Rudolfs Christmas Cookies


WELCOME TO START COOKING DOT com. I'm happy maistre. Tis the season for cookies and these little treasures remind me of Rudolph and ingredient and equipment list at the end of this video. The big surprise is that none of the typical cooking ingredients like flour. Sugar eggs are needed for this recipe. Start by pre heating your oven. Seven to three hundred and twenty-five degrees line of baking sheet with sides with nonstick tin foil. If you only have regular tin foil you have to grease the foil with CRISCO or cooking spray putting a large bull three or four cup of raisins three Fourth Cup of sliced almonds three Fourth Cup of shredded coconut and two cups of crush. Cornflakes it's mixed everything together. And then measure three Fourths Cup of Sweden condensed milk and mix that in as well placed not quite one fourth cup of the mixture onto onto the foil. Line oven tray. These cookies don't really spread or change shape when they're baking so they don't have to be really far apart cut the candied cherries in half and one half cherry on each cookie. We sure each cookie. Stay squished together. You may have to pat the edges with your fingers to keep them together. Bake the cookies for fourteen to fifteen minutes or until they reach a light golden color. Let the cookies cool for about five minutes before removing them from the trae they're delicious as as is but let's add some chocolate but the dark chocolate chips into a small bowl. UNMELTED in the microwave with a butter knife spread a thin layer of chocolate on the bottom of each cookie cookie. Let the dark chocolate completely hardened before flipping them over to melt. The white chocolate poor about two cups of water. Just off the boil into a medium size heat-proof roof bowl put the white chocolate chips into a small baggy set the baggy into the bowl in about five minutes. The chocolate will be melted. Squeeze the chocolate into a funnel. Final shape and snip the corner of the baggy then. squirt a decorative pattern on the top of the cookies with the melted chocolate. If any of the cherries have fallen off use the melted chocolate as glue to reposition the Cherry. The way chocolate almost looks like snow. Happy Holidays for the ingredients. If you need raisins sliced almonds shredded coconut in cornflakes sweetened. Condensed Milk Candied Cherries semi sweet chocolate chocolate chips and white chocolate chips for the equipment. You'll need a baking sheet with sides nonstick tin foil dry measuring cups liquid measuring mixing Spoon Spatula. Cutting hoard paring knife mixing bowls small ziplock baggie butter. Knife scissors can opener. Cooling Rack

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