Mueller Speaks # 990


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino, have no fear. We will be covering the Muller press conference about the happen in a few minutes. Don't you worry? We will cover it on the show. Don't ask how we do it. It is the magic of the Dan Bongino production. We will be covering all report. Baller speaks do not go anywhere. I've got a lot of news to cover you. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show today, producer Joe. How are you today? I'm doing well ready for check full show, Dan. Oh, yes. We will make this happen because I recording schedules usually ten o'clock to eleven o'clock eastern. But don't you worry, I've got you covered even if the show comes out a few minutes late today, we will have coverage that I also have to cover Jim commes ridiculous absurd. Outrageous, cover your butt op Ed yesterday and a couple of other stories that happened at a news. So no time to waste. Let's get right to today's show. 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Jim comes out yesterday, writes a absurd ridiculous op Ed in the Washington Post entitled, no treason, no coup, just lies and dumb lies at that fascinating coming from potentially the dumbest man in this entire scandal. Hapless lion. Jim Thome now. What's going on with this? I am going gonna win nyah late and decimate, this ridiculous op Ed piece by piece I have six particular snippets. I'm going to break down that is going to give you an overarching view of how awful of a person and a human being Jim Komi is, and how he can never tell the truth is incapable of honesty, this hack Tim me. Okay. Why I why? Now, why am I going to cover it? I'm gonna cover it because his news. Why did Jim call me right? The opinion piece in the Washington Post that came out last night. I think the answer's obvious if you've been following this case, Donald Trump gave the. Attorney general a declassification authority on Friday. It is now Wednesday of the following week Jim Komi probably realizes all of the backchannel stuff, he's been doing the use of a discredited spy verifying unverified information. Lying aggressive tactics against political campaigns, the use of human spies and signals intelligence notice, humint say that these tactics were clearly unethical immoral and potentially illegal, and he's about to get caught period. That is the only reason combs write in this op Ed, he is trying to get out ahead of the story to. C H A not CYA cover his. Well cars. Yes. Yes. Right. Are that's right. The Scotus version of you get it. I think maybe somebody then let's go to screen shot. Number one from this ridiculous. Washington Post piece by Jim Komi and point out just so we're clear. What I'm gonna do in these six screen shots. I'm going to point out the lies that Komi noser lies that he's trying to cover in spin. Okay. Screen shot. Number one from the piece. This is an important one. He says Russian gauged in a massive effort to in fear interfere in the two thousand sixteen president presidential election near as I can tell there is only one US leader is still denies this fact. Okay, fine. Russia's our enemy not no big secret there. That's not the interesting part. Here's where it gets fascinating. Komi writes, the FBI saw the attacks starting in mid June twenty sixteen with the first dumping of stolen emails in late July. When we were hard at work trying to under skin. Understand the scope of the effort. We learn listen. Listen to Comi the slime ball, we learned that one of Trump's foreign policy advisers. He's talking about popadopoulos knew about the Russian effort six weeks before we did that is a lie. That is not true. What is he referencing? He is referencing. George popadopoulos is meeting with Josef Mifsud, the Maltese professor in April where myth sued this Maltese, professor allegedly tells popadopoulos about Russian dirt on Hillary. What's the problem with that writing that piece of writing Komi did in the Washington Post? Komi sang two different things. Follow me folks. Joe I need you. Here's the audience on button for for that, follow me. Mifsud allegedly told popadopoulos about the Russians having dirt on Hillary. I e Hillary's emails, but that was not the Russian effort. What was later uncovered and believed to have been a by many, but I'm still skeptical about some of these games. The Russian effort was the Russian effort to hack the DNC not Hillary. Okay. Remember it was the D N C emails that were released by WikiLeaks, not Hillary. So call me does this slight. Hey, can you put that back up again? Is that possible and scream? They want to watch YouTube dot com slash punchy. And if you wanna watch it home notice what he does here. He does a quick sleight of hand, and he says that popadopoulos new he said, we learn one of his par foreign policy advice talking about George George popadopoulos knew about the Russian effort, he did not know about the Russian effort, because the Russian effort, according to Comi was to release the DNC emails. But that's not what myth sued told popadopoulos ten four, he didn't say anything about the DNC emails do. Komi doesn't know this laid off and gentlemen. Listen, I'm always deeply honored that you listen to my show. I mean that passionately from the bottom of my heart, you made my life so rewarding and enriching, but I'm I am not the guy with the highest. I q in this. I'm not the best investigator in the world. I don't pretend to be, I'm good investigator, and I do a lot of reading, and I enjoy, what I do as Joe knows. I don't pretend to be the smartest the quickest or the wittiest guy in this. I say that not the put myself down and be ridiculous. But do you think I know that, that Jim Komi is Jim Komi doesn't that the Russian effort was to release the DNC emails, not the Hillary ones that were allegedly said the popadopoulos? Of course, he knows that he's lying to make George popadopoulos look like a more significant figure than he was popadopoulos knew about the Russian effort, what Russian effort the wants to hack the DNC emails yet, but that's not what popadopoulos knew about. He allegedly knew about Hillary information. The Russians had, that's not the DNC scam or the Russian ever. Oh. Oh. Shucks, dard. Gummy again. Do you think I get? I'm not putting myself down to be funny or silly. Oh, dude. Or did you like a humble brag, I'm just telling you, I like my homework. I do my homework. But this is not difficult to figure out what comb he's doing. He wants you to believe George popadopoulos knew about this scheme when he didn't so that the targeting of popadopoulos by Komi looks legitimate. That's why this guy is such a sleaze ball. He is so sleazy people. We have to stay away from the ad hominids. You know what you do that? I'm sorry. I'm pissed off at this guy. I'm sorry, folks, but I'm not going to stay away from any of these attacks on these people because they attack us at all times. Look at coma, look at the title of the piece dome lies at that lies. You're the dummy not us because you lie. And you think we're not going to catch you in your lies. It gets better. I've got five more of these. Here's screen shot. Number two, from his absurd opinion piece. Notice the lie here. So the first lies about the Russian effort and popadopoulos they're not the same thing about, but I was Newburgh Hillary's emails, Komi goes on in April of two thousand sixteen that adviser again, talking about popadopoulos talk to a Russian agent in London, this, he screws up his own story here, and he learned that the Russians had obtained dirt on Hillary Clinton in the form of thousands of emails, and that the Russians could assist the Trump campaign to the amount of myst- release of information, damaging to Clinton. May go back to this or second. So hold on. The big lioness. He just told us in the paragraph before about how they knew about the Russian effort to Russia effort was not Hillary Clinton's emails. It was the DNC emails, those are two distinct separate things. Komi is inflating, the presence of George popadopoulos in the scheme to make the spying on of George popadopoulos and his entrapment seem legit. But that's not the takeaway from section to hear the section to takeaway of this op. It is the first line in that where he mentioned that popadopoulos talked to a Russian agent in London. Whatever it is that who is he talking about? He's talking about Joseph myth sued, the Maltese professor, ladies and gentlemen. There is no evidence that this guy was a Russian agent, Komi knows this commes team. Listen to me to debunk this guy and destroy his credibility permanently because he is a liar and a disgraceful one at that. The FBI interviewed myth sued in February of twenty seventeen nearly a year after this meeting between MS sued the alleged, Russian agent, according to hack Komi and popadopoulos. If he's a Russian agent, why did you let him go? Why is he in pictures all over the internet for anyone to see miss sued that is in pictures with western intelligence assets? In other words, western friendly intelligence agencies right, people from the United Kingdom, people from Italy, countries friendly to the United States theory intelligence assets. If this guy's a Russian agent. Why didn't you warn them? Why did you allow him back in the country in February twenty seventeen interview? Why did you let him leave? Because folks for the thousandth time on this show, myths sued is not a Russian agent. Komi knows this again. I am not the smartest wittiest guy running this. There are a lot of brilliant people I do my homework. I know this, I assure you with absolute certainty. That Tim Komi knows. That's a lie. He wrote about in the first paragraph, there popadopoulos is effort to assist the Russian effort, even know that had nothing to do with Hillary's emails to inflate the importance of popadopoulos. In the second thing he won in the second paragraph there. He wants to inflate the role of myth, sued because Masud was part of the entrapment scheme to entrap. Plus, he was working with friendly's to entrap popadopoulos Komi doesn't want any part of that. So what does he do? He lies again, which is what Komi does over and over almost in like a sociopathic fashion. Yeah. You think miss cert believes of Comi believes who sits Russian, Asian comas, buddy is Bob Muller. Even Bob Muller in the mullahs report nowhere. In his report does he claim the Russian agent nowhere. He says, miss Sudas Russian connections. But he never makes that criminal or claims he's an agent of Russia anywhere. But Komi knows that. No, he doesn't know that he is a liar. Can you put up that second one again? I'm sorry. I don't mean to keep going back to drive in my just Dan. We're good. We're with you so far. Okay. All right. But this last line is important, too. Of course nobody from the Trump campaign told us this, or about the Russian approaches we had to learn it months after the fact from an allied ambassador that is false too. Nobody on the Trump campaign told Jim comb, yours FBI about the Russian dirt on Hillary. Comment. Because popadopoulos didn't tell anybody about it. Other than this Greek this Greek politician. He didn't tell anybody on the Trump campaign. The Trump campaign didn't know. And MS, sir Denys even saying this, so you wanted popadopoulos, by the way, popadopoulos makes crystal clear that he told the FBI about Downer that he thought down or spying on them, so you want the Trump campaign to notify you about information. They didn't have just so we're clear Jim because you think we're idiots. This one other line at the end of that that's important at the end of the second piece here. We had to learn months after the fact from an allied ambassador. He's talking about Alexander Downer. Who meets with two weeks later with popadopoulos after that Masud Russian dirt allegation. The, the conversation to happen writing that is not true. Either. Both Downer in popadopoulos, both deny that Russian dirt on Hillary was not mentioned that, that meeting. Do you understand? Komi is incapable of honesty on this case. He is being so incredibly dishonest that I'm telling you, it's almost sociopathic that he will not just come out and state, the obvious. I lied. I got caught. We made a mistake just even call rove who is definitely a moderate, Republican Bush guy. Call rove came out on FOX. I just don't get it just admit you screwed. This thing up man. Okay. Number three. The I'm telling you the life sat Mitchell Pola last night with my wife not kidding going through this reading this just stunned at the unbelievable dishonesty, this stun. All right. Put their bang-up please. All right photo. Three we. Did we take them down on me as a writer them about the talk about this? Well, we try to talk about okay? He goes on. But when we finally learned of it in late, July, he's talking about the fate rushing dirt stuff. What should the F B I have done? Okay. Stop right there. What should the? F B I've done. Maybe what they did with Senator democrat, Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein, when they found out an actual Chinese spy was on their staff, Joe. Yeah. You know what they did? Get ready. Joe this shocker they briefed the staff that there was trouble. Hey, this guy may be a spy for China and you know what they did they investigated the spy day, didn't get a Pfizer more on Dianne Feinstein or. Thank you. Finally, the studio audience even gets. Yeah. So let me get restrain Dianne Feinstein has an actual spy on her staff. There's no Pfizer Warren on Dianne Feinstein or her team. But they do what they should have done. They investigate the spy, but instead of investigating Masud, who again, there's no investigation, so the FBI let's go. They start at Pfizer surveillance process on the Trump team. And liberal read the first line again, this is Jim Komi not only playing liar but playing stupid liar. You do who do. Do man. What are you gonna do investigate the so called Russian asset you lied about you? Don't investigate Trump. He goes on we already do. Let it go. But nobody's suggesting you let it go. You dunce. This is the no true Scotsman stuff. He does this all the time. Nobody plays dumb better than Jim Komi. You know where the dossier come? Oh. Big six foot seven full of dopey nece. Dopey this stack to the sky, Jim Komi. What should we have done? Maybe investigate to Russians. Not the Trump team. Go. All right. Back to the photo three there. What should we have to go? Tell the Trump campaign, you think Jim, you think maybe telling the Trump campaign like, told Dianne Feinstein. You think that was a good option? Tell the press, you did tell the press. Yeah. Yeah. Paul. I sent that to you earlier. I know don't everything had ordered, but you have that New Yorker piece. I sent to you earlier where it talks about the investigation on November. I will throw it up for now. We'll put it on a post production, but there's a New Yorker piece November first before the election of two thousand sixteen where someone did tell the press o two that partly now. Yeah. We don't even need this guy is what this is serial dishonesty borderline. Sociopathic Baber again for Votto, three. Be divorced after this show today. Sorry, folks are beyond beyond a dating app after the show today. Object skinny, I've just getting photo three. It goes on. Crazy. All right. He says. No, we investigated to see what the facts were, we didn't know what was true. Maybe there was nothing to it. Or maybe Americans were actively conspiring with the Russians to find out the FBI would live up to its name and investigate. This is Comi again trying to. Take the FBI mantle and where it has its own, you may say, well, of course he was directed. Yeah, that's funny. That's because you know what he's doing their job. Yeah. This was not the FBI. I've worked with the FBI. I say this at a at a in the utmost sincerity their agents are excellent are bad apples. Of course, there'd been a lot of bad apples. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad apples at the top. But this is Comi who made a lot of unilateral. Jim Komi decisions trying to take. Oh, well, the FBI was gonna live. It was just not the FBI. This was you and a few idiots at the top. Who did what you did in circumvention of surveillance was stop with the nonsense, Jim. All right. But before we get to photo for. We just wanted to make sure we get into companies pay a lot of good money to be here on the show and to talk to you, and we love our sponsors today show also brought to you by our buddies at Harry's. Look at this come on. That is the finest sleek. 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Let them know we sent you to support the. Show. Okay. Getting back to commes delusional sociopathic lying up Indian piece in the Wall Street. Excuse me, in the Washington Post was that thorough enough covering, Jim Komi spectrum of potential mood disorders here. Okay. Warning. That's right. I know it's crazy. Snapshot number four from commes op Ed piece. This is the smear Americans. This is. So as he writes as director, I was determined that the work would be done, carefully, professionally and discreetly. We were just starting if there was nothing to it. We didn't want a smear Americans, wait wife. Wait, wait. Wait. You didn't want a smear Americans just to be clear on this. You charged a rookie campaign adviser to Donald Trump. George popadopoulos with no criminal history who never been involved in any espionage, and his life and Carter page a naval academy. Graduate, who had actually assisted the FBI in locking up, Russian spies in the bureaucracy case you open a FIS of Warren on them. You leaked to the press is at New Yorker piece on November first shows the existence of the investigation people in the. Side leaked to David corn. And Michael issacov's and others. The names of these people, you destroy reputations. Put some of them in jail, humiliated, them, and basically accused him of treason. But you didn't want to smear Americans. Folks, this guy is pathological, Jim Komi, if you're listening, because I know some are we our audience is big enough. Now that I'm sure somebody sends you this. You are really a troubled human being how you don't see. This is the most troubling part of all, I've made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime. So is Joe. My wife is made. None. But I have made a lot and believe me, I live with the pain of those mistakes daily. If not weekly when I think about stuff and insurance, and I beg for forgiveness that Jim Komi still to this day has the nerve the gall to write in a piece that they didn't smell her Americans, including his smearing of the president of the United States when he said, in an interview that he wasn't sure if he was a Russian asset or not. Shows you the deep psychological trauma. This guy has he is insane. He is a bad morally inept troubled, deeply troubled human being. And it gives me absolutely no pleasure or joy in saying that back to photo, foresight just that that same piece. He goes on. If there was something to it. We didn't wanna let corrupt Americans. No. We were onto them. So we kept it secret. You did. You didn't keep it secret. That is an obvious lie. Right. Right. He's not true. Look at the piece dated November first from this magazine. This was also in the New York Times the existence of the investigation was leaked the New York intelligence, sir. Thank you, November, I twenty sixteen before the election. Folks, if you can do dates libs final October, surprises reveal FBI is probing Trump's alleged Russia ties by Margaret. Hartman. How is that a secret? How did you? I don't understand how you kept it secret. When someone leaked it to the New York intelligence or in the New York Times. I mean, this is such an obvious lie that, you know what our website you know what we have bungee dot com. We have met and writers over there. Lauren who do really, to Blair do terrific, work, and my wife and I do some pieces. Sometimes. We will put a correction on a piece of mmediately, if a data point or a fact is wrong. By the way, we're not even journalists we don't pretend to be where opinion people. But we do facts. This is ROY it is just a lie. You did not keep it secret. Only you and your small team. Knew about the existence of the probe. And it was leaked to the media before the election to damage Trump stopped saying, you didn't leak it. You're just making that up. Was it Colmey personally, I don't know. I don't say what I don't know, but it was unquestionably someone in the upper management Kabbal at the FBI was running the case. How else would they get the information the New York Times us most this it was leaked stop saying you kept the secret, it is a lie? In a litany of lies in this piece. Now, why does he say that because he wants to? Dorn dealing with this guy's infuriating. I hear you. He's got an agenda for everything. The first thing was to make popadopoulos seem like a bad guy. So they could justify spying on them. The second thing about the Russian agent myths that he saying that to make a Russian connection it isn't there. It was not a Russian agent. He wants you to believe that even though he knows it's false. He said a couple of things. We didn't smear people in photo three he did. Fudd smear people. He also used them. Sorry. I missed something in phototherapy. That's fine. I don't mean to keep jumping around, but it's important. He says that they opened the investigation they found out late July. They didn't find out in late July. They found out in the beginning of July, when they sent an FBI agent to talk to steal who had made these allegations about page. Why is he saying late July? He saying late July to cover his, but he sang late July because they didn't open up the investigation in late July. And there is a process for opening up an investigation, and if they were dealing with an unverified incredible, excuse me, not credible source. Christopher Steele in early July. Then somehow they were dealing with the CIA and intelligence agencies about steel before the investigation was open. There is always a lie. Now, his agenda for saying he kept it secret. I want you to understand what's going on in this guy's deranged head. All right. All right. He keeps saying this, because the new leftist narrative to protect Komi. Why would the left this want to protect Komi because he's there lapdog? He is the new, Mr. Biggles worth, like Senator Richard Burr for the left. He's a lap cat, which they pet Komi comes out and attacks Donald Trump for them in the less triage of needs. They're willing to forget that Komi did that outrageous press conference and handled the Hillary Email investigation, so poorly. They're willing to forget that because the left are transactional, lists in their transactions with Komi now, he does damage to Trump's so they need him. So the leftist having new narrative Komi plays a key figure in a key role. In the new narrative, is this that the information about the Hillary investigation was leaked to do damage to Hillary, but the investigation into the Trump team was kept secret, therefore, the FBI there's no way they were. Trying to hurt Trump you. Yeah. I'm buzzmachine Joe. This. The new leftist narrative, is the spying on Trump to her. Trump story has to be false because if they really wanted to hurt Trump, they would have leaked the existence of the investigation, and they didn't. They kept it secret. Komi parrots this in the Washington Post, despite the fact that I just conclusively prove to you, that, that is false right with you. They did leak the invested right before the election. Yeah. To destroy Trump. So the leftist narrative will Hillary's information is leaked it damaged, but they'd kept everything quiet on Trump's so they were really helping Trump is not true Komi knows it's not true. He wrote it despite it being factually incorrect, because Komi has his lips surgically attached to the rear ends of the left now to salvage his broken atrocious, horrible pathetic lying, reputation. Every lie pointed out to you in this piece every lie. Has a purpose and a reason for Komi all of those reasons are unethical. All of them are immoral than they are all being done to advance an attack Trump agenda and to hide Jim combs role in the biggest spying scandal in US history. Make absolutely no mistake about what I'm telling you. None. This guy is a fraud. He is a charlatan. He is Times Square shell game player and he's not even very good at it. Okay. Snippet number six. Snippets from. Sorry, five dig my wife is on a ball. She called me there. I have six pieces. Number five another one is a short one from Komi Komi says we investigated we didn't gather information about the camp. The campaign strategy. We didn't spy on anyone's campaign, ladies and gentlemen again. Absolutely ridiculous. Absurd. Lie so easily falsifiable by a basic internet search. The New York slimes the left wing activists at the New York Times have already outed, FBI intelligence assets that were working to gather information on the Trump team now I want to be clear and precise with my language. Unlike lying fraud, sociopathic, Jim Komi. Who's trying to spin you as rhetoric and Stefan helper as rhetoric because that's the name she gave that's on a real name. And Stefan helper are to United States connected intelligence assets that were working to spy on the Trump team. Stefan, haufer made contact with Sam Clovis. A higher up in the Trump campaign. Trying to get information. Stefan helper made contact with Carter page repeatedly ah Trump foreign policy adviser to get information. Stefan, however made contact repeatedly which j- popadopoulos trying to entrap him into a collusion scandal. Stefan, how for brings this honeypot over as rhetoric to meet with popadopoulos as well probably to try to seduce them and get information out of him. They were spies. Stop playing the silly euphemisms game. Whether you were trying to gather information about the campaign strategy is irrelevant. You were spying on the campaign now again in the interest of precision. Where these dedicated FBI intelligence employees. The short answer is probably not. From my sources, and these are not low level people. Again, I don't mean that a pretentious way. Hey, look at me. I'm just trying to establish bona fide these here. Stefan how or was most likely essential intelligence agency asset. There's a good chance as return was as well. Those operations overseas whereas rhetoric and how permet with popadopoulos from my sources could not have possibly happened happened without the, the, the, the, the predicate knowledge of CIA director, John Brennan, my have no doubt the FBI in Komi knew about it. But John Brennan, claiming any kind of plausible deniability throw that out the window right away. There is no way a foreign intelligence operation on foreign soil with a US intelligence asset two of them, Turk and helper. There is no way that happened on foreign soil, without to permissions the permission of the and John Brennan and the permission of the foreign intelligence operation on that soil the United Kingdom. No way. No way. No way in Haiti's. Forget it forget it. Komi is lying. Komi is lying. They did spy on the campaign, whether they were transmitting campaign strategy or not is entirely irrelevant. That is not even a focus of any serious persons inquiry. They were spying on the campaign to damage the campaign by leaking right before the election as we just showed you before the existence of an investigation into a collusion hoax. It never happened. All right. Last piece of the Komi op Ed. Gets worse, believe it or not, because again he tries to play this little magician game this one indicates that they had probable cause combs words by late October. The investigators thought they had probable cause to get a federal court order to conduct electron surveillance of Carter page page was no longer with the campaign. But there was reason to believe he was acting as an agent of the Russian government. Oh my. You know what I have to take notes here to not forget what I'm talking about. Because this last piece has so much misinformation in one paragraph in the interest of time. I just wanna make sure I get into bullet points, number one. They did not have probable cause, ladies and gentlemen, probable cause on a Fiso warrant to spy requires two things that the United States citizen is acting on behalf of a foreign agent. Secondly, and critically. This is not an or it is an end. That acting on behalf of a foreign agent is not illegal, unless it is, in violation of US law. You must understand this, because this is commes magic act again, they did not have PC probable cause. That Carter page was acting on behalf of a Russian agent. There is no evidence of that at all outside of a dossier that was from Russian disinformation specialists, that they didn't verify probable cause requires verified information. The stamp on the woods file that goes to the Pfizer court it to get the warrant to spy says verified, they did not have verified probable cause there is no evidence whatsoever, that Carter page was acting on behalf of a Russian agent or was the Russian agent. There is absolutely no evidence. He was doing. So in violation of US law. The bribery allegations in the steel dossier have been in against Carter page have been entirely completely to bunked one hundred percent. There was no interview of Carter page verifying that information there is nothing. It was fake bogus Russian disinformation. They didn't do you understand what I'm saying? They did not have probable cause. They had one thing and one thing only steals information which was from Russian disinformation specialists, and steel head already discredited himself by lying about who we were sharing information with. He had said he was sharing information, only with his employer fusion GPS, and the FBI false. He told the State Department before the FIS warrant Komi sign that he was sharing it with the media still couldn't remember his own story. The Coen prog detail, which he seemed to forget eight days later in his dossier. The fact that he told the State Department his sources were Russian disinformation specialists, by the way, the McCarthy has a tremendous piece on this national review. That is absolutely worth your time. It'll be in my show notes today at Bongino dot com. Trust me, it's worth your time about the difference between informants and sources. Still claimed his sources were to Russians, whether they were the informants, directly or not, or through a third party in a meteoroid doesn't matter what matters is still transmitted to the FBI and they made no effort to verify it. And when they did in January of two thousand seventeen they found that it was illegitimate that was a. That was a. That was. Mr. Anderson, creeps into the show. Do put up that photo number six. I know it gets, again, I wanted because there's this, this three chunks of this information. And this is good though. Yeah. I would've picked this is off like this knows great. Thank you. Now, he says, page was no longer with the campaign. Why is he lying about it? You know what let me just say. I just want to go back to. And I didn't even get to this bar. He saying that conducted electric surveillance in a federal court order because now he's going to blame the court. I forgot that is going to blame the court, the court order to your the ones who told the court what to order. But he says page was no longer with the campaign eroneous on all counts. We need vets. Again. Thank you. Jim Komi understands full well what the to hop rule is. When you spy on Carter page, who was still communicating by his own language. With the Trump campaign, you get who he emails to survey them. And who they Email and talk to as well. One two hops. Basically, in snaring the entire campaign, Jim stop pretending the to hop rule doesn't exist. You know, it exists you are lying because that's what you do back to photo. Sixers one more piece of information in this. But there was reason to believe he was acting as an agent of the Russian government caulking about page, ladies and gentlemen, that is a lie. That is an outright falsehood. That is entirely made up. There was absolutely. No verified evidence, outside of ridiculous third here. Hearsay that Carter page was acting on behalf of the Russian government or doing so, in violation of US law. That is an absolute one hundred percent lie. Jim Komi is absolutely making that up. That is a falsehood. We just dismantled this entire S garbage op Ed, please share this with your liberal friends, because they need to see what a phoney and a fraud, this guy is. I go back and forth everyday, but who's worse Komi or Brennan, because I'm genuinely at this point, not sure they are both near sociopathic liars. This grace, f-full op-ed trying to get out ahead of the story. You think we don't know what you're doing? Jim wire such a phony, total disgrace that this country. All right. Today show and after this, we'll get to the the Muller briefing which help a DOJ research. I'm sure is going to be spectacular. We did out miss it. The magic of the Dan Bongino show. We'll make it happen. Today's show brought to you by my buddies at ET. S E, T S. What is this thing? Yes. 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But there's a problem with the data and the problem with the data's Assan daily quarter-point in these are his highlights is look at this. They say, well, look at this, this over whelming percentage of these attacks on Jewish people were being are being led by right wing extremists. But then they report later in the same piece in the data that, you know what? When they couldn't figure out how exactly the tank kaffa you believe this, or that they just guessed. It was right wing extremist, listen. Ladies and gentlemen, I don't care if you're right wing, left wing up wing, north wing, south wing. Your. Abomination to humankind. If you're attacking people based on any of their characteristics. But you'd think the data set you may want to narrow that down and actually get an answer before you publish that in a New York Times, probably a good idea. All right. I'm gonna take a quick break for the Muller probe. And when I come back, this show will be cut a little different, but we will get to the mullahs, pro do not go anywhere show going to be continuous. You'll hear me talking to second. It'll be about the mother pro began, but this is through the magic at a Dan Bongino show. All right. Welcome back, even though you didn't go anywhere through paula's magical editing. Joe, we just managed to compress a ten minute press conference. It did it to a millisecond. Oh, what a disgraceful press conference if you understand what just happened with Bob Muller, just did. Now, this is what I'm here for. We're going to need Muller translator soon. This is what they're I take four takeaways from this takeaway, number one, Bob Muller said during his presser. The reports speaks for itself, basically insinuating. He will not be testifying further. And if he's called to he will not say, anything outside of the report. Why, why what is he doing? Learnt to translate Muller. Speak Muller hates the. Resident he conducted this investigations, at damages presidency despite knowing collusion was a hoax when it started. We know this Muller, does not want to be questioned Joe on Capitol Hill by any ally of the president about when he knew collusion was a hoax, therefore translate Muller speak. His my report speaks for itself line. And oppressor means don't even bother subpoenaing me because I'm not going to answer any questions. I'm going to say refer to my report because Bob Muller is afraid of being asked precisely the date. He knew collusion was a hoax, because the answer is going to be well immediately. Well, why did you investigate for six hundred as well? We wanted to damage the president, what a disgraceful thing. He just did. That's one. Takeaway, number two. Why does he reiterate the charges against the Russians the social media company in the efforts to influence our election? Why is he doing that? No. Because there's a dispute out there with declassification coming and emails that are going to be coming out. Amongst higher ups in the FBI about the ICA follow me the intelligence community assessment. Remember the seventeen agencies believe Russia interfere with the election to help Trump? Remember that was released in December. Remember that Jim Jim Clapper on CNN saying, hey, none of this stuff would have even happened with the Trump team unless Obama would you know unless Obama wouldn't have told us to do that. I see in other words throwing Obama to the bus follow me here, the intelligence community assessment that the Russians interfered with the election to help Trump is garbage, not that the Russians interfered, but to help Trump is garbage. It's hot garbage. It was released by the Obama administration prior to Trump taking office to set up the narrative that Trump was helped by the Russians to set up the narrative that they needed a special counsel investigation. Muller knows the declassified emails between Komi and Brennan are going to show that the I was based on what? The dossier, which is fake so Muller now learn to translate Muller. He's not being honest. Thank you. First service great in the marines. I appreciate it. That does not absolve you of the disgusting investigation, and that atrocious, press conference you just did to further malign the president. He is doing this now talking again. Re-litigating the Russian efforts that their social media companies to put meat on the broken bones of the intelligence community assessment, which is about to be discredited by declassification. Yep. Yep. Get. Barry gone. It take it to the bad kids. Number three. This is where the most shameful disturbing part of this press conference happens in order to, again, give liberals talking points about obstruction into a crime that didn't happen. He talks about obstruction again and he said something key. You may have missed in there. He said, listen, we couldn't charge the president with a crime, because the office of legal counsel, under the department of Justice, where I work Muller talk. He does he worked in the department of Justice has said you can't charge a president with a crime. Why is he saying that he saying that because he wants to liberals and the talking heads, which you'll see tonight? I guarantee it. You'll see tonight on TV. He wants the liberals to go out and say, look the president clearly committed a crime Muller laid it out. And the only reason charge him because he was the president. You may say, well, Dan, that is what Muller said, what's the comeback that the comeback is very easy. That is not what Bob Muller toll Bill bar. Bill bar. The attorney general asked Bob Muller, if the failure to charge, the president would obstruction was based on the oil, see guidelines you office of legal counsel and Muller said, no, ladies and gentlemen, both of these stories can't be true. Either Muller's lying or bars line. And I will bet you my right arm. And I'll throw in the left is a bonus that, Bob Muller. Just lied to the American people about a conversation, he had with Bill bar because he was losing the narrative. Bar specifically asked him. Did you not charge the president, you report because you believe you can't because of oh, see guidelines and Muller said, no, he just said, the exact opposite and oppressor, he is lying one hundred percent caught that dog whistle. Yeah. Shameful finally the fourth. Takeaway. They say three have four. He says that the end you may have missed it. He leaves it in there in another dog whistle Joe, he says, basically this and there's a constitutional remedy for all this. If you guys don't think we handled this right suggesting again that, Bob Muller wants the president impeached. That's what other constitutional remedy. Could he be talking about? Ladies and gentlemen. I'm telling you, that was one of the most shameful things I've ever witnessed Bill bar has to be absolutely livid right now, this broken shell of a guy and I'm tired of all the nonsense accolades for this guy. Thank you for your service to the country, and I will condemn you for the awful disgusting, which you waged against the president United States, you investigate a crime. It didn't happen. You knew didn't happen. You were given unprecedented access. The FBI director was asked to investigate it by the president. There have been no allegations of obstruction. You then lobby false nonsense set of charges. Left out of context, I guess the president United States you lie to the attorney general about why you didn't charge the president. And then you hint for impeachment at a press conference and disappear in a cowardly fashion, because you don't want to go up to congress and answer questions. Disgusting. Should be embarrassed. Or I folks that had a lot of other stories off to get to the rest of them tomorrow. Police read the show around we'd appreciate it. Subscribe to our YouTube channel YouTube dot com slash Bongino. And also subscribe to our apple podcasts, one quick. No. My wife will kill me. If I don't tell you this on our show notes today. I the greatest of respect ask you to please fill out a brief survey. We have in our show notes. There's a link it'll be at the top of our show notes today. It is a search run by us. I promise you, we're collecting none of your personal data. I did a survey last time ever audience. I have none of your personal information. I don't know who answered it know, your names are just ask basic demo questions. How old are you? How along deal Wendy kind of stuff about ten questions? It'll take two minutes a really, really helps us folks. We have a very small marketing budget here. We're not some of these bigger shows would big backers wishes a private operation by me. 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