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O._J.. Simpson a man who's trial for the killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman has been covered to death pun not intended actually especially this summer. This past June was twenty fifth anniversary of the double homicide and everyone's talking about O._J.. In the infamous murder trial all over again so why also covered here on time suck well despite the immense nece of the coverage the totality of facts and speculation that has been scrutinized over and over by one legal expert after another still fascinated. I still want to know more. I'm I'm still curious about the tale of O._J.. Juice Simpson also the overwhelming majority of the coverage of O._J.. Revolves almost exclusively around the murders in the trial but there's so much more to this story. I wanted to know more about the man and I learned a lot this week. Why did this trial become so famous not to be callous but a lot of people get murdered in America every year? Generally over fifteen thousand people are murdered every year in the United States so why did the murders of Nicole wrong get so much attention in and word fame but it's about even more than that the O._J.. Trial became famous in part because people generally aren't murdered or aren't accused of being murdered by someone even in the Ballpark of being famous as O._J.. Simpson I can't stress this enough in this episode O._J.. Was Really Really super-duper famous before the murder trial he was one of the greatest running backs in the history of the N._F._l.. One of college football greatest ever athletes and out of America's best athletes no no one had successfully navigated into a film T._v.. Commercial Endorsement Deal career quite like O._J.. Had another running back Jim Brown would appear in far more films and O._J.. But he wasn't in America's face nearly as often is O._J.. His exposure not nearly as prevalent and Jay was more accessible to white America than JIM was. Jim Played tough guys on screen. White America was scared of a tough Black Man O._J.. Was the picture of likability strong get harmless much more comedic than Brown. He seemed aimed ironically so safe by the time of Nicole and Ron's murders this seemingly safe African American man this American dream poster child had been in America's living-rooms on their television sets on a regular basis for over twenty years. He'd I showed up nearly thirty years earlier as a handsome breakout star for U._S._c. a year later. He's on the cover sports magazines a year after that. He's the number-one pick and the N._F._l.. He's popping up here and there in popular TV shows suny smashing N._F._l.. Records and being you talked about constantly on sports radio nationwide soon after that he's in films and then starring in literally hundreds of television commercials by the time the Brentwood murders millions and millions of Americans had grown up with O._J.. They cheered for him and Years Worth Games. They laughed hysterically him enormously popular naked gun movies. They bought products. He pitched he was an inspiration to many especially the black America many new his story a kid who came from nothing a kid raised in the projects of San Francisco. Go a kid who's fan was so poor hit Ricketts as a young child is bone suffering from improper nutrition. He was a kid who will be lucky to walk without a limp and then he saw how forrest gump his way out of some homemade leg braces and into the N._F._l.. Record books he openly dated and then married a beautiful white woman almost no one protested who thought that was possible in the late seventies early eighties in America White America love this black man. I can't overstate how important that was to this story and then he stabbed with people to death the safe guy. The Hertz rent a car Guy Norberg from the naked gun movies. Get the fuck out of here what couldn't be O.. J. Couldn't do that to everyone who believed in him. His guilt wouldn't just be a personal letdown. It will be a racial won his with throw fuel back. There's still smoldering fire of American racism good. Oh boys across the land. We say an evil shit like told you I told you you just can't trust them. The trial of O._J.. became so much more than trial of one man for murder. If anything the murders got lost in this nationally televised nationally scrutinize trial it felt like racism itself was on trial if you were white and you thought he was guilty you racist a guilty verdict would just prove once again that white cops and really white American general had to convict another black man for a crime against against white woman he didn't he couldn't commit we learned some previous sucks that there have been long tradition of framing black men for crimes against White Women In America O._J.. Had just had too much success white Americans couldn't stand it. They had drag another black man down. Try and pull him back into the projects but as you'll see today the real story of O._J.. Doesn't have shit to do with race in has everything to do with the man who just couldn't seem to keep his hands off women a man who saw his wife not as another person but as an object for him to possess. I Really Think O._J.. Did it holy fucked. I think he did it. Not An ounce of my being believes anything else. After spending a week looking over all this information will look at little of the evidence instant led me to the statement today and we'll let a lot into life with the juice the life O._J.. Lead up to his infamous trial and the life years that since he was acquitted today on time sucks the happy Monday made sack huddle up here in the colts curious. 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Let's get back to the topic of the week the yeah let's let's get back to right now here on time. Suck the O._J.. Trial is credited for jump starting in the modern craze of twenty four hour news even reality TV it was the most watched trial in history by far according to a small study by G. Q. Magazine the economy was so entranced with this verdict the verdict day chaos economy lost four hundred eighty million million dollars in productivity day. The verdict went down long distance calls went down by fifty percent stock market trading went down by forty one percent. That's insane Sony Electronics and Nielsen That Television Research Company. They conducted a joint survey survey to find out which T._V. Moments had the biggest impacts on viewers in recent history. The nine eleven terrorist attacks top list but the O. J. Simpson verdict made its number three. Excuse me just under Hurricane Katrina estimated that one hundred and fifty million people hundred and fifty million gene tuned in to see how the case turned out Marcia Clark one of the O._J.. Trials prosecuting attorneys explained America's obsession with the case <hes> like this and her two thousand sixteen book without a doubt when I finished reading this book nineteen ninety-seven Kevin I couldn't imagine that we would still be talking about the people vs Orenthal James Simpson nearly twenty years later but really no trial sense has been as heavily covered as widely followed or as intensely analyzed nor has any other case. I stood up such a Maelstrom of issues race celebrity domestic violence and the impact of media coverage on the criminal justice system and Marsha firmly believes O._J.. Did it our show Marsha. I was a weird combination. Marsha in America America was in a strange space the time of the O._J.. Trial but it had been <hes> you know <hes> just a two years since he l._A.. Riots caused by what America collectively deemed <hes> egregious police brutality. It's Rodney King Racial tensions very high in this episode Will Wade Through O._J.. Childhood is long celebrated football career will look at his romantic relationships including his forgotten first wife and a woman who stuck with them for over ten years after the death of Nicole will run down and timeline for the trial of the century and we'll also look at the massive amount of crimes. O._J.'s committed since the nineteen ninety-five verdict as well as what he's been up to recently the suck isn't just a murder mystery. It's a story of O._J.. Simpson's rise from poverty to athletic greatness and then his fall as a narcissistic murder murderer. I got get warm back up again after Gaddafi's. Let's get to a bef not a big fucking time Tomlin right after a word from today's for sponsor time. 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While the great courses plus dot com slash time suck that's the great courses plus dot com slash time Suck Lincoln the episode description bef t t right now rep on those books soldier where Martin Down Time Soccer time-line the story of the juice begins on July ninth nineteen forty seven when Orenthal James Simpson is born in San Francisco California since his mom's family were from Louisiana and it was his aunt who gave him the name Orenthal the name of a French actor she'd Mart Orenthal will be raised in the predominantly African American neighborhood would've Potrero Hill a San Francisco neighborhood known for a decent amount sunshine for the bay area solid views of the bay in the city skyline a neighborhood that became quote unquote gentrified in the ninety s in the nineteen forties four public housing projects were built their as world war or to wound down and the simpsons lived in one of these projects and shit was rough and Portrayal Hill crime in street gangs became a prevalent or became prevalent in area in the late fifties and sixties lot of artists members of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and transgender community began and move into Protrero Hill drawn by location and affordable rent this melting pot neighborhood is the backdrop for O._J.'s childhood do a youtube search in the neighborhood right now easy to see the neighborhood still pretty impoverished in many sections to this day or dollars Zia third of four kids of unique durden. WHO's a hospital administrator in Jimmy Lee Simpson who was a chef bank custodian and for a time door to door knife salesman O._J.? Spent a fair amount of youth accompanying Jimmy Door to door across California sell oh knives until his father would go to prison for using one on a potential customer in Sacramento in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight. Jimmy would be giving a public defender would spend thirty five years in prison for a knife double homicide and Orenthal was determined to never follow follow in his father's footsteps as a young child he learned that if you ever end up stabbing the fuck out of a couple of people you got to hire a good attorney or multiple attorneys. If you don't WanNa go to prison Oh gee I did not so nice I that would be a weird fantastic detailed the story. He didn't spend much time with O._J.. Either O._J.. would be raised primarily by mother UNIS. She'd be his rock until her death in two thousand one. O._J.'s father will be around but didn't spend a lot of time in the home they his parents would separate when O._J.. Was Five for reasons good reasons that we made clear in just a few moments Simpson ran with some local gangs when he was a kid got into a fair amount of fights as he grew up in the portrayal hill projects but for the area he did have a pretty solid homelife. Thanks to his mother his MOM UNIS kept O._J.. Away From Neighborhood Cycle Michael Violent Crime and imprisonment <hes> for a while she she did that he was young. She did her best. A LONGTIME FRIEND OF O._J.'s named John Greenberg would later recall the a waste of normalcy unison worked so hard to create for the Simpson family saying there. We're always three meals on the table. The house was kept up and he always had a mother at home he could go to when Simpson's got into trouble. It was his mother who help straighten him out. Greenberg continued. It'd been very easy for him to get into a lot of trouble around here but he had the wherewithal and the mind kind to listen to people with good advice namely his mother apparently orange all was not listening when she advised not to beat the shed of his wife on a regular basis when he got older or stab people but again she did her best and O._J.'s nine seventy five hall of fame N._F._l.. Acceptance Acceptance Speech many years later. He lamented about his mother saying what do you say about the most important person in your life. I'm just glad she's here today my mother I mean you just don't know what it is to be eight years old and have all your friends think that you have the best mother her in the neighborhood he also said I remember when I was about nine years. Old Mother worked all her life and she just the whole family on vacation to visit her sister in Las Vegas and she had two weeks off. She worked graveyard shift in San Francisco General Hospital for thirty something years and while we were down there about five days into the vacation I had to play my first Little League Baseball game and I was moping around and she noticed how sad I was and I don't know. She drove me seven hundred miles in the middle of this vacation. She took me seven hundred miles back to San Francisco Cisco so I wouldn't miss my I literally game. I know I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for my mother's prayers so strange to me for someone to value their mother so much to appreciate a woman so much have a woman be the most important person his life and then be so abusive to another woman the mother of children his wife at the same time is giving the speech and I know that he was found innocent. Obviously at the little the criminal trial he was convicted with spousal abuse so when I mentioned him being a domestic violence. There's no doubt about that. He absolutely beat Women Nineteen Fifty Two O._J.'s father Jimmi Simpson separated from units but would remain in the neighborhood and have some presence in the life of O._J.. Is Three siblings brother Melvin and sisters Karma lead-in Shirley Brother Melvina. You're older than O._J.. Would for sure killer woman in two thousand five by the way it was an accident but still what are the odds of that. He was driving a San Francisco airport shuttle when he ran into a concrete support column they think he fell asleep and then a fifty seven-year-old Phoenix woman was thrown from the transport van died instantly six other people also injured again. JUST WEIRD RANDOM DETAIL <HES> BACK TO O._J.'s Pro Football Hall of Fame Speech O._J.. Had this to say about his dad. He said my dad Jimmy. What do you say about Your Dad? You know there are people who were raised and broken homes even though my dad didn't live under the same roof as US during most of my youth he was always there dad he was always there. I always had a father a love you for it. O._J.'s relationship was dead was a lot more complicated than he made. You seem that speech or father. Jimmi Simpson had lived a secret life for quite some time he was. He was a gay man when it was a lot harder to be openly gay than it is now even as San Francisco especially if you were black man. Jimmy became a well known drag queen in the San Francisco Bay area in in O._J.. Reportedly was incredibly ashamed of his father's sexuality. Jimmy later died of AIDS. During San Francisco's AIDS epidemic not long after his hall of fame speech on June ninth nineteen eighty six having an openly gay father did not prevent O._J.. From becoming aggressively homophobic to illustrate this there was an alleged incident during New Year's Eve nine hundred eighty nine when according to a friend of Simpson's O._J.. freaked out Nicole for allowing their son to simply sit next to an openly gay man at a restaurant. The friend found out the next day that Simpson apparently beat the Shit Nicole the previous night over this incident again allegedly one of the many many many times he allegedly would beat Nicole clearly <hes> do probably some shame in anger issues around debt early childhood. No one would've predicted future athletic greatness Simpson Developed Riddick Ricketts Ricketts at skeletal disorder. We learned about in the Joseph. Fritz will suck that's caused by lack vitamin. D Calcium phosphate were were braces on his legs until the age of five giving him a bowlegged stance apparently superhuman fucking strength and that's how you really fast kid make them overcome ricketts not a lot of kids growing up Nice neighborhoods full plenty of money getting cases Ricketts according to a handful of accounts as an infant. O._J.'s legs were so boat and miss shaped that his grandma actually took the curtain rods down each night to brace his legs while he slept she would also allegedly tie is high tops on backwards to desperately straighten try and straighten his feet. I don't know about the thing maybe that's myth but maybe curtain rods and not not a Lotta affluent families time curtain rods two babies legs to counteract Ricketts Edison poor people shit by nineteen sixty now thirteen year old O._J.. No longer need of curtain rod for Rick Legs. His legs grown big strong straight kind of so does head. He's got a big old head that would lead to a very shitty nickname O._J.. Was a tough scrappy streak in nineteen sixty even joined gang again called the Persian warriors. That's fucking dope gang name by the way <hes> way better than the nickname. I'm about to reveal for him. The Persian warriors ears ran out of the Portrayal Hill slums according to a few O._J.'s early friends gang nicknamed Simpson water head because he was born with a way larger than normal head which has still has find a picture of O._J.. Anywhere here's a fucking massive head if you may not kid if you made a bobblehead figure of O._J.. You would not have to increase the existing head to torso kind of ratio of size. They're just do just do it as is and he'd he's naturally bobblehead poor little. Oh Dude gives passes Rickett legs now go water head which is such a terrible nickname. If you don't know water head is also slang for someone developmentally disabled who has a large head essentially water head was the equivalent of the derogatory term retard basically his nickname was retard which you know less than ideal the first time will water head everyone to jail was when he was running with the Persian warriors the details on the crime sketchy seems to be something like some theft some beer some some youth youth shit after getting released from a use center in California after one of his youth arrests for some type of Petty Theft Crime O._J.. Was Required to have adult supervision every afternoon to help O._J.. His grandma figured out a way for to become the manager of the junior high football team. She had no idea yeah this decision would lead to one of the greatest N._F._l.. Running back careers of all time after about three days watching other players O._J.. Felt like he was he was better than those who are playing wanted to give it. A go trouble was I'm making this up. The team did not have a helmet big enough to finish this giant Mellon. You know the Persian warriors who he was still running with how to fuck and feel day with that the legend goes at some of his warrior bodies located the helmet large enough for water had given crack team and then after pounding the shit out of his teammates for a week and practice the other boys learned quick should not be calling him water hit they tau these strong and speedy Orenthal with with a new nickname using his initials O._J.. orenthal James the nicknamed juice came out of that as in O._J.. For orange juice that's how the juice became his nickname the following year nine hundred sixty one O._J.. It would be a freshman to public high school Galileo Academy of Science and Technology O._J.. Someone who was never a good student earned a sea mines average barely graduate but he would dominate on the field in nineteen sixty two is a sophomore O._J.. Would meet another important influence in his life. One of his first coaches Jack McCaffrey McCaffrey had such an influence on O._J.. Simpson with thank him profusely twenty three years later when he was being abducted into the pro football hall of Fame While O._J.. was a tremendous athlete has Galileo team sucked in O._J.'s junior year. The lions loss nine Games one zero O._J.. Did make some lifetime friends on this team though like the future driver of his infamous for Bronco Police Chase Galileo Offensive Lineman Al L. A. C. Callans A._C. also introduced A._J.. To his first wife kind of a C. was Dayton sixteen year old Galileo High School Sophomore Marguerite Whitley and Callans and his girlfriend were having issues as a couple A._C._S. O._J.. To Talk to her and O._J.. Talk so well tour he stole as his girlfriend was reportedly raged but eventually cooled off suck by Simpson's side callans would actually follow Simpson to the City College of San Francisco and then onto U._s._c. where they played football together and Whitley and O._J.. Would date the rest of the time there in high school and Beyond O._J.. Senior year his team went five and three including upsetting the favourite Saint Ignatius High School Team O._J.. Almost single-handedly won that game scoring all four of teams touchdowns to help beat Saint Ignatius versus the defending city champion thirty one to twenty eight. That's about as dominant is one player being a football team orenthal would also participating track baseball Galileo and then graduate in one thousand nine hundred sixty five despite being recruited by several top universities Simpson's grades. It's not qualify him for a four year college. If nineteen sixty five to nine hundred sixty six he attended these city college of San Francisco a member of the California Community College System that Football Team Simpson played on both sides of the field on offense. He was star running back on defense. He was one of the starting defensive backs and he was a fucking monster cutting and slashing through defenders days so hard not to constantly say things like that O._J.. Broke Junior College record with twenty six touchdowns in an obscene nine point nine average jarreds precarious first year for non football fans. That stat is insane. You have four downs in American football together. I down and keep possession of the ball as you try to score a touchdown or field goal on offense O._J.. Average day I down every time he touched the ball the only thing thing better than that we'll be to score a touchdown every time you got the ball which only happens if you discover Chico on video game. He was the closest thing to cheat code in Real Life Abo- game on June twenty-fourth nineteen sixty seven at the age of Nineteen Simpson Mary's his high school sweetheart Sweetheart Marguerite L. Whitley the forgotten first wife they'd spent over a decade together. They also have three children daughter Arnelle Simpson born in sixty eight son Jason L. Simpson born in nineteen seventy and daughter Aaron. L. Simpson loved L. Nicknames <hes> Middle Name. Excuse me born in nineteen seventy seven now back to nineteen sixty seven that Fall Simpson got an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Southern California in Los Angeles O._J.. Wanted to play at U._S._C. because it was a football powerhouse and as he would put it a place where I can learn which fork to use for dinner. I actually still internally panicked when there's more than four put down in front of me. <hes> you know I just Lindsey just finally told you go outside in salad fork to the left meal fork by the plate I had to Google that even though she told once you start adding multiple knives spoons and other shit I don't even I don't know I get confused. <hes> I did figure out the I'm pretty sure you can do you can always grab the sharpest knife in front of you and then stare menacing lead other diners and use that knife to point at them and then if I remember correctly so you'd eat Howard Fuck you want and no bother you <hes> O._J.. Struggle U._S._C. for about a day then dominated and his first practice according to U._S._C. Head coach John McKay he fumbled was hesitant but by the time the season began back to complete domination in his first year of N._C.. Double a Division One Football O._J.. Ran The ball two hundred ninety one time for a nation leading fifteen hundred forty three yards thirteen touchdowns and eleven games. WHO's an all American close runner up for the heisman led the Trojan to the Conference Championship deanship lot at the time is one of the greatest football games in college football history? The Game Pitted O._J.. And his U._S._C. Trojans against PAC eight now PAC twelve rivals U._c._l._a. and the man who just barely beat out O._J.. For the heisman trophy that year U._C._l._A. quarterback back the Great Gary Beadman non-football Fans Gary even is arguably the greatest quarterback n._F._l.. History easily top four. He's on the rushmore of N._F._l.. quarterback Brady Montana Manning beaming. If people around you're talking about Football Hoban you want at least come across like you casually understand the game just reference number one hundred thirteen that was gary's number when he played for the Kansas City Thunder. You can talk about the even bomb do cannon for an arm nineteen seventy-one he would throw for over eighty five thousand yards ninety one touchdowns. He threw then record two hundred and fifty are touchdown pass s season in an overtime victory against the Houston Blackhawks. He won the CY young he when the Masters Green Jacket that year now bad for welterweight and as actual football fans are people familiar with American professional sports on fucking any level at all that was complete nonsense even was drafted by the rams traded to the Redskins road the bench for two seasons road the bench ear in Denver went on to kill it in the southern California real estate game so don't feel sorry for the beeps in this big U._s._C. Versus U._C._l._a.. Victory Bell Rivalry Game U._S._C. was down by six points in the fourth quarter with under eleven minutes to play on their own thirty six yard line U._S._C. backup quarterback toby page called an audible on third and seven handed the ball to O._J.. Not normally good to run the ball on thirty seven O._G.. Runs for sixty four yards for gametime touchdown. The extra point provided a twenty one twenty lead that would go on to be the Final Score O._J.. Was the hero his touchdown run is being referred to by some as one of the best runs ever in the history of college football this puts it's only on the front page of the paper nationwide talk of the town. They'd say <hes> maybe I. I A front page the sports page nationwide let me clarify that still still big deal front page of the paper overall L._A.. The talk of the town a lesson a year prior you know he's a junior college running back living in some San Francisco projects now he's now. He's killing it on a national level start. Taking acting lessons makes a cameo and the popular fictionalized L._A._p._d.. T._v. show dragnet the juice becoming a big deal soon as soon as ego macisaac giant head on January first nineteen sixty eight in front of nearly one hundred and three thousand people at the Game O._J.. Score the only two touchdowns for and became Rose Bowl M._v._p.. Huge deal in college football football team finished ranked number one in the final Associated Press and coaches polls that season ended the year with ten one record O._G.. Ran for over fifteen hundred yards thirteen touchdowns again Levin Games twenty three years old people always seems one of the greatest running backs ever lived just getting started well O._J.. Didn't win coved Heisman by a small margin nineteen sixty seven he did win the Walter Camp Award another award for you know one of the best players in college football six foot to two hundred twelve pounds is combination of running speed and size made him a rare athlete not huge by today's standards lot running backs now hover on two hundred thirty pounds and there's justice faster faster with modern training techniques but dude could run the hundred yard dash just under ten seconds hundred meter dash just over ten seconds Buchan greased lightning N._F._l.. General managers and coaches were tripping over themselves to draft this guy but he had one year college left back when college athletes tended to spend multiple years in college in Simpson senior year at U._S._C. Nine hundred sixty eight more dominance ran for almost nineteen hundred yards now twenty three touchdowns in eleven eleven games over two thousand purpose yards lead the Trojans who another nine win season U._S._C. again ranked number one in the nation going into the Rose Bowl this time in the Rosebowl O._J.. INTO TROJANS did lose to the Buckeyes Fuckin- buck is really fighting yelling K._O._A.. Right now because my wife is from Ohio while the Trojans Lost Simpson had a great individual game running for one hundred seventy one yard says lot including an eighty yard touchdown run. That's that's a great run. Simpson's season was so good in February nineteen sixty nine sport magazine named named O._J.. Man of the year proclaiming most experts are rating O._J.. Simpson as degraded running back in the history of college football and yes I did say Sport Magazine Not Sports illustrated back in the sixties. The biggest magazine in the world of American athletics simply called sport sort lasted until two thousand after popularity faded dramatically in the seventies. I I love the title of how simple is very caveman sport. What are you reading? I read in sport. I call him newsmagazine just news or any kind of like adult you now picture magazine Porn just very direct and simple. What are you reading news? Got Anything else line around could read yes. I Got Porn Sport Car Fashion Travel Food movie feet. I like sports car food porn. Why like fashion travel movie maybe porn to O._J.? Also on the famous heisman and sixty eight the illustrious heisman awarded eighty-one times never before nor sense has the voting margin and been as great as it was for O._J.. Wanted in unprecedented landslide foreign away the Best College Football Player in America 21-year-old O._J.'s twenty year old wife Marguerite also have their first child in sixty eight daughter Arnelle and O._J.. Lands a few more small acting roles such as ironically radically playing a prison guard in the name of the game one of the nine hundred sixty eight most popular TV shows a show that gave young spoon Steven Spielberg one of his first directorial opportunities by the way after nineteen sixty sixty nine season Simpson indeed becomes the first person N._F._l.. Draft first person chosen picked by the buffalo bills. The lowly bills terrible team but the money was good. You'll be record breaking money for Simpson. The owner of the Buffalo Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson said of Simpson's deal Simpson will be getting more money than any rookie. It has been paid since the merger between the American national leaks and buffalo will be getting what it feels is an outstanding football player who one day may take place among the great running backs of this Game Simpson was the buffalo bills top priority and his contract earned O._J.. A bonus that made him rich Simpson's contract was for four years presumed to be in the Ballpark of three hundred fifty thousand dollars sounds terrible now but a lot of money in the nineteen sixties that'd be over two million dollars today still way lower the what most n._F._l.. Players make now but a ton and by nineteen sixties professional athletes standards despite pain Simpson's so much money the bills used him sparingly in his first three years in his rookie season and six nine eljay would touch the ball about fifteen or sixteen times a game bills one only four out of fourteen games Simpson MSN fishes rookie year with six hundred ninety seven rushing yards total of five touchdowns in the thirteen games that he played in despite the low numbers Simpson was selected in his first pro bowl team. He and his wife's time between New York in L._A.. No J. continued to land a few small T._v.. Roles okay second year in the N._F._l.. Nineteen seventy produced even lower numbers. Oh do you play only eight games. Due to injury average only sixty one yards in those games he would run for under five hundred yards not be selected for the pro bowl. He did have a few bright spots including two kickoff return. Uh he returned ninety five yards for a touchdown. O._J.'s bills at a terrible season only three games people starting to wonder now if Simpson was a bust and his personal life O._J.. Marguerite celebrated the birth other Second Child Jason April of Nineteen seventy. Let's get away from sports stats a bit further TACO and O._J.'s. I just a tiny bit more until this week. I don't remember knowing the O._J.. was even married before Nicole. Marguerite has been described as shy and private given very very very few interviews over the years. She was an incredibly beautiful woman in my opinion as attractive tractor remorse Oh than Nicole is Nicole is known a beautiful she still alive possibly remarried to a furniture salesman according to the Internet definitely do in her best out of the spotlight O._J.. Would claim was famed the destroyed his marriage to Marguerite. She hated being recognized in public to might have been more to with the net. She was once interviewed by Barbara Walters for twenty two thousand nine hundred ninety five after the murder of O._J.. Second wife and she claimed the While O._J.. Was Not faithful to her. He was notoriously unfaithful actually also not abusive. She said if O._J.. Had hit hit her he would have got quote a frying pan of site his head. There was just no way that I would allow that to happen to me. Maybe true but I don't buy a month following this interview in February nineteen ninety-five a retired L._a._p._d.. Officer named James Jim King spoke inside edition about a domestic violence call Simpson home in West L. A. During the mid seventies saying Marguerite indicated that O._J.. Had punched her kicked her choked her had forced her to the ground he never denied touching marguerite to the contrary he said Ed he should have not touched her so you can decide for yourself who to believe I will also add that after the death of Nicole numerous l._a._p._d.. Officers came forward reported. They've been called out the Simpson home. Many many many times for domestic violence tissues charges almost never filed so while there is no record no arrest record of O._J.. Beating Margaret that does not mean he didn't do that and there really isn't much else known about Marguerite very little has ever been written about and he gets. Feeling that's kind of the way she wants it in one picture of O._J.. Marguerite O._J.. has has a decent size afro and Holy Shit was at not a good look at him especially accompanied by Titus early seventies polyester pants and a tight button up shirt. It looks like someone photoshop his head to be twice as big as a head should be. I have a big head got down the horrible water. Had nickname makes so much more sense to me. The more like these pictures I get why he started keeping his fro nice and tight for the rest of his life no acting roles for O._J.. Nineteen seventy perhaps his interest interest was fading as his Onfield starpower also fading Nineteen seventy-one n._F._l.. SEASON WILL BE O._J.'s best so far bacilli great one still underperforming based on expectations runs for seven hundred yards for the third year in a row scores five touchdowns bill the bills win only one game no acting roles fame meter continuing to drop along with his football start a meter as you might guess O._J.. Not Super Happy but a situation buffalo but new head coach shows up changes. Everything Helps Launch O._J.. To new fame heights for the nineteen seventy-two n._F._l.. Loose Sabin becomes head coach. The buffalo bills centers the bills offense around O._J.. Starts giving the ball more than thirty times a game. The team still only wins four games ties one ties another out of fourteen but O._J.. Findings to show where he can do in the N._F._l.. Field he runs for two hundred ninety times. Fourteen Games leads the N._F._l.. With over twelve hundred rushing yards named the pro bowl again for the first time name to the first team all pro squad best. The best resumes his fledgling acting career making an appearance in the T._v.. Series cades county planes someone who murders art collector ice and then nineteen seventy-three. It'd be huge for O._J.. Some football experts believe that seventy three seventy zero g had the best seizing best season running any back has ever had statistically in the N._F._l.. Ever to this day other CEO days nineteen seventy five season was even better. Both seasons make virtually every list of top five best seasons for N._F._l.. Running back again to this day do dominated in seventy three in the the N._F._l.. Dominated College football and nine hundred sixty eight juice let fucking loose became the first player to run for more than two thousand yards in a season game two thousand three yards in the ground he will forever be the only player to ever rushed for two thousand yards in a fourteen game season it exchange sixteen games in seventy eight. O._J.'s one hundred forty three point one rushing yards per game still an n._F._l.. Record O._D.. Also had three games in seventy three season with over two hundred yards rushing in the game. That's nuts. That's almost single-handedly taking over N._F._l.. Game only one player another N._F._l.. Great Name Earl Campbell had four such games nineteen eighty-four with ever have more to go with record-breaking rushing yards. He also scored twelve touchdowns ran for career high six yards per carry few runners will ever rush for over five yards per carry by <hes> by the end of season Ezekiel Elliott. The Dallas cowboys led the N._F._l.. In rushing last year average four point seven yards a game for perspective Simpson was easily named Nineteen seventy-three n._F._l.. Or seventy three N._F._L.'s most valuable player earlier m._v._p.. Elected to the proble all pro team first team again Orenthal James Simpson kid from the projects notice water had now one of the most famous athletes in America. The buffalo bills even had a winning season go nine and five and of second the A._F._C. A._F._C. East. I <HES> O._J.'s rise in football famous could acting gigs. He appears on Lucille Ball's. Here's Lucy doesn't even play a prison guard or a murderer. He also appears on Owen. Marshall Counsel Law which sounds like some shit I made up it was a real show. He even appeared in his first film. Movie called Y he plays Bud professional football player who has issues <hes> with this conservative father. It was a film no one saw it was a film commissioned by Technicolor as an experiment and how to transfer video film but still still was movie. He was in nineteen seventy four. It went from over one hundred forty rushing yards to over eighty from twelve touchdowns only three however still rushworth thousand yards still recognized as an elite running back to the pro bowl for four time put on the N._F._l.. All PRO team for third straight year. The bills had their second second straight winning season again ranking second A._F._C. East nine wins five losses this time they do make the playoffs. It was O._J.'s first time N._F._l.. Playoffs it would also be his last. The bills would lose in the first round to the eventual N._F._l.. Champion Pittsburgh steelers thirty two fourteen the O._J.. Did score the bills. Only two touchdowns also received parks and to Hollywood films that year appeared in the clansman which started Lee Marvin in the clansman O._J.. Plays garth friend of a man accused by the Ku Klux Klan of raping a white woman. The movie was a huge box office flop pan by critics but it was a real movie was on the big screen also appeared in a small role playing security officer in the Towering Inferno Star Paul Newman Steve McQueen huge film dominated the awards <hes> one was nominated for eight eight Oscars highest grossing nineteen seventy four so Jeez actors now get a lot of eyeballs on it juice kill in life. That's accidental. Accidental Nineteen Seventy Five O._J.. Takes zero film television jobs and has either second-best or the best last season ever for running back according to some people in the N._F._l.. Despite not showing up any T._V. Show Simpson is all over the small screen he lands numerous endorsement deals and seventy five. He's extremely likable charismatic. This is what made his case so exceptional America fucking love the juice nine hundred seventy five he became the face a huge Hertz rental car ad campaign that would last all the way into the early nineties to give an idea of how big this campaign was how prevalent he was on television think about flow from the progressive commercials. If you don't know who I'm talking about right now you apparently haven't watched any television since around. Two thousand seven flow is the bubbly Brunette character with the bright red lipstick always wearing white uniform always pitching progressive now imagine if the actress plane flow also the biggest biggest star America's favorite college sport also the biggest in America's most popular professional sport and in movies and in sitcoms. That's how popular O._J.. Was Household Name Simpson was a star for hurts depicting the commercials running into airports serving as the embodiment of speed Simpson himself would later estimate that is hertz commercials raised his recognition rate among random people he'd meet on the street in the United States from thirty percent over ninety percent. Almost everybody knew this dude was nine hundred seventy five O._J.. O._J. led the National Football League with over eighteen hundred rushing yards over twenty two hundred yards overall career-high sixteen rushing touchdowns n._F._l.. Record the time twenty-three total touchdowns Simpson's one hundred twenty nine point eight yards per game in nineteen seventy five Russian wise. I still fifth highest N._F._l.. History Nineteen seventy-six O._J.. Returns to acting plane an Interpol agent in another flop the Cassandra crossing stories starring to feel Arain Martin Sheen the film <hes> literally booed and hissed at by film critics critics preview screening Richard Editor of The New York Times call the film profound a profoundly offensively stupid. It makes me laugh so hard think about pretentious film critics literally booing hissing. I just love the people actually did that at a movie movie screen Bu. I don't like it too. Has We get it yourself serious fuck. You don't like it just right. You're bad review and shove your hisses up your silly. A little ass also appeared in Killer Force Aka the diamond mercenary starring Telly Savalas Peter Fonda Chris Really O._J.'s biggest role in the proper film playing a member of a Diamond Stealing Gang B. movie for sure but top five billion for O._J.. Now Twenty nine year old Simpson's nine hundred seventy six N._F._l.. Season was another huge year for him. It was his final truly great year statistically N._F._l.. Running backs tend to generally not fair to well as they get close in past the age of thirty two many hard hits Simpson led the N._F._l.. And rushing for the four time in five years with over fifteen hundred yards on two hundred ninety carries in fourteen games four times in five years is insane while Jim Brown the N._F._l.. In rushing eight times between fifty seven sixty five cents O._J.. Entered the league only Eric Dickerson Emmett Emmett Smith and Barry Sanders have also led the League four-times Emmett Smith the only other one to do at four to five years domination Simpson scored eight touchdowns on the ground caught another one for total nine scores Third Simpson season of Simpson's career that he would average over a hundred yards a game game a rare fever running back to do once in a season even today Simpson also had the best game career during the Thanksgiving game against the Detroit Lions Umass then record two hundred seventy three yards and twenty nine carries two touchdowns still the sixth highest number pro football history for a single game in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven not a huge football year for Simpson huge year for our tail today in the summer of seventy seven thirty year old O._J.. Meets Future Second Wife Future Murder Victim Nicole Brown now while she's working as a I just turned eighteen years old a few weeks ago waitress at a private Beverly Hills club called the daisy. Although still married to Marguerite Simpson began secretly dating the just graduated from High School Brown Simpson's set an interview in his first wife weren't officially divorced when he met Nicole but that the night before O._J.. And Nicole met he and Marguerite had agreed to a separation. Maybe true maybe convenient but maybe O._J.. Just trying to look good when O._J.. Met Nicole Marguerite was pregnant with a couple of third child daughter Aaron born September Twenty Fourth Simpson's seventy seven season with the bills will be his last in the cold ass outdoor games upstate New York <hes> O._J.. Started out strong and seventy seven averaging almost eighty yards game but he would play only seven games due to injury going to have knee surgery later in the year and then Simpson will be traded to his hometown team. The San Francisco Forty niners nine hundred seventy seven also a breakout year for O._J.'s film career scored a role in the wildly popular critically acclaimed TV miniseries roots also starting made for T._v.. Movie called a killing a fair play homicide detective who has an affair with white detective partner was nowhere the is that this interational relationship garnered almost zero controversy during a time when interracial romance especially on the on the screen not widely accepted still early racist society. That's how beloved O._J.. was he wasn't seen by generally still pretty racist. America as a black man he was the juice he transcended skin color. He was a kick ass running back who's also really funny. well-spoken spoken polite and handsome and all those hurts commercials if you were super racists as a white dude where your daughter had to marry a black man. It was a good chance you'RE GONNA Pick O._J.. If Not O._J.. Maybe Michael Jackson who just turned eighteen and hadn't yet transformed into a weird creepiest fuck mannequin person who if not a pedophile certainly not someone who should be your go-to choice for babysitting in seventy seven O._J.. Also starred alongside Elliott Golden James Brolin as an astronaut and Capricorn won a movie about NASA fake. Any Mars landed a Luma nutty the whole Hollywood thing starting to look real promising for O._J.. Nineteen seventy-eight clear that Simpson's football career is winding down the niners terrible. They score the lowest amount of points in the league that year set an N._F._l.. Record with sixty three turnovers O._J.. Plays only ten games Russia's pushes for under sixteen under six hundred yards scores. Only one rushing touchdown fumbled five times ran for Carrillo three point seven yards per carry and his next season wouldn't be any better but he was rich making tons of hurts money Dayton hot blonde eighteen year old beverly hills waitress actress Marches seventy-nine o._J.. Marguerite finalize their divorce nowadays free to openly date Nicole and he does and then just five months later tragedy strikes O._J.. Marguerite two year old daughter Aaron Lee Shown Simpson drowns in the family swimming pool less than a month after her second birthday paramedics responded to a call O._J.'s home when they arrive they find a little toddler light lane lifeless beside the pool the cause of her death would be listed as respiratory failure. We do not have any additional details other than no wrongful death or negligence charges were filed against O._J.. Or Marguerite despite the two year old wandering into the pool alone was there locking gates trying to the pool that somebody forgot lock assembly was slider unlocked was a someone O._J.. Was Someone Marguerite. A SIBLING SIBLING WAS O._J.. Supposed to be watched that day but he's too busy. fucking around is new girlfriend. We don't know her death could have been entirely accidental or could have been somebody's fault as far as football nine hundred seventy nine Simpson's last season in the national football league plays thirteen games again for the niners starts and only eight the Jews not on the loose. The juices contained juices in the bottle caps on fucking tight O._J.. Would carry the ball under ten times. A game finished with the lowest output of his career. Foreigners sixty yards in the niners win only two Games in eleven seasons in the N._F._l.. O._J. played for a winning team. Only three times played in only one playoff game however finished his career with over eleven thousand career yards rushing which when he retired was the second N._F._l.. HISTORY BEHIND LINEAR Jim Brown O._J.. Still ranks twenty first first of all time and career rushing career rushing yards forty years after retiring despite playing you know when they play to less games this season Simpson also still twelfth all time and average rushing yards per game and a career ended up at eighty three point two yards a game over one hundred thirty five games plate so again O._J.. Wasn't just a good football player. One of the best of all time when he retired he was arguably the greatest running back in the history of the N._F._l.. At least in the conversation with Jim Brown and thanks to tons of hurts commercials and Cameos and several T._v. shows in a few films wildly wildly famous wildly popular with both white and Black America with his football career now behind him he devotes even more time to acting which would only increase his fame and nineteen seventy-nine he started in British thriller with forty-five-year-old Bombshell so feeler end and one of the most beautiful women of all time opinion. <hes> James Coburn called firepower. He is third billion this time he's on the official film poster now. The movie was panned by critics but still movie and O._J.. Still one of its stars also in Seventy Nine O._J.. Starts up his own film production company. Orenthal productions were still strictly and made for T._v.. Movies for people get stabbed. They made seventy three stab movies <hes> no they didn't. They made several T._V. movies. The first of Five made-for-tv Film Simpson would make was called Goldie and the boxer also came out nineteen seventy-nine o._J.. would be the executive producer on the film as well as a star in the critically acclaimed. It was not critically acclaimed <hes> in the movie O._J.. Played a man named Joe Gallagher who is an unknown boxer who gets spurred on to fight for the title again by the ten year old daughter of deceased of a deceased boxing champ <hes> little Goldie. The movie was panned by critics but rated well enough for N._B._C.. When it debuted on December thirty two landay sequel on N._B._C. called Goldie in the box or go to Hollywood in golden the box or go to Hollywood Goldie turns sixteen and the boxer Sir again played by O._J.? Starts to have a sexual relationship with her then just a few months into the Romance Goldie catches the boxer cheated on her over and over again when she finally confronts him and Threatens To leave he beats the ever loving shit out of her eventually concerned family infringing courage golden to call the place when she does charges not filed this happens time and time again finally Goldie divorces the boxer strikes out on our own until one day the boxer and fit of jealous rage stabs Golden John Rodman her friend impossible lover to death in front of Goldies Ren would condo in the boxer gets away with it through some legal tomfoolery how foolery critics found the film wow distasteful but it rated well enough for third film to be Greenland and the trilogy was completed with the next release of now. The gold is dead. The boxer finally goes to prison for some of his old championship belts back from a collector critics felt a title was lengthy but most were happy that the boxers character funding got some Goddamn justice of course that's not true with a plot of the that's not true about the plot of the second movie. The existence of third two movies were made in one thousand nine hundred eighty with O._J.. Retirement if the N._F._l.. is a sure foul Oh sure fire hall of Famer his new girlfriend and his acting star and Film Production Company on the Rise O._J.. Is Living The American Dream Nicole and O._J.. Get a new place in Beverly Hills. Unlike Marguerite Nicole loves the spotlight I like O._J.. Nicole often together with other celebrities and athletes a high profile Hollywood parties behind the scenes different story though O._J.. Marguerite may have had their own domestic violence issues Nicole and O._J.. Had them for sure. Nicole did not come from O._J.'s neighborhood neighborhood. He did not meet her when he didn't have a dollar in his pocket. They didn't grow together. Come from nothing together experience the first taste of success together that a very different relationship dynamic Nicole while she was actually born in Germany grew up in Orange County. She was so cal kid. She was homecoming queen in Highschool who grew up in upper middle class neighborhood not far from the beach when she met O._J.. He was already celebrity. He was rich famous and much older than her. He was twelve years older which isn't a huge deal when one person's thirty to another person's forty four but for sure a huge deal when one person thirty another eighteen in that situation one person is fully in adult one person is comparatively still kid and Sony ways and if you disagree I'm almost certain you're under thirty with rare exception. One person knows who fucked they are one person just starting to find out Nicole wasn't O._J.'s partner from the beginning. I think is pretty fair to assume. He viewed her as his possession in my opinion when someone in their thirties or older is dating people in their teens. They're generally not looking to be challenged challenged anyway. After death the world would learn the Nicole hit survive seven or eight separate occasions of reported domestic violence and quite likely several dozens of other incidents that were not reported more on that a little bit later in one thousand eighteen eighty O._J.. was part of only one Hollywood project made for T._v.. Movie he produced and starting called Detour Terror O._J.. was once again the executive producer on this is official. One cents description makes it sound like possibly the greatest movie ever made homicidal Dune Buggy trio terrorizes a busload of Las Vegas bound tourists with the intent to kidnap one of them. I'm sorry you say Dune buggies. You Say Vegas Tourists Being Terrorized Holy Shit Him in O._J.. Plays the bus driver and even snakes Nicole onto the bus in a non speaking cameo role only one user review of this film I._M._D._b.. Dot Com and ends with if this is the only thing on T._v. playing on the T._v. late at night run do not walk away. It's that bad if made for T._v.. Movies you can't be hits. I didn't matter if Simpson could really Atra Not America loves him and more sweet endorsement money roles in to go with nationwide hurts campaigns which had to have made a millions O._J.. Now started cutting commercials for the now almost totally defunct pioneer chicken chain only two locations remain out of the nearly three hundred locations they possess in the Mid Eighties O._J.. Even owned to pioneer chicken franchises random trivia. One of these restaurants destroyed during the nineteen ninety-two l._A.. Riots they had a great slogan. That's great chicken no bones about it a little little ditty nothing as quite as good as a lot of older popeye's chicken locations used to be pioneer chicken locations for some random chicken trivia check out one of the commercials. I love <hes> commercials the seventies and eighties <hes> fucking good this O._J.. And Pioneer Chicken Bristle Summertime Join Pioneers Refund special did get a large pieces of golden find. Your chicken mashed potatoes Coleslaw for just six ninety nine Shit Ya pioneers even got free coupons for Universal Studios with the biggest discounts including a free and the attractions like transformers base camp two thousand ten space walk and much more well of course find your chicken summer fun special for six ninety nine the great way to make new friends right bro Hilarious. Oh the end there. There was people dress wear costumes and he gave them a funny look but anyway he he really was good. He was good and comedic roles also a spokesman for honeybaked Tam so delicious by the way the P._X.. Corporation the CALISTOGA WATER COMPANIES LINE OF NAP a natural soft drinks and even appeared in print ads commercials for Dingo cowboy boots walking around and Dingo cowboy boots right now you can go fuck yourself. That's all I've worn in. My whole. Life is Dingo cowboy boots. I wearing shorts. I wear nick. I wear them to bed. You're not a man if you're not sleeping in your Dingo cowboy but now I never heard before but check out this. This is a great. This is a great old commercial here. This is O._J.. Simpson Bunch of women around singing looking at him how handsome e is strutting around is God damn cowboy boots often. Ill will love to you know. You're hoping that you don't want to show he's got. We know that you'll Bingo booth. Get instep getting step you guys with some Dingo boots. Today's time suck brought to you by Dingo boots the best boost swearing you're walking going away from a double homicide fucking Dingo not br around anymore. Money was flown in O._J.. Live in it up and Hollywood social media been around the do what have been killing instagram. I'm guessing what thirty million followers at least ninety-three nights eighty three O._J.. Lands and other spotlight limelight when it becomes one of the commentators on the one of the most popular shows on T._v.. Monday night football the juice is in the booth. You know they said that at least ten times in one thousand nine hundred three Simpson appears in two of the best made for T._v.. Movies of all time based on titles he starts him Ham Moan and hilly and even better title cocaine and Blue Eyes how great those movie names Fuck Yes. I'll watch cocaine of Blue Eyes sold actually I won't I tried the whole things on Youtube and I tried to find one good like line. It's so bad it's not even so bad. It's good it's just fucking boring for a long time you again. You can watch entire thing on youtube. If you just have an hour and a half you don't get to talk about or you can buy the D._V._D.. On Amazon if you have an hour and a half and twenty bucks you don't talk about fast a couple years nights eighty-five February second now twenty five year old Nicole thirty-seven-year-old o._J.. Get married former close friend in a coal former actress Robin greer would later say O._J.. Made Sexual advances torture at their wedding classy tap could be slander but based on other things you'll hear soon also not out of his character nineteen ninety-five also is the era O._J.'s elected to the pro football hall of Fame Kent Ohio and August third overwhelmingly selected in his first year of eligibility ability in his acceptance speech mentioned that coach from High School Jack Mc Bridge says you know there are people in your life who teach you things stay with you and I can recall the Jack McBride. Excuse me Jack Jack and bridge one of those guys who had that affect on me I ever in down both ways fucking who cares. It's McBride Urban Bridge One layer difference. I'll never forget Jack because he told me he said Oh. Jay In this world are rules. We must all live by. He said you gotTA learn that. If we're going to be successful in this world you're going to have to learn to accept responsibility for your actions. You tried to help him. Jack got no. She tried if only would apply to lead a little more in the coming years October seventeenth nineteen five cents have their first child together O._J.'s fourth child overall daughter named Sydney Brooke Simpson Sydney would go on to defend her father as she grilled or call number best friend at one point after the murders the poor Sydney just eight when mother was killed she managed to stay out of the spotlight despite several tabloids best ever to track down. I do know that she graduated according to Internet from Boston. University in two thousand ten hopefully has done well for herself ever since during the remainder of the A._G.. Will Continue to work as an internationally known endorser color color commentator for professional football and an actor and several T._v. shows movies most of his acting roles smaller and forgivable films but he did lend a regular role on one of H._B._O.'s or in one of H._B._O.'s very first SITCOMS I ten O._J.. showed up and season two plane T._d.. Barker Touchdown Barker Step Parker. Excuse me touchdown park. A veteran running back forced to make the transition from player to coach he played T._d.. The last five seasons of the series and then Simpson's biggest and arguably most memorable role came in the nineteen eighty-eight Zucker brothers comedy the Naked Gun starring Leslie Nielsen Priscilla Presley huge hit grossed almost two hundred twenty million at the box office on a sixty five million dollar budget simpson's blundering in but lovable charactered Nordberg widely applauded the character would return with the movie sequels the naked gun two and a half the smell of fear nine hundred ninety one and naked gun thirty three and a third the final insult ninety four these movies were my intro to O._J.. Simpson he was in my Opinion Canyon fucking hilarious and these movies I went back and watch the hospital scene and the first movie were Nielsen. Aka Frank Checks on orbit after he's pretty banged up and he sits on his hospital but in a folds in half with him in it and then falls this face on his crotch. It's it just goofy slapstick but it's so well performed truly one of my favorite childhood comedies nonstop jokes from start to finish if you WANNA study the density of jokes in a movie studied the naked gun. It's fucking mind boggling okay. That's enough about O._J.'s football heroics T._V. and film career. Let's talk more about his dark side right afterward. From our final sponsor. Time suck is brought to you today by movement movement now making more than watches they also make sunglasses. He shouldn't have to choose between overprice price designer sunglasses and cheap shades the Mo- last you to this summer. I just got myself some movement sunglasses construct with durable acetate and lightweight materials for perfect fit movement sunglasses started just sixty bucks no pair priced over ninety five dollars. 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Mt Movement Dot com slash time so join the Movement Lincoln today's episode description now back Twi O._J.'s for sure a woman beating piece of shit this. This is where a lot of the O._J.. Coverage starts but before getting here I just wanted to really spent some decent time illustrating why his fall from grace his alleged double homicide was such a big deal if you were U._S._C. Fan and N._F._l.. Fan a person who watched an average T._v. during the seventies eighties early ninety s you would've. I felt like you knew O._J.. Simpson he was a celebrity you'd watch for over two decades and then he's had a Ford Bronco Hidden on the freeway accused establish his ex wife to death and her legend lover what the fuck the closest famous ethic comparison. I can come up with today <hes> for O._J.. Simpson is actually former star quarterback Peyton manning similar wholesome image not quite the same background. Payton's dad was also an N._F._l.. quarterback but same aw Shucks I'm just I'm just trying to the right thing. Play hard kind of football image and same comedic abilities pains really early funding commercials <hes> one of paid and it also appeared a bunch of movies and T._v.. Shows not just playing himself. Magic peyton manning had become a Sitcom regular for like five years he played some staff Ron Veep and then he'd been in like several fast and furious movies and had had a large role in one of the hangover movies and his wife was an instagram model and he had more of a leading man look now he's on the news is brother. Eli Driving on the freeway escalate after pain possibly stabbed the fuck out of his ex wife one of her friends how big of a trial would that be and then what if you add some sort of racial tension like a lot of racial tension like there was with O._J.. Trial a blackman and trial for the murder of white woman black America tired of seeing young black men wrongfully incarcerated you understand the stakes of this crime. The social magnitude of this trial America of Udoji is so <music> wholesome mainly because they had no idea that for years behind closed doors his violence had been building Nicole Brown Simpson's murder forever changed the way America looked at domestic violence prior to the O._J.. Trial spousal abuse was seen although perhaps use in mostly unspoken terms as a private matter but after the trial of O._J.. And the amount of abuse that was alleged his hands plus the allegations of a stocking aggressive measures of control overall violence of her murder. It was made clear that if you suspect a domestic violence you needed to report poured it growing awareness about pervasive danger of domestic violence largely because of the O._J.. Trial was instrumental helping get in the violence against Women Act passed through Congress and ninety four with funding from this act policymakers began seeking new ways to address domestic violence beyond sending bathroom into shelters and giving them restraining orders that were largely ineffective advocates now saw the need for comprehensive services to help victims start over and be protected. Nicole's death lost a lot of new studies about domestic violence towards women. We now know for example apple that the biggest red flag regarding homicidal potential is an instance in which an abuser tries to choke off a person's Airway San Diego Detective Sylvie Avila says statistically we know that once the hands are on the neck the very next step is homicide. They don't go backward terrifying. We also nationwide more than eleven hundred women are killed each year in America by intimate partners according to a two thousand eighteen report by the violence the Violence Policy Center that use two thousand sixteen F._B._I.. Data we we also know that domestic violence Hollandsworth even average of twenty thousand calls a day in the U._S.. According to National Network to end to violence twenty thousand day that's nuts thing about how he women. Don't call what fifty thousand hundred thousand half a million a a Lotta Nicole Simpson's own abuse was detailed in a letter she herself had written to O._J.. As part of their divorce proceedings a letter she locked away in a safety deposit box is if she knew it might come in Handy one day O._J.. Indeed killed her during the trial. Simpson's lawyers were quick. Quick dismiss past alleged and proven abuses against Nicole as irrelevant to the case but that's fucking bullshit. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. I've always loved that quote. Unquote attributed to numerous psychologists and I think it's true I think someone who was violent. Towards Nicole numerous times before she was murdered had much better odds of killing her than someone who is not violent torture Nicole's right is illustrated abuse against her was carried out in many ways range from Simpson giving her discuss it looks with each pound. She gained at our first pregnancy in one thousand nine hundred eight to quote beating the Holy Hell out of her a year later according to Nicole in one case when she needed to see a doctor after one of O._J.'s beatings the couple told an X-ray lab tech that she fell off a bike the letter and other documents show the she'd been planning to escape from Simpson for many years. I demonstrated the kind of fear complications at come with attempting to get away from an abuser. Especially one victim has children with not only did defend it verbally abused physically abuse degrade and humiliate Nicole throughout the relationship but he stopped and harassed her as well well so O._J.. Prosecutor said an introduction to the eighty five pages of abuse documents entered into court at least a dozen Kohl's friends and associates describing awesome an often gruesome detail more than fifty incidents from the couple stormy relationship in a two thousand fourteen dateline view Nicole's friend Kris Jenner. Yes the matriarch of the Kardashian clan said that Nicole told her just weeks before she was killed. Things are really bad between Oh Janai and he's going to kill me and he's going to get away with. Is it a fucking creepy. Is that quote. He's going to kill me. He's going to get away with it said just weeks before court. Documents portrayed Mr Simpson's too hard drinking foul mouth man who's jealous rage is led to violent encounters that left Mr Simpson or Mrs Simpson bloodied and cowering powering the evidence shows the defendant was extremely jealous and possessive man the prosecutor said legend a pattern of behavior a systematic plan to control her that ultimately resulted in the killing of Mrs Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in one incident detailed in the documents released east by the prosecutors. Mrs Simpson told her mother that O._J.. was stalking her. I'm scared her mother. Judith Judith Brown quotas having said shortly before she was killed. I go to the gas station. He's there I go to the payless shoe store. He's there. I'm driving and he's right behind me. Do any of you listening. Do Not fucking do any of that ever. If your stocking someone like this guess what unless you're trying to prove they've committed some type of crime against you the one the detrimental effects you. Here's a fucking creep for doing this because you're jealous and word is someone who doesn't want to be with you seen someone else you're acting like a fucking psycho. Nothing good will come from this. You sat and or scary fuck of meat sack. Nicole Brown met O._J.. Pretty much a child and she spent the other half for life under his thumb. The marriage lasted seven years during which time they had to children daughter name Sydney as we mentioned born in one thousand nine hundred or Sunday Justin born nineteen eighty-eight through throughout the Rocky Relationship Simpson investigator multiple times by police for domestic violence pleaded no contest spousal abuse nine hundred nine. This is a now infamous incident. This happened New Year's Eve nine hundred ninety called nine. One one was made from O._J.. Simpson's estate located at three hundred sixty North Rockingham at three fifty eight A._M.. The nine eleven dispatcher who entered the call Sharon Gilbert had no dialogue with the caller but heard a woman scream and what she believed to be a physical altercation happening in the background although well she never spoke with whomever made the call based on what you heard occurring in the background Gilbert rightly dispatched officers from L._A._p._D.'s West L._A.. Station to respond to the potential incident when the first officers detective John Edwards and his partner officer Patricia molest Milewski Milewski Polish their I've Nicole started yelling. He's going to kill me. He's going to kill me. Detective Edwards ask Nicole who is going to kill you. Nicole answered O._J.. The the Detective Respondent O._J.. Who Do you mean the Football Player O._J.? The football player Nicole said yes O._J.. Simpson the football player Detective Edwards testified that he observed the following injuries to Nicole's face shit a cut approximately one inch. I believe on her upper left. Lip should a swollen right forehead. I I believe her left or right. I was starting to blackened. It was swollen. Shed some sort of imprint some sort of swollen mark. You can see on her cheek. I believe that was on the right cheek. She had a hand imprint on her throat on the left side of her throat. Next Detective Edwards said uh-huh they ask Nicole. Tell him what had happened. He testified the Nicole said O._J.. Had slapped her hit her with this fist and kicked her and pulled her. I think pulled her by the hair officer <hes> Milewski proceeded to enter the vehicle sit in the right front seat eight and take the crime report from Nicole during this time Nicole made a series of spontaneous statements to detective Edwards an officer Lewis fucking stupid Polish name got damaged Malinski per detective Edwards testimony. She said you guys never do anything something to the effect that you never do anything about him. You come out you about eight times. You never do anything about him and she says I want him arrested. I want my kids back. I WanNa go in the house. Then detective Edwards Observed Mister Sure Simpson walking towards me from the house where an open bathroom with a pair of shorts under no shoes detective Edwards testified that when O._J. reached a close gate he said. I don't want that woman in my bed anymore. I got to other women. I don't want that woman in my bed anymore. What what a fucking asshole like he's bragging to the police about his sexual abilities now telling the officers here's one his wife and his bed because he has to other women? He's fooling around with in the same house. He's living with his wife the move of Cocky dirtbag the detective testified that he told O._J.. The Nicole had obvious physical injuries to her face that she said that he had hit her and I could see trauma and open wounds to her and that she wanted him arrested and I was going to have to play some under arrest for spousal battery Edwards also stated that while he was not sure sure he believes O._J.. Responded to the statement by saying I didn't hit her. I just I just pushed out of the bed the right yeah. It's fucking. She just felt like so many times after I push detective Edwards once again explained to O._J.. The due to the injuries to Nicole's face they had to place him under arrest detective active. Ben Testified The O._J.. Said you're not here for eight times before and now you're GonNa arrest me for this and then he said this is a family matter. Wow this is a family matter. That's all just one of the many times uses superior size and athletic ability to beat the shit of a small terrified wife just family steph taking the trick or treating Washington ballgame. This is due to a six six. One two hundred twelve pounds is playing days so usually a little heavier after he's probably twenty to thirty Nicole five five no more than one hundred twenty pounds dude had one hundred pounds on her and a lot more muscle and he doesn't think slapping around and do anything wrong. It's his family shit. The police report continues approximately two minutes past and O._J.. Simpson comes back out now now dressed he approaches. The clothes gate says Detective Edwards. What makes you so special? Why are you doing this? You guys have been out here eight times before. No one has ever done anything like this before the Ticket Edwards explained to O._J.. That he was going to have to place him under arrest that the law required me to place him under arrest and that there was no ifs ands or buts about in check this shit out as Edwards begun begins to explain the situation to his recently arrived supervisor O._J.. Jumps in his Bentley and just fucking drives off he says as I was explaining to the supervisor what transpired what we needed it to do I saw a blue Bentley stored up the light startup. Turn on it went on the driveway. I was not aware was there. It went out of driveway onto Rockingham out another gate similar to the one I've been standing in front of and the vehicle went southbound Rockingham. Oh Jane is White Bronco not the only chase he led police on his life when this when this gets caught he flees. That's a fucking pattern detective Edwards in the Supervisor Sergeant Glenn Varner Push Pursue. Excuse me Oh Jane his belly but since both men weren't squad cars when he exited the property. And then you had a pretty good headstart he just he fucking gets away. They can't find him. Following the furthest pursuit upon returning to Rockingham detective Edward testifies that he offered to drive Nicole to an emergency room get treated right then and there she declined saying she just wanted to be taken back into the house. She wanted to be with children. Understanding the importance of documenting her injuries via photograph Edwards testified that he asked her if she would go to a West L._A.. Station and how polaroid photographs taken of her real quick she said yes those pictures still alive today very telling he rougher fucking face up pretty good although it was never mentioned a police report or any of the documents associated with the incident detective Edwards testified the wall at the West L._A.. Station to coal told him that the incident occurred because Nicole was upset there was two other women living in the House and then O._J.. Had Sex with one of them prior to getting into bed with her that night if this accusations true what kind of fucking medal maniac and then a guy who just drives away from the police whatever and he didn't get in trouble for that part <hes> man just a fucking athlete who's been catered to way too much as eagles out of control they kind of self senator sociopath you have to be to be fucking not just two different women who are your wife but also brought them to stay in the same house as your wife and then beat the shit out of your wife because magic just fucked one of them before climbing into bed with her brown wouldn't file for divorce until over a year after incidents you falls on February twentieth nineteen ninety-two citing irreconcilable differences Yup. She didn't like being smacked around humiliated related O._J.. And he likes smacking her around humiliate her <hes> pretty irreconcilable difference the divorce belong in messy. They would seemingly reconcile then want nothing to do with each other than try and be friends then date which I think it was more just O._J.'s pursuit than Partways O._J.. Himself never considered himself fully out of her romantic life on October twenty fifth nineteen ninety-three Colonel <hes> currently definitely not romantically involved with O._J.. And living in Brentwood rental home Nicole called nine eleven in a panic saying that her ex-husband was just was outside. Excuse me in a White Bronco shouting obscenities that he had just knocked down the back door. The call lasted for fifteen minutes with O._J.. Times audibly screaming obscenities while Nicole told police dispatch he's. He's O.. J. Simpson. I think you know his record. Just send somebody over and she said he always comes back La. What a haunting quote data's? You always comes back. Nicole story is so fucking sat when officers arrived Nicole <hes> excuse me O._J.. Still there and according to an official incident report admitted breaking the door took full responsibility for its replacement. That's the family matter officers don't worry about it just kicked back door threatening killer colder horn some shit you know just family stuff on the following summer just five days before her murder Nicole contacts shelter for battered women telling employees there that she's being stocked that she's being harassed by O.. J. Simpson she tried so many times get help and this motherfucker still will be found not guilty. Get the fuck walkout it here June Twelfth Nineteen ninety-four the most infamous day of this tale after all the warnings for calling the police so many times. I've told her friends and family she worried about O._J.. Killing her and getting away with it reporting the letter detailing abuse fears years in a safety deposit box ever calling a domestic violence shelter just a few days before Nicole Brown Simpson Ron Goldman found stabbed to death outside of Nicole's Condo in the Brentwood areas at Los Angeles now. Here's a rundown of the hours leading up to her murder. Six six thirty PM after attending her daughters dance recital Nicole has dinner with friends and family at the Brentwood restaurant Mezzaluna where her friend Ron Goldman worked as a waiter for the previous few weeks. Maybe even a little longer 35-year-old Nicole twenty-five-year-old Ron have spent a lot of time together while I wanna say they were romantically involved. There is no concrete proof of that Ron was good looking charismatic guy who's live consisted of waiting tables dancer nightclubs hidden Jim Playing Tennis. He Nicole working out together grabbing coffee together grabbing dinner together. Go dancing together. I should add that Ron was straight had a healthy dating history and told friends how attractive he thought Nicole was to me. How are they not dating but he didn't seem to tell anyone they were dating a friend? He'd known since Kindergarten Mike Pinkus. I would say that Ron always told him he was dating someone and he never mentioned a coal that way so maybe they were not dating or maybe they were dating but because O._J.. Wasn't insane fucking psychopath and Super Jellison stalking her. Maybe Nicole Toll Ron not to tell anyone because she was afraid of what would do pure conjecture my part but those dating situations for Sure Exist O._J.. Had also attended the recital allegedly asked to join the coal in the family for dinner at Mezzaluna and Nicole told him no probably pissed him off a little bit told the guy no the guy should just call domestic violence shelter about a few days back at eight P._M.. Nicole Brown Simpson and her children leave Mezzaluna. Stop for Ice Cream on the way home. I can picture this all so well in my head right. I used to go right at some coffee. Coffee shops around were all just went down in L._A.. Nine Fifteen P._M.. One of Nicole Brown Simpson's sisters calls Ms Luna to say that Nicole's mother had left her glasses at the restaurant her friend Ron Goldman still working there volunteers to return the glasses to Nicole's condo ondo somewhere between nine P._M.. At nine thirty Brian Kato Kaylin KAELIN EXCUSE ME FRIEND OF O._J.. Nicole's Hussein O._J.'s guest house goes to McDonald's with O._J.. For Dinner Oh but O._J.. Was fucking seated at McDonald's quick refresh on cato the the random due to became famous for a little while only because the O._J.. Trial before the trial Kato was a thirty five year old model. Not that's accessible casting agent who met Nicole in one thousand nine hundred and Aspen Colorado on a ski vacation a month later Nicole invited tailored to a party to railroad home on Greg greenway where he noticed an empty guest house near the pool and asked if he can move in the rent was five dollars a month with the discount based on how much time he would spend washing her young son and daughter but when Nicole plan to move to a smaller condominium mm-hmm on nearby bundy drive. Kayla was gonNA move with her. Take an inside downstairs room but O._G.. Didn't like it. Kane would later state that O._J.. told him it just wouldn't look right. The dude was staying with Nicole when he nicole. We're trying to reconcile which they weren't. O._J.'s head had during the trial prosecutor Marcia Clark Kato were you in Nicole Lovers. No Kaelin reply just friends. Maybe Nicole really did have just numerous tonic. Dude France not impossible O. J. Offer Kato a better arrangement. Stay rent-free in the former football stars larger guest Taus. That's so weird to me. Oh Gee let Kato Status Place for free just so a dude is not staying with his ex wife because he thinks the reconciling when they're not O._J.. Was So obsessive and delusional also the Condo Nicole moved into located eight seventy five south bundy drive for six years lived at one four one nine south saltaire drive point seven miles away the rouse grocery store. I shopped at just a few blocks away. The last time I gave jogging ago probably will not happen to get. I jogged directly in front of her CONDO. That was my little by little route had no idea until this week suck. It was <hes> we're all this went down had no idea I was so close to such an infamous address being where these things happen always makes them feel so much more real to me not just words on paper realize real tragedies Kayla and O._J.. Return home around nine forty five P._M.. O._J.'s home located at three six zero North Rockingham avenue just two miles away. If you're driving the speed limit just six minutes away I can personally vouch for for they're not being a lot of traffic in this neighborhood at that a time time of day. Goldman leaves the restaurant around nine fifty P._M.. With the white envelope containing the glasses and this is about the time the murder happened the scene was gruesome Nicole's head nearly cut off in her own condo courtyard she was is murdered in front of a condo and a little walkway or anyone passing by could have seen the murder happened if they just look pass them foliage the killer almost certainly O._J.. For for reasons out soon stab Nicole four times the next for delivering the final devastating throat wound the the four stab wounds and a close set patterns suggest Nicole Simpson was held in some way and gave little struggle the medical examiner would later testify the prosecution Ashvin assailant could've knocked out Nicole Tax Ron then returned to cut her throat. It is possible the examiner answered none of Nicole smaller stab wounds or headers would have been fatal right away. The medical examiner said she was alive at least a minute or so before the last wound was inflicted. He also said that he knew she was lying. Face down because the blood flow to the ground rather than into your lungs or Esophagus I would say she she died. Within a few minutes probably less said the examiner who added that the entire attack probably lasts only a few minutes as indicated by the few defensive wounds on her hands. All the slash wounds to her body could have been left by one single edged knife about six inches long long a double edged knife could also left some some some of the smaller wounds but those cuts could have been attributed to the tapered tip of the single knife as Ron Goldman. He was founded deaths along with Nicole on the walkway leading to the CONDO. He was just a few weeks. Shy was twenty six birthday. His death also occurred quickly in minutes at most according to the examiner Goldman died from blood loss largely from to stab wounds to his a order and he suffered numerous other stabs and slash wants to his head and body according to a world renowned forensic pathologist who testified for the prosecution. This pathologist felt that it took only a single attacker about fifteen seconds to kill Nicole and only one additional minute to kill Ron during the reconstruction structure of the events. The police came to believe Goldman had arrived either stir during or shortly after the attack on Nicole Goldens family believes that Goldman died trying to save Nicole and around ten ten fifteen p._m.. Watching T._V. Pablo <hes> then Vin Yavuz a neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson a screenwriter. Here's the cries a constant barking of a duck Pablo would later ghost writing infamous book called if I did it where with O._J.. Simpson roughly a decade later after spending a lot of time with O._J.. Working on that bulk he came to firmly believe that O._J.. Killed Nicole and Ron ten twenty five P._M.. Limo driver named Allen Park arrives at Simpson's home to pick him up for scheduled trip to the airport sees the figure of a man rushing around inside Simpson's house. Not Suspicious is at all <HES> O._J.. QUICKLY STABS Ron. She's me if O._J.. If O._J.. Quickly stabbed Ron and Nicole death round ten pm he would have plenty of time to get back home ten twenty five pm somewhere between ten forty one and ten fifty five another neighbor of Nicole Walker dog notices Nicole's dog a white Akita named Kato Weird <hes> by itself Barking with blood and his paws too bad Keta was knocked. BOJANGLES bojangles would've saved Nicole Enron and pinned O._J.. Buys nuts until the police showed up and then ripped off old warheads nuts for all the beatings he'd previously given to Cole Good Boy bojangles good boy ten fifty five the Limo driver Allen Park still waiting for Simpson. He's buzzed Simpson. Numerous Times Simpson is not answered. Causes boss tells him Simpson's not home park is told by his boss. Just wait until eleven fifteen simpson is usually late eleven A. One. O._J.'s reports the O._J.. Does finally exit the home over half an hour after he thought he saw someone onscreen about inside the house not suspicious at all. What was he doing their Sharon off some blood SCHNITT change US and bloody clouds going over some new lines for new hertz rent a car commercial? I'M O._J.. Simpson did you know that if you get somebody's blood all over your hertz rent a car you don't have to clean it covered in your rental agreement hurtful clean the car and never ask questions the next time I stabbed the fuck us and people out to be sure to drive off in a hertz rent a car hurts. There's no better reynolds drive away in after double murder O._J.. Then driven L._A._X.. Catches flight to Chicago Eleven Forty Five O._J.. Leaves California takes off to Chicago to attend. A Hertz rent a car function after the event O._J.. Had planned to play some golf wind down a bit after stressful impulsive dumber at ten after midnight June thirteenth police said a passer-by found the body of Nicole Brown Simpson thirty-five sprawled on the steps of a walkway in front of the CONDO. The body of Ron Goldman Ronald Lau Goldman found a few feet away in the shrubbery both fully closed over four hours later four fifteen A. M. O. J. who landed in Chicago checks into the O'hare Plaza hotel around five A._M.. Detectives Mark Furman a name though soon become infamous dude who's previous use of racist language would be manipulable introduced reduced by O._J.'s defense team to completely motherfucking hijacked the trial dude who moved to Idaho to the panhandle settling beautiful sandpoint roughly forty five minutes from the engine and Philip vannatter arrive at Simpson's Rockingham mentioned to inform him of Nicole's death but instead they discover his bloodstained Bronco and a bloody glove that matched another one found near Goldman's body in front of Nicole's house feels like so much fucking evidence around five forty A._M.. Detective firm and decides to jump The wall the property in order for police to get inside the estate once on the grounds detectives Awaken Simpson's daughter twenty five year old Arnelle who is staying in a guest house. She takes the police to the main house between seven and seven thirty A._M.. Detective <hes> vannatter declares the area. A crime scene goes to get a warrant search the house ten forty-five him with search warrant hand L._A._p._d.. Search O._J.'s mansion find even more traces of blood on the property including the four in the Ford Bronco at noon. O._J.'s told Nicole death and says yeah. I don't know credits you stand got does stabbing her left. Oh I mean Oh my God. How did it happen O._J.? Hits the airport to return to L. A. immediately arriving early in the afternoon returns to his Brentwood mansion where he's handcuffed taken to the police station and questioned after about two our Simpson leaves the police headquarters in his driven home. It's reported that O._J.. told his kids about their mother's death while reading them a story stories that went something like hey kids. Let me tell you the story about Nikita so new store. You haven't heard of yet the story about a bad madwoman horrible mother doesn't want to live with their kids daddy anymore. Nikita doesn't want to do what she's fucking told so in order to protect his family and save his kids Nikitas expert should be current husband. A Bow Jay has to killer enter boy toy dawn and she won't admit she's fucking him even though he knows aspire for months story where June fifteenth nice any for the families Nicole Brown Ron Goldman hold on hold tend to funerals Simpson is to children attend Nicole's funeral how awkward for Nicole's family they had to have Nonni fucking did it. It's amazing this motherfucker still alive. It's amazing. Someone hasn't revenge killed in two days later. Public Chaos begins June seventeenth nine hundred eighty four O._J.. Simpson officially charged with the murders of Brown and Goldman although Simpson originally promised to surrender to authorities O._J.. Instead fleas becomes a fugitive. He's later spot up to four or five freeway in the past your seat of his White Bronco O._J.'s old the high school friend Al Callans the man who drove front he stole so many years earlier was driving in the media circus ensues. These guys drive down the four zero five from Brentwood all the way down to Laguna Niguel down in Orange County back up to five to the ninety one to the one one ten backup on the four zero five to ten and then East headed into downtown L._A.. The police chase last over an hour and a half so many People Watch O._J.'s low speed chase that Domino's pizza reported super bowl like numbers. I remember watching the chase back and ribbons sitting there my in my bedroom I watch in the N._B._A.. Finals comes on the screen. Then I headed alluded to wash my mom is O._J.. A._C. or followed by police cars and helicopters an estimated ninety five million people tune in to watch the sixty mile pursuit which did famously interrupts erupted broadcast the N._B._A. Finals Despite O._J.. Beena possible murderer the streets immediately began to line up with Jay fans. There's pictures of guys online. You can find holding up signs saying stuff like saves juice. We love the juice Simpson was talking with L._A._p._d.. On his car phone and he was certainly talking about suicide transcript of the conversation available online oh also wrote a note that most people consider his suicide note in it he wrote. I think my life Philip done most of the right things. So why do I ended up like this probably 'cause you fucking stabbed people. I can't go on no matter what the outcome people looking point. I can't take that well you are and you can. I can't subject my children to that. You did this way they can move on and go on with their lives later. In the letter he claimed victimhood as Narcissus often doing situation saying Nicole. I had a good life together. All this press talk about Iraq. Relationship was no more than what every long-term relationship experiences are friends will confirm that I've been totally loving and understanding of what she's going through at times. I felt like a battered added husband or boyfriend. He actually says this but I loved her. Make that code. Everyone and I would take whatever it took to make it work. Don't feel sorry for me now. Don't definitely don't wouldn't have killed herself. I've had a great live great friends. Please think of the Real O._J.. And now there's loss person God what a what a way to not take responsibility for Mesa Shit the balls astute has to say that he was battered listeners on world. It's like it's like part of him. Never left those projects man part. Him was fucking stillwater. Head Simpson's is White Bronco Adventure eventually ends O._J.. Surrenders at his house before nine P._M.. Thrown in jail without bail in O._J.'s possession you had a handgun his passport which he claimed he always had him get Outta here. Who the fuck always carries razer passport outside of people who have to suddenly routinely the country for work or people who are fleeing from justice he had eight thousand seven hundred eighty dollars in cash O._J.? Would deny that but he had it and he had an actual disguised can't fake fucking beard on him the he'd about weeks earlier said he was gonNA use take kids at Disneyland so people wouldn't bother bull shit dude love to be bothered. He loved fame. There's no history of him disguise himself in public so he could you know avoid autograph seekers the evidence. It's against Simpson was extensive. His blood was founded the murder scene I repeat his fucking blood found at the murder scene blood hair and fibers from both Nicole Round and Ron Goldman founded Simpson's car and it is home and repeat that again as well Nicole Nicole and Ron's blood and hair founded his bucking Bronco Nicole and runs and hair were found inside his home why was Ron's hair and blood and those places he never said footnote Jesus. You never went the Bronco it was there because obviously did it also one of his gloves Fountain Brown the other outside Zone House the bloody shoeprints founded the scene match exactly apprentice shoes owned by kind of wish they would have been dingo boats dingo boots. Nothing like gigabytes to walk away from Earth. Police also found video O._J.. Had made quickly made video where he'd filmed himself in front of Nicole's condo directly after the murder she was covered in blood he stood over there dead bodies knife in hand and recorded himself doing a quick touchdown celebration calibration and he's spiked one of the gloves on the ground. Look juice juice is on the loose fuck these motherfuckers vacuum. I kind of both I don't get away with it. I'm like a Scooby Doo Villain after they get coward headed they just get let go. I can do anything I want. I'm the greatest running back of all time now not even Jim Brown could kill juice juice above the law that uses a living God. They didn't find that tape but we'll have they found so much evidence now the trial century let's get to that. It's been covered in depth so in other places. We're just GONNA skim over most of details here July Twenty Second Night Seventy Four O. J. pleads not guilty by saying he is absolutely one hundred percent not guilty to the murder charges. They turns the camera and does a quick hertz rent a car commercial. Hey I'm O._J.. Jason if you're wearing them dingo boots you need to get away anyway. On September ninth. The prosecution decides not to pursue the death penalty six life without parole. The jury selected November Third Ninety Ninety four the initial jury selected has made up of four males eight females emails eight of the jurors are Black Hispanic white to or mixed race. I include they're racist here. Because the defense team's main strategy would be to make the jury think this case was all about race racist cops planting evidence when it wasn't it was about murder on January eleventh eleventh nineteen ninety-five the jury reports duty. O._J.'S DEFENSE TEAM GETS TO WORK O._J.. Would use will later be called a Dream Team of defense attorneys. The team included Robert Shapiro Sarah Kaplan Johnny Cochran Carl Douglas Sean Chapman Gerald Uelmen Robert Robert Kardashian Alan Dershowitz F. Lee Bailey Berry Shrek Peter Newfield Robert Blazer and William Thompson fourteen attorneys and yes. One of O._J.'s lawyers was his longtime friend Robert Kardasian father to the family family who go on to become famous mostly for just being famous. This army of attorneys reportedly costs somewhere around fifty thousand dollars a day money well spent if you can buy your way out of a murder conviction which you absolutely can sometimes this Dream Team claims before a national national television audience that Simpson had been framed by racist L._A._p._d.. Detectives mostly Mark Furman and it worked they manipulated jurors into believing officers who had not been convicted of plenty of evidence before did planet this time why because they're raises otherwise they can't wait to fucking plant stuff here are some of the closing arguments made by Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark Given September twenty seventh nineteen ninety-five she started by addressing the issue that the defense was focused on the racism of a police officer Mark Furman. I love what she says. On August twenty nine the jury had heard old tape recordings of firm and making many racial slurs slurs he denied making during his cross examination who'd actually charged with perjury for this and also about him bragging about his enforcement police brutality which would be invested later. It'd be found that mostly it's like he just got caught up in talking tough and most people think he greatly exaggerated his claims he was though for sure racist in Aligarh however again no evidence of him ever framing anyone before lining racism racism do not equal framing someone for murder Clark says let me come back to mark Furman for a minute just so it's clear did he lie when he testified here in this courtroom saying that he did not use racial epithets racial epithets Joe. How do you say that word does no he that word? I learned it and I forget about having again. He used racial words in last ten years. Yes is he racist yes is he. The worst L._A._P._D.. Has to offer yes I do. We wish this person was never hired by L._A._P._d.. Yes should never have hired him no or have ever hired him. No should such a person believe be a police officer. No she says here in fact. Do we wish there were no such person on the planet. Yes got him. She does not hold back on Furman made it very clear the prosecution well aware that he was a racist liar. She continues by saying but the fact Mark Furman is a racist and lied about it on the witness. Stand does not mean that we haven't proven the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and it would be a tragedy if with such overwhelming evidence ladies and gentlemen as we have presented to you you found the defendant not guilty in spite light of all of that because of the races attitudes of one police officer exactly logic if only the world ran less on emotion and more on fucking logic democracy would be so much better the court system would be so much better then Marcia Clark turns her attention to the sloppiness l._a._p._d.. Police work saying the defense. It's not many many other questions. They questions about whether L._A._p._D.. Some bad police officers does the Scientific Division has some sloppy criminals. There's a coroner's office have awesome sloppy corners and the answer to all these questions sure yes they do. That's not news to you. I'm sure it wasn't a big surprise to you but those are not. They're important issues. You know we should look into the quality control. Things should be done better. Things could always always be done better in every case that every time there's no question about that. We're not here to vote on that today. The question is what the evidence that was presented to you that relates to who killed Ron and Nicole. What does that tell you? Does that convince you beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes marsha it it. Does it really does most importantly for Marcia Clark's finale. She unleashes a flurry of evidence most of which would be a slam dunk in a heartbeat for guilty verdict with today's D._N._A.. Technology she says let me summarize few what we have proven one piece of the puzzle. We've proven the opportunity to kill. We've given the time window in which he was able to kill because his whereabouts were unaccounted for during the time when we know the murders were occurring we have the hand injuries that were suffered on the night of his wife's murder to the left hand and we know the killer was injured has left hand. I didn't even bring that up before that's even makes it even crazier. We had deposed homicidal conduct. I told you about line to Allen Park a limousine driver making Allen Park wait outside not letting leading Cato pick up the little dark bag. That's another thing we didn't get into because suck US along already his reaction to detective Phillips when he made notification when Detective Philip said to him Nicole has been killed instead of asking about a car accident the defendant ask no questions we had the manner of killings killings indicate that it was a rage killing that it was a fury killing that it was not a professional hit the men are killing indicates that one person committed these murderers or murders one person with the same style of killing. We have the knit cap it Bundy. We have the C._B._S.. Another piece of important evidence that there's so many this thing we have the evidence on Ron Goldman shirt on the blue black cotton fibers the defendants hair we have the Bruno Magli shoeprint size twelve all of them size twelve his shoe size all of them consistent going down the Bundy walk walk. We have the Bundy blood trail his blood to the left of the bloody shoeprints exactly just that his blood to the left of the shoeprints. We have the blood in the Bronco his in Ron Goldman's. We have the Rockingham blood trail up to the driveway in his bathroom in the foyer. We have the Rockingham glove with all the evidence on it Ron Goldman fibers from his shirt Ron Goldman's hair Nicole's hair the defendants blood Ron Goldman's blood Nicole's blood and the Bronco Fiber and the blue black cotton fibers. Yes we have the socks and we have the blue black cotton fibers on the socks and we have Nicole Brown's blood on the socks there. He is pointing Adobe Simpson. I mean Holy Shit. There's so much evidence the following day the defense presents they're closing arguments there now famous arguments Johnny Cochran delivers his now famous phrase makes me so angry every time I watch this video which I did multiple time for the suck. If it doesn't fit you must acquit regarding O._J.'s murder gloves loves being too tight. It's infuriating if you go back and watch the courtroom footage of O._J.. Putting the gloves on they do fucking fits they fit this. This whole thing is insane. He's putting the gloves on over a pair of latex gloves so the evidence is in contaminated in his famous fucking seen from draw. The texture of Latex on lubricated latex is very different than human skin. It's like try putting on your socks. One of your socks socks that for sure fits when your feet or wet your foot. Is it bigger when it's wet but there's a different type of surface friction that exists between a wet foot and sock than does exist a dry foot in the stock. It's harder to put a sock on a dry or excuse me wet foot what that is a dry sock and I know that because I'm impatient and don't often dry out a shower and I try to my socks on. I'm like Oh yeah that thing. I've done a thousand times now if you want to. Another experiment put on some gloves that just barely fit then put on but the fit properly nice and type would fit then put on some latex cleaning glimpse now trying to put those gloves on over the latex gloves. I did out of curiosity guess what harder to get the fucking gloves on overnight a pair of Glass O._J.. Struggling with those gloves was the best Goddamn God damn acting moment of his entire career at worked. Why did it work more on that in a bit my opinions after deliberating for just four hours a jury equipped Simpson on October third ninety-five Marsha stands up yells at the jurors on camera you you stupid Fox? Shame on you you stupid Fox then. She lifts her skirt up. She takes shit on the courtroom floor. She gets up. She points at it and she says you did that. You did that today to justice then O._J.. Steps into frame and says you didn't just shit on justice today. You know who didn't Hertz rent a car. Did you know that you can sit inside your rental with hurts and I've had to pay for it is covering rental agreement. You shouldn't shit on justice but you can't and shouldn't hurt. I did y'All O._J.. Simpson's above the law no the less up didn't happen. There was a great deal more to this case. We don't want to do attend part O._J.. Sears that's been done over and over the trial has been examined reexamine to death but here's one interesting additional piece of INFO points to going so very guilty something that happened years later in two thousand six. He was supposed to release that book. If I did it the one he he wrote with Pablo the ghost rider a book that Ron Goldens family would later releasing clicked proceeds from because of a civil trial verdict. We'll talk about here a few minutes O._J.. Jay Did to our interview with the publisher. The head of the Public Judith Regan they would not air later until two thousand eighteen to promote this book in the interview Simpson goes to a quote purely hypothetical discussion of what happened on the night his ex wife and Goldman were the steps of Nicole Simpson's Brentwood condo one of O._J.'s prosecutors. Christopher Darden truly believes in this interview O._J.. Confesses to the killing Simpson's says he went into Kohl's Condo on the night she died with a friend he describes Charlie who gave him a knife and he encountered Nicole later on Goldman. No one knew Jay Leno Charlie Simpson in the interview details what he describes as reports from friends and Nicole become involved in drugs and sex parties with fast living female friends he tells you regan that he blamed Nicole's death on the unsavory people well he claims were associated with Nicole Regan said Simpson before the told her that he agreed to speak in quote unquote hypothetical terms so he could maintain deniability with the children. Excuse me basically he told her that he did. It and Regan has since said the interview. You absolutely convinced her O._J.. Was the murderer. There's no doubt in my mind she said the O._J.. Simpson criminal trial was actually is one of three trials ODI would be involved in the mid nineties. The second trial was a custody trial will O._J.. Was In jail during his murder trial Nicole's parents blue and judith at Brown taken Cusi of O._J.. Nicole children and when he was released you know they didn't want to give the kids back to him. I mean can you imagine keeping those kids back to the mandate. You know you know beat the shit out of your daughter over and over again terrorized her the man you gotTa know murder now coming to your house demanding that you hand over your grandkids again. It's a miracle somebody didn't snap and killed his mother far at least try and poisoning something O._J.. Would win this battle as well although take five years to do so eventually the judge in this case would state or <hes>. Yes what state psychological testing clinical observations in review of Mr Simpson history with the children does not yield a picture of a man who has in the past or as likely in the future to lose control of himself such a manner as to emotionally physically harm the children then there was the third trial the civil trial over Nicole Iran's now what is a civil trial in general terms civil lawsuit is the court based process to which person a can seek to hold person be liable for some type of harm arm wrongful act usually person as successful he or she will be awarded compensation for the harm that resulted from person B.'s action or inaction also note that liable doesn't equate to guilty. It's more can do responsible. DANCEABLE is person be responsible for what happened to person a in reality is the closest thing we have to try and someone twice for the exact same crime interesting that a judge felt that there was enough evidence for the Goldman family to bring a civil case against Simpson for a crime he'd already found not guilty of our judicial system so very complex in many ways on like a criminal case which is looking to punish the wrongdoer for the crime a civil cases meant to compensate the person who is harmed again usually in the form of monetary terry damages paid from the defendants the plaintiff the Golden Brown families filed civil case in late ninety six granted a trial that began in January of ninety seven and Santa Monica. No T._V.'s this time around no racist cops taking a stand no Dream Team Defense and O._J.. Loses loses on February Eleventh Nineteen ninety-seven Los Angeles County Superior Court jury ordered O._J.. Toupee financially debilitating twenty five million in punitive damages to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald L. Goldman the same jury awarded the Golden and Family in additional eight point five million incompetent Tori damages the week before the total would be thirty three point five million dollars. The jury also Simpson had battered Nicole on the night. If a murder Ron Goldman's father fred Goldman said this is about the verdict the money is not an issue it never it has been it's holding the man who killed my son and Nicole responsible contrary to the media shit storm then Gulf the previous criminal trial jury made a quick decision in this non television trial televised trial over Simpson's guilt juror number eleven eleven woman in her thirties would say finding O._J.. Simpson liable of the murderers and acting with depression and malice was one of the easiest decisions I have ever had to make Hail Nimrod Yeah in the end O._J.. Got Away with murder order kind of force pay a bunch of money that he's certainly didn't have <hes> not after all this fancy lawyers Nicole and goldens families agreed to split the proceeds from an auction of Simpson's memorabilia personal belongings including his heisman trophy. The Goldman's also got proceeds from that if I did a book later republish with a new subtitle confessions of killer a few years later O._J.. Would lose another court case in California right after moved south Florida where he's been many years in nineteen ninety nine the state of California issued a tax lien against Simpson for personal income taxes on top of the money he owed Nicole Colourants family on February sixteenth nine hundred ninety nine the auction house butterfield and Butterfield sales nearly four hundred thousand words of Simpson's artifacts with all the proceeds going to Nicole and Goldman's families is heisman trophy accounted for more than half that total September September two thousand O._J.'s visited by Florida police officer after more domestic violence allegations Simpson's new girlfriend Christie Prodie called the police. An alleged Simpson had broken into her home. No charges were filed. It will be one of four such times uh-huh police were dispatched to handle domestic instance between this couple makes them look that which guiltier still beating women earliest accused of doing so Kristie when O._J.. Dated her looked eerily similar to Nicole so creepy like they could easily be sisters in two thousand Christie's twenty-five O._J.'s fifty three. They started dating ninety six when she was just twenty-one and he was forty six. Hello <unk> daddy issues meet needs to control young women and Abuse Issues O._J.. Oh Jane Christie would date for thirteen years live in the Miami Florida area area together on O._J.'s N._F._l.. Pension by the time. The relationship ends in two thousand nine after O._J.. Would go back or go to prison. Christie would say O._J.. Threatened to kill her shelter came to believe he absolutely Louis Killed Nicole and Ron said he also tried to get her to look more and more like Nicole. The longer they dated had her hair dyed blonde look more like Nicole how to get breast implant so her breasts to call that so fucking weird December of two thousand Simpson's arrested on battery <music> an auto burglary charges in Miami after an alleged confrontation with other motorist guy named Jeffrey Patterson. I remember when that Story Rook October Twenty Fourth <hes> two thousand one Simpson's acquitted of all the charges but it would still be so much more legal stuff on December four thousand one the F._B._i.. The idea and other local law enforcement search Simpson's Kendall Florida Home Kendall a quiet suburb Miami for evidence that he might be involved with an ecstasy smuggling ring as well as money laundering and a coordinated effort to Steal Satellite T._V. Signals. They find nothing. Simpson is neither arrested nor indicted though some satellite equipment is confiscated would lead to him get in trouble later however several months later all F._B._I.. Documents culled from a lengthy wiretap investigation that led up to the December search of Simpson's home featured testimony from reputed drug smugglers regarding O._J.. Allegedly having an insatiable co Cabot and you know being pretty chummy with a lot of prominent dealers one Miami dealer Andrew Anderson told federal agents he was supplying Simpson and his girlfriend's still mess around with numerous woman with the illegal drug ecstasy see Anderson said that throughout his first two years in Florida as Simpson was trying to restore his public image to hospital visits media interviews he was also indulging in cocaine ecstasy abuse frequently thing what the pictures paints do gets away with murder loses in civil court but still gets keep enough money live comfortable. You know a life Florida have an early retirement sipping drinks playing golf doing blow doing some e fucking Nicole look alike. I hope this gets hit by fucking bus. I hope ideally I hope he gets hit by a bus being driven by Casey Anthony Who's not wearing seat belt and she gets shot to the windshield and she lands on O._J.. And that impact kills them both what a great wrap up for those details on July fourth two thousand two O._J.. Gets more legal trouble all so much more Simpson finally justice you get cited for speeding on his powerboat through manatees zone. Here's the pay one. Hundred thirty are fine. We got him voice. We got O._J.. Simpson killed his days long taking the juice down. No way slipped out of this hundred thirty are fine not even Johnny Cochran. This Simpson gets in another weird bit of legal trouble July Twenty six thousand five he loses a civil trial brought on by direct T._v.. Over signal theft charges stem from the two thousand one search of his home and we talked about yesterday twenty five. Two Thousand Dollars to the Satellite Cable Company Ketchikan O._J.. Just as loose Miami you thought we were done manatee fine now motherfucker. That's just the beginning gets on signal theft charges now. Oh you'll you thought you can watch College Game Day <hes> on our no now this rate. We're GONNA have you in jail for a few days by two thousand twenty now. Let's take a quick break from his timelines talk about how in two thousand six O._J.. Also attempted to sell a tasteless reality. Prank show called juiced a show. He made a demo real four spin spent too long on time sucks we checked in with the idiots of the Internet. Internet juiced was supposed to be a hidden camera prank show and the style of punked if you remember that show with O._J.. Simpson is the prank master general supposed to be big comeback vehicle made during a time when reality T._V. was exploding. It's very wild. West put all kinds of shows on the Air O._J.. And Production Crew O._J.. Hired filmed O._J.. O._J. pretending to be homeless trying to or on the oranges on the street and one Prank Wayne deal the lie the show signature line even juice except he doesn't tricky buddy. It's it's pretty cringe-worthy pretty awkward. He pretends to be a BINGO number caller caller another sketches really bad calling numbers and pisses off a bunch of people at a senior center. He's got used. There's a prank re. Topless woman jumps on trampoline for quite a while. That's that's it. There's nothing else to this frank. <hes> it's weird and easily the best part of the show Hello Safina there's other weird pointless sketches and then there's a rap video and it is the fucking best buy I mean worse but it's so good so it is so bad as good this video shows how o._J.'s chase completely tone deaf and how lax any self awareness regarding how America sees him the video features O._J.. Dancing around surrounded by topless dancers dancers literally roughly forty years younger than him. He Saints Shit like don't you you know there's no stop in the juice one. I'm on the floor like line on the loose better Schumer with the tranquilizer dart. Don't be stupid. I'm not a Simpson named Bart <hes> so good you guys listen listen to just doesn't he's just a bit of this before we talk about the comments underneath it big dipper about my many questions your murderer the juice when I'm on me. What did you the only talking about football okay this whole time yeah? He's also return by predominantly young blonde white women. I mean just knowing what we know about him. Maybe don't do that. Maybe a little clueless. Maybe a little again a little tone-deaf fucking Idiot Dragon Blazer Ninety seven posts. Please God no one report assistant. Get taken down to its user. Mike replies he doesn't shut the rap game down well. We'll play their hopefully they're commenter Zayed obeyed rights so apparently he murders music also exactly so far most host the comments actually make sense. Oh then thank God Papa Wolf shows up Baba Wolfe writes. He needs a hard on I <hes> I'm sorry what Megan is even Megan's even better. He spells Dell's need as in like like your your knees A. K. N. E. E. D. is not a real word but like referred to the middle part of your like who the fuck watches this video and thanks how what is missing. It's got a great beet. Salad lyrics could camerawork boobs but something still feels off is is it the fact that features a woman beating murderer surrounded by women who resemble the woman he murdered now that that can be it. I know if you look really close you can tell the juice doesn't have a boehner why voter this as a Boehner God user Credo Abe Thorpe posting to crack me up writing. I wish he wasn't murderer. Yep May two way way to go credo eighth or what are you throw that out there. You were all thinking it. You had the balls to write it down user. Nesta Ortega goes way out of his way alone. People do stuff like this goes way out of his way to let us all know he's very straight. He likes having sex with attractive women for sure he writes. I liked the music video strippers all look sexy I would date and screw all of them. Okay good job or now still waiting. It gets off chests. No one's GonNa ever question your sexuality Ya not now after that definitive statement finally user Mr Marvelous Post three simple words he did it and then Dragon Blazer Ninety seven comes back to win the Internet writing yeah but this makes up for it offers as of the Internet the Internet fortunately juice never gets picked up for TV and the following year two thousand seven O._J.. Actually gets caught for serious crime. September Thirteenth Simpson is arrested and charged with several cumulative accounts robbery with the deadly weapon burglary with deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit a crime according to the police report to sports memorabilia dealers claim that Simpson and five other men some of them armed barged into their Las Vegas Hotel Room and Stole Varies O._J.. Simpson Memorabilia items which Simpson claims had originally been stolen from him. I I love it. Dude gets arrested for stealing his own memorabilia. I should try that next time. Someone brings like one of my vinyl records to show from your sign. I should just fucking take it Nah Nah I do. I'm not giving them backs mine mine. It's my house my name on it October thirty thousand eight tenths and found guilty on a dozen weapons robbery and kidnapping charges for the Vegas Crime December fifty cents to thirty three years in prison eligible for parole after nine Simpson's simply remark the judge wants the only thing for anyone within you shouldn't have fucking stolen and then in my mind he links to the camera and <hes> in the court turns and says if I had to do all over Hertz rent a car hurts consistently rents the best getaway cars in the business. If you need to flee the scene fast take it from the juice. There's no faster than hurts. There's no there's no way hurts as evidenced box to show now after this verdict Ronald Goldman's father fred tells media it was satisfying seeing him in shackles like he belongs less than two years ago October first two thousand Seventeen O._J.. Released from prison on parole after serving his minimum sentence nine years behind bars after is released a state of Florida says that Simpson is no longer welcome. They're writing. Our states should not become a country club for this convicted criminal. Oh Damn not even Florida him saying a lot. The home of Florida man doesn't want O._J.. Simpson state famous for headlines About dirtbags Simpson is currently living in Las Vegas sounds about right active on social media historic continues just last month Simpson joined twitter. He already has almost nine hundred thousand followers so safe to say he's going to be making some endorsement money all over again like us to how fucked up is that and how terribly great would it be started tweeting about hurts. Please please do that. I told you Simpson don't tweet and drive between a car doing her to rent a car. We like I do tweet about your football days tweeted if no one thinks you're a cold blooded murderer tweed like you're not some with a long history of domestic violence. I'm done putting some of the hurts on lady folk but I don't rent a car. It's pretty sickening. It's going through his feet which you can do without following him by the way he looks good books healthy post about a video. A day seems to be joined. His life next seems to be still supporting portent giant fucking mellon just fine posting tons of videos about him playing golf boasting about his N._F._l.. Accomplishments pontificating about politics talking a lot about fantasy football pumped up a few weeks going to Buffalo Sports Radio Show and Buffalo podcast. He's probably GONNA have his own podcast soon still living large on the N._F._l.. Pinch pension money free after all this. Let's get out of today's time. Suck time good job soldier. You've made it back <music> before we go to today's. Takeaways is some some last thoughts on the O._J.. Trial I want to say that I get why the jury let him off with murder. I really do emotionally. It does make sense to me like I said early up so L._A.. Still reeling from the Rodney King beating the race riots have followed that occurred just too short years prior to the murders racial tensions still very high African Americans in the L._A.. Area new damn well that many L._A._p._D.. Officers were racially prejudiced against blacks trial. Just reconfirm this especially against black men that watch the king video and now as one of many racially motivated brutality incidence. It's many had seen friends and neighbors beaten unjustly by police and many of them just wanted a win now. A hero of the black community is on trial. Someone who'd become a symbol of how poor black kid from the projects could conquer white America and live the American dream to the fullest lists now this hero this mask hope wanted for murder. It must have felt like a punch in the gut and look bad. It looked like he really did it. It looks really really fucking bad but O._J.. Hired a lot of smooth-talking top-shelf attorneys and there is a this powerful psychological phenomenon. We've talked a lot about here on the time suck. It's called confirmation bias as Juror. I can see how you could choose to just focus on the racist cops. You could let some of those smooth-talking attorneys convince you you know what you must know deep down inside about his abuse about his murder. It just not true you just confirmation by. Let's at float on by and you just focus on these fucking cops that must've framed O._J.. Hated O._J.. I hated black Americans. They hey did you so fuck them right through quitting O._J.. You get to give a little fuck you back to the system that has always been so stacked against. You wins hard to come by. This is a big win. I get that as much as a white dude living in Idaho uh-huh can get that. I really do shame that O._J.. Of all people got to be the recipient of this racial payback to me. That's the real tragedy of this trial to me the O._J.. Trial good reminder that we meet sacks are highly emotional. Creatures emotion can and often does cloud our judgments of talked about it before but I was on a jury for a day and it was an open and Shut D._U._i.. Case couple years back dude was beyond guilty. Young dude passed out behind the wheel drove across the freeway onto oncoming traffic and flip down the bank at Three A._M.. Like drove across both sections of the freeway when the cops found him is blood alcohol limit was over three times legal limit and he said that because he was shook up by the wreck he decided to start pounding beers by the side of the wrote until the cops showed up which no one has fucking ever done who started off sober. I almost laugh out loud when he said that ludicrous and yet to of the other jurors I worked with wanted to let him off to emotional thinkers with axes to to grind one of whom when grilled why why can't you go along with the guilty verdict. He said because he thought cops Rasul's he's a local cops wrestles. He'd had some bad experiences being pulled over he essentially guilty verdict was letting the cops win. Not Kidding do got so mad when I pressed him on this he literally started shaking. It was a fucking basket case by the way he reminded me. You don't have to pass the psycho vowed to be jer. Don't have to pass an I._Q.. Tests either. It's fucking terrified even worse the other jurors. We're going to go along with captain crazy pants because too many people are just not confrontational. They just didn't want to confront an emotionally unstable nut shop so many meets acts are such terrible decision-makers in my opinion not only did O._J.. Do it but the prosecution proved he did it because we meet sacks or so often so scarred and flawed and have so many biases that that that proving that just wasn't enough. Sometimes we meet sex or just going to hear what we want to hear period end of story. We're just determined to get things wrong. Sometimes to me flawed human human nature is the only reason why O._T.. Is Out there Tweeden we gotTA wrong. We gotTA wrong with O._J.. In the juice is still on the loose time now for top-five Takeaways by away in the O._J.. Murder case ended up becoming something becoming about something should never been about race. Yes there was some racist. assholes involves see Mark Furman but the evidence of O._J.'s guilt was and is overwhelming firm and didn't plant years of domestic abuse allegations against with Nicole. He didn't plant motive an opportunity he didn't plant future legal analysts and acquaintances thinking that O._J.'s for sure guilty outside of O._J.'s legal team in a few conspiracy minded authors almost no one thinks he was actually innocent. Lot of people think guilty a number two O._J.. Should forever be remembered as a battery of women on his first wife. Marguerite insisted that he never harmed her Nicole reported abuse eight times dozens of other cases now reported even O._J.'s girlfriend post Nicole's murder Christie prouty lady who stood with them for almost fifteen years has come out saying that O._J.. Was Violent Cyril Abuser as well in that two thousand six interview in which O._J.. For All intents and purposes admitting to kill him both people he also admitted that he worthy he'll be remembered as a matter of women well. He should be number three the O._J.. Case changed the way America looked at domestic violence because of this case domestic violence was quickly taken from the privacy of the home in place into the public discourse. Sometimes something great can come from something terrible. Thank Nimrod number. Four two murders can't take away athletic greatness Holy Shit. I gotta give it to them. They're bowlegged water had fucking destroyed. Football is peak five years between seventy one seventy five. Perhaps the best five straight years any running back ever had in the history of the N._F._l.. O._J. still holds it's college and pro records forty years after retiring including most two hundred yard games in the N._F._l.. Crew with six high amount of yards rushing average per game an n._f._l.. Season over one hundred forty three largest margin of winning votes for the Heisman Trophy and N._C._W._a.. History also so ranked second currently all time and murders committed with a knife by kerner former N._F._l.. Player of course this record comes in Asterix because he was found not guilty and I'm not kidding about the second thing a crazy fuck head named Robert Rosiere another murder from Alaska like last week has killed more dude only lasted a few games N._F._l.. Play Defensive End for the Saint Louis Cardinals Nineteen seventy-nine he was released for drug and alcohol issues also spent two weeks and camp with the Raiders Rosiere was a member of the y'all way Ben you always temple of love of Weird Florida called nine hundred eighty five and the story goes at an order to enter you always elite Intergroup known as the Brotherhood yet to kill White Devil and return with the body part to prove it rosiere would admit to killing seven white people to please y'all way he was arrested and charged with murder on October October thirty I nine Hundred Ninety six Halloween detectives reported that brassieres fingerprints had been founded the scene of two random murders or trans have been killed their ears have been sliced off and press releases linked him with at least five other murders in Miami after agreeing to testify against she always orchestration who sentences twenty two years in prison at a servant ten years of the sense set free nineteen ninety-six he could possibly had some drinks with O._J.. And his is a story a possible story for another suck number five the last takeaway something I didn't mention it was the final Hollywood project starring O._J.. Before he murdered his ex wife and her friend the project was called Frogmen. It was a movie length pilot for what O._J.. And N._B._C. were hoping would be successful T._v.. Show the show was discussed but never introduced as evidence during in Simpson's criminal trial in a chilling echo those killings a scene the to our movie mental launched the Action Drama Series Features Simpsons character grabbing what he believed to be an intruder the young woman turned out to be his daughter and momentarily holding to her throat the prosecution also the best gay reports that Simpson received military training including how to use a knife in preparation for that role La Frog was N._B._C.'s attempt to recapture some of the fun lovin spirit of the team yet for all this notoriety frogman has been kept locked in vaults at Warner brothers few have seen the final product including many of those involved who found themselves caught in the center of a media storm even as they watched a lucrative career opportunity right off into the sunset history Simpson's Bronco. We believe that many levels for many reasons broadcasting the program whole or in part was inappropriate. It said Studio spokeswoman Barbara brought the Ati. All those reasons seem as valid today as they were then by away and that is how how we suck the juice yes. I know their arguments out there in books about how O._J.. Didn't do it but include them because it's already at least based on the notes the longest episode of time suck yet and also because I don't I'll buy it I default to the philosophic principle of comes razer once more suppose there exist to explanations for an occurrence in this case the one that requires the least speculation is usually correct for me. The one that requires the lease speculation is that he one hundred percent did it thanks to the team thanks to clean the clinic high priest of the suck harmony village Camp Jesse Guardian Grammar Donor Reverend Dr Joe Paisley Time Suck High Priest Alex Dugan the guys that Bit Elixir Danger Brain access apparel thanks to Heather Knowledge Ninja Rylander for the preliminary Seminary Research Zach script keeper Flannery for the additional research and May for some more research we do our best to thoroughly explore these topics and then I mush mouth up every single week next week still more true crime before we take at least a two week departure from the crime based on the subsequent topics next week a female serial killer and old time he wanted that you know I love me. No Time Suck Bell Gunness norwegian-born Bill Gunness Immigration to the U._S.. In eighteen eighty one and had a series of suspicious fires and deaths followed her that followed her immediately. She was like the female h h homes in some ways she loved to collect in life. Insurance policies like homes Bellwood recruit lonely folks looking for some romance and then they would just fuck and disappear she posted notices and lovelorn columns to entice wealthy men to our farm and then they were never seen again and then authorities eventually found the remains of over forty victims on our property and then bell disappeared without a trace and she didn't even need a Ford Bronco or an old football buddy. Try and get away. Hell's bells next week time sucker updates right now times update time sucker and gun expert Zachary Carpenter Center update to the Robert Hanssen Suck. I got similar variations of update for many of you Zach wrote on the listening to episode one thousand four and you mentioned the mini fourteen looking like the M._16. A._R. Fifteen on the civilian market but the mini fourteen is designed a scaled-down down am fourteen that was an older service rifle chambered in the three await. The mini fourteen is similar to the sixteen of the fact that they use the same bullet and magazine but they look much different fair enough fair enough. One of my sources described. The gun is looking like M._16. And I just accepted that and I was kind of wrong I will say doing some Google searches certain minium fourteenth with the right coloring and slight modifications to the stock look to me as being very M._16. Ish You know it's funny over the course of this of of Times that I've learned that gun experts have way more in common with comic book nerds than I would have ever expected. You guys notice details. No one else gives a fuck about love it. Keep teaching the rest of us. I like it <hes> Polish Korean time sucker Dan Kowalski Actually Dot W. Hausky sending a cool Napoleon update this victim of Polish Evil Tomfoolery Rights Doc Hausky. He wrote phonetically to preempt jokes. It is a Polish last name but I am fully Korean. Yes that confuses people including employers teachers. I've had over the years. I'm adopted while I'm sorry Dan. I want you to tell you what the Polish monsters answers who stole a fucking human baby live and I will have them exterminated like a filthy sandwiches they are Dan continues just wanted to put this out there. Regarding your comments from Napoleon Bonaparte Suck specifically about troop signing up shoulder to shoulder instead of Heidi behind trees rocks. Yes I'm late. Just listen to a few weeks ago. I apologize if someone has mentioned this to you before they have not this is such a good update line infantry tactics in the late seventeen hundreds weren't entirely due to the commanders total apathy for for the lives of their soldiers. It actually made a good deal of sense given the circumstances of the time number one muskets had no rifling and thus we're extremely inaccurate the only way to reliably hit anything to send dozens and dozens of musket balls into general malaria rifled muskets existed but we're not issued in large numbers and we're typically hunting weapons during the revolutionary war oftentimes militiamen were using their hunting rifles for combat hence why they shot much better than the British and why the utilized things like cover to communication sucked the best way to communicate information we're by by screaming loudly and musical instruments meaning that people had to stay close to hear any kind of orders muskets and cannons are really loud number three cavalry charges were still a real viable thing and would shred infantry that were spread out and disorganized the best defense was a huge Massa dudes with long bayonets created a spike wall for horses to crash into Holy Shit Spike while sounds terrible. I'm loving this update Dan number four our troops were not well trained other times needed to be instructed on virtually everything especially during battle. Most of the soldiers weren't battle. Hard professionals didn't have the initiative to work well alone another great point five lastly firing three groups is pretty common. One Line of soldiers would fire then begin to reload as they reloaded which would take a ton of time a second and then third line of soldiers would fire by the third volley the I could fire again creating a constant fire with no pauses anyway anyway I apologize or my apologies already brought up in a previous update and I did post this to the facebook group so the Colt will hear this regardless hold it has helped explain a little bit as to why a few hundred years ago they were employed tactics that seem totally suicidal to us today for reasons other than a callous disregard regard for peasant lives. What an incredible update? Thank you so happy to see those. Polish bashers did not completely destroy your human mind love the extra warfare. I love these kind of update so much one of my favorite things to learn these additional details that I would never otherwise learn hailed him right now. Let's hear from an angry fellow Idaho and and Times Eric Urban who completely missed one of my jokes and got fired up about Eric wrote the fuck dude you went to glacier sure national park and found it three out of five basically that means that you shame me as a fellow Idaho and fellow rigging citizen at some point you shame yourself as time sucker by underrated the national parks and you should always encourage people to visit and donate to parks your three out of five glacier. National Park is a failure of your own. Please revisit. Please continue to suck but also suck yourself when you feel compelled to write a national park. A three out of five is a place to go you love Teddy. You should push any any person to enjoy seeing them and continue their patronage. Love the outrage there but there's just too many inside jokes down to keep track of way back. This is why said this way back in one hundred episode the drunk faulk suck. I went under a rant about some idiot of the Internet who supposedly loved everything about a book on Amazon and after just nothing nice words about the book they raided the book three to five stars and it fired me up and I went and I went off about I was drunk you and then the joke stuck in the facebook group for awhile well. It's been too long since I brought it up probably explain that when I was saying five stars for Glacier I meant it's perfect. I meant like five or six five okay. Are we good now. Ranger Rick Quick Shout out on behalf of Evan Hair who writes dear masters took the time sucker wanted to quick note. Tell you how much time my amazing brother-in-law took me to your life. PODCAST stand up in grand rapids at the end of last year. I've been hooked ever since I think you're podcasts. Were amazing the only thing to get into the work day. I just have one request now for me but there's there's any way you could give a shout out to my brother-in-law one of your podcast. His name is Jay Dancer. It would make his year. He's a space lizard in one of your biggest fans. I understand if you can't because you probably get a million these requests but thanks for all you do hail Nimrod Hell is too faint. Praise bojangles P._S.. Can't wait see again in grand rapids. Let's we already have our tickets fantastic hail J. Dancer. Thank you Jay for bringing in your brother in law glad that you know you to have no shortage of fucked up stuff to talk about now or interesting subjects and now final updates a big one finally update comes in from an amazing time Sucker Jessica. I will leave her last name out now because she requested that because you did not but I want to protect her from any unwanted criticism that may come her way based on her criticism of me which I was glad to hear. Let me say d'avray clearly <hes> this gives me a chance to address some of my thoughts and what I think is acceptable. When it comes to my humor just rights stuttering dot dot dot hello? Dan was master soccer. I'm a huge fan of your podcast and was turned onto it by the love of my life and eleven year partner Charlie he's funny kind and smart. He shares a lot of the traits that you do with his hilarious yet quite unemployment quite on point rantings. We think you're amazing have been spreading the sock as much as possible and I even became a spacer. I always thought that if a roach you will be in the context of sharing something funny rasping shot up until I listened to the recent Robert Hanssen suck what adduce back however I felt like I was getting punched in the Gut each time you mocked stuttering Charlie has lived with stutter his whole life and the bullying is real. I've heard a stories about being mocked ridiculed by family members teachers peers strangers and friends starting from a very young age. I've seen the shock people's faces as he struggles with words to start with the vowel. I've heard people repeat historian back to him thinking. It's funny or that. He simply fumbled old a bit on a word. I've watched him to explain his daughter to people and worse. I've seen him apologize for it. This is the thing that he deals with literally everyday and I've heard him wonder how different is life would be if he didn't stutter this breaks my heart. He was the kid who always did the answering class would never raise his hand for fear that he would stutter people would laugh to this day. He has anxiety over simply making a phone call or talking to New People. I just wanted to raise awareness as he and I were for the first time ever not on your side of the joke. Don't worry we love the hell out of you and always will oh but I also know you're always opening different perspectives and I wanted to share that the stuttering joke seemed offsides and made both of us a little sat inside it was hard to listen to Stutter is actually kinda fascinating although devastating to the one suffering from it and perhaps deserves to suck anyway anyway. Thanks for making me feel like I could reach out and be heard you were an awesome human being hailed Nimrod big Lou Safina and a huge. Thank you to you and your team for nailing it hard love for Minnesota Jessica. Hello Jessica and Hello Charlie is well. I I love the both of you have enjoyed the show overall and I love that you feel that you can be heard because that's absolutely true. I no longer get back to everybody's messages or you know and I so sorry I've had I have to say this. <hes> before I get into this little last final Terry I went. I was in Mexico last week and I don't know what happened. Lindsey not got some weird virus. I've had non. It doesn't matter if I eat or not non for three days nonstop air pressure in my chest feels like there's a balloon somebody who's pumped up inside so I apologize for all. The weird stops trying to fight through it here but yes I know we don't get back till the messages but I appreciate all the messages sent in the only reason all your measures don't get responded to is because that damn enemy of us all father time. It's not enough time that friend of the reaper first off off sorry the stuttering jokes stung star the Charlie's had to deal with stuttering as you point out that has now been fun is does not continue to be fun as far as the running gag enough. I'm not sure it was and I'll explain why in some detail here actually I'd like to he uses an excuse to explain my kind of philosophy of common which which encompasses those jokes someone once said or perhaps numerous people said analysis is the death of comedy. We'll get ready for some unfunny but I think interesting comedic construction here the most popular character on this show so far based on emails and Merch requested based on people actually dressing up like him come into shows based on people yelling his catchphrase during live shows has to be Andre what big deal Chica Kilo and why is that she could Hilo was a fucking monster as ask was Hanson as was fish kemper etc <hes> mostly I feel the people have lasted Jacob Taylor because of a his impotence and be his comedic frustration over an obsession with his impotence and of course see a silly accent which could be seen as offensive in his own right if anyone has been teased for having an exit I think many of us find it funny that a monster a murderer someone obsessed with proving his dominant suffer from an ailment historically right or wrong that has symbolized a lack of manliness a a lack of traditional masculine power impotence but it is impotence funny for Everyone Fuck No. I think you see where I'm going now. Many men suffer from impotence many may have been mocked impotence. Many men suffer so much embarrassment over it they they aww dating problems. They refuse to see a doctor to treat it. I've talked about this with the hymns commercials. It's a real source of true not funny shame for many people so is it okay to make fun of Chico Chico's impotence and if it is is it okay to also make fun of Hanson Stutter I think it's interesting where where we draw or lines is it not and notice that I say Chica Taylor's impotence and Hanson stutter. I'm not saying if you have a stutter you are an idiot and deserving of mockery. If I heard some random person stuttering I wouldn't start openly mimicking making them. I wouldn't mock them not making fun of Stuttering in general making fun of how it relates to Robert Hanssen and what I think is a comedic way. Also I do know a little something about speech issues. I am the most mouse King I love getting teased about being a motor mouth off. My mouth is not a stutter but physically tongue tied. I probably should have seen the speech there as a kid wasn't one in Riggins. I have <hes> based on how I've been teased by others by myself and based on the world words of several dentists have normally small mouth and have some teeth teeth removed as a kid to make room a little mouth for some new teeth coming in and and my mouth is you know look smaller because of I have a pretty big hit by young niece Elliott has been pretty good about pointed out to me. Sometimes I mispronounced ignorance other times. It is genuinely only physically very difficult for me to get my tongue tied little mouth to cooperate also super prone to canker sores which makes speaking even more fun sometimes quite literally painful to speak because I have the equivalent of multiple stomach ulcers inside of my mouse and has four or five at one time I run through a healthy amount of Aleve and admiral kind of Dole the paint enough so that I don't try to move my mouth in ways to avoid the pain and speaking and even worse Mush your way. Do I get mad about the T._v.. I don't why I can't help it might as well embraced the marshmallow title. I'm always GONNA have it. <hes> we all have little eastern trinity some of my teeth or or crooked as well. I don't care about braces. GonNa fuck about super straight teeth. That bothers some people. Some people are very important that way but again I know what I have is not a severe or is noticeable as a stutter but also I think it's important to own quirks our shortcomings or disabilities our differences. Whatever semantics you WANNA use is it's the best way to control how they affect us? If your self conscious about something can you not find a way to own it and take power of mockery away from others as best you can maybe for stuttering and I'm not kidding. Maybe carry a little card and your wallet says stuttered so what at least I'm not an asshole mocking someone who stuttered so full fuck you. How would it be to hand that to somebody who's been addict Dick about it stab right in the Gut just no Jessica that when I make a joke like the Hanson joke I norman upset some people but if I don't tell that joke where do I stop? What's the next joke? I don't tell whereas the line is subjective. We all collectively you decide where it is like. I was telling kids other day. Never forget that all of our laws customs philosophies to me even our religions there just some meat sack opinions and thoughts that a fair amount of people have agreed upon none of it is set in stone. What's offensive well? Whatever we choose to think as offensive breath? Nothing verbally is inherently offensive for me. Dark humor is acceptable when the jokes directed at the right target and what I find subjectively to be the right way I feel my stuttering target with Hanson is Hanson making fun of him having asset not stuttering yourself. Why is his stuttering funding to me because of the frustration and gave a murderer he craved power creep dominance and stuttering rightly or wrongly doesn't verbally convey power? I found a funny still think it's funny for him wanting to say some dark super villain shit and not be able to and then be super annoyed with himself for another example. I wouldn't make fun of obesity. In General Lotta people struggle with obesity hurtful sensitive subject to many many people not gonna say something along those high your fat so fucking funny fat to me that's mindless and cruel but if I come across a serial killer who's very overweight who victims often get away because he's to away to catch him if he has take a lot of breaks while torturing somebody because of his weight if he dies of a heart attack trying to chase victim down as fucking hilarious to me probably GonNa make jokes expensive his weight will those jokes offensive people sure well she could Hilo offended many but I'm gonNA keep making these jokes because I would rather live in a world where there's a lot we can laugh at rather than start tightening and tightening what we can laugh into a little tiny bubble of few little things so we don't hurt anyone's feelings. There's a bill Burr quote out there that I cannot fuck and find for the life I mean it's driving me crazy today. Two years ago it was everywhere. The gist of it is bill talked about how for a lot of people who love comedy. It's all jokes all FUN Games until a joke touches on something personal to them then suddenly the comedies over now. It's a hate speech that really resonate with me with my own Santa. I've had instances of that many times I I wrote these jokes about mean greeting cards years years ago. Big Crowd pleasers close a lot of shows on them. I had over ten of these fake greeting cards making fun of Marriage Kids Christian holidays Jewish holidays all sorts of stuff. I had one about troops getting cheated on by the girlfriends while they were on duty overseas and I got hate emails for some military. You know I got some emails from people be offended on behalf of military members people offended on behalf of others by the way always a fucking worst had another card making fun of pet condolences cards got the meals for some animal lovers and I found hilarious that people couldn't see the hypocrisy at laughing all the other things I've said and then I mock something dear to their heart. Suddenly I'm not joking almost done with this community explanation our promise but I've been thinking about this for a lot of episodes also had an old joke about making a blind friend think I just pushed him into the Grand Canyon. I worried about what blind people would think about that joke and then I had to blind fans show but a show sitting in front and I skip that joke like a coward because I was worried about them and then afterwards they came up to me and they said they'd come to the show specifically for that joke. They fucking loved it and I was so mad at myself. Why did I assume they couldn't take it? Why did they ever tell any joke that was worried about somebody not being able to take why was I going to cater to someone sensitivities at the expense events of bringing my brand of laughter to others who do for sure enjoy it a hope that all makes sense? I liked laugh. Life is too sad if you think too seriously but I like to laugh about things many people find inappropriate and if I start curbing that now because it might hurt somebody's feelings so so much laughter is GonNa go away this whole shows GonNa go away so while I don't want to hurt feelings I'm not GonNa hold back when it comes to dark sense of humor. I'm going to try to minimize it's hurtful nece. I put a lot of thought into I really do but the dark humor will remain loose. Athena is strong inside me. I hope that made sense Jessica. I think it was completely. Okay for you to be offended. I just hope that when you or any other list gets offended you think that really do far or just too far from me because of my personal experiences and if I laugh many times other things that were equally that far glad glad you and Charlie will still have the podcast tell chuck leavell. Maybe someday will stutter and mush mouth our way through an incredibly sloppy conversation and last last. I promise maybe right. Maybe I'm wrong. They were both wrong. May We're both right. I'm trying to be confusing. Just want to remind you that we make make all this shit up. As we go along altered. I'll keep trying to keep to stay true. Listen to me fumble now Tamoun dark sense of humor while minimizing collateral damage. I hope most of you continue to enjoy this. Show like most all of you say most thank you for your continued input. Jesus Christ continued input. What makes this podcast special and I'll talk to you next week? Thanks times we geology foam shows up as I'm trying to have a great week. Everybody don't expect this much info next. We Got Dang. Keep going and getting these episodes longer then she'll just stop recording one podcast and time to start the next one. Don't stab anyone to death this week.

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