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the high it's it's ellen degeneres welcome to my podcast we're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that i love happy be listening every thursday everybody and welcome to l. an on the go on today's episode of ellen on the go the legendary julie andrews tells us about visiting an orgy you heard heard me i know what wo- brie larson wants a free subscription to disney plus and wait to hear why we're going to talk a wonderful as a couple that gets a surprise wedding gift they they deserve also today eric stonestreet gets some of our i mean we've scared him a lot and these are the best most areas scares we've ever done poor guy welcome into the podcast everybody i'm mary connolly everyone i'm coming in the second i'm edward patrick and i'm andy lasts ner president of indian friends welcome loud hello welcome to my lets small band of all happy thanksgiving every given of a love that we all came in on thanksgiving day to do this just i think our fans are that important to us that we all took a break for thanksgiving meals i promise you that's why my pants around a button happy thanksgiving everybody before senate sweet monday morning that said some personal news i've just had a way it wasn't great struggling in that area but the important thing is i am very thankful for the three of you been together for seventeen years using this show for ellen degeneres and easy and it's insane when you think about it we are in our seventeen season working together what a life a lot of partnerships last seventeen days alone seventeen years so it's amazing raising we've lasted longer than a lot of hollywood marriages i'm fairly certain my wife will leave me before you guys do on this thanksgiving i want to say you guys are my family as well and i'm very grateful for all three very sweet and yet i feel exactly the same way it's it's quite special in rare that you get get to work with people that you care so much turn an employee's being with his much agree enjoy and you know i know it's a thanksgiving tradition that ellen ellen in porsche always tuned into their favorite podcasts ellen porsche they watched the parade yeah watch the parade thanksgiving they like the broadway when they stop into the broader down on herald square then then they'd like to drive around and listen to podcasts and so i'm guessing guessing their list that's what she's doing today so well so happy thanksgiving illinois porsche thankful for you and all of our listeners actually actually we're like it's not lost on us that you could be doing anything and you're listening to this and probably should be right if you are listening to this it might be time to examine and what's happening in your life be perfect you know could be a perfect way to avoid family everyone not everyone has agreed family situation you know family can be complicated and family can be if you're with family great and if you're not for whatever reason consider us your family right yeah yeah i'm over ooh yeah but like i'm not homeless fantasy can complicated can do that and but yes seventeen years together which is unbelievable you know it's a miracle yeah yeah it's a miracle we're all still together it's a miracle i mean i wouldn't say miracle but it's it's amazing that every time i've gone to ellen to fight for your jobs and say please don't get rid of them being able to convince her what families do for each other ahead remember a meeting or in the early going i'm going to say season to maybe let me season three where an executive who was in charge of overseeing much of what happened in our lives had us in a room with the executive pictures and said the following we need one plus one plus one to equal more than three right yeah and and basically they were saying we weren't doing enough right basically they were saying we're doing real bad job listen this was before kevin was in the upper ranks three the three that he was critical of kevin is really spared those painful year just three this person was critical of was that marinate marian and i remember us leaving that in going back to our office and going i'm not sure we can make one word i'm not so sure that's a trick right we're pretty good and yet i'm not sure that's something we can do ten years later here we are seventeen years later we have you know what i would say is we work really hard we have a lot of fun we care about the people around us and we start every day and every decision by saying what is best rallying right that's what we do and we never go wrong doing the right occasionally it'd be all over misstep or two by now you've likely heard about disney plus the new streaming service that includes disney pixar marvel star wars and national geographic disney pluses now available in the united states and it has one of the most incredible libraries in the entire streaming landscape and it's all ad free from beloved classics like snow white and the seven doors to modern blockbusters like captain in marvel an avengers endgame to critically acclaimed documentaries like national geographic's free solo the content on disney plus ish truly unparalleled disney plus also offers beloved series like the simpsons and a host of other originals like the mandatory in the first ever star wars live action series as well as high school musical the musical the the series of very meta take on the beloved film franchise it's no wonder disney plus has become one of the most talked about streaming services of twenty nine thousand nine so don't miss out sign up for disney plus now now and start streaming all this great content today kev withdrew we talk about i should we talk about julie andrews in the orgy i'm oh my gosh i mean it seems like seems like a holiday sweeps on podcasts or julie andrews film micon film legend hollywood legend and one of ellen's we've just fell us all out to hang out with her house malibu so here's the thing so we have julie the andrew on the show and as we get ready for julie andrews we go all right well we've got to find stuff to talk to julie andrews about that ellen will be interested in because this will break a few of your hearts but like i'm a huge mary poppins ellen didn't have the same nostalgia for mary poppins or sound so we're like oh what's it gonna be what's it going to be and so so we we bring the segment into her this is what we think we're going to talk to julie andrews about seventeen years in ellen tells us oh i used to hang out at our house all the time in malibu so we pretty much feel we've heard not all of ellen stories but a lot of we've we've pretty much thought we knew her whole life at this point right yeah but no we don't we did not we did not know this at all and it made the interview interview so different and so lovely where there were like two old friends to catch up it was really cool it was a little mother daughter like you were so young julie andrews goes you used to come to the house with my daughter and you were so young yeah it was really sweet really sweet i loved it and when ellen on what does connect them is ellen was a big fan of blake edwards choose now late husband elwin was a big fan of his work pink panther yeah yeah she really loved him so so at eighty four years old yes so hilarious and listen to this insane story she tells everybody loves you there's so many people here at the show that dressed extra nice today today because of you every everybody you knew i was coming yes no i'm talking about people that work here everybody was really excited that's on the so we actually have known known each other a long time ages yeah i think it was like ninety one or so i was i hung out at your very young yeah i remember you usa come round to the house yeah we'd have dinners and awful lot i remember that yes well you know i was a huge fan of yours and your husband blake edwards and i just couldn't believe that i was hanging out with these two it was it was really cool so i haven't seen you since blake passed so no no it's great to see you again because a long time he we're both huge stars and this was the sixties and seventies and there must have been some wild l. parties i mean what i wanna hear like what only about yes stop right here like what is the wildest thing that happened during because the two who of you must have gone to link crazy parties in the sixties and seven no we didn't really we didn't actually go out an awful lot ellen but when when we did it wasn't too crazy there was one party that actually was manufactured for the movie ten and ah i think my character inten had to look through a telescope and see that my boyfriend's sweet dudley moore with in fact invading a neighbor's house where they were having an orgy and and i must say there was a day when blake was shooting the orgy and and he said jewelry you've just gotta come on over here it's an unbelievable sight so i went dashing over of course i did and ah what blake had done was hired awful other people who really have very at ease doing orgy films i guess i walked in and everybody was stark naked and lying around very happily and casually treating it totally normally and there was sweet sweet dudley in the middle of it all and you know he wasn't very very tall and blake put him between two enormously statuesque tsk ladies and he was completely naked and these two ladies were naked but they're bums were up here so sweet my god so you know god bless her nickel for every time i walked into an says nichols if anybody ever called call me and went hey get over here yeah i'd be there carol from spill the t. true that fake knee run all of a sudden exit one hundred twenty eight degrees did you know that forcing matic is a natural superfood company that specializes in mushroom based drinks that benefits are immunity energy longevity and they help us live healthier more enhanced lives for sigmatic makes a wide variety eddie of blends including 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AT icy dot com slash ellen and use the code at checkout four sigmatic dot com i have an admission to make here we go there he's been doing orangey mary this morning we've been suspecting for some time yeah ever since you used to dr that out back what are you gonna tell us tell you i'm gonna tell you that i have not seen oh no don't say that don't say it i'm gonna say it no i'm going to say it and i said i have not seen a marvel movie either lauren pomerantz what does with lesbian it it it hasn't been a conscious choice i just have not seen so this thanksgiving weekend why don't you sit down with your family and watch which one would you watch let me tell you a little corey often use with my answer i would use the black panther you do what you wanna do so it is a conscious choice last week i a so funny because i thought oh he's supporting sweden last week you got up to go to a movie at nine o'clock in the morning see what these are good movies glad got up to go see frozen last weekend mary black panther black panthers a fantastic movie it is but there's others there's here's here's here's where i'm going yes dear i love bree really larson if you love brie larson you would have seen captain marvel but go ahead finish my my exposure to her has been her guest appearances on our show room no guarantee room no mary you've got to see have you seen room not with you have right obsessed it's so good when the kids are gone it's a very intense me not my favorite topic just checking some movie movie like the joe daughter that's just a move who loves chadwick bozeman loves all my daughter seen black panther oh so you're tossing it there's not a lot of time in my life oh that's not true and you think the movies made two point eight billion it's i don't i don't know the exact number but i know that avengers endgame has made more money than any movie in the history of movies i'm not a marvel guy air quotes marvel guy but i took debbie to see when someone when the whole country is talking about something i have to go see debi vendors endgame and the just the cameos rose which apparently from all the previous avengers movies were insane it was so fun it just it feels like an event like you're sitting there for an event yeah but you know you you stay home so anyway you love free larsen and here she is talking about now the vendors all the money she made and she just wants one thing in return and the last time you were here you were starting the endgame movie right is that what we were starting turning there could that movie man oh man oh this was this is what that movie made if they haven't told you because you should know this than a dollar it was it grows nearly two point eight billion dollars it did okay how did you do on that too they had a little back end on that or no no i don't even have a disney account i was just going to ask yeah they should give give you that for free at least i was going to use this opportunity to ask yeah look right into that we re waiting for my disney plus for free comp to count right multiple pieces of art on your streaming service yeah including one of my first in best roles i've ever done which is a film called right on track track it was a disney channel original throw are you know it's all were you think it was eleven oh my god it was a free streaming service and she hasn't gotten two point eight billion dollars the movies made ellen said you have back end not only did i not have backend i don't have a disney plus it's so buddies okay now let's talk about a movie that mary does know about mary talk us through carol carol carol lesbian movie that came thirty years ago carol carol oh my gosh i just can't win with you carol was the lesbian what's what's her name it doesn't matter it was just a joke only works if you've seen it spill the t. brie brie larson let's play could we play i want to give a plug to our heads up decks i mean so so we have these new decks they are they're marveled x. right i should say heads up as an app that people often don't is associated with the show right but heads up was created by by a guy here who's literally in the room now whose name is daniel leary ooh yea listen daniel he doesn't he doesn't doesn't even the heads off has been downloaded so many times daniel technically doesn't even need to be here you could just go live on an island for the rest of his life but he he he humor's us with his presence it's he made a deal to get to get marvel into heads up so these marvel decks are in has up and they're fantastic and we want to let people know we were doing we had it so on the show we had three larson who is captain marvel right yes play against twitch who's a huge marvel roll slash superhero fan he's our resident expert and the way they played was each chose half of the audience and that half of the audience had act it out for them and they had a guest the marvel character it was so fast it was the best it was so it was the best heads up game we've ever played on the show at already has over a million views on instagram i think we should play it it's really fun to then if you gotta go see the category is adventures you have sixty seconds act it out she will go atman man ready any category is also avengers oh yes the black leather the yoga and so sorry i can't really be kept saying you're coming for twelve days of giveaways this can consume booth and you're not going to give you a gift it's not the same gift as it is the same aw so that has a law so flat has a lot of us on instagram andy are you on instagram i because everyone's asking everybody is asking literally no one why on thanksgiving to me oh that's right you know i'm alone i'm alone for the holidays aww this is a real story i was watching TV day with chris patrick and an ad coupon for movie which isn't look familiar to me then i realized it was lady and tramp ramp the live remake i'm telling you this because in disney's plus leading the tramp a timeless retelling of nineteen fifty-five animated classic a- pampered house dog and a tough but lovable stray embark on an unexpected adventure and despite their differences grow closer and come to understand the value of home the incredible class includes tessa thompson justin theroux arro- thomas mann and gina may and sam elliott the original film can only be seen on disney's brand new streaming service disney plus the services available on a wide range of mobile and connected devices including gaming consoles streaming media players and smart TV's visit disney plus dot com to streaming today late in the tramp is streaming now only underneath plus eric stonestreet i love that guy sure he loves you know but he has historically been so good to our show is a good human he's a good gas not to mention it emmy award winning actor from modern family he did go through a brief as where he said i'm not doing talk shows anymore yeah that was very fast scaring him you think maybe probably tired tired of escaping and he did that kid show with six so then what did we do once he came back we scared them exactly well let's be clear we scarcest we scared him in so many different ways he was catching onto so we we in his honor seven or eight years ago had a special table built between the host chair and the guests chair that you could put a human being into pop up scare them that that table was made for eric stonestreet and in this appearance we dedicate the scare table to eric stonestreet and then yeah i didn't even realize this someone remind to be we created this table for you this became the eric stonestreet scare table because we ran out of ways to scare you so we created this table and we're gonna now dedicate what this table yep andy come on in andy's inner is is going to dedicate you have oh the so there you go that's here that's yeah give it or no stays here because we plan on scaring other people oh you're still going to use it and that's why we patted the top yes because still someone's going to pop out as good as your scare table now it's dedicated to you thank you this those oh yeah well i didn't realize we actually created it for you so it should be your table can we talk about what you're doing to to jesse because you're doing these you're playing these pranks on him well i decided this year that would send jesse off with a with a great a great sendoff so every picture that i post jesse on instagram i h him do we have do we have example we do the up your alley my god that's the first one i did and i picked that picture because that was very early in the show and i look great in that picture and i thought well that will be the the office suite so he was very touch he was he was touched by the fact that we had dedicated scare box until up until we scared into cream there's a taught then in his next apple played five second rule and we probably won't play this one but you should go to your DVR and check it out playing five second rule with them and we built a special table able for five second rule that we could put a person who could pop through the table and scare them and we scared him again at which point he left the studio and didn't come back fun it's a fun little piece of TV we kind of swept up in this really amazing viral story yes we did i am so thankful we did a thousand percents yeah this really sweet lesbian couple kate and sarah talked about getting engaged at the eiffel tower and then invited l the tweet yup and and talked about how one of their families don't accept them that they're gay yup which is very difficult yeah exactly an invited ellen to be at their wedding along with chrissy teigen to officiate yes and i think andy you saw it really quickly on twitter happened and i saw the story on twitter asking ellen to walk down the aisle accompanied by their photo of one proposing on the knee to the other in front the eiffel tower and her plea for ellen to participate and that her family really doesn't accept the fact that she's gay i sent it to our mazing human interest department and by the next day they were booked to be here on our appropriately sweet i saw i so your response to the tweet at and watch the videos and looked at the stories that night and it was a really lovely lovely story from the great city philadelphia that out there hometown yeah they were really sweet and of course we texted tweets ellen and she was like oh my god get them right away so we did it was very exciting and it's right now the clip of their appearance on our show is the second most viewed clip on ellen tube in the past year the first being ellen and brad pitt the the second being this couple it really resonated with apple that ellen is openly accepting of pretty much everyone and she sets the example for everyone one in that regard and she has a very special place in her heart for people who are rejected yes rejected just for being who they are and it's not just you you know being gay it's all things yeah she just it just gets to her started saying the words be kind to one another on her show as a result of of a story that just broke her heart about a young man named tyler clementi back maybe ten years ago who took his own life as a result of being outed by his roommate in in college she just that's just that's just the way ellen is and the thing about her that is super special and with this couple in paris harris kate had proposed to sarah and then on our show sarah on the coast to kate now that's as a surprise as a surprise wanted to surprise her so we sarah was in on a little bit of what we're gonna do wasn't in on everything that we do but sarah era then got to propose to kate and they were so thankful and and and and just kept going i can't i can't believe i'm right here associate what is happening i can't believe this is happening and the the dad the dad well you guys have to watch oh my gosh rush well first of all those beautiful picture that was amazing so did you know this was planned was mean yeah so i had no idea that this is going to happen and i'll tell oh you is for about a year we talked about getting engaged so the trade off was i'll get down on me i'll get her reaction and then she could walk denial a mile fair so for about a year i was planning the ring and you know how am i going to propose and things like that and then once we're doing this photo shoot in front of the eiffel tower the the woman had me pose in a way where my back was towards her and then she got down on one knee and i blacked out i definitely did not see that's coming all right so what's the most memorable moment of that day so for me well first and foremost i just have to thank you because because if it wasn't for someone like you i would have never had the courage to just go out there in the public and be able to propose my fiance so many people don't accept that and you've quake paves the we're pave the way for queer women everywhere and it's just like the most inspiring thing like love everybody deserves love that's it's all that that's the most important thing is all that matters in in this life is love and the fact that some people don't understand that it's just it's just love then there's nothing wrong with it sh- forgotten cadence sarah and i told you have a wedding for you in behind the door so it's it's a big president let's open it up all right all right let's let's unwrap the gift so sarah do you wanna say tell her why everybody's here here yeah so i mean i know you already proposed me but of course you know i had to get my piece in there because you deserve it and there's no better way to do it in front of our chosen family and of course it's our biggest role model by the way that you feel today is the way you make every day and i can't wait to spend my life knowing that you'd be my the melon like if somebody gets sick in the audience or if somebody falls or ellen goes at that she doesn't like hide from that and letter staff deal with it she goes personally to the person in question to see what's happening in to comfort it's really impressive it's like ellen is a firefighter yes yeah true she runs she runs at trouble runs at the thing that that other people would want to shy away from i just love that what else are we gonna talk about we're also very thankful for daniel produces this podcast every week you know oh he gets paid a high wage for his work he gets paid we don't fine that's fine but that's how that's how from what i'm told that's how podcasts work and and i'll just say vit- knowing all of us in this room very well yeah we appreciate each other but our families we are also wildly appreciative we are thankful for all our families are all that they do to love and support us well we do this and they're fun people to go home to yes exactly actually it's like we we like to be particularly efficient in our days here so that we get to go home and spend time with us because they know that like firefighters we we put ourselves in harm's way we come into the podcasts sometimes the control room is freezing freezing sometimes it's too hot you know it's ellen's ellen often feels that the that the control room is too hot a swamp near and if there's anything scarier than a cold controlled room it's a control room that ellen feels else to we're laughing with you ellen also just quitting before we before we go we reunited the cast of mad about oh you helen hunt both of whom you have a very close connection to isis show i moved to california to work on matt abacha gotcha with paul reiser and helen hunt they were the reason i moved to california so pretty much everything that i am today beginning twenty two years years ago of my time in california is thanks to paul reiser and helen hunt and moved to california to work with the woman who moved to california to work work for helen hunt and polarized if it's not for me true doing mad about you i'm not here you're not here thank you helen california -fornia tour for walt disney imagineering and when that fell to pieces i got hired by the woman who got moved to california to work for mad it didn't really pieces it just never happened that way subscribed today on apple podcasts spotify or wherever you're listening right now and don't forget to watch ellen weekdays for even more ellen fund everybody happy thanksgiving everybody thanksgiving i love you ellen and porsche i love you julie sarah and katie we would so love to know more about you here at l. an on the go please head over over to wondering dot com slash survey it's a really short survey that will help make this show better the one dot com slash survey w.

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