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Leonardo da vinci the man the myth the guy who too damn near everything better than anyone who would come before him and better than most came after him the genius genius there was seemingly nothing. This guy couldn't do exceptionally well. He painted some of the most esteemed invaluable pieces of art of all time he's catch detailed semantics inventions that were in some cases several several hundred years ahead of their time he was an artist and architect and inventor a mad scientist a student of all things scientific he possessed the intense curiosity one thousand curious people and the drive of ten thousand to follow through on that curiosity with continual experimentation that led towards immense understanding and scientific scientific advancement his social circle included kings nobles the other top artists of the italian renaissance and the pope his natural genius cross so many disciplines that that he epitomized the term renaissance man and he did this all despite being born the bastard child of either a peasant or slave. We're gonna have fun today going to get some inspiration peration and i'm probably going to say some super fucked up stuff here and there because it makes me so happy to do that all kinds of stuff happening on today's if i can accomplish one percent of what leonardo da vinci did head all have lived a very full and successful life edition of time suck. This is michael mcdonald and you're listening to time suck take. I'm happy monday made sacks. I'm dan comments he of many stock-based nicknames and you are listening to time suck pumps the map coming podcast whore forecast scared to death now on itunes. I think everywhere else all the big third party. Podcast apps hairless athena hope can scare you like scaring queen of the suck lindsey goes subscribe scared to death nimr bojangles triple and can take a back seat today hail. You told the curious member. 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No uh-huh handlebars no hands you've heard at thanks to all the space for allowed us to donate this money on behalf time suck nimrod safina very pleased announcements are done if good news annoys you or to get onto the life and works of davinci now to fit in here to do this may mark five hundred years since his death great h. choice pedro on space lizards and and thank you for allowing us to hire our third full time employees well someone who worked for months time volunteer then for well over a year so and making getting a little bit each month to do so many social media things <hes> you know skip she got the private facebook group started moderated discord started moderated move from portland oregon to cd the d._a. Idaho just for this job. Hari veldkamp high priest is <hes> thank you for bringing her to us so hail nimrod now backlit davinci artist architect inventor engineer scientists and more davinci's many talents interests accomplishments made them the inspiration of many of us lowly hustler's slurs grinders workaholics other ambitious lunatics working our asses off to try and create something amazing. I sure as shit do not have this man's level of talent but i may have a touch of his drive to create so let's get inspired. Let's get to know leonardo motherfucking davinci as we'll soon learned davinci's. Many many interests would take him away from an even greater art career than he could have had <hes> what she had such an amazing already. It's crazy to think but how famous of an artist he is five centuries after he died. I mean davinci's paintings are some of the most valuable pieces of art ever created even the unfinished and damage one's part of their value may may liner scarcity. There are only under twenty surviving pieces. That davinci gets credit for even some of those. Are you know disputed for some reason. I thought there was way more than that. The most it's expensive of da vinci's works at least have been put up for sale so far called salvator mundi or savior of the world sold at christie's auction house in new york two thousand seventeen seventeen for a record smashing four hundred fifty point three million dollars almost half a billion fucking dollars for one painting for a painting that in my opinion isn't even like in the top five best paintings you made and it's pretty beat up or the mona lisa get a i'm going to tell you later. It's insane. <hes> what is valued at all so this particular davinci painting the most <hes> you know <hes> commonly of his quote unquote known works to be a fraud a lot of members at the art world dispute its authenticity so someone spent four hundred fifty million bucks for what might be one of davinci paintings newest i kind of cash flow on a painting by the way anyway <hes> saudi prince about baiter being abdulah bin mohammad bin farrand assad and the salvador mundi isn't even currently on display in fact known even knows what opinion is rumored rumored to about deteriorated to a point that it might not be fit for display the highest amount paid for a work of art at auction previously was one hundred seventy nine point four million for he made that scene sound like a small number number life. Whatever billion hundred eighty mill okay at your trash painting picasso's women of algiers in may of two thousand fifteen. The highs is known sale price for for any artwork. You know not necessarily an auction was three hundred million dollars for william de kooning's interchange modern art sold privately in september two thousand some fifteen by the david geffen foundation to hedge fund manager kennedy griffin distract landscape and if i didn't care when i say this if i didn't know its value and sought at a local art gallery i literally wouldn't put it in my house if they gave it to me for fucking free artists so subjective like i looked at my that to me is a a piece of shit. One man's throw that piece of shit in the trash and burnt is another man's three hundred million dollars painting. Gotta love art in addition to be known for his art. Davinci also known for conspiracies who buddy yeah weird after half millennium scholarship on leonardo is immense and continuing leonardo's life and work of long been the stuff is speculation wild theories untrammelled fantasy says martin kemp professor emeritus of art history at oxford in one of the world's foremost ardo scholars bombarded with things about leonardo on a regular basis that ranged from laughable too insane the bombardier's include neuroscientists dennis dennis opthamologist psychologist pathologist geo morphology or the data's artists photographers even art historians campus devised a taxonomy of disinformed or eccentric ideas about leonardo says it <hes> there are mystic theorists who believe that secret messages about the nature of the cosmos or concealed leonardo's work heresy see syrus who believed that leonardo was involved in some sort of religious cabal gio theorists who followed of themselves trying to identify the background landscape in the mona lisa and other paintings attribution theorists who wanna put leonardo's name on worked at his his drag theorists who believe that the mona lisa depicts either leonardo or one people's dresses woman sci-fi theorists pretty much exactly what you imagine the believe some kind of a billion space lizard some nudity luminosity member come down breath kemp calls dan brown <hes> author of the da vinci code the godfather of many of these theories <hes>. It's funny how one fitch author writing one fictional novel focusing ah vinci has played a part in you know mysteries that unraveling to other fictional mysteries written about other fictional written in other fictional dan brown novels millions forget forget about the fiction part of the job description and think they should have like like dan brownie. He has written a lot of books about a lot of weird things and he uses real names but it's fiction. Kemp says that brown is responsible. Oh for the idea that there are hidden codes messages mystic geometry's disguise words esoteric numbers in a variety of renaissance paintings. I wonder if the end brown was only fifty. Five right right now just laughs his ass off when taking a second to really reflect on how many wacko doodles he is fucking riled up people now out on the web passing along long his ideas that he pulled out of his ass as actual could not be more true wake-up <unk> conspiracies where does that. He made all of it up to write a novel now years later like i don't even know maybe millions of people like yeah. I mean you know that he was part of the priory of si- on knows nonsense oh man i wonder how many conspiracy nuts even understand what the word facial mates carmen see baumbach <hes> curator of the in the department of drawings and prints at the metropolitan museum of art. The author of an upcoming four volume study leonardo da vinci rediscovered. Here's some leonardo disciples on the fringe at least once a week. She says <hes> a a recent example is to men said that leonardo's earliest dated drawing the arno valley from fourteen seventy three they saw elephants camels and birds. What essentially is a landscape. I commend them for their love w. nardo but said there are no elephants or other animals in the drawing. I started this image for a few minutes and i didn't see anything that remotely resembled any animal especially like an elephant for a few humanists. I was pretty sure i saw some sweet boobs. Oh hell is to finish those taught us for sure projected those girls into the image things that people do they see what they want to see. One of the more widespread leonardo theories involves the figure of the apostle. John was his vaguely feminine features in the last supper the idea here which parallels the findings of brown's <hes> robert langdon the fictional professor of somebody symbolic at harvard fictional is leonardo was depicting john but mary magdalene and the church authorities through the centuries waged a campaign to cover up this intimate relationship between jesus and mary zero reputable scholarship supports this interpretation of the last supper. You're we're gonna have some fun with this particular belief in a few minutes to really dig into this one <hes> the mona lisa has been the subject of a lot of non experts speculation hidden images in the painting have been found quote unquote by many ron piccirillo and artists in rochester new york claimed on his website that we looked at the painting upside down and followed the highlights of for portrait he was able to spot turned out to be a lion's head in a head in buffalo head. He added that quote for me. It helps to only use one. I and hand the viewer should be extremely close to the left edge of the painting good job ron. What do you get to the bottom of some shit. Nobody's time doing that very helpful very interesting. The vinci may have made it very very difficult to maybe kind of random spot a few dumb animals hidden into a painting what silvano people all dedicated so much of their lives so von of incentives and art history sleuth to run something in italy called the national committee for the promotion of historical and cultural heritage claims that he can discern minute letters painted. Mona lisa's is in the right eye for instance. He detects letters l. m._v._p. Louvre says that this is a very famous museum in paris. So that is examined the painting was every possible laboratory tests and has found no letters <hes> yes all the experts louvre must be hiding something fucking knights templar the puppets tons of conspiracies revolve around the mona lisa. There are hidden messages in symbolism to speculation and mona lisa's himself for an assistant dresses woman as i said earlier animal's numbers snead himself to painting. Maybe dressed as a woman. I hear that and i think who gives a fuck was davinci connected with the major ancient mysteries was a member of some clandestine secret society and those rules wackadoo tools or take your tin foil hats fuck off my lawn. According to some leonardo was the leader of a group called the priory of silent according to the da vinci code fictional book the primaries mission to keep the secret of mary magdalene in her marriage. Urge to jesus live while the davinci eviction it is based on theories from controversial nonfiction book entitled the holy blood holy grail written by michael <hes> vagit richard allay henry lincoln in the early nineteen eighties holy blood holy grail sites the evidence for leonardo's membership in the secret primary of psi on as a number of documents deposit in the bibliotheque nationale l. in paris but is that even true our spoiler no we're gonna look into the priory of sign and just a bit we have talked about that group before and debunked previously easily. We're going to get into that again here. <hes> so let's take a second to point out one thing before we did. The davinci really did do that. Helps conspiracy theories believe lots of crazy shit about the man davinci. The <hes> really was not a stranger to secret coats. A lot of his notes were written backwards with quote unquote mirror writing. It's unclear exactly why leonardo did this. It's been suggested that he may have felt that. Some of his military inventions would be too destructive and powerful. If they fell into the wrong hands therefore he protected his notes by using a reverse method of writing other scholars point out. This type of encryption was pretty easy to break. You'll need to hold the paper to a mirror to read. It not exactly a real. <hes> you know secret code. If leonardo was used for security he probably only just trying to protect the contents from a casual observer. Just kind of like walking by glanced over shoulder for second and other researchers have suggested that he used this reverse writing because he just found it easier to write right that way and he was a weird eccentric genius. He was left handed. It would've made writing backwards less difficult for him than than for a right handed person now. I just think it's funny that some people think he wrote backwards to hide powerful invention powerful people like people like the leaders of the church leaders of nefarious secret societies as if these powerful leaders just weren't smart enough to figure out he was fucking just riding backwards. It's literally the easiest code to break. Hold up to mir code broken okay so let's take a second now examined. The juicy is conspiracy. I teased a bit here. This one involving dan brown's davinci code the last supper painting and the priory of syon. Let's pop into today's today's idiots of the internet internet okay the video. Today's called <hes>. Does the last supper really have a hidden meaning. It's published by the smithsonian channel barely reputable june eighteenth two thousand thirteen four minute video. It looks into the dan brown. Davinci code novels claimed at the figure sitting to the right of jesus in the painting is not the disciple john as a church claims names but instead mary magdalene and mary is the holy grail. So what does that even mean that would mean that mary board jesus at least one child scandal handle alert jesus would not sell a bit in jason wasn't celebrate that means a christian churches have been enforcing a patriarchy based on lies. It means that the catholic church in particular earlier has built its entire celibate priests based workforce on lice scam for the church to entertain unnatural dominion over its faithful. When the truth was used jesus. I was just a dude so calm the fuck down on the celibacy and on the necessity of the priests and <hes> it could also mean the bloodline of christ lead passes death that the descendants ascendance of jesus walk amongst us. You know the literal descendants their the holy grail and what does that mean. What is she trying to tell us well. It means that christ a sentence or part god odd therefore they might have some kind of god like wizard powers. These god wizards are probably illuminated leaders or maybe they've been hidden generation after generation by knights templars or freemasons or priory of si- on people people may think that they're not god wizard because the church defray to them they could tip balance of power. Maybe the catholic church is trying to exterminate them because there are a threat to its very existence since look. No one can really seem to agree on a lot of different species that just kind of spiral out from the <hes>. This basic belief that mary magdalene was sitting next to him a lot of people. We'll just seem to agree that. Davinci tried to expose some carefully guarded secrets in his paintings. They could shake up the current power structure of the world. Somehow i think a lot of these conspiracies you know fall apart pretty quickly when you try and find out exactly what they do in fact me if they seem to have just more of a general vibe of just like we're trying to find out what it means. We just know that they're hiding something dan okay the global elites are making it difficult to find out hurting. So what exactly is the holy grail even supposed to be anyway. Attorneys tossed around with the grail is at fabled artefact. Artifact usually shows up as the cup that jesus drank of its last supper. We spent some time talking about this and suck one forty legends of king arthur. We learned that sucks at the holy. Grail is an invention of arthur thirty three and legend myth making like no one even talked about it. In the first millennium after the death of christ doesn't show up at all until eleven ninety in the smithsonian only and video a da vinci expert carefully explains saint. John always looked like a woman in other previous traditional pains of the last supper. Davinci didn't just come up with his last supper idea in the way range and everything it was part of a tradition of many frescoes murals and paintings a lot of different medicines guys did last supper paintings. Many of them will before davinci so davinci had to follow some kind of like you know traditions when he's doing this painting and that's why you know and then these painting saint peter handles nive judas carries a purse of silver are and that's why the davinci's depiction of saint john is feminine. It's tradition. He looks feminine in all of the church commission last supper paintings completed by variety of other artists. The venture didn't invent this dementia did break. One tradition is painting. His rendition of the last supper is the first known example of jesus and his disciples not having halos. What does that mean did eventually thinks that these people were not saying they were just dudes possibly or maybe someone told him to do that. They thought it would look cooler. Fucked me was just random. Artistic whimsey <hes> the narrator of the smithsonian quickly points out that there are no hidden letters in the painting alluding to mary magdalene being a in the painting and be her womb being the real holy grail and when you look at it there's just not an any hidden letters clearly okay but now now do we kind of have an understanding of what this video is. Let's look at the comments. Renee s rights people believe that this painting in holds a hidden meaning because da vinci was supposedly in the priory of science and then mandy j. madison quick to reply she writes. You seem to have missed out on the most important when important point that the expert in this documentary is making dan brown's book is all caps fiction. None of it is true. The letters are not there. The young person is not mary magdalene. There is no reference whatsoever to the holy grail. The priory of science didn't exist and manny's right there was no primary every of sign we cover that and bonus up twenty three knights templar we learned that a whack a doodle named pierre plantar made it all up he invented a secret organization within the knights templars alert tasked with ensuring christ's blood descendant survived and that the real identities were kept secret for fear that the church would kill them pull the whole thing of his wackadoo last this same guy pierre <hes> also claimed that as prophesied by nostradamus that he would become the french emperor he would retain or take the holy roman empire fire bring it back take to new heights of glory and that he would fight the devil during the second coming of christ and you know he didn't do that. He died poured unknown in february third. Two thousand in the earth spins. There was no big battle. There is no holy remnant roman empire. No rapture blah blah <hes>. Sometimes i scare myself by the way the weird shit that i now know thanks these episodes way too much weird conspiracy trivia inside my head. I crush jeopardy jeopardy jeopardy jeopardy categories <hes> they would never appear on the the show. Nathan dunlap doesn't give two shits about the real origins of any of this. He believes he just has hard time. Expressing those beliefs writing renee s oh oh they're more truth out there in many things i believe some circuit societies are ribbit on some hidden truths. I backup facts with big little made him and it's not even close to the one seen is more than an eye but a mind and they got this from the bible. I will lead you with my mind. Okay okay mind is spirit and side soul. It's a sentence not just an i._r._a. Set of is not just the ir set of is in god we trust. That's another zone. There's some hidden truth even in druid time magician scotland bring in rick written in stone tablets. Okay thank thank you. I hope you are raising kids. I be a shame not to have someone to pass. All of your awesome knowledge down to <hes> petty kelly wants to believe she knows why mary magdalene was hidden from us and she's pissed about it. She writes mary. Magdalene was hated free and a woman and jealousy surrounded her for how jesus felt about her. When male religious leaders turn everything into a boys club they shun their our own birth givers mothers. It's disgusting. How religion has been used in turn against spirituality and to control keeping women down and men boastful filled with arrogance and pride god which is not something god would like and i and i really liked patty stocks i truly do i agree that. Most religions have a you know had a misogynistic patriarchal agenda whoa would into them. Naseem sway is not agree with patty. Here's very different theory on why women specifically were left out when it came to church leadership writing one-sentence. It's because women suck satan's dick okay then all right. Patty has yet to reply to this difference of opinion. I would love it if she did take it. Seriously disrobes something back like interesting observations. It seems way. I hadn't thought of all the devil dick sucking when i made my initial post. Can you send links to theological explanations sion's that help give credence to your claims of satanic show would love to continue examining your very credible not at all inflammatory hypothesis captain seven seven harris posts. I'm i'm not sure about the letter thing but that one figure does appear to be a woman and that is super annoying. It's knowing because a good two fucking minutes of the four minute video is dedicated specifically to carefully explaining how there was a long tradition of artists commissioned by the church to paint last supper scenes depicting john is being feminine why because he was the youngest apostle. Just symbolic is not some secret symbol. Da vinci has snuck into the painting. You know instead of making him tiny to pick john. Being younger artist made him look a little more feminine since young men do look more feminine than older men because that's how fucking life works series the last supper paintings are shown to prove this in this video that this guy is completely just ignored the world's top davinci experts interviewed and still captain dump fox doesn't listen zain wright's one figure does appear to be a woman though that is just as ignorant as like you. Watch someone who made a video explaining how mirage works they break down the exact scientific. Take principles to come together to make it look. You know like there's there's water in the distance when they're in fact is no water experts. Come on talk about diagrams or fucking drawn out. Joan footage footages evaluated carefully dissected. Everyone agrees that. It looks like there's water when there's for sure now water and that's how mirage works in someone like captain seven seven harris chris just rights not sure about the whole light refracted by warm air near the ground thing would there for sure some water in the distance. Why is that lisa. Lisa amaechi writes. Why is the holy grail in the wall and not on the table where it once was just asking manny j. Madison doesn't care if she's losing her shit. She's popping back up in the feet. She applies the video is telling you is that the book is nonsense. Did you miss that point. It isn't about the holy grail i can see. I can see her tightness here or just. Ah got dim it talking about real painting. That's a stupid book dan brown look what you've done. Now leave you with tom atto. Who should you probably listening to learn more entitled unless he writes first of all who the hell was davinci an my point of view. He was just a painter. A man who painted he has that and coach for some reason who painted did pictures of things he visualized in his mind the last supper just a painting made up his mind of what the last supper might have looked like like the painting has no meaning nor fact about crap because he was not present at the time of event. Thank you utah. Thank you for showing up everybody. I want you grab your participation trophy. It's backed by the fucking dumpster your brain lifts. What are you talking about. Only people who were there could be trusted when it comes to the accuracy of historical event all right well. Let's just take ninety percent of the pulitzer prize winning biographies of important people just fucking barnum them. It's as burnham. They weren't there throw they weren't event. Throw them out attention all history professors. If worn out event shut the fuck fuck up you facts about crap beat it roman history experts none of you trixie fuckers. Were there so enough with your horsecrap. Hey guy working on thomas jefferson term paper take computer. Shove it up your line ass. You don't crap about crap crap face. Hey paleontologist the intelligence. Remember that one time you hung out with dinosaurs no than pack up your crap jobs crap holes. That's all for today's idiots a crappy internet media and the internet. I got to say i'm feeling feeling better about that education donation. We've made this month so important. It's important. Please please educate kids. Please god please okay now hopefully sean there isn't much credence to davinci conspiracies. Let's look into how cool is life actually was like like legit. One of the coolest lives ever in my opinion in the history of all lives. Let's get to know this a scribbling in a doodling some bitch. Let's dig into life and achievements as renaissance man in today's times like timeline right after a word from our next bossard time is brought to you by hymns makers of man lotions and so much more. I'll sleep enough of course. 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All sponsor links there leonardo motherfucking davinci timeline rights now on those books soldier where martin down a time james stockton timelines leonardo da vinci was born on april fifteenth fourteen fifty two at the third hour of the night around ten pm in the tuscan hills town of vinci in the lower valley of the river in the territory of florence. His birth was recorded by his paternal attornal grandfather in a journal vince he just outside of florence. Only thirty five kilometers just over twenty miles west of the city of the renaissance. The main attraction of this little fourteen thousand thousand six hundred and fifty person town ish area outer suburb of florence is the leonardo da vinci museum or to say it in italian audion maceo lena dino comfort pains in sticking on the beach by some audio my best not keep slipping into a bad cartoonish italian. A stereotypical accent based only on the mario brothers but it's gonna be hard not to keep doing it. I losing gentleman spaghetti. I was much kickapoo. La la vinci is a sister city of allentown pennsylvania for you time suckers living there just a few kilometers outside the current town is the home where de events you was born. His birth home still stands which is pretty awesome. You can get to walk trail through an olive tree grove to get there. How very italian the home was recently. <hes> reopen to the public after a careful restoration project a lokossa nato deal leonardo davinci was the illegitimate son of macedo piero for the antonio da vinci a florentine notary and lawyer member of the family of minor nobles and catalina a peasant who may have been a slave from china or the middle east humble beginnings. It was a bastard literally the illegitimate child of perhaps slave loving him even more right now and actually being born illegitimately pave the way for or leonardo to become an artist had he been born legitimately he would have been expected to take part in the family business of being a notary or lawyer notaries by the way played an important role drawn up commercial contracts land sales wills other legal documents in latin for the merchants of florence is flourishing trade and banking industries since he wasn't legitimate the culture they dictated that he was forbidden to join the family business which opened the path to art for him. Also leonardo also had been born ambassador in italy in the mid fifteenth century because unlike like other times in european history other places in europe. It wasn't a social hindrance. Nineteenth century cultural historian jacob burckhardt went so far as to label the italian renaissance a golden age for bastards pious to who's the pope was born wrote about visiting ferrara italy where his welcoming party included seven princes from the ruling family among them the reigning duke all born out of wedlock right so now back leonardo's mother mother. Bring my my pizza pie a mother. Maybe some a meatballs on a stick. A mother katharina was accommodating for slaves at that point <hes> some analysis led <unk> some to believe <hes> supposedly fingerprint had features common to people of middle eastern origin. Most scholars seem to think she was not a slave. Just a very poor peasant kemp that <hes> emeritus professor of art history oxford university said that his research into the archives of vinci and florence suggests that katerina and her brother popho orphans lived in a derelict derelict farmhouse with her grandmother. Just outside of inch e meanwhile ceo piano davinci was on his way to becoming a successful lawyer florence and was engaged to be married. Piero's families menace father side of an active in florentine politics for three centuries and they own farmland numerous businesses in the area. So you know there were family of means on mother's side his family owned owned ceramic kilns and the nearby town of buckle. The incredibly powerful and influential italian medici family will show up late in the suck bit had a hunting lodge in beca dotto and would by hi the now famous cobalt blue majolica ceramic pottery still seeing a florence today in places like <hes> florence's oldest active hospital the hospital of santa maria nueva during a visit hometown in july fourteen fifty one scipio sad. I met a young woman katharina and she became pregnant so i guess he did more more than just meet her in case. You don't how babies are made. I put his penis inside of her vagina where it would remain at least for a moment post ejaculation and did this least once then then as would be customary. His family seems to have given her a dowry so that she would have enough value to be married off to another man was crazy saudi again about your time in another sheet. No longer has purity to offer the youngest. Maybe there's a goldstar will find a fellow into the middle to bed data. Allow me to introduce them. Another luigi he particular from about how weird sad is that there's a lot of truth when i joked about like that really that was how people thought of women like a store they woman's value is located primarily just between her legs like she was a car. Won't you be thrown off the lot value depreciated immensely very primitive live <hes> reduction area way to look at somebody. Professor kemp figured all this out manitou property tax records also founded that scipio conducted a minor legal transaction action for caterina's husband another connection linking the artis parents leonardo has no surname in the modern sense. Davinci doesn't come from his dad or you know it has to do with him. Being a bastard just means of vinci as he was born in the village of vinci his full birthday was leonardo. They see a piero da vinci meaning leonardo son of scipio from vinci. He spent his first five years. Mainly in the hamlet of on channel with his mother then lived primarily in the household of his father grandparents grandparents uncle francesco in the small town of vinci on john was essentially it's a neighborhood inside the communist vinci economy and being an administrative division of italy and the commun- boundary so you know sometimes a little different than the city actually ends visually they give it like a tiny american county <hes> not clear exactly why leonardo went to live with his father when he's about about five but since we know that the man was genus most likely showed a glimmer of his future intellectual and artistic abilities when he was a small boy and his father having a lot more means that his mother would be able to provide him with an education that she could not we do know that he didn't go live with his dad because mom died because record show that thirty five years after her son was born katharina went to live with leonardo briefly records showing that he paid for her funeral if katharina and did give him to his birth father to be given opportunity she could not give him a all admit that i'm speculating regarding this but if true wow what incredible sacrifice i'm continually amazed by stories like that from history repair chooses to let someone else raise their kids to give them a better chance of having a comfortable life so incredibly selfless such enormous sacrifice. I can't imagine that was cairo losing them losing time with them. Due to divorce was hard enough incredibly hard very painful can imagine essentially saying goodbye to them hoping or at least you know for for most of their life so that they could have a life that i knew i couldn't give them who oh yeah. He acts feel some emotions talking about that. <hes> so fourteen fifty seven leonardo da vinci five years old goes those live with his dad and his father's wife albena pierrot had married a sixteen year old albeit a day giovanni minority daughter of a prominent florentine shoemaker occur in fourteen fifty two when he was twenty five and beata loved her little illegitimate stepson leonardo like he was her own and fourteen sixty two. We learn leonardo was ten is believed. He began his formal artistic education. Little else is known about leonardo's early years later life. He would <hes> record only to childhood incidents in his journals. The one which he regarded as an omen was a hawk like bird called a kite dropped from the sky hovered over his cradle two years old. Its tail feathers brushing his face opening his mouth. He would be obsessed with the art and science of flying all his life. He attributed some of that to that moment. The second incident occurred while exploring in the mountains literally. Oh discovered a cave and was terrified. Verify that some great monster might lurk inside and also it was driven by curiosity to go inside and find out if it was there so showed you know that great determination to follow curiosities aussies young child <hes> leonardo's early life has been the subject of a lot of historical conjecture lot of tales about him that are probably just missed legends. The sorry a sixteenth century biographer biography of renaissance painters tells of how local peasants requests that scipio ask his talented son to paint a picture on around plaque leonardo responded with a painting of snakes spitting adding fire which was so terrifying that piano sold it to a florentine art dealer who sold it to the duke of milan. Meanwhile have you made a profit. Scipio bought a plaque decorate with heart pierced by an arrow which he gave to the peasant okay so now back to fourteen sixty two. We're leonardo is ten beginning his artistic education. If you'll recall shapiro's family had killed in battle shuttle which was the center of a tick ceramic work in the florence district the most important and artistic area in all of europe if not in all of the world at that time in the mid fifteenth century the italian renaissance was still ramping up renaissance is essentially a fancy word for rebirth and towards the end of the fourteenth century. A handful of italian thinkers declared that they were living living in a new reborn age. The barbarians on unenlightened middle ages were over new age of learning and literature art and culture had begun fifteenth century italy was unlike any other place in europe especially florence <hes> but yeah but but italy <hes> it was divided into independent city states each with a different form of government florence where the italian renaissance began again the city-state leonardo's birth fell under the jurisdiction of was an independent republic also a banking and commercial juggernaut after london and constantinople it was the third third largest city in europe at the time wealthy florentines like the medici family flaunted their money and power by becoming patrons or supporters of artists and intellectuals like leonardo the vinci and because of this artistic patronage florence became the cultural center of europe and of the renaissance itself very cool those guys you know thought to do that in your what great art was produced largely by families like the medici or because of them because they're able to support artists like davinci in addition to leonardo davinci to florence art scene would produce other renaissance artists teenage mutant ninja turtles. <hes> you know michelangelo donatello raphael michelangelo crazy stuff like this david the painting the sistine chapel he was one of the architects of the famed an inspiring vatican cathedral help design saint peter's basilica architect sculptor and painter donatello created equestrian statue of got the maleta that stan stay in the piazza santo and purdue italy <hes> the also multi-talented raphael credit works such as madonna of the pinks a beautiful painting showcase today in the national gallery london that is not a legs splayed wide open crotch shot despite what his name clearly implies sorry about that fina florence also kicked out a sandro botticelli one one of my favorite renaissance artists who produce beautiful paintings like the birth of venus seemed today in florence as you feed to gallery and venus and mars in the national gallery of london as well. It feels like a century ago. When i went to school for a few months london i used to sit in awe in front of venus. Mars blown away trying to figure out something so beautiful inartistically powerful was created so long ago <hes> leonardo da vinci's painting version of the rocks one of two of those also house in london's national gallery also blew me away the detail the color saturation the mood and feelings vote by this painting is true master's of art and ten year old davinci is there in the midst of this great artistic revival this great awakening his fame mm is the product of being born with a great mind a great time and fate placing him in the right situation leonardo grownup just outside of florence in the midst of florence's renaissance. His father's family owns a kiln where the medici h. u. Family will buy ceramic materials that are put to use by artistic masters in new buildings and monuments built showcases to showcase his power and strength and we think think win. His artistic education begins early initiation at this age or younger has been more conclusively documented in the lives of other renaissance artists. We have better childhood records of a guy like raphael who was apprenticed to pietro perugino another notice renaissance artists by the age of ten so fourteen sixty four leonardo's now twenty-eight-year-old world stepmother albeit dies during childbirth. The baby was to be s._a._p. Does i legitimate child but sounded. The baby also dies during the birth that same year thirty-seven-year-old scipio. It'll quickly remarried. Francesca descente giuliano manfredini listed in some sources being fifteen other sources being twenty little else's written about her other than she died early into the marriage and did not produce legitimate heir. What's interesting here is that despite his first two wives not producing legitimate heir leonardo's father does not go through a legal process to make illegal outta leonardo which was possible you could go to the courts and go through a process to make this happen. Historians think that scipio did not go through this is legal process because leonardo likely had already shown a passion for and a talent in the arts and he didn't want to take an artistic future away from his son fourteen sixty six aged. You fourteen leonardo's artistic education taken to the next level. Now we have some documentation and what's going on with his life. He gets apprentice to one of the most successful artists of the day andrea raya and read this yoni better known as roko. <hes> row. Kill is his most famous work of art sculpture. The equestrian statue of batallio are are bottle bartolomeo male kellyanne which can be seen today in venice in the compost santi giovanni apollo city square foot. Oh kyo had himself a study in her donatello and served as an official sculpture to the ruling medici family not only skilled artists but a skilled teacher vocals workshop was in the heart of florence's intellectual and a cultural epicenter assure in the young leonardo of a fine education in the humanities other famous painter's apprentice or associated with the workshop include gallon gallon d._o. Pedal gino but a chilly and other names that sound like stuff. You'd say ordering something delicious authentic italian pizzeria yes. I'd like eh gilan deal. They can please. Can i get us some pit. Aquino papers can have a semi-finished roundabout jail sprinkle on top of the pizza by a tola h._r. Getting this getting apprenticeship was definitely a good news bad news kind of deal. The good news about getting an apprenticeship and votto goes workshop was leonardo would be exposed to a vast range of technical skills and have the opportunity to learn drafting chemistry metallurgy metalworking plaster astor casting leather-working mechanics carpenters well as artistic skills of drawing painting sculpting modelling from one of the best in the world surrounded by other amazing students who go on to become some of the world's greatest artists davinci's love for studying the anatomy of living things also likely began hearing this artistic think tank workshop <hes> the bad news about <hes>. This apprenticeship is a da vinci was likely repeatedly sodomized by barocco other masters operating out of the workshop and even other students farther along in their apprenticeship as was sadly customary at the time what the fuck <hes> the origin of the phrase paying dues is thought to have come from the fifteenth century italian practice which itself was pulled from ancient roman and greek traditions and then it had a you know sad revival during the renaissance and i guess no one seemed to think it was wrong to do that to kids. Is you almost ten back then weird bit history to try and contemplate davinci michelangelo raphael donatella celli all these other italian masters sodomized repeatedly for several years as children children in order to learn the skills that allow them to produce beautiful art later in life that we now know them for. It's gonna make it a little difficult lift. These paintings the same way going forward. Even the greats leonardo stood out as one of the best. If not the best he would collaborate with barocco on his baptism of christ a painting of a young angel. We'll holding jesus his robe complete some time between fourteen seventy two in fourteen seventy five legend has it eventually painted a manner that was so far superior to his master's that vote okeyo <unk> put down. His brush never painted again. This is probably a little more myth making but when you look at the two painter's works in auto clearly did possess superior ability leonardo himself may have been the model for two works by but okeyo including the bronze statue of david in the bar jello and the archangel michael tobias and the angel but creepy was what i mentioned earlier around fourteen seventy one verrocchio shop nineteen year old leonardo works with botticelli perugino lorenzo decree and gallon gallon dial here in the first first half the fourteen seventy s these various masters collaborated on numerous works producing <hes> you know <hes> a variety of important pieces of art from tobias in the archangel raphael in the national gallery in london to drive madonna currently the national gallery of art in washington d._c. <hes> that one is generally primarily attributed to lorenzo renzo declared the tokyo and the young davinci believed also worked on it and this collaboration is what made it difficult to ascertain which works really were davinci's in which were forgeries reseau fakes nowhere for high-quality complex here the baptism of christ annunciation <hes> and the annunciation in u. T. two masterpieces of synthesis in which leonardo's role is evident is cooled davinci worked with other masters by fourteen seventy two dated twenty leonardo qualified as a master in the guild of saint luke. A highly respected expected guild of artists can a union almost <hes> or university and doctors of medicine even after his father said him up in his own workshop though his attachment to vote okeyo with such that he continued to collaborate with him <hes> leonardo's earliest known solo dated work drawing in a impending of the arno valley drawn on august fifth fourteen eighteen seventy three oh and before i forget <hes> sodomy was not part of any italian renaissance apprenticeship program <hes> at least not that i'm aware of i made it up at least a few new listeners would just be thinking for the next few minutes about like what the fuck like the guy who painted the mona. Lisa had to go through that to learn how to do that. I was just a joke in <hes>. I can't beat. Hey i'm making jokes are sorry not sorry not sorry we notably in order to become a member of the florence painters get yeah forty seventy two because his name appears in florence companies redbook of creditors and debtors leonardo they say repeal davinci painter thank you record could keepers the painting annunciation or the annunciation by leonardo da vinci was painted with david okeyo around fourteen seventy two one of his earliest known works one of my favourite's stunning color saturation richness and detail and again <hes> yeah just <hes> i did not know about a lot of these renaissance paintings that they were done with a variety of people people variance to me <hes> in eighteen sixty nine some critics recognize the enunciation as the youthful work by leonardo because of okeyo. Oh kyo use lead-based paint heavy brushstrokes and art historians figured out that he left a note for leonardo to finish the background and the angel leonardo use light brush strokes and no lead when the annunciation ta tion was x-rayed but okay does work evident while leonardo's angel would become invisible pretty cool how they're able to kind of figure out who did what on some of these paintings fourteen seventy-three leonardo draws a landscape on the feast of santa maria della navy <hes> that pick where the thought he saw an elephant hidden in the background this earliest known so low drawing that we have record of around fourteen seventy five. It's believed to begin painting the portrait of janetta guinevere at fuck. Something ours and weird place is being currently on his plane washing d._c. At the national gallery of art why why haven't gone there. I didn't realize it <hes> so much. Cooler was in dc fourteen seventy five leonardo may have collaborate on the piazza madonna madonna for the hysteria cathedral roco <hes> that guy that fake needed fake dues had to be paid for <hes> lorenzo declivity who's adela a painting or sculpture on the front of a raised shelf above an altar which typically forms the basis for an altarpiece now in the louvre around fourteen seventy five in order also designs tapestry for for the king of portugal which has sadly been lost over time if you do find it art historians likely to send it to suck tension p._o. Box three nine one eight hundred six. We will take good curve it and sell it. I mean donate it to the highest bidder. I mean protector of art things leonardo still working barocco shop in fourteen seventy six on april night fourteen seventy six twenty four years old. A major event occurs in his life. He is accused of sodomy something. I totally forgot about <unk> out when i was joking about him. Pants twos. I'll show myself out. Leonardo was arrested along with a few other male companions one of which he had already been arrested for the crime before it was a well known prostitute when no witnesses came forward to testify against the artist and his friends da vinci was acquitted on june sixteenth. The charges were dismissed for lack of evidence there speculation that sends one of the accused leonardo day <hes> taught a wani was related to a lorenzo they medea the medici family may have exerted its powerful influence to distilled secure a dismissal of this case the miniature family extremely successful and wealthy merchants and bankers one of the most if not the most powerful and wealthy family and not i just in florence but in all of europe at this time leonardo journal suggests that the allegations were somewhat devastating to a man who liked to keep his private life private and because these accusations it may have cost us a lot of details about his life he may have become much more private because he really doesn't say much in his journals that he wrote about his private life many speculated because the sodomy charge he maintained a life of celibacy other speculation he continued to have homosexual relationships or lease flings that he kept extremely private many historians things then she wasn't all likelihood homosexual he was known in addition to being talented and successful and well liked to also possess what wanted meyer called outstanding physical beauty and yet he had no no known romantic liaisons with any women over the course of his life. He never married never had kids the only thing he states regarding sex and it's no big at all is the act of procreation anything that has any relation to it is so disgusting that human beings would soon die out if there were no pretty faces and sensuous dispositions okay <hes> greed disagree leonardo the nude female form to me long way from discussing most beautiful thing on earth hill safina. Maybe that one time he you know he did it and got arrested. Maybe just went the wrong way with their own bodies by wrong buddies. I don't mean male bodies. I mean dirty bodies clean bro dirty dog in a mud but it's gonna make for rough. I write shelby's talk about peanut butter. If you can't take the creamy davinci take your monkey and u._p._s.'s out of the spank. My fat bottomed pedal bleeds kitchen. That's how they do it. Hollywood hollywood our fish lake gentleman. He'll be here all week. Try the veal showbiz <hes> and maybe he really becomes kind of a sexual. Maybe he was a sexual. I have known people over the course of my life. That read very very very a sexual. If we're going to believe you know sexuality is on on a spectrum with home actually one-sided heterosexuality on the other thing y'all got to. I believe that a sexualities in there maybe in the middle somewhere okay so sad for sure that homosexuality non-acceptable adventures day he was lucky hidden live a few decades earlier because <hes> sodomy and florence just a few decades prior was a crime punishable by death fourteen seventy six leonardo da vinci painting the portrait of dean she <hes> she was born in fourteen fifty. Seven was the lady of the era aristocratic class in fifteenth century florence admired for her intelligence by florentine contemporaries. The oil on wood portrait permanently acquired the national gallery of art washington d._c. <hes> nine hundred except for five million bucks paid to the princely house of leichtenstein stein stein record price to time wonder how much they would go for now seven hundred fifty million. How trouble would you get in for trying to steal it yeah asking for a friend. It's also the only painting <hes> tributed only two dimensions. It exists in perm display north america. The portrait is one of the highlights of the national gallery of art admired by many four trail of ghinva's. Her name is i g. I n. e. v. r. a. the fuck <hes> beautiful steer. She has no hint of a smile in her gaze. Though forward seems indifferent indifferent to the viewer a strip from about in the paint was removed in the past presumably presumably due to damage and our arms and hands. I'm gonna call her. Go ginny any chinese arms. The hands were lost fourteen seventy eight. Leonardo writes in his notebooks that he has begun to virgin. Mary's is also likely that the when when woz madonna was the first work painted by leonardo and fourteen seventy eight. Maybe maybe painted by entirely by the there's a lot of some of the time was very difficult in the painting section because we don't know the exact dates and some people think that one painting was the first one someone thinks by sofa from bounced around a little bit i apologize. It was a son of a bitch to put together in the section. <hes> the composition of madonna and child was flowers proved to be one of the most and by the way on that note really quick. I mean debates continue new to this day over a lot of his works. Some works you know definitively attributed to him by some art scholars some art historians are thought by others to nope not by hand but attributed to some other italian master. Sometimes people think they had a little bit to do with one painting. <hes> other people think that a lot to do without one yeah get a lot of the records regarding specifically the paintings we have better records for for other the stuff where we can positively attributed other like sketches and kind of inventions to him the paintings the way they were done with the collaboration and again the lack of records pretty tricky <hes> but yeah fourteen seventy eight ben wa madonna <hes> painted by leonardo. The british museum owns two of leonardo's preliminary sketches for this piece. The composition of madonna and child with flowers proved to be one of the most popular works also completed needed thought to be completed in fourteen seventy eight it was extensively copied by young painters including raphael whose own version of leonardo's design but none of the pinks was acquired in two thousand four by the national gallery three in london <hes> for centuries madonna and child flowers considered lost and the ninety nine the russian architect leon bete-noire sensationally exhibited it in saint petersburg burgas part of his father-in-law's collection. The painting had been apparently brought over from italy to russia by the notable connoisseur alexander korchikov in the seventeen ninety s fucking snaky russians if they're not spreading communism or cyber hacking or making dolls that are open to reveal tiny dolls. They're hiding famous paintings in class classic russian move. That's russia. This painting is curly exhibited. In saint petersburg state. Hermitage museum never heard of it but apparently the second largest museum in the world. I gotta get saint petersburg siberia. I can skip saint petersburg will be cool as hell data. Leonardo's early works proving authenticity is difficult but this picture was probably painted somewhere between fourteen seventy five and and fourteen eighty when his record leonardo's produced several virgin mary's <hes> donna of the carnation aka madonna with vase or madonna with child is an oil painting by davinci created sometime around fourteen seventy eight four hundred eighty permanently displayed in munich germany and a gallery with the name. It looks like it was created by the devil himself to torture people with pronunciation limitations has about four hundred constants and to vows. It's been there since eighty nine after it was in private ownership besides painting stupid babies and shit leonardo also also did some cool inventing. Let's get to that leonardo. Da vinci sketched these self propelled cart sometime between fourteen seventy eight forty for many years folio eight. One two are of the codex atlantic is was considered part of leonardo's famous automobile project only recently has revealed true nature as a cart device for use in theatrical settings the manage manchester page illustrations show two distinct projects <hes> a provincial and preparatory drawing and a more well defined one at the center of the folio. Two large spiral springs underneath a horizontal. Where's donald cogwheels at the cart to provide the motive power to set the wheels in motion the also acts as a lever system for theatre puppets. An additional ingenious device serves as remote control. Oh handbrake. I mean i mean you can't call this the first car but it does feel like an ancestor to the first car for sure amazing how he drew on it looks centuries ahead of its time looks more like production deduction guide for something being made in the late nineteenth century then a sketch someone thought about the mid fifteenth century in fourteen eighty leonardo paint saint jerome in the wilderness it depicts fix saint jerome during his retreat the syrian desert where he lived the life of a hermit and where if davinci's davinci's patients accurate he also looked more like some kinda creepy <unk> from lord of the rings than he did like an actual human. I'm guessing this is the da vinci painting you at least want to hang your bedroom. If you hate nightmares in this painting gene creepy ass saint jerome kneeling in a rocky landscape gazing towards a crucifix that can be discerned faintly sketched in the extreme right of the painting in drums right hand unhealed rock with which traditionally shown beating his chest and penance sweet not psychotic at all at his feet is a line which became came a loyal companion after he extracted a thorn from his pot that part sweet like that part of the story like the part of being friendly to lyon <hes> way more than the beating his chest with iraq like a fucking psychopath path <hes> the lion the stone in cardinal's hat are the traditional attributes of the saint on the left side of the panel. The background is a distant landscape of a lake surrounded by mountains shredded missed the right hand side. The only discernible features a faintly sketched church saint to the opening and some rocks the church's presence may lose drums position in western christianity is one of the doctors of the church left unfinished painting provides visitors with extraordinary glimpse into leonardo's creative process as he moved from under drawing to the realization of forms and paint the painting also preserves. The input of the fingers in the upper left corner fourteen. Anyone davinci paints the the adoration of the maj i for the monks of san san diego a scorpio in florence leonardo was giving the commission by augustine monks of san donato escapade in florence but departed from alon the following following year leaving the painting unfinished as he you're gonna find out did often. It has been new pizza gallery in florence in sixteen seventy. I have left several voice mails offering free to finish it myself for free still waiting to hear back so hopeful so hopeful that i can get in there and do some stuff do some due to the virgin mary and child depicted in the foreground of the painting form a triangular shape with kneel in adoration behind them as a semicircle of accompanying figures including what may be a self portrait of the young leonardo in the far right in the background. The left is is the ruin of a pagan building on which workman can be seen apparently repairing it on the right or men on horseback fighting in a sketch of a rocky landscape. There's lot going on in the adoration into the magic. Leonardo develops pioneer use of the treatment of light and shade and drawing and painting <hes> shadow skill creating a seemingly chaotic mess of the mass of people plunged into darkness and confusion from which the magic pure towards the brightly lit figures of mary and jesus who's really good at like making like paint seem just like three d. his use of <unk> how he drew light the same year most of the other noteworthy painters in florence were sent to rome for work on projects for the pope fourteen eighty eighty two leonardo moves from florence to milan entering into a long patronage he would have with a little ludovico sephora future duke of milan by this time leonardo's riding riding in there's no books on a regular basis davinci worked on many projects for the future duke including the preparation of floats and pageants for special occasions did fucking parades new designs for a dome for milan cathedral and a model for huge equestrian monument to francesco safaga ludovic goes predecessor fourteen eighty two it was meant to be the biggest horse statue in the world world seventy tons of bronze set aside seventy tons of bronze set aside for casting the monument known as leonardo's horse. The monument remained unfinished for several early years which apparently again not unusual for leonardo. Do not have a problem walking away from a job. The bronze he was using statue was used several decades later for canons to protect the city of milan from the invasion of charles. The fifth king of france between fourteen eighty three and fourteen five leonardo taints the first madonna on the rocks <hes> the version of the rock sometimes madonna the rocks <hes> is is the title of two different paintings with almost identical compositions which were both largely painted by leonardo da vinci one is in the louvre in paris other is in in the national gallery in london which i mentioned earlier mos authorities agreed that the version louvre is for the most part painted by leonardo and his you know the earlier of the two works defined brushwork use use of c._s. Kudo chiba shadow schiavo considered characteristic many of leonardo's works and it's about eight centimeters taller than the london version the first record record of those pictures and sixteen twenty five when it was in the french royal collection on april twenty fifth fourteen three leonardo and the brothers ambrosio and evangelista the perez were commissioned by the milanese co fraternity of the immaculate conception to paint a work celebrating the immaculate conception for the new chapel. The contract survives as does much of the documentation asian from labor disputes over it now being finished goddamn nardo fucking leonardo di diva apparently they'd already. They're already been a previous contract and fourteen fourteen eighty with john komo. They'll know evidently the work was not completed. Among the work stipulated in second contract was completion and gilding various carvings for the wooden framework of the altarpiece none of which are not survive the three paintings were stimulated a central virgin child in two side panels with angels described only earlier contract trek with del maino these paintings also in the national gallery with different province. <hes> prevent provinces from the main. <hes> got to many words words. There sat as well for a while there but every paragraph in this suck. It's like no just back. Sweat providence's from the main were painted entirely by the brothers brothers to pettus according to modern art historians and contemporary statement by the brothers legal dispute. All the work was to be completed by the feast of the conception december eight th fourteen eighty three but it didn't happen because davinci apparently sassy temperament of n._f._l. Wide receiver at some later date. The legal dispute began the main issue being that the main painting was not finished leeann are left milan without gel fucking doing that <hes> meanwhile the depress brothers completed their portion of the work. They wanted payment. The dispute was settled on april twenty seven fifty six with requirement that leonardo needed needed to return to milan within two years complete the painting and then receive further sums beyond those in the original contract so maybe just want more money that went along something that appears to have happened he peers. We've got more money. Another son was paid him fifty seven in around fourteen eighty-three davinci sketches sketches. The design for a parachute is no book again davinci so far ahead of his time. This time was not the first time he came up with this idea. Though some things that a form of parachute was mentioned by chinese unease texts twenty twenty one centuries ago a conical parachute appears for the first time in the fourteen seventy s in italian manuscript slightly proceeding leonardo davinci's. She's conical parachute designs. It was intended as an escape device to allow people to jump from burning buildings but there is no evidence that it was actually ever used. Leonardo's parachute shoot design consists of sealed linen cloth held open by a pyramid of wooden poles about seven meters long along with the design is no book had an accompanying note that read if a man it is provided with the length of gummed linen cloth the length of twelve yards or each side and twelve yards high he can jump from any great height whatsoever without injury despite this confidence no record davinci trying it out. I feel like he's like yeah uses parachute you can jump out of the window ten score ten tower and if there's no way you can get hurt. Go ahead. Go ahead and try me demonstrate and forgot it here. I am a davinci. I don't even to finish my projects that half of the time hi you want me to do the demonstration ashida then it's fucking pay inside the next invention to come from davinci will be the first of many created for war and let's go over these theoretical weapons right after today's final sponsor today's time so is brought to you by the whole air banjo uh-huh academy traditional italian music master class limited time special edition forgotten works of davinci course. Don't push elite. I know some of you hate the evangelist so much. I want to demonstrate how to play. A song recently rediscovered the davinci. Had you know <hes> you know put together for the air banjo just just just humor for you. Just a bitch didn't damper. Don't thank bumper-to-bumper temper. Thanked trump banked. Don't don't don't don't put them but thank thank patino brattleboro. 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It's dimensions can be judged when comparing machine to drive a man who's operating it. The bow was made within would on six wheels twenty-seven yards arts across made up of thirty nine separate parts this giant crossbow we'd be cranked winding gears had two different firing mechanisms the simplest of which involve aww releasing a holding pen by striking it with a mallet if successfully built it would've been able to shoot giant rocks other huge projectiles very fast across the battlefield reminds reminds me of how the plague suck we talked about launching plague infected bodies through the air with a tributary would if you could shoot infected dude across about if it was a giant crossbow loud the greg greg greg crossbow fire that greg mchugh magistrate a giant crossbow the battlefield i mean they did already have cannons but i think a giant crossbow way more intimidating. That's that's like straight out of game of thrones like. It's like one of those things us. Try and kill the dragons with what are they gonna make giant eros you know just shooting shoot him to the bathroom like just just just make shishkabob enemy dudes with the era was on fire. What if you could make a flaming human shish kebab. It's a good thing vlad. The impaler ruled few decades before da. Vinci didn't get ahold of that weapon. He'd have been shishkabob. Motherfuckers left right for wlac. Ya also around forty five leonardo da vinci sketched designs signs for some other vehicles of war. One idea was a sized chariot. My god this is something like grim reaper graphic novel type shit the size chariot gary it was propelled by horses with a pillion rider and carried in front of it foresights mounted on a revolving gear turned by a shaft driven by the wheels of a cart behind the horses. It was like it was like having a chariot with huge helicopter blade just out in front. If all the blades were essentially giant fucking sorts just four huge sword blades spin around charlton people's arms and heads off shit or malfunctioning and chopping off the horse had there was pulling the chariot or pulling the chopping off the head of the driver leonardo. It did note this particular idea. Was you know maybe not as best. Maybe had the potential to do. A lot of collateral damage probably best that one stays in no book leonardo leonardo it also drew a sketch and nobody's during this time about a what was basically a tank davinci's tank was said to be propelled. We're supposed to be propelled by two men powering crankshafts. Although the drawing self looks quite finished the mechanics apparently a fully developed because if built drawing the tank with a lot of effort might be he made to rotate on the spot would never progress before direction but in a in a bbc documentary was such good title leonardo the man who wanted to know everything a military team built machine and just made one slight little tweak <hes> found that you know they just had to change one of the gears and that it did actually work really well. <hes> these guys were were moving around around one guys. You know <hes> mankind of the top part of like the turrets. There's a couple of guys chris. Turn in these gears making the tank actually move leonardo's notebooks also <hes> <hes> showed cannons which he claimed could hurl small stones like a storm with the smoke of these causing great territory enemy in great loss confusion. These canons would come out of the tank and an armoured moving vehicle capable of shooting numerous projectiles if you sent those across the battlefield annual shoot at the enemy of the giant sucking crossbow. I feel like psychological. Intimidation alone is going to win when you some battles and enemies would just be so confused. At what does it he saw a what did they think that they do win. Who the making a giant cost bull. It's crazy. It's a makeup weak- it must be a lot of you'll behind these. Maybe that's how i love it knowing. It's mad when you just do. The most patient is an italian accent. <hes> davinci knew a lot about medieval warfare. Here's a quote that speaks to his military acumen. He wrote when a place is besieged. I know how to cut off water from the trenches and construct an infinite variety of bridges mantel. It's scaling ladders other instruments pertaining to sieges. I also have types of mortars that are very convenient and easy to transport support when a place cannot be reduced by the method bombardment either because of its height or its location. I have method for destroying any fortress or other stronghold even if it'd be founded upon on rock if the engagement be it see i have many engines of a kind most efficient for offense and defense and ships that can resist cannons and powder all right right in my god in addition to being a super talented intelligence. Dude also had no shortage confidence. You had to go to win the battle. It's the simple as you need a giant of fuckin- and cost i got i got that you want to tank. I got you a tank. I believe believe me there are ways to do you want you want to know about it. Believe me here can get you a tank or by three o'clock this afternoon. You need a chair with a bunch of giant sized spinning around cutting everything or to shake out. I don't recommend it because it's very hard to control <music> but i can do that. A rocket launcher attack the beam to knew what the fuck over. I can do a dollar baby davinci now should i'm in the middle title of a few contracts at the moment but i can wake away. I can walk away from us should easy. I don't think he would the falko about the finishing campaigns individuals and babies and i do all of the time and yes big lebowski fans. I did try to sneak walter parody in the middle of that. You want to tell you you told by noon you till about three o'clock jesus walter in four hundred five play took over milan where leonardo was living and working leonardo survived but outbreaks of the disease killed some fifty thousand people a full third of the city's population and all these deaths inspired the renaissance man to design concepts for a future city that he illuminated series of drawings and notations completed between fourteen eighty seven forty nine hundred more on that in a second and fourteen eighty seven leonardo withdraw one of his most recognizable images the iconic truyen man to company by notes based based on the work of a trivia a first century b._c. Roman military architect author and civil engineer the drawing which is an ink and on <hes> which is in pen and ink on paper depicts a male figure in to superimpose positions with his arms and legs apart simultaneously inscribed in a circle square. The drawing texture sometimes called the canon canon of proportions or less often proportions of man. They're stored in the gallery. Del academia in venice italy and like most works on paper displayed only occasionally the drawing is based on the correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry described by the ancient rome of attributes the tribe's described the human figures being the principal source of proportion among the classical orders of architecture other artists attempted to depict the concept with less success. The drawing is traditionally named in honor of this architect leonardo's famous drawings of the tribune proportions of a man's body i and inscribed square and then with feet and arms outspread inscribed circle provide an excellent early example of the way in which his studies proportion would would fuse and scientific objectives is leonardo not attributes you point out that if you open the leg so as to reduce the stature by one fourteenth and open and raise as your arms so that the middle fingers touch the lines the top of the head no that the center of the extremities of the outspread limbs will be the biggest and the space between the legs will. We'll make an equilateral triangle and you know what i under. I understand all that. I i do sure i do. I get it eighty degree. Yeah i was thinking a lot of the the same things when i looked at i got to be the middle. You know what i mean and you gotta have squares and triangles to make it all all work. That's moving along fourteen eighty eight in response to the plague. Leonardo finishes designs on that ideal city. I mentioned the renaissance concept with the ideal city expressed by leonardo in his rigorously geometric urban planning envisioned vision two signature features of this future city a network of canals that would support both commerce and better sanitation that would lead to less outbreaks of disease the vertical division of the city itself itself into as many as three different tiers each for a different purpose the radical vision essentially what are required either the founding of brand new city perfectly located on site featuring large rivers or existing said it to be entirely rebuilt not surprised and it is a city dreamed went unrealized leonardo conceived of buildings as hydraulic hydraulic machines which distributed water and all the rooms of the house as well as in the artesian workshops through mechanical lifting system and the workshops. The energy released in this way was used to drive various types of machines. I mean fuck man. He basically was like trying to have a mechanical city way back in the fifteenth century so called he was even just thinking about things like that always thinking oh he's dreaming <hes> you know the jokes may not have suited him but i do think davinci would like the spirit of time suck hailed a vinci davinci's inventions continue between fourteen hundred four twenty nine leonardo's sketches the designed for his first flying machine in fast as with flying leonardo temperature combine the dynamic potential of the human body with an imitation of natural flight and is not sites bats kites and other birds as models to imitate he even refers to his flying machine as the great bird he wrote an object offers as much resistance to the air as the air does to the object you may see that the beaten of its wings against the air supports a heavy eagle in the highest rarest atmosphere here close to the sphere of elemental fire again you may see the air and motion over the c fill the swilling sales and drive heavily laden ships from these instances and the reasons given a man with wings large enough and duly connected might learn to overcome the resistance of the air and by concrete succeeded in subjugating it and rising above jesus really was such a genius with at work no not that design but it wasn't his final attempt at a flight machine sometime from fourteen to eight fourteen ninety leonardo's the sketches the design for a double decker bridge surprisingly modern it recalls the function of bridges in some modern metropolises where the two way flow of traffic arranged on different levels leonardo's doesn't mention what this was actually four but it is clear that it is a way of organizing to circulation system in such a way that doesn't create traffic jams or obstructions <hes> while da vinci was inventing cars planes tanks bridges and fucking cities he was also still into painting leonardo would paint is famous lady with an remain remain from four hundred eighty nine to fourteen ninety and by the way is a cute little short tailed white weasel their tiny less than a pound. One leonardo's notebooks was a competitive animals where where he made notes about different species and of the earning he wrote the out of moderation never eats but once a day and it would rather let itself be captured by hunters then take refuge in a dirty layer in order not to stain its purity and it is thought he included an image of this creature with the subject of the portrait identified cecilia got out get around to symbolize symbolize her purity which is funny because this portrait is probably painted a time when she was demilitarized mistress of the duke of milan leonardo was being paid to serve so the purity not of mistress slightly ironic <hes> the painting is one of only four female portraits painted by leonardo the others being mona lisa the portrait of gin gin goddamn. I'm that falcons. Ginny is one of the only word that comes up all the time this sucks. I didn't look at the pronunciation for guinevere. Whatever debenture and a long word it is displayed by the <hes> oh jesus christ displayed by the star tortoise ski museum in krakow poland and it is cited the museum guide is the first truly modern portrait. It's been in poland since seventeen ninety eight and if you're surprised polling our don't be remember polish people people can't read so they love pictures why said cited and the museum guide as the first truly modern portrait of a moment ago. I didn't mean it was written. I meant to polish museum guide points inside it and yells. That's part of lady de vinci. Did it longtime ago. He does it every thirty seconds every two hours. He's given a sausage as a reward aleppo's. If you polish hackers as i make fun of you for your limitations when i can barely say so many words fourteen eighty nine davinci also planned a wedding sir nothing he couldn't do yes to knock kidding davinci plan the wedding of duke giovanni gasio with zabala the gone in milan and fourteen eighty nine on behalf is patron patron ludovico savalas data. I should say everything and we'd accents then. At least it sounds kind of scenery. He's he's made it away. Got the milan lovely some talk about his production for the ceremony included a representation of heaven and the revolving planet's as couple walked through the display display each planet opened revealing person dressed as the deity of jesus each person resided <hes> a bellagio poem for the newlyweds and then he helped planning planning even bigger milan wedding in fourteen ninety one for the duke himself not only did he create the menu entertainment decoration he even designed what guess would wear including clued hats based on dining room layout <hes> which was a one long table with diners all set on the same side on the style of the last supper painting. He may have also composed the music to be played this wedding the evidence of davinci's composition abilities scarce but he was in charge of the music at the wedding. It's believed he knew how to compose for sure did invent a new musical instrument in fourteen ninety somewhere between forty eight fourteen thousand nine davinci's designs for something called a viola organised sta sta <hes>. I guess it could have been fourteen ninety as well. It was designed to use a friction belt to vibrate individual strings kind of like a how violin bruce out you press keys keys on a keyboard to select different strings kinda like an organ. It's a mix of piano and violin. It's now believed vinci ever built one but polish concert pianist instrument builder islam amir zuber sqi guest post people can do some pretty cool things did make one based on davinci's designed resigned in two thousand thirteen and wait to hear this. Here's a sample of this man. In two thousand thirteen plane the strange and beautiful instrument that vinci created five centuries previously <music> <music> <music> there was a few notations regarding <hes> lyrics lyrics nothing full on we don't have anything <hes> unfortunately like the full song but there was a couple of scribbles <hes>. I believe the words were supposed wants to be the spaghetti electoralism nesta. I know that i i do know that but how fucking calls that sound all of that noise from one instrument sound so full so i think multiple to me it sounds like multiple insurance are being played yeah yeah just an instrument built on plans over five hundred years old da vinci's amazing brain kept being curious and inventive in the fourteen ninety s around four hundred ninety leonardo sketch designed in for an adding machine basically an old key early type of calculator and one of the journals that particular journal be lost until the twentieth century. What a cool discovery. This is february thirteenth in nineteen sixty. Seven an amazing discovery was made by american scientists working in the national library of spain in madrid <hes> they had a chance upon to unknown works of leonardo da vinci known as the codex madrid one hundred ninety seven pages. These guys found of davinci notes that we've just been lost in this giant libraries vast inventory tori. I'm it turns out that actually lost. They were just misplaced. Like how cool would it be defined that now. Do you want to old notebooks doodles out <hes> <hes> they say property of leonardo da vinci of the front about was it worth a million billion dollars each french mathematician and inventor blase pascal scowl. He is credited with the adding machine sixteen forty two the first one diagrams and directions discovered for an even earlier at machine design. Though sixteen twenty four ville helm ca-car designed a mechanical calculator believed that two prototypes revived whereabouts remain unknown leonardo's device was a lot like pascal adding machine and he he came up with it now now because these books we know over a hundred and fifty years earlier and had davinci been able to implement this invention so many others he could have revolutionized iced the already innovative renaissance so much for that he could have single handedly advanced society in so many different ways centuries my god his work towards the goal of human flight continue the fourteen ninety s <hes> in fourteen ninety three leonardo da vinci sketches his design for his aerial screw. The world's first known designed designed for a helicopter type device leonardo da vinci credited with having i thought of a machine designed for vertical flight so he's like the guy who thought of the first helicopter the machine designs davinci's air screw dated fourteen ninety. Three again discovered that madrid library so cool. I can't imagine finding a book like that and some old archives. Life's fuck oak island that is cool buried treasure way cooler to me that a big pile of gold cooler than pirate's treasure and worth more than a bunch of gold. It's just cool to somebody. Else could find something in some monastery attic or cub inter. Maybe some other library who knows what's out there anyway. That's designed consists of a platform mm surmounted by a helical screw driven by somewhat rudimentary system kinda like the rubber powered propeller of a of a model aircraft like a kid <hes> model aircraft the a great genius wrote that if this instrument in the form of a screw was made of linen the pores of which have been stopped starch it should upon being turned sharply rise into the air in a spiral however however his design was never put into any practical use so cool how he understood through his genius years of study yet to be explained scientific principles. I mean sixteen eighty six two to full centuries later. Sir isaac newton would introduce his third law of motion summarize ask for every action in nature. There's an equal opposite reaction and davinci's description of an object offering offering much resistance to the air as the air does to the object tells me he understood this law perfectly fourteen thousand five davinci busy painting. One of his most famous works the last supper. You're the one author dan brown room from billions of paranoid people. This religious <unk> mural was created for his patron duke. <hes> milan ludovico sivarasa last <hes> supper measures fifteen feet by twenty nine feet covers the back wall of the dining hall at the unesco world heritage site in church. The santa maria della gracie in milan italy had no idea was that huge the theme was traditional one for communal eating halls leonardo's talents gave it much greater realism in depth the arches above the main painting painted with the so what is the coat of arms the opposite wall of the refectory refectory covered by crucifixion fresco painted by much less known milan-based renaissance artist giovanni johny denardo montano leonardo began working the last supper and i ninety five completed it in fourteen ninety eight however he did not work on the peace continuously throughout this period of course she didn't gain this whimsical son of a bitch just kind of stepped away from things when he felt like it <hes> as we learned in the industry the internet lots of last supper paintings were commissioned during the italian renaissance. What makes conventions work so remarkable will i the disciples are all displaying very human identifiable emotions leonardo's versions the first depict real people acting like real people secondly the technical perspective davinci displayed in the last summer set a new bar for art at the time every single element of the painting directs one's attention straight to the midpoint of the composition in christ's head too many respected art experts. The last supper is arguably the greatest example of one point perspective ever created like ever and and if i had you know even heard of one point perspective before i would probably agree but my art knowledge is limited but yeah. I guess it'd be fuck. Fuck yeah yeah yeah. I know is the best i get it cool. I didn't we didn't use stick figures. I the worst art tour guide. Yes this guy face local and and you know i like the colors and this is like a bigger painting. This guy was known for like bigger things and that's why he was more famous and <hes> he liked the blue. That's fucking <hes> cool shit anyway plus for art. Some are starting to fourteen ninety. Five leonardo also paints the second of madonna on the rocks. Dude love madonna's and he loves rocks. I don't know that about leonardo is big big guy <hes>. If i was given a tour i would include that too. That'd be like yes printed. Madan rocks 'cause <hes> get hard for rocks rocks rocks off anyway moving along the second version of the rocks is the national gallery london in <hes> we mentioned that as well earlier fourteen ninety eight the italian mathematician and francis can fire a celibate member of the catholic religious order founded by saint francis of assisi luca pecchioli who's called the father of accounting and bookkeeping composed a book called day davina proposed on the divine proportion which was illustrated by our buddy leonardo davinci. The title of the book refers to the golden ratio. What does that mean doesn't have to do with golden showers as italian how he disparages america's before you give a golden shower is that rude should extra hydrated for golden shower. She you take a regular shower before giving someone a golden shower and should they probably shower after receiving your shower so you've probably never talk about what any of this you probably never do it. It's probably not healthy. Golden ratio has nothing to do. Thank god was gold showers in the golden ratio. A. b. is to a as as to be golden. Ratio is a special number found by dividing line into two parts said the longer part divided by the smaller part is equal to the whole length divided by the longer part often symbolized by using five so nice pronounced fee the twenty first letter of the greek alphabet. Why is it important will some theorized that many leonardo's paintings employed with the golden ratio in ways that gives it gives work perspective that our brains naturally identify as looking better like more perfect somehow he was using mass to kind of trick our minds minds into finding more beauty and his work. You know you just using scientific wizard. Tricks is kinda like how babies are more drawn to faces that are more symmetrical that then those aren't they've done studies that have proven that <hes> or like how adults tend to find more symmetrical faces more attractive <hes> kind of like how banana peels or way sex you're looking you know then other fruit. You know forget about that. Last example we're trying to say is that whether we are conscious of it or not we do seek out and appreciate balance and leonardo knew that and he knew how to incorporate certain mathematic principles into his work however saying that most art historians don't think he did headed to the level some people do. They don't think he you know <hes> use the golden ratio as much art as much as others as part of the legend so nimrod wills wills me to include it in telling it to you 14.99 back on track french army invades milan leonardo leaves should build tanks should have made some is jan. Crossbows duke was overthrown which leaves now forty seven year leonardo without a patron. He traveled around italy for awhile. Maybe snuck in a little saudi on the on the down low some speculate you gotta have some kind of romantic life right. Maybe maybe not then landed in mantua before eventually returning to florence while in meant to our davinci vinci draws the portrait in profile of isabela estee famous drawing is a sketch for a portrait that was never painted despite his fragile state of conservation it is said to be one of leonardo's ardoz finest head and shoulders portraits. It is also the only known drawing by the master highlighted several color pigments it offers cool inside as well to his portrait process starting starting with a detailed sketch before moving into the actual paint starting to fourteen ninety nine leonardo draws the virgin and child with saint anne and saint john the baptist. The virgin and child was sane nine and saint john. The baptist sometimes called the burlington house cartoon. <hes> is a full size cartoon done by leonardo da vinci and i have such i feel like hopefully i'm doing this episode justice. I have such little artistic education like i've always loved it. I've always loved paintings. Specifically don't know fucking shit about them how to make come the background artists when i first came across the words burlington house cartoon. I'm not saying this joke. I actually thought he drew do some cartoons. I thought he made like some davinci. Cartoons like some kind of medieval version of sunday paper refunding like with little like word bubbles and everything. You know that that's cool bike you l. like maybe the burlington house was. Just a place for a bunch of wacky renaissance bachelor's lives big goofy grains googly eyes. You know some bearded artists guy in some in frame walks up to the burlington house all beat up bruce soaking wet and and she said i thought the killer dakota but she said killer the boat and that's why oh we crashed into the dock. Everybody laughs the next frame some horny old man from upstairs windows this leonardo da you always know how to make the ladies aware da aw everybody laughs in the next frame except for some lady who's all fucking soaked miserable from you know record on a boat. I didn't say he's going to do a good cartoon. That's just where my mind went. No in in the context of renaissance painting a cartoon refers to a full-scale preparatory drawing for a fresco oil painting or tapestry of the word we use today comes to me telling cortana which simply means a large paper or card so bummer. You didn't do cartoon. The burlington house cartoon combines two popular themes in florentine painting in the fifteenth century. The virgin asian mary and the child was saint baptist or same same baptist saint john the baptist any version and a child was saint. Anne charlie hangs the national gallery in london. There's there's a subtle interplay between the gazes of the four figures with saint ann's smiled and her daughter mary will mary's is or fixed on her son. As our saint john's there is little in the way of clear delineation between the four bodies as the head of the two women in particular look like growths on the same body saint ann's in nick matic gesture appoint her index finger towards the heavens recurs to leonardo charters last paintings says saint john the baptist and bacchus and is regarded as the quintessential leonardo esque gesture drawing in charcoal and black and white chalk covers. There's eight sheets of paper glued together unusual for cartoon. The outlines have never been pricked or incised indicating that the stage of transferring the design to the panel that would be painted on was is not reached the worst title bryan cartoon refers to its home at the royal academy until nineteen sixty two when it was put on sale for eight hundred thousand pounds which is crazy for like a very unfinished unfinished work that much in nineteen eighty-seven the roads now's cartoon was attacked in an active vandalism was sawed off shotgun. The blast caused significant damage despite not fully penetrating penetrating the canvas after shattering the glass covering but has since been restored the shooter was robert cambridge who claimed he committed this act in order to bring attention to political social and economic conditions in britain he did not he did it because he was extremely mentally. Ill speaking of guns. Leonardo may have drawn designs for the world's first machine gun at least the first drawing of machine gun around fifteen hundred see da vinci sketched in one of his notebooks designed for what can only be called a machine gun. Leonardo also wanted to increase <hes> he wanted to increase the rate of bullets that could be fired at one time so he designed machines with multiple cannons so they can be fired successively or altogether. He ended up driving to different machine. Gun type type design illustrative weapons used racks of eleven or fourteen different guns while the top row is being fired. The next rack was loaded simultaneously a third racket. Be cooling off off another design had the guns in the triangle spread out for greater distribution of their projectiles by leonardo would find a new job and become <hes> but jonah is head military engineer the military engineer in romagna former province in northern italy artists wedding planner musical instrument inventor inventors vinter so many other things he could he used he probably gonna juggle forty seven balls at one time if he's alive he'll be people magazine's sexiest man alive probability hit a receiver mid strides wanna football three hundred yards and as dick probably saying beautiful songs when it came. I just finished i._s._p. This now go into sleep. Yeah that would be what dick would say <hes> leonardo would travel around the region inspecting fortifications on behalf of our for his new job. Cinzano pasha was sort of a big deal himself by the way miss laughing at all these fucking words love these episodes when they get on paper when when i'm going over and preparation and preparation process have all these pronunciation notes all over like yeah fuck got this can be so easy. I'll say a few sentences here and there out loud yeah got at this and then i go to record my brain's good luck dummy it just like god damn it twenty five thousand words in about about ten today's episode honestly over over over twenty five thousand words and it feels like ten thousand of them are just like oh no <hes> she's outta bhattacharya sort of b._d._o. Himself borja was duke of valentine. Wa was an italian military leader plus. A nobleman politician cardinal ordinal borgia also has happened to pope alexander the six and his long term mistress suzeta baweja fights his fight for power beat a major inspiration for machiavelli's of elis. I like that word great work. The prince while working for zsa leonardo built a canal from susanna to puerto fucking something porto. It is an article this can still exists is the only canal or used daily in the town of manja speaking of machiavelli. There was a time when dementia vinci and machiavelli would put their minds together and plotted steeler river. Leonardo da vinci has resided at borjas court when the great niccolo machiavelli came to visit the gifted author poet what philosopher playwright father of modern political science and more another brilliant renaissance man machiavelli is the man behind the term machiavellian an adjective meaning cunning scheming and unscrupulous us especially in politics or advancing one's career davinci machiavelli fifty to fifty north three working together to do some shady shit they hatch a brilliant scheme to make florence rich and screw over florentine rival city city state pisa once and for all they actually tried to steal the river arno. I think is amazing. Fuck a bank heist. They try a river heist. The river arno was the main water source for both florence and pizza by stealing the arnold machiavelli and eventually hope to not only deprive pisa of the ability to grow their own crops bathe in stay alive but also better irrigate farmlands of florence and turn a profit by selling the water to local farmers additionally the water would be diverted into into a series of canals it would make it possible for ships to sail from florence out to the mediterranean very ambitious plan stealing the would spell wells for florence and would spell death for for pisa. I feel like the phrase go big or go. Home was written about davinci. Dude went real big with some designs and plants and they actually set out too big to make this it happened. Davinci gleefully said about making plans involve tunneling under mountain moving millions of tons of dirt and it would require fifty thousand workers leonardo proposed construction of one wide channel deeper than the arno itself which when combined with the dam would divert the entirety of the river away from pisa and into some nearby marshland the channel was intended to be eighty feet wide at its mouth sixty four feet wide and thirty feet deep and a mile long big project and they did give it a go once machiavelli signed off on the idea davinci's plans went to an engineer named casino who frankly just wasn't smart enough to carry out davinci's vision instead of digging one massive <unk> vincis plan colombia no decided it was easier to build too shallow trenches and let the river erode into one of them or wrote them into one canal columbia alameda also underestimated the amount of time and then he would need to build these two canals buck and callum beano. I knew i didn't like that asshole now. I know why columbia construction plans fails yeah. The arno destroys his two canals and more or less the river stays on its natural course maquiavelian davinci partways never attempting to revisit this insane project again while planning adding that river-diversion leonardo. Also you know nobody whoops designed. Several machines just invented several new things to help make digging and moving easier disguises showed off his point but honestly that's amazing easy like what if they would have done that would pull that off you know down there in pisa and all of a sudden river goes dry what what did he. We go up there. He stole rivera. He's working with them. Bows inner around fifty one or fifty two leonardo da vinci made a sketch a giant single single span bridge that was to be built be built over the golden horn a natural inlet of the boss boss for a straight divide in the city of constantinople present day instanbul instanbul. It was to be part of silla near project for sultan by the second. Everyone wanted peace. This guy's brain the massive bridge was to be seventy two feet wide twenty four meters meters thousand eight hundred total links three hundred sixty meters one hundred twenty feet forty meters above the sea level the highest point of the span. This'll be the first time in history that such a long single span bridge bridge had ever been proposed. The construction methods needed to build such a structure <hes> wouldn't even come into existence for three hundred years consequently. The bridge could not be built. It was just too advanced for the builders of the time to carry out his vision for five hundred years. Leonardo's graceful design remained at obscure tiny drawn in the corner one of his you you know many notebooks until nineteen sixty six when a contemporary norwegian artist bjarne sand saw the drawing an exhibition of one of leonardo's engineering during designs or some of them sam assan was impressed by it so impressed by when he returns oslo he proposes that the norwegian public roads undertaking construction of this project for the next few years via born sawn devoted his time and effort to transform the artaud bridge project from a dream into a reality in two thousand one a small pedestrian footbridge based on the ardoz original original design was built near the town of funny letter a._s. In norway on highway eighteen linking oslo and stockholm leonardo's golden home bridge design is a perfect pressed bo leonardo surmised correctly that the classic keystone arched could be stretched narrow and substantially widened without losing integrity but he's gonna flared foothold old or peer and the terrain anchor each end of the span again amazingly. This was conceived by this dude. Three hundred years prior to its engineering principles being generally accepted. I i mean you can see why the ancient astronaut theorists loved davinci. I mean if you could cloned himself. He could he could have move the world forward a few hundred years and a crazy amount always in fifteen dollars three leonardo's some more painting and florence some time around october fifteen threes commission to paint a mural of the battle of jetty in the reese got that one and the recently rebuilt great call of the plaza vecchio flagging mailing it now and florence during the first years of the republican government he would finish his ambitious and reportedly difficult the project and fifty five the battle of the jani sometimes referred to as the loss leonardo some commentators believe it's still hidden beneath later frescoes in the hall of five hundred and the plots lots of luck vecchio it central seemed to pick the three men riding raging war horses engage in battle for <hes> for something <hes> engaged in battle for what will future technology allowed art historians to find it and if it's their removed paintings place on top it without damaging it time will tell if davinci himself lived today. He probably already had this figured out. <hes> three also the year that leonardo finishes the most famous painting on earth thomas k. d. peaceful retreat wait i mean van gogh's starry night. No i mean the mona lisa also known as legit legit a la jar conduct luxair aja login fucking stanton mona lisa. It's it's also known as the each <hes>. She's a beautiful lady. The mona lisa owned by the government of france and his on the the wall and the louvre in paris with the title portrait of lisa g got on dini wife offense esco dale jr condo. The painting is half linked portrait depicts a woman who's expressions often described as matic the ambiguity of the expression the monument of the half figure composition the subtle modeling of forms and atmospherics illusion ism were novel qualities that have contributed to the paintings continuing fascination few of the works of art have been subject to so much scrutiny study mythology ising conspiracies and parody historian donald soon catalog the growth of the paintings fame during the mid eighteen hundreds feel file got ta and the romantic poets were able to write right about mona lisa as a fem fatale because lisa was an ordinary person. Mona lisa was an open text into which one can read that when wanted or what wanted probably because she was not a religious image and probably because the literary gazers were mainly men who subjected her to an endless stream of male fantasies so listen guys jerking off the mona lisa which is hard to imagine today. She didn't exactly use sex appeal but guess <hes> you know be disney out of the beholder. <hes> the painting really became famous in nineteen eleven italian handyman named vincenzo paducah stolen from the louvre. <hes> vincenza was the guy who helped construct the paintings glass case and he stole his painting by walking into the museum during regular hours hiding a broom closet and then just walking fuck out when the painting <hes> you know or after hours with a painting hidden under his coat simple ingenious last week sucker jesse james would have approved or maybe not. Maybe you know maybe it's been two sneaky for him. Maybe jesse james wrote up guns drawn shot anyone refusing to giving the painting and self-defense pre was an italian patriot who believed that leonardo's paintings means should have been returned to an italian museum also a guy who wanted to make a ton of money selling it in the second part was his primary motivation. He <hes> hid the painting department for two years. The world looked for it in the mona. Lisa fame grew then he got caught trying to sell to the pizza gallery in florence from december nineteen sixty two march nineteen sixty three the french government lent the united states to be split in new york city washington dc in nineteen seventy four and then the painting was exhibited in tokyo and moscow after that between before the nineteen sixty to nineteen sixty sixty three tour the painting was assessed for insurance purposes being valued at one hundred million. No one really knows how much the pain is worth. Two thousand fourteen a french tv station suggested it could be sold to ease the french national debt and it was speculated to be valued at two and a half billion dollars wow and by the way no one really knows who mona lisa was us. She's thought to be young. Florentine woman mono- or mona lisa who in fourteen ninety five married francesco della condo a wealthy silk merchant and thus came to would be known as la deconda okay. I got it that time on july nine fifty four at the age of seventy seven sapiro leonardo's father dies sapiro dive will work in his notary influence no big barrel funeral for him that we know of no records that have been found so leonardo may not have attended because he not it was not not directly a part of the family. He gained nothing in an inheritance. Did davinci have some kind of falling houses. Dad was yet his signs. Dad passed just wasn't recorded. We don't know again. Davinci wrote next to nothing about his private life and the bar ballpark of fifty five leonardo makes an attempt to build another flying machine by about fifty five fifty three year old leonardo have been and thinking about how to fly for roughly twenty years something he built a complex ornithology her a machine with flapping wings too closely mimic the anatomy birds fifty five. No one really knows if leonardo actually actually built a model of untested is off to or not but it's fun to imagine him giving it a go years later in fifteen fifty one of his associates care donnas did write that a traitor that is teacher heater tried in vain to get an ornithologist off the ground so i guess there's a possibility the renaissance man you know took his machine out for a few disastrous spins and may may a fifty six leonardo is summoned by to milan by charles de umbrellas the french governor and in fifteen o seven leonardo's appointed french king louis the twelfth painter and engineer in fifteen fifteen. Oh wait leonardo da vinci painting the virgin and child with saint anne and lamb <hes> fame psychiatrist sigmund freud would later seal kinds of symbolism hidden in this painting claiming to see a vulture a hidden in the painting that somehow represented vincis passive homosexuality when i look at it i see a hidden donut which represents my current attempt to get back on a low carb died died after eating several donors last week and really wanting more donuts this week and don't make me feel happy. When i get sad about say stuff in fifteen ten fifteen eleven leonardo da vinci collaborates with renaissance professor of anatomy mark dantonio dilatory lecture at the university of papua university of dua on a work of theoretical anatomy as an artist leonardo was a master of <hes> topographic anatomy drawing many studies of muscles tendons other visible in that anatomical features he was given permission to dissect human corpses at the hospital of santa me and the waiver in florence and later at hospitals in milan and rome together with marcantonio toyota a theoretical work on anatomy emmy for which leonardo made more than two hundred joins published only in sixteen eighty one hundred sixty one years after his death under the title treats on painting its purpose purpose was to teach students how to draw more realistic human animal figures by understanding the you know the organs muscles bones and everything tendons that lie beneath our skin leonardo drew many studies as of the human skeleton and it's part as well as muscles and sinews the heart and vascular system the sex organs other internal organs he even made one of the first scientific drawings of a fetus fetus in utero as an artist are closely observed or recorded the effects of age and of human emotion on the physiology studying in particular the effects of rage <hes> he also drew many figures who had significant facial deformities or signs of illness he also drew a studied and drew many other animals as well dissecting cows birds monkeys monkeys bears and frogs comparing in his drawings their anatomical structure with that of humans also made a number of studies of horses. <hes> this book now exist at the elmer belt library u._c._l._a. In los angeles elmer belt pioneer and sex reassignment surgery and collector of everything da vinci he could get his hands on afford a leonardo da vinci paint saint john the baptist fifteen fifteen when he's sixty three an oil painting a walnut wood or on walnut would believe to be davinci's last painting and saw sixty nine fifty seven centimeters little guy guy lewis guy now exhibited at the louvre in paris peace to pick saint john the baptist nice latian saint john pelts long curly hair smiling in in in in in ign- matic in jesus christ indyk matic manner reminiscing of leonardo's famous leader. <hes> also looks like kenny g. like a. lot at saint. John looks a lot like energy painting. <hes> have fun trying to not think about that. If you ever look at it <hes> from september fifteen thirteen to fifteen sixty leonardo spent much of of his time living in the belvedere in the vatican in rome where raphael and michelangelo or both active pretty sweet just three teenage mutant ninja turtles children the vatican. Nobody whoop three the greatest artist of all time she didn't shit that's all also fifteen fifteen francis. The first takes thrown in france <hes> and on december nineteenth fifteen fifteen leonardo meets with francis the first pope leo the tenth so you know it's kinda famous ship kind of a big deal beaten up with the king you know france and the pope having some wine and some cheese take any liens out measure them making the guy with the smallest one running naked lap around the palace being bruce following year francis the first commissions d._n._c. to build a robot not kidding he wanted a robot lion or at least mechanical ones so we asked the greatest wizard live to make it for him and then leonardo did indeed build a mechanical lion for the coronation of the king of france he built his mechanical chemical line with the ability to walk and upon reaching his destination open a compartment in is fully automated chest revealing a florida a stylized lily league honor of the french monarchy unsurprisingly <hes> the line was lost destroyed some point history god bummer in two thousand nine another mechanical tinker run out the door but at o. drew inspiration from davinci's line made his own version based on davinci's plans which walked swayed his tail moves jaws. I had a secret compartment that opened the <hes> to really florida. I mean swedish. No wonder some people think this guy was new money. He made a walking robot line and fifteen fifteen. I watched a video. The replica walk around his fucking mind-blowing. That's like the biggest. Most elaborate kids wind up till you've ever seen <hes> guessing. The king of france was more than a little impressed in fifteen sixteen. He gives da vinci use of a manor house near the king's own royal residence at the chateau and wa and davinci spent the last three years as life living here in luxury on a comfortable stipend company by his friend and apprentice twenty five year old count francesco melody francesco mosey while not well known go on to be a bad ass artists of his own after davinci's death breath returning to italy getting married and having eight kids and then leonardo da vinci dies on may second fifteen thousand nine hundred eighty seven king francis the first to become a close friend end the famous artists in store in giorgio assadi records at the king held leonardo's head in his arms as he died although the story may be more legend than fact act. I'm gonna choose to believe it because i really like it. In his last days in auto sent for a priest to make his confession and receive the holy sacrament he was buried the chapel of saint <hes> huber in the chateau. Oh damn well. That was unfortunately demolished. In the early nineteenth century an excavation decades later turned up bones that were believed to be leonardo's inscription notes carefully. The site holds the art what is presumed remains davinci's pu pupil francesco melody the only of davinci students to stay with him until death was he principal heir and executor receiving his money final final paintings tools library and other personal effects and his death leonardo did also remember other longtime pune companion salai and his servant batista a day <hes> velocities who each received half of leonardo's vineyards and some of his half brothers did receive some land. Why never really wrote about him again again. So little is known about his private life. He did have nine half brothers and three half sisters. We don't know how close he was to any of them. Finally a serving woman received a single black cloak guessing. There's a story behind that that will never know i._b._m. Story you know she might just made one comment sweet coat and it was the day he happened to write in his willing to laugh okay. I'll i'll give it to you. Upon davinci's death is contemporary and other renaissance man named named benedetto cellini who was an italian goldsmith sculptor draftsman soldier musician artists author settling ardo. There had never been another man born in the world who knew as much as leonardo. I think that's enough for today's time. Suck time good job up shoulder. You've made it back then what life my god the legacy leonardo motherfucking davinci insanely vast from the world's most renowned painter to an inventor hundreds of years ahead of his time to a military strategist outages who plotted to steal a river and could have quite possibly pulled it off the guy truly one of the world's great genius. This is listen. This guy's interest real quick scientists scientists mathematician engineer inventor anatomist painter sculptor architect wedding planner musician teacher robot line maker wizard time traveler ninja juggler model train enthusiast civil war reenactor film director he started in season two of stranger things play the giant monster monster not sure last few but it seems possible. How the hell do all that well. He didn't have kids get married. That's how i think that's a real lesson day. If you want accomplish hawkish dumping great you keep your dick giants or you gotta. Keep your vagina free. Addicts founded have kids fighting and have wife. I saved perfectly now. I thought the real lesson that's not the real lesson at all but leading what seemed like a solitary life did allow him to <hes> you know follow. His artistic whims a little easier. The real thing is if you want to accomplish all the did you gotta be curious. This could be real. Curious got to be willing to take risks. Get work really really hard batat by the best be born in the right place at the right time in the right situation with right parents and have what may have been the haiku seculow time you know in shorts short look. Does you know like we barely had time to look into the highly scientific mind to this incredible man as a scientist. He greatly advanced. It's a state of knowledge in the fields of anatomy civil engineering optics hydrodynamics as well as outlined a rudimentary theory of plate tectonics covered so much shit today needed so much more or maybe the most diversely talented human to ever live as engineer. His ideas were vastly out of their time. You know conceptualize tanks some say cars concentrated solar power for a calculator submarine double whole number of flying machines like gliders and helicopter invented the first practical ball bearings relatively few designs were ever constructed through even feasible to construct during his lifetime but some of the smaller inventions such as an automated bobbin winder machine for testing the tensile strength of wired did enter the world of manufacturing rain in two thousand sixteen time researchers used historic records to identify thirty five living descendants of leonardo only on his father's side those living relatives include oscar-nominated occur nominated italian director franco zeffirelli was really <hes> perhaps most famous for his nineteen sixty eight film romeo and juliet. I've looked into it so i'm soom. Maybe i'm another senate. My twenty three meter dolts do include point six percent of me being broadly european so maybe i like to think that i did inherit his little talent for being able to have cartoonish accents. It's to me <hes> leonardo and she to make a lot of things alex. Take a the lion melissa. I'm making so many the skills. I make spaghetti pizza pie with opinions from the browser. Let's go go now to the top five or takeaways. Let me time away way number. One despite all of the many many talented davinci his paintings are what he's best remembered for debate still john five hundred years after davinci's death over which the arriving pains are actually davinci's works too many collaborations even the salvator mundi not considered a true da vinci by some respected experts on renaissance art still sold for almost half a billion dollars might be davinci's work number too. Many davinci sketches and inventions were designed for military use even though few made it to the battlefield from our tanks. Thanks giant crossbows multi-candidate type devices. Leonardo wisconsin created new ways to meet sac number. Three davinci was obsessed with flight. No one knows if he ever succeeded in taking flight but his aerial screw gliders and dr were sweet fucking attempts especially for someone who lived over five hundred years ago. I can't even make a decent recent paper. Airplane always ended with tiny wing at one kind of big clunky wing and they really make it across through needs. Just kind of spin down to the floor. Davinci could probably make a paper airplane. They could fly you know clear across the midwest in one shot. You probably have passengers on it now. Number four da vinci was a bastard literally. His mother may have been a slave. He was born in a good time to be you bastard but still i love the despite having wealthy father historians still feels like the story of an underdog makes it a pinch more inspiring hail. The underdog praise bojangles our very own underdog number five new info. Let's look to more sweet inventions. I didn't mention i how about a military diving suit designed hundreds of years before modern scuba gear or working in venice the water city in fifteen hundred venture design scuba gear for sneak attacks on enemy ships. The leather diving suit was equipped with the bag like mask that went over the diver's head attached attached to the mask around the nose area to kane tubes lead up to a cork diving bell floating on the surface air was provided for the opening of the tube to the dire below the mask also was equipped equipped with a valve operated balloon could inflated or deflated. The diver could more easily service inc. Additionally leonardo davinci scuba gear invention inc a pouch for the diver already urinated davinci's idea for scuba gear didn't become well known until his famous famous codex atlantic his twelve volume set of his drawings and notes published after his death or bound <hes> wasn't until the middle of the twentieth century the jacques cousteau and engineer a meal <hes> gagnon invented the aqualung or modern scuba suit so many many of davinci's inventions were so far ahead of his time but it's designed for a humanoid robot might have been the most futuristic davinci invented a robotic night they can wave its arms move. Its neck even open and close his mouth. The strange doll was controlled externally by cables operate with a hand crank as as well as by an internal gear driven urban ancient machine about four hundred and fifty years after da vinci design his robotic night is detailed sketches of the inventions were rediscovered. This contraption made from a suit of armor pack. The springs gears pulleys could reportedly sit stand. Walking raises arms mark rush. I'm a robot assists to his built. Robotic systems for nasa heard of it lockheed martin martin okay whatever built a working model of davinci's robotic night in two thousand and two mark ross. I'm <hes> russia researched researched leonardo's robot obsessively because certain robotic pieces like the wrist joints are very difficult to build today and they were so well designed by da vinci five centuries ago the russia incorporated some of davinci's elements <hes> you know into a modern robot robot hugh some of the elements that went into robot night davinci made into a modern robot he was working on for nasa to possible the us in the international space station fucking real a nasa robot assist still learning from davinci hail davinci time it all right highly talented possibly ancient alien leonardo da vinci has been sucked worked leonardo da vinci which could met him and again. If i fumble more than usual it wasn't from lack of effort. Thanks time so team. Thanks to the queen of the suck lindsey comments high. I priest of the sock harmony veldkamp reverend dr joe horse koch johnson paisley. Thanks to the bit elixir app design crew new update charlie in a final beta test loved loved my beta version. Thanks to access apparel script keepers <unk> flannery <hes> thanks everyone checking links in the episode description bounce out to discord in our facebook culture the curious private facebook group for further interaction and fellowship with fellow cult members next week a return to true crime shit the dirtbag do of henry lucas otis tool. Those are names. I can say right every time running away for inspiration next week. Indulging the morbid curiosity so many of us share when it comes to crime henry henry lucas notice tool or either some of the worst serial killers in american history or a pair of terrible liars they claim to travel across america murdering raping burning even cannibalizing everyone who crossed their pass and henry lucas is to be believed. They killed dallas. The two men met in one thousand nine hundred six soup kitchen fell in love before nightfall. Lucas basically moved into tools home shared his bed. They both claim to have been murderers before they met and then go on to murder many more together both were horrifically abused as children. Lucas ended up killing his on mom in retaliation for abuse mother. Go in that direction again after meeting the to travel across twenty states masquerade as many people as they could find preying upon hitchhikers shakers prostitutes migrant workers more or did they when they both were eventually arrested. They ended up talking a lot to police about what they've done and then they talk some more instill some more and some more again they basically confessed eventually to every unsolved murder that had happened during their lifetimes lucas in particular confessed murderer couldn't possibly committed like he confessed over like a thousand. How's immerse he for sure lied about some of them but did he lie about all of them. Did they go to jail for murder. They didn't commit or were. They actually almost as bad as they were pretending to be. It's a dark tail and after looking into it. It sure seems like they did do for sure a lot of unbelievably horrible things. Are they going to be as bad as our fish. Toy box killer even worse find out next monday. Find out what the colt has been up to right now with today's time sucker updates the times starting off with an update truly made me laugh out loud. I read a apache say jack update not kidding time soccer michael. Leave your last name out to keep you from possibly get some trouble. F-r-o-t-h insane deadheads sucker duggar. I hear you are looking for some dirt on that awful man with spelling show pat say jack. I grew up in the town pad. Save jack lives in maryland so here's the dirt was addicted me. When i was sixteen years old in two thousand eight it was when i worked at a local grocery store which happened to be across from his rich neighborhood. One day. I was refilling yogurt yogurt when i spotted a man in sunglasses and a hat staring at the yogurt down the aisle for way too long so i saddled up to the guy as needed any help that's when out of no where he just yelled at me about how he doesn't need help. He's in there all the time and then he says and i quote. Don't you know how much money i donate this community. He yells at me briefly and storms off another part of store. I immediately recognized him when he turns yellow me fucking pat say jack to this day. I don't know why why he decided to yell at me for trying to do my job and why he had to bring up his community so there you go pat say jake is dick now when you mentioned he's a mantra on the show you you can least know that he was a monster of source at least once thanks for such a great show for history nerd to laugh and learn at p._s. His son in the same age and i knew him he was a cocky ass who thought it was the greatest baseball player ever and drove porsche age of sixty. Well thank you michael. I got to say it is strangely. Reassuring to know that say jack is imperfect and he's not asir. He's not the monster joked about. He's not a saint. No guy didn't like to be fucked with scoping out some of that you know some of that yogurt stinking about his yogurt you know he's what is he going to get zenia blackberry. Gonna get greek. You throw yo you know then apparently interrupted that thought process fucking snapped a little bit. Maybe angry frustrated time sticker. Mitch browning rounding writes in about some tech issues mitch writes. Hey guys. I'm a huge fan of time so i've been since the beginning thanks for all the effort you're team puts into each episode some point and riding his ask. If you know why haven't been getting the last few episodes on my google play account. I have an android phone and it appears that i've been getting last year episode stagger between each other. I never got episodes. One forty eight one fifty one one fifty three you. You know what's going on. Please let me know thanks for all you do loyal time sukkur mitch brownie <hes> mitch sorry having trouble. <hes> let me just start by saying google. Play fucking sucks in my opinion is the worst podcast player out there. I hate it so much. Tru-truly over the course of the show with the secret suck and with the app had more problems with with the google play store than with anything else than with any third party athen with apple which is crazy to me because google is a huge company almost limitless technical support capabilities but when it comes to podcast podcast they don't give a shit. The customer service is almost nonexistent. They don't get back to podcast providers. When are you know are are s feed fucks up on google play the only only place it is fucked up and like the last two years. Luckily there's a ton of other free options. Podcast addict is a good app on android cashbox seems to be good stitcher works great spotify a lot of fireworks great. We have the time gap. We have a major update coming out soon. The based on the beta version. I've had for weeks is better than all of those not going to be. I think so so good sorry about google play not that we can do on our end <hes> i would recommend ditching that and grabbing one of the many other awesome players out there that don't have problems hail nimrod <hes> jesse james gang relatives update coming in from yeah yeah yeah sucker daniel aims daniel writes dear master sucker. This is rocco aims okay. I think it's a daniel on on the email for some reason anyway. This is rocco aims again writing with small jesse james suck date. You mentioned that one of your relatives cummins was affiliate by the yeah. We did jim well. We haven't been in common my biological father whom you mentioned in a previous edna rain worn update. Excuse me has provided me with an unpublished photo of bloody bill. Well anderson claims him to be my four times great uncle apparently my biological grandmother had some genealogy down back in the early nineteen nineties through some nonprofit. They were able the dig this information along with the photo day identified. There was an old box of our family photos who knows if it's a hundred percent true but we may have a photo somewhere of our ancestors smashing some cheap moonshine moonshine together keep up the great work hale nimrod hilas fina praise at sweet boy bojangles and most of all hail you the baddest at the very nice p._s. Tell pacey. There's no shame in his big or not so big dick game that is that's amazing. Rocco <hes> small world. Yeah sounds like your ancestor mind probably did throwbacks moonshine together after doing some horrible horrible outlaw shit and i'm guessing your relation may made my relation a wee bit nervous. I didn't realize more into my relation because of your message that another one of my relatives electives are telecom was the wife of bob ford. The guy who shot jesse james windy jim bill gates those maniacs out to be related to someone and related to us. Thanks for writing in you. Fell outlaw descended and i think pays eugene okay. He seems alright horse cocker or micro pain whatever he's got cute kids and a beautiful wife so you know could be worse. I think he's too worried about as wayne finally touching vaccination update from ryan last name non mus who writes you can read this on the part. If you want but please leave my last name out. I wanted to thank you. I just finished listening to the episode about vaccinations was finally inspired to do my own research. I live in an area that surprisingly full all of anti vaxxers. I have been on the fence about whether or not to vaccinate my firstborn son due in october after listening to this episode. I started really looking into study. Scientific ones not just the ones usually referenced in my neck of the woods that are mostly essays written by religious people for the first time. I noticed just how much evidence there is to support vaccines being a much safer option. I showed some of the research i found on my own and studies you reference to my wife and she and i are in agreement that we will be vaccinated in our son and have a vaccine plan set up with our pediatrician. I wanted to say thank you for doing the re the episode because without you odds are i never would have heard just how much science there is to support vaccines and you may have helped say my son's life. It may sound stupid that i ever considered giving them a new father and just trying to do as best my son and all we ever hear around here. Vaccines give kids seizures or autism and and i've even heard from people i know very well they have heard vaccines cause aids and with all false information fear being put out there. It's scary to think about how many times i was. I put my son in harm hardaway or might have put my son in harm's way had i not looked into vaccinations more. I've always been pretty gullible willing to follow whatever information is put in in front of me without looking into it myself. My son in this podcast have both inspired me to become more analytical and i hope that maybe someday i myself voice of reason to someone in my situation sorry for the awful grammar grammar. I never got higher than c grammar class. Thanks for everything you do. Keep spreading knowledge. Keep a third eye open hail niran keep on well. It's heavy shit ryan and real quick. <hes> your grammar was top notch these i think so. I don't have a ton of grammar conference myself. Your grammar abilities are easily four hundred times greater than my pronunciation nation-building. <hes> i respect the shit out of your strong desire to be an amazing father man <hes>. You sound like an awesome dude hope. I hope i steer right when i really love is. He didn't trust me. Either needed additional research yourself can't stress how important that is no one should take what anyone else says it face value when it comes to celebrate his important society in which needles sticking their child. I do the best best job. I can say words spreading. What i feel is the most active. I can't but inevitably goddamn. I should say i let it was literally was going to say inevitably blay. I fuck up and i fucked up toward negatively. Truly i fuck it all the time and you should not based any life decision off of any of the shit that comes out of my mouth without doing a lot of extra digging. I you know when i wanna spread most on this show is not <hes> not total agassi curiosity and just you know an analytical approach to life you know some kind of a version of what davinci had the curiosity to figure out how our world works just try to figure out how how things work why things are being said. Take things seriously you know it takes time to look into stoppers worth it. The more you learn the better decisions you make the better your life is going to be. I do believe that to be true with every refinement of my bean and i'm so so grateful that i was able to spread that curiosity virus to you so ask questions verify <hes> information ryan. I love it learn to discern good sources from bad sources. Thing critically makes solid decisions. Make the most out of your journeys around the beautiful son and and <hes> you know and and do the best job you can to to give your kids the best chance of having the best life they can love this colts. Thanks time we all did have a great week. Everyone get out there. Bent something amazing. Create something beautiful or you know. If you don't wanna do those things maybe you can subscribe to the new scared to death podcast mugging and the key banana suck can achieve on a sock it as much to come <music> so sound listen guys jerking off the mona lisa.

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