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Hi really and Jeremy where the accident prone travelers behind practical under less. We're here to dish out travel tips, tricks, useful trivia, useless trivia, mildly entertaining anecdotes and everything else. You need to avoid making all of our terrible terrible, terrible terrible terrible mistakes. We make a lot of mistakes. Well. Hello, there y'all August I sound like that. No, you just got so much more southern than usually long time since I've listened to myself through earphones. Yeah, HI, everybody! You're getting worse. I'm sorry I'm sorry. You have a Banjo underneath do. You guys have noticed that we've been gone for the last few weeks. Yeah, we didn't die We are still here. We're doing fine. We did take kind of an unexpected seasonal break from the podcast and also the blog. The social media accounts my email inbox. Pretty much everything else in life I'm gonNA. Blame the apocalypse. That's only my working excuse for forever. We, but we have been doing things. Home Quarantine Right. Thank God I'm already bored. So at the beginning of quarantine when this all popped off, we were to say sad would be bit of an understatement. Me covered in like chocolate, chip, crumbs and cookies, and just rolling around on the couch, sobbing my eyes out at like two PM. That was march, basically, yeah, and I had an unexpected end of school. You know it all happened in the middle of March and they were like all right. No more school figure out how distance learning works, and that was really tough, and I spent a long time trying to find my footing as a teacher, because as a teacher I'm I'm so dependent on like interactions with the students and building those relationships in person and just didn't have that anymore and. Get a chance to say goodbye. It was literally because here in California. You know not to Brag, but we were the first ones to shut everything down. Actually sorry, specifically the bay area not to Brag, but definitely to browse look, you're bragging move. We were the first ones to shut everything down and schools shut down well before shelter place actually officially came into being so you didn't. We didn't know that everything was gonNA. Shut down. The schools announced like hey, we're just going to be taken a week off before spring break. You know we'll. We'll be back in two weeks and so Y-. There wasn't like an official end like it wasn't. You didn't really got a chance to say goodbye and then ended up being the last time you saw those kids before they graduated I. Teach Seniors, so that was especially rough. Because you know, it's like the end of their high school career, and my school. You know they didn't really take it that seriously to begin with. There were like it's fine. It's just the flu. You know like a lot of people were like that, very. UK's yeah, so it was, it was just a whole identity shift, and as somebody whose identity is so wrapped up in their work like I really struggled with that, and so you were very actively sad. I was more like shouting into. Avoid Sad. Yeah, because you were on calls twenty like along with other teachers with the kids that were showing up to classes. I'm also a person who was like pretty deeply defined by their work, which is not something that I necessarily realized until my entire industry. Essentially stopped and just ceased to be. I I will say like as a business owner I think about things. Like what am I going to do? If this piece of my business, you know stops working like how am I? GonNa diversify revenue streams. One thing that I did not plan for was what if the entire world stops traveling all of the exact same time and all of the planes stop flying like that just never occurred to me so our income and you know I am the breadwinner, so our income went down to nothing. I didn't know if we'RE GONNA. be able to pay our rent. I didn't know if we're going to be able to keep our team I don't know how long it was going to go for so so I'm like downstairs sobbing into the couch, and you're like upstairs sobbing into like zoom, and and we just didn't get any recording so I feel like that's a. that's a good excuse. Well, it's not just that I mean it's. It's not just the podcast. It was just our our our whole lives, and you know speaking of. Our identities like something that we really really value and put a lot of like our own being in travel, and obviously we. All of a sudden couldn't do that anymore. We actually so I I think at this point of canceled five trips and I haven't actually left the country since last July, so it's been a year now since I left the country, which is a weird thing to say as a as a blogger. I didn't see that coming I. I thought maybe when I had a kid. That would be the case, but it came a year early so for me. I was grieving right like we were both grieving. The loss of the world is we knew it. The loss of are the things that we loved about our jobs right like I love to travel. You love to see your kids every day that was taken away from us overnight, and then we were grieving because the entire fucking world like. Was Dying. So, it was rough so we, we of got into a rhythm I think about like a month in Take up some new hobbies. We started to really embrace the time that we were spending at home. I started some new like weird little hobbies with succulents I started making gardens. I started like going on walks, and looking for a little dropped like succulent leaves, and then growing them into like baby sex, and they went having zero succulents to having lake hundreds of succulents. So that's been fun hundred. I think it's like thousands. That's a lot. There's room in our house dedicated succulents. Overboard, I took a baking and my have really been upping my cooking game, which is nice. Yeah, he makes Pasta from scratch now on the rag. And you make sour dough bread, so we gotta start are going Oh. That's pretty I think. A lot of people have been doing that in quarantine, but some impressive flex anymore. Yeah, you know it used to be a flex, but I I think homemade homemade. Tortellini is our flex. Along got spayed, that was fun for her. That with that sucked. But she handled it like a champ. She's the best and we spend a Lotta time like zoom talking to our family We're still doing because. Spoiler were still under shelter in place. This is not lifting anytime soon in the area, nope. So. We kind of had this feeling while we were in like I think April and May this feeling of togetherness. Right like it was like you turn on the TV and you'd see these like commercials being in these uncertain times. We understand that times are uncertain. We it! We have zoom calls to and like nurses brain, and that's why you should spend your money with us because we're here for you and with you. All of you lose just like. It was like times are crazy I just did it get Outta here. You want to get your own show. You didn't see what company was expecting you to be like by cheetos. Sorry. Anyway, so it was kind of like. We're all in together like we were all kind of like laid off or like not working, but like there were no expectations that we were gonNA work, so it was like okay that then I was for being productive lake. It was totally normal to just like. Ignore emails for like a month, and then respond by being like I'm so sorry like the apocalypse. Let's get back to what you're talking about right like. It was like it was like a month of Sundays. I thought described some worries that and it. It felt like honestly like the closest a lot of us will ever get to retirement like we were just allowed to like. Be and like feel shitty like not be productive, and that was Kinda. Nice, and then everything went to shit in a different way. Think started reopening way too early. Like I really want. To See sometimes at least like you know going places. I want to again, but leaving the house. Yeah, but like I don't need it to the point where I'm going to like murder, my family just to get like a pedicure. Literally want to go drink a mark on the beach so bad. That I'm willing to sacrifice my grandmother. I don't know what you're talking about. That's like how people are reacting. Though and so there started to be the separation of like Oh. We're all good now in like we are no longer all in it together. Because different places are opening up in different, things are allowed, and just because one town is open doesn't mean that you can leave your contaminated space to goes that town and be. Be like. Oh, I get to shop at a mall again. That's not how how contagious work, yeah, so it's. Everything started opening that up again. Our blog numbers are up which tells me that people are traveling again, which is scary as fuck, but also kinda reassuring, because it means that we can pay our bills we pay. Our renting may team implied so that's like weird, but then it's like. I don't know it's just a weird place to be in, so we've been doing a lot of thinking about this and a lot of ruminating We've all been paying really close attention to the developments of the black lives matter movement some very near, and dear to our hearts we were, we were like excited to see the resurgence of support and the conversations that were happening after all the really horrific murders which. Again. It's all I can do on a surprise. If you've been paying attention, they have been happening. It's just that they're only sometimes publicly they only make the news sometimes rate, which is a fucking shame, but we were really like excited to see this resurgence. and. We've been doing a lot of deep thinking. We've been sort of analyzing our mission statement. How are the things that we're doing for Jeremy in your school? Life for me as a travel media as trouble writer as publication owner. How're we participating in that conversation? And how are we doing anti-racist work? We've been doing a lot of thinking about that, but it almost felt like three weeks where we were all really focused on having important necessary in meaningful conversations where we like forgot that we were in a pandemic and. And then when we open our eyes and we were like Oh. What's going on with the pandemic? It was like a win the last three weeks everything open back up again and now it's terrible again, right? It's like two different things are happening at once that. Are you know these global movements of like you know a pandemic versus the I mean I don't WanNa. Say like resurgence of black lives matter you know, but like more. People are looking towards it like for instance in my work, the the concept of anti-racism. Something that I've been talking about for most of my career. You know and it's something that. I was just trying to be. Grapple with and understand and now it's on like a global scale of idea of anti-racist work. Yeah it's the. Guys, in a way that it's never been before when the black lives matter, movement began I think that it was a really important amazing start, but it kind of had it kind of like went back into the closet again for a while, and we were all like. Oh, well, we. We fixed it right like we did it and I think now there are A. A Lotta. People realizing like racism is still here. Every single day hasn't gone anywhere. Only getting stronger, only getting worse and I think like I think a lot of people are also looking at things like you know in the past, it was like Oh, well, racism is you know murdering black people or racism is hating on people for the color of their skin, right? It wasn't how it is now where people are realizing own, racism is just embedded in our culture, and people are seeing that we're talking about people in privileged people who did not necessarily realize that these things were happening people that hadn't. been trying this, but like they had not yet woken up. They are now. Awake. They are now slightly awoken. Groggy or at least there. They're realizing that they should wake the fuck up and they have some reading to do. So as we were doing all of this reflection on our selves, our place in white supremacy. We started to think about our business because our business is really. Founded on. This idea of travel, which is a privileged thing, travelers inherently privileged right? There's a really great travel pack that we love called. How not to travel is hosted by Dr Kena. WHO's an amazing travel influencer? Trouble Blogger, trouble speaker she's. Like a a really strong voice of unapologetic activism in the travel space, these conditions are things that I I spent a lot of my time exploring I. I haven't always been that way. It's been something that over the past few years I've learned to really think more critically about, and it's something that we're kind of re focusing our business into like leaning more into those questions analyzing them asking them discussing them educating our audience and the thing that takes us to season two, because this idea will be center stage this whole season, and so in season one. We really wanted to inspire our listeners to travel and tell our stories, and like give tips on these places. Places and practical information but season to. We're GONNA switch gears a little bit. Yeah, we don't want you to travel during season two. We are not gonNA traveling for the foreseeable future. The Bay area's still shutdown California cases arising I. don't see us getting on a plane anytime soon, and we don't encourage you to. Either so instead we want to offer you a way to talk about travel and love places from afar so season two is going to focus on stories and lived experiences, both from ourselves and people in the places that we have already been and the places that we love, and then we want to share with you styles, so there's three episode formats. The first one I will be story about when win. We went to a destination. It's basically a trip report, but stop calling it. A trip report sounds like boring data like own the states this many flights went into all right well. It's like it's telling the story of a trip that we did the not reporting on it because that's boring, and that's a lot like what we did in season. One where we you know, for instance are one cudi episode where we talked about like Oh. This is what happened when we were there. The second format is called the story of and so we'll highlight a destination in each of the story of episodes focusing on the history. History the culture, the people they're both today, and what makes it what it is? It's really the the way that I like to do storytelling on the blog I like to go to a place and try to understand its story by looking at how it is today, and how it got to be that way I like to look at the dominant narrative, and then try to seek out the stories that aren't being told as part of that dominant narrative, and then trace those threads back to today, and the third time will be called. What's it like and those are are behind the scenes episode? So then we're GONNA. Talk about you know the world of being a blogger. Like to be in our relationship, or what's it like to you know? Take a bunch of kids traveling. We're going to kind of peel back the curtain a little bit. We might be doing some talking about what the travel industry is like the process that we take to create our blog and how we got to where we are all the things that I got a lot of questions about on Instagram and have not yet addressed, so which reminds me if you have a question for us to address in one of those episodes, you can email us at podcast at proctor, wanderlust, dot, com, and then we're also going to be doing A hot takes for Mulan series. We're GONNA. Talk about her favorite things did shoe where she likes to lick obstacle, not positions, and then how to run away when you're getting into mischief so that your parents can't catch you when your glass in your mouth, any opinions Milan. I. Don't is like make new ones I'll just hold the MIC. That's exactly what she sounds like. I'm just getting. We're not doing anything with Milan except for smuggling and posting a lot of instagram stories with our at Mulanje flu F-. Plug, so we just wanted to check in and give you guys a little bit of Teaser of what's to come and season to Hopefully you're excited because we're really excited about this new style of content that we're going to be sending your way. Where really excited hit the ground running? We're going to have some new episodes coming out ASAP. Be sure to subscribe on all different platforms also instagram. Because I do post stuff they're all. Practical wanderlust you can follow me on it at Moulins the flu and link please leave a reviews I know it's really annoying to hear that in a podcast, but it turns out. It's really important, and nobody can find your podcast without review, so are bad. Please leave us. Some reviews gives us that five star four star anything less don't. Just just change the channel sensitive for criticism. Just getting it's fine. If you have a problem with us, I can take it. But I won't like it. That plates practical wanderlust. All actually goes. It doesn't matter what you start with it. All goes to my inbox, so you can email anything racked. Want US dot, com and. That's the secret behind our entire. The first behind the scenes, little little tidbit. Curtain the mystery all right. We will you guys back in two weeks for our I. Don't. Hold US deadline. Let's see all back real soon.

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