'Valentine's Views' podcast: Rinse, repeat as Giants lose again


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Thanks hello giants fans and welcome to a new edition of the Valentine's podcast. This is Ed Valentine of big view and I'm coming to you the day after after the giants suffered their seventh straight loss. This one to the Chicago bears one. That dropped them to a miserable two and nine on season and here to tell me breakdown all things giants try to to figure out what is going on and win or how so it might get better is Patricia. Traina of locked on giants and giants may even Patty. How you doing today? And I'm exhausted Austin and not because I didn't sleep. Well I just feel like the season is been draining and I just feel like I'm writing the same things over and over again. I know. That's a bad admission to make but this team hasn't given you a whole lot to write about as far as you know what to look forward to L. Patty. It's sort of like you know if you have favorite television shows. It's sort of like constantly being stuck in rerun season. We've seen this and we see the same episode over and over and over and over. Yeah it has an end you look they keep saying that they see progress and you know maybe you see progress in player here and there but you need to see progress in units units because football is not a game of individuals. It is a team game and you might have one guy say for example on in the defensive backfield who's playing really well and and if the rest aren't what's the what. What good is it and this is what frustrates me as like? We're not seeing in progress and growth. If anything we're seeing certain units go backwards and that's concerning to me. Yes it is patty and you know when when we talk about all of that. We have to come back to Pat Shurmur in his coaching staff. And for me. I've said a number of times. I don't think the giants want to go through an upheaval. I don't think they want to fire Pat Shurmur. They want arisen to keep him. They'd like you know some stability. They don't want to have to to remove a coach for the third time in five years. Because you just don't WanNa be that cycle of consistently starting over consistently looking for a new coach because that's no way lead to build long-term success but as we go through game after game after game. Would you agree that that it is getting harder and harder to see Pat Shurmur as the long-term answer as the head coach of the giants I think so ed I mean look I think patch a good man and I like him as a person I just when I don't see growth when I see him making the same mistakes mistakes and being stubborn like he was in Cleveland. That concerns me. Because look if you're going to grow this team. This team is going to mature. The coaching staff has to do it as well. And it's interesting because I went back A couple of weeks ago to look up Shurmur introductory press conference and he was asked. What have you learned from your? You know Cleveland stint and he didn't really give much of an answer he just said he learned a few things you know that he wished he had known back. Then but you look at the product that's on the field and you just see some of the same mistakes the in game management decisions. You know the stubbornness you know just various things and say you say to yourself. Look you want this team to grow. But yet you seem so stuck in your ways that you're not growing with this team and that to MEES big concern. It is Patty and one of the things that we see is game after game. We see sort of head scratching decisions in the way that I consistently put it is. It may not be a decision that that is directly. Probably a reason four loss but the job of a head coach is to make it easier for his players to put them in the best position to win. And I thought the the the punt fiasco yesterday was was the biggest example yesterday of of Shurmur in his staff. Once again not doing that. I mean D- do you agree that that we're seeing way too much of that type of stuff where we're just feels like like they're not not being put in the right positions. Yeah I mean and this goes back to what I've been saying for for weeks and some people are slab in me for sounding like a broken record but I'm GonNa continue to say it when you have a coach head coach who is so wrapped up with one side of the game and isn't managing the big picture as well as he could be. That is a problem and we see week after week after week where we just is come away and say what the heck were they thinking and that pump fiasco. I mean not knowing that you could substitute and then trying to cover it up and say well. That's what what we intended to do up. Sorry I'm not buying that. No I didn't buy it either. Patty in and it just bothers me whenever whenever he whenever pat seems to get questioned about a decision like that he he'll kind of default to will that's what we intended tended to do in in. I'm sorry if that's what you intended to do then and this is not a question. It's a comment men. If that's what you intended to do then I wonder if you really know what you're doing to say. Yeah I I I just don't understand it at. I mean it's okay to admit you made a mistake. You know I guess maybe coaches are you know. Because they're paid so much they probably figure okay. The fans don't WanNa hear. I made a mistake but Tom Coughlin you know. They used to lose and get beaten badly the he used to always stand there and say this is on me. I do enough I made. I didn't make the right decisions. And I'm paraphrasing there. Coughlin offline owned up to it and Shurmur has started to do that but I just don't think it's done enough to sit there and say well that's what we intended did. Were worked out exactly like we thought it would now. You have to sit there and wonder you know what's going on with their strategy in their planning. It just doesn't doesn't make sense to me. No it doesn't Patty and you talked about. We've talked a couple of times about progress. Aggress from the coaching staff is in terms of of learning near players in terms of learning situations and how to manage games in how to do things and it sort of went under the radar yesterday but a couple of weeks ago Shurmur was questioned. Ginned about why he used all of his timeouts so early in the fourth quarter. I don't remember if it was the jets game. It may well have been the jets game where he had used all of his time outs pretty much before the four minute. Mark of the game and he stood in his press conference and he sort of realized seemed to realize or admit that that when he started to use the timeouts he realized he had done it too early but but that he was committed at that point he just had to continue to do it. And what did we see again yesterday. I think three forty eight to go in the game leading up to that punt situation and the giants had already used all of their timeouts. It's just head scratching two weeks ago. You admitted that using using all of your timeouts that early game or or seemed to admit that. That wasn't the right thing to do in the next time. You're in that situation. Can you do it again. And it's just it's flabbergasting to me so I I don't know what to say I don't know what to say either. I mean I it's like it's okay to admit you made a mistake now. I don't know if he may admits it to the players. Or what's going on but to me. The most the frustrating thing Ed is when the mistake is repeated. You know we talk about players and players make mistakes and then they learn from it and then you don't see the make the same mistake over and over again. We can't say the same thing about this coaching staff. I don't think and and that's just what's so frustrating. I mean I. I don't think that Shurmur is a bad football coach. I think you know he can be a good coach if he if he likes his load a little bit. And just maybe I. I don't know make some tweaks to a staff. What not but just the overall way he's gone about this? The stubbornness is what bothers me. The most and it's just just like do you know. Look they haven't been able to run exactly what you want all year long so I've always said the good coaches in the the NFL and then any level the ones that really earn their money are the ones that say okay. You know what. We can't quite run what I WANNA run. So we're going to have to adjust a little bit in in order to to optimize what we had. I don't know that they've done this. I would agree with you. Patty that that they haven't and you know we. We watched on Sunday. We watched rookie. cornerback Corey Ballantyne. Really really struggle. All right I think onto drives in the second half the the bears basically just looked at it like okay. WH- whoever he's covering we're throwing the ball there and and we're not just throwing the ball five yards. We're going to throw at twenty or thirty yards down the field and take the big chunks. Because we don't think he can cover Allen Robinson or or whoever he's he's lined up against and you know and there were a couple of balls yesterday. Were Daniel Jones through passes that should have been intercepted. He through right into the hands of bears defenders drop them. And you know what you live with mistakes like that from young guys who are learning and and in growing but what bothers you is an indicator of Corey Ballantyne for example. We watched two drives where he was. We simply singled out. And how long did it take for the giants to to to help him. They had surrendered ten points before they decided to do that. And I don't know who you blame for that. You blamed James Becher d you blame Pat Shurmur for not leaning into the headset and saying hey either get the kid. Get Out of the game or give him some help. But but I think those are the the mystifying things that that we talk about. It's you know when. Is it going to get better. And how is it going to get better patty. I don't have any answers. I wish I did ED. It's it's frustrating and it's disheartening and it's just lead to a lot a lot of football that you know that there's better talent but it's just not showing up and I I just don't know what the answers are fatty. Let's take a quick break for a word from our sponsors here and we'll come back and I want to ask you Before we call it a show I want to ask you specifically about two. We're three players. Hey I'm Spencer Hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown shutdown full. Cast your avengers of college. Football podcast it says in the script to riff on what that means and basically what I mean it's already spoiled. Every Tuesday we talk about everything uncooking disasters to pro wrestling. Too unfashionable pants worn middle school. We also do talk about college. Football every now. And then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the early. And unfashionable. Pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken. Subscribe for free on Apple. PODCASTS IT casts or in your favorite podcast APP. Hello Listener I'm Sean. Rama's firm host of today explained. Vox Daily News podcast every day. Hey Monday through Friday my team and I look at what's happening in the world. We pick one essential news story that defines our moment and asks smart people to help us understand it in about twenty minutes or less. It's the perfect way to start or end your day subscribed today explained for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP. It's from stitcher and the VOX media. PODCAST network alright giants fans Ed Valentine back here on Valentine's views this podcast and we're talking with Patricia Traina of locked on giants and the giants maven about the miserable state of of your two and nine New York giants Patty. Let's let's talk a little bit about a couple of players in particular in the first. Just one I have to ask you about is long time giant long snapper Zach DRC. I watched that that ground ball snap that that he produced yesterday. That cost the I missed field goal and then I watched him. You know author another bad snapper. What I consider to be a bad snap on the next field goal and and I'm sorry sorry I started to wonder if Zach Diaz is going to play another football game for the New York giants at this point are you where do you? What do you think is going to happen happen with with Diaz in are you are you? Do you have any idea what's going on with him. I don't add you. You know I will say this. I like that. I think Zack has been a tremendous leader on that team. He's been at his best. He's he's in mazing player. He's always been like one of the first guys down the field and he's been reliable but I don't know ever since he had that hand injury I I just have seen the the quality of his his long snap start to deteriorate and we inside football had been writing now for several weeks that we were concerned about some of his snaps and we had a concern we expressed as we said that at some point his snaps are going to cost them on a kick nick. And that's not something you want to be. You Know Brag about being right but that has happened so I think kind of irks Smi a little bit and football business. This isn't anything personal against sack. Because again I like him. I respect the heck out of him. The giants had taper pepper peper during the summer. Who didn't he performed fairly well? I mean he was younger he theoretically could have been there snapper for the next. I don't know ten seasons Ziesel early and what happened. They tried to sneak them onto the practice squad but they lost. They lost into Miami. And now it's like okay. They have to try and find another long snapper because look Diaz he's not gonNA play forever. I'd be surprised if he's back after this year to be honest with you I think maybe he calls it a career ear and just you know when you go out of the game you you ideally want to go out on top and I don't know that you can say right now that the aussies is playing at the top of his game we've seen better from him and I'm sure he'll be the first person to say look. There's no excuses for that but you got to wonder if something's bothering his hander. Gender you know. Something's going on physically with him. Yeah I don't know Patty I really don't know you're probably right. You might have to wonder about about him physically physically but I think we do need to point out that the giants do have a long snapper on their practice squad. I believe his name is is Colin Halbie and how and he does have thirteen games of NFL experience. So I think two of those this year with with the San Francisco Forty Forty niners so just just putting that out there that if the giants wanted to make a roster move on you know that they do have someone someone in house that they could go to true they could. I don't know much about the Stanford they added to the to the roster haven't seen him play but but the point being is you know at some point. They're going to have to make a decision here and I. I don't know man do they. Do they just move on from him. You know they're are going to move on from. Eli I think at the end of the year. Those are the last two guys remaining from from the early the glory years if you will so it's it's just unfortunate because you don't WanNa see that like you said he wanted to see guys. Go out on top specially in their own performance. And that just hasn't been the case here. I don't think thank no. It has an. It's unfortunate patty but as an extension of talking about Zach DRC. I think we have to talk about all roses. This is now five straight games. I think with a missed kick and you can kind of forgive. The I missed field goal. I still still think the timing was kind of messed up on the second field goal. I don't think the snap was very good. Anat when either. But you could tell from the look on his face when they showed him on the sideline headline and then you get the Shank kick off to start the second half. This is a talented young men but at some point you really have to begin to worry about him. I think because we see it over and over where a lot of times when it goes bad for kickers. It doesn't always come back the other way so despite his talent despite his youth. How worried are you at this? Point about Aldridge grosses. I'm concerned about him. He's he's a like you said he's talented young man but having spoken with him a lot of times I also detect that there's there's a a level of sensitivity in there and he'll sit there and he'll tell you look I have. My confidence has been wounded but I think back due to his first year with the giants and then when Thomas McGee came in mcgahey spoke about how. They've really coached them up. They really built his confidence. They did it a lot of work with him from the mental aspect of it and it paid off for him last year because he was a pro. Now this year you know. He's had had the misfortunes and some of it. You know you can point to the long snapper the hold or or whatever whatever you WANNA point two. Can they bring him back. And that's that's really you know so far we haven't really seen it you know. The body language has spoken volumes. And I think speaks louder louder than Rosa's has been saying and you hope that they can fix it because he does have a strong leg he can make the kicks. It's just right now like you said if the confidence level is shot you might as well just pack it up and move on all right. Patty one more player to ask you about in Dan. You know before we call it a show here. Sunday was a really really quiet performance for Leonard Williams. I think maybe one Pressure maybe maybe one assisted tackle the giants gave up a third round and a conditional additional fifth round. Pick to get him and right. Now it's very difficult to look at it in and say that that they may not end up with egg on their face here because he I don't see him yet as justifying the idea of giving him a long term contract trek. Do you not yet. No I really don't know to be fair. I mean I haven't sat down and isolated. Read film study on him to see if maybe he's you know affecting the play around him casino. Sometimes with those defense alignment. You can't just based on their status. Let's you have to look at. How are they impacting? The play around them so I I don't know what to make them just yet from what I've seen based on and the numbers alone I would have a problem saying okay. He's worthy of big contract. What bothers me about that deal right now? Is that the giants CI- Third Round Pick that they're going to have to send the jets is actually going to be like a a low. Second Rounder. Okay and then also if you consider the fact that they're Bj Hill has been losing snaps. Ever since Williams came along. That was a third round. Pick to buy the giants. And now you're you're potentially looking at you know assuming you signed him or even if you don't sign them you're potentially looking at a Kevin Given took third round picks. BJ Hill and you know the pick. You got us into the jets chat. So I just. I don't know that I understand that move. I I kinda see where they were going with it. But I don't know that it makes sense to be honest with you. Only make sense if Williams becomes impact player. Patty if he doesn't you know the way I look at it if he doesn't become an impact player if they wind up paying. Oh for a player who doesn't justify the contract that they give him or if they just look at it and say he's not good enough to for us to pay money to and they let him walk either way. That's a bad look. Yeah agree so grey and go ahead. We'll see I was I was GONNA say Yeah it is a bad look in you know. I hope that Dave gettleman you know making the decision made the right decision but you know I think the jury is still out on it. Oh Patty the jury is out on a lot of things for the giants going forward. The jury is not out on the fact that That this is yet another lost season and that the longer this goes on the more it begins to resemble that leak that late sixties nineteen seventies time period of of Bad New York giants football. You know Lord knows we all hope that the giants dig themselves out of it before it goes on that long but who knows what the answer is at this point Patty I. Ah I think though I think we've kind of covered everything we can cover here. We've we've We've said pretty much everything we can say in and we will will. You and I will reconvene next week after the Thanksgiving holiday and will probably rerun this again. I hope not. I really really would like to talk about something different. You know I it would be nice to talk about a win or not a win at least a more competitive and cleanly played football game. That would sure it'd be nice. Is that asking too much. Probably man alright giants fans with that said Thank you very much for listening and we'll talk to you again soon. Bye Bye now.

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