05/04: Next up in the NCAA's notice of allegations assembly line: The Louisville Cardinals


Scary pairs it's Monday. May Two thousand twenty welcome back to the CBS sports eye on college basketball. Podcast where we sometimes discuss Campbell fighting leaky Black Matt. Norlander is here with me and we learned earlier today. That law has received a notice of allegations from the NC double eight includes one level violation that involves improper recruiting offers. There are three level two violations including one against a former Louisville coach hall of fame coach. Rick Pitino he got the failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance violation. So in Orlando. What don't want to do is talk about these in two parts. First what does it mean for Louisville? Then what does it mean for re Patino who is of course the head basketball coach at Iona norlander? Let's start with question number one. What does this mean for little? You just love. Open the pod with these these Big Old broad ones what it means for Louisville as that it is in the crosshairs of to me the most interesting and I don't think that most damaging I don't think that when we get through all of these cases with Aa and as a reminder Louisville just the next one down the assembly line here we've already seen NC state which was the first one. Kansas which is a significant one. Usc Oklahoma State Creighton hasn't announced yet. But I believe Crayton's had some and some have still gotten yet Auburn Lsu Arizona. The schools haven't received them yet so Louisville next in line just so everyone's clear this is clearly tied to all of the Department of Justice and the FBI stuff. But what it means. I think is interesting because Louisville is a repeat offender as a program in general. Okay and we'll come to learn if that means something or not in terms of like. I said three transgressions against the rulebook since Nineteen ninety-six. Now we enter into a new era of adjudication if you will on behalf of the instability and it's not just it's committee on infractions but the separate complex case unit and what we might still get from an independent body. We can get to that in a minute there What that might still rule. We don't know if Louisville will be more severely punished because it was a repeat violator while on probation or if Louisville we'll have saved at skin to a certain degree because it cleaned house. Tom George Foreman Athletic Director gone routine. Of course gone his entire staff. Gone You bring in a new president a new aesthetic director obviously new coach new staff. And you do that to avoid heavy punishment no doubt about it but I also think you do it in hopes in hopes that two things one you can say. Look at every other school. That's been involved in this and whether the instability committee on infractions or the Aarp wound care about that remains to be seen but look at every other school. Where the only one who did this okay and to when you are inherently dealing with human beings who can say. Hey we understand. We might even agree with some of the stuff. We'll dispute some of the other facts. None of us were there. Okay you can see what we've done here and how we've changed. And and and this is I'm paraphrasing. The President who spoke by Zoom Conference call earlier today pairs how we have changed the structure of accountability with our own Athletic Department and help progressive. We've been there so to me. Luvell has a unique position situation. Compared to every other school is going to be caught up in this parish. And I can't give you. I don't think anyone can give you any strong sense or notion or any level of confidence in terms of okay. This is what's going to happen is going to be facing X. amount of scholarship productions certain fine postseason ban or not. We just don't know. So what does it mean for? Louisville is more of a. What does it mean for college sports going forward because I think this is the one particularly interesting instance? Were they cleaned house? And now we wait to see what will happen by the way. I don't think we're going to get answers on that. Minimally for like eight months it might not even be until February March April of twenty twenty one I. It's always important to point out when programs are going through this uncertainty. The undeniable uncertainty is a punishment in and of itself. Because right now everybody recruiting against little is going to use this against them like hey be careful going. Louisville they could get hit with the postseason ban. You know they've already gotten a notice of allegations and it does involve level. One violate a level one violation and remember. They were already on probation so it could be really really bad so that ended of itself is a punishment. Something that Chris. Mack and his staff will have to to work through. It doesn't make it impossible to recruit but it does make it more difficult than it otherwise would be the most famous example is North Carolina having to recruit literally for years with an NCW cloud hanging over. Its Program Roy. Williams will tell you that it prevented him from getting the type of recruits that he had normally gotten at North Carolina and there was one prospect specifically Brandon Ingram. Who is on the record saying he went to Duke? Only because North Carolina was facing possible punishment. He knew he was a one and done player. Didn't want to go to North Carolina and then get stuck playing for a program that was going to be banned from the tournament. I'm paraphrasing a bit there but essentially the point to the same right. The possibility of North Carolina being punished by the way cost them a five star prospect and Brandon Ingram and certainly others along the way. So Chris it. Staff are going to have to deal with that as for what happens after that the actual punishment like. Hey here's what we find you. Guilty of for lack of a better word and here is now what you have to deal with. You're exactly right. Nobody knows it's a guessing game for two reasons. The Louisville situation is incredibly unique. Mp The incident blaze wildly inconsistent with its punishments. Some people get a X. amount of years for a show called the people this amount of years for show called you. Try TO FIGURE OUT. Why is the one is this one is this? You never really can make sense of it so I'm not sure what's going to happen. I don't think there's much point in sitting around debating about what will happen but I do think it's an interesting conversation. What should because like you said? This is a unique situation. This is a program that has consistently cheated amd been caught cheating. Been on probation three time since one thousand nine hundred eighty six. They were long probation for a recruiting scandal when they had multiple assistant coaches out knowingly according to the incidental a breaking more recruiting rules. That's bad undeniably bad on the other hand. This is a school that fired everybody. Ad One of the best in the country. You're out a hall of fame coach. One of the greatest of all time your out multiple assistant coaches you are gone and so if you set out to punish Louisville at any sort of significant way now you are actually punishing people a coaching staff and student athletes. Who had literally nothing to do with this? That's that's the balancing act the NCWA is now dealing with. How do you think they should handle that? You know over the parish. I mean over the x amount of months or years I've I've had occasional conversations with head coaches in particular But even one person at the instability level and. I think this is important to keep in mind here. I don't think that Luvell should necessarily be absolved of everything because it cleaned house. That isn't it in and of itself is a certain kind of punishment. Scher and what? You just brought up In terms of the uncertainty also certainly has has as a real impact on it. And it's something that Louisville's representatives will no doubt about it. Make a case there but when Chris Mac takes that job he knows that something could happen and he takes it and he has a contract that it's going to protect them and actually extend his years on the deal. If and when punishments come that that Directly Affect Louisville's eligibility for the postseason tournament or other impacts. He's got he's got a friendly contract in that in that way. Okay so he's actually hit up to protect himself. But some coaches have said to me has been listen when you are being recruited whether it's a transfer or or kid out of high school it is up it is on you and your your parents your guardians whomever to know that if Louisville were to be administered and Noaa. If you will whenever that was to arrive in here we have it. We enter the month of May and Bang Boom. It happens on. May fourth that this is going to potentially be an issue so if the AA is smart about this and can get its house in order because the fact of the matter is when we talk about these things and we referenced the instability as You well know pairs as a wide margin a majority of our listenership realizes this but just to make it clear there are different silos if you will within the installation catalyst stuff the enforcement group that goes out and gets all. The evidence is not the same as the committee on fractions. Which takes the evidence and then adjudicates on it and we could still have the independent accountability resolution process which I referenced before the Aarp which is a whole new ballgame. We'll get to that in just a second but I don't have mountains of sympathy for Louisville for for Mac and his staff and the players when you knew the deal going in so the incidentally can be and I don't know what my level of confidence with on this would be interested to hear thoughts. Have it be like this? The staff is the staff. They're paid professionals. It's going to be when it's going to be but whenever this punishment gets handed down. Let's just throw out a hypothetical date because we don't know but let's just say it's Valentine's Day of two thousand twenty one okay two things in order one a- any sort of punishment that's GonNa come down and have it be effective starting in the twenty twenty one twenty two season and if that's the case then any player again who through no fault of their own. Okay that's on. The current roster has the ability to transfer where they want media probably GONNA be case. Anyway I get all that but let's just work in the world that we're in here right now. Gp give them that option okay because otherwise you committed to the school knowing. This might have been a problem to begin and so that becomes a problem as well. Okay this cannot be and will not be cover all the same way. That coaches could once upon a time. Say I don't know and that's no longer acceptable. And nor should it be and that's why potatoes in the crosshairs. What are your thoughts? I think you are mostly on the same page here and I think our opinion is unpopular. Opinion I I. I saw a column from a friend. Mike the Corsi at the sporting news. And you know he was sort of you know making the case like do we do. We really want to punish people had nothing to do with this. And I just think you have to and the reason is because you cannot have a system in place where a school can continue to cheat at a sport over and over again and then if they say hey but when we got caught we fired everybody so we don't deserve any additional serious punishment. Well then what does that do? It just frees him up to go out and buy somebody else graded. We go higher and other great coach and recruit at the same level if there's no risk of further serious punishment than than. Yeah it sucks. We had to get rid Patino. But we got Chris Mack. Like we're GONNA be fine like you. At some point. You have to punish the school you have to and I know it's unfortunate for Chris Staff like I like those guys you know. I've known him forever and I know it's unfortunate for the student. Athletes were there but this is x one of the reasons when I talked about Kris. Maybe taking the Little Job Schutte shouldn't he? It was like you gotTa to understand what you might be to asked. You might look up at two years and now you're dealing with it. Ncwa case that's going to make recruiting more difficult. Maybe lead to a postseason ban like I still think it was the right thing for him to do to take the job. But this when you were trying to weigh the pros and cons this day was one of the cons and so if you're gonNA walk into understanding that like you pointed out then you walked into it understanding that and frankly he probably got more money from low and more years based on. They knew they had to convince him. Come in. Come on and yeah you're probably GONNA have to deal with some bad stuff like we'll make it worth your while so I just I don't. I don't think you can have a system in place where it is. It is sort of understood. Hey listen if you get caught fire all the right people. We won't really hit you too bad. If You Louisville as a basketball program has to be punished whoever is in charge of Louisville Basketball Program now I do think it should be taken into account that they did fire everybody like they have restructured everything and they are now. Maybe for the first time ever trying to do things the quote unquote right way. I do think that should be considered and that should lessen the punishment and I do think that when Keynes's gets punish it should probably work the opposite way like you stood firm by everybody and dared us to do about it. Well now here. We are So I do think that it should be understood. Louisville deserves a lesser punishment than it would if Rick Pitino. We're still the coach today and those assistants were still unstaffed but the idea that the punishment should be nothing or something not serious. I just don't agree with that at all at some point. The university's gotTa be gotta be punished. And I know that we'll repeat this down the road whenever we get more information on that when they have that they have an idea. They went to respond. Louisville does and we'll see what comes with that Cetera et CETERA. Just it can't be said enough. This all happened while they were already on probation. And I just think that's going to play a significant factor. There I just do. I can't get away from that just as by the way. What also makes this particularly interesting case and I do. I think we agree that whenever this stuff comes down through the committee on factions or the AARP which by the way if if that route is taken which is what Memphis is GONNA do in Memphis will be the first school we see. Nc State is still angling to do it but our Frederik. Doyle actually look for confirmation on that in the past few days. It's actually wasn't confirmed but I think that's just a formality at this point. And then if Louisville goes down that road you don't get an appeal so what you're doing with the AARP is you're going to a judicial body if you will. That's that's made up with decorated people and law enforcement and who've worked in the courts etcetera etcetera but have no ties to the incidental. A they are a truly outsourced governing body. Okay and so the hope there is that you take everything that you have give it to them. The W we'll do the same and then reasonable people will take all of the information and decide. Okay here's what we have in. Here's how we choose to punish you. Were not in in in this way this way that way that way but whatever you get that's what you get. You cannot appeal unlike with the committee on fractions but to be fair the appeal success rate at the level is not that great as is but just keep that in mind going forward. I did want to just remind listeners. That because this is so interesting because Louisville's the only school connected to this. That had the father of a recruit testify in the case. I mean you have. This is the stuff that the answer is going to go to use against some of the stuff. I just don't see how little is going to be able to get out of the end. GonNa try and say listen. Adidas Christian Doctrines Jim these were boosters in effect with the school okay and gas. Nola WHO UNDER? Oh said that Rick Pitino known and I do believe that but you have Bowen accepting bone senior accepting a one hundred thousand dollar deal for Brian to Brooklyn Junior. Go and play at Louisville. Of course he actually received some of these details understand are hard to remember even after fact but just he received nineteen thousand five hundred dollars in a New Jersey parking lot in July of two thousand seventeen from new sued who eventually turned and became a witness for the government. That transaction happened okay. It's it's going to stick to him there. They got more money outside the Galt House. In Louisville we're Kenny. Jonsson gave Brian Bonin senior. Thirteen hundred dollars now. Johnson was reportedly surprised at this arrangement regardless it did happen and there were still more payments scheduled to be made and the only reason they didn't made was because the case broke they couldn't do anymore because the case ended because everything got exposed Christian doctrines had a semiautomatic rifles. Pulled on him in the middle of a hotel room in Manhattan in September. Two thousand seventeen. So there's a couple of other deals there as well but just as a reminder like a lot of the details here were corroborated on wiretaps or through testimony and while some stuff might be picked apart here and there I actually think that the NCWA has a fairly strong case against Louisville and its lack of compliance combined with that and the fact that it was on probation is why it makes it such an interesting case. Because I don't think it's going to get the full feel of hammer hair. Gp But I have a hard time believing who knows what could happen. But I have a hard time believing that we're going to look up. Eight ten fourteen sixteen months from now whenever this particular case is resolved which will be after Kansas. Which will be after. Nc State probably after Oklahoma state. There's GONNA keep coming down and we're going to say Wow Louisville. Got Scott Free. I just don't think that's a reasonable expectation. If you're a Louisville fan you just have to hope you can avoid. The worst of it in the worst of it to me would be a postseason ban any type of significant scholarship reductions and truly significant recruiting sanctions. That kind of handcuff your staff in terms of what they're able to do think it'll be aggressive but I don't think it will be It'll be something where you look up and you're like okay few the brow. I think it'll be somewhere in between that right and just sort of again hammer home. Exactly what we're dealing here with. I understand the argument that nobody on that campus has had anything to do with what happened but to me whether it's Chris and his staff or any of the student athletes who enroll there after the news broke after Rick. Pitino was fired it after you know that this is a possibility. It's a little bit like you're looking at a house and you're thinking about moving into this house buying this house and somebody says Melissa. Everything's fine right now but the air conditioner been acting funny. There's a cheap. It's it could go completely out within the next two years. Okay and you've got a really nice fence in the backyard. But I'm just saying I it's it's been there twenty years and it's you know leaning a little bit the wrong way and I. I'm just telling you it's likely that entire fits fault you're GONNA have to deal with that within the next three years and you say okay. I hear you I understand. I'm I'm moving in the house. Anyway that's what the staff did. And that's what these student athletes did. And so you can't really then. When the air conditioning unit goes out and the fence falls down go what now I got out of my pocket to fix this air conditioner and fix this offense like I didn't have anything to do with the damage to the air conditioner. The fans like you knew what you were walking into it. It is what it is. I can acknowledge it's not a perfect system but I just don't believe you can let programs repeat offenders get off if you will simply because they fired everybody who was involved program. The school has to be punished. And that's why I do think Louisville will be punished. Not nearly as bad I would assume as it would have been if it held onto Rick Pitino but but still but still somewhat significantly. You mentioned that I A P and that Memphis is the only school in there right now. I don't know if Louisville would go that route because the I for complex cases and the MEMPHIS CASES COMPLEX MEMPHIS PLAYING JAMES. Wiseman in defiance of the institute ABLAZE IDIOTIC. It was then and is now. It's what put them in this situation but it is a it's a unique case in the sense that you know it's not. Your typical booster bought a prospect for a school. That's that's the way it is interpreted in. The instability is a memphis booster bought a prospect for the University of Memphis. That's not really what happened. Hardaway bought James Wiseman for East High School. He really just wanted to win. A State Championship with James. Wiseman not not go to a final four with James. Wiseman now not naive enough to think that that payment to get him to move to East. High School didn't contribute to him. Also ending up at the University of Memphis but in the time that had happened it had nothing to do with the University of Memphis at the time that payment was made. Here's what was going to happen. James Wiseman was GONNA go to East High School for a couple of years and then he was GonNa go to Kentucky and play for John Kerry so that by definition just the way I explained it. It's complex case let's look at it in the AARP. I don't know of Memphis is going to regret it or not after the decision is rendered but that is by undeniably complex case. The local case is pretty straightforward. You got assistant coaches out there breaking rules and you've got a shoe company Involved in a pay for play scheme I don't really nothing. Nothing really complex cases no but unprecedented. Maybe because remember you also got Jordan Fair Cotton Hotel Room trying to work another deal For Balsa Caprivi who is now at Florida State? And so you have just a scenario here. Scenario there scenario there where it's all all encompassing and the Adva tyrod did say in the presser that they weren't leaning one way or the other in terms of that what they would recommend but he did just put it on the table so to speak. But you're right. The MEMPHIS DEAL IS MORE COMPLEX THAN LOUISVILLE. But I will say broadly speaking. I would expect. That will have at least a few schools. Try and go that route in this instance because they already probably feel like the debt could be stacked against them with the CEO is so why not try something new? I don't know if that will wind up being Lavar not but if they do think love a few schools that trying that if you look at Wrigley Doyle store in the star of the weekend like. I don't know that I would wanna go that route. I don't think like we won't know until we get a few examples of what this looks like. And and the punishments involved but you forfeit the right to have an appeal and like it's an FBI director investigating your program. Who wants that like like? They look at what they're looking at but if they find other stuff like they can burn they can rope that into the case as well coaches will tell you for decades. Now the last thing you want do is get an investigator on your campus. Because cain looking for they might not even find or find that. It's not a big deal but my God who knows what else they're gonNA find so I don't know that I'd want somebody used to work for the FBI digging through my basketball program unless it was absolutely avoidable. But like I said we're still in such a infancy phase with the AARP that I think it's difficult at this point even after reading doyle's column. I think it's difficult at this point to know if it's a good thing or a bad thing if you're a program dealing with With NC Double A. Violations but again we'll see Louisville now has ninety days to respond to the notice allegations and then I think has sixty days after that so this is a process and the last point. I'd WanNa make on. This is that I agree with you. Even if the punishment comes down I think the date use was Valentine's Day two thousand twenty one and I really hope that's not the day like I don't WanNa spend my Valentine's dealing with lables punishment. Everything's gotta be punishment for the following year. I am against in season. Postseason bans either administered by the incident. Play or self-imposed. I thought it was awful. What level did a few years ago when they self imposed postseason ban in the middle of season and ripped away the opportunity from those seniors? Some of whom were seniors who Grad transfers only went to Louisville to play in the incident of Lay Tournament Louisville. Took that away. I don't think I don't think schools should be able to do that. And I don't think the incident lay should administer a punishment that it affects a sees impacts sees if that season is already underway so hopefully whatever punishment Louisville gets if it comes in Valentine's Day two thousand twenty one it only impacts anything after the two thousand twenty twenty one season? Nothing before the two thousand twenty one twenty two season. That's fair right. Yeah that's what That's the the the little officials today by just if you didn't catch it. They were asked if they plan to self impose any penalties and the answer was one word. No so they're gonNA fight this what form they can fight it. I wish him luck. The the facts of the case don't seem to be on their side. The next question that people were asking after the news broke today. What does it mean for Rick Pitino? We'll get into that next but first check this out. Hey everybody it's Frank Stanford from Fantasy Baseball Today. Don't worry at a. Meser isn't going anywhere in neither is not. The season is delayed. But that just gives us more time to deep dive. Players ARGUE ABOUT RANKINGS. And find this year's could tell Martin regardless of what format you play in Rodeo points keeper Auction Dynasty. We've got you covered. We're here for you five days a week so make sure to download and subscribe to Fantasy Baseball. Today on Apple podcasts. Spotify and stitch bird. You're probably wondering how sports podcast can talk about sports with no live sports well. Nothing personal with David. Samson is more than just your ordinary sports podcasts. I'm David Sampson and I spent eighteen years as a president in Major League Baseball. And on this show you'll hear the truth about what's happening behind the scenes in the world of sports reading an talk entertainment with you. We are a part of the CBS sports podcast network. So nothing personal is available on apple spotify stitcher wherever else? Podcasts are found and as we all do our pardon. Continue to stay home and help flatten the curve remember. I'm here for you but it's just business. It's nothing personal. So Rick Pitino did not get a level one violation but he did get a level two violation a failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance. Rick released a statement and he plans to fight that charge but as much as I like Rick. Pitino could reasonably argue. He was promoting an atmosphere of compliance. When while on probation for having a staff member throw stripper parties in violation of rules. He's got literally two different assistance out there. Doing pay for play deals like that's A. That's a tough one. That's a little bit of a tough one here for Rick. Got Him it Not a great spot whereas I think we are. I think more agreement than we anticipated. Frankly in terms of how much we don't know what's to come with Louisville. I on like one hundred percent certain that Richton is going to face a suspension. I don't see how this is avoidable. Whatsoever now the length of it remains to be seen and I don't think that it will happen until the twenty twenty one twenty two season given the timing with all this by the way here was Patino statement. He said today the reason Noaa released in an alleged violation against me. I firmly disagree with salvation. We'll follow the protocols and addressing this allegation through the administrative process due to instability bylaws public disclosure on enforcement issues. I will have no further comment on this matter until it is resolved. Just for the record. Iona did put out a two sentence statement or three sentence statement said. We are aware of the report the insulation process to address the allegations prior to hiring coach. Pitino. We conducted extensive due diligence. We support coach. Pitino and expect them to respond within the process. If you're iona story hasn't changed. You knew this was coming and you get rid of Tino on your campus. You're GONNA take them any way possible and hope that he can bring the glory back to the Mac. I will note. Gps PATINO GETTING IONA to the elite eight by two thousand twenty four. So we'll see if that can go down. Pitino was charged with failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance. This is a broad interpretation by the incidentally that frankly is extremely hard to win over. You need to provide the amount of evidence that you have to provide to win over. That charge is almost impossible. And in fact in this case Patina will not be able to do it when you eliminate any of the other allegations and just get down to the facts that Pitino had the program on probation. He had two assistants who were caught breaking. Ncwa rules doing so while on probation that that alone in addition to the other things that are going to tack onto. Patino in particular is going to get him suspended now. The length of it remains to be seen in terms of how severe it is perish. But I think it's going to be a minimum of six games at this point you actually. He is subject to a show cause penalty because of the fact that he was on he was in charge of a program which then was a not. Just a repeat violator but I have to think that the timeliness of all this by the way is going to is going to play a part as well. There's a difference between. Let's say you run a program and you and you you run a foul in ninety two and then you're free and clear until two thousand seventeen. That's very different from heaven. An issue into the mid twenty tens and this resurfacing again in two thousand seventeen. So you with me here. You know in that. Pitino going to hit with the suspension. I I just don't see how it's avoidable I don't see audible. They can do up to a half of the season. So let's just say for the sake of the conversations ten games rick furious but like if you're I own or you're like okay do the Rick's associate head. Coach will handle ten games. And Guess What Rick. Pitino is still coaching at Iona. Like who cares so. Yeah like if I might like some people. This is the point I made when I own a hired rick. People were like will like what happens if what happens if want what. Okay Rick Pitino is GonNa miss half of a season you still Rick Pitino coaching. I own like it's still a win. In fact like I've had this conversation about the situation with other people. There's a bill self could be suspended for a year. Yes and somebody said well then you just got to fire him and I had a college coach. Say why just keep it just like the it a year. Okay if you fire bill self and have to hire somebody else in a year. Are you better off with that person or just having bill self you know they just keep bill self? Like pretend that he's like nobody was making light of anything but it was like pretend that he's been diagnosed with something that makes them have to step away from the sport for year but he'll be back in a year like when. Mick Cronin had to step away from Cincinnati for much of a season it was just like he'll be back to just treat it exactly like that so that's bill self at Keynes's with a year suspension. If it comes to that and it Keynes's you really can probably go out and hire something close to bill self to replace. Bill self coaches like bill self owner. You can't get anybody close to rip Patino so like if it's six games. Ten Games fifteen games. I I don't even care like I still got rick. Pitino as my coach. I'm good to go but you know I should. I should say I am somebody who does genuinely believe Rick. Pitino did not know about the stuff that's happened within his program like I. I've explained a million times. It is impossible for me to believe he knew about the stripper parties. If only because they were so reckless he would have shut them down or at least move them. You don't have them on campus in a dorm named after your late brother-in-law with cameras everywhere. Like that's just dumb like even if you you were ahead coat and believed that stripper parties was the way to get the recruits. You wanted you were signing off on it. You'd be like take off campus like did you. Don't bring it onto campus where there's cameras everywhere so there's just no way you ever convince me. He knew about those with the Brian. Bow and stuff I do. I don't I don't think he knew but I think it's only if I'm being I don't think it's only because he just didn't want to know the incident. Blake even made that point like you should've known you knew other schools were bidding for him. You knew that you hadn't really recruited him but suddenly somebody's reaching out to you. Ask if you want and like every red flag was there. If you wanted to see it you just chose not to see it and so when you know but but still like do I think Rick Pitino knew how much money Adidas had agreed to give Brian Bowen senior. No I think but only like I mentioned resupply. Maybe multiple recent PODCASTS. I'm watching succession. And there's a point in season one where somebody's talking to somebody else about something and they just stay stop. I don't need to know anything else that you're saying. I don't want to hear this. Just do you do what you need to do. And I don't I don't know enough. I don't need to hear this. I essentially think that's what happened with Rick but again when you've got in a span of a couple of years one assistant coach throwing stripper parties to other assistant coaches involved in pay for play schemes separately. Like it's impossible to convince anybody. You are promoting an atmospheric compliance. I actually set in and I. Don't think puzzling mommy telling the story so. I'll just tell the story L. I probably told it fifty times before but I was at Virginia Tech in buzzes first year. And I actually sat in on a coaching coaches meeting in his entire staff in there and he had a copy of his contract and I forget how much was guaranteed but it was lots of millions of dollars in contract and buzz was talking to a staff and he said the only way they don't give me all of this money. Let's just say it was like twenty million dollars the only way they don't have to pay me. Every penny of this money is if I or you get caught violating. Ncwa rules. So I am telling you do not cost me twenty million dollars under no pressure to get players if it comes at if it comes with a goes hand in hand with you costing me twenty twenty million dollars. We're not going to do it. I would rather have no players. Then lose twenty million dollars because one of you did something stupid so i WanNa make it very very clear. This is one of those where I don't need to know. Go Out and do your thing. I'm telling you you do not cost me twenty million dollars and if I find out you're putting me in a situation where it might cost me twenty million dollars then. I will fire you immediately. Now he might have been doing that in front of me just so that if it ever came to it if he ever got hit with a failure to promote a atmosphere compliance. And you could have me talk to the incident. Play and say listen. I don't know if that's going to help the case like Gary Gary was there when I told my staff when I was promoting atmosphere of compliance. But like either way he did that with Rick Either. One of two things happened here either. He didn't make it crystal clear to his assistant. Coaches dudes like. We used to do what we used to. Do you guys use to do what you used to do. But we're on our last leg year. Now we get involved in something else. It's it's over for all of us. You can't do anything. He didn't make that crystal clear to them while promoting and atmospheric appliance or he did his assistance. Just didn't care either way. That's a problem. I think you know. Rick is paid an enormous price you know. He's coaching ione. Instead of Louisville but he will pay an additional pricing. It will be a suspension. I don't see any way that I will I do WANNA credit Our friend Sam with Yahoo because he brought this up when all. This is coming out earlier on Monday. that I mentioned that the show cost. That's because there could be aggravating factors on top of the level to violation so he's quoting from the instability rule here Bylaw nineteen point nine point. Three one aggravating factor would be a history of level one or level two major violations by the by the involved individual which came Back in two thousand seventeen win. Patino violated Responsibility rules when he didn't Probably monitors program and then another one. could be other factors warranting a higher penalty And families Tweet here says at. The type of team failed to promote compliance in the men's basketball program as detailed an allegation number three as he was awaiting a decision from the painting on fractions and subsequently subject to a show cause order as a result of this decision a level one head coach responsibility infraction. So there could still be more things that come Land Pitino's doorstep. Here will wait and see on that overall. I don't think it will get to aggressively bad against him. But it's not without its within the realm of possibility overall. Gp But I will say you know looking back on on this now. We are coming up on three years since Bowen Brian Bowen Junior committed to Louisville. And when that happened he was a five star prospect. He was the only committed five star prospect and. I want to say like three weeks. Before he committed to Louisville. That's when I just kind of started asking around here and they're like what's with this one kid. His his his finalist list always change. The schools aren't remotely connected. Obviously it was fishy but I was just trying to get a better read on it. And it's like you already know the deal here in the point is I already knew the deal. Patino not knowing. The deal is not acceptable. Okay he doesn't WanNa know it and for guys who have been involved in basketball since the seventies and still be like we. I mean talk about luck luck. We got this five star. That's coming in next season that commits to us. I didn't even recruit the kid I when we talked about this when the FBI step. I popped like one of the points. I made the only other time I could remember a coach telling a recruiting story like Rick's recruiting story with Brian. Bowen in Rick Story was just like you said we didn't even recruit him phone rings one day. They're like hey. Would you be interested in Brian? Bolland I'm like a couple of weeks later. He's on campus and he's committed like boom. It was amazing and never seen anything like it. The only other time it ever heard a coat. Tell a similar story about a five star recruit. Tim Floyd Oh Jimmy Tim Floyd story about. Og Mail was the same thing phone rings one day. Somebody's not male is considered the best high school prospect that America. And somebody call my 'cause you hey would you be interested in? Oj May own. Tim's like I guess what if you don't know I don't even WanNa go down the path of if you don't of course you know you. Just here's the truth if you want me to rationalize it from Rick's perspective. Here's the if you're Rick Pitino. You're like all right. Listen this is clearly fishy. I I know what's going on but I know this program over here is taken players the exact same way. Maybe there's a program in my own state taken player the exact same way. I'm just GONNA like. Why do I need to be the guy to turn away the five star prospect? I'm not the one. Get my hands dirty. I'm not the one prompted anybody. Anything like all these other players are enrolling. All these other places was shoe company. Help why do I to be the one to stand up and say well no? I know that this can't be on the up and up. Why do I gotta be that? Guy? This is why why does Williams could never trust you to be the guy to go the instead cousin. Dan Programs already on probation. This happening. That's why I tell you what I. In retrospect I mean Boeing's commitment to Louisville really signaled one of the more disruptive moments I guess one of the more disruptive commitments in Modern College History. Because it's the pledge that really helped the government's case that would lead to the arrest and guilty charges against ten men for wire fraud conspiracy other all those other charges and it set the table for what happened later that year in college basketball isn't the only thing. But it was like Boeing. Going to play for Louisville was at the centerpiece of the of the first of the two trials. There it's obviously the commitment that pushed a hall of fame coach out of the job that he thought he finished out his career at Louisville Athletic Director. Tom George fired and so much more. It's I mean if we could go back in time to mid. May of two thousand seventeen and just like say. Hey listen. There's going to be a commitment. That's coming here and you can't even imagine how much just general noise and disruption millions upon millions of dollars. Taxpayer dollars are going to be put into this with college basketball. It's fascinating to look back on it. And it all came when Bowen and his father really agreeing to To a six figure payment from Adidas and dolphins and all that It's it's something else man so anyway Last thing I got us I just I just think that Patino can't avoid all this. You just gotTa hope that the exacerbating charges. Don't come into play as well because it does. Then we might look at more than just a simple six or ten game suspension. Do you know how much I miss. May of two thousand seventeen would kill to be in. May of two thousand seventy I hear Ya I know I I mean we are recording. Bless my lovely wife. I love you Diane. I'M GONNA say it on a podcast to I don't know how many people she'll never hear this. Today's are at seven year wedding anniversary. And I'm spending the evening hour with Gary Parrish Talking About frigging Brian Bowen Louisville and Rick Pitino. There's not even the worst part. The worst part is because you're option was like to what you want to go to a nice dinner or even go to the grocery store without a mask like the whole like I got. I should always say this. I don't want anybody to think otherwise I've got it better than most families healthy We're doing okay relatively speaking. But like I got down this weekend like I found myself just SORTA. I don't WanNA use the word depressed because that's a a a legitimate term and people really do struggle with depression. I'm not struggling with depression but I felt I just felt down. I felt miserable. Like this is an awful way to live. And we're not going to be lifting the other white for a while. Well I mean you. You appear to have options because a lot of people are starting to Oh Dude you better be glad you live where you live instead of where I live. I'm I am. Connecticut is keeping it. Stay at home orders in place for a few more weeks here and I'm completely fine with that will we'll grin and bear it and and do it out but yeah no south done with it at that. They're over. It said you know what I don't care anymore. I one of my neighbors actually said to me. I don't care if I get it. He just said if I get it. I'll probably be fine and if I'm not was just too bad but I'm not. I'm tired of living this way. So he had eight kids playing basketball on his yard the other day. It's wild I. It's it's so depressing. It's if you think about it because like I was talking with my white like down here. Stores can reopen restaurants can reopen. My wife owns a store. She has not reopened yet. She's been allowed to for nearly two weeks now. She's just hasn't opened yet. But is this is really the world like it's going to be this way for a while like the next time you go into a restaurant and eat a meal like you did in. January is maybe a year away Yup. What in what happened. I'm about to go do a little red velvet cupcake action here. Okay so all right. Hey seven years. What did bless yes. Yes yes or no. Oh bless her. No I don't even WanNa know what you're GONNA ask here. Okay I didn't I I D- D- biding night. Of course not work. Of course not. You're bite or you don't even bite on your. I am not and that has not a has not been the case however you will. You will propagate the lion that it's just fine as we close. GimMe one each share. Even though it's not your wedding anniversary it might as well be ours you may GP in addition to me in my own wife here. Give me one quick story about your wedding day and I got. I got one for you as well. You my wife and I got married in Jamaica. I did not know that really were well. We were young and we didn't have. I mean like we were young. My wife was twenty one years old when we got married and we didn't have much money beat writer working at a newspaper. She was a college student. Steel and so neither one of our parents come from money. It was just it made more financial sense to just leave the country and get married and then. I didn't want to. I felt bad because most of my friends were like me. They didn't have money to go to Jamaica. I felt bad now. I have subsequently gone out of the country for other friend's weddings. But I felt bad asking anybody to go because I didn't want pull who didn't have the money together to go because they felt obligated to go so we went alone and we got married. And my best man was a Jamaican do that. I've never met and okay. You know this is all a real story because you have a witnesses. You'd have people in the thing. I shouldn't say best Mike. He's my best friend now whereas he can he can he? Now get the shouts. I think his name is like on our weddings. GotTa Find Find It. And he's got to get a shout on the next episode. Get it done. It's actually sad like it's it's it's this like I don't really care but like my I think my wife looks back on it with some regret. There there are many reasons variety of reasons but Like why did we even do it period but now my wedding day was not. There's nothing great about it. We we were too young people who didn't have a money to do it. The right or at least we didn't think we did. Maybe that maybe that was more of the case the night but like I don't I don't have this great wedding store. I got a lot of good ones but I will I'll save them all. Share one but for the record you were invited to the wedding and you didn't do member why of course you know. I think I had to host something yet a some BS. Yeah you had to do something but I think it was fixing classic with that it was it was may fourth so it was actually when when. I got married it was. It was a Saturday so like the Kentucky Derby run that day. I assume you had to do something. Related to the Kentucky Derby happening locally but by the Kentucky Derby I think it was if I remember correctly I had to host something you did. I'm sure it was some contractual thing. So you didn't you did not You did not attend awesome day genuinely like the our wedding kick ass and And we had our friends to this day. It'd be like years. The one the one we got married in Stanford Connecticut but we had a Fryer who married us. And you know. I was just so excited about that day. I didn't really have any sort of nerves or anything like that. But let's say we were scheduled to let's say the Let's say the wedding getting married. Part of it was about at four thirty. Let's say it was supposed to start like four twenty three rolls around in. No one knows where the dude that's supposed to marry us as at and so I like it then it gets like. I'm on the state we got married in like this cool big tent and the way it was working with Diane will walk in from the hotel and and and kind of emerge around. The corner was awesome. But it's like it's like four twenty three and I'm up there with. I have three younger brothers and then three of Two A two buddies. I went to college within my my brother-in-law so I I six groomsmen so we're all up there and he's not there yet and it's getting to. I actually had another buddy from college in the audience who I don't remember all the details around it but he you know how you can get ordained online. He done that like he had done that like five years before so I was no exaggeration. I was about sixty seconds away from stepping down off the platform. Bashir and go up to my bud Bashir and being like dude. I think you've got to marry me right now. I don't know where this damn friar is. I don't know like I was getting legitimately nervous and just as I'm about to do it His name his name was Matthew Friar Matthew turns a corner and there appears and I'm like So it was like the one part of the entire day rows like Oh God thank God thank God. I didn't realize how tense my body was getting because it was like can't do this to my wife can't have no one marrying us can't have this but he So we got married in Stanford Connecticut and those who know the area It can it can get some serious traffic and stuff like that and he apparently got lost but we got it done in time and it was an amazing got Jamaican you know. Here's my wedding day. We woke up probably with hangovers from the night before went down at the beach. Hung out for a little while then looked at the clock and was like Oh. It's two o'clock we're getting married in our. Let's go get ready boom. Go get ready. You know I get I get my my best friend my my best Jamaican Fran. We go through the little you know. Say all the words and she says all the where she's supposed to say kiss the bride. We cut up a cake with with our friends and then we went back inside and change back into our brains back to beach. Oh my gosh I never knew any of this. It's actually said I mean that like I look back on it with. I don't look back with regret getting married like Van. I got three amazing boys incredible family but I wish that I wish that we had done it differently. I guess just differently. Like my wife didn't have her mom at her wedding. Like the her as it should. Okay real quick because then like I I gotta go like I got obviously but what. What Year did you get married? Please tell me you remember two thousand three all right so twenty twenty three. We renew the vows. We do it right right there in Memphis. I'm putting it on the table right now. You got you got three years and we should be able to convene as a normal society by then. I would really hope we see as Minton doing that before. Like like you know really having our friends you should apps. I'm not I'm not joking with you. This would be incredible. Okay get some classic anecdotes for the PODCAST. You got three years to prep. Maybe I gotTa make some calls here. We should honestly. You should make that happen. I don't think I don't think you would regret it whatsoever and it would be and you know what actually it would be as well by the way there's There's this I can't remember told me that this there's one thing that's always true about a wedding with you. It's actually has been true as well is. You'll get all these people and Ramona's awesome like I'm still so close with so many people but there's always at least one person who will go to your wedding and then you will never see them again and it's true. There have been a couple of people that we've not seen since our wedding day for you. Twenty Years Post. It would actually be like strongly. And so that was true. Because you're Jamaican Dude. You haven't seen him again for you. a party of three or four essentially. And and. Yeah so there you go but you would. You would truly be able to to bring in a party at people that have been representative of who have been in your life for so long and then have been part of it now in in our task your kids and all that stuff so yeah twenty twenty three. Let's make it happen. Let's get it done. Probably it'd probably be sweet. I'll put it I'll put it on the possible to do list in the meantime shout down. He shouts at Chester South Carolina. Jousted TERRY MFN teagle edge. Just to learn now. Please go on college. Basketball podcast. Apple podcast rated favourably five-star comments. And we will talk to you again. Real soon tilden take care the PGA tour has an official return date and the first cut on the CBS. Sports podcast network is here to get you prepared for. Golf's return in June joined. Mark Immelman Kyle Porter Greg. Ducharme and myself regained. Were still coming at you three times a week with the latest news interviews and flashbacks. So what are you waiting for? Come join our group. And let's talk golf download and subscribe on Apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher and anywhere else. Podcasts are found.

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