Terrible Bosses, Best Fall Clothes, Working For Yourself, and Other Listener Questions


My Name's will freeze in this is a Sunday scares podcast. You're cure for the Sunday blues every so often about once a month. I field questions on the Sunday scares instagram page which which is at Sunday dot scares. If you're interested in my daily mood board normally I can guess some of the topics that will be touched on TV. Suggestions hangover cures anxiety diety antidotes but for the first time ever this week. I got a question that I've never received before. What's your favorite part about doing. The Sunday scares podcast and I loved it. I've been hosting and producing the show for just over a year now and it's been one of the most fun times my life through it. I've gotten to get things off my chest that surprise even me. I've gotten and travel opportunities that have taken me thousands of miles away. I've interviewed people in different walks of life but when thinking about those things I knew that none of those could be classified as my favorite favorite part of the show as a whole instead it only seemed fitting that I had the realization that the absolute best part of my job is interacting with you. The listeners be doing these listener questions episodes or even interacting on twitter and instagram every Sunday. I'd be lying if I said that. The positive feedback wasn't something that fueled the fire of myself and this podcast so in that same breath I wanna thank you not only for following along and listening but for me to do something that I love weekend and week out so with that. Let's get to your questions. What are some tips for avoiding work on Sundays. When the email start coming in historically directly this has been one of the more difficult things I've had to overcome especially on Sundays when my body and mind have been trained to slow down and turn off much like trying to minimize your screen time time? It's much more difficult than just saying. Get off your damn phone. That's when the anxiety starts to creep in when you set your phone down in the other room and begin to wonder if the world's crumbling but you're too far away from I'm your phone you get notified of it while this wasn't necessarily a Sunday. It was a time that I simply wanted to tune out the rest of the world. I was on vacation rather than change the settings on my I phoned reduce my notifications. I simply turned all my notifications off. Yes all of them by e mails text messages in all my social media apps not not only this help me forget about the responsibilities. I didn't need be confronting but it was instrumental in making sure that my phone was a complete afterthought when I got back from vacation. I looked at my overall screen. Time in solid is on my phone less than forty minutes per day. Did I have a bunch of emails to confront kind of at least. I didn't feel like I was wasting my days off. Do you have any tips for dealing with a bad boss well without selling anyone out. Of course I do whether you hate your boss or hate. It'd be micromanaged. It's understandable that you may not love the person you're working directly under it makes you anxious when they linger on your desk. You dread the meetings. They're in charge of you. Cringe rindge their number POPs up on your phone but it doesn't have to be the end of the world the absolute best thing you can do a simple be the best you can possibly be at your job. I know that it sounds impossible. Given how much you probably drive the person in charge of you but just hear me out. If you're excelling in showing the rest of your peers that you're good at what you do not only do put yourself in a position -sition to succeed you gain credibility that you didn't have before reputation would begin to proceed you and suddenly your opinion matters more meetings and your expertise will be called upon more often often the thought of your hard work pain that person's checked as a tough pill to swallow. You can at least feel a sense of accomplishment fulfillment when your work would otherwise be overlooked in wants. Everyone starts to notice how well you're doing. Good things will come. I promise what are your top five must have clothing items when fall all rolls around when the temperature starts to hit the mid forties and leaves go from green to Orange. There's no better time everything your closet when you head out for the day one of my favorite fall items that I've taken to most recently has been the shirt jacket commonly referred to as a jacket it essentially looks like a Chunky button-down shirt that you can bring along toss on on the weather looks like it may cool down if you've been following along for a while you know my favorite has commonly been referred to as my oatmeal shirt as oatmeal season traditionally lands during the same as fall additionally when that's not enough. It's an absolute must have a waxed canvas jacket for those times when the shack it just isn't enough my news from Filton but most commonly see them from the English company Barber while they do take maintenance and re waxing every once in a while. They're sturdy enough coats to help you avoid the elements. Thanks for being compact enough that it's not a hassle to toss in your weekender bag last fall right around this time. I spoke highly of my next favorite the rugby shirt whether whether it's an astrologer from watching dead poet's society are just my passion for thick cotton shirts rugby's go a long way. You can toss it on over a t shirt for a layered. Look where it's so solo. It's sixty. Don't WanNa wear a jacket or even just lounge on the couch in one all day when your favorite team loses either way. It's a false stable additionally additionally in that same realm we have turtlenecks if that's somewhat of a comeback lately but in my opinion they never really went away. Mine is a little over the top a white turtleneck like with my initials monogrammed on the collar. It's definitely statement piece costume even but at the end of the day it's always nice to toss it on when the weather really dips and even even better. It's a hit at holiday parties. After falls ended in finally splurged piece I only one. It's mainly due to the price but cashmere sweaters on the perfect addition to any dresser closet. Whether it's a cotton cashmere blend that saves you a little money or an overpriced one hundred percent cashmere sweater from Barney's you can can actually tell the difference between Kashmir and every other fabric but if you take care of it and wash it properly it could last few years and when you're only breaking it out every year on mid-september. That's exactly how it should be. What are your favorite fall meals to cook on a Sunday afternoon. Remember that scene in Ratatouille him when the a food critic goes into the restaurant takes one bite of his meal and then gets taken back to a time in his childhood when he could smell his mother's cooking while I've a similar trigger and that trigger is his pot roast pot roast isn't my favorite meal and it's not even my favorite cut of meat but there's just something about it when we make it these days that takes me back whether I was walking in from soccer practice or just a cold day playing outside the smell of pot roast in the oven always slapped across the face when walking starving the French onion soup on top of it the carrots getting more and more tender by the moment in the Pearl onions just soaking up all the juices it made for an intoxicating scent that still triggers memories to this day living living in Texas. We kind of have to wait until November to make it. It's well worth a few years back. I pulled trigger on it too early making one and I found myself eating at during a Sunday night football game while it's it's about eighty degrees outside. I didn't want to admit at the time I knew I had made a huge mistake before. We get into more questions. This week's episode is brought to you by early bird. CD IF YOU'RE UNFAMILIAR WITH CBD don't don't be afraid to try it despite being taken from cannabis CBD's essentially the part of the weed that doesn't get you stoned and yes. It's totally legal my best use for it anxiety but that's not all it's good for additionally it can help with insomnia pain relief depression heart health and the list goes on early bird searches high and low for the very very best products oils topical tinctures capsules. Gumy's vape cartridges an even patriots. They started in two thousand eighteen with a simple mission helping think people find the best quality. CD for whatever their needs are there helping the best companies spread the power of CD so that the world can be a healthier and happier place every product they stop doc contains less than point three percent THC which is the legal limit and they shipped all fifty states for free by going to early bird CBD DOT com you can use Promo Code scariest for twenty twenty percents off your order again. That's early bird. CBD Dot Com using scariest for twenty percent off if you're looking for CBD or at least willing to try it for the first time look look no further than early bird as always you can find the link to them in the description this episode. Do you have any recommendations for cider this fall. You've heard me say before and I'll say it again. I absolutely love CIDERS. Kinda like craft beer. You see new sites popping up everywhere these days my favorites though come from Vermont during my talk with will brian a few weeks back we touched on his collaboration with Shakespearian Vermont while he designed the cabin for deer snacks which is definitely one of my favorites. I also enjoy few others. There's as well the vermonter the Ping Pong cider. You're in the Arlo all find themselves in my refrigerator from time to time they're widely distributed but I always seem to check my local grocery store for four packs of Vermont as every time I'm there additionally. There's another local cider here in Texas that we've also had taken to the spice cider from Austin East siders that comes out every fall while may have a little more sugar then we'll find from shacks. Berry one SIP understand why it's a favourite simply put. It just tastes like fall. What are some tips for implementing a new routine routines are tough for me. It's kind of like when a teacher made you read a book that you didn't WanNa read. You know you needed to do it but is a lasting you wanted to do. You know mainly because you're being told to do it rather than doing it on your own accord bomb fairly settled and content with my current routine that doesn't mean that I haven't struggled struggled with them in the past the only thing that's really worked alerts on my phone. I absolutely hate to employ people to increase their phone notifications buffer implementing wanting a new routine. It's almost essential for me. I sent an alert that goes off the same time every day and I'll only stop the alert under two conditions when I begin doing that specific thing on my I own without the alert and when I find myself just canceling the alert more than fulfilling the task at hand. This worked wonders me when I was working in an office environment doing things I never wanted to do but I found. It doesn't work as well in my personal life either way what I've realizes that you only make something a recurring routine. If you really want to do it deep down and if not it's not worth beating yourself up over does the freedom of working for yourself compensate for the lack of security working for a company well the answer to this is a bit complicated. I love working for myself. It was never an end goal for me but it was definitely something that I've entertained for the better part of ten years but in order to do so I needed to make sure that I have the utmost security and foolproof plan to make it happen working for yourself as listener asked is definitely a freeing experience. You work on your own schedule. You can prioritize tasks as you see fit rather than how others want them done and you have complete ownership of everything you do when things are going. Well you kind of feel on top of the world when things are going poorly. That's when you created the security of a larger company when I decided to go on my own. It was difficult. I I didn't think about it from all angles putting money away for quarterly tax payments having to deal with 401k issues on my own not having built in health insurance while all these were necessarily learning experiences they definitely could not be classified as fun or freeing but at the end of the day I wouldn't change a thing especially at this point in my life mm-hmm. What is Your Tin Ary when you go to England and Scotland this winter for those of you who don't know going to England Scotland for two weeks over Christmas and new years this year uh I have two friends who live on that side of the pond and I've yet to visit them. Despite how long they've been there we leave Christmas Day in London early in the morning on boxing day or as we know it over over here in the states. December twenty sixth from there I'll be spending the day attending the Tottenham Brighton game and going to bed early. I'm anticipating a bit of Jet Lag and I'm sure indulge and a few pints lines before and after the game the very next day we'll be taking a train to Edinburgh where we meet up with our friends. Whether we stick around the city or had to the Scottish highlands. We're intentionally not what over scheduling anything because after all we are in vacation on New Year's day we're going to head back to London do all the things that are a little more touristy see the sights to some restaurants that are out of our price range and hopefully catch an FA Cup game before we head out you know if my fiance let me when you're working from home. Are there any days when you just get nothing accomplished. This is a question. I've gotten a lot when I've previously taken submissions from listeners and truth be told no. I don't really have those days anymore. Whether it's because of my intrinsic guilt or my fear of becoming a sloth I've never had an issue being productive at home in fact. I actually find myself to be more productive than I ever wasn't an office. Maybe it's that whole premise. I laid out earlier the one where you don't want to read a book in Middle School because you're being told to but I found that working from home is where I'm most comfortable granted. There are days a lot of days when I close up shop a couple of hours before five whether it's because I start work earlier because I don't commute or that. I just give into that three o'clock feeling feeling. I'm not really filled with guilt when this happens if anything it's valuable meantime that I never had in my twenties early thirties into combat it. I don't limit myself to work during the day. If I feel randomly inspired around eight o'clock at night the show goes on stress about healthy eating well. Yes ask a lot. I've mentioned time and time again but I've done whole thirty four or five times now thirty. I've definitely implemented in many parts of it in my everyday diet eh while the sounds like I may be beaten down by it really not that's actually the point of whole thirty to teach your mind which food you should be eating in implementing daily habits into your everyday everyday lifestyle. Perhaps stress out isn't the proper way to phrase my dietary habits instead. I consider myself more of a hyper aware person than anything eliminating dating added sugar reducing carbon take voting dairy all these things add up and stay top of mind for them at the grocery store out at a restaurant and if I have a particularly particularly big meal for even a long weekend of eating or drinking my awareness of it definitely leads to healthier decisions in the meal or week following. I don't consider those figuring times to to be cheap meals by any means but considering how little I work out. I owe it to myself to eat as healthy as I possibly can. And if you liked what you heard today make sure to subscribe review or tell a friend in need about this podcast. I subscribe you can guarantee that each and every episode gets delivered directly not to your phone every Sunday morning. You can also follow me on twitter at Sunday scares an instagram which is at Sunday dot series or you can follow me on twitter and scream it will to freeze. It's remember always trim the wicks your sent the candles Cenex

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