How You Finish School Is More Important Than Where You Finish (Hour 1)


Live from the headquarters of Ramsey solutions broadcasting from the dollar car rental studio. This is the Dave Ramsey show where America hangs out. Have a conversation about your life and your money sitting in for my good friend and my boss Dave Ramsey. I'm Anthony O'Neill and I'm so excited to be with you all today on this beautiful day here in Nashville Tennessee. I'm taking your phone calls right now. Triple eight eight two five five two two five triple eight eight two five five two two five. You have any questions about money about life about if you're a millennial if you're a high school student My name is Anthony O. New and I would love to have a conversation with you and so call on in. I'm a little bit nicer than Dave so I won't hang up on you too quick. I'm also you can reach me at Online at my instagram at Anthony. O.`Neil our be taking questions there on my twitter as well at Anthony O. Neil. I'm excited because Chris Hogan and I just came back from the DMV area Having a financial peace live event. They're such an amazing experience. You know just to be able to sit down with. Nearly two thousand people really encourage them about life about money to answer questions December two testimonies that we got from there which is absolutely amazing. So I would encourage you go to Daveramsey DOT COM for slash events. Amore you can go to Anthony. O.`Neil DOT COM and look up. When is the next time we will be in your city and I'll make sure to get a list of those cities Sometimes throughout the show. So we're going to go out to New York and talked to Rob Rob. How're you doing? How can I help you doing how? How are you man? I'm blessed and not stress and I'm grateful to you. How are you man doing well so recently? Debt Free I've got my three to six months saved up now. looking to save For down payment and I was wondering if I should do that. And they money market account or a simple savings account and then if money market And regardless of that first question what would be the best money market account To us that's a good question How long are you looking to save? it's GONNA be about a year one year. Okay correct all right all right all right how much. How are you looking to put down? I mean a purchase. I mean Close to it'll be twenty percent close at Georgia thousands tens of thousands. Okay cool cool with it. Within one year we called his baby step three B so clearly. You've already out of debt like you said And you've already set aside three six months of expenses. I'm excited for you or how it are. You Rob Mommy asking twenty six twenty six. And you're debt free. You got some money. Paid off seventy thousand for school. Paid seventy thousand dollars in school loans. Correct yeah man I love it. What what was your degree in. I actually went to school for Broadcast Journalism but now I'm working in the digital marketing field. Oh Man I love it. I love it man. Well you're you're going down the absolute right track. Here's what I'm going to recommend for for you right now is to go ahead if you have the Three to six months and three B. We says set aside at least ten to twenty percent to go down towards a house. You're twenty seven years old If you're going to be buying a house within next year I'm Ashley not too concerned about you. Put into a money market account or savings account. Could you not going to get that much interest in return maybe ten fifteen twenty bucks extra I'm okay would you just parking this into a regular savings account now for America and the people listening right now? Let's say if you was saving the safe about at least three to five years Then I would definitely say maybe look into a money market account or maybe parking into a high yielded a savings account online. I actually park my emergency funds into a higher interest account online only it is FDIC insured And it is quick and accessible. I can get to it quickly. Those are the two main things that we focus on But for you robin for anyone listening right now. If you're looking to purchase a home here the next six months we year You really don't need to be worried about interest on it or getting a lot of money back because you're not going to get a lot of money back Loans you just follow the baby steps launcher out of debt launch. She had three to six months. A set aside for your emergencies and a three P. Is You ready to move into a house? I'm excited for you. I mean rob you twenty seven moving into a home. What was I doing at twenty seven? I sure enough was thinking about buying a house going out to holly. How can I help you today? Good good thank you for taking my call. Thank you for calling in so I am calling today. I'm currently sauce for I community. College in Iowa goes on to this spring that free paid off But I have decided to go on a bachelor's degree and I currently have twelve thousand dollars in savings pied for the fast stuff and actively applying for scholarships but I just don't think that's going to be enough for me to pay for two more years going and I was wondering what advice you have. Maybe man you know I love the fettuccine even call in having this conversation with me you know this is something I'm really really passionate about. Was like stand up and had this conversation because I love is so much. So let's get a little more information. Here howdy right now. Holly I'm twenty twenty okay. Are you living at home with your parents right now? You have your own place My own okay. All right all right and do you have any student loans from your community college right now. I do not know okay. Cool so right now. We're we're in a good place okay. We we're debt free. It sounds like do you have any credit cards or anything I do. I put like ten dollars on it a month. Okay how much credit card debt you have none none okay okay and you said you have a credit card and you put in ten dollars hundred a month that I hear you correctly. Yeah Yeah Okay okay. Okay so we need. We need to cut that credit card up all right. I know that's not why you call in but I wanNA make sure that we're staying away from all dead because I want you to graduate ahead of the game not behind the game so let's go ahead and get this credit card cut up so what school you're looking at going to. How much is it a year? I'm so I'm looking at Northwest University. with housing rushing warning about eighty thousand years. Seventeen thousand Okay with housing. Is it possible you can stay home? no it's about four hours from home four hours from home right. And how much institution alone right at about eleven girls okay. So we're about eleven thousand and that's what I was thinking because normally all in states Not all of them but the majority of them in between six thousand and then and housing you're saying is about six thousand dollars a extra a year okay. Let me do some math here because way I'm thinking. Are you working right now on your okay? How much are you making a month? A little over two hundred. It's not much just WanNa have off time from college off time from college all right so it sounds like here. Hollywood. I'm going to recommend you do is eleven thousand dollars. A month is not too bad. That's going to be about nine hundred dollars a month what you need to come up with now. The housing situation. I'm going to recommend since your four hours away is trying to figure out how you can get an apartment or get into a situation to where you can actually split this income If you cannot do that then we gotta look at us. We have seventeen thousand dollars. How can we cash flow? Do I need to go into the job immediately? Not into the job into the College Education. My four year degree Right now immediately is way I can actually work and save up some money Is there a way that I could possibly secure some more? Grants AND SCHOLARSHIPS I. Would I would actually suggested you go go up to the financial aid office. Cb can negotiate you know because this is. This is serious. You going into it right. Let's make sure you graduate from it right arrive. You guys listen to the Dave Ramsey show here in dollar car rental studio. My name is Anthony Hill. And I'm sitting in for Dave Nabi right back One of the questions I get all the time is which life insurance company should I used for my term life policy? Look it can be a tough decision when there are hundreds of plans out there with rates all over the place and rip off riders. That's why the only company I use and recommended for over twenty years is Zander insurance. They're a broker which means they shop only the top plans from repeatable companies. That I recommend call them at eight hundred three five six four thousand two hundred eighty two or visit Zander. Dot Com for instant online quotes. And we're back here on the Dave Ramsey show. We have any questions. You have a conversation about your money. Your team millennial younger male. You would ask me some questions. Please give me a call. Triple eight eight two five five two two five triple eight eight two five five to five. We're going to go back to the phones now. Let's go out to Ohio and talk to Elizabeth Elizabeth. How how are you doing? I'm good how are you? I'm blessed enough stress and glad to be on the phone with you can help you all right I was just wondering if it would be harder to get a job with an online degree. Compared to an on campus degree do employer the online degrees Having like lesser value than an on campus. Carry at all know. What what do you think? Do you think. Online degree is worse than on. Campus Agree Well based off the research I have done. I don't think so I just wanted to get comfirmation like you tell me about yourself. How old are you Elizabeth? I'm nineteen years old ten years. Okay are you currently in college right now? I am okay. Are you currently in college at I am a freshman at southwestern assemblies of God University okay. Okay no-go southwestern. What was your major their social work social work. You're going to be helping some people I like you. I like you. So are you considering? Maybe because I'm guessing it you're actually on campus correct. I was on campus at seed Avila University in Ohio and I just wanted to get confirmation about my decision. I had to make some financial decisions with the campus. I was at compared to online degrees at southwestern assemblies of God and used the University. It just seemed like a better option for me. And that's why I had this question for you. Yeah Elizabeth. You're asking a great question that I think a lot of people listening to you right now. Live on the air or are asking. You know West best raw and always say this. It doesn't really matter about where How you start where you start. It doesn't matter where you finish a banners about how you finish and how you finish his debt free and as long as this degree is accredited fully credited And you can pay cash for this is the cheapest price The possible option for you are totally okay with getting an online degree. I think what we have to stop doing is telling our young people in America that they have to go to a four year traditional school know what they need to do is go the best route. That's best for them. Which is online is okay. It is Ashley Great. I mean I know for me if I was go back to school. I would have to go to campus. Not because online is bad but because my attention span can't focus on the computer screen that loan but if you can focus I and get the education an impasse on a glasses and do all your homework. Assignments online go for it is is cheaper is GonNa save you some time you can get your degree quicker so Elizabeth you do was best for you and no a job. Career is not gonNA look at you any different because you have a on line a degree. So we're going to go out to Texas here and talk to Z. Ad How can I help you today? Man Hi Anthony I have twins. Appoint a girl of Sixteen Juniors High School. Okay and I was wondering how I can get them motivated and excited and Is it too late you know. When do I start taking scholarships and getting them to apply to a lot of scholarships Mexico question Now give it. Give me a little bit information about your your twins here. Juniors tell me about them are they self motivated. What are they passionate about? What do they love doing? What do you know what they even want to do? As far as a career right now. Yeah they're both really passionate my son He He's an ice hockey player and he He wants he thinks he wants to. Maybe play ice hockey at school but he also wants to be an architect and he's looked at a couple of schools a couple here in Texas and around the state and my daughter Yet just as motivated. She's really into agricultural and she wants to get some type of act sciences degree s good Hook Okinawa's in DC yesterday and a young couple. Aspen is same question it was like. Hey how do I get my kids to become motivated? And one of the things. I'm telling? Parents is have actually sit down with them and show them the possibility of their futures. I have this chart chart that I share called Aaron and tied chart. Why actually showed him my cave? You all can secure scholarships And you can actually graduate one hundred percent debt free. 'cause you will hear our here's what you can do in the future. Here's how you get ahead of the game so I definitely say for for your twins Sit DOWN WITH THEM. And just say you know what? Hey here's what you can do if we can go to this college one hundred percent debt free. This is what your life can look like. You can actually start becoming a everyday millionaire as early as twenty six twenty seven years old if you actually work hard. And if you get the scholarships and the grants that you really go after right now Ashley you can actually go to the school at you desire but telling the truth if we do not get the funds one. We'RE NOT BARRING INTO. You may have to go a different route and so if you really excited about going to this particular school. Hey I wanna make sure that we do everything that is possible to get you into that school. But at the same time if you don't hear irritate rows and I think when kids are actually approached as a young adult and they fills if they have some sweat equity in their future They get really really really passionate about their future. So thanks for your call. And as going out here to Texas. And we'll be talking to Isaac. How can I help you man? It's a nice talking to you. Finally I have a question. Don't know exactly where to start but I have a fulltime job from seven to six and I am looking to go to architectural school in Was Kinda WanNa your opinion on that if if you would go that route or Or study programming at home okay. That's another thing that I've been looking into and Because of my work schedule I the exactly where she added that car. How old are you as twenty three twenty three years old? Okay all right. And what do you do for a living right now? I'm a Cabinet project manager and I also do that. Cabinet design work and also P- redesign on an office buildings and stuff like that. Okay so you go into office buildings and I'm thinking you go into homes as well. He helped built cabinets For homes and and the corporate space in my correct. Yes okay What do you make in a year? They are you happy with that salary or is it. Are you not happy with the salary? I'm I'm happy at the moment. But of course Would always appreciate more but I make fifty six thousand a year. Okay six thousand dollars a year. Do you have any debt right now. Just mortgage just a mortgage. Okay so you one hundred percent debt. Free mortgage Do you have a fully funded Savings Account Emergency Fund. I'm working on the okay working on Keiko's let's talk about this Architect or programming. Both of these are two great routes. I don't have a problem with neither. Neither neither is of these. I think architects is a little bit more in. Lima which are ready. Doing you already building cabinets Passionate about that. I have no problem with that. Now here's truth. It's going to be very hard to go to architect school and also worked a full-time job and so for me. What I'm going to suggest that you do is I want you to look up. The American Institute of Architects. A I A as a great program is a great organization that can possibly help you get into this and go buy the cheaper the most affordable route. I WANNA say cheaper and downplay but the best affordable route for But also look into programming because programming is great money Also what I'M GONNA do is. I'm going to give you a book Madison I want to give him a King Cole. Ms Book In this discovery. Here's a career expert. Man He can really help you decide. What's your passion and how to align your passion which a career. Because I want I wanna make sure that whatever route you go is to find a route that you're in and Ken Coleman wrote a bill called the proximity principle Isaac that that would definitely help you out with choosing was the best route for you but a key thing here is. Let's not being a rush K. Because you're already making good income. You're one hundred percent debt free outside of your mortgage so this means this means that you really do not need to rush into this process. You can take your time cash flow but looked up. The American Institute of Architects Madison is GonNa get you that book. I'm telling you right now. Man Futures Can brought you twenty three years old. I love talking to young people and help them becomes accessible guys. Listen to Dave Ramsey show. My name is Anthony. New York Bang. Christians have an affordable incredible way to meet their overwhelming healthcare costs it's Christian Healthcare Ministries. Original health cost sharing ministry a better business. Bureau accredited organization see members share to pay each other's medical bills. It's not insurance. It's Christians financially and spiritually supporting each other. It's what Tim has done for. Over thirty five years learn more at C. H. Ministries Dot Org that C. H. Ministries Dot Org Christian healthcare ministries is a proud sponsor of Dave Ramsey. Live events. Get this Americans. All about one point six trillion dollars in student loans. One point six trillion dollars. I can't even dream about what one point. Six trillion dollars is but we owe it in suited loans that breaks down to about thirty five thousand dollars per student To me that's just absolutely crazy. That young people today are graduating with about thirty five thousand dollars student loan debt but then fifty students are graduating with one. Hundred thousand dollars or more So pretty much. That's a mortgage payment with no real estate if you're sitting in a student loans and think they're just going to go away or the government will magically forgive them. You're absolutely wrong. You guys you have to have a plan to cut through your student loans or any kind of debt at all something. That helped me tremendously years. Ago Is Financial Peace University. It is the best plan to help you. Pay Off your loans early. We've been teaching Gods We've been teaching All kinds of people How to handle money for over twenty five years in nearly six million people have learned how to pay off debt including student loans and save for the future in fact most people who go through financial peace university are debt. Free this out within a matter of eighteen to twenty four months of starting a class. It's time to get those loans out of your life. It's time to get started today to learn more about an inch apiece. Diversity can go to Daveramsey DOT COM or call triple eight to peace triple eight to two piece. I remember when I first took. Financial Diversity was actually a thirteen week. Course and it a tremendously changed. My Life I didn't really understand finances. I didn't understand finances. Of God's way I understood a the world would America was teaching me about finances in America says. Hagel out there get three trae lines. America says go out there and become a homeowner. A America says it's best to be a homeowner before renting America says. Go to school and take out as many loans as you need. But they're so many people that I've met that followed The miracle way going after the American dream American dream is simply freedom but one thing I've learned From looking at everyone and really looking at their situation The American Way Lisa. I'm down to American nightmare and I believe that the American dream is still true. We just can't listen to America to get him if you want freedom if you want financial peace you want to be able to leave a legacy to your children's children if you really want that financial joy. Don't listen to America listened to guy and he'll help you and listen to us because we have it skoll financial peace university go to Daveramsey DOT COM or call triple eight two two peace triple eight two two peace you guys. We are coming To Dallas Texas and a HAM Anaheim California Chicago Illinois To do a lot of different things. April thirtieth. We are doing financial peace live in Dallas Texas at First Baptist Dallas. That's going to be Dave Ramsey and myself. I can't wait for that one Dave Ramsey myself on the same stage is that's a beautiful situation. You know he is known for his Cheetahs story and Dave is running across the stage and I'm right there behind him running as well because I'm excited the right around the corner April Thirtieth Chris Hogan myself be in California or may six will be an Indianapolis Chris Hogan and myself on May Twelfth Chris Hogan Eh myself will be in Chicago Illinois's and I'm telling you man. We literally walking through the seven baby steps. We walk you through how to actually get that financial peace. And what I love about Dave Hogan and myself we share our stories. You know. We're not hitting the stage. Just experts were hitting a stage as human beings who have done some stupid stuff with our money. We've made some mistakes heck for six months of my life. I didn't know where I was going to sleep some nights. I'm sleeping in the car some nights. I'm sleeping on Florida friend's house. I was thirty five thousand dollars in debt all because I was trying to impress friends. Impress people and my poor decisions led me to the back of my car and when. I hit that stage On these events I'm coming from just a genuine place. Here's my story. Here's what I learned. Here's what you can learn. And here's how we together can get financial peace and go after all of our dreams so make sure go to Daveramsey dot com go or go to Anthony Oneal DOT COM. And let's have a conversation about How we can together become better. I'M GONNA go over to twitter. Let's go over twitter. We'll have some questions from twitter. You can go to twitter or instagram. At Anthony. O'neill and similar question at Anthony. Oneal look for the blue checkmark and some of your questions. Here's when I got today from Nikki. She says you recommend taking the act and sat or choosing only one test to focus To prep on. That's a question you can't go wrong with taking either or I'll talk about this in my book debt. Free degree If you have the time if you're good tester go ahead and take both of them but I want to research for example you go to one particular school and they only focused on. Act Let's say your top three schools at you're looking at they only accept the act. You know what? Go ahead of focus on the act. Only and prep and study for. And I really want to encourage all parents to get my book. Debt-free degree because I actually teach some secrets inside of the book on how to prep. When should you start prepping? When she'd you start having a conversation about the act or sat there are some schools that only accept the sat a so one due to research make sure And know what your school is. GonNa Require here nicky and then from there. I will stay focused on that one but if you can do both of them do both of them is going to help you in a long time. It's a great question so real good question. We're going to go out to Virginia and we'RE GONNA be talking to misty missy. How can I help you today? Hi Anthony I'm calling about my son We're a home school family okay. My son will be graduating this June Just a few days short or shy of his sixteenth birthday. Wow He's yeah he's decided he doesn't want go off obviously to university team so my question to you is what is what should we be doing. Or what should we help him be doing before he goes to college? Should he be doing community college which is currently doing Or is it okay to give them some space than let him be a kid? Or what's the mixture? What is going to benefit him? This and this is good so your son is about to turn sixteen and graduating from high school so clearly is smart because he has more parents. I just love. So what is he? What is he wanted does even know at sixteen of the Career Field. He wants to pursue. He was talking about doing medical school. and being a dermatologist. But he's not committed to it I think his heart is in Engineering but the way he puts it he doesn't want to go to college and spend four six eight years getting a degree and then having to work his way up in the field so that's why he doesn't want to do computer engineering because they said after we graduate he then have to start at the bottom and work his way up before he can make good money so he isn't totally decided yet. But I'm my husband and I are thinking about getting him a mentor and I've also connected with a local dermatologist. And maybe talk to him about that route I just don't know what to do once they graduate and I don't want I don't want his resume to look bad or as application to look bad. I don't want him to have gaps but I also wanted to be able to be a kid But I I want to do. What's best for him? So that's why I wanted to call you Daska missy. Thanks for calling in. I think this is a great question because your son is sixteen and I believe right now. He doesn't have to rush to choose what he wants to. Fats are having this conversation. Now is amazing I I'm split between two things. I still want him to be a teenager. I mean enjoy the teenager life but at the same time. I don't want his mind to drop so if he is okay with going to community college earlier on. I think that's fine. Take one class online. Maybe take one class inside the on the building. I think getting creative. There is great but the fact that he is already thinking about what he wants to do. I agree with you. Get Him a mentor. Game around some different people. He looked up to into the career fields that he wants to get into so by the time he his eighteen. He can go hard after what he wants to do. But this is absolutely amazing that he's ahead of the game. Let's keep ahead of the game. So let him be a teenager. Let them enjoy life or make sure that we keep fueling his head and his mind was some good stuff. You guys are listening to the Dave Ramsey show and I'll be right back so in honor of black history month has a black man I decided to have a conversation with six good friends of mine. Talk ABOUT MONEY. Talk about legacy. Talk about Our Pass Our Future. Where are we going as a culture and race and We are excited about the conversation. We're having so I want to encourage you. I've released about six videos and I'll be releasing about eight more this month on To celebrating black history month get into thoughts and opinions of This this young generation. We have A lot of opinions on there and so you can go to my Instagram at Anthony O'Neill o. N. E. A. L. or YouTube And check it out there as well but I'm telling you right now. A lot of people having some good opinions and I WanNa know your opinion you know I want to know what do you think about what we're saying so? I don't share my opinion. I just want to hear from others so I can see what else is should be teaching going to help all people Get better with their finances. But I wanted to make sure that I had this conversation so ruined. Go back to the phones. Weren't go out to Ohio and to Stephanie. Stephanie how are You doing today? Asu Got Florida. I'm sorry and we're going to talk to a chase yet there. How you doing? Hey I'm doing well man about yourself. Sorry about that. Nor'easter of for just a big Fan of you and your ministry My wife and I got the chance of financial accelerator down in Orlando last year. I read your book and they become a big Fan When my oldest son in two young ones are either college or trade school but My question is pertaining to myself I did a lot of stupid going through college myself and did sign up the stupid student. Loan whatever I was able to cash flow by masters but since cleaning up my mess. Question is Are there any resources? Tell me find a pick. Shovel already scholarships or grants that may be applicable to me trying to get myself out of this situation. So what are you currently doing right? Now give me give me a little bit more information about you right now. What you currently making a year right now. Oh Oh household income's about one when thirty one thirty okay and what do you do for living again? I I'm a supervisor in corrections. Okay Okay Rodney corruption. Junior police field all right closer than what you want to go to school. One more time for not no. I'm done with school. I'm I'm I'm done with school like little masters I'm I'm trying to clean up. My my Undergrad mess that I made. I was on the Fan Wilder Program and took seven years to get my bachelor's degree. Okay I Christian student loans over that process and maybe step two right now. This is our final in baby. Step two but we're still just looking for a bigger shovel to get out of this whole Aso. Since it has a couple of things you ask a question that a Lotta people actually do not ask which I love I love the question which he acts was are. There any grants scholarships out there. That will help pay back your student loans. Now they're not a lot. Now lives scholarships and grants are going to be to help undergraduates or people who went to further their education. But believe it or not. There are a couple that I've come across and I went and recommended. Jimmy go to my scholar Dot com every year. They do a huge huge scholarship. Close to about one hundred two hundred thousand dollars toward ages. Give give give it away to people to help them pay back their student loans but the very first thing when he comes to your shovel is really not going to be a scholarship or grant ordered government. You know chases really going to be based upon you and how hard you are willing to work to really go aggressively after it. So outside of your student loans What OTHER DEBT? You have more than just a mortgage okay. Cool great so yeah. I will say that very first day in that you need to do. It's just really attack it yourself lineup in debt snowball if you have multiple student loans get it all in that area and then after that go check out my Scali. My scholar is doing real good They do about once or twice a year. They team up with some people and they do offer. Some grants scholarships to people who currently have student loans and they pay it off. And so that is one thing recommend but before I'm waiting on anybody I'm focusing on myself. I'm going to go ahead and get on a budget Let's listen all my income this out everything that I have going out and then after that I'm going to go ahead and attack my student loans and then go ahead and work on my three to six months of expenses They now we're GONNA go out to Ohio and ruined. Talk to Stephanie. Now Stephan how can I help you? Hi I want to get your opinion on what is appropriate for parents when it comes to helping their high school seniors or even current college students. Searching and applying for scholarships teacher recently gave my child a hard time. Because there's no been our head help them when they ask for assistance and guidance on a scholarship application completing. So where do you think of for staying in that process? Let me ask you a question. What's your definition of helping? How are you helping? Your students are Either searching or like in this particular incident lose uploading some documents you know everything is online and they want things uploads it how wanted I have to seniors senior college in a senior in high school senior in college and graduating debt? By the way I love that one. That's what I'm talking about. Did you help her as well? Your senior in College. Go through The Sun So a little bit Senior a little bit more guidance as far as searching and finding them around. So let me ask you this question to ask this question but I I wanna be respectful. Here you said that you said that you're uploading the information for them you send. You're searching for them I think that you shouldn't be doing neither one of those. Two things are thinking if your child is a senior. I think that your child needs to be doing all the searching Child needs to be doing all the work and uploading now have no problem with the parent assisting like making sure that the application is correct making sure that the grammar's correct on The estee but you gotTa make sure that they. They're doing all of the work Now if they find out of one hundred scholarships if they find ninety you find ten a because you're doing some a searching on your while you break or something like that. I have no problem with that at all but the most of it needs to come from this child from your. Does it make sense because I really WanNa make sure that our young people America have Some type of sweat equity and a gay. I remember when my dad gave me my first car. I was excited. Of course they paid for but I wanted some nice wheels. It was back in like the nineteen nineties. ninety is. I'm sorry the early two thousands And I remember I got the car my dad said I you got the Gar you gotta pay for Insurance. You want wheels on it. You gotta buy the wheels if you want to a boom box and a bat you've gotta by somebody are boombox was status a system and it was loud and it was annoying now. I can't stand it And then also I wanted a tent and it was all right. You got to do it all yourself. We've helped you but you have to put some sweating a game. I did all of that. Y'All I wash that car every single day and check this out. It was a nineteen eighty-seven Nissan Maxima and a car could even go in reverse. The transmission was messed up but I treated it like it was the best thing ever because I worked hard and I put money into it. And so that's the same thing with today's generation of young people. I get it parents. It is your job to guy them on a journey. But it's not your job to do everything for them on the journey and so when it comes to college when it comes to prom when it comes to buying a car if the car is going to be twenty five hundred dollars they need to earn a thousand. They need to earn fifteen hundred. If it's my child they're going to earn all twenty five hundred of it you know. They're going to be washing a lot of cars cutting a lot of grass babysitting a lot of children. I WanNa make sure that young people feel the weight. They may not be as much as they should but they will fill it as much as possible. He Gosh this is just been a great day and I would encourage you to go over to my Youtube Anthony O'Neill and make sure that you check out this conversation around black history month. We are talking about money where we're talking about. How can we Get more income. How can we build wealth? How can we Start businesses. How can we get out of debt? What can we do differently? And what should we do Agriculture and. I'm just extremely excited about that. And and what we're doing here Many guys this has been absolutely fun. The Dave Ramsey show for a good hour. If you will thank you for your phone calls. Thank you for giving me an opportunity. Thank you for listening and I wanNA thank the producer James Chow and filling in for our social producer. Kelly Daniel Madison browder on the phone. Some remember you guys. The caliber of your future will be determined by the choices you make today. This is the Dave Ramsey. And this is James Childs producer. Dave Ramsey show. 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