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All Right Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and girls Feast Your Eyes in tune your ears it's that time. Again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast streamed on facebook youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how they built authority airfield and how you can mimic their success developing authority building here, audience and attracting better clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage, your host Brian S Arnold. Is Brian Honor here. For another great episode of the Authority projects. I am here now with my new good friend here St. Report but the work we don't know Renault she's going to reveal that or not what whatever is s t to U. S. T. REP report. On here to help us, she says to learn how to learn the power rather of your other hand Very, interesting topic I decided to understand what this is what this means. I'm sure you are too. So we're going to get started here how you doing today S.. T.. Awesome. Thank you so much for having them. Really excited. Other. So, let's stop before we dive into it. Just let us know first of all who you are personally and professionally. Okay first of all Steve. Really comes from like E. S. T. E. E. S. T. why but from what is really little? I just cut off those extra letters for some reason it was too long for me and it just stuck to That's what it stands for. Like the letters like. Who I am I am a relationship photographer. US Creative Journal expressive arts coach, and I host the life picks relationship podcast. Awesome awesome certain sweet where again getting started here. Can we get a lot to cover so Tell. US Now. What current project are you currently working on at the moment? Currently, I just finished building the course Katina's Tunis relationships where got top relationship experts each each crate videos in every week, you get a new video from another expert with. with worksheets and steps to go and get yourself out of this situation they were announed corona and pick your relationship to the next level. So. Just just finished that and now continuing to work on the PODCASTS Carleen moment. Big? Deal the PODCASTS A of work. I know that Aunty. Well so awesome stuff I that that probably sounds very interesting. So I'm not. Asking the first question just a bunch of your journey and what led you to. Is Fascination with learning how people tick in relationships and so forth. What brush to this point where you you found those problems or what was your hollow Holloman of how you can serve these people in the problem that you want to serve others So, as a process of over life, I always found people really interesting too. Like you said how they take and how they connect and what they do, when why they choose certain professions and is it doing it just because they have to are they doing it because they want to and all those sorts of things and I realized that in a marriage and a committed relationship? That is we're you see the Moros why those two together why arguing and from when I was really young I would observe people and just try to figure out what's going on. Now I really make assumptions but just say, okay, this person's getting really angry because he did that and her personality means that not like just like understanding how a work and so when I was doing photography and I wanted to take even further is like okay. So let's do relationship for fee that we get to mix the. Marriage part really found really interesting together with photography. So that's what I did I do. Take, pictures of couples in the ultimate state of love connection intimacy whatever emotions they want any choose their favourite picture hang hanging up on the wall like a vision board. So that it trains her subconscious and even if they get into fight, they have that picture to remind them what they really want now. That's awesome. But it doesn't solve your problems. I was looking to see what else can I do to go? When help these couples dealing with at night came across the State Gold Creative Journal expressive arts nephew WanNa know where my a Ha moment was was this person like I said, I was opened looking for something else to see what I could have eaten my help couples without going back to school because I had enough of that. And this person was looking for a place to stay for the weekend Sushi stayed by me and she happens to be a CJ coach and was took found a real interesting. Okay. So you're right with your non dominant hand and you get the answers that you're looking for. That's cool. So I went to get some sessions by her. She looked two hours a week for me I like not. Doing this person I drove two hours each way to get to her and had a sessions and literally within. The first session I just sat there and my whole like a whole new perspective on my life and my work and everything that I was doing. I was like, okay, this is it so. From, there's where took on further. Okay. Got People turn tuning in saying absolutely liking the so far. Apparently okay. So Tell us this dive into this thing about using the other hand when I heard this topic was like okay. This can mean a lot of things. Things. About the power of using I'm using my Latina, the other hands. Was the power in that. Okay. So tender Santa Power understand a little bit of the science. So it will be okay with you your there is two sides of the brain, right? Now. Each side of the brain is in charge of opposite side of the body to the left side of the brain is in charge of the right side of the body, and it's in charge over logic stuff. So math reading organizations, time writing all those things. The right side of the brain is in charge of all the creative stuff. So music drama are. Anthony charge of emotions. Okay. So when you write with your non dominant and Really do anything with your nonstop man you're getting direct access to your emotions. Without all the logic reasonings or excuses of what's going on and say, no no. But that because logically that is what you think and it could be really valid why you think that. But if you listen to your emotions if you listen to subconscious, there's a much deeper reason of what's going on here. The after like I am over the emotional, but I'm right handed. So. So I'll let you finish. Go ahead finish. Right hand right now. So you're saying how does that work? Yes. Yes. So you could be an emotional person right handed because you do us both sides at your brain right? The question is, but if you have to make a decision. Okay. If. You are not sure what to do if there's something going on here. Do you know right away what your decision is or do you have a lot of factors that you have to take in? A lot of factors for sure. Yeah, or so all that is the logic brain. Now, I'm not saying to get rid of it. When we do this work, you'll see as we go through where you were going to do stuff that uses both sides of the brain because you wanNA use your rate but there are certain times where you want to a logic I know you're here I'm putting you on the side for right now. So I kinda understand what my subconscious with my emotions is telling me to do right now. Okay. Okay. All right. So Does this make you smarter by trying to use the left hand or others who people who left and the right hand busy are smarter by doing this. So I. Don't know if there's any science high Q. going up probably anything gear each cube goes up your emotional intelligence. But but if it sure makes, you understand much more by yourself about the people around you about your business about world that everything just get greater understanding. Okay. So what are the long term effects? Of doing this. Why do this tell us? Tell us why why the long term? Of why this is so important, what made such an impact in your life your personal life you business life? So first of all, you could use this to clear won't pass baggage that you have whether it's something that happened in childhood something that happening your relationship, your views that you haven't business personal believes any think. Many times you don't know what's going on in a situation when you write it with your non dominant hand, your emotional subconscious could answer that for you because it knows you're just don't have it in front of your brain in your logical break. That's first of all second of all if you are ever angry. Or have high emotion a really good most people do one of two things they either bottled up and then eventually explodes. Or. They let it out in some really not nice ways like yelling or hitting or things like that, right? Now we both know both of them are not good. You WanNa let out your emotions in a healthy way, but it's not as make sure to harm their people. So a great way to do that is to. Sound really stupid but try calling. Scribble with your non dominant hand. Now because your non dominant to your emotions, all the anger that frustration everything who had instead of yelling going out on other people or instead of just being bottled up is gonNA come straight out on the paper and scribble two or three or maybe seven papers you're gonNa automatically feel more relaxed because all came out. Is this only when you're upset or just in regular practice are you giving us how to to do like on a daily basis? or or in certain circumstances yes. So there's old exercise they could do in different situations. This specific scribbling one is great for when you're really high emotion or even if you just WanNa come down like your by ten sir, you can't fall asleep and I WANNA relax yourself. It's also because it all that emotion that's stopping you is gonNA come out on the paper. But if you give you some examples of how you could use it in other areas of your life so that would helps you for long-term something at least do. Yes. Let's say you. Artifacts situation. You're not sure what to do with your business. You know you WANNA take it to the next level you know you need more clients or whatever's going on you're not sure how to maybe I. Don't know how to relate to your colleague or to your employees. You want to try this. This is really simple and really hard. that. And can help you literally with any of your life. Take you WanNa do is is take plain paper and some markers and draw with your non dominant hand. Picture of that difficult situation. So let's say you want more clients. You'RE GONNA draw clients coming in or more sales or however year mind is thinking that and just draw that picture. Now it doesn't have to be beautiful. You're not hanging it up on your in your office. Just stick figures or some sort of diagram or something that shows you presentation of what you walk cave. Once you do that you're gonNA take two markers. Because, it's way them pens. One in each hand. Okay. Canadian have a conversation between your two hands. which is really between your two reigns. Remember I said, we're using whole brain here. Not just your left your right brain you want he's also the left break. Okay. So we do whenever you're thinking a lot. GIGLI YOU'RE GONNA, ask questions you're singing logically right with your dominant hand. And? You're going to answer the questions without thinking with your non dominant hand and let subconscious mind answer for you. Okay. So. You're going to be talking to the picture, which is just the situation. It's easier for your mind to work that way and ask the picture. Who Are you? And with your dominant hand writing who are and just answer with your non dominant without thinking whatever answer comes out. More clients. Greater revenue whatever comes whatever you up. Right. Who our next question, how do you feel an answer without? thinking. Next question, why do you feel this way and answer without thinking and then what can I do to help you an answer that thing and then continue to dial up with whatever your questions are because whatever questions you have because while you're doing it, you might dings will mike and you'll be really surprised. Then you might have more questions about that. So just ask those questions with right in. Your dominant hand them so sorry does not your hand if your dominant. With Your And you might just be really really really surprised. To get that. I do get that. I. Am still struggling though but how difficult it will be hard for me to write with my left hand. That because I'm already but Is it appears is seems like it's a long process though. Just because of the writing part of it is just writing de does about using the dominant, the dominant hand or other other things that can be done outside of that. Yeah. You're right that the writing takes much longer because you're creating new neural connections, your body. Thank you STU it. Is just like weird why you're right with your non dominant hand so you could do a whole bunch of other things. I'll give you examples in a second but when you right then you actually get words and real answers. So if you want a clear answer, what should I do now? You'll get the answer when you right when you just scribble with your non dominant hand to let your emotions it's much easier scribbling, but that's releasing emotions but it's not. Giving you answers. So other things you can do with your non dominant hand is. Do things with clay. To really go to out emotions. Even just practicing doing anything eating with your non dominant brushing your teeth will create more of that neuron connections and both parts of your brain working together. Okay. Gotcha, Gotcha. Great stuff so far stuff. This is very fascinating to me So. This this this this deal with some of other things here are but what you do. You work on this podcast topics they are. you do a sexual health correct. Idea with. Mary. Okay sexual part of that and. So. What led you to the topic of just relationships? How important it is sexual or otherwise sexual halvard just relationships getting people to stay together or joining or getting into to the right which all the time. What got you into that into that phase of your of your journey? So as working with couples. I found I find couples interesting. I just find people really interesting beans I'm speaking to you cam do most of the talking I really like it flipped like I could ask you the questions and learning things about you. Right now I'm here. Is it s stupid just trying to understand how people work and what's going on. So couples and marriage just really interesting because then it's not one person it's to increase. So by running a podcast, I speak to couples who have these extraordinary marriages and try to figure out how they do it and how other people can do the same. So that way they could also have these amazing marriage of its drinker. Okay. So I think a part of it is. This power, the power of the of the other hand, maybe some their emotions out. Because I. When I think about some time. Just being marriage just there's some times when things are just suppressed. You know we just depressed. We don't communicate kind of thing in. This power that we're talking about using the hand is a way to just to list a lot of it out get your emotions out that are being suppressed is that a way to get? Out in the open or do you tell me? Yes. So that's one way the short to get it out, which is really important. Mike we said are also eventually explodes would also helps with a lot is. Understanding certain pattern behaviors and wire doing certain things. How come every single time you do this you're gets set or why do you get angry every time? She does that is just How why like I want to change that? So when you might say, okay, so she left her she was on the floor again or he didn't do that or whatever it is than. You're stuck in the moment of what actually happened when you go journal and write about it with your non dominant hand. Then, you can understand deeper reason and actually solve that problem the s so I think that. I think that a lot of this with relationships but you business. there's this. One little thing called fear. Or. The fear of rejection of or embarrassment that we all don't want to have in our lives, we did not like to be embarrassed. Beyond think maybe we have a we all have a little bit too much pride. In. How do you? How do you get things out without sounding like an idiot? When doing? So that's my question to you. Okay. So the one thing I absolutely love about this is that no-one no-one no-one in the world has to know what's going on you have a journal, you have a place where you keep all your papers. Everything. They wrote and no one gets to look at it unless you decide that this person is safe. Okay. So if you wrote something about business, you might WanNa than share it with your business partner. Maybe, you'll wanNA tell it to them maybe you'll WANNA show them the paper, but you you don't have to Warri while you make it's almost it because it's not gonNa work because your body first and foremost is going to protect itself on protect you. So you might even try this and see that you're not getting any answers and we'd like okay never mind and give up on this try to get in a few days and again a few days later because just like when you meet a stranger the first time you don't go and tell them all your problems. Your mind is not going to go and tell you all the things that thinks if it never trusted. The process didn't trust what's going on here. So once you show it a few times that hanes looking at this is safe that you'll slowly slowly slowly you'll be getting more more answers. So. Say. Like you said, you have this fear rejection prefers something out. So let's say you journal something or had what to do in your marriage. Okay. Now you WANNA. Go and tell your partner that but it's really hard for you. You're embarrassed you don't know what to do. What he to now could. Journal about how should it go and tell them because that will go and tell you the answer. Maybe there was something you didn't think about another great thing to do is. You can have a conversation between your two hands, which can also be between you and another person. So let's say you WanNa tell your partner something. and. You don't know how to go into that. You don't know how they're gonNA react. You don't know what they're gonNA go insane what they're going to ask you. You can go and have that conversation I on paper with youth thinking logically writing with your dominant hand and they answering in the conversation sing whatever they wanNA say without youth thinking if you're not dominant an now obviously, it's not going to be exact word for word what they're going to say but it's GonNa be about. Their mindset is you're going to be able to understand more about and you could even ask those questions before they shut you down because they might say a mad or they might say never mind and run out at you or they might yell at you and then you closed down we never know which way it's going to go. But if it's just papers, it's not as scary because it's just on paper so you could go and take it further without running two different room. I. Love that because incredible stuff I like it but let me tell you this actually this. People are listening to this and they're like, this is weird. That the words right out of my mouth. Sd What are you talking about this? The Budget Huey? This is. Work. It's work for me. You know using other hand what what are you talking about to? Tell them. Can you tell them in defend yourself right now esti defend yourself and say you know this this word for me people I've known thome stuff right now that. Okay. So first of all, I was like never the type to believe in such things. I'm just saying I'm not I never journal than ever meditated never did like any of those? You know like it just not my type. But once I did it literally that first session it changed my life completely. So I always tell people until you try it and I just once because remember at the process, please try a few times. Don't say anything you could maybe think it's weird but still try it be open to see maybe there's something there. Okay. Now once you try it. See if it works. If you did it, a couple of times didn't work. No harm was done if you did it at, it changed your life like as dramatically changed mine. Good for you. You love it literally kind after client who just comes changed their marriage they understand what's happening like recently, I had a client who was. Separated okay. The she still loved her husband, but she'd been separated and things were just. Not Looking so good and was working with her A. She realized that she drew a picture. She's been really similar exercise to like when I told you before and she drew a picture of a cow and her mom was on the couch and she was on the couch and. Then, she was journaling about it and while she's journaling, she realized that her mother had manipulated her as a kid to behave a certain way. Okay. Now, then she went to a different country for high school, she stayed by her hand and she. Did some work there, and again her aunt manipulated her. Okay. So for her the only way she knew anything was manipulation. So she loved her husband so much and she wants to show him her love. So at that, she'd do without even realizing she's manipulating him like for example, he's overweight and he has to lose weight and she wants him to lose weight. What does she do? She controls or tries to at least control every single byte he eats now we know that doesn't work. So she leaves even the group, he's going to go eat something else. She's not home restaurant who knows what he's GonNa. Right. Now to her, she just cares about him and she wants him to be healthy. So that is why she's going on controlling everything that he eats, but that's not healthy and it's not gonNa make a marriage work. So through this process of writing about it, she realized that Hey, I know I never knew this I realized that my mother manipulated at manipulated me and to me showing love is through manipulation. But that's not a good idea. Now, how can I go and change my habits that talk? So that way I'm not manipulating him anymore, and then from there, she was able to move forward and just recently she actually back in with him so. It's a process you're going to want to try it see for yourself and save them. Works. No harm is done if you write on some paper. Okay. So there's proof people see there's A. She's So incredible stop incredible. I I love all this I'm going to try this out is I'm scared about it dime going to try this out. cause. Okay. Definitely. Definitely by have one last question for you before we get out of here. Of course next all of my guests. A sippy set goes like this they there are people out there listening right now. They're watching you they love you. They love your answers, the love what you're trying to do. Trying to serve. They have similar interest. They have a similar pathway they to serve some of the same people like you are. can you tell them and just a few brief moments of give me some little bit of guidance of how they too can become authority in this space. So I think that it's really important for you to go and do whatever you do before you go on were commenced some anything. So for example, in this case before I go and tell people hey, cj so cool I read all the books I think it's awesome. This was happening note I I went to sessions privately for my own self so different and then even while training majority of the training actually is about working on yourself. And the process of you and seeing the transformation happen to yourself. So that way you can go and work with other people. So whatever you're doing business whenever you're giving a recommendation to anyone whether it's a friend or client or did whatever it is you WanNa, make sure that you tried it and that it's backed up now I know I've done it with myself. I, know that CJ works. So I could go and say CJ as. I love it. Incredible stuff. Grady answer great. All around. Hope everybody giving giving this person a standing ovation for. Helping learn about the power of the other hand. Incredible credible content in I'm so glad we got you on the awhile to get you here. But I'm glad we connected. and. So incredible stuff we are. We are both East coasters he's from Jersey and from Boston. So we've coasters little little chilly today but. Not to bad today but anyway, thank you so much for coming through. Please tell the people where they can find you after the show. Okay. So you could go to life picks relationships that a s e and left speak to you there and thank you so much for having me. This was so much fun I. Really enjoyed it and I hope that somebody tries it and maybe actually learn something from it is absolutely in this for people who are going to be listening to this later on a podcast it's life picks would I ex Nazi ks alive picks, relationships dot. and. That Emas Mary E. SO there you go incredible stuff. Any final words before we get out of here S T? I will tell you just it's going to sound really cliche really overused. Thing if you're not doing this and let this be the time at this is what you're doing and that is be your self don't care what your parents don't care what your friends say don't care what society says. Social Media says you go and you do what you WanNa do now like I said you heard it. So many times go and actually go to that. I love it. I love it. Be Yourself guys do what you WanNa do Si do what you WanNa, do especially right now in two thousand twenty, you have decisions somebody who have been laid off and you're trying to figure out a way to Goldens. This is the greatest time to figure out you know what let me do? What I've always wanted to do if you had the chance to do so or start doing that today alright build something, share it, and they will come. That's what it's all about and I. Hope you got some great information to the I know that I did use the other he and get the power that and we will see you on the next episode. Thank you so much in particular. We're often this into the sunset. Do. For this episode of the Authority projects. Thanks so much for tuning in, and if you like what you heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give an honest review Sharon, tell your friends. So they can here too and per even more authority building tactics b-share to sign up at the authority letter, Dot Com, get free weekly content, and ongoing digital product giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. We certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an Aha moment from today's broadcast just remember it's your authority, build it here and they will come until next time.

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