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I. Axes pro rata where we just ten minutes to get you smarter on the collision of tech business and politics sponsored by six Broadway. I'm Dan for MAC today show, why BuzzFeed just took the buzzsaw to its payroll and the latest in government shutdown stupidity, but first suckers Edward Snowden last week eight thirty year old man named Louis Pinto was arrested in Hungary where he faces extradition to his native Portugal on charges of extortion and violations of secrecy. Basically Pinto is the man behind a website called football leaks. Which were he in American would probably have been called soccer leaks in its four years of existence. Football leagues has produced. A treasure trove of damning information against top world soccer officials and some of its biggest stars. And that's included having an impact in global courtrooms including this past Tuesday. When Portugal's Cristiano Renaldo was fined over twenty million dollars after pleading guilty to tax fraud and Spain, plus there's a sexual assault case against Rinaldo, which has been reopened again for which football leagues deserves credit now Pinto. Of course is not supposed to have the information. He has he's a soccer fan, not a soccer official or team employees. So that's a big distinction between him and Edward Snowden. But the basic question remains the same. When should a hacker be called a whistle blower and given the protections that come along with that classification? It's something a judge in Hungary will soon have to decide about Pinto, and that ruling matters a lot because other potential Pinto's potential Snowden 's will be watching closely and using judge's decision to determine their own future actions in twenty seconds. We'll go deeper with KENDALL Baker editor of axios sports. 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And so on a global level is right up there with abroad whenever they released those top athletes in terms of social media presence. He's always on top of that list or number two. He's huge huge globally and spent a lot of his career in Spain is now in Italy. So that's, you know, only expanding footprint. This has been a lot of stuff that football leagues. The website has uncovered and released over the last four years talking a little bit about what's been uncovered. When it comes to kind of top officials and top authorities in what they have done that. They weren't supposed to do. Theory of leaked or of our life for years in this kind of Panama papers esque independent journalists kind of coming together on a collaborative effort and coming away with these stories for years and one of the biggest ones involve actually, the current president of FIBA who was previously the general secretary of UEFA or union of European football situations, what they found was UEFA ahead instituted this standard financial fair play which basically was instituted to make sure that soccer clubs in Europe were spending similar amounts of money. And so essentially a clubs outgoing Pat to match their incomings as a pretty simple standard. And basically what they found was that UFO was allowing some of their more popular clubs like Manchester City, like Paris Giron to essentially inflate, the value of their sponsorship deals to get more money to spend on players. It was them working with the top clubs to allow them to essentially play by a different set of rules and everybody else. So the guy who's behind this this guy ROY Pinto gets arrested last week. Do we know yet or have any idea how he's gotten all this? Information. We don't yet at least to my knowledge that could be coming out this week. Now that is becoming more of a national story that he is actually been arrested. But basically what we know about him now that he's a huge soccer fan. Who was according to his lawyer as very upset with the game the corruption going on to expose this. And he's a believe in their words, computer geeks. So right now the narrative that he's, you know, a hacker type who came across this information, not exactly sure how he's not being charged or at least Portugal wants them extradited from Hungary. And they don't want him extradite based on stuff about Rinaldo or the stuff. You were talking about UEFA. They want him specifically he had information on a big investment fund that invested soccer in Europe. Correct. ES what they have him on or they're trying to target it with is essentially blackmailing a agency doing sports the big soccer agency in Europe. If blackmailing them saying, hey, we have these confidential documents, which I think included transfer fees and secret payments, they made and I'm gonna release these unless you pay me. And according to Laura like that did happen. He did attempt to make contact. But. It doesn't sound like anything actually came for wishing there. And so they're trying to point out that that might be invalid. So it's weird. Right. Because it seems that the lawyers that are basically saying actually correct me if I'm wrong this he asked for money, but they didn't pay it. And thus the extortions not valid anymore. That's kind of like Saint, well, I went to the Bank with the gun, but they didn't give me any money. So I didn't really try to rob the Bank. Exactly. Yeah. I agree with the lawyers are really just trying to hit home defect that there might be one instance, where their client engaged in something potentially criminal on a more macro level their argument that the result of these leaks with positive for the game of soccer, and that that outweighs whatever potential gray era e might have wandered in overall. Which is where the Snowden comparison comes in right, which I mean, again, it's not perfectly apples down as we said. There's some distinctions here in terms of employees versus fan cetera. But same idea, right? If the information is good enough, then there's a public interest a big enough public intercession outweigh hungry though. Right has a particular whistle blower law. Correct. Like one that's different than the US. I've done some research on this actually this morning. There wasn't a lot of formation out there about it. But according to what I found basically hungry has been for actually a while. Now, kind of you'd as a very friendly to whistleblowers, and they actually have specific laws that other countries don't surrounding whistleblowers the law that's been place in twenty fourteen twenty dollars. It's just a very friendly law to blowers in comparison to other countries, including this one, including the US does going to do this doing Budapest is better than doing it in New York, right? The fact that he's in hungry appears to be a good thing for him. I would assume with a case of this magnitude that you know, that the world probably watching with this law having only been in places twenty fourteen this is like a monumental ruling four Hungary on the world stage right now, it also seemed to be rightly if he's let off the hungry. Judge has no you're whistle blower. You're not a hacker your hacker. But you're also whistle blower. So it's okay. Does that mean he'd get to keep running the site? That's a good question from what I've heard eat kind of done his thing. Retired at thirty like a soccer player. Exactly. I think a lot of his work. For say has been done he handed over. I think everything he's actually already cooperating what some other governments being Disley Germany. He's done his part, and he's now cooperating, and that's also what his learned or giving. Hey, look, we're cooperating with other governments here. Why are we being extradited back to Portugal and Baker editor of the outstanding sports daily newsletter, which you can get it? Sign up axios dot com. Thanks for joining us by final two right after this time, squares newest spectacle, Forty-six stories of maximalist retail called TSE X Broadway. TSS Broadway will be the only building in Times Square to offer permanent outdoor performance venue. Overlooking. The iconic tickets red steps it'll also feature seventy five thousand square feet of flexible retail space. Visit USX Broadway dot com for an inside look at the future of retail. Now, it's for my final two. And I up his news that media website BuzzFeed is laying off around fifteen percent of its staff or proximity two hundred fifty employees now BuzzFeed is said to actually be profitable. Unlike lots of other media upstarts, but his struggled to meet growth expectations and now basically wants to solidify its foundation. So it never again needs to raise private capital now expect some crowing from some maga- folks, particularly given buzzfeed's recent controversy involving story published saying President, Trump instructed Michael Cohen to light of congress, but within media land, the story will really be this continuing narrative of a conflict between journalism and venture capital. And if the two can really coexist finally the government shutdown is now on day thirty four which means that furloughed federal workers are about to miss their second straight pay period. Not surprisingly, many of these folks are now looking for systens, which US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross was asked about this morning on CNBC by Andrew Ross Sorkin their reports that there are some federal workers who are going to homeless shelters. To get food. Well, nobody are an don't really quite understand why because the obligations that they would undertake Sayeh borrowing from the Bank or credit union are in effect. Federally guaranteed, really Wilbur. You don't understand why I guess so much for that Harvard Business School training? How about this people need food to live, but food costs money and money comes from employers, if the employer no longer pays the money. People can't afford to buy the food. Yeah. Sure. Some people can get loans from credit unions and things like that. And they may be for paying other necessities like rent and heat. But that only goes so far, and unlike what you said Wilbur, not everyone furlough does have federally guaranteed backpay coming such as the tens of thousands of federal contractors bottom line here. Putting an oblivious billionaire on TV might not be the White House's smartest PR strategy. And we're done big. Thanks for listening and to my producers, Adam Grassi and Tim show. Vers have a great national beer can appreciation day, and we'll be back tomorrow. With another pro rata podcast.

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