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All Together Now: Fridays with The Moth - Annalise Raziq & Wilson Portorreal


Hi It's Catherine Burns and we're so excited to announce new television show from one of our moth storytellers. Bruce Feiler. It's called Council of DADS and it's based on Bruce's book of the same title years ago. Bruce was diagnosed with cancer and he was worried about his daughters growing up without his help. And Vice Bruce and his wife recruited some Bruce's best male friends to act as a quote council of to be father figures to his children. Should Bruce on the TV show council of DADS is a fictional version of the story and follows a group of friends. Is they all step into the role of father for a friend's five children? It's a beautiful story of everlasting friendship and the ways in which communities come together in times of Crisis Council of DADS debuts on NBC. On Tuesday March tenth at ten PM. Welcome to our new summer series altogether now. Fridays with the moth. I'm Kathryn Burns. Artistic Director of the moth and I'll be your host this week nine weeks ago like so many other people we shut down our math office hundreds of events and move the rest of our shows to the virtual space we see each other on zoom so much. Suma we find ourselves craving human connection. Whether you're quarantined alone or with friends and family. We wanted to create a series. That helps everyone feel a little more connected to their loved ones and to themselves altogether now is a seventeen week specials. Starting today may fifteenth and running every Friday through September fourth after the stories in each episode. We'll give you some props if you want to. Discuss the stories with friends and family think of it like a book club with stories as a bonus? All of the stories on these Friday episodes are suitable for all ears seeking. Listen with your kids your friends or your grandma may stories are all about identity. Who are you really? How do you define yourself? Who Do you surround yourself with? How are you coping right now? Many of US models are spending a lot of time with our pets these days. So we thought we'd start with two stories about animals are first retailer. This week is on a lease Zeke. I'm Elise told this at a story slam in Chicago for the theme of the night was gifted. Here's on elise live at the mouth. I told my daughter to make a wish. We were sitting together in our tiny ramshackle kitchen staring at the seven birthday candles on her cake. She closed her. Cindy Lou who is for just a second and then she blew out these candles with great determination and she said Mommy. Do you want to know what I wish for? And I said Oh no honey you that something precious for you to behold close to yourself but the truth is I was afraid this wish because for her father and I had been separated for the last four years but we had only recently become officially divorced and I knew that Kelly was at the age. Now where a lot of kids started saying. How come you're not together anymore? And they started making wishes that their parents would get back together and this wish was especially problematic because my daughter was born with a special talent. She had the ability to materialize. She envisioned so okay. Here's just one example so a couple of years before my mom was taking us on a trip to Disney world and we had to get to the airport at the height of rush hour. And I was freaking out about this because in our crappy neighborhood cabs were notoriously unreliable and so I had called this Limo Company and I had negotiated this deal where we could get a towncar for only five dollars more than I pay for a cab so Kaley her me on the phone with them when I hung up. She's like Oh. Where are we going to get to ride? And one of those really long cars and I was like. Oh no honey. We're just getting a regular car. And she just looked at me and she's like okay so the morning that we're supposed to leave. She's at the living room window and she's like Mommy. Mommy look and go look out. The window and pulling up in front of our house is the longest black stretch limo. I have ever seen and this guy getting out like in the full chauffeur Regalia and I went running out the front door and I was like no. I did not pay for this. No there's some mistake and he's like just chill out lady. We're out of town cars so you get this car for the same price right a little bit scary so we drive to the airport and Kelly drinks soda the whole way and watch cartoons and she's got this little smile on her face but this wish is really a problem because I know that it's never going to happen. We're never getting back together. And I thought. Oh at the tender age of seven her magical powers are about to come to an end but she presses on and she's like Mommy. I wish for the same thing every year and I was like oh feeling this tightness in my stomach she goes. I close my eyes and I wish and I wished and I'm feeling ill and I know that one day I'm going to open my eyes and theory it'll be what in the backyard and I was like. Oh a dog. She's wishing for a dog and I knew she wanted a dog. But you know I was raised cats. I'm an animal lover but a dog seemed like a lot of work and I didn't have any money. Our phone was turned off regularly at this point and the gas and I was just like a woman living on the edge but her powers are legion because a month later adding had a dog up in our backyard. I'm not kidding. So she's home from school on the tail end of chickenpox and she's standing in the backyard. Hula hooping and I'm at the kitchen table working. I can hear the Sh sh sh and then it stops and she comes to the back door and she's like mommy. There's a dog out here and he's staring at me and I was like whatever someone's dog he'll go back home here. Go back on the irony here. Sh and then it stops and I get up and go look out the back door. She's standing frozen in the backyard holding the hula-hoop looking at this dog through the chain link fence. They have locked is they are communicating and I go on the back yard and I run up to the fence and I see this dog. He's like a medium sized German shepherd mix and I was like. Hey Are you a nice dog? And he's just sitting there in his tail goes thump thump thump. And then I see his ribs and he's like painfully skinny and I opened the gate and he comes in he flops. Down on the patio and I see Kayleigh. She's starting to get that little smile and I was like. No no no no we are not keeping this dog and I run in the House and I call our veterans. Look this dog series. Seems Really Nice. I can't handle it. I'm overwhelmed. I'm a single parent. I have no money and so they take pity on me and they're like bring the dog in. We'll check him out. We'll help you figure out what to do. And as we're going to the CAR Kaley just quietly says to me. His name is orbit because he was circling our yard. And I said that's great honey. We'll tell that to the people that we give them to. So we take him to the vet they can see I am a crazed human being and I call him back later on and they say oh. He's been on the street a long time but he's so sweet. Don't worry it's going to be no problem finding a home. We just have to put some ads in the paper and see if there's an owner and back at home Kelly hand draws twenty found dog posters and makes me take her around the neighborhood and hang them up and for the next three days. I sneak into the bathroom and I called the vet and I'm like how's he doing and they're like always so sweet. Everyone loves him. No problem you don't have to feel guilty. He'll have a home except for on the third day. The Vet Tech says to me. Wait a minute. How'd you find the dog again? And I tell you the story. And she's like what you can't give away this dog. This dog came to you. He's ours so glad that living room and I go put your shoes on. We're going to get the dog. She gets that little smile on her face shows Zam powers intact. Thank you that was the least busy lease is Chicago based performer writer. Peace activists and grateful mother for creative endeavors have ranged from leading theater workshops with incarcerated women to plane the back end of a dragon. Most recently on elise performed a solo show called. I know a place about her relationship with her Stepdad Bill. On Elise let us know. The orbit passed away a few years ago but she still thinks of him every day to see photos on elise her daughter in orbit check out the Moscow doors up nets Wilson for Tokyo. Wilson came to the mall through education department. He told the story at a high school. Grand Slam for the theme of the night was on the verge. Here's Wilson why Vermont. All right so as a kid. I've always wanted a dog who doesn't want a man's best friend come on so I don't want any dog. I wanted a big dog for Luke. I wanted a macho man. Wanted to caveat rottweiler or Husky protection basically only some protection. And I've always mom I can. We have a dollar. Don't WanNa have a dog please. Non Soviet camera dog responsibilities for come on. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA teach you how to stay. How does how to follow me how to fetch? I'm willing to give a treat he's GonNa be. I'M GONNA be meet as my responsibility. And she goes no because it's too much work and on top of that. We live in an apartment so right for back so so last year arrived home from school and exhausted my shoes. I put it to the side and I see this little furball come up to my my size and my socks and is for the little. The little teeth going tomatoes and it tickle inherited at the same time with like little paintings but I couldn't get mad at the fact that this was a dog right beside me so the excitement. I didn't really feel as much pain and looked at him. And I remember seeing the Nice little. Charlie coloring like a caramel color with some white whipped cream dispenser that combination together. It was a lovely dot. We named him Hershey Renaming Harrison. So Hershey I was given to. He was gonNA see me about two months and I did everything I said I was GONNA do. I train him. He learned how to follow me. You know how to fetch to stay. And which is the best dot? So I'm just saying that because he's the only dog and so one day I take him outside to my front building and you know I'm like you know what today I wanNA teach him how to follow me without the leash and you know. I'm going to bond with him and now I'm believing and trusting. That's my pile. He will never leave this building when the door opens now at this time of the He's like about five to six months and that door open and he dashed out of the building now in uniform shoes and I'm running down block chasing this note. Now you do not see that every day. Mind you chasing the little dog. Have Shitsu Have Maltese? So I'm taking the dog and a money. I'm going to get the door and I'm catching up on the sidewalk in run beside him. And I'm catching up. And his hairs flying back a little little lion miniature lines and his his. His tongue is rolling out his mouth. He looked like a fruit roller tongue. He does excited Fredo. Freedom is and so he's running. Now Mind you. He runs into the street now. And this is the grand concourse. Goes you know that this is like a mini highway. Hell breaks loose. Anything can happen in. The grandkids goes down the grand cockles. Ifo like you know what this possibility are. Seldom say care him. Now have to go and take this race and our charge for him outside into the street and I'm chasing dog. I know you're GONNA to stop. I'm on a mission right now to say the dog missing of the day accomplished now the bus driver sees that. I'm chasing his little dog and he's like. Oh gig go get him get him get him and thank you not getting a little hectic because he runs. It's in a middle middle of the street more center will all these cars coming up. Now you have vans trucks buses all coming in from one side and he just shocks and everything is headed faster they coming and the of the of the cars and you can see the tombs of the buzzing for debt because our grandma Dole in hoping that will take my dog today so I'm lifting him up into the sky because he was symbol and I'm just a bring him to my to my choice and I had this heart to heart tested test connection and Sabrina on me and I go no little dog. I'm scolding him like no next time. You see a child. You will hold his hand. So I'M GONNA keep you on the lease you will not going nowhere and so I walked off with the dog and the buzzer domes. Up He goes. Yay Now walked out of there villa. Victoria's thank you. Wilson per to Wilson participated in the Mouth Highschool program as a student the Bronx Leadership Academy was the winner of the citywide spring. Two Thousand Fourteen Highschool Grand Slam a few years ago. He was chosen to be an extra on cree to and was later cast in the student. Short film called Noma Phobia. He's now twenty twenty John. J. College graduate and is a security professional at facebook and instagram master is focused on personal narrative. Storytellers have to choose which details to share. If you WanNa talk about these stories with your friends and family. Here are some possible questions for discussion. The theme for the Slam on Elise told her story was gifted. What's your favorite gift? You have a special talent. What's something an animal has helped you discover about yourself if you want to tell stories if your own. Here's some starting points. Have you ever had a memorable moment with an animal? Have you ever made a mistake had calamitous consequences? You can also find these story. Prompts the extras for this episode on our website. The MOCK DOT Org. We WanNa hear you like this week's episode. If you listened with friends and family ticker picture show on social media. You can find us on facebook and twitter at the moth in an instagram at moth stories. That's it for this week until next time from all of us here at the moth have a story worthy week. Catherine Burns's them off slowing time artist director as one of the directors on the moths main stage for more than a decade. She has helped hundreds of people craft their stories. She's also the director of two solo shows at girl Oliver's Helen and Edgar an atom GOP Knicks. The Gates both of which appeared at the Public Theater in New York City born and raised in Alabama. Catherine now lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son podcast production by Julia per cell. The moth podcasts is presented by PX the public radio exchange helping public radio more public at PRI DOT Org.

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