Bernie Goldberg Opines on the CNN Lawsuit


Bringing Ma Bernie Goldberg now the reason I asked for Bernie to come out of his luxury living is because Goldberg and I have a long history. Together, we work at CBS Bernie was much more successful there than I was. But we were both reporters k we were out gathering facts trying to get to the truth. Even then I knew Goldberg was a really really good reporter. But then he wrote an op Ed in the Wall Street Journal, let's CBS was by civil left, which it was. It was there's no doubt Cronkite was a leftist in the closet, but the left is rather was an outward leftist. And so it was managing Gobert got hammered. They didn't want to hear the truth. But Goldberg continued is reporting. If you watched the HBO sport show, really good reporting by Gober. Okay. I mean, you learn a lot so Goldberg Dan gets a commentator job on the factor any bloviating commentary. All right, then he gets into a game that he's not used to because some people like them and some people though because he's commentator not a reporter now. All right. I wanted to give the history Goldberg. So when you saw Kosta stand up and try to go bait President Trump into a refugee caravan debate. What did you think? Enhancer that intensive instead I led to congratulate you Bill of the success of killing the SS. Thank you. It took the no it took a real brave reporter to write a book the killing the social security that is. And the very you're on thin ice with that one. Yeah, it's not that really congratulate you taking taking that subject. It's not a social does not not social security. It's the Nazis. Yeah. That's a good one. Yeah. Okay. So here's here's my take is going to take a mobile tempted to use the cliche. I don't know where to begin what you said about reporting. It tells stiffen from commentary is both right. And it's obvious Juba pasta as a White House correspondent has broken the rules. So many times it can't even count them. Specifically this last time around when he said, Mr President you call the caravan and invasion, and you know, it is an invade right there. He right there. He's wrong. Right. He's rung, and and Jim Acosta as much as I wanted say that he's shameless. Showboating? Even listening to you in the lead into this it occurs to me that he's a small part of the problem CNN is letting him do. That's right. It was when we were at CBS. I could've never forget about their liberal bias. I could've never gotten away with anything resembling this. This is unprecedented. I don't know if there was a memo, I doubted, I doubt there was any writ mental. But the word is out. We had CNN are going to be the we hate Trump network and anybody on our stamp on the air. And our producers will go along with this will be rewarded and anybody who doesn't will be punished because. Jim Acosta would not survive in any legitimate news operation, given what he's done. Well, that was my point. I've done a lot of talk radio last two or three weeks and promotion promotion of killing the SS not social security, but the Nazis, and I'm and I made the point that the three cable networks have now divided into money making machines based solely on Donald Trump to hate him one likes. Okay, but revenue revenue for all three is up because the partisans come in to the network, they want to hear, hey, they go to MSNBC CNN. They wanna hear love they go to FOX. So all three are benefiting from this and all standards have collapsed in pursuit of the dollar. You're absolutely correct. It's it's a business model. It's not a journalist model. It's a business model. Gumma capitalist. I want news organizations to make money. But one the one business that you don't give your own insz. What it wants is journalism. If you make cars, you should do a survey and say, we'll kind of cars do you want? You want SUV's we'll make more SUV's if you're making dresses for women. So we're kind of dresses do you want want short dresses are long dresses or red dresses or green dresses? But in news, you don't go to the audience in effect and give them what they want that. That's not journalism. That's something else. That's business. And that's what's happening and Jim Acosta as an example of this is this. See stood up place alone little on in any legitimate news operation would have shut him down a long long time ago. Now, what do you say what you say about the N and jobs are as much as Japan, I think we've now established at beyond a reasonable doubt. So what are you say about newspapers like the vaunted Washington Post and the New York Times, which have created a culture of liberalism, not only on their editorial pages, which they're entitled to do by the way. All right. So when you're an editorial list or an op Ed columnist says we both have been okay, you, they want your opinion. They're paying you for your opinion. Here's still a journalist O'Reilly Goldberger's still journalists, even though we're giving opinion, but it's clearly labeled opinion. But the culture that's created in the two most powerful newspapers in the country is we have to. Destroy this full Garin Trump to report on them. So our job to constantly and every second hammer him, and if we can't find something will make it up like, it's raining in Paris. He can't get on the chopper because the secret service, and you know, Mr. presents a little turbulent probably recommend you don't. And then we'll say he doesn't care about the military that that's the latest example. So what is it? What is it your opinion about the culture that's been created in the two big newspapers in this country? My complaint, isn't that they get things wrong. Because most of the times they don't might complaint is that they're relentless which is what you were just suggesting it's never ending. It just goes on and on and on with his anti Trump is to make two points about that one in my first book bias ascend. Point of that book. I said, Dan, rather and tenants don't mean in the morning, go into a an office pull the shades turn down the lights give the secret handshake and the secret salute and say, how are we going to get those Republicans and conservatives today there is no conspiracy in that sense the Ritz now they do come in in the morning. They say our we're gonna do right? Tell we're gonna get right. I know I know this is the half of the subject that you like to talk about and on this. I think you're absolutely right. The other half of the subject is that we have a president who who feeds them nonstop ammunition gives them nonstop munition. He he gets things wrong and being kind of not saying he lies which would he does very often. But he gets things wrong. All the time. He exaggerates when he isn't just plan on getting it wrong. He's needlessly nasty. He's a narcissist. And all that. So you have this is dual this this dance to the dead. And I am becuase of you agree with this conclusion of buying. This is not good for America. It also not good that he hates them. And they hate him is has to stop. But I don't think it's going to stop. Because now the damage has been done to the media there. Are never gonna come back to any kind of objectivity. Nobody will ever trust either. Or depending on what side you're on as far as Mr. Trump is concerned he isn't disciplined enough as Barack Obama and Bush, the younger were okay to stop the spontaneous anger. And that's what it is. That drives him to overstate things or misstate things. See he knows in his mind. He's getting hosed. And that started long before he was elected. He knows he's not getting fair shot. So he he lashes events so argument, you would have with somebody you're emotionally involved with who's betraying you. That's the best example. I can give you your attack or rebut of the person who's betraying you. It's not going to be a hundred percent accurate. You're going to say things, you shouldn't say things that you're exaggerating all of that is going to happen and. Anybody who's ever had an argument with a person they're emotionally involved with who was now on the outs will know what I'm talking about. That's what Trump's Louis. That's what he's doing is waking up in the morning and Pula shaves now with his crew go on how can we lie to the American people today not doing that? Okay. Right. It's it's venting. He's venting. All right. And unfortunately, it's got the dopey machine where you can bet at three in the morning. I mean, that's crazy. And that and then you're right. When he vents they add it goes in there, all we got another day cycle. Now, we can do this today. But there's no search for the truth. What I just told. You is absolutely true about Donald Trump. Why he does what he does one hundred percent trip. You'd never read that New York Times or the CNN you never hear it. They don't care about it. They don't care final. Final thing. You're right. It hurts the country. All right. We should have a much more orderly process where we could solve some problems. But I don't think the Democratic Party wants to solve the problems at all. I think they want to get him out in two thousand twenty. So we're gonna have two more years of absolute chaos and my wrong. Thank you. Listen. I know we gotta go. So one list you got some time. You got some time. I think no, I think you're right about that. I it was the first two years was democratic resistance. The last two years of the next two years will be democratic investigations subpoenas and nonstop, you know, looking into with a fine tooth comb into everything he's ever done wrong. If he's ever, you know, his nose in public. It's going to come out in the next two years on the accustomed thing. The president did make a mistake by lifting his credentials because it turns him a constant into a monster. You know, as well as I do that journalists, always circle the wagons. They're not introspective. I met more people who were the overnight shift at seven elevens selling camels to to insomniacs who have more introspection than most journalists. I know so these journalists are in introspective, they circle the wagons and turning the turning a constant Jimmy Costa into Lauder, Dan, rather or good friend, Dan, rather and Sam Donaldson or saying this is, you know, an attack on journalism in general in the first amendment. He should have just he what he should have done in. My view is not lifted his credentials and not cold on him for the foreseeable future and foreseeable. I mean. Maybe a year even. Yes. No, right. Bright as. But the Trump reply would be look we ginned up our base. The only people that see them in martyrs are the left wingers who hate me. I think look, you're probably right. That would have been. But if we're me as president, I think I want I want to send a message there. I did want to send a message. Let me let me say this about cheating his base. I think you're right about that. And I think that's the biggest mistake he will make it. We're no longer a center right country, Italy may ruin a in twenty twenty. And if she does she may vary. Well, win don't don't say on praise yet. Donald Trump's Thompson personality is turned on more people than have embraced him the ones that will support him. No matter what even if he should somebody on Fifth Avenue. Let's see as he wants said. That's maybe thirty percent. He has another ten percent or so of people who who will. Support him over a democrat. But not at those. Yes, typically, we are no longer a center right country. I think we're a centre-left country now, and I think Donald Trump by appealing as consistently as he does to his base and how he is failed. Miserably an expanding that ace to bring in independence and hold onto moderate Republicans think not making predictions two years in advance. I'm not that crazy. But I do think he's got a very very tough road ahead. If am not convinced he will run reelection. But if he decides to run religion, all right, Bernie, we appreciate it very much good provocative discussion. And I hope to see you soon. Thank you.

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