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from Moto dot net. It's the motor week podcast with your host Wilson. Why? Hello and welcome to motor week. My name is Wilson. Thank you so much for listening to the only Moto GP show on the internet that will never get into Twitter battle with Hore, Hiller Enzo. Actually, you know, what if he will respond to my tweets actually might try and get into Twitter battle with a Lorenzo. I'm a couple of weeks ago was Neil Hodgson on the whole, you know, winning with Honda thing this past weekend. It was Andre devotee. Oh, so, but basically every seven days or so a whore Hiller Enzo feels like there's some sort of wrong that can be righted by him on of all places Twitter because we all know that social media arguments workout out perfectly every time. That's really the way to change someone's mind on Twitter. You know, really is a shame that hey, Lorenzo is leaving to Kati next year because his brand of. Drama is really just a perfect fit for the Italians so much so that policy about he is planning on sitting the pair of them down. Dovy an Lorenzo this weekend before Valencia before the race not that it's really going to make any kind of difference because the season's going to be over at that point. But he at least once one week of truce between those two before we head into winter testing, and they go their separate ways. But that bit of drama side. We have plenty more to talk about on the show today. Your comments on the Malaysian GP rider reaction, the Sapang most notably the Maha guys on their success or near success in the case of Ellen Tina Rossi, plus we've got plenty of motor GP news, including the aforementioned do khadi drama, and they're also some brand new technical regulations that were just announced today that I want to talk about on the show because they kind of go along with the spectrum you that's coming next season. And so we'll talk about exactly what the new regulations are. And. What it's going to mean for teams heading into the off season and into next year. Then we've also got Bradley Smith taking on Moto e and a very interesting story about Petco bag ni- one that might leave you with a little bit more respect for Petco because he did something that most riders wouldn't do in a similar situation. So we'll talk about that a little bit later on the ship before we get to the full run down. I do want to invite you over to the website at Moto week dot net. All of the episodes can be found there. He can also follow along on Twitter at motor week. A and most importantly, check out the Facebook page Facebook dot com slash motorway dot net. Now, usually don't mention anything about numbers on the Facebook page, but I do want to thank everybody because we got to nine hundred nine hundred followers, and we actually even clips that Mark this week. So thank you to everybody who is following the page. And if you haven't yet do yourself a favor head over there to Facebook dot com slash mode week dot net. Click the like button right below Mark with semen, Shelly then you will. Officially be following along with the show then joined in the conversation. Leave your comments posts and pictures startup in new topic. We would love to hear what you have to say. And you'll find out here in a minute. I try as much as I can to get as many comments on the show as possible. Because frankly, what you guys have this as way more interesting than what I've got planned anyway, so Facebook dot com slash motor week dot net. All right. So let's get down to it. This is the rundown. Everything we're going to talk about on the show today. We will start off like we normally do with your Facebook comments, a lot of talk, of course, about Sapang most of its centering on Valentine's Rossy a maverick vanilla. And who would have won that race had? They both made it to the end a lot of debate. We'll talk about that as well as whether the improvements that Yamaha were indeed real or not, and this very interesting topic because on the Facebook page, there was kind of one opinion of whether this was a real move forward for Yamaha or not I kind of agreed with what you guys said. But then when we get to ride a reaction, we'll. See that Valentino Rossi maverick van y'all is a little bit different take on things. So we'll kind of compare what we thought collectively. And what they thought about what happened in Malaysia. There are a couple of other at MCI wanted to talk about as well, then after we get done with your Facebook comments who will move onto official rider reaction, and we will start with those Yamaha riders Valentino Rossi maverick fan. Y'all is in you might be surprised by their assessment of the weekend and the bike and what it means going forward as those guys head into the off season test right after the race weekend. Valencia then we'll move on the Mark marquess talking about his Sapang victory. And how he thought about a would have played out between him and the doctor if everybody had stayed on top of their bikes, then we have to talk about do Coty as Andre David also tries to explain what happened with those guys. And Malaysian, I don't mean what happened between him and Lorenzo that. That's the second half of the show. I mean what happened between him and the track. It's a Pang when we all thought he was going to be serious podium contender. In it just to materialize at all. So that'll bring the first half of the show to an end when we come back from the break, we'll wrap up our discussion of the Malaysian GP with my top five things from Sapang along with my biggest surprise ambigous disappointment of the weekend. Then it's time to dive in to some OGP news and just today new technical regulations, or in addition to the technical regulations for two thousand nineteen were announced and Honda isn't necessarily going to be the biggest fan. So I'll tell you what the main changes are. And what effect it might have on teams next year? Then we've got to talk about Dovy and Lorenzo there added again, kind of it was really more Lorenzo than Dobie. So the latest edition of Dukakis drama will try and break it down. Then Bradley Smith is going to take on Moto e and then we're gonna talk about Petco back ni- and why he did something not this weekend not last week. And really all the way back last year that I think is generally awesome. And I think you'll agree with it to then the last story we'll talk about enough. Another country is eyeing up emoji GP round in the future. Will they get it? Well, we'll try and figure out. All right. So let's officially get things started with your Facebook comments, obviously. Because I asked you to post comments about Sapang. There were a lot of opinions on what happened in the race mostly concerning the two main protagonists in Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez. What would have happened had this race played all the way out to the end. Now, whenever you're talking about these two riders in general, but especially at this track you're gonna get wildly different. Opinions. One camp is firmly. Mark one camp is firmly Rossi, but we actually had a little bit in between two. So let's dive in we'll start with Sean who is definitely in the Marquez camp. He called this race a masterclass for Marc Marquez, obviously, channeling his internet Carris amid said that he accomplished his goal despite in his words a ridiculous six spot grid penalty. Now, I'm not gonna comment too much on the merits of that particular penalty, whether mar. It should have been penalized. Or not other than to say. There's no real surprise here that Marcotte that penalty. I mean if Moto three's been any indication the season there's little if any tolerance from race control about dawdling on track during qualifying. So in that respect, I can't be surprised at all that a penalty was handed down the riders know what to expect at this point. Now, whether Mark intended to hold up anybody, that's a totally different story. But it's one that race control, isn't terribly interested in either. So it's a relevant to them. What what his intent was the fact that he was on the racing line at the apex of a corner. When another competitor is coming through on a hot lap. You're going to get penalized. You know, even if it was a pure coincidence and appear mistake on the part of Marquez you're going to get hit with that. And you know, Jamie mentioned something about Valentine's doing something similar. I'm assuming it was in qualifying. I didn't see it on on the broadcast. So I have to go back and look because I don't remember him getting in the way of anybody or having anybody come up the racing line while he was on it. But who knows? Maybe it happened in you know, obviously things like that happen on a regular basis. But like I said based on what we've seen a motor three race control is really really watching for those types of situations. So I really don't think anybody's immune whether your name is Rossi Marquez, obviously or anybody else. Now when it comes to the second question the main question as to whether Mark would have been able to be Valentino Rossi if all things have been equal. And obviously, we know where Sean stands on that. I mean, he called the race masterclass from our kes-, obviously he thinks that Mark would win this race easily. And I'm not quite sure I share that opinion that Mark would have wanted easily or that it really was foregone conclusion or masterclass on the part of Marc Marquez. And you guys is a group. We're about as undecided overall as I was on the post ratio about that topic. I mean chip agreed with Sean that Mark would have been able to get past one hundred percent. But Tom was in the middle on the topic? As was Jamie Jamie is actually a marquess fan, and they both had the same take that. I did that Mark would very luck. Early caught Valentino the passing him that would have been another story. And it's more up in the air. How that would have all played out. But Tom nailed it that regardless of how you feel that race would have played out. The only thing that's for certain is that it was a shame that we didn't get to see how it would play out all the way to the check of flag because that would have been a pretty epic battle. I think between Mark in valet now mic said that the way he saw it that there were only two possible outcomes of this race that Valentino was either gonna have to settle for second or else. He was going to wreck trying to hold off Mark and get the win. And of course, the temptation of winning a race against Marquez was just too great the rear gives up on him. The second scenario is the one that plays out and will have been the case. I mean, and you know, what I'm not sure if I were in valleys position, which would have been more preferable, and that's assuming the Valentino would not have been able to win this race. If he had not wrecked. And I'm still like I said on the fence about that. And when we get to the rider comments believe it or not coming up here. Both Valentine a Ross. Mark marquess. Now, those guys were one hundred percent certain who was going to win that race had gone all the way to the end. But if I put that aside for a minute, and I soon that the decision the Valentino Rossi would have to make is, hey, I'm either gonna go down in flames here or I'm going to have to give up and finished second. If I were in his shoes, I probably would have gone the risky. Your path is well, I wouldn't have cared about second at all. Because you know, for most other riders taking second would have been a bummer after leading the race for so long. But it's still be hugely important. You still get on the podium, you still get a trophy, right? But for someone like Rossi or Marc for that matter. They plenty of podiums had plenty of trophies what they want our wins. Especially seeing as they would have been battling each other in this one. And really for AUSSIE considering how long it had been since his last victory. So we'll we'll hear what Valentino himself had to say about the whole situation in a minute. Whether he agrees that there were only those two possible outcomes. But i'll. Tell you even knowing that the risk of Iraq would go through the roof the harder and harder. He pushes. I don't blame Rossi one bit. If he was dead set on staying ahead of Mark it all costs. And if that means the pressure got to them that means the pressure got to him. But I think that at this stage in his career against that rider at that particular track he wants to get that win and who wouldn't want a win in a similar situation if they were in Valentino Rossi shoes. All right. So let's talk about the broadcast itself because on the post ratio. I mentioned my frustration on the behalf of vans in the United States that didn't necessarily want the motive three race or the with championship to be spoiled for them. And if they tune them for the American broadcast or the US broadcast, it was now, of course, if you have video pass different story you got to watch the race. But I felt really bad for those people that don't have video pass and Olivier says he feels our pain here in the US when it comes to MotoGP coverage because he says he. Runs into very similar issues in Belgium, and he's had to resort to streaming the racist through third-party sites, and you know, what I don't blame you. I mean, it's frustrating when you're a fan of sport in area that doesn't always share your enthusiasm for that particular sport. And you know, a for anyone who doesn't have video passes. Excellent without rehashing too much of what it said on the post ratio. It's great. And they do a really good job. In fact, they do a better job than any other sport. I've ever checked out online of giving you extra stuff to watch for your money, but it is not particularly cheap. And so for people like Livia who might go to third-party sites, and he says, I don't know if I'm supposed to or not, well, you know, what I don't blame you one bit. And and I would never hold it against anybody. Because I don't think it should be expensive to watch mo- GP. So I think it's really important that those broadcast partners that you know, they've taken on the responsibility of showing the racist. Everybody needs to do really good job of it. You know, also don't think it should cost any money to talk about motor either. Which is the main reason why I try as hard as possibly can. And will. Can you to to make sure this show is free? You know? I know they're sites that have subscription fees and places that ask their listeners for money. I, you know, if a if a business wants to come in and sponsor this show, I'm all for it. If you know any send my way, please. But when it comes to all of us has fans I don't think we have to pay the talk about motor GP. And I really don't think we should have to pay a whole lot to be able to see the mortgage EP races. But with that being said, I like I've said before and I said to the second ago, I'll say it again, I think video pass is fantastic. It is a bargain for what you're getting even though it's not really that cheap. And trust me. They're not paying me say this. But it's bailed me out a lot of times when it comes to our broadcast partner here in the United States. So if you're in that same predicament. That's probably your best option. You know, you can try and sir triumph for third-party sites. You might be able to find them. And if you do, hey, more power to you. But it's probably your best option. If you wanna make sure that you're going to a see the racist when they actually happen and be that you're not gonna have an entire Azorian entire championship spoiled for. You so moving back to the race. Speaking of Fred asked if anyone out there actually believes that Suzuki in Yamaha have managed to improve to the point where they can compete consistently. You know based on what we've seen outta both manufacturers over the past couple of rounds. And that touched off an interesting conversation and debate. And I love that a chip a mic, we're both of the opinion that yes, Zouqi has made real progress. And I would absolutely one hundred percent agree with that when it comes to Suzuki and on top of that those guys know that they have good chassis, but they lack a little bit the engine power department. So I think that was some good progress over the winter working on the engine which they've already of course, started because they're allowed to because they're a concession team. Still. I agree with chip mic. I think they absolutely can compete next year at least for podiums with a win here and there especially with engine upgrades, and the fact that that spec I am you is coming into play. Now when it come come see aha. The picture is a little bit cloudier. But as we'll chat about here in just a minute when we get to ride a reaction from Spang, those guys inventory resum Rossi, they do feel like they have made breakthroughs in the past couple of rounds. And you know, while I'm a little bit more sceptical right now about the Kerr them about Suzuki's prospects. I'm inclined to go with the opinion of maverick and Valentino over my own because you know, Yamaha isn't going to be bad forever. I think we can all agree on that. And they're going to compete for wins. Again. It's just a matter of when and that has to start with some sort of step in the right direction. So, you know, if those guys think they have already started making that set in the right direction, then I'll defer because I think they're going to be better sooner rather than later, and I'm getting a little off track. Let's get back to chips comments right now when he was talking about zucchini mic agreed with him. He said, hey, if maverick Vainoras had stayed on a Suzuki he could be winning races right now. And that's an intriguing idea, and it would be really really. Interesting. If we all had a time machine to go back and see what might have happened. Had he stayed put and not gone over to Yamaha. You know at the time though, there is no other choice. I mean, you can't say no, you couldn't say no at that moment to taking over Hiller Enso's bike, especially when he was only one year removed from championship, despite the fact that he had struggled just a little bit at the end of that season. Now, I'm not sure how successful maverick would be right now if he was still with Suzuki, but I'm certain that he would have won racist. Because I don't think they would have made that terrible engine decision that they did last season. And I do think he would have won at least as many races in the past two years on this Zouqi as he's one in that same amount of time with the AGA. I mean, we're not talking about a lot. It's four races. But still I think he easily could have won four races on this Zouqi had he not left and had they continued on the same developmental direction. Now designing he should regret the move to Yamaha. No, I don't think. So because I don't think he would have been much further ahead, right? Now on Suzuki them where he is on the Amaha in terms of overall success, and like we're just mentioning a minute ago or talking about a minute ago Yamaha is going to be good again. I mean, they are going to compete for wins. Again, they're going to compete for championships again and all other things being equal. I think if you asked any rider, they would rather be on the factory Amaha then on the factory Suzuki at this point. I don't think there should be any regret on the part of maverick vanilla. But it is very interesting question to consider Brian expanded on the idea of whether Yamaha has really made that much progress or not, but he approached it from the perspective of the past two rounds. And he said, yeah, we can look at what maverick was able to do with the whim, and we can point the how well Rossi was running before he did wreck out in Sapang. But Brian says, hey, you also have to consider the situation each rider was in as well when he means by that and Eiriksson y'all is one at Phillip island, but mar marquess only ram five laps in that race before the wreck with Johann Sarko because of that he never got an opportunity to get back up to the front. And take a shot at the lead take a shot at the whim long, the same lines Valentino Rossi was looking great and Sapang. And of course, maverick fan, y'all is finished fourth. But Andre ditsy. Also, a guy who expected to be very very good in this race was in anywhere near his normal performance level and on top of that. There was no where hey Lorenzo in either race, Phillip island or Sapag. So then y'all is Rossi. Those guys didn't have to stand up to the challenges from those Takada riders either. So is Yamaha getting drastically better. When you look at it in that light or has the water simply receded around them a little bit. And that's what Brian was asking. Well, I think there's something to be said for that line of reasoning even if it could be viewed as a little bit controversial because while Mavericks win, for instance, has no less value because Mark wrecked. It doesn't give Yamaha a chance to test themselves against the best in the sport. And the same is true of Rossi's wreck on Sunday, not only did it. Rob us the opportunity to see a great battle. But it's a way Yamaha's opportunity Rossi's opportunity. Easy to see how he stacks up against market and Honda and that potentially could slant their perspective on just how much progress is being made because you're left with nothing, but assumptions on how things would have gone have Mark not rectum, Phillip island. How things would have gone if Rossi hadn't wrecked in Sapang? But that being said, I think there is definitely been some improvement in pace with the one. And as we'll talk about here in a minute. The riders themselves can finally point to some quantifiable reason as to why they've been faster the past two rounds in that in and of itself is like a huge breakthrough in therapy over in the Amaha garage because up until this point they've just been throwing darts at the wall hoping that something works if they really truly can point to specific changes in specific characteristics. That have made the bike better that that actually is a sign that they made improvements rather than hey, we tried some stuff and it worked, but we aren't quite sure if it's going to work next week. And I mean, wait till we get to their comments. You'll hear what they. Have to say, but I think that this is a little bit different than the brief surges here. And there that we've seen out of Yamaha earlier on them the season. Of course, the timing is terrible in cosmic pointed this out, he said, hey, Valencia coming up next and Valencia isn't really the best place for Yamaha to test their improvement theories. Because you know, it's typically a problematic track for them. Even if the bike is better than it was before in fact with Mark generally awesome in Valencia Yamaha likely the struggle and to Qadi a bit of a mess right now. Cosmin said, I'm not even really that enthused about the season finale at all, but cosmic I will say this you never know don't give up on Valencia yet. Even though it looks like it's a foregone conclusion that marks gonna win the race. And who am I going to pick next week? And my of course, I'm gonna pick Mark marquess to win. But beyond that things are kind of wide open. When you think about it because we don't know whether a Yamaha really has improved and be whether that's going to translate to Valencia not their best track. It's not to Cadiz best track. We don't have where Hillary. Zone. This race all the things that could potentially make it a boring race could also open the door to make things very interesting by seeing some unexpected Ryders lane on the podium or maybe even fight for the win. You know, I'm thinking of someone like you'll hens ARCO or Alex rinse or Andrea known or Xavier Simione. Okay. I was just seeing if you were paying attention on that last one, but the first three have a legitimate shot. I think of going out there and turning things on its head a little bit. And we might see a winner. We didn't expect it all or podium finishers. We didn't expect it all so the same things that could make this race boring could make it very very interesting. So don't give up on Valencia yet. And then a couple of more comments Jamie was jokingly commenting on how disappointing Petco back Ni's victory lap was after winning the motive to championship because he ran out of gas and had to go to park for may own. I believe the back of a scooter and wait for his bike to show up. But I was thinking the same exact thing when I was watching Sunday, Jamie. I was like man look Marini an peg go back nyah both ran out of gas a guy with his first win ever. And a guy who won the championship. And they. Both have to either walk or get a ride back to victory lane. I guess when you think about it that means they measured everything out perfectly. You know as long as they had at least as much as a regulation requires in the bottom of the tank, I think it's half liter lead or something like that. But yeah. One way or the other it's a little bit embarrassing for sky. VR Forty-six has had such an awesome day in the neither one of them Kim ride, their bike pack the park for me. I'm and then Alburto new commenter. So thank you berto for checking out the Facebook page and tossing your two cents. He thought the mode with three race was the best of the weekend. And I would wholeheartedly agree with that it had action. It had a great performance on the part of Horry Martina in the end and all of the requisite championship drama that you want out of a motive three race. Although I like Alburto feel a little bit bad for Marco balletti, even if it's just me being selfish and winning the championship to have to come down to those guys at Valencia the last lap Yun last turn. But I imagine that both Bizac an Horry Martine are going to have added again soon Emoto to next season. I can't wait to see how those guys progress to the next level. And how soon it is that they both get to motor GP. So that's what you had to say. If I did not get to your Facebook. Come and it doesn't mean I didn't read it or didn't like it. It just means that I want to make sure that we get the entire show and in time so keep posting those comments Facebook dot com slash mode week dot net. Why they first on the show because it's the best part of the show is far as I'm concerned. So the comments great keep them coming in. We'll talk about more on next week show. So now, let's transition from what you thought about Sapang to what the writers had to say about it. And we've got to start if we're doing right reaction we have to start with the guys from Yamaha minute, especially Valentino Rossi. The find out why he wrecked whether he could have helped Mark off at the end of this race. And if those Yamaha improvements are indeed real or if it was a thing meant of our imagination the past two races. Now to answer the middle question. I Rossi didn't necessarily claim after the race that he would or. Or would not have been able to beat Marc Marquez. But he did say that at the time of his fall, he still felt strong. And that he felt he was going to be able to fight with the ninety three which also pretty much amidst that he did think that Mark was going to catch him before the race ended. Now when it comes to the wreck itself valets a little bit hazier on things he said, they gotta look at the data and find out what exactly happened. But that the front end actually felt very good to him at that point in time in the race. It was the rear tire. That was starting to give up and he got on the gas. It's slipped out from under him. And he said he just made a mistake, and he pointed out in any early think about this at the time. His first mistake of the year. It's the first race that he has not finished with the exception of Argentina where he got run into. Now, the million dollar question, of course, is whether what we've seen in the past two weeks has been a fluke has been luck or a real sign that things are getting better at Yamaha. And that's where the doctor is a little bit more optimistic. Than I think most of us were on the Facebook comments. But not overwhelmingly so Rossi specifically said that the team had made multiple changes to the bike with the goal of improving traction at the rear tire. And he said those specific changes did exactly what they were supposed to do. And he even said that it was a concerted effort across the entire weekend from when they showed up Friday. They knew what they wanted to do. They made those changes and rear tire traction got better. And better the entire time. Now that is a huge huge sign of encouragement for Yamaha fans out there. Because like I was saying when we were talking in the comments before they had no clue what the problem was or how the solve it before what the source of the problem was and how to solve it. So for them to come in with a plan be able to execute that plan and have it result in something positive. I read that as a clear sign that they are moving forward. Now, does it mean that, you know, the issues are fixed that now there are threat the win on any given race own not necessarily m Rossi said, hey, we still have plenty of. Room to improve incited not only their standing electron IX issues, but also singled out the characteristics of the engine and the role that's playing in the rear attraction issues as well. And here's the thing. Maverick Penola is pretty much said the same thing after his fourth place, finish it Sapang as Rossi was saying I mean maverick essentially echoed every single one of Rossi's assessments much to the chagrin of all the conspiracy theorists out there that think that both of those riders are locked in some sort of attornal battle for power over the direction inside the garage. But he too said that there were settings changes that were made that made a huge positive difference in rear traction and said they really discovered what direction to go mechanically back around the Thailand G P, and they've been moving in that direction ever since then he went on to say just like Rossi that they still need to continue further down this path to get better retraction yet. And he cited two major things engine, braking and the engines power. Our characteristics that could potentially put them over the top and make them consistently competitive again. So when you boil that down electron IX, an engine tweaks both Yamaha riders essentially saying the same thing maverick was just a bit more specific about which electrons. He wanted to change the engine braking, and that unified front makes me think that maybe just maybe they have made some real progress they can identify. What was changed? They can identify the positive impact that made. And they both dented the future changes that need to be made to get the bike to the point where they want it to be. I mean, sure it's not enough that is sitting up at night worrying, but they've definitely moved forward from where they were three or four rounds back. Now, the only bad thing for Yamaha like Cosmin brought up in like we talked about earlier is Valencia is up next, and it just isn't much of a Yamaha track in general, and you know, with it being so tight and with slow corners where retraction really can make a big difference. It's going to be tough. Now, it is. A great test for them. And if they do perform well there, then that's even bigger sign that they're moving in the right direction. But it's just difficult for them to really get quantifiable testing in on what they feel like they've gained at places like Sapang in Thailand, Phillip island when they're going to such a drastically different track. In Valencia now, if you're Yonaha fan, the other good news is that not only do the riders and the teams in the garage seemed to have a handle on what the issue is. And what direction they need to go. But apparently the engineers do to instead of wasting their time. Doing weird uncomfortable public apologies. They apparently been would shedding on the motor and so much. So that Mavericks set after Sapang how excited he was for the Valencia test. So he can test out some of Yamaha's new engine ideas and see how much further forward it's going to propel them and the way he made it sound like they might have multiple different engine configurations for both Valentino maverick to try now are any of those v fours. I don't know. I haven't heard any rumors about that. And you would think. That a massive change like that that something would have leaked out. So I guess we'll have to find out Valencia or maybe even further beyond that, my guess is. No, they're probably still in line for big bang. They aren't really doing anything to drastic. It's just the engine characteristic. The power delivery is what's going to be the major difference between this current motor in two thousand eighteen and the configurations are going to test out for two thousand nineteen. So now that we know what the writers who lost the race thought of the Malaysian GP. What about the writer that one Marquez believe it or not? And this is not don't get mad at me. I don't post your angry Facebook posts Sydney post, Emma. Mark his words, but believe it or not he said he didn't necessarily have this race in the bag already when he was tracking down Valentine Rossy. Okay. I'm just relaying what he said. And what he said was that he didn't have anything more to give at the point. Where Rossi wrecked out that he was pushing as hard. As he possibly could at that point. In fact, he said that we were both riding on the limit. It was a really fast pace. And he went on to say, it would have been very close had they both made it to the end because their level was very very equal. And then Mark went on to say that he could start to tell that Rossi was struggling a little bit with the re-retire defined grip. But that he himself had had several moments on the bike which you could see watching the race. But Mark said in a very uncharacteristic fashion that his only plan as he was trying to chase down Rossi was just to try to pull even by the final lab, then he was just gonna figure it out from. There was just going to try and get creative. Take some sorta shot at the lead very much like I guess last year those couple of times those first couple of times with Andre David CO. So so the race was not nearly as in hand as it might look once he started to make that progress and started to close in on Valentino now marquess would freely admit that Sapang isn't his best track. So in that respect, you can have to temper your view a little bit. This is. Brian was trying to say about the past couple of races because Rossi being on the same level as Marc Marquez in Sapang isn't really the same thing as Yamaha being even on at a place like Texas or at Aragon, but as much as this race was testament to Mark's ability to apply pressure and to tread that fine line between pushing wrecking a little bit better than his competitor. It's also at least a little bit of verification when you hear Mark marquess say, hey, he was as fast as we were. And I was riding his heart as I can to keep up, then that's at least a little bit more verification that the Amaha weather they made permanent improvements or not which can remain up for debate. Although I'm like, I'm going to go with what Rossi him been y'all were saying about it. But one way or the other you have to admit that the Maha and one was fast at least on that day at that track. Of course, the writer that was notably. Absent from that fight for the lead was the one that I thought would win the entire race. Andre. Co-ceo and more than any other writer in that mode GP race on Sunday, even with the potential for that thrilling battle between Rossi Marquez at of all the riders. I was curious to hear what Dobie had the say more than anything about his shocking lack of pace at a track where he won twice in coming in. And you know, right up until the race. Andrea said he thought he was going to be up there with the leaders despite starting on the second row. So what happened while he said that the front tire just didn't feel right? And because of that he struggled to find breaking stability typically one of the hallmarks of the GP team. And is if he were suddenly kinda factory Yamaha rider. He said I couldn't pin down you know, to the temperature the track conditions. What exactly was causing the issues, whether it was environmental or whether it was something technical with the bike. But he did I guess in kind of his own defense. He pointed out that hey, you got gotta remember the both of my victories and Sapang came in wet conditions. So with this race being. Completely dried there was at least some level of unknown for the Italian bikes. Even if they're winter test numbers here were just fine. And you know with him being the highest finishing do khadi. I don't think it was that the issues were just confined to dove or something that the team did with the bike which really makes it less likely that it was a fluke for one rider as opposed to something that was acting all of the bikes equally. You know in dry conditions in these particular conditions for the Dakota at this particular track. Now, the really odd part is that the effect was so drastic. You know, if he could have salvaged say a fourth like maverick fan, y'all as or even a top five then you could just assume that maybe they missed the setup or they had a rough patch at some point during the race. But he was over eleven seconds off the pace. So there was clearly an issue with the bike being able to run laps as fast as the Honda or even the Suzuki or the alma. Now is that a matter of concern, I would say, so definitely I mean, when you think about the fact that they were coming in on the heels of a better than expected result in Phillip island. Two seemingly regressed that much at attract that should have been much more in their wheelhouse. I'd take notice if I were to Qadi and even more so than Yamaha to Kati has to be a little bit frustrated that Valencia is their only other chance to kind of sift through what happened last week and figure out their potential problems because we're Valencia has always been the kindest track to Yamaha. It's really typically bad for do Coty. So they're just going to have to try to make some four progress to the end of the season. And then start testing course attest is Valencia as well. So it's going to be a while before they can take another shot at trying to figure out what the issue might have been Sunday in until they do figure it out then there's a little bit of an unexpected shadow. That's kind of hanging over a decoding team that was on fire for so much of the second half of the season. Now, I will say this as kind of a sign. No, I know they rumble here Sunday. And I know there are a lot of accusations being thrown around, you know, about motivation and things and we're going to talk about some of those in the second. Half of the show. But I would say when you look at the back that Coty as a whole did not perform. Well, I think there's a much better chance that they got something wrong. They didn't adjust or they didn't measure up the bike settings to match a dry Sapang track with these particular conditions. I think there's a much better chance of that. Then, you know, dove enough being motivated, you know, he had plenty of the race for you know, not only because he had a win streak coming into this weekend. But he had a position to really protect in the championship keeping Valentino Rossi from catching him for second. And remember Valentine who was in front for the majority of this race and Lovie only started one row behind him. So I don't think that Lovie would say, oh, well, you know, the first couple of turns Rossi's in front of just going to give up. I I don't think that it works that way. Frontier David video. So I don't think it was a matter of him giving up on the race or giving up on the season. If that was the case, then how would you explain him still being the top do Coty bike all of the Dakotas were bad. I don't think that Dovy was laying back anymore than I think we're hate Lorenzo gave up on the weekend. Just because. He's leaving Takada in a couple of races opposed to you know, genuinely struggling with his wrist injury. And speaking of that, let's start with that in the second half of the show was Lorenzo just phoning it in did he give up. Well, that's going to be part of what we talk about my top five things from the weekend of racing in Malaysia along with some do Coty drama that ensued afterwards when Lorenzo took the Twitter to roast his teammate for not being supportive of his opinion and his decision. We'll also talk about the latest motive GP news, the new technical regulations as well as where a new round of the world championship could pop up in the next couple of years. So we'll take a quick break. And we'll come back don't go anywhere Nick around. There's more coming up on the photo week podcast. Down that. Drag you down. Corner. Wingo. Pain sensory. Not be much. But it's the police. Family. AM? Welcome back to motor week Monday. Ms Wilson, I'm your host. Thank you so much for listening. I really do. Appreciate it. Also, thanks to the volume remote for the music during the break. If you want to hear more, add to Facebook, Facebook dot com slash the volume remote. You can also find out details on the EP which you can get right now on tunes and Spotify. Thanks to Paul for letting us use the music on the show. All right. So in the first half of the program, we talked about your opinion Amrita reaction from the Malaysian GP. Now, it's time to wrap up our discussion of Sapang with my top five things from the weekend racing along with my biggest surprise. And my biggest disappointment number one on my list, not one but two champions crowned Sunday in Malaysia. Now Petco bag naive. I think all of us were expecting or most of us who are Martine not so much. I mean, obviously, we wanna see every title battle. Go down to the last lap at the final race of the season. But getting to champions crowned in one day. It was pretty big deal, especially given where hey Martines performance in the lightweight class and how he won that championship. So that's number one on the list. Number two for me. Yamaha's performance. We've debated it. We've heard from the Rogers and what they think, but the bottom line is that Yamaha for whatever reason have looked more like podium contenders. In the past two rounds than they have for months, and you can't deny that. So it's definitely one of the biggest takeaways from the weekend of racing and Sapang number three. I'm a top five list to Qadis lack of performance. Hang was supposed to be there track. It was supposed to be tailor-made to the qualities that are so awesome. Do Qadi straight line. Breaking straight-line acceleration. Not only did Andre David CO struggle. But no do Coty had a good day not a single one in the top five. We are to talk about the potential reasons why. But it's still is kind of perplexing. I think to everybody in the Dakota camp. So that's number three in the list. Number four Suzuki can. Continues their hot streak toward the end of the season. Despite Andrea known as unlucky end to the day where he just kind of had that gut reaction to what Marc Marquez did wrecked out through no fault of zone. He started on the front row. Even if he inherited that's about on the front row and Alex Rene's parlayed in eighth place start into a podium. Their gains are much less arguable than Yamaha's. And unlike the last time, that's Zouqi started to look this good a couple of years ago. Unlike then they aren't losing their talented young rider to a big factory next season. So they've got to be feeling pretty good right now about their prospects heading both in the winter testing and continuing on into two thousand nineteen and then the final thing on my top five list from the Malaysian GP, the Lorenzo debate who are halo Renzo had surgery on his wrist eleven days before the Malaysian GP. Then he went out on Friday said Nope, I'm not gonna race. I'm not sure why debate is sprung up as to why he backed out. Of running the rest of the weekend. I mean, we talked about the possibility on the pre ratio. And I suppose I'm kind of naive because when I brought that up when I said, oh, I think there's maybe about a forty percent chance. He's not gonna run the weekend. It never occurred to me that he would use his wrist as an excuse because he didn't feel like finishing out the season with or kind of given up. I literally never thought of that. I thought this guy's just had surgery on his wrist where to track where you know, the pressure on your wrist is enormous with all of that heartbreaking those multiple heartbreaking zones. I think his motivation at that point is a non-issue. I seriously seriously doubt that halo Renzo was pulling a Michelle Fabrizio on us. Now, obviously that wasn't the popular opinion or the only opinion and because of that or Hitler Enzo took the defending himself on Twitter, and we'll talk about that in a second. But I'm shocked. We're even having this debate because any writer in that situation. I mean, Marc Marquez depended him after the fact. And I think I would too. I mean, it doesn't matter if you're a Lorenzo fan or not if any of us had surgery on our wrist eleven days ago, Arthur pack, or otherwise is probably gonna hurt if we then go out and hop on a two hundred and seventy five horsepower motorcycle that weighs just shy of four hundred pounds in two hundred miles per hour down the street, and then break his heart as we possibly can without sending ourselves flying over the handlebars. There's a lot of pressure that right? I don't know. That's just what I think about it. You guys might have a different opinion in which case you can tell me about it on the Facebook page Facebook dot com slash mode week dot net. The biggest surprise for me from Sapang the motive three championship being decided. I mean, I was certain that contest was going to go into Valencia even if it was a situation where where hey Martinez simply needed to finish in the top ten to wrap things up. You know, I definitely didn't expect the championship to be decided in Sapang, especially when you consider the both riders were running in the lead pack at the end. I mean, it had to be just that perfect combination of things that handed. Whore. Hey, Martina twenty six point lead. And that's how it played out shockingly enough. So that was my biggest surprise biggest disappointment for me. I mean, really who did not want to see an epic showdown between balancing a Rossi and Marc Marquez on the last lap at surveying a kid think of a single person. And if you say that you didn't want to see that you're lying. I mean, even the most cynical Rossi Marquez haters out there secretly wanted to see what was going to happen had both of those guys stayed on the bike and made it all the way to the end of the race. And everyone not just me was universally disappointed. Not to get to find out. What was going to happen there? All right. So let's move onto the motor GP news before we get to the Dakota drama. I wanna talk about the new technical regulations that were announced just today additions really to the technical regulations for two thousand nineteen two items that stick out here number one. And the most important the Moto JP technical director is going to have the authority next season to go up to any team and any. He bike at presumably anytime and say I wanted download all of your ECU data to this special laptop that we have put together. So we can analyze it. And ensure that the data hasn't been altered or modified in any way. And then after they verified, they'll delete the data's. Nobody else can get to as pretty big deal because it is a very clear sign that Dorna emoji P want to stamp out any tampering with the issue. It's supposed to be speculation. You everybody's supposed to have a the same level playing field. But that's not the case right now because every team gets to supply their own. I you which feeds the data to the issue, and what the popular opinion is is that one or more manufacturers Honda to Godley are doing a better job of everyone else. Then everyone else of modifying that day to get specific characteristics out of the bike in the engine which gives them a distinctive vantage by being able to look at that date. I mean, the big step step number one. Of course is a spec. I am you. So everybody's going to have to. Use the same IM you the same issue from this point forward. But now to be able to spot check any team at any time to make sure they are still not manipulating the data is a big step in the right direction now along with that. There was a minor rule. Change announced where there's going to be a standardized device to connect the easy use to a computer to download that data. It's called the can the coupler since it electrically separates, the the download computer from the campus electrical system on the bike of you have old bikes like me, you don't have anything with the campus. But most everything new nowadays has a campus system. All the teams have to use a spec download cable that I believe is going to be provided to them. And unlike the first rule, which goes in conjunction with the I m you to make sure that teams are not artificially manipulating the data going to the issue. The idea behind this one is to limit manufacturer's ability to hide the fact that they might be manipulating the data and the cable thing sound small, but you know, I kinda read into it that Moto GP thinks that. That teams are going to go to such great lengths to influence the issue operation in ways. They're not supposed to that. They might say. Yeah. Sure, you can come down to my data here. Here's a cable that only works with the higher only works with the do Coty. And it's the only one you can use because it's the only one that fits our bike. And then that cable has something in it. That's going to clean up the data being downloaded or alter that data. So any cheating can't be detected. And I'll tell you this if Dorna and modo GP technical direction are that paranoid. That teams are going to do something like that. Then I'm one hundred percent certain that manufacturers are manipulating the data right now. And I've said it before I'll say it again the spec. I am you and cracking down on issue tampering? Could be a big equalizer in the garage next year. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting that it's going to turn the motor GP world on its head. Ends of your Semion is going to win a championship compete for one. The teams that have more money to spend are still going to have the best bikes. That's always going to be the case. But I think things are going to be a lot closer because a big advantage for potentially Honda into Coty right now, maybe to a lesser extent Yamaha is going to be gone and something that nobody can really measure in terms of advantage is going to be gone. So I think that it's going to be harder for one rider one team to dominate starting next year. Like, maybe a team or a couple of teams have dominated this. Sharon, Mark at the beginning and the end of the season and Takada in the middle and speaking of Dukakis in the middle. Well, those guys found themselves in the middle of a little bit more drama. Over the weekend and Sapang Jorges Lorenzo proved to everyone why public figures, I think need a dedicated PR person to preview all of their social media posts at any given point in time Andre video. So did he did take a little subtle shot at hor, hey under the veil of not making any kind of detailed comment on the situation. When Lorenzo said he wasn't going to race in the Malaysian GPS Sapang. But basically he was asked about it. And he should've just said, listen, I don't know. I'm sure he's hurt. And since he's hurt. That's why it's not gonna race. That's what he should have said. But instead Dovy said, oh, you know, their stories here things like this happen and do khadi. And I don't know. I don't wanna come at with. That was enough to set Lorenzo off. He read everything into it. He possibly could. And then he went on a little bit of a Twitter tirade about it. I by being sarcastic. Which actually I thought it was kind of funny. But then after that, you know, saying, oh, yeah. You know, dove is a champion. In one twenty five C C's, which of course, is what any modal GP champion is going to say because aren't that many of them? You just have basically Rossi Lorenzo keystone is not around right now, actively Marquez I think any of them if pressed by another rider would say, oh, yeah. While I've got the championships in you don't. But the thing about it, though is twofold, number one, what does Lorenzo expect? I mean, even though Dobie then come out and say anything maybe it was implied. Maybe it wasn't that. He was taking a shot at Lawrence. He does he expect anything different those two do not get along. They're not best buddies. They're not going to be spending the holidays together or anything like that. And then the second thing is if your Honda you're like, oh my gosh. This is what we're in for. I if I were them I would take his phone away from him when he walks into the Honda shop for the first time. I know check it there will will forward your messages to you. We'll let you know what's going on. But you're not allowed either that or uninstall Twitter from his phone right away and Facebook to so because of that them both to Kati riders are getting sat down before Valencia like it makes a difference like to Kati doesn't love the drama. They do. So I guess they're going to do it is signed to I guess their sponsors or the front office that they can keep the writers under control. I don't even know. I don't even know why they're doing it. It's over anyway after this weekend, then, you know, Lorenzo moves on and it's on this problem in that there's so let's move on to Bradley Smith is going to run a full Moto e season in two thousand nineteen he's going to raise for the one energy sick team. But that's paying international not the semen Celli team Emoto three. So we'll do that. In addition to being. Inappropriate test or next year? Excellent choice on the part of Smith part of a multifaceted plan to try and get back to mow GP. We'll talk about that part in a second. But when it comes to Moto e he's going to be on essentially, a spec bike and in those types of series, rotter talent can make a lot of difference. And if he can succeed in modo e and then run well in the inevitable wildcard braces is going to get for a premium modo GP will then he at least has a shot at returning to the grid fulltime. Although like, we've talked about before in the recent past Scott reading it's going to be tough because Bradley, even with a leg up in terms of being associated with apprecia- and being associated with me and being in that world where reading is going to be a couple of series removed being back in British superbike. They're both facing the same problem. They're both going to be competing with high profile riders for the good bikes riders bringing sponsorship with them for the not so good bikes and then in between every up and coming Motoo rider, and I'll tell you Petco bag. And Miguel Olivera and Fabio quarrel for that matter if they all run well out of the box next year, modo GP that's gonna make teams everywhere. More likely to go fishing in the mood to waters when the next contract cycle comes around in twenty twenty that's just gonna make it even harder yet for guys like Scott reading and Bradley Smith to make any headway and getting back to the series full-time. But I at least a Meyer what Bradley Smith is trying to do. He's not saying he's too good for anything. He's taking any opportunity. He can to get back on track and race against other riders as close in proximity is he can get to those motor GP teams. So they can see what he's doing on track. It's been good. Excellent decisions last Ryder. I wanna talk about in the news section Petco back ni- on because after he won the Motoo championship in the press conference. He was talking about I guess the recent past and it turns out that beg nyah turned down an opportunity to race emoji p this year. He said it was about a season ago at the end. Of his rookie year Emoto to that pre MAC approached him and said, hey, we really want you to be on one of our bikes. We think you've got the talent we want to give you the opportunity, and he literally said that's fantastic. I appreciate the offer. But no, I'm not going to do it. Why? Well, he said he thought it was more important to prove himself and go for a championship and motive to I instead of showing up emoji p without having won a single motive to race or competed for a title. And I mean think about that for a second. If you or I were given the opportunity to go straight to a motive GP squad after a mediocre season in whatever series. We're in. We're going to say, yes, everybody's gonna say he said, no. I mean that is generally an awesome thing. And it's gutsy and it's risky all at once. I mean, his rookie season Motoo was okay. But by no means great and just about any other writer in that situation. They wouldn't risk potentially taking a step backwards in their second motive to cease. That could easi easily ruin any chance of a motor GP career altogether. I mean think about it for a second. It wasn't just his rookie year a motive to it was sky VR, forty six's rookie our motivation. Well, and I mean, there's no guarantees there. Even if he technically was going to get better the team in the bike could have gotten worse, but he took a gamble that both. He would be better and more competitive that the team would be better more competitive in that the bike will be better and more competitive now, obviously worked out great. But I mean, there's no guarantee of that. And if he had gone backwards and finished tenth in the championship twelfth in the championship and not gotten close to a podium or a win. Then literally he could have grounded his entire modo GP career. So I like I said gutsy risky, and you have to admire him not only doing that. But doing that because he wanted to prove himself before he moved up to the premier class. And whether you're Petco fan or not you've got to have respect for that. That is in the mazing choice and a very difficult choice. I'm sure for him to make or was it difficult choice for him to make. But of course, not only the workout grade. Because now he's coming to pray MAC and he's doing so with the winds and with the dominant season and with the motivation chip, but by saying no in two thousand eighteen with had the added Saab benefit of giving Jack Miller the chance to come over to pray MAC get out of his bad situation. And he got the ride the GP seventeen this year is going to get the right a GP nineteen next year. And I think he deserves that. And of course, Danilo Patricia Chee moved up to the factory squad. Anyway, so it's one of those rare instances emoji p where everything kind of works out for everyone involved. So right this moment down because it's not likely to happen to give her a really long time in the funnel story is the Indonesian GP right around the corner, maybe apparently Carmelo escalate and a bunch of other Dohrn executives made a trip to Bali last week. I would contend they were just going to hang out on the beach for a while. But apparently. They were there being entertained by the Indonesian government who wants to find a way to bring Moto GP back to their country. Now, they tore it a developing area a tourist area on Lombok, which is Nyland there. But I can't see if there is going to be an Indonesian GP, which I think there should be. I mean, I think there should be a race back at Laguna Seca. I but outside of that, I think Indonesia will be a great place to have a race again because there are just a massive amount of motor GP and motorcycle racing fans in Indonesia, but I can't see how a race there could happen anywhere. But Java because it would have to be some place either next to Jakarta or easily accessible to Jakarta and all the other largest cities in Indonesia, which most of them are on Java. Now there is a track that they could use central. It's definitely a possibility. If it's renovated, and I would imagine that would be the target location for Dohrn in the local government as well. A motor GP debreis there before twice in nineteen Ninety-six and nineteen Ninety-seven on and. Just a highlight. How old balancing Rossi is in the hell long. He's been around. Yes. The doctor raced in both Indonesia GP's ever run. He won the won twenty five race in nineteen Ninety-seven. He shared the podium that year with or hey s bar Martinez. Yes. The same guy who now and for a while has owned the aspirin now on how NIA team emoji p of the year before that, by the way. He raced one twenty five in the initial GP alongside of Lucia Chechen yellow of L our Honda fame and the Philip Ertl's, dad. Yes. The doctors been around for a while. So I don't know if they're going do race. They're not I think it would be several years out at this point because it would either need to build a new track or they would need to renovate central. And I think that if they're looking this hearted, Indonesia, that means that the prospects for some of those other tracks of the been kicked around is the twentieth round are on very very thin ice for the near future. So that's it for this show next up. It's time unfortunately for the season finale, it's sad and happy all at once. We do get to go racing. But unbelievably it's for the final time in two thousand eighteen so next week on the show. We'll do our regular full preview of the weekend. We'll talk about the track the teams contenders all that suffer the Valencia GP. But the good news 'cause men who wasn't that excited about the weekend. The other thing that we need to look forward to is that we're going to be on the verge of the first off season tests. So also talk about all the things to look for heading into the postseason festivities. Including who are. Hey, Lorenzo and Repsol Honda leathers all the newbies coming from Ota to you know, Yamaha and their first interruption of their two thousand eighteen motor that'd be a lot to chat about. Plus. We'll also have your comments on the show the latest modo GP news. And as always picks for the race, the final time in two thousand eighteen self. You haven't done it yet. I would highly recommend you subscribe to the show you can do it on itunes. Spreaker Stitcher player dot FM, Google play music pob being iheartradio. Spotify pretty much any podcasting site go there, just go to your favorite type and motor week. You should be able to find the show. You can always go to the website mode week dot net. All the latest episodes are there you can follow along on Twitter and motor week and head to the Facebook page. Facebook dot com slash Moto week dot net. Do me a favor. Click the like button, right below Marcus semen, Shelley and then jump into the conversation. Tell me what you think of anything. We talked about it on the show or anything else that you wanna talk about. You can have the Bates. You can have a lot of fun. You can. Post pictures, the only role is just be nice other than that have at it. So I look forward to your comments, and we'll talk about him when next week show until we chat again just couple of days from now, I wanna thank you so much for listening. I really appreciate it ride safe. Then I'll talk to you soon.

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