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Bloomberg dot com on the Bloomberg business APP and Bloomberg. Quick tape. This is Bloomberg radio. Bloomberg, markets. Glenn and Paul Sweetie, that action, essentially unlimited quantitative easing companies, taking aim at Corona, virus, vaccines and other treatments could be lower for longer hit market selloff. Global once again breaking market news and decide from Bloomberg experts if If you're going to be starring with action is really showing the they're doing whatever it takes. A lot of people don't expect that the economy will reopen fold. Hitting Industrial, America and it's a major crisis threes Bloomberg. Markets with funny clan and polls sweetie on Bloomberg radio. Coming up a very important discussion Dr Tom Friedman former CDC director, and get his thoughts on the surge in Corona virus in the US plus can take a look at the US home. Market prices seemed to be falling going forward. We're going to see what the future means for the US housing market verse. Go to Greg Jarrett Bloomberg News for a Bloomberg Business Flash Breakfast. Little, up and down. Stocks are trading mixed with gains in tech shares blunting the weakness in airlines and hotels mid signs. The world's economy is not quite there and as a way to go to get their check the numbers as we do every fifteen minutes, S. and P.. Five hundred is now down less than a tenth of a percent down to. To Dow's down seven tenths percent, one, hundred, seventy, six, and the Nasdaq is up one half of one percent fifty to ten years up one thirty-second with a yield, two point, six seven percent West, intermediate crude is little changed. Forty sixty four comex gold is up eight tenths of a percent that eighteen o seven, sixty per ounce, the dollar yen one seven.

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