Off The Record: We Found Our Newest Favorite Person on the Internet (ft. Anthony Lee)


The. Three to one action. To off the record or we talk about whatever we want and About the name. Everyone likes having Anthony Back. Hi, I like. I know because I can't travel anymore. That's why been around. So I'm very thankful to not traveled be around for this particular. All is because you have nothing else better to do. So you decided to come over here like. Yeah. I heard that you become. The whatever we're like second place, but it's OK well, Plan B saves a lot of relationships. A Good was good especially. Your personal experience Yup. Yum Dude you know I've been getting a lot of messages of of just people like saying you need have anthony on more like they. Dm Me just to say. Going towards the plan B. Direction but yes. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Really becoming a priority and usually I have I don't have faith in people that. Can do a whole day and then they can do multiple days. Only a few can do it because people don't know that we'd be filming from like. Ten to like six or seven A. Non Stop. Talking just one hour lunch and then the whole day we're telling I know we used to do two hours we'll happen to that we used to do like. From like nine to like nine or nine like nine. Yeah usher. Crazy. I remember leaving here like two am one. Wall Bessette. True. But those did like forty videos plus we would fill during lunch remember. And not only will we feel we all blog? True. This is true. You guys are the big cameras to remember David had like the giant like tripods. Diesel, this is the best way to walk for. Sure. I was actually thinking about I. Feel like I've been doing Jay news newsworthy us for like. What you've been messing with chicken for a long time, even during the skit days and. When did you? You start on nine or eight years ago? Taller. Thirteen nine or eight years ago. I feel like have been here right before it started because Lawrence was doing all those kids the really masculine actual. S. Euro Hetero. Number I don't know why Bart always you guys in doing the most romantically. I told you. I need. This is what we brought this up many times. We, said you always right the roles like guys like no do you guys are natural? 'cause I would produce it and and they would never ask for you guys to pretend, kiss. Shave very suggests. It's like you put all the ingredients into a blender and you like what kind of what kind of blend is. Like. You guys always over delivered for sure. There's a lot of pressure really strong specifically skit. Lawrence need to reach something from higher and cabinet, and you just need a help him. Script. And then so that's what I wrote a script Andre. He got what he needed. His fingers look at the position finger would he needed lawrence turns around and then puts his legs now actors and then you start motor-boating his ball. And then I was like. This is what they like to write to your strength and. All the other skaters writing to what you guys are known for. that. Nothing will be no matter what okay. See. Easy male comfort you know, of course, friendliness on south dancers, motor-boating balls whatever. But nothing still gonNA be I. Think it was the the Bobby Lee skit. Bothered these in A. Skit. Are skit anymore that's bobby skit did okay. 'cause that's why that's when I was like, what is the script writing? He goes off script. Making his own zone set now. Your old house. In Monterey Park and. Was the one where he likes puts on. Your place that's right. Yeah. And you just start you know. Playing with this but again, I thought it was like. Mask is really dedicated. Six seconds centers like man he's really back. This is what Hollywood training is that Hollywood training and about. This is his jacket off. Thirty six way late after. I. Was there for that one turn. I wasn't there. So the scene is him to motion like jacking off, stick his hand under his underwear and this started touching himself elected active. He goes he spits on his hand like legit of Lougee. He goes down and he starts moaning and touching himself like no one else in the room. Even props and I'm like what and you shook his hand absolutely we it seemed like acting because you know they're they're not. He was by himself. He does that I take and he goes I'm not doing that again and I hope you've got it. Yeah. The scene said thirty seconds I think Casey was like is this going to be really quick scene where he's got a cut away and he touched himself like ten fifteen minutes. Don't even ask you do at the beginning of the does that remember what he looks Phantom Suck Your Dick any put his face right in front of your crotch. With that skit with Gino Yeah? You. Didn't even ask he was will bar was a handyman or a plumber or some shit in Imbaba just put his face on his crotch and he was like a centimeter away and he started sucking air sucking it. Again and invite Bobby I know right I. Have Ptsd from that but anyway. I'll never forget the. That's why I don't remember your dad because it was just me and. I remember anyone. Close. Like looking at bobby the whole time and I don't even remember who else was onset that same We all have that moment in. Time Burn. So it was an all time I kept thinking like my cow. Now that's actually maybe the first time that I was wondering. In terms of my being a part of the Jacob. Mammals like. This is the deep zone like you WanNa be fans you gotta be like. Yeah but you know tragedy and some of you guys face after. Okay. Maybe not maybe there is a line. We, all. Do you think in terms of artists there's a hierarchy of like. Craziness. So you know like, for example, like like I think like. wrappers and maybe like leading actors they got a cool. So I'm not really down to like touch my dues in a certain way or do things I think as you move down I think dancers. Kind of moving around and shit. So I. Was it gets down to like maybe a stand up comedian or sketch comedians I what they're willing to do. It gets crazy crazy I. Don't know if there's like about the level of no shame. Shame. Crazy down. I don't know. Up here like the top. Like most sane or like. I think the self conscious is it into that might be. Is that. There's there's dues in the fitness in Asia worked with federal like Super Light. On, the next rock type dude, and then not ask them just to do a little bit. Outside boundaries this but I think. Nine during that. It's kind of like I got a reputation to uphold. I'm bobby lead I'll take a dump on a street corner. And my own car. Anomaly. Families. But I don't think that could be a generalized category. Complex. Nuts. Yeah. Like off camera. I think so like the shit that they talk about in the shit, they're willing to do. Yeah I. Think Comedians are pretty crazy. Dancers crazier 'cause you know Lawrence through some crazy shit man I think we're totally just flirting with the line you know mean. Thank. You dads are very walkman. They're very considerate of other people because they're they're used to work in a group. So they're like rod over there. Okay they do. I think there are they're subcategories like the dance world like be boys like the most like raw live. Their entire cultures like some bad ass Covers are very wrong their movement. Is Seen. Be was just be like. A lot of was just like party be was. Really Fun Really Cool News. But like I don't see that I don't see cropper's getting all like as far as like the kind of notions that we're talking about I agree with be boys because be boys is like dancing and extreme sports. So you have the fucking jackass of dance like they're crazy God. Be was doing like naked head spans and air flares in like little. A sprinkler would addicts like, Whoa. I can just and will be in the middle of a club where you literally saw someone just throw up on the floor and spill drinks if they start feeling hype. Shit is. fucking circle around the thrall up and they got a fucking go and I'm like, Dude, you have like a two hundred dollar shirt on. Are you really gonNA. Spit on that pile of throw up and down I heard that oxy clean is a pretty good if you clean up the throw up on your clothes that's true because tacos. Only throw up that much but he does love ice cream like me. So he always eats ice cream and gets it all over the. Place and when he eats the chocolate ice cream, that's the stuff that's really really hard to get out and especially if you just clean them up and you throw the close to the side L. Soak in and then it kind of ruins is close and baby clothes I don't know why they're kind of expensive even though they're really small. So we like to use oxy clean and there's a stick that you can just rub it in and then you can what's so funny. They're really small they releasing things. Because he's small. So. What the new oxy clean Max either had the spray or they have the stick and the spray was really cool. 'cause you spray it on and just soaks in and just leave it, and then later on washed it comes out completely. So it's really good if got like pets and kids because it removes grass days, bloodstains chocolate and we also got the stick when that I really like it's almost like you're just rub it on. and S why like oxy? On either in the washing machine. The stick. One is more for like if it's like a place where I can't just spray it on and let it soak and I Kinda WanNa, rub it out a little bit is a step. So. If you WANNA try oxy clean Max Force for yourself. Okay to work your magic with oxy clean go to oxy clean dot com slash Max Force One to get a coupon for one dollars off baby. I'm GONNA leave a link right in the description box below. So you could check that out one dollars off. There we go. That's why it's called Max Force Walk. Have you been following? So it I have man dude. Push video the other day. Man. Point you guys know. Okay. You don't know I saw. You know. I know now. The national treasure Vietnam this is this is his big. Twenty two. Twenty, four, twenty, five. Or? That's so funny. When I was a kid and I WANNA, sing by alaric sobe using numbers and letters. This dude is he ain't one of you seeing this. He's now he's singing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah this. Is. I listen to ours laughing wrecks on I. Think this William Hong He's like hilarious. He doesn't know how like crazy sounding and then I started this I bought a song. Listening to on repeat like for three hours straight and I'm like wait this guy is actually very musical doing numbers doesn't repeat the Melody doesn't repeat the rhythm. CASS good flow like he has a song. For Day One forty two forty four, forty, three, hundred change in the phrasing on that forty, forty five. I'm like this is like he did four eight bars without without any repetition or any people that might do this guy is be knows what he's doing. He's actually really good. WOULD YOU BE? A song with them because you have music in Seoul Long. Way above my level. Snoop, Dogg's like promoting his shit. Then I don't know. Yes. Yeah. I can't wait till. He gets into the thousands though. I WanNa I. Think this whole plan I was telling the bar is that hit the hundreds already know he's in the forties. Plan is because it started off with one. Yeah, and then he has like one to like ten starts at one, and then like somewhere else you'll see like twelve to fifteen or. The song it's like. No just his instagram like it's just it's in progression, right? On itunes is called doing numbers student numbers. But. That one starts at like thirty something to forty or. Multiple he's like now this is what I call. Volume six, hundred, eighty, three. Thirty years from now. You know that's what I think. He's GonNa do is when he hits one hundred, he's going to compile all as one song from one, two hundred. He's never going to run out of lyrics. While he'll run out after a million right just keep going with a song just be Salameh. Nine hundred. Thousand. Six. Points A. One billion and. WHAT DID TWO TRILLION Bribing and he'd be like back our. Three. All over. Different. I like his his week though man Monday to. The. Brand new. Say Balkan hit him up to do a brand him and his manager didn't him? He has brand deals. Yeah. You want to do a Barbell Brambilla I just want to send them a gift. This Here's I. F. Has. Now Money at home. E. Debt collection. So he's singing grandiose to. Fifty Bucks. Worth it it's worth just to get him some gear like he's pursuing his passions and getting paid for it, and if like these numbers were useful school. Starts doing equations, and then next thing you know he's a huge in is equal MC squared. State accounting give. One half three. Fractions Shit. Just ain't. became a fan. Number Sixteen when he drops the number sixteen specifically. Just singing the songs eleven twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Yeah. This is my dude for sure. He's good. Know for every single track though he same court congressional same corporate. Yeah. Really. It's the same ones. Yeah it's it's working for him I. Think it's like the Chord progressions are just nineties. Me's music because I could also here Zambian off. But. He's just depending on. What's In this. Studio mindsets is right set. You know it's crazy. Hugh looks like a forty year old man that has a twelve year old body that hangs out with kids. Your. Enemies. No have you seen him playing soccer with all the other kids like so yes, his voice I'm a thirteen year old but I feel like he's forty he do look forty. Yeah. His teeth at least. Eighteen. He's like that juggle uncle. You know what? I mean jungle uncle like you know how the jungle every like in the village if you go to. Hang out but he's the jungle uncle lake. He's of not cool to be what the adults but then he has he's like cool to the junior high kids. He's like Bala now those people that write for sure he's going to run his street. I see him with a with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth crouching and maybe. The flipflop. Yeah. Put a bet right now how many people are thinking his managers in a scream over? I hope not I really hope not. But yeah, you're right because I. His brother. But he's going to school. It's his brother Okay I. It's like he's probably getting brand deals for like five grand and then he gets paid one hundred bucks. The managers page looks like someone that was like all shoot this guy's coming up. Because What I'm hoping though is my buddy and Vietnam. He's trying to get in contact with them and I hope that he could help them out and be the WANNA fuck him over instead of this random person run Wayne have your friends back. I hope that he catches them and meet some and. Schools on entertainment and Shit because that is a thing where a lot of people get caught up with bad managers fucking tripped me out. So his new song doing numbers the weather Bob's such a big fan of New Year's newest hit I was like, I cool. I'M GONNA make a instagram video to that song. And then I was in movie on my phone and when I tried to import that song that song copyright protected. Mother fuckers registered his music and doing everything legit. Can't even help him on the plant when I did the push video at the do it in the gym like play it speakers. Story you know how you could add songs in your story you can't. Oh. Yeah. Now that's the songs actually apple music. All right right right A. Super hyped up to the. Full minute. The saw everyone. Looked at like one thousand fuck and I think when they saw. Oh, it's. This guys is still put up twin G. It's a good sign to at least it's counting the. With, forty one, it's starts in the forties. Perfect Co lab right there. You know what I mean. He just makes a barbell track that's specifically for workout. Squad. To. You know what I mean like. It's the same. He'll just flip the audio. Book Chapter. That's a great idea. Applies did fugger. Identity. The manager man you probably competing with all the bots the hot box. The hop. Yeah. Look at any celebrity page. If you see all the comments, the first ten comments are like hot spots. That's true. They're always like porn. Porn kind of. Click my page and then you go and it's like a only fans. Okay Dante she. Dared.

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