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Bradshaw is giving away another quarter million dollars in the super six super bowl contest this weekend. Download the free fox super six and make your pickings for your chance to win. All you do is pick six outcomes in the super bowl. One of the questions is which team will win. And by how many points calling. You gave your pick earlier. Which is thirty one twenty four kansas city. I say that with very little conviction because the weather is going to be lousy. And because i'm worried to death. The eric fisher left tackle kansas city out. Mitchell schwartz out. I'm telling you that defensive front for the box shaq barrett and via and j p p. and todd bowles is super smart and blitzes a lot. So i can. You know the one thing i'll say about that. That green bay tampa game. When i think i told you this the first ten minutes that game from my television set you hear how hard tampa was hitting. Tampa wants to ugly. This thing up tampa wants to the they want this thing to be physical and look like a. Ufc octagon fight. Kansas city wants to stake in. They want to drop back some dirt deep vertical stuff. So i'm gonna take the chiefs but we can have many outcomes by the way life. Changing sleep casper mattress. Go to casper. Dot com casper mattresses eighty-six supportive gel pods. Nobody else does that carson palmer's the former pro bowler fifteen years three robles three playoff appearances in fifteen years and he's moved undisclosed location. I know our tattenham not telling anybody. But he's a lucky guy. He's already skied worked out and had a good day today. So you know we talk about this all the time carson that. Your career is different. If you get bella check and tommy get cincinnati. We know that that's true. We know that you. I mean matt. Stafford has a career from detroit. Ill look a lot better in los angeles. I want to start with something. The deshaun watson situation you were vocal instead enough is enough. What where do you land would shawn watson tommy. It took him twenty years to be free agent before he could choose mahomes. He's got it perfect. I wanna leave. Where do you stand onto shawn watson. Now a san too much dysfunction. I want out of here. yeah. I can't speak to his exact reasoning. I haven't had a conversation with him but to me. It sure looks like he's going man. I've been. I've been here for a handful years. I've given it everything i've got. I've played grateful football. I only have another four or five years in my prime of my best football and my best football with this with the texans station doesn't equate super bowl wins and he is chasing super bowl. Win just like every other quarterback in the league. So i'm sure it it. Sure looks to me. Like he's just tired of the dysfunction tired of making the head coach who is also the offensive play caller. The gm also. I'm sure he wants some sort of a foundational organization that knows what they're doing and has been doing and having success for a long time and at the same time. The grass isn't always greener and in order to for him to get out of houston and go somewhere else. They're gonna have to give up a lot of draft capital and maybe too much crap draft capital to overcome and win that for super bowl that he seeking that that's a great point. You know that was the carmelo. Anthony trade with the denver nuggets is that denver had the knicks. Had to give up so much to get carmelo by the time carmelo got there. He was the only player on the team. So to your point. You worry about that. So i wanna talk about brady so brady in new england at the end carson. He had nothing. He didn't have a functional tight end. gronk had retired. They don't have a number one or a number two receiver. Then he goes to tampa. Where scotty miller is five and it's weird. It was almost like it was a buffet the first couple of months. It's like okay. Who do i have relationships here with when you were watching him this year. You know the turbulence. Do you think some of it was. This team. Had so many weapons. How do you divvy it up. Well he absolutely knew what he was doing. Brady is obviously no dummy. He he knew. His contract was expiring in new england and just went out and found the most talented roster. He knew he was turning forty three. He knew he doesn't quite have that same bounce in the pocket in his legs. He no he. He knew he didn't have that same. Velocity had at twenty seven. He was going to need guys that can take a five yard pass and go eighty and he found that he found the best roster no doubt about it. He was tired of his number. One target being element. Who's a great player but element is a slot. Receiver settlement is very easy to double in the middle of the field. So he he simply found the best roster went and made that roster even better. You know mahomes is obviously a special talent. But andy reid is such a clever play designer. And i mean we all know that mahomes is talented. But he had a losing record in college. You get to the nfl. He's better pro quarterback on a college quarterback. Tell me what playing with a more clever play designer is like go to your career the most you know progressive play designer. Does it challenge. You can be hard. Initially it is it. More of a an encyclopedic knowledge. You have to have especially mahomes as a kid. Are you surprised. He's adapted to it so well early you know. I think it's more about the play. Callers delivery of how to run and execute each play and saying that. There's so many young courts coaches in the league right now. Matt lafleur and mcvay there's so many analytical ways of coaching and controlling games you know they all run similar place. Similar schematic design. Some of them are telling. You like bruce arians. Hey look deep. I throw an eighty yard touchdown. It's really hard to go. Eighty yards on fourteen plays in today's day and age against these defenses. So it's not so much. The schematic design. It's the way that the quarterback in offense players are being taught to run that play. There's so many there's so many coaches especially these young coaches that just wanna hang around and have a chance to win it at the end of the game. But these coaches on sunday. The both these guys andi and bruce. They're trying to win the game. They're gonna go after that win. They're not gonna play defensively in hold on until the end they're going to attack attack attack and some of those schematic designs of the plays. They're calling they're designed to throw the ball deep downfield over people's heads not looking for easy completions underneath for five and six games carson palmer joining us fifteen years multiple pro bowls already a college football hall of famer if you look at pro football focus which i do a lot for the grading of offensive lineman i can figure out who can quarterback and receivers and tight ends but their offensive line stuff in it. The gradings interesting. They took the top fifteen players in this game and the chiefs had a lot of them in the top four and then carson. It was like six through fifteen. It was all tampa guys. So my deeper roster tamper tampa. My stars are mostly kansas city. In games you've played in your career. Would you rather have ten of the fifteen best players or the three best players as teammates death. I mean i want. I want a swing tackle. That in case in case eric fisher goes down. We've got a guy where paying four or five million bucks that's a that can play both sides. The ball left right left and right tackle. Stars are great and stars fun and exciting. But when i look at this matchup. I i'm looking more at what guys have defensively and i like tampa in this matchup because of the lateral speed that they have and i like that because that's what kansas city. Kansas city tries to outflank you with nicole hartman coming in motion and tyreek hill coming in motion the running screens. And they're handing the ball off of well. Tampa has got as you said earlier that their front seven is phenomenal. But they've got to the fastest linebackers in devon white and lamantia david league so they can run with that lateral speed. They can cover. You sideline to sideline ninety five percent of the teams that the kansas city played this year did not have that kind of athleticism and speed so i i look at depth. I want deep. I wanna i wanna be able to lose a guy and not feel like our season is hinging upon that because we have this guy that's been waiting in the wings and just waiting for his opportunity to play and here it is so i look at death and you're spot on i mean tampa absolutely has depth carson palmer joining us. You know it's I i always like bella check. And i always like brady but what bothered me was at the end of tommy in new england. It really bothered me. When i started seeing stuff leaked to. Espn the magazine. Where people in new england were saying. You know we could win with a lot of guys. And i was like okay timeout. Okay come on. Come on. That bothered me. And then i watched tom versus time and giselle his wife says at one point you know it just it just liked to be walking into the building and feel appreciated so i gotta be honest with you carson. I'm rooting for tom on this divorce. I don't like the leaks. I think. I think sometimes corporations don't football corporations don't quite get the players and that's all a team is a collection of players when this thing broke up. Are you surprised by how it's ended where you're rooting for one side or another. It's always an ugly ending. There's no pretty sweet sensitive sendoff. There is no doubt in my mind that brady wants his seventh ring. But he wants to be able to go back to new england and be on the on the The upper northeast end. Everybody realize hey. It wasn't belichick. It was break. I mean that's what brady's playing for if brady wins the super bowl. It's it's just the fact it was brady. Bill check is great. I'm not taking away from bella. Check i played against spellcheck many times and he had me confused and pissed off. And i'm not saying he's he's not a great great great head coach and a brilliant defensive coordinator. But there's there's no doubt if brady wins the super bowl. I'm marty st- edging that way right now. Just the fact that. Tom's been to the super bowl literally every other year this career but if he wins the super bowl i think it's you know the point is made that that was brady brady was the was the patriot. Way not belichick. Do you have any bitterness. Is the wrong word. Because you're happy guy. But just party. Because i always say i would be if i thought i was talented as a broadcaster and i never felt i got great support. I've been fortunate. I have but if i didn't it would keep me awake at night. Maybe my ego or something in your career. You're the guy that every gmo a- says come on carson palmer showed up there and if you you're always the guy they use and maybe now now that you're gone at stafford or whatever but but if you ever thought to yourself just just one night over a beer with friends. Can i wanna. I have like sean mcvay for a few years. Or andy reid. Is that ever creep in. It's impossible to ju just like it's impossible for brady not to really want this super bowl to prove his doubters wrong. But no doubt i mean. I'm a firm believer. I've seen it firsthand that your career as a quarterback is completely dependent upon the organization. You play for and great players can overcome a poorly run organizations but in every sport great organizations tend to always be around the playoffs. Talk they show up in super bowls and poorer poorly run organizations tend to not be in the playoffs very often. So i do think that a quarterback's career and legacy is very tightly intertwined with the success and the way that organization is run. All right wendy. Last time you grabbed a football in through it. I was in lake tahoe playing in the celebrity golf tournament and lake tahoe and i was actually playing. Well i was in the top ten. I had thrown a football in two years and fit. Larry fitzgerald comes up to me like a man. I need to run routes. We got training camp starting next week. And i'm like fits. I'm gonna tear my tricep in my bicep in half. If i go out and throw a football. But he kept wearing. I went out and through engulfed shoes. Literally my golf spikes to him on a high school football field up and lake tahoe. And i and i actually spun it a lot better than i thought and then i asked him after i got done so is it is it. Come off my hand much different than kyle. Where do i rest. He's like no you are. You could be third stringer maybe our practice squad guy and that as soon as he said confidence went down the roof. And i i s- my arm. And i was in like tenth place in the tournament and my arm was so sore for the final day. The tournament that i went out shot like eighty eight because i could barely move see. Yeah you're just broke up. You felt so good about yourself. And then he dropped that scout team thing and boom. You're done ego. Shot boom over great talking to you carson. Love having on the show man and you just enjoy your winner based on all right carson palmer good dude. He was the last great. Uc quarterback donald was good. I said this. I've i've had gm say this before. They always use carson. There was like listen. Man you need help the narrows like everybody in the league knows carson came out. He looked through. Talked walked ran. He was the star quarterback. We just talked about it earlier. How hard it is to find talent in football. There's a lot of moving parts from two thousand and two thousand seventeen. The number one high school quarterback one starts in the nfl. matt stafford. Never want playoff game. What does that as you said. You need a lot of help. A lot of parts in football andrew luck is was the next elway. He's out of the game. It's not even just talent like you have to have the coach in place you have to the organization in place like the texans have had a lot of talent a lot of talent not in the offensive line. They had left tackle. Let him go. Got another one gave up a bunch of draft picks supplement. I take every day powerful back by science go to drive from dot com today free shipping sixty day money back guarantee don't let age defying be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern and pacific on fox sports radio one and the iheartradio app the therapy for black girls. Podcast is your space to explore. Mental hill personnel development. And all of the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves. I'm your host. Dr joy hardin braford psychologists in atlanta georgia and. I can't wait for you to join the conversation every wednesday this therapy for black girls. Podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast take good care. Joy taylor the news. No turn on the news. This is the third line news washington. We'll be looking to improve at quarterback this off season. Gm martin mayhew and vp of player. Personnel mardi were asked about the team's plans for the position. They praised both alex smith. And taylor heineke but also noted they will be looking in that position very thoroughly. They said the team will be smart and aggressive and finding a quarterback without mortgaging their future. I'll say sam darnold is a wild card here. We did this couple of weeks ago. Yeah i was gonna ask. I couldn't remember who was sam. Darnold alex smith is. They worry about health heineke athlete but not real big. Not very big guy. Darnold gives them the athleticism of heineke. Few more starting snaps like alex smith. He's got kind of the personality of. I tend to think revere want somebody. He looks at that division and he wants alex smith commitment with heineke pop mobility and that feels like darnold maturity with a little pop athletically. I think that'd be a great place for sam darnold. We know coke yes. They took a significant step up this year. Obviously yeah the situation. Dwayne haskins but rivera has completely changed the culture there. Washington's had eight different head coaches ten. If you include interims and twenty three different starting quarterbacks. Since dan snyder purchased the team in nineteen ninety nine the nineteenth pick in the draft. And they've got listen. They got the defensive front solved deep inside the ball salt. I have a young receiver washing this this this situation. Washington is why the eagles situation is like so awesome. Eight like this division is not going to be. Don't think about the nfc east the way it was this year. Get it does raise it from your mind. This morning i would do. Washington wins at dallas second giants. Thirty goals fourth. I could turn that two years ago. But that's what i would do today so no one could have expected how much success patrick mahomes has had this early in his career. He'll have a chance to build on his legacy if he wins a second straight super bowl this weekend and chief. Ceo clark hunt thinks he could be the team's very own michael jordan. It's amazing the success. Patrick has had so early in his career. I mean really. You know more so than michael jordan had early in his career took michael two years before he won his first championship. And patrick. and you're one and head of on the cusp of making the super bowl. I think everybody felt that. Patrick was gonna take some time to develop Course he. he's turned the table on all that and show and be one of the best ever to play the position only four years into young career. It's be a nice feeling to have much for homes on your team. And by the way brady is sitting there he said hey guys they think he's michael jordan. Hey guys chris jones says dynasty. What brady's doing he's using all this going. They got the game one they. They don't think they're gonna lose. He's doing the patriot. Though i guarantee you everybody michael went six for six guys. They already think his game. You know. I think there's not really a lot of bulletin board material in this in this situation because you gotta respect patrick mahomes and the chiefs and everybody likes it. Everybody likes them and you have to respect them but like they won their the chance to repeat here so it's never been here before and then we're comparing them to tom. Brady got one at slowdown on the mj. Talk maybe listen. I got patrick mahomes on your team. You're feeling great. So i get it. I think that yes tom. Brady is the better comparison at this to michael jordan. But yeah i mean. There's there's really a lot of animosity in this. This weekend's game weather is not a huge factor. I do too. I don't like the weather affects the game. I don't mind a little rain but don't give me i lived in tampa call it being We get a lot of rain but didn't get a lot of win. It rains every single day in south florida. But you know we talk about whether playing a factor obviously is going to be a lot of snow. We were worried about with at lambeau and a lot of players say that the snow isn't in the cold isn't really the problem. Unless it's like you know twenty below zero but the rain does actually affect it. When it's out there it's that is what makes it more difficult for offenses so i hope that it's all clear so ever mind took his first job in the nfl. This year as the head coach of the jaguars and running back. James robinson can't wait to get to work with him. He said i've talked to him a few times. He seems pretty cool excited to work with all of us. I think all of us are excited to have him and see what he brings the practices games and all that and see what he likes to do. Well if i was an offense of guide love him because urban is really clever offensive guy. Saw here on the kickoff show. We'd have here noon. He he's played diagram or he's an offensive guy. The two things urban knows offense and personnel. And then hire somebody on the defensive side. Take care of it. I'm not really exhilarating. By any of the on hiring how about none cycle except for urban and i'm really interested to see what robert solid in new york. Yeah i'm kinda with you. I i thought it was a great year for candidates and allows a year for higher. I do think. Urban jackson did this. People banged on phil jackson. Yeah it comes back for shack cope but you know he does. The jordan thing and he retires undone cherry. Pick a great job. What happens when you've established yourself urban. You get to choose the best jobs you get to choose your situation in your path and you get to be patient and eric b enemy. Obviously we were. His name is in the the top candidates every year. Wait if if these teams wanna keep passing on you wait for the perfect situation right and this is perfect. urban knows. The area gets a quarterback cap space. And we'll meyer and trevor lawrence in win- what they're going to valuating. The new socks for the uniforms are evaluating more than their peck. Joy with the news. Well that's the news. Thanks for stopping by heard lie. Jason mcintyre got his pick next. Be sure to catch. Live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am pacific name. is rita k. I am ellen bunch grad school. this is your grandmother. You is a podcast about the relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren. As my mother would have said who wouldn't wanted a jewish grab. Sometimes she accidentally livestreams. Who's gonna tell her up. Just hearing about this. Listen to call your grandmother on iheart. Radio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your debts. Jason mcintyre joins me on friday every time every friday at this time and he makes his predictions. He's a former newspaper guy and he tries to predict what the headlines will be tomorrow and he is now joining us. Live customary on our show fox sports radio saturday ten to one eastern all right here. We go very excited because you've had. How have you done in the playoffs. By the way. I thought i thought the packers beat tampa. Otherwise i was okay. Yeah it was three and one. Last weekend i had packers as well but the prop bets by the way which are like sixty percent of the handle at the super bowl. I'm locked and loaded. I wrote a column for fox sports this week. Nine prophets colin. I'm thinking seven and two probably maybe eight one. We'll see all right here. We go tomorrow headlines today. What the headline going to be for the chiefs on monday. Yeah very excited in kansas city. Right they got to see their chemo week. The headline will be country rolled to place right back to the podium colin chiefs. Go back to back. I know you like my musical references. My wife is shuttering in the next room by the way. I just think this is a kansas city team. Believe it or not. they feel a little disrespected. I know that's crazy to say but so many people like tampa in this game. I just want to remind people okay. Tampa bay is going against the chiefs team. That's one twenty five twenty seven you know. We've we've all heard andy reid with an extra week off twenty six and six thing i. I've joked this season that they have been so dominant in the first half that they play with their food in the second half and let teams back in the game. Colin this for they face six playoff teams this year right four in the regular season two in the playoffs kansas city in the first half outscored those sixteen hundred and fourteen to forty eight in a big game. They come out and blow the doors off the ravens. The bills whoever. It is my in all the good team. They just crush them. And we're kind of like you know talking down about the chiefs. I'm telling you this is the best team in the league. They win the super bowl handily. Colin tomorrow's headlines today. What the headline to be for the buccaneers on monday. You know this is a tough one. Because i do like this tampa team. I just think they're criminally overrated. Sorry folks the headline will be bucks. Walk the plank. I i might be the only guy. In america that thinks tampa bay could get blown out at home call. I know people are excited right for tampa bay they get to host the super bowl. I just want to remind everybody what they've done in the playoffs. So in the first round they faced a seven and nine washington team. Ron rivera is starting their fourth string quarterback. I think they got him off the wall. Street bets read it forum okay. That guy was a four string quarterback and they win that game. Then they play the saints new orleans drew brees vomits all over himself three interceptions. Than the jared cook fumble tampa longest touchdown drive in. That game was forty yards. Okay it was a kind of a lucky win and then you look at the packers game. We talked about this. Between the davante adams dropped touchdown the end of the half just a complete meltdown by the packers especially at the end to this has been a charmed playoff. Run for tampa. They had a great season. They'll probably be back here next year. But i do believe they get smoked home tomorrow's headlines today. Mvp of the super bowl. Yeah you know. There's a strong correlation between a high point total historically in the super bowl and the quarterback getting the award the headline will be mahomes. Schooling and negative timely. Of course both my kids home today from school. Because it's california i digress. This is a guy called. We'd never seen anything like this. Just remember three years in the league as a starter he went. Mvp the league super bowl and super bowl mvp. And i think he's going to get another one colin. We'll talk about this a little bit more minute. But patrick mahomes. We've never seen this in the history of football. Patrick mahomes is doing some crazy things. And what i love about the guys. He never gets rattled right. He doesn't throw a lot of interceptions. He doesn't fumbled the ball. Does it make bad. Decisions processing in his reads are incredible. You're gonna take away tyreek hill and kelsey. That's fine hand off. I'm not greedy. I'll take what you give me. Patrick mahomes just unbelievable six and one in the playoffs. I think he makes it seven in one and wins the mvp tomorrow's headlines today. What the headline for tommy brady on monday. Yeah tom brady. Listen man unbelievable. Season obviously a great career. The headline will be brady bunch of interest. Now i've found a quirky stat colin. I two weeks to dig around the numbers. Tom brady has had five multiple game. Interceptions this season five five years. The last three years he spent in new england he had five for whatever. Reason that the interceptions come in bunches. This is a bet. I gave out by the way on my podcast. Straight fire over one and a half interceptions for the game. I think it's easy. Money brady has been known to cough it up in bunches with this new team. New playbook byron left which the o sia don't love that guy. But i think brady has a tough one but no worries. They're going to be back very good strong next year in tampa tomorrow's headlines today finally headline for patrick mahomes on monday. I can't say enough. Good things about this guy. The headline will be from ten. Pick two top ten colin. I'm ready. I think monday morning. You're gonna come on. The hurt and say man mcintyre nailed it. Patrick mahomes is already a top ten quarterback all time in the nfl. I ran down this list on my podcast. And i'm telling you man. Colin mahomes is going to have a case with the second super bowl. There are not a lot of quarterbacks who have to super bowl rings okay. He i think he's gonna volt passed in marino and people are going to get very outrage. I got a lot of hate mail on twitter. I we need to look at the numbers and look what patrick mahomes has done and colin. I don't wanna hear this well. He's got andy reid call. What was andy reid. Before he got pat mahomes a guy who was very good in philly but lost three straight. Nfc taito games lost in the super bowl when mcnabb was horrible. They're down the stretch. Like andy reid has been elevated by mahomes. They worked so well together. Column telling you like. Patrick mahomes like just drop in folks. He's twenty five years old and he could already have two super bowl rings with one on sunday. Good stuff. jason mcintyre straight fire. Jason mcintyre on iheartradio weekend. Buddy you too. By the way all great quarterbacks had good coaches spellcheck. Montana fouts had coryell. Aikman jimmy johnson. Big band bradshaw slowdown on amrenian. Also had a pretty good pretty good for joy and everybody. We'll see you monday one. More herd the herd streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen. Live or on demand. Whenever you like.

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