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Welcome to kiss myths and Mystery Syam, your host Kit crump today, the Bohemian Grove and a little bit about secret societies. Perhaps, you belong to a club some time in your life maybe the girl Scouts or cub scouts I was a cub scout many clubs have rules and regulations that go no further than the halls were the members gather like the elks however organizations like the PTA Parent Teacher Association can affect schools, school districts therefore students the reach and impact of. These organizations are limited and generally they're intent is not secret records of meetings of the scouts, elks in the PTA and many other clubs are available to the public. But there are many secret societies out there Yale's skull and bones founded in eighteen thirty two and has had both bushes Teddy Roosevelt and his cousin Franklin as members but a complete list of members is difficult to acquire and the intent of the club impossible to know Dan there is the barbarian aluminum. An lighten era secret society founded may first seventeen seventy, six. The BILDERBERG group is so secret that is considered by many to be a shadow world most secret societies, clubs and organizations so far flung with headquarters in different cities around the world. But the Bohemian Grove is located on two thousand, seven hundred privately owned acres located in Monte Rio California and established eighteen seventy two security at the grove is year round ex-military hired to keep out the curious high end equipment including thermal night vision cameras, and motion detectors are used. As. Part of the sophisticated detection and alarm system, they have ceremonies with strange names like the yearly cremation of care ceremony. It was revealed by a California judge during a discrimination suit brought against that grow by the California Department of Fair Employment and housing over the club's refusal to hire women when the judge that issued decision in favor of the club's practice of not hiring women stated the club members urinated in the open and that hiring women would alter the members behavior odd ceremonies and members strange conduct aside members like those. Of Yale are rich and powerful pictures of President Reagan and Nixon indicate they were members. Also, the Grove is particularly famous for a Manhattan Project Planning Meeting this took place there in September of Nineteen, forty two, which subsequently led to the atomic bomb those attending this meeting include Ernest, Lawrence j Robert, Altman Heimer, the s one executive committee heads such as presidents of Harvard Yale and Princeton along with representatives of standard, oil general, electric as well as various military officials. All members at the time oppenheimer was not an s one member. Although Lawrence, an open heimer hosted the meetings grow members take particular pride in this of and often relate the story to new attendees. However, other behavior at this famous campground has led to numerous claims and even some parody in popular culture. One such documented example was former president Richard Nixon's comments on May Thirteenth Nineteen seventy-one recording the Bohemian Grove which I attended from time to time. It is the most Fag God damn thing you could ever imagine now that's a quote from Richard, Nixon was recorded may thirteen nine, hundred, seventy one. Author, Brad Meltzer hosted a program for the history channel. It was called history coded. He hosted a team of three and during one episode sent to to infiltrate the Hebron. Grove. With the disastrous result, they were all arrested. Bohemian Grove was produced here at night owl sounds studio and brought to you by Sharon Bauer. Internationally, recognized psychic and medium and author of the Book Life Eternal. Love. Immortal. This chrome. Thanks for listening.

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