Mueller Investigators If you are listening; Income Inequality and the need for greed


You're listening to the rusted culture podcast. Of course, it is. And I'm your host Frank ever sold. I want to welcome you back to the rested culture podcast. I hope all is well with you in this week. We've got two things lined up that we're going to talk about we're gonna talk about income inequality in the need for greed. The second thing we want to talk about. And I've got a question for you is Bill bar obstructing Justice himself. Stay right there. Well, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening under Trump. That's nothing. That's no big story. We know that's happening. It's getting so bad though, folks, it's getting so bad that even the rich are getting worried. That's how you know. It's really bad. The system that has literally enriched the Donald trumps of the world while you can hardly make ends meet and just sit there and suffering. Silence has got to change. Folks, it's gotta change or it's gonna destroy you the middle class in our country along with it because our country is the middle class, folks. That's the greatest percentage. Of Americans out there are country is the middle class. And if you combine the rich, get richer politics, Donald Trump with his tax cuts for the rich and overdone tax cuts for corporations with the reality that we've we've got the worst. Skyrocketing deficits ever you can see what's going to happen. And in fact, it's already happening right in front of us. Those policies created such large huge deficits, Donald Trump's deficits. That he now has to force cuts to healthcare because of his deficits and he's got a force cuts to Medicaid. Cuts to social security. They're all on the block. In the thing about it is the thing that makes it so insidious. Not the fact that they have to cut the budget because I know that has to happen, right? It's a part of running a business. It's a part of running country. But the thing that makes this insidious is that they knew this was going to happen when the enriched themselves. I even told you last year that the tax cuts would lead to tax cuts would lead to cuts that affect each and every middle class in poor American in here. We are folks. We're at the point where the tech the cuts are coming. They're coming at us. Like no tomorrow couple that with the fact that technology advances in the next ten years and in going forward, even they're going to be displacing jobs of many, many many middle class Americans when that happens as technology advances artificial intelligence advances. It's going to be displacing the jobs of many many middle class Americans, even the so-called white collar jobs aren't going to be safe. And I'm talking about jobs like accountants things like that traditional white collar jobs could paying jobs, well, they're going to be replaced too. Those that control the technology, the rich, of course will benefit from this. So what I'm trying to say here folks is that you can't wait any longer the richer is concerned about what you will do to halt the inequality as the problem just gets worse and worse and worse, and they know it. They're concerned about what you will do to halt the inequality. So just take a second here. And let's look at some things Ray Dallaglio is the billionaire capitalist. He argues that the rich versus everyone else is an existential threat. Ray says that I believe all good things taken to an extreme can be self destructive. And that everything must evolve were die. This is now true for capitalism. He sang that capitalism. This is a billionaire capitalist. Folks, he saying that capitalism must evolve or die. The richer sitting on a volcano of inequality that is going to explode if they don't fix it. And they know it they know it. J P Morgan. Chase. Ceo, Jamie diamond road last week that capitalism and Abel's competition. Innovation in choice. This is not to say, the capitalism does not have flaws that isn't leaving people behind in that it shouldn't be improved. They know it has to change folks. The richer sitting on an edge literal edge of a volcano that's about to erupt, and they know it. Even the Federal Reserve Board in a new report say that forty percent of Americans. They can't recover or they can't simply even pay for a four hundred dollar emergency expense. Maybe it's a couple of new tires on the car. Kids get sick you name it. The Federal Reserve Board is saying that forty percent of Americans can't cover a four hundred dollar expense. Just comes out of the blue in. If you're in the middle class, you know, they come in out of the blue left and right? So how bad does it have to get folks before we change this before it destroys the middle class? How much worse. How much worse. Are you willing to let it get before? You force the change. In according to axios. The reality is irrefutable. And startling since nineteen eighty the incomes of the top. One percent tripled. The top ten percent doubled in the bottom. Sixty percent. Of prime age workers their incomes were flat. How much worse can we let things get before we make it change? How much worse folks? That's your vote is that what can change this your vote can change. This one was last time. You heard Trump even talk about income inequality. Have you ever heard mention those two words the system folks, it's rigged for people like him in? He knows it. That's why Trump talks about anything anything, but income inequality. My God don't bring that one up. In your vote folks, your vote can change. This don't don't ever underestimate the power of your vote to change the income inequality. That's crippling middle middle America. On an increasing basis every year getting worse. Your vote can change that. And you're gonna hear him call your efforts to fix income inequality, socialism, if you haven't heard it already socialism, folks, it's the new McCarthyism if you wanna fix income inequality. You'll be called a socialist. Just get ready for it. They don't want things to change. They've got a good thing. And they know it. They don't want that to change. Agreed within them is going to make them fight like band. She's to hold onto their grip of power. When you hear them, call you socialist for wanting change what you really here is that there need for greed, folks. That's the need for greed that you're hearing. We are the fix medical middle America. Folks. We are the fixed for their need for greed. Your vote is the fix that. They fear the most. And like I've said before socialism is the new McCarthyism, it's what they called social security to what they called Medicare in and even called FDR's new deal. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's new deal. They all called it. Socialism all labeled as socialism. When I hear Republicans throwing around the term socialism. I hear fear fear that the system is that's now rig for them will change. It's fear, folks. The one percent call it socialism when you refute their trickle down theory that enriches the wealthy today. They call it socialism. When you say the rich need to pay their fair share of taxes, they call that socialism. How dare you? They call it socialism. When you talk about Medicare for all. Folks are really good at making excuses for essentially enriching themselves at the expense of the middle class. Aren't they? They're really good at it. They've had years to perfect their vitality depends on it. It's time to challenge the status quo. If you don't like the fact that the poor get poor in the rich, get richer. You've got a bust of move folks vote. You've gotta take the country right back out of their greedy little fingers. Don't buy into the Trump card game where he says he's for the little guy. And then he turns around and pass his text cuts for the rich. Don't buy into it. Don't buy into it. When he says he wants the best healthcare in the world. Then joins into a lawsuit that basically is going to take healthcare away for twenty three million Americans. Instead of fixing what we have today. Don't buy into that condom. Go ahead Trump what he thinks about income inequality and listen to how he tries to tell you that he's fourth little guy, but his need for greed says otherwise the need for greed pass those tax cuts for the rich. And the need for greed wants to kill your best chances for healthcare plan that works for all Americans. The need for greed is why he will fight to keep anyone from seeing his tax returns. The need for greed is why Trump never talks about income inequality. But we will. We'll talk about it won't we? We're not gonna let this issue die without a fight, folks. Stay right there. There's more to come. We're gonna talk about big boy Bill bar member. Shoney's big boy. Well, that's what we've got here with Bill bar hang right in there. And we're gonna talk about that in just a second. Will. So my question to all of you out. There is this is attorney general Bill. Barb strutting Justice right here in front of us is he obstructing Justice. Listen through this. And I'll explain why I think that this indeed might be the case. For one. We know that attorney general Bill bars trumped up four distinct classes that he plans to redact from the more report the four glut classes that Bill bar has come up with are these information that could reveal sources and methods of investigation. Grand jury information material information that could jeopardize ongoing investigations in details that would violate the privacy of those deemed peripheral to the investigation the surprise here folks is what Bill bar deems, violates executive privilege, and he has an added that into one of his fourth classes, but it's going to be there, you can rest assured that he is going to redact information that he feels violates executive privilege because Trump is deferring to him for. Reasons which I won't go into. So in reality Bill bar is filtering out five classes nut for like. He says it's going to be five five classes of information from the report not just the four like he says or nearly folks that's the information that we in the public would get that reduction that filtration of information. That's normally what trickles down to us. But Bill Vare is also gonna he's proposing giving that same information that we would normally get all the redacted information for those reasons I just mentioned that then information is what he's going to pick up in put down right in front of congress. Specifically, the house intelligence committee headed by chairman, Adam Schiff in the House Judiciary committee, which is headed by chairman, Jerry Nadler, they're getting the same thing that we get. The same thing the public. I. In keep in mind here that both house committees have have clearance specific clearance to deal with top secret information, especially the house intelligence committee commission committee, which specifically deals with top-secret information all of the time. It's what they do folks. It's what they do. Bill bars refusal to give the report to chairman, Adam Schiff and chairman, Jerry Nadler is obstruction of Justice in my opinion. And the house intelligence committee may have a claim to the information. According to barb mcquaid. You may have seen her on some of the evening shows, Rachel Maddow, barred mcquaid, who's a former US attorney for the eastern district of Michigan. She said in a call to reporters at one of the other exceptions to the grand jury. Secrecy rule is that an attorney for the government may disclose grand jury material to a federal official whose job includes foreign intelligence work. Well, that would be the Intel committee and at Tuesday's meeting yesterday's meeting with the house appropriations committee Bill bar into needed that the special counsel was helping him. Call the information. In the redacted classes, basically that the special counsel was helping him. Choose the redacted classes in help. Call the information, they're helping he intimidated that was. Sort of their idea to. But what Bill bar Torney general bar didn't say. That it was he didn't say anything that to the effect that it was the Muller teams idea to redact the information. Given to the House Judiciary or intelligence committees. He didn't say anything specific to the effect that. It was my doing. This is my redaction. He made it seem like. It was all of their idea. It was the Muller teams idea to redact. This information that's being given to the house Jewish judiciary or intelligence committees. He he kind of made it seem through a question that was asked to them like it was something they all agreed upon which I'm highly sceptical about. At this point. Folks, we really need to hear from more on who decided to redact all of these classes. If it's only big boy Bill bars idea than once again by filtering and redacting all of these classes down for the mall report. He's again, obstructing Justice. He made it seem like it was everybody's idea. And I want to hear from molar. Specifically was it Muller's idea to help redecked specific classes of information from the report? If the house intelligence and judicial don't have the information that they need to make their own informed decisions about what Trump may have done to break the law because Bill bar number one won't provide won't provide the unredacted report to them. And number two implies that even so Muller's team has produced the list of areas to be redacted. That's how you obstruct Justice. Folks. This is how you protect the president folks by doing exactly what Bill bar is doing. And he knows it. He knows full well that by withholding full information on the mall report. He's forcing this to be settled in court. Hopefully, I think his hope is that he can push this until way out maybe best case until after the election, the presidential election pushed the whole report out there nobody'll, get diddly squat until after the election. That would be as best case scenario. And that's how he's protecting Trump from the real story. Locked inside the mall report. It's kind of a way that he can obstruct Justice. I'd really like to know. Whose idea was to come up with these filtered redacted classes? In. It doesn't end there for Bill bar either. Folks by delaying the whole release of the Malla report and all its salacious details. He's giving oxygen for his crazy spying on Trump's campaign. Kaz conspiracy theories to just echo around Breitbart and all the different news outlets. We heard that happening today. By delaying the whole release of the Miller report, he's giving these. Crazy ideas, he spying on Trump's Trump's campaign. Let's see the Muller report, folks. And we can decide for herself. If there was a reason for anyone to look a little closer with Trump was doing, but he's not doing that. He's withholding the entire report. So he can give more oxygen to these crazy issues. This is an attorney general that's doing this. An appointment by Donald Trump, just basically pulled big boy off the street here. What a couple of three months ago and just in time to prevent the whole model report from going public. But yet looked like he's doing everybody a favor at the same time. And today we also heard that Bill bar said he's forming a team to review the origins of the Trump Russia probe. He's forming a team. And. All I can say is this release the full Muller report big boy Bill bar in. I think you may see why if at all the intelligence community had reason to track in look into Trump release the report. So the president himself today actually came out, and he likes to call this in attempted coup on his presidency and says the more report is treason, it's against the constitution treason treason against the constitution hall of this, folks. And we still have yet to see the report. They love the fact that you have no report to even begin to counter the argument that by simply conducting the molar probe. Treason against the constitution was committed. I personally don't think Miller's team committed treason against the constitution, folks. And all I can say as Muller investigators. If you're out there, if you're listening, the house intelligence committee has every right under the law and would sure like to see the full unredacted Muller report. If you're listening. It would sure be nice. In folks, I want to thank you for joining in. And that's the show for this weekend. We're also we've got some interesting things coming up here. We've got some interviews plant, and I hope you'll be able to join us for some of those. We've got some interviews. Just right around the corner that we're working on along with the information that we bring to you every week as well. So until then folks, I wanna thank you for joining us and we'll see next time.

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