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Niko Price & Bryce Mitchell


You're going to be just fine Garcia together. Every Don Matt be filtered Matt and I are on location. We're broadcasting on location and. I think we've got this down to a science. I'm saying that now other people may hear it and go. You guys are horrible but we have. Niko price on today. We also have bryce Mitchell returning who I really like. And they are both on this card. Which is made the ninth. I think is what they're looking at. We still don't have a location though due to be announced so we don't know but we just know it's on May ninth by You know what I did this morning Jimmy as we speak the great raging islay Quinta. Is texting me okay? We tried to call and I told him you. Then he's and. Nobody told me he goes are sick. I was just listening to the last episode. He's he supports. Us raging ally but besides that I made a UFC fight. Pass morning I was watching Bryce Mitchell's fight. Not His last one when he said that's sick. S Twister. Yeah I'm talking about his fight before that. With the bottom bobby. Wolfman the Wolfman MOFFITT. That was a sick fight and I want to bring that up to him because I think that was a very growing fight and he had to deal with a lot adversity a lot out. There was a lot of transition on the floor. He was caught in a couple of jokes and tight jokes that just weathered and he won that fight and I think that was a very growing fight able to talk about that and then I watched his opponent Charles Rosa who trains with. Who Changed with our Charles McCarthy? Who was actually on season? Four of the ultimate fighter the comeback with me in house for six weeks. I know him very well. And May I add just like myself? We have two things in common chose McCarthy his coach. He's a great guy he really is a good guy. I'm not saying I'll break. But yes you great guy. He's very good energy to Charles. Mccarthy and store you know we both love widgets and I'll say it like that so holds Bain and what was the last thing I was GONNA say? Oh perhaps the most important. He is an avid V are Yes he plays the game. He's like right him and his friends. They begin called Pavlov. And it's it's like a call of duty type shooter. Gay might the battle Royale Shit by south. But he is a geek like that so I don't know why I brought that up and I did and also because he's GonNa Jitsu Watch. He's the coach of Charles Rosa. Who's great fight with him brew? It breaks Mitchell. Great fight this. Last night. I watched I watched shoulders last night. Verse mainly Bermudez. That's what I'm going to say. I don't know I just watched it. I'm GonNa do it right now as we speak. And yes it was and he won by an armlock and it was. He was put in a bad position right away. He was on his back early in the fight. Kept his composure. Walk while we're being rained down atop him and again man should showed calmness in the eye of the storm much like Bryce Mitchell. So this is a great fight. I'm really looking forward to that by. Yeah and I. It's funny while you were doing that. I was watching Nicole price fights. You know what I mean I know we have Nico Mak. He's fighting again against The Sunday Luca he lost Adarsh joke. I want to say that was twenty seventeen October. Twenty seventy so. I was going over kind of watching some old Some old Nico Price fight gradually no no no. I don't always watch the winds either. I watched the lewke fightback. I remember the fight but I wanted to really. I really wanted to watch it again. Like in full and I also went back and watched the Abdulrazak Hassan fight like usually watch guys losses because for some reason the wind. Stand out more. I don't know why I remember more. But he's a fun guy to watch me and nego price is a fun guy to watch whether he wins or loses. He's always always in a fight. Always a rematch. I'm really looking forward to there was supposed to other people and the fact that they're fighting again. I mean look. It's not a title fight a lot of times you wouldn't see a rematch like this and less Extraordinary circumstances and I'm glad they're fighting again. I watch I went back and I watched it last night. And that's what Nico was undefeated. When he first Buddha visit they look was. He was undefeated at the time. I literally just watched it. And he was in the fight in the beginning but Lucas started picking him apart and then he got him in a very tight dark joke and and practically put detached right away. It must have been on super tight. Yeah I wanNA see something more reasons so I watch his last fight nickel bryce verse James Vick and James Vicks Avenue. How hard time as of lately you know but I mean but again. That was an easy opponent. And he's so unorthodox that and since then shook my head that they both tasted defeat. Since then. Like you know Vincent they went on a hair at only to get you know best. Buy wonderboy which could beat the best of them. You know his smile and then again that was. It showed a lot of hard fight because he was. I was mistreat. I fight but one the boy they locate. It was no wait. Maybe you're right. I'm sure you're okay. I've seen it but I I remember just I man it was wonderboy. He's just masterful united he. He makes the best guys the best considered as a killer. You know but it's a totally different fight. I WanNa hear because I'd had to face is before in the past that I that I before you know I've bought like three guys twice. Showed he Carter Chris? Lytle the only ones university. There's no one else you twice. Just those two. You're right you're right you don't WANNA mention Joyce NPR STA- brought up the rematch. The other day I know I am all turtle'll getting me that's all right. I I went back and watch the first fight again recently on the anniversary or the day after the anniversary it was just so good. It was such a good moment. Bring me back. You'll makes me happy Jimmy. You and my Ninja Turtle. Oh of course I mean what else would you have espresso it? Yeah I guess that's Nice. It's a nice way to have coffee. Hey Real quick before we get before you Brian Mitchell on the phone this card if it goes through the Ferguson Gigi so Hudo Dominick Cruz. Is They Komen. Amanda Nunez Felicia Spencer. And I'm so happy. That in Ghana Josie Rosen. Strike is happening. Sironi pettus. Jeremy Steve's Calvin Cater Greg Hardy no hold on hold on. I'm sorry Sironi Pettus Donald throaty. I Anthony Pettis. That's all that's on the night. That's that's That's the tentative card. Yeah I heard that. Yeah that is again for now but these things change change and this is finalised talking about that. I. I haven't heard anybody. Is Greg Hardy Against York into Castro? Data fight I really want to see. The Castrol. Upgrade is last Last time out. And you know Greg. Hardy is is improving. I'm you know what we Dean Thomas on it to get an update Greg Hardy but Dean Thomas has always come on and and I believe he's still. I wonder. Could Greg WanNa leave with Dean Thomas? I was famous departure of Office for eight hundred. That's right have we had. We've had greg hardy on. I think he he really. He likes to fight me and he's fights often. He fights more often than most other words. I can picture like out of a scene out of Jerry. Maguire Dean Thomas. He leaves the office with. What's his name? Dan Lambert okay. Who's comic back but listen you know what I'm using my face though? What the problem is we? I love manscaping and I'm using it but I couldn't find that the one for the face of usable lawnmower face the crop duster all right. So you're you're you're using it on your balls and your face or your balls are just not being kept up. Sure it's cleaned out. GotTa keep a special my lady. Are you liking unshaven? Do you feel comfortable. I don't like it. I like vice-like neat. You know kids like it though. They probably like this new. And it's different talking. We hope worlds are colliding. Which face right now. You said you liked the way they'd like to play with your spirit food me and my wife and I was saying I like to keep especially when talking about double-o than you like he's not my face. Everybody loves it. Except for my oldest. She's I clean right. I usually like to be Jimmy. You give me subtle hints about the facial. Your good friend of Mine Jimmy. I could tell I could tell you not a big fan marine ahead without the because you see I am up top yeah. I'm not not a fan though I'm getting used to. It looks better now than it did earlier in the week because it looks more purposeful now earlier in the week when someone doesn't shave for three or four days you can't tell if they're just on a binge or you know or or if they do sloppy. I use the lawn mower but there's no now it looks more like a trimmed decision and let me tell you the manscaping facial. I've got to when they call the face I find it. They take out the loan more. Well the crop dust I forget what the funny names but I've been using it out on my face and I tell you I think it's great. I think it looks Kinda Neat. Not Meet like in meat nosing NEAT and clean. I've been actually spending more time on fight like I told you I did this morning. I want to watch like fucking five fights winning. You did. Yeah while they get brace Mitchell the phone I think. Price controls road to have the first car of the night and correct and then Luca in new price. Second Jock. Array Araya Hall Carla Esparza. Michelle Waterson is a good fight. All allow receiver. Doom is a great fight. You know this. This card is amazing. I mean the one if there's any advantage to this whole thing but if there's any good part of it all these amazing fights from other cards or getting thrown together and you getting a couple of fights that probably we would not have had like Gigi and Ferguson as well as Lou Gehrig Nico Price Rematch. I don't think these guys would afford again unless there was a possible number one spot or potential title fight solvent. But you know what's interesting is that he was said visit. They look a was set to Radi Brown and really brown all always doing phenomenal is looking like a absolute bee's lately and I was looking forward to that fight he did end up losing to Nico price with that weird that album hammerfest from his all right from the bottom right right right and he had to any knocked out vic that way to is there was an uptick is how he'd be. He's one to office back like that. is never a comfortable fight man. I just said Bryce Mitchell areas and I said you were scheduled as well and I don't want anybody down but fuck. I was watching fights all morning. I'm looking forward to talk about this and I also think these guys heard me already and what to say it again that powers that be I want I want chose Rosser on this show. Yeah all right that kids that kids doing really well and I don't think he's getting enough smoke right so it's a good good thing. Yes shade is bad. Smoker's good I think right all you don't want nobody now. By the way we had a tyran will time. Woodley on and nothing. He's indicated that he would like to fight and a nothing has come about. Unfortunately well I wanNA hear. What's that's true we won again now. It's nice it was pushed back. Who KNOWS I may be but I will tell you this much. Since you brought up Tyron. Woodley is a little Fun fact that you know when I play my Vr. Sometimes I got the headset on any lobby on the plane and sometimes I sing so sometimes. I'd been singing a lot that very very catchy bursts in and out of love. I'm not going to do it now. You know what I it sounds great. Yeah well well. That's the point Mississippi. I'm not a big Fan. Came out when I say nine. When she's she's not even not even laughing stock enough to fuck man. Jimmy your housing. You know what it is. She sees it too so she sees this coming. You'd see shorts on and I got my gun and I'm off in Adalah inanimate love which you and I'm a yellow by screaming. And that's what she sees is is that you know that's what she's going to have to. You know than have to but that relation to relations with later and it could be terrible. Jimmy could be. I almost quit the podcast. Three seconds of it putting a foot down. She's had enough well. Listen Hey man. I'm blessed with power. A good looks. Maybe you know I'm not blessed with a good voice. What am I supposed to do that? And it's hard to have all gifts I mean you know you've got enough. You have enough. It gives that most people would like to have seen my gas I can. Yes and they look really. It looks really creepy because you have a blurred background so it's just a big prominent calf and nothing in the background. It's like my whole world became your calf for just a second comfortable. We gotta do what we gotta do. Now as you're cooking every night or are you cooking every night or you guys ordering food as well as running places. I'm Kinda craving pizza. I had pizza and I kind of want to shovel some in my fat face and have you been working out every day. I've been slacking off a little. The working out pretty much has been the bike riding. Start hitting again. My wife like she holds. I could hold but she gets bombarded with all the school. Work for my. You know I jump in here you. I'll read a book kidding. This is not my spivey at home. They'll give you the common core shit. I'm the help. Can't you and your wife go to the gym if you wanted to hit. Patch Kit 'cause it's your gym and there's no one else you could do that right. Yeah I'm sure we could. Actually I went to my Levittown Academy of the day and in the basement I got some dumbbells and stuff so it was like it was like good. The club Lang was getting charged for manslaughter. Dude they need push Mickey that all of that you know. I guess he did shove them. And then Mickey Kinda Kala collapsed on but it was while he was kind of lunging for rocky was a whole. It was a Malay a Malay it was a Malay she'd be charged with manslaughter. High Bid. And you know what what happened? He loses the rocky and then what happened the clothesline. You know. I don't know if they follow the next one. He's got a kid that's GONNA fight the new creed funny at the end of three. He lost. You're right I guess. Didn't they follow it up in four? They must have followed it up with with. What's with Dolph Lundgren? I think was his fault. Correct one hundred percent correct research. That club relax. You raise a good point. I'm what the fuck happened to clubber Lang you know. He was an absolute beast. We're talking like as a real fighter ivory but You never heard from the guy again. Our into it's unfortunate. What did you think of Ferguson? Making weight even though Tony Ferguson. Even though he did not have to find out of his mind is very strong. Nobody like that if you don't have to. But he wonders why he did it. Because you have to go back through. I think it was just a fuck you. I was ready to fight you. Can I think it was his way going? Fuck you you can do this during a pandemic you can cut the way. You can do everything that I did. It seems like for him. It was a fuck you to everybody who didn't want. That was probably his way of going. It's possible I was ready to fight. I was ready Or maybe he just disciplines himself. That way I don't know Ferguson. So I don't know why he would do that. It's almost seems counterproductive. Because now you have to kind of you know do it again but he knows better than I do. Obviously did you know that. If they're Paul felt his last fight it sound like he was retiring. Yes did you see? What's in the the news? He can't wait to fight again. That's what happened to the house of this. He's in a pandemic love being married. But nobody even if you love being married if you're cooped up with the person you're like I gotta go out and go to work. So what happened. Is he been cooped up in the house and he's like what am I fucking doing? I cannot do this forever I gotta go out and do something but you know it also is i. That's what I agree with that. But I what I what he said on the What he was on a live chat with the Great John Attic. And he's like I can tell you that after all of this what we're going through. I cannot wait to fight again. Family time is great but I just missed that fire. Now I guess what I think is going on. And that's another guy like us polar. He's getting a lot of time and what it is is this. You have such a certain amount of time a window of fighting that you have to get it in and then it's gone for. Griot try so I think right now. He's getting a full a bunch of family time in which is beautiful. But everything's about balance and felder. You could you could put a suit on the great on the Mike. Here's a talent for the commentary. Try which I could see him doing when he does retire for the next twenty years spot. He is as savage as they call. He is just. He's a fighter. He's a guy that takes shots at other guys would go down from a quick tap clubs e there's a there's a lawyer in him. That is definitely not out yet. I'm happy he said that you get caught up in the vikings very emotional and especially after a camp. When you've been away from a young guy used to have my youngest my oldest actually did back then but by my even to kids not yet anyway they would move out. My wife would take them out. Let's say my in laws for the month before last month. Sure for interrupted so you do get very very emotional. So I could see why he would think that might be his last fight but then it's not like he's showing any signs of slowing down none. He looked great against Against Dan Hooker. I told you I still want to see him. Fight raging out. That's a fine. I Still WanNa see those going head to head. The both similar. Just move forward guys. They neither one of those guys goes down easily. He fought two rounds of the broken arm against Mike. Perry felder going up in weight. So I mean I watch him fight until he's sixty if he if he wants to long. He wants to fight on happy to watch him. Fight those a hell of a fight with him. His last fight with Dan Hooker Great. That was very very entertaining. I wonder on May ninth. Is this going to be on? Couldn't possibly beat on fight island or what the May night you know he's going to. I'm almost positive that that's I'm assuming that they don't have a location in less. Florida may be a possibility because they have declared sports that can be done without fans as essential workers. So these guys may be able to fight in Florida. I know because that's how. Wwe is going to survive. They put a lot of money to the economy. Florida's opening their beaches or any which is a little fucking crazy. Just the more. But I think it's you have again. Wwe Or you have you have organization with enough money to isolate fighters hotel to test everybody to make sure everybody is in good health and then keep them isolated. It's possible on the show next week. I liked that a lot of a mini as I want to give some some smoke to some people not just goes. It's four twenty Jimmy. No I'm just saying that I wanNA give some smoke. 'cause that you see so big it's hard for a. Lotta guys to get the limelight and it's up to me and you Jimmy. They give these unsung heroes. Do because what happens is what happens. Charles chose rose against that armlock or manny Bermudez and then his fights that night and there's another car next week and nobody talks about right. That's right talking about. Hey what's up everybody? Well yes up price. I watched this morning. Last fight was so so masterful. Everybody's still talking about how beautiful it time we're fights can be forgotten that stands out. You know what I mean because it was a beautiful thing but let me tell you. I watched your prior to that verse. Bobby the wolf bear market and that I feel that spike because body so tough and that fight it was adversity. You had to deal with. I think I really elevated you. What do you think about that fight? How did you feel after that fight? I know it's but I definitely think let people show that I got some missing me what you WanNa do when I step in there. I don't want people to know you know I wanted to look pretty easy. I WANNA make it look easy but Yeah I agree definitely people I have. A lot of people came to me. Samantha was tough fight and I think part of the reason that It was so tough is because I was just underweight you know I waited at one fifty four. He waited at one sixty three hours. Small like went out bought Tyler diamond. My first you have seen five. I weighed one. Forty seven today in the fight so I went from way and I and I went away and one forty seven way in one fifty four when Bob Moffitt. As my weight started gaining. I think you're gonNA see me improve and looked better battered. How is how is this shutdown where you are like you said you just you row training so the gym still open? Or what still open where you are. I'm just doing like low workouts with my buddy. Tj Brown he's UFC fighter. And I got a buddy named Jeremiah. Call Him and I'm just getting some one on one training. Everything shut down a girl shop got shut down. She can't tattoo she can't make no money man. This really sucks bracelet issue. Just watch that fight again. What your phone Bobby Moffett? He had a couple. There was some great transitions on the floor here. A couple of very tight. It looked like very doors jokes. I'll tell you whether or they would never on you. But when they were on. It's one of those court. How do you feel how would we know that they were the only thing he almost got me? Which was that was that dorks. It was it was tight man. I mean there. It was to the point. Where like you know. I couldn't do anything but just wait. You ever been where you just like if I move. I'm going to waste energy and it's going to get tighter and I'm literally just going to wait for his arm to get tired and that's what I did. It works now. Let me ask you how. Fico would chose Rosa. Because I just watch his last fight with that slick on lock or for many Bermudez and many had him in trouble. He got him but say he had him in a bad position where he was dominating on top and much like yourself with what. I what I've seen with Charles. He deals with adversity because he was on the bottom he never he kept his fucking cool and then he got that beautiful armlock so I think this guy is. He's one of those guys where it's like. Holy Shit. What did he come from because you look at his body of work very dangerous guy? I'm so looking forward. Yeah you too. So about off. The chose Rosa He was pretty much talking chant at first he was like really respectful and he was like. I WANNA FIGHT. Bryce and I think he's a great fighter and all of a sudden my manager sends me tweets and he said he said he's Marmo he's GonNa beat some sentence him so it went from him just like kindly saying hey. I would like to fight that that young guide and then turned into his arm off. Beat some sense into. I don't know what was said but I mean I I wanna I wanNA hurt to do. He's you know I feel like I was just getting bullied again. Like I'm back on like I like the kid on the bus again in some kid called me a bitch on the back of the bus. You know I got the same deal and then you know. That's what made me WanNa start fighting anyways. Because I wonder beat people's Acids Talkin Shit about me and that I got the same feeling so it's a great sailor you know it's I would much rather go in there one. I fought tyler diamond. Enough fucking love that dude. He is so nice and we got a lot in common and May I just can't visualize hurting him a lot. And because I don't want to I don't ever you know I like the guy. Got Genuine like tyler. Diamond this dude. After he says don't rent off beat sense into me I just been visualizing just beating the shit out of him and that's what I WANNA do a kid. They would talk shit about. What was it that they talk shit about? Did you have money? Or what was it? They would dog just called me a bitch one day and I mean there's a lot of people talk shit about me because I was really skinny and small and usually I just walk up and hit them in be surprised. You know I'll tell you chose I see what's going on here. I don't want to take away any of your enthusiasm but I think some guys might just start talk some trash to get the fight. They want because this is the deal. You're a down to Earth kid you so much. But you have that you at and it's and it's funny there's guys like yourself and other guys that have that it factor like you know what? I mean like sugar. Shane Moseley's another guy that comes to mind where they're not to be not really a talker. But you got something at some. Is it your swag is the way you talk is it? Gets your fighting style the whole package? You got it. Whatever it is you got it. And these other fighters wanted you understand and my hate on Charles Charles. A great fighter. But he's looking what you have the everybody's talking about Bryce Mitchell man. He's he's a sore spoken like good old boy just able to knock and saw. He's not a huge chairman. He's he's he's got his doing great performances he's got that twister. They want your smoke. I tried to throw some words to beep shade on. You but anyway but you know what I need so they so good that you take the heart. Because it's going to be a fucking fistfight so good take it to heart but I see. That's what Joe's do and he's like. How can I elevate to? A great fighter can elevate. You know my status. Everybody spoke about Bryce. That's the guy I wanNA fuck and fight one way or the other so like you said. Maybe it should start off. I want to fight him and then have to do this to do now. You guys gotTA fight. So is it a bad tactic and certainly pissed me off. But I'd agreed to the fight right winning. I'd already grade the fight when he just the first thing that my manager said is. Hey this guy wants to fight you. Show me a picture and he said or board was like. Bryce is a good fighter. And I'd like to fight him. I think it'd be a good fight and I was like you know what that's cool week. Later he's talking all this shit that already great fight you know these people. Just they think they're fucking CONOR MCGREGOR. They're gonNA come out there and make a million dollars and all that Shit fucking haunted beats man and and everybody's trying to act up and all that the F. A. Bryce let me tell you as a guy that was in there. I fought Chris lytle twice. He is about as Nice as you. He's not nice as Chris. Lionel love that fucking dude age one of the baddest motherfucker afford and then I have to fight it. She'll get ready for Chris lytle and then I look at a Guy. Like let's say frank trick or matters. I don't want you weren't as close to Franco. My goodness out doing. It's extra motivation. Bryce guys if you don't Adl do she. What do want to do to do she guy or you owe refrigerator. You'RE GONNA pay me to smack. His mother Mug. It's like it's like a win win side. I like that Joe off. It makes not like that he got nowadays. I want to say look what he does. He's not angry. I WANNA see what happens. When he has something he wants to make a point clear somebody get stuck in. I. I'm the same way man. We're on the same page. And the reason I really like is because I don't feel bad about hitting them. You know I really don't feel bad about wanting to hurt. You know I it. It makes it just a whole lot easier to punch the shit out of some due to say he's GonNa rip your arm off for no reason. You know it just makes it easy. I WANNA go in their fight to do now. Bryce you the Australia's I know I was just GonNa say style wise. It's a very intriguing. Fight all talking aside Because Larosa has a skill as great well rounded skill. Set much like Drake's so I'm looking forward to a whirlwind of a fighter no matter where it goes because I mean shit and brashest got sick as twister. You WanNa look at being somebody resilient to emissions. Looks like what Bobby Moffett and bobby gets. She gets a respect for that. Fight you because you had in some bad as some bad fighting positions and bobby the wolf moffitt hung in there and Ford out of it just to be putting something else it was doing so people took that shit out man and and I think it was a good learning lesson man. I really think that It was meant to be you know that the fight happened that way But man if I was just this much stronger even finish the arm bar. Mount cold with the straight left and squeezed out that rear naked choke in the third round. There's so many Finish opportunities that I just did not vanish you know and It really sucks being this close to finishing and looking back and just I mean that choke in the third round I was I was one hundred percent certain vanish him and he just looks right out. You know. And it's like arm was way instead away in one fifty four or five white one sixty out of finish. There's no way you know he's out by hair. It was the fact that he did survive that onslaught. Then come back and put you in some scary positions with those sources. That did nothing but just elevate your fight. Iq 'cause now if you would have sunk emission amen. What were they will know is when you have those findings emissions even if you're not trying to exert energy straight you see it right there so you do you put that story to it. Sorta guy survives so failed takedown. It's like so to both your guys credit. You end the wolf man Bobby Mauvais anytime you guys got shit and you got back to you if you went right back to try to hurt each other and throw. There wasn't any island. Get on my toes a little so I mean it's fresh in my head 'cause I just watched it but what a fucking awesome fight and alerting fight and I feel that that fight helped you grow as a fighter. That fight was exactly I? I really think everything is meant to be. And that's that's that's why You know that's happened is God or whatever you WanNa call it. I'll believe it's God but you know that's what that was about right. There is teaching me to fight through adversity. It's GONNA help. It's going to help me later on as she on fighting for the bout one of these tough dudes gets me choke you know. I'm so out been here before. Dry The opening fight and I can't wait to see you fight again. I Know Matt's looking forward to enlist discard happens. And we'll talk to you after man. We're happy we're able to get you today price. Thank y'all so much man I appreciate the. Lie Off we'll talk again later by buddy all right man. How are you buddy the quarantine getting gee? I know you have more kids did me the little. I Ju- The House. I just been training there. How much did you before this or did you anticipate a little when this started happening and get more stuff than you had? I been doing the same stuff then. Took a total one Found out the X. By April Eleven. That sounds three days and then I got an email from eighteen okay and we were still two weeks away from that. Okay I'll do that and Bagai Like two days three days The ninth so literally. Today's I took off for the rest as that would've took him in candidate. Probably was your original opponent that you not know Nico who is your original Pony. Them saw strike. Okay now now. How was it when they are we now? We have somebody new. We HAVE OVER CENTER LUC. Because you had faced them before a while ago and I believe that was your was your first loss. Correct me was that is since you know. Was there any? How do you feel move? Uber Ford Anybody. More than once. I have It's an interesting Utah. George twice along the way better Nico let me just tell you you know when you say lose. What's the first thing that pops into you? All you want to get that one back. He's job there teen great opportunity. But Man I learned a lot about going into fights I wanted to like crazy. Sometimes it back Margie and knock down forty cents to try not to do that. Anymore is another great opportunity and blessing from God and another great fight is another potential bonus for me in and do some days. It's a huge opportunity especially since he's been on a tear since you guys. I only getting busted by wonderboy which really doesn't mean anything as far as your stock going down. Because he's a Nigga figure out there you know what I mean is different. Yeah so if you go back to you go back and study your first fight with him with your coaches or do you. Let them do that or neither. So my coaches they go watch videos and stuff when I get. I remember way what was going on. You know I remember to finish into either when I was out I was grappling but I woke up in the joke. I knew I was told. You'll allows the front show wasn't it and he's laughing because yeah you're not I had by so it must've just went on super tight. Obviously I mean like it was one of those things where people don't realize tapping sometimes it's not even without having Har it's it's a it's like a reflex of record ball at your face like if you go know darn exactly. I said my head I said Oh tat know. How much did he hurt your movement? He seemed to work your legs really well. And he moved forward a lot he he goes forward just like you do. How much did he hurt your movement with those leg kicks and he started going to lower onto the calf? And did he really affect the way you moving? I really didn't even feel the lake. Ace like galant conditioning. You'll my legs like yeah. Malaysia had wear and tear for sure the next day it was pretty big but we signs that I was having a bad night. International flight all types of fun stuff. I didn't have to set up for the camp. Loath to one right now. Either new kind of good set your setup it's right for you does pushing it really hard you know not taking breaks like that's what. I was still learning my body body. Take me five breaking too much to take too long jumper bench. I've learned a lot throughout his eleventh fight in the last three years and three and a half years now giant. Get that work in. I'm trying to learn myself so when I do find everything that makes me the best I can be. None of these guys are GONNA be able to handle it. Shot like sparring with this whole shutdown. I'll go get my rounds tomorrow. I'll probably like five five straight relate shark tank five five four to three is beat. Mea source now. Does it matter where the fight takes place. They're telling you could be announced. Correct Dude can be send location right here down care too. Dull the shelby and location. You WanNa guys are going to have that attitude man. It's party makes fighter. You know what I mean. Where brand new. That's what the real guys pretty much through trade for everyone all the time. So it's just like Ami man's throw come on let's go better. They are the harder train the Mormon focus and the better. I'M GONNA be some down you know. Hey after this and they ask you for some Strauss semi fine concerned about traveling or knowledge. Are you totally comfortable with whatever it is? Adams mask gloves to listen to it covered. Listen I mean people gotta Eat Eurofighter? You got kids like I mean. How happy are you? That team is trying to push code and get these fights going for the eighteenth man. How's Dana Dude? Killing it right now. He's here he's putting in hard work to get US bites entertain the world. Let's do it. I'm just I'm blessed. They called to be on the card. You Know Lake Call Me Really. That were used. Uber's chose I saw some guess. You shouldn't be surprised me a fan favorite now. You know you're a fan trying to be one of those guys who have like super he more than just like followers. I want to be more motivated to like my fans not so like Covington to screw by. Do you think at all like if I do you. Ever think when you're fighting like Hey. I have to make this more exciting. 'cause some guys do think that when they're fighting. Do you ever think about the reaction of fans when you're fighting or do you just care about getting the win or does that. Ever come into play of your. I'm sorry just like my finding because when I'm in there to get out the quicker to pull that trigger so Tyson fighter you'll love me hate me. Love not constitute a thirty second fights. I don't care. There is nothing more exciting than that. Like you know. Even though people like fuck it was over. Quick people do enjoy an explosive to see somebody get knocked out that fast. No matter what you're prepared for. That never sucks. Unless it's a guy at this caliber. That's why I say no. Both of US TRAIN LATE THREE MONSTERS. We both are be slurred eighteen. He'll he's talking to you know trying to get in there. You know so I'm ready. I've been training them up. But as a running around the property miles out of times just to get in shape so they were allowed bird height. What what kind of does that do. You have a nest right above you like where. Where are you nine chickens next to me and the birds you here and now? I think it's a Blue Jay. Hold on a little little odds and then this is my property. That's Nice Nice Man. Where do you live again? We're is that I came across Florida. There's not many areas. Lightness actually just inquired last by big chunks. Of Voids over here. Is there any booking alligators in total bash until Bass Blue Gill a turtles snakes? What are you swimming there you can pull some of the stumps out. I'll be working on that later. Put out some of the slums stomachs the turtles and Shit. Would you rush to water? Right out it'd be the worry about about that Shit. You eat the chicken. The egg the pets the eggs. Yes so about four to six months I should be getting small but you don't actually eat them now. You'll eat the roosters they're useless. I'm just kidding Raleigh. Could this fucking warning David thing? No I'm all for from former neighbors around. We have roosters my parents. My parents property five eight years and it actually connects to the back of my property except for Cova. She's blessings this crazy. This opportunity came out of nowhere right after the victory by. We're driving my parents and we saw four sales What tag horse. Yeah I'm trying to say name where to get it right in the head scarf. Everyone always asks about the scar. My head Yankee Horse. What do you feel is who cares about his? Took a shot from the tough guy by the name would you? Do you buy the wars. I was three years old. You really came back a dad and came back. Got Real twitching out in waking up to them stabbing my chosen needles to make sure like all my nervous system was good three years old waking with needles stuck axe needles. I've seen people like that. You have a feeling it's crazy thing you know. They just don't want to like them. But some guys have like a real phobia like it goes beyond just being unpleasant for you. Have to kind of psych yourself out before you go get it done a lot and like I have to look at it and I'm like so weird I headed by never pass out just looking at less my stare at it calling surprise twenty. How old me when you realize that you wanted to make this your career. You started really young with the Bush laws no Nico No. I'm gene off fucking wave off. I was one of those guys. Who can I just ask football player? I wanted to be NFL. And then I realized a little small. I can't run that fast and I dropped every interception every eight days had school. Jitsu try. Well actually I went to rugby. Oh sorry it's matching heads. Rugby Attitude Scholarships for Rugby Club. And then I saw migraines and they're like yeah that's the safest route I mean right now compared to a football ct. Fighting is probably the safest way to go way way safer than so ball. I think I've seen a lot of players. Engines run their hands and people consistently do that twenty miles an hour. That's crazy so interesting. So when did you with the football to rugby? They didn't win. Did you? Try Mix most laws or a much a lot. When did you so I was GONNA DO CORRECTIONS? Being cop fight it before I went in jail or something you know. At least I can throw shops somebody with counter or something and I saw people go into the back and there were spun as a young and I do that. Yeah so I busted up by one. Forty-five no way so then when I finally so my side I hear them large house I to the floor by all rat. This is what I'm doing mother. I Mari which was like the second day of me in that school to officer is your data cop now stages ru really Dallaglio police officer in Cape Coral. You know very not very often. That happens to a cop out here. You know. We're the now it's getting crazy because they allowed to move over here and stuff and is out here woods now your life. Yeah did you take the issue? Could you take to the striking equally as you took the HEGARTY ground grappling? I was totally anti striking. All off. Schill my third pro fight when I actually connect with somebody the fight run into you and grab you and I change you downtown. You're facing for however long around was or handle yes. Assess touching people when I found out how to start touching myself falling and I was like. When did you get your first night? Compared I would went by. Did you get your first fight when you walked in the doors? Jim Throwing in the Fire Trading Jersey Envir- sometime. I was the firemen fires out. Bro I fight one gentleman. His face in the corner tower. Royal only does yes. I see you in a big. Tv Guy. Are you a guy to watch? Some shows are no phone. I'll watch some I steve hardy and stuff or some ridiculousness but I can't really sit down and watch TV. And even when I'm tired I want to sit down but I can't right now. I'm still twitching around seventy five minute rounds. Nascar SPRINT and I did nine rounds of boxing. Would Miss Training. Tonight is late wall works. What will you NAP NAP now after this well? You look good sleeper. If you've a sleep two hours and you're listening to this sport I didn't have sleep when you sacrifice something to make it where you WANNA be mindlessly clients four trade two hours iota work work till five get off work. Go to training awhile until ten do job. Why sorry about what was your job. Last days I ran my crews We were this fast irs. Because I needed to get training so we didn't like take lunch. Today's we'd like budget today. Guys don't let me tell you Nico I give you a lot of respect for that. I went landscaping once as a kid and I remember. We did one house with the lead in that. Tell You Jimmy. I get done with data getting a truck. Oh man that was like all right. We got to go before it. No matter what the final news. I'm with this shit. I'm like what the fuck adding thirty day and my crew and then two or three communities uncertainties give a ride your lawnmower active Bee's nest. I'm obsessed on Youtube by watch business. And that's my phobia is BS. I just watch people. Removing beehives Iran over a hive could the biggest community and it was in the morning. I ran over. A three is based so I remembered it. I'm riding along the inside a hole. Oh Shit pop. Tired I hit. The beehive was in the ground under the plant toward Iran at the crush the whole hive and they just jot me. Bros. I just I never ran so fast and then my other working was behind me. And he's he was crashed. I do let me so. I was getting rid. One's coming off of him a look man. We're happy that you find in this is a rematch. I'm really happy that making however it came about. I'm just glad that it lined up this way. You look what happened made night. I hope that happens on. May Ninth in Dana. Gets that done trains. The marinated in his control. He absolutely will. Oh yeah he's he's getting give you. We love watching. You guys was awesome. I have to run a little late. I have another thing I have to Jimmy love you. I will talk to you in a couple of days. Yes I producers work getting chills Rosena. 'cause I WANNA talk to him and what a good time Jimmy. Somebody buddies stay healthy. I'll talk you assume that everybody.

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