can go through a few wake sir. Yeah look at account white. So we do that because we've stopped. We stopped Barkley we stop Johnson we start Melvin go Melvin. Apart from that long run, we had mall Santas lost wake. So why? Frankly as I'm concerned bringing on Dell and get stuffed in the backfield like exactly what I don't think it was ever going to it was ever going to work with the jets like. I'm so I even put on the steelers. Nation is try to give them a quick share that love you guys Dan Dan on the. Level all support get Maddie's part of that. We haven't met in person yet but I love l little community building and it's awesome that wakened. Unites. In the states or Japan or wherever you guys our or of the world but we brought up the other day. Lucky. We on jets fans they must be fully in the moment they trading everyone can't win games. Sam Donahue is getting knocked over, and then they get rid of bill they but but it could have been Cancer? But we don so but in. The best spot for him to go but it will be interesting to see if reversal apply offs and how am I using that baby come back to haunt field and? Dj, what gets him over the edge. Well and that's it mark. It's it's funny when we took out with the jets because. They're losing at. Hey, ablaze the moment during a massive rebuild situation I think it running back thirty to have someone like frank goal dead you know that seems to just be literally ageless. Francorchamps that. He's one of my favorite pliers him, and Fisher to cut you off. He's third in the rushing come on. He's number three in rushing yards. Franco doesn't stop I'd rather him right now as a jets fan On Bill Love Mark. I've got a lot of time fitzgerald as well but. was going to say that I think the when you look at frank goal, I don't know how he's going to be a walk when he retires, he might have to be like some sort of Cyborg where he's got these metal legs maybe he's got to now maybe already Assab and he's like and that's how he's teaching apply and it will come out and then everyone will get fined for allowing unfair bondage or something like that I don't know about like it's it's frigging Knox I cannot imagine it like anyway anyway, let's get into the steelers so. Look before we get into looking a little bit lost week, which we always liked to do a trick. Very much the previous game what worked well, what didn't, and then obviously preview the game we weren't coming up but. For look through the wake for the deal is the thing that standing out to me mark us. David Decastro. Went off in that game with the abdomen injury is Bain out now. Through Thursday practice, he still hasn't participated these wake. Hod. The same plank chief season as well. how you feeling with the idea that soccer story might be out. So. So he's injured again for this game. Yes. So at the moment I think he will be using this game I think through three practices to be during practice at all I mean, yes he technically come back on the Friday but like the Friday practice. I'm. Not looking good in that Ed super for our show is they were quite concerned in quite confident that he wouldn't be playing. Well he's a big part of our offense and actually full disguise coming out versus the first the browns this is going to be hard nosed football. And we need some good blocking Kate Big Ben. Opera. So. For offensive line to keep big Ben up, we need him. We need him there. We need someone of his caliber and it's been there a long time. but I'm not sure if he if he can't play, maybe we have to hope him for the end of the season. But Yeah I became pie is an awesome rumble. Have you seen what would be doing some on the reverses with? quite pool and right like he's been doing great coming off the edge of swinging around well. Yeah But. We've also got a play at standing up and he's a bit of a favorite for you and is well, he's a big steele fan and he's a rookie. Any didn't get to go to the draft. Near the gets a yard of the combine robot hunt. Him In there from Louisiana Fayette, but it's Kevin Dawson and this white according to. Pay S. you know Kevin datsuns. The fifth rated offensive Lineman. The league I mean really yes. So he's making a real difference and you got cold and I'm glad it was it was brought up one of the shows the weight Bhai. it up but on scarborough show but. was around the fact that Kevin. Dotson got poed for one of those penalties but it was really that everyone fell back into poss- coverage and he was like less than a yod away from the lines scrimmage and got done with the stupid penalty but we weren't going to referees in penalties because if he is just going to say that that game was an awful game for both sides flag. Wise. It didn't feel like the previous three games at all. It just felt like fro fro flag whenever you wanted to basically and find out what it was lighter literally literally and I'm not I'm just GONNA get up. On that route. So That's but yeah. So look for Ma'am, I'm competent Kevin Dotson. These is going be a massive challenge. If he's there beano what he's a steelers fan fan by nature he's grown up still support. He takes pride in that. Jersey had that gamble that I, that I game against the broncos where he started the To say it I I. Call the same tights unit protecting Big Ben really seriously. A question how do you think Big Ben is Dr citing his offense? Do you think? He's Hoping Anna, offensive lawn, and our save is the way that you know. He's ten touchdowns, one inception, which was a big How is he? You know surveying the Phil. Do you think. That's a great question mark because. If we look at Ben over the loss how many years when you go back to lie beyond bell and you go back to what he's been doing with connor before got injured and what have you a lot of throwing out of the Backfield Now. In. Some of the other basis injuries probably micro. How Run Bay with the Stotts Snap County. But from what I'm saying from from an observation perspective is that we're doing all of these swing around me sold like the the benefit that had with Iran McLeod, and we we saw that early in the season with ner Deontay Johnson. We saw it with Klay. Polo VC lost weight. With doing things differently and what that that's doing is that second guessing? That second. The defense is second guessing as a result of that equally. The run game has been incredibly sold and we've been shifting with different types of runners. You've seen people mcfaul and plays and fallen coming a little bit earlier than what you might expect you Saint Snell Kona divvy it up a little bit way. Then play like you. Now teams northern corner can catch it as well. You saying samuels in their own screens and he hasn't done a lot too often but Wouldn't you going back to what you're saying they about be Ben I. Think he's pocket presence they she has looked really elevated. We've seen a few Russia's him what have you so I wouldn't necessarily say that. He is helping our offensive line or being a safety net full then when they ruined safety enough for him. But I would agree with you that what he's doing he's doing things differently an equally. The. Speed at which he's getting the ball out and out of the pocket. I await several was like Ben what is the date Bull Navy's not? Recovered as what we saw, it may be, he's never going to be able again I don't think he's anywhere near what they. You know some fans a thinking around what drew raises like where literally counter outmoded twenty odds kind of thing but. Yeah. I would say how Ben is using using his offensive weapons that supporting not offensive line and it's creating mismatches. It's creating uncertainty as I said, they're second guessing. and. Quite frankly. Will we talk about this pick your poison offense. It flows through the rest of the offense. It's not just about offering ben targets. It offers the still running backs up. Chinese, to get. It offers opportunities for the offensive line to do a few things creatively differently So yeah, for May. It's I feel a said this loss wake I think it was when I comment postgame show I said in likings lodge. But what I am enjoying the season and I think it was beneficial was Ben's had a year on the sideline and it was actually said this the Ben before the she didn't do a lot of studying film on the fees into. Creating now he does. I cannot tell you when we from the sports, how beneficial a year on the sidelines can be. Of course, I'm not I'm not gonNA senior an advocate for what we had lost you with Devlin and Rudolf and not having been I'm not saying that. But if there was any benefit ben with US Maturity Fifteen, sixteen years in the League, he's been able to sit there for season. Say it all happening from the sidelines and his comeback in and you saying the tangible I can give a very great regulate reference but a lot of listeners out there might not. Know about that one if I do do it but I wouldn't discount what a year on the sidelines is done Tim's what he's been ever seen the game so But look great question mock for a bit. Let's get into looking at loss. Wake a little bit closer. What were your thoughts coming out of that game? My, my first initial thoughts. Every obviously, you know we we're recording throat and on and you're GonNa you guys GonNa hear this Saturday mornings. Almost almost awake into it but I I thought was Sorry where secondary pull your socks up. Like. Like like how many times? Did Secondary and this has been a common theme for Oregon Laws and lease loss. For. Years. Common theme that third. Third and four teen, and they get a first day on. How how does that happen? We have great posh rush and a secondary not hang onto the man or this miscommunication the mandates home just secondary. We've fitzpatrick doesn't RUPP TACO try admins Boise Coverage, MILWAUKEE coverage, the the touchdown of Fu Grim. In the end zone there was no one on him like these little things and yes yes like we did win foreign. And Fans alike, oh, mark calm down like you know we're foreign fit is fantastic. But my initial thought and I've calmed down a little bit over the wake. You Know How do you beverage? About like Yukon let these pliers convert and they've done it for so many years third and thirteen will be. Yet. and. Agree the we it tight the bell foreign are. I mean full grim I mean honestly I. Come on. Guys like. He was the only thing doing like only player on their offense doing anything literally anything I mean. Credit Mall Sanders and you know what? I'M GONNA. Take it. Know I. told you. I, mean from that I told you I told you I told everyone laws on. The Mall Santas had to be stopped out of the backfield that he can break one that he'd had a long play full The refs helped him now on that one big long play show what they did. They did. But the reality was that full did most of most of everything ned stills did a good job of shutting down you know have you but. I mean the steelers of let in nine hundred, fifty passing yards in three games in our and yes, we're trying to stifle Ron with we've been trying to make average quarterbacks inner, throw the football and for those interceptions and yes, we've got. Quite a good right of interceptions at the moment but. What the secondary half to step up we because what? What's going to happen? We stopped visiting teams the darn out a good running coal that already to throw the football and. The are going to talk about that a lot Nisha when we come to these wake. But it's it's so weird that I met because what the steelers play. So hot verstand, you've got a good. Run for a law second down, they get a positive election third down, they seem to relax like we are that is mentality of Ben Don break. But how far can you really bend it like if it's third and fourteen like not meant to win that that damn to get off the field. Right now, we're leading opponents convert fifty percent of their third downs. That true that is true that off according to pro football reference right in front of me right now. But the thing for me is if we're supposed to be an elite defense, there is no white whip playing defense to the I'm sorry and I know that there's a lot of talk that sacrificing the second dream and what have you but. You're the question this week. This week will tell what the next few weeks will tell what about with steel was actually situated. The other thing is you know we look at someone like if it's Patrick. Believe By the time you will uphold custody may be an article out about the somebody Tsa about what Patrick Spain doing and I know Tomlin addressed it about affected Fitzpatrick Patrick, and Bush having just as good as as eighty loss g they doing different things in the end the Meeker, in the Backfield, there is being Austin do different things his quite scary for the quarterbacks in. He's trying to play this intellectual matchup and arrested the rest of the casual fan out. They sit there we'll hang on. At what point is gonNA turn on and Bay as the precious starts ramping up when he hasn't got turnovers Z. GonNa Crumble he's only had. A year no year in of its experience in the leg. So. What we get out of that, you know. At the end of the day, we all touted the traded first round draft before different said when the you know the draft came out in the steelers peak, that would have had attained order was. Rooms we've slipped me fitzpatrick. It was the first round draft pick and we're week five and we hadn't seen turnover yet from him and afraid saved drafted that highly we will be sitting there going wins again to perform the same judgment has to be given now so. I'm more conscious of how Minka going to come back into the game, and how is that from a confidence perspective? However, I would say with Minka, it's quite interesting is that He was well On pice when I had a look for we before we went on an mock, he was well implied pace with some of his tackles two previous Sheen's so like to lost you winning doing. So whilst he hasn't had that ton arival, if you look at where he's sitting out from a tackle perspective. He had he had. Was At sixteen ceased to non tackles combined loss journeys. Already on his way to seventeen you know he's at a local solo tackles not yet how to tackle for loss but. He he's doing a defense. Do, you think that M- inkers is taking away. The Day Bowl because a lot of times what I say with with Minka is he he's not making that decision to come down and make tackle like fast enough or he looks confused and in certain areas he's not taking away interceptions. He just seems to be playing that role back? Safety? Complaints policies like is he is all part of the scheme or is it something else into it? Well look you know and I'll leave the like a lot of the is ours to to. To contribute is like you know Jeffrey Benedict Katie Smith one have you. It would make sense what you're saying that if way going to stifle the ron pressure quarterback, the only thing they have to stop doing if you committing that much starring along bowl the united throwing the day pass. So if you've got someone like Mingka sitting back there you like we'll hang on second. So then you have to rely on throwing it in the middle of the field and that's that provides sign challenges. You've got to play like a voice. You can sit back in that coverage or you've got someone that comes down. The field. But. I think the May. On I'd be curious to say going back and having a deep dive and that's what I might do between now and the next couple of shorts but he's Loss G. and was basically told just play a natural game. Don't worry so much about the defensive game playbook playing natural game babe free roaming the rest of it and we saw what that did. Now. He if we remember back to when he left the dolphins he left and he didn't WanNa play strong safety didn't WanNA place resolving opposition what have said at a time in an article that I write which Kinda got out. But by Jeff, this lake about comparing him to Ed raid what I was comparing these potential I wasn't comparing. His career to date to Ed rates full create but. If you look at that left the dolphins I think it was the dolphins. He didn't want the culture and where they're going and know not necessarily. Wanting to got there and win and Can Trade for me? That's what he said. He wanted but. I would like to see as we go through the season at what point are we going to allow him to do a bit more free roaming at what point going to allow him to move through different positions because still have several plays they can the quite at that date position as well. So I'm you know you've got flexibility Cameron Sutton's you know you could have some versatility in these David Nelson's potentially even your this. There are some options there, but we can do in that net day period field sir. Why it's going to be interesting but at the same time. ECON discount what I said earlier where we've played average quarterbacks, not elite quarterback so Meka hasn't had to like. Still is probably GONNA. Get. Taken the punt to use the way light to say going wet them throw the day. Let's say they go. And there's there's quarterbacks intimidated Mamie. That's what Tomlin's thinking about what he's saying intellectual football. Yeah it's a good problem to have this point, but it is something that a lot of fans wanted to bring up this way 'cause we had that seventeen. Seventeen point laid and then over sudden Fubo no one ever heard of him before he come out and start swinging. But yeah, it's a good problem to have if mink is that base like kind of like here I am. I make sure nothing. Big happens. They might let him loose in certain gains, but like like you as well I'm not an excise guy, a love, the game and. Here, and they are trying to watch when I watched the game again, replay on on what you sit in positional deploy up but. If it turns out this way and picks off. The six. And then then then what we're talking about here is It's a funny thing but this is a secondary thing needs to have a bit more minister them a bit more. More. Be More in their face replied some too big. Receivers injury in adult Beckham. EMBIID. Big But you know what I mean like it's. We got from it. titling tightly. Now. Would be absolutely positively remiss memory loss momentum. You know slip up Brian. Vite. He if we did not talk about. Choice Crepeau. What performance? and. Mark My Punto the way Kloss wake was the Ben would thrive forte. Days. y'All y'all conserve. The week was that you'd get that would get five sacks which they got. But Ben Connelly handed the boy that a clay hand the ball of clay pooled give that. Today was that really a poss- con could be a pause if you look different physiques. So why should be three to mark Arkan? It's three three. What are can mock? Not, to show him into was the one of the United Miami's Pas with they gave him like pass for a yacht in front or was it was a hand back? Right? It was a hand off. Wasn't it? Yeah. It was. I tried and failed. There's my third down conversion. Some of these things I think need to be addressed in the NFL like you can get a heck and a touchdown pass for through pushing it like. Some ball in front of someone and I collected and running the enzyme like that in Miami's doesn't all the time and I've seen Brady doing about a thousand. Tom? This is like, yeah I'm sorry I think that this week I'm lucky I've got five 'cause adding up three and lost in quarter. With three and to and to enjoy, it's going to be a good mix. I've got to I. got a good little near the end of the second pago the idea where you probably catch out because it probably won't happen but I'm going to go for it anyway. Olsen, Olsen. But. Yeah. Look back to Klay Poll. What a performance? Very selfless player I think is well, he's not going mainly me. Your hooding throughout the off season I mean know in the training camps, we heard numerous plays and Kevin Bit Mike Tomlin and. Ban himself. How would choice clip was performing. That I mean four touchdowns that was just incredible but you know what? Stuff that stuff the eagles that's your fault. You WanNa leave someone open line that and we talk about poison. I remember when we talked I br the Broncos game after school that long range touchdown and I remember saying he needs to be I remember saying to you on the show like and outside unlike before we went on half of that that podcast. Saint you. They now have to consider Klay poll will mind gosh off loss wake. What are they going to concede a now? Well. That's exactly because even with. The secondary words that we've both brought up did you see one of those? Laws touchdown that walk I've been. Wrought Policy the lawn Becca. and. Scored a touchdown and then the eagles players will like we'll. I didn't have. Did you have him? I didn't have him. You know what's for breakfast they didn't what was going on. I'll bring up the one of the key point I like how how they letting quite get the bowl screens but did you see the blocking I want to give a big shout at try admits Eric Apron and I think Karma was one of them to. Blocking fantastic for this guy. They putting a hat and quite would is rooted in. One hundred percent but I mean, four, four, spayed six, four, hundred, ninety, five pounds I mean the man is a mountain I mean it a. Like. An people off Austrians like all maple big name for data. That was a maple trump before it's and quite frankly that one that he it was so funny I other ship has posed quickly run to the bathroom when when he schooled the school dot full touchdown bit you know off, they'd called that penalty on the one I thought you know what fair enough you know he almost had five touchdowns on day, but he certainly deserved before so. Massive performance. Obviously, he's just basically thrashed most fans. You know over and unders for the season of our. Hey. Good, they thought he could do but. Yet while it's it's a woman. I. Think there was a lot of toll killing the season where he would be able to play that role Alexia. Boris used to play for Ben chicken in the red zone. It's funny with Klay Pool? We've seen him do a lot more than inner. In the early downs and much closer to the steelers nine, an enzyme same what we haven't had to rewind them these enzymes per say yet but I mean, my gosh, got an eric gave events donald to chase quite a Juju. And then you can start spader spades during their as well. You've got hot you've got spayed. You've catch catching skills it's or saving skills if you like. It's yeah it's it's just weapons everywhere. Well, I was just going to say like I said, I'm just GonNa ask you how much you open up the offense and you pretty much set it. Like he got Super J.. J. Washington this offenses and all we forgot about day J. Engine and he's been a bit back and forth and I think I? Think we can touch in does a little bit of day. Do you think do you think day Jay's trying a little bit too hard to advance the ball? He's got natural gifts, but it seems in some certain plays he he wanted to go back around the corner he wanted to. Extend apply or troy a little bit too high the new needs to. Look that's a great question mock something that. Way, sail over here in in Australia with sport like Rugby League, which had a few plays. Over into the NFL or try and give it a crack. It's it's a funny one because you've got a spades stern someone with agility. Say. But at the same time, the end zone is not chea left or you brought you know it's GonNa be strike down right down the field. So. One hundred hundred notable south there because on specter of that football field. But then of the day you've got to get straight to get to the end zone so. Sometimes I sit there might will you when I'm watching it it's like trying to be tree cute eternity too much. She say. Having said that we we have seen some old, we did say a couple of plays lost where he did do a bit of a Switcheroo and then the next thing you know he's he's running into spicer. What I think was Deontay is. We'll come not. The end arounds in in those sorts of things, sway plays, great forum, and now that you've seen Ri-. Rodas well, Gosh could you imagine just putting the to the NATO close confusion? It it would be awesome but. The way I say it was Deontay is that I think he had such a good year last year lot of paperwork really really high on on him and you know what? He's had a couple of games but he's any second year he's got spayed and it's pain pick your poison anyway. So I'm not I wouldn't still fans out there that are be concerned about what he's doing on try and Johanna whatever. Let's say goes continuing because he will get up chimneys to step up. But. Talking about what she needs to step up, we'll be focusing on that massively op hot hot two of these white shirt. Quick quick bright for listeners out there. placed. I was hot to we praising the browns game going through general punts of the wake is we always do will be sling in the slang just as Ben Cape Sling in the Rock Ten touchdowns I. Only wanted section. But with that, we'll be back after the break.

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