Bishop Briggs, Marlee Matlin & Ronald Reagan?


You've been watching real world right ruled atlanta on facebook. Watch my favorite thing in the most recent episode is there was a fight between clinton one of the other ones honestly. I don't remember who it was fine fine. We don't know the cause clint gets in a fight with everyone. He's like the hot head he was fighting and then they did that thing that everyone does and that the real what has been doing since day one whatever nineteen ninety where they showed the other people reacting to the fight house. It's like eating sandwiches and it just zooms in on arlene. She's like eating a sandwich do live there. They're just like eating sandwiches. They're just living their lives that that is the abandoned tagline of real world. Here's what happens when people stop being polite and start living their lives as they eat sandwiches. It'll it's a long a work. M._t._v.'s the real world aletta is an all new reality experience parents with content dropping daily and new episodes every thursday so find out what happens when the next generation stops being polite and starts getting real again in facebook click on the facebook watch nykanen search the real world on watch m._t._v.'s dvd the real world atlanta streaming now only facebook watch they wanted no welcome to the podcast wheeler and everything. You need to know about the celebrities you don't. I'm oh bob finger and i'm lindsey weber and i just have something to say lindsay late women they have minds and they have souls as well as just hots and they've got inpatient and they've got talent as well as just beauty. I'm so sick of people saying that love is all four. I'm so sick of it. What are you playing. Is that syria yes but what's the point of the oval little women trailer. It's funny because i heard that i was like is that lady bird wisey go from lima bird because that would be in lady had an irish girl doing a pretty decent american accent it can. I be frank here here even if she's doing an american accent when i hear her voice. It's doing an irish accent your brain. Your brain just changes it. I know it's true. I thought we were going to save a little women for the main episode. That's fine we can talk about. I don't care. I know this is kind of off topic because it's not really who really so. Maybe it'd be like a patriot and think get that. I just want to talk about the little women trailer. He couldn't french women. Where do we even wait scottish. We that's nothing. I don't know what that is. I feel bad accents his cannon no i guess but like i just love that you did been doing you know where ah where women and will capable of anything. No that's scottish. That's very bad at least at least we don't have emma watson doing her. Not oh we due. She's doing an english accent. She's doing american. I mean american oh. She batted the one. You're the little women head. I know but i forgot emma. Watson is not the american would like very few of the little american women american. I <hes> greta gerwig was like i don't have to go across the pond because the pool is pretty shallow here to be fair. British and irish people are better at period dramas like they just are there just better than us at that stuff too well. You know we don't wanna do that. Shit anymore like where you know since they have to go to the better. It's just bizarre because like in my head i think of gwyneth paltrow iconic being an american person who like cannot stop like compulsively also doing british period in her youth yes. That's the that was an exception she. I think she i think someone told her. You know you know when you're someone tells you like is your comment on something and you go in you. Go deep. You're like yeah. That's my thing baby. I feel like so many of us can trace our careers like our career path based on like a single compliment that we got when we were impressionable a party being like you're funny a- and you're like i'm a comedian but it's like impressionable impressionable just because you're like an adolescent and the time or because because you're like vulnerable in your twenties you know like yeah always voted upon my twenty volt like just a moment where someone was like yes. This is your good writer yeah well. My point of that was that somebody told gwyneth paltrow. You're good at an english accent. She was like i am. I am i am i am and then like probably her like sneaking into it like bar when she was eighteen or something and she was like i left my passport at the hotel and someone was like like one of her friends believe her. You're good good at that. You're so good at that. That's definitely what happened. Well i miss home already so many wonderful memories of england smell of sweetmeats scones on christmas day. Excuse me aren't you from new york. Pardon i read in people magazine that you grew up in new york city and your mom is blythe danner and your dad produce saint elsewhere. Why don't know what you're talking about. Love what about little women what what about little women jerk site at what the trailers good. It's so good. I'm so i'm relieved. I'm also relieved it. <hes> there was a was it ed. I think it was a david sims of blank. Check fame davidson's tweet that was like how does this look even better than i expected. It's a great trailer. Look so good. Trailers are usually quite good. It looks very good. The casting was on point. We always knew the only person who's skills. I i suspect might not be up to par in. My mind is timothy. Timothy chaumet who gives a limp performance. I mean beth is barely in it but then again she does die so maybe they're just not playing that up right now and i can't tell whether that actress is going to do something but elisa scanlon yeah yeah yes yeah in it. Also feels like the trailer is wrapped. Opt around like the joe feminist angle versus the they're all very affected by beth's death which is like <hes> actually the real kind of heart of the story is that in a way maybe greta was like i'm not going to kill her. Oh my that would greta story that would really be blasphemous and that would be insane. It's greta a story to tell especially women in the public domain you ready to ghost is like if you don't kill beth i mean real bath died to you. Gotta kill back if you don't go. I'm gonna kill you also if you'll kill that. Poor actress gets nothing to chew on because beth is like that's her thing when she says she's like dung everthing thing and then there's like a cure maybe and then all the little women move on. Maybe she's faking it because nobody will pay attention to her. She's like you know trying to get a burden hurting she. She's like i'm sick and everyone's like beth stop. That's actually a good good greta gerwig well. That's <hes> kiara cheeks women a play that she wrote based off girls and little women which is an amazing play. It has elements of that. Were bet people are like beth. Stop beth stop. Remember women yet so good. <hes> little really looks amazing. I love that it is like authentic. It's not like going to many places yet. It's not the copa laying. It's not trying to tweet fight something unlike stylized think she'll take liberties in the details and that's what you want from a period piece that is like a really beloved story. That's gonna miss you know it's a it's meant to be heavy handed and honestly if she does alter the focus to like a mostly mostly joe story. That's interesting like it's interesting without changing like the heart of little women. I guess i think that she could keep it very very centered around the family but leaning on joe's like feminist angle which is which is a big deal but could really be brought out by like a tom. Tom boy performance also like you said we're getting a lot of. We're getting a lot of syria in the trailer because you're shas the biggest name of the women so we're going all right you at on joe right so the trailer could just be maybe a lead. It's like a bloop bleep trailer because it like her will mean the scene with her at the publisher who's like like <hes> what's his face is obviously like a greta favorite like putting tracy letts to end together again to like face off as like a publisher sure and like a young writer. That's not the point. The point is is that like that you could tell that is like a greta <hes> move and the main point is that that is the best trailer of the week in the worst trailer of the week is the one for last christmas. Do you really think it's bad because i kind of liked it. The trailer is a complete mess. It's obvious like i complain about this on twitter like us a ghost. I can tell that he's a fucking ghost. That's not the point. The point is at the trailer. No one is addressing the fact that the trailer is. It's a terribly cut. It's a bad trailer that gives you like no sense of what the movie's about because it's trying to withhold the twist from you. Even the twist is obvious last christmas. I gave you my heart. Here's my thing. I think you are struggling with the fact that they give away just enough for you to figure out twist but not enough for you. Don't want the twist but also it doesn't make sense to give just as much the twist like them. They could've just made it. Why don't they just make a traditional rom com trailer without any allusion into anything being weird yes. There's there's too much drama in that trailer when she says why. Can i ever call. You like this could have been cut. We we didn't need to know that something was weird but someone responded to a. I don't know who it was. It was some some follower responded to neon and on to what i would like to to say but i can't find out but they were like <hes> will. There's a chance that the reveal that he's a ghost could be like the early act to reveal feel. That might be the first twist so this might actually be a more strategic decision where they're only literally showing you like the first act of the movie. Maybe there's more to it. Maybe we know he's a ghost throughout most most of the movie i i think a reasonable as he's the ghost gave her his heart. Okay so you guys so it's like a movie called last christmas it stars what's her face from <hes> game of thrones stories from asian and thompson who later plays the song last christmas. I gave gave you my heart. Get it get it. Get it. Get it. Get it so it's a guy and a girl who meet he's very mysterious. He pops about nowhere. She's like a mass. She's like i was very sick. I had had to like go to surgery. I almost died and he's like and she works at a three hundred sixty five day. Your christmas doors and and michelle yeoh is the owner and michelle deals like i hate you. You employ actually irrelevant to the plot that we are describing but the point is is that it is very much obvious stat. I gave you my heart and the song is kind of lure of litter is literal so did so. Did this guy gave her his heart. Is he a ghost. Did he get a new heart is the real is fake fake. He's mysterious but i just kind of think you're like what i said to you before was that it just should've been a traditional rom com. It fooled everyone but because people people are so scared that nobody will see movies anymore. We have to give it as much much much much much much as possible. It's so such bomber it really is and you know the these types of movies aren't in on trend so they have to worry about that. I guess i have faith in it. Being good because emma thompson is involved oscar winning screenwriter. You know what what i like about it. It doesn't look like shit. It looks it doesn't look like a netflix rom. Com looks like a real studio. Rob calm like a movie. I think emilia clarke we'll have to do a lot of work to make me like her but she was better in the stroller and i expected her to be. She is good at playing like a messy a girl which is kind of annoying because that's kind of the lake archetype but she is good at that i think and they let her to accent. Oh he loves a twist king of twist. I haven't you seen that movie with blake live where she never saw it but i don't know what the twisters are. You fucking kidding me off. Aww west is no god's this fucking stupidest movie. Let's now. Let's move on. I somewhat serenity either. It's on amazon prime. Don't watch that watch watch a simple favor. <hes> we got both babe part. We got one million calls about this. Oh i counted the calls the number of calls all's we get a week four hundred nineteen amazing incredible highlands and bobby longtime medium time. I just wanted to make sure that you guys saw that. Might pose is not a walk across america has come to a tragic unexpected end. He was bitten by a baby rattlesnake which left him unable to walk walk just over the kansas colorado border and he has now returned to new jersey to recuperate with no signs of finishing. That's it stinks. I crush it's crunch. Can i be rude for one second. Just say that mike posner getting bit by a rattlesnake and like almost dying and having to stop the walk that he was doing got more press than mike posner doing the walk yeah. That's not route. Okay just a fact just saying oh when no one knew this was happening and the main reason no one knew is because uh-huh as we said a million times there was no pegged to there was no reason for it right because he wasn't like doing it for wasn't promoting any varies no except for himself off and then he gets hit by a rattlesnake people like wait a minute. Mike rosen was walking across the united states for no reason and then he got bit by a rattlesnake in colorado. That's interesting because it is. He wrote what up doe crazy day. Yesterday i had just crush sixteen miles that i was going eight more when i got but by a baby the best thing. He said he said but they wrote sick. Because it's bit i got but by a baby. Rattlesnake venom is no joke i got to the hospital and got the anti-venom in time and crazy this hall arado i think so he was almost done which sucks and southwestern areas like antler every place will have like anti-venom the venom for rattlesnakes and other snakes around but it's still a getting to the hospital in time is the big hurdle right like the hospital will have the stuff you need locking in the middle of nowhere and like there are no cars harza. It was like earlier later when guy you can. It's like people who hike the whatever the wild wild hike god. What if my h died on his stunt for nothing to walk couldn't have talked about it. We have stop talking. We wouldn't have talked about it. We're just like and moving on. Mike poster walked walked across these episodes by sending our condolences to the poster family <hes> <unk> imagine the song. We're gonna get from this like incident. I took a pill and a beatha thighs like i got bit by a snake in colorado well. We know that it's not going to be a hit until it is remixed. So that's true it'll be like a soft asto a soft acoustic jam with a light rap and then it'll get remixed took the but i mean this. It's it's incredibly serious. I mean i don't know that it's i don't know that he's he's not gonna finish. I could see him like flying back to colorado walk. He can't walk for months like it's going to be in the hospital for a while. He is like real bad right a bunch of songs about his experience and then old fuck and finish. It and i'll get even more press than he did to begin with and if i know one thing about mike posner. It's that he's got. What a great attitude so. You know he'll be fine. I'm the series but i got bit by a snake in colorado nick in colorado. I think that's going to happen totally talked the last call anyway. Nicole kidman and kylie minogue has not been photographed together because kylie minogue is like three three feet tall and nicole kidman is like a twelve foot tall giant clearly one of them or both of them have a complex about that three solve shelve crunch crunch injuries you got the conspiracy is clearly that kylie nicole are one person i believe both i believe both i know it's hard to believe both but i believe both they are two different heights and they are the same person incredible mix goal highly bobby <hes> as a art historian in the making currently. I'm getting my masters. <hes> i would like to say that that leona lewis's soto references referencing absolutely nothing. It's just chaotic. Evil <hes> good for bella thorne. It's my bitch. I love that it was just like on the tip of our tongue but but it was like wasn't a thing and it turned out to be not a thing like it wasn't even a reference. Now <hes> and i like we were people. Were talking about it like because obviously it's podcast people didn't see it and so i think people were finally looking at the photo recently <hes> and so we were involved in this threat people were adding us this morning and like aghast just shocked at this photo because it is really wild <hes> and someone nicholas lambrino said it's someone trying to rip off a leave of vits vanity fair cover but without the budget or liebowitz and i think that's like maybe the best way to describe this photo and that's app and i believe that's absolutely that that was the intention of the person they were looking vanity fair hollywood covers and they were like what if we do this but i guess that requires a little more grace and skill and lighting and and better cameras but it was right. I think it was almost like it the key because the this is like a rom com trailer verse for netflix versus is like one four theaters. It's like this this kind of element and i'm not a professional so i don't even know what this is like. This is the element that makes anne up any and what makes a wedding photographer a wedding. You know a different wedding photographer right that you would take a photo like this and it wouldn't look right it looks wrong and then anti would do it and it would look right so that's the issue here. I think next call i it's libya <hes> <hes> listening todd what you were talking about hobbies. Have you just use your obviously i go. You're kidding but a warning the rest of the listeners do nec. They're having a seizure. We turn them on their side as call nine one one you wallet you have iraq. Anybody's founded fear seizing like that is not acceptable do not do that. That's not <hes> talking from experience. I do not have to use your brother. I used to do that <hes> the one hundred degrees public service announcement. I don't even remember what the context of the joke was but i don't care it's fine. I don't remember what we talked about at the beginning of this episode. Let alone let alone the last one but i don't really help. I'm really a sucker for giving correct act information and that he goes to this. I'm a sucker for people who call us and correct us and then into the call with three sign offs. I i know it's it's pretty funny. When you call with like a very serious matter and then you're like crunch crunch scar joe million- greece. You're like bobby. Did you know that women's razors can cost up to fifteen percent more than men's. Let's see i know about the ping tax. I know about the because they're pink. It just kidding. It's not because they're pink even though they are often pink but it's the idea that women should pay more for the same product and it is outrageous but outrageous. There's a the solution unconscionable. What's the solution. There's lucien it's called billy. 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We're getting the best razor you will ever own for half the price of razors in the store never by a razor in the store ever ever. That's a good that's a great tip plus. Free shipping always go to mypillow dot com slash who that's m. y. B. i. l. l. l. i. E. dot com slash u. Hi i was just listening to monday. Episode had deposit really quick after the day of the story. I work for an outlet that covers that story is i do the core stuff and i looked at that case. Daily is still going on hearing from up soon. <hes> there hasn't been a decision it but it's pretty crazy. The same thing happened with ron white. Recently <hes> is on forever so we'll be sure. Update your soon as never update okay bye. Thank you so much for keeping us in the lube incredible. It's good to know that it's still happening so we're probably gonna hear something at some point. That's cool a hearing coming up soon. They said that's weird. South on for so long i google the the ron white thing that comedian he sort of like the no now he's part of the blue collar comedy tour. What does it say hero jeff foxworthy bill ingvall larry the cable guy ron white and so was in a similar situation and i'll linked to this in the show notes but it this this actual blog post is on the <hes> i think the san francisco bar website <hes> and it goes into kind of the intricacies and the complications when you don't get married in one state but you resided in another state so apparently one of the arguments that ron wyden is using that like in california they don't recognize there's they don't do common law marriage in california as far as i can dell but because because they sort of partially resided in texas texas does do common law marriage so that's where it kind of the problem is happening anyway just interesting. If you're in law read about leg off it's different but i think the reason the caller brought it up as just because like these things go on for a long time even brad jacket right right and there's this one line here that it says <hes> this wild to me where bill she may also be asserting she is a 'putative spouse in california because family code two to five one provides that if a determination is made that a marriage is void or voidable but then the court finds that either one party or both parties believed in good faith the marriage was valid the court shelf sign the status of a 'putative spouse to both parties so because she genuinely believed the marriage was valid that might affect the outcome. That's really interesting to me too. Yeah it's wild well. There's just lots of rules different places. It's a state it's a state law situation especially for people well who have the means to have residences a lot of states that really mess yes and that means they have the means to have their spouse or you know just sue them you know they it's it's a lot of money worth getting to go under so it's like many because more complicated because there's more these could go on for years in this case we do for years. Yeah okay dirty us connects goal. Hey <hes> saturday night. I'm sure you're getting tons of calls about miley cyrus and leon and kitman jenner caitlyn jenner. I just think there's one very interesting geico and that's your fav- gossip cop. Uh <hes> posted a article that said miley liam are about the split and miley cyrus re posted that not even two months ago and says wow like the tabloids are always against us. <hes> and gossip cop was like this isn't true the house of copycat fashion <hes> but gossip was wrong. Miley was wrongly clearly. Whoever reported this actually had keys and i feel like we we really we were like just per but in this particular case gossip is wrong so cost step up your game <hes> caitlyn jenner caitlyn carter. I don't know miley appear on the hills. New beginning challenge a happy flame friday happy flamed friday well member flame friday god flame friday. I still listen a flame but not on fire uh-huh yeah bring it back tomorrow happy friday <hes> thank you so much for wishing us happy flame friday <hes> we haven't celebrated in so long i know today. I'm gonna celebrate. Liberate will celebrate today to <hes> yet. Gaza cop are are like problematic fave basically like we're just so hilarious predictable. This is a good example that i feel like we're always kind of saying that. Gossip cop is a shell like a p._r. Shila essentially all they do is deny things tonight. They are like the real cops but <hes> but the point is that this is because not only did gossip cop right article after article after article kind of quote unquote debunking these <hes> liam and miley are in trouble things this is miley cyrus liam hemsworth marriage in trouble after he or she returns to her wild ways liam hemsworth sick of miley cyrus sharing marriage details liam hemsworth fed up with miley cyrus public alpers and gossip goes through each of these like inter like intricate ways and says like this is not true. This is crazy. They're liars and it's like when it turns out to be true. After you've done literally a full roundup post of all the times you've debunked this rumor like your credibility. It sucks man on that yeah it sucks and <hes> i was just looking at <hes>. I was looking at gossip. Cop this morning and i was like well. They're so stupid that i mean. The main reason to read gossip is because it is it is this very unique style of writing this aggressively defensive offensive but not a personal place defensive over the top yet still sort of believes itself to be serious journalism so it's like a wild tone own if you want to read the p._r. Response to these things gossip cop always gets them so if you're like wondering what they said to back to these rumors like he always publishes them also like we said his s._e._o. Strategy is just to write the rumor itself in the headline so that he gets clicks from that even even though he is taking the quote unquote high moral ground of debunking them. It's unbelievable bullshit. I mean he wrote. Can i just read you some of this like what he wrote. This is insane aid <hes> and just a month ago another tabloid claimed cyrus and hemsworth fought at a malibu party over her noxious antics in that flimsy report which which gossip cop also corrected it wasn't even mentioned where or when the alleged argument took place this was similarly based on the up stantione rumors from an unknown source these phony oni narratives about the singer being wild and it causing trouble in her marriage have been so rampant that gossip cop recently did a round up a few false split rumors about cyrus and emsworth. The reality is that hemsworth knows exactly who his wife is and loves her for it. Get duff. What are you like it so unnecessarily verbose that it reminds finds me of like a blog entry for like a recipe where it's like. Here's my new three being vegan chilly and you have to read three thousand three thousand word essay about like me with the kiddos trying to meal prep for the week and then like whatever my shitty husband because time spent on a website also affects the leading score or whatever to be bigger than i'm just want the stories they want to keep you on the page and that results in like in saint language gossip cop though i was looking at the website today there are fifteen fifteen stories on the first page of gaza cup right now before like previous stories. How many of those fifteen stories do you think gossip is calling fake all of them yes. It's all about fifteen isn't the point of having a meter that sometimes it goes the other way. It's wild to meet its it is wild to see like i wanna see that meter meter. Go up to fact and it never does sometimes. It's like a one or two but it's never a ted. No no no no one or two what's the point of a one or two be should should've been fucking towns. They were true a lot of these rumors or at least versions of them. You know like no matter their source. It's never believe what you breed on gossip cop but i'd be stupid if i told you to stop reading it because it's extremely fun to read always read gossip calm. I mean they sometimes. It's fun to read because they point you. The places where the gossip is good because he's collecting all of this is gossip and then you can just go from there to find the stuff. The best brad brad pitts a beekeeper. Where'd that come from. Go to gossip up like that's like oh life and style. Oh thank you so much gossip cop next call. Oh actually no we're on. We're on questions. Oh amazing hasn't weekly medium time medium time. I'm calling because i'm hoping can answer that. You need for like a week so we all know that ronald reagan before he was president before even thought into politics was an actor trying to make it in hollywood got a few roles and i really wanna know before he was president when he was just an actor was he who or is that thanks coach crunch. After getting this call we were like we don't know the answer to this but we're very intrigued by this question and we would love to. I know the answer so lindsey reached out to a friend of the podcast and said you're the only possible person who could answer this question. Would you mind answering it and fortunately for us and extremely extremely lucky for you. She said yes. Let's play her calls now. Hi who weekly karina longworth. I do a podcast called. You must remember this about the history of hollywood and i heard that i have a question that you need help. Answering about whether ronald reagan was a who or them so. I think the easy easy quick answer to this is of course he's them. He's a president them <hes> you could be talking to anybody currently alive of any generation orgin and they would have some idea of who ronald reagan away like it's not like talking about bb wreksa by the way. I still don't know who beat director is like. I'm sure you guys explained it but maybe you should do it again. <hes> and even amongst president so he's a president right like he's not rutherford b hayes. He's not grover. Cleveland like people have some idea of when he was president what his whole life was and also in terms of just the presidency he and his wife nancy reagan brought a lot of hollywood glamour to the presidency which made them like extra denney <hes> like i don't know if you guys know tina brown's the recent book the vanity fair diaries but in that book like talking about how like when she was editor than before in the eighties she is in love with the reagan like she can't get enough of them. She just thinks that they are the most glamorous people who ever lived and this is a person who's like a self proclaimed expert on princess diana so there's that but the only way that ronald reagan became a political them is because he was like forever a hollywood. Who do <hes> and you know. I don't know if you guys have made this station. In terms of people who were who's to the general public but them's within in hollywood <hes>. I would say that like you know. Most agents would fall in that category. Most heads of unions would fall in that category. That's kind of what ronald reagan was like. Everybody in hollywood knew who he was partially because he had a couple of stints as the president of screen actors guild <hes> but he just never really broke through the who window as an actor <hes> his to kind of best remembered roles now allison kind of jokes <hes> he played he was in this football movie knute rockne all american <hes> which is remembered for this flying <hes> when one for the gipper and then there's the other zone that he is remembered for which i think is a little bit more interesting and it's club changed row and it's just sort of like all these stories in a small american town melodrama and basically he like goes in for surgery and he wakes up and his legs have been surprisingly educated and he looked down and he says where's the rest of me and then when he was writing his autobiography eight to try to like you know stopping or who and and people who he was he titled it. Where's the rest of me and the answer. Is that like he expound himself in politics. <hes> you know but i mean yeah so basically he was never able to become them in hollywood. He was not good enough of undo the star for hollywood but he was like almost too much of a movie star for washington then for politics <hes> so that's just ronald reagan politics them hollywood who but ultimate them i would say thanks for letting me offer my implants. <hes> giuliani talked is i am screen all timer an all literally never felt so like delighted headed by the source of the information the information so good at her job. Is anyone offered aw oh god like this carina. Take our show. I want you can have it. I wanna hear wait. Listen to this here we anyway. I wanna hear the hearsay whereas the rest of the failing around in his bed he's so young so this is great and i think we do talk about sometimes like hollywood who's versus them's but it is a very weird line because if you're like how with somebody a hollywood them and not like them because they're like a celebrity but it's like the industry of hollywood it it is the it is the world. It's almost like you know their own little world business so of course the like the president of w._g. A and all these other places would be and the actors guild would be them be within the industry because there's lock going on there but we don't necessarily know who all those like kind of has been type. Eighteen actors are now all running for that for. Did you see that they're all like running for office. Within their world glade gabriel. What's her face from that onto winnow. She held it for a while or is holding it god. I don't know anything see. It's a hollywood the hollywood thing. It's not our job to know all that well. You know because like we're not in the guilt. It doesn't matter it. Literally doesn't matter to us. You know that's true and it shouldn't matter really to you either but it is these people who either are going to be more famous or have already been peak famous that are involved involved in these roles so but but this is good this is amazing information in that kind of implies that what i'm taking from it is that it's not like ronald reagan's fame helped him win the presidency but once he was there it helped him become president that people at first generally really liked you know and also the the fact that he was able to like him being an actor with such a huge part of his identity as president and everyone knew that but it helps me and lindsey included looted the fact that that was a big part of his political biography made me think that he was bigger actor than he was right and corinna was like he wasn't like right he he wasn't a he was a who in hollywood right <hes> like i assume kua sort of i assumed he was more popular than he was me to my and my thinking now which is like. I don't want to delve into this because it's dark dark dark but trump was more of them before he was elected then reagan. That's what that's just what i'm thinking in my mind and swertz inaugur much much much bigger show before he was elected as governor so anyway ronald reagan didn't have a terminator. He didn't have multiple foulness as he he had jokes wchs whereas the rest of something something gipper if there's the rest of me do it for her but thank you so much for calling in <hes> even even though we asked you to thank you for doing your duty basically is what i'm saying to you. That was truly incredible. Thank you so much <hes> we truly could could not have gotten that information now. I don't think so i don't i don't think any amount of <hes> and i was like no amount of research could have got to that point as your co host. I just want to thank you for just having the the thought to just reach out and ask hey people will just say yes if you ask and you did. I i just love that. We have scholars art. Historians just jocks looking smart people across our spectrum who can apply are dumb ass template to their already amazingly indepth knowledge race. I'm a feed it back to us and we love it. Hey guys so <hes>. I don't know if you've heard about this but that the trend on pick todd called outstanding relative check obviously as soon as i heard that my ears perked up thank you might have <hes> this trend recently went viral caroline from girl claims to be the granddaughter of ted bundy outing her family but i think that was both but it was extremely funny but just the other day i was watching one of these on <hes> pick talk and it was with juliane and dare i chronic food and i went to the convent and everyone was saying like who the fuck is. People like this isn't a famous czech. They're not they're not famous. M._s. boy which was extremely sunny also they look to really kind of annoyed and the video to be filmed which i mean understand those love excel so yeah <hes>. You might want to know if you've seen this relative check. It's an iconic gold mine for who behavior like who once removed even as a teenage relatives of his <hes> by this. I love this <hes> <hes> so the first time i saw this so do you guys know what tech talk is. How we discuss talk yeah we have because we pointed them to <music> dodi and off brand heels exactly exactly exactly exactly so tech talk is like a you know where we're the memes where where mean circulate ah kind of internally teenagers and older people are engaging in these kind of like memes that travel and the newest one is this one called famous miss relative check. It's as it's as girl's voice soon as the girl who just did it. I she's like famous relative check and it's basically like people who are like the third cousin of terry crews like showing their wikipedia and then photos of them in their house kind of and it's like that's my cousin. That's my oncle. That's my father-in-law whatever heo famous relative check and the first one that i saw that really dark me out which i sent to bobby immediately was matt. Lauer's daughter did one but she used a google image search that was like a from an article about him getting getting kicked off the today show for like harassment. It was insane yikes but it'll be like chuck norris's knee sandra bullock's niece like i saw grandson hudson. I saw like us howie. Mandel is my dad like you know you in the there's a lot of good ones ted. Bundy one was one that got the most news because ted bundy's family is famously private there <hes> you know they obviously don't want attention and <hes> and this girl was like i'm ted bundy's granddaughter. Although i feel like it was debunked. I can't find the matt lauer one because i think he you got taken down. Maybe sorry this page isn't available who she deleted it. I'll send it to you. I have it. I posted on her instagram awhile back. It really freaked me out 'cause she's. She takes a video of her of matt on the couch like looking at his phone. You can tell doesn't know what's going on. I mean parents are just happy. Their kids talk to them at all. Let alone involve them. You know it's weird. It's weird. It's weird. It's weird next call yeah. I who weekly this is daniel longtime a long time. <hes> i an automotive journalist and avid who again i get very excited whenever there's an interest section of celebrity culture and car stuff and there's there's a really good one so there's this article in the sun says takes the biscuit paul hollywood splurges two hundred twenty five thousand pounds on a new aston aston martin but it's hiding it from his pets his local pub after he promised her a motor basically like say that paul hollywood from great bitterness british baking show <hes> bought this acid martin and is keeping it at a pub instead of at his house so his girl his ex girlfriend who's twenty four doesn't find out about out of and try to take it from him except it's not actually his car. It's a press car. Which means is something that aston martin like loans is out to <hes> like automotive media brands or to celebrities and things like that to get exposure for the brand and the the reason that people are finding this out is because after martin re tweeted the sun tweet of this article instead great shot of our press car than the sums up emoji thank you you ask the sun and then the <hes> the president of aston martin the brand who is a pretty great on twitter actually tweeted at the sun and said and the avoidance of doubt. This is an aston martin press car nevertheless a beautifully taken shot. Thank you and then paul hollywood like tweeted after martin tweet with the crying laughing face and i think this is <hes> pretty funny because the whole the sun article is based on this being a high winds car dr and it's definitely not he denied it. All this is hilarious. This is a credible. Actually i think they've since deleted the tweet but that's so good you he. He kind of got it all. I mean what is there anything else that there is to say he ought about the car. I remember when he he left his wife for this woman. I remember when that happened but i forgot. We made the podcast. I fell into a hole not like the caller. You did everything caller. You are truly doing the amazing sweetie you gave us. All of the news down to the president of asa martin getting involved and paul harley route paulie. What's cheeky response. We got it all but we've talked about paul hollywood <hes> probably in the past year because of his split from his wife <hes> and how the cheating rumors and how he's just like like kind of notoriously like kind of a sleazy dude because he had cheated on her in the past with the co host of the american bake off which got cancelled really quickly and then the wife ex wife took took him back and was like i am going to take you back and then they divorced and he started dating this young <hes> bartender i guess in the u._k. They call her a barmaid in every story right to that was really funny. So that's the last time we talked about hollywood the only update so the reason that the sun wrote the story about how he's hiding it because i was like why i would he be high. I i don't understand it's because they're currently in the middle of a very contentious break-up that is so funny lindsey so like they were together long enough to accumulate a little bit of shared property but most of that property came in the form of animals like chickens horses and dogs so they kind of fall over who would get the chickens and paul hollywood was like you could take the horses and you can take the dogs i want the chickens and and the and the sun keeps referring to them a thirty five pound chickens as the dollar of his unlike the unit of currency because they're cheap chicken so it's like why does he fucking care and so that was a whole issue where she's like. I'm gonna get my chickens back and the chickens names are that i put them in here the chickens names off for care and frederica and in two zero and so just this week she got custody at the chickens and posted on instagram a photo of the chickens with their scary fucking is and it says for those of you that keep asking chickens are karen. Frederica are all safe and well. I love it next call. Thank you caller perfect call. Hey who weekly long long time no question on things it's a comment. I just found out that death. May who's think if it shipbreakers real name. Is there mclaughlin <hes> mangroves. This is great. There's a singer named bishop briggs. I would say her biggest hit would be that song like lack river. You know that's on <hes> <hes>. I don't know that song because you put it in the doc on i listen to it and i was like oh god. I know that's all it's very like there's a t._v. Show drama coming out on t._n._t. The n. t. it's about a woman who joins the police force and let's say she's overhead and it's like well. I go like thump thump whatever so she just moved to like cleveland from in new york city and she's going to take that choosing a whip that force into shape so her name is sarah mclaughlin which is so funny. I'm from brooklyn over and over again. Okay enough with the t._v. Show i'm from brooklyn so this singer. Her name is sarah mclaughlin and apparently relate to this because it's been talked about obviously like it's the number one thing that we care about <hes>. She's when they showed right about her two thousand eight which is i guess last year not that long ago but sit at it says <hes> when twenty five year old singer songwriter sarah mclaughlin realized that performing under her own name had become unwise worried that people might confuse her with famed canadian singer-songwriter mclaughlin whom she adores mclaughlin walken eventually changed her stage name to bishop briggs honor of the scottish town bishop bricks arranged. It's one word bishoprics but like respect like have respect for your predecessor sarah mclaughlin and yes she was and i was wondering like how old is she was. Definitely i thought she was like twenty or something something but now she was born in nineteen ninety-two so this is like her parents didn't know her parents didn't know yeah yeah her parents. It's really funny her wikipedia very buggy right now and so if you go to we beat out works slash bishop underscore breaks it says this article is about the pakistani science researcher like for the town pakistan clicked this for something like this and then it's like wait a second so it's talking about someone i assume a pakistani researcher named bishop briggs who was born on the ninth the november two thousand one <hes> blah blah blah who's also some sort of science fiction writer but then it suddenly just transitions into the sarah mclaughlin and bishop briggs that we know and love and then it just devolves into a thing about bishop briggs a singing career and you're like wait. You literally just told me this was about a pakistani science researcher her then it turned into a story track of this shit then it turned into a story about a science fiction writer and now we're talking about a singer who sang a song called river. That sounds like jose hosea mix with imagine dragons whose real name is sarah mclaughlin. This is wild. It would have been actually really just to be sarah mclaughlin again. You know well. I mean it's brave just to be sarah mclaughlin as the original one. I had to part with my away this week. It's really tough lindsey you lent him away lent him away to josh because josh had to travel for one week for work years. Ooh i offer that. I was like you know what why don't you take my way back and he was like you'd let me do that. I was like of course i'll let you do that. You can take my way back. He was so excited. I got to show everything works like i literally opened up and i was like this is where i put my laundry. This is how i wrap things. I usually put my toiletry kit and this. This is not this side. I gave him the whole to do. The whole spiel and klay loved it you sticking around. He's sticking it around. He loves it. He's gonna buy. I'll tell us a cone better. We ought he better use the code and use the code. The away carolina's a lightweight and durable shell that is made to last for a lifetime of travel and they give you one hundred day trial. Let's try any any product on the road. They're limited. Lifetime warranty means. They will fix or replace your bag. If it ever gets damaged part of me is like i kind of hope one of the wheels fall off so i can send it back and they'll fix it because i know they i will although won't fall off because at some terrible oh my goodness and those wheels they spin around three hundred sixty degrees. It's gotta t._s._a. Approved combination lock so they're not like ooh disapproved but it is it's approved proved. It also has that removal laundry bag which i love your dirty clothes. Don't make your other clothes all dirty and gross. There's the regular carry on the bigger. Carry on the suitcases are designed to last a lifetime time. There's free shipping on any away order within the contiguous u._s. Europe and australia and you can shop at their stores in new york austin l._a. San francisco boston chicago and london for twenty dollars off and away suitcase visit away travel dot com slash who weekly twenty and use promo code who weekly twenty during checkout that is twenty dollars off a suitcase ace at away travel dot com slash who weekly twenty using promo code who weekly twenty during checkout quick who are them. We need to play you. Were them yeah we we need to play a quick game weekly the brooklyn neighborhood of bushwick so was that french french interesting. I think this is interesting question because obviously in new york of them but outside is at one of like bed stuy. I would call them <hes> mhm. What are what are other green point. I don't think of them harlem lamb them tribeca than but i think brooklyn neighborhoods different like i don't think there are that many brooklyn neighborhoods that are them's on. I think one of them is williamsburgh. One of them in bed stuy <hes> even know bed stuy is one williamsburg williamsburg is one by now i would say that's the only one that's it. I don't know i i just feel like bed. Stuy is one like because of big and stuff 'cause like it was such a big part of his identity but that's true heart from that. I don't think bush because of them outside of new york. I don't think so either. I think it's a who it's a heuberger. Oh that's good neighborhood abrahams who'd like if like if you took if somebody was visiting and you're like oh yeah we're going to bushwick. They wouldn't be like oh. I've heard oh. I wouldn't even know that it was in a witness soon. You know yeah you now like when i moved to new york i didn't bush was now when you move to their moved there. I lived there for many many years. <hes> my neighborhood is fucking wild lately. I got off the train and my old neighborhood and i was like ooh. I chronic like early internet gift of the gangway. That was mu getting off the train. It was real. I mean i want to hear more about this but not on air next sewer sewer them lauren graham who are them one two three yeah but it's like girls them them but but did gilmore girls not elevate her like high enough to be of them really know di- is anyone from that show with them. No ventimiglia oh right because of this is us but he is only for like right now. He's like peeking right now. The moment that show at the moment burnett show drops in the ratings. He's again arte racing in the rain flop it. Did it did actually flop or are you just saying that it is has made eleven million dollars worldwide. Ooh that's bad did not do well. It opened at it opened at number six not great so not all dog movies. Do you were noted not all dog movies. Go to heaven <hes> okay i have to you have to assume that the budget was pretty substantial for this this movie because the dog talks the talking dog alone and you know and the funniest thing about this movie to me. Is that in my heart of hearts. I'm convinced that kevin costner got the most money really you think so just for being the dogs void. I mean look at the rest of them. An amnesty we'd see we just huge meal of into melia but she probably dies right in the middle. No but seaweed is a big for them as big of a guest kevin costner because then they can say and kevin costner's the voice of enzo. That's that's like. That's the main selling point. Hey that's on the fence but kevin costner is the voice of enzo. I'm seeing the auto racing in the rain and then i get there and it's like ends dog and i leave <hes> okay nice call. You'll never not be funny to me. I haven't it it so my parents went to a wedding in minnesota this weekend and <hes> the head coach was there and i was so surprised they had sent me a picture. Mom said let's humor was there because she's dating a member of the bridal parties cousins and i know who it was but my husband was like who's tarried so <hes> carried who are them in my eyes she's of them american tie and growing up in the early off but perhaps not they terry just casually being at a wedding 'cause she's thanks bye-bye cousins prides dating because of the bridesmaid perfect level of celebrity for wedding. I was at a wedding recently. Oh god who was there lina soccer player name a woman soccer player megan rappeneau. No previous generation like brandy but the bra randi with the bra. Don't that's the thing no no and she just change your name. I don't know mia hamm. Oh oh duh also with the bra whom i think at brandy with the bra doesn't get him got married shows brian lamb with the way that mia hamm damme. Did everyone know who that was or did. We we were all like when we got whereas mia hamm and it was. I never saw her but then i saw every name no well. I don't really know what mia hamm looks like and so people kept singly hams here just walk in the door and i was like he's the one who has the iconic photo in the sports per hour. She's like i did it. I think so i she took for almost like what i just know. It's like the one soccer player named that i like. I couldn't even american male soccer players name but i can name them. He doesn't count eirik and but he earliest in america but he's not american. Okay fine as meeham emma's wedding and i was like that's and it kinda went kind of crazy but it was people who are our age and i feel like at that wedding. People who are our would've gone even crazy crazy of tabby. It was at the wedding but who were them one two three who but i would say the reason for the helena's because her general yunus shark shark nato's one through five or whatever including like all the other antics she's been through outweigh her name recognition and making her just like a huge asu. Yes we watched joe seeing the pussycats recently and she's very funny on it but she's it's her talents are limited. It's harry funny. She's very funny when when she was doing her thing her thing she knew what it was. She did her thing. That's all i'll say about sort of a humiliating thing but she was good at it but i mean she did it in so many roles and she was good at it so whatever you know <hes> and now she's doing it and shark nato. She's doing next call. Is tom hardy who or for them since french excellent question one two three of them. Yeah i think so. I think so i think he's he's. I think he's a damn. I think it's i think he's an interesting space. 'cause he's still he's like <hes> he's an action movie star but he still sort of an outsider are you know and he's still sort of an actor's action movie star yeah but he's he's still big enough to for the recognition. That is then venom. Everyone ruin made fun of venom. When that trailer came out. Venom was a huge hit huge head huge head. They're making another one right. Yeah i think andy circus's directing it which is hysterical. I i love it finally but tom hardy sort of got his start in a series of iconic mice base photos from the mid. I'm getting <hes> so tom tom. I'm hard left his dog. He is so many fun things dog normal guy cool guy but i think the movie 'cause the movie that kind kind of put him on the map as an actor was bronson bronson the one where he played that flake famous british prisoner told bronson came up it. It was nicholas nicolas winding refn. It was his first movie before i was one of whatever and <hes> <hes> so anyway he was sort of like an indie darling butler a hunky like hyper masculine any he got. He was very steadily really mad. Max then thanked they tried to make him into a a cutie cutie pie rom com lead in that horrible reese witherspoon movie and that didn't work erk which one <hes> but he's this means war. I think the all mice chris remember. That movie was kind of dark period number. Her pre look pretty. Well allies <hes> pre than she but then he did all these other he he he's very thoughtful with the movies that he chooses but then he does like really high profile the revenue and mad max. He's about to me like three hundred dollars for this little rant rant. Let's move on and i think he's i think he's been around long enough at this point that he's a he's a very the unique look for like a white honky white dude. He has a very unique look because he's sort of like his face looks broken. You know it's it's it's nice. It's appealing saying that he doesn't look like everyone else. Whatever i really love tom hardy. Is that okay. I know but i just like really. I'm letting you go and you're like going. I just loved. I'm already isn't he by to buy early. Sort is e queer. Stop please. Let's move on. Is tom hardy queer. Please stop there. Is nothing wrong with asking tom. Hardy better sexuality says time magazine by brian moylan two dozen fifteen. It's unclear clear lindsay okay. Let's move. It's unclear kathy bates now in twenty nine teen not any time before shouldn't say who were them but we know that's the point of this call <hes> kathy bates now until nineteen not during her and siglo molly brown period get one two three. I think should yeah you wanna hear looking at kathy bates. That girls got it. Do you wanna hear funny. Quick story about kathy debates that always listen why would why would you question so where my parents live in foul meth the most famous film with resident of like history eight. Is this woman named katharine. Lee bates and it's not kathy bates. It's literally like sarah mclaughlin sarah mclaughlin. This woman died in first of all. This woman died on nine. Don't i'm going to reveal this. Woman died in nineteen twenty nine right and so years later. Kathy bates was born to stole her thunder but this woman wrote america. She wrote america the beautiful so like she's like an icon agent. Yes maybe she wrote the poem and then someone added like music to it. She literally went to wellesley high school and like newton. She was a lesbian she where scores of sort of debates was a lesbian literally. We're icon from foul mouth who lived in massachusetts in america. The beautiful kathy bates is i believe straight but she silkworm icon. Oh my god this is your thoughts. I wrote the poem. I'm looking at katherine lee bates. Is you know her a little bit kapadia square it says born august twelfth eighty nine falmouth massachusetts died march twenty eight nine hundred twenty nine sixty nine nice dizon wellesley massachusetts occupation. This has a punchline. I promise you occupation author poet. Educator nationality american genre poetry notable works lindsey there to number one america the beautiful number two goody santa claus on a sleigh riding. I'm telling you she's prolific but the best part is that you wrote goody santa claus and us labor daytime my parent- my mom passed like kathy lee road because there's a lot of things named after her in film if she'll be like that kathy bates and i'm like that is so sad for like this woman who is a queer legend who wrote at amazing poem like for america and who died years before she knew the kathy bates was gonna come along and just steal our full thunder her full thunder. This is great. I love the i yeah. No i thought you would like it. I didn't know she was a lesbian but that makes it even better next up. Hey longtime medium time. I'm gonna take things things back in time and ask who were them marlee matlin <hes> i think she was definitely them for a while. Is she still and like the reason she's on my mind. I started taking as all classes and the teacher that i have is death and she's amazing easy but she started asking us if we knew marlee matlin and she was just like fine how m m like the initial m m were enough to like <hes> like signify and marlee matlin because she's such them to death community and mike was good reason but does she still lives on to like everybody else. I'm on the sense that i hope you guys have an answer. Sir okay things forms. I think this is tough to sort of like how kathy bates definitely had a moment and then this is less moment now just because like maybe marlee matlin is still a them if only because she is the still the most famous steph actor legos she is the only deaf person who has ever won an oscar right and we'll actor deaf actor right. That's ah act like in in an acting category running for any of other actors and actresses now like out there doing their thing. It's just that to this day. Marley lee is still kind of the most iconic deaf actor traditionally rewarded by the industry but not to me makes it feel like even though i feel like she may be he has like in hawaii territory for a new generation. She's kind of still of them. She still them. I think <hes> let's just do the official down one two three. I think the thing is interesting because i feel like maybe that's her name. Sign you know so it'd be like rolling until he be calling like oprah winfrey oprah like in a._s._l. <hes> you get you kind of get your name. Sign in the name can be like a letter in a shape that relates to you like let's say you have curly hair like it would be like you know l in like the shape of like a curl or something next to your head with your curly hair so you i also took a._f._l. For two years in college but the but that kind of reminds me maybe the m i am as like that's her sign and of course you guys went and know that you know like yeah but she she still acting. I think another reason that i'm keeper in them. I'm ca- them <hes> them. World is because she's never stopped acting now having switched at birth which she was kind of the anchor of that show was it was the big show yeah marlee matlin them yeah hootie and the blowfish. I assume that you're asking who them. I someone just call some gives me a name that they're saying gabum. The who were them as implied yeah one two three them not only is hitting the blowfish of them who do them and darius rut girl rutger record alone. Is them darius rucker. I we also call them. I'm telling you another hoodie named one of the blue on this show yeah yeah yeah but what i'm saying he's like he he alone like in his own solo career. Now is like a huge country. Star is also that me darius rucker. I would think is absolutely them. Hooting go fish absolutely them. Can you name another blowfish. We've done that no what. I just looked for thing but i looked at one. Let's say jeff daniel gregory peter keep going two of them are obvious ryan is less obvious obvious obvious. Are there like the most boring judy and ronald man names ted traditionally tim. Tom tom now john jimmy james ja- jim jam- jammed m._g._m. You got it went up the alphabet why close larry larry larry closer not album mike mike matt mike matt matt. Mike mart melton attend mark mark. There's a gym. There's a dean and there's a dairy. Is there's no hootie. It's good whatever we love. I love the ball and we're done for today so with that. Things must for listening to another episode of who's there forgot to explain with the show is so on who's there at six nine to them. We take questions comments concerns. We try to answer as many as we can. In our short timeframe you can call us at six nine who them and you might be in an on a future episode of the show. We love your calls. We get over four hundred a week. Oh my god supporters weekly biweekly extra episodes even some surprising extra episodes that don't follow a schedule and a weekly newsletter it helps us keep the show going of followers on instagram twitter and facebook right interviews on what apple podcast that speaking of things that keep the show going. We love when you write reviews on apple podcasts. It's great and with that. Were done have a great weekend only at it's almost september september for so close to fall. I can't buy the body why would you in person taylor speaking voices choice same as your impression of elizabeth holmes from theranos high <hes> why is bobby's uh taylor swift the same as it was good home. Are they same. What do we think hi lindsay and bobby time long time. I was just calling to say that. Bobby's imitation of taylor swift is also elizabeth home. Don't just pointing that out. Thanks let us show crunch crunch jonathan van that this cat jumped out a window.

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